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  • svtsumu
    28.07.2021 - 1 hour ago

    would people actually ready nobara x fem!reader? i feel like theres not much ppl into gl bc most prefer bl??? just imagine urself as maki ig 😭

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  • grii3n
    28.07.2021 - 4 hours ago

    The hands are so weird 😾

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  • simpformakizenin
    28.07.2021 - 4 hours ago

    "What do you expect after the Jujutsu Kaisen hiatus?"

    1. For Nobara to come back ALIVE AND WELL

    2. For Nobara to come back with a cool eyepatch

    3. For Nobara to meet Yuuta for the very first time and how she'll get mad at him for winning the Goodwill Event against Kyoto

    4. For Nobara to see the new Maki post-Shibuya

    5. For Nobara to have her domain expansion after being gone for many chapters

    6. For Nobara to meet Saori-chan again, on that bakeshop Saori-chan used to talk to her about

    OVERALL, I'M JUST MANIFESTING SHE'S ALIVE. PLEASE AKUTAMI-SENSEI, DON'T LET HER DIE! After all, she is the only one capable of stopping Megumi and Yuji in case the two of them fight each other. That girl has so much potential, and we can't let it go to waste because of Mahito.

    Plus, there's so much reason why Nobara should alive. And, one of them is that she should witness the day where Yuji gets executed. (if ever but I'm hoping not because that's the day where I'll lose my sanity) Just remember her reaction to Yuji's death even after 2 weeks of knowing him. What more would be her reaction if they had more memories together?

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  • marz-teacup
    28.07.2021 - 5 hours ago
    #megumi headcanons#kugisaki nobara#itadori yuji#gojo satoru #jujutsu kaisen.ღ #yuji.ღ #megumi.ღ #gojo.ღ #nobara.ღ
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  • 7th-place
    28.07.2021 - 6 hours ago

    3AM doodle that arose from the thought “what if yuuji tried to pull a speed o’ sound sonic and make the fingers into food” 🤣

    luckily he has thoughtful, wonderful friends to do that for him LOL

    #jjk#doodle#jujutsu kaisen#itadori yuuji#kugisaki nobara#fushiguro megumi#yuuji#nobara#megumi#fanart#7scribble #sry I am so artblocked as of late but I scribbled this on a whim xD #omake: yuuji stayed shut in the bathroom for 2 hours #and nobara blamed megumi for putting in too much wasabi
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  • allmightydepression
    28.07.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Manga Spoiler alert!!

    So I have a theory for future jjk plot, it's just a prediction so Im ranting it out-

    so like remember when choso screamed at "geto" calling him who we thought was kenjaku during the climax finale of the shibuya arc. The supposed "kenjaku" went "well you can call me whatever you want."

    Then they show flashbacks of kenjaku being the most evil sorcerer in the jujutsu history, what I didn't notice earlier in that series of flashbacks was that kenjaku had the same stitch marks as geto and itadori's mom on his head.

    From which I'm theorizing, that there's a good chance that we don't know the actual villain, So if the theory proves to be right it should be someone from during sukuna's initial heian era or someone from later on era to that, [n I think sorcerers can turn into cursed spirits if I'm not wrong-]

    so if the theory proves to be correct, then I have a continuation of the theory that the powers that the supposed villain had, could have been inherited by yuuji too(remember yuuji's mom was also like how geto is like now) n thats why he is a vessel as there's a strong possibility that the villain was the previous vessel of sukuna as gojo has mentioned it previously that they haven't seen a talent like yuuji in a thousand years, implying that there was a vessel before yuuji too.

    #long post??? #long post#jujutsu kaisen#jjk#jjk theories #jjk manga spoilers #It's just a theory that im wilding on I don't even know if that will be the case TvT #itadori yuuji#megumi fushiguro#nobara kugisaki#gojo satoru#geto suguru
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  • tetsurobunni
    28.07.2021 - 7 hours ago

    The Final Battle

    ☞ harry potter x jjk crossover au // 3.9k words
    ☽ the battle of hogwarts: jjk style, remnants of satosugu friendship, pain, hurt, more pain…sigh… pure angst with a magical twist for flavor
    ☽ warnings : major character death
    ☽ pairing : satoru gojo x suguru getou
    ☞ my inner harry potter geek really came out full force with this one…so did my sad writer juices i apologize beforehand :)

    “satoru….hey, professor nanami cast the spell to defend the school. it won’t be long…”

    “i know. i’ll join you when it’s time.”

    the illuminating sheen of the dome rose high over the towers of hogwarts. gojo could hear the hum radiating from it, the power from the spell glowing against the overcast sky.

    this is it.

    should he count his blessings? pray? to what deity, or god, or higher being should he speak to before his world comes crushing down?

    gojo’s wand feels heavy in the palm of his hand, thumb gently grazing over the smooth spruce. he imagines the dragon heartstring at its core, the beast he knew lived inside.

    he had seen it himself, his peers had too. how even before traveling to hogwarts in his first year just how powerful a wizard he was-and would grow up to be.

    if only he knew where he would be in his seventh year. standing in front of the large oak doors leading to the great hall, his fellow students young and old rushing into place all around him, wiping their brows and preparing for a war.

    a war that would cost gojo everything.

    he knew who he would see on the other side of the battle. the image of his face made gojo’s stomach churn and his chest ache.

    his best friend.

    his only friend.

    he felt a hand rest atop his left shoulder, the scuffed toes of professor nanami’s boots coming into view beside him. he met his professor’s eyes, receiving a small nod of acknowledgment. gojo had grown quite close to his professor throughout his years at hogwarts. he was one of the only people that had garnered gojo’s appreciation and trust.

    nanami knew. he had watched all of them grow up, after all. he was the one who informed gojo of the news that sent him spiraling.

    that was two years ago.

    now, as voldemort rallied his followers and dark creatures of the forest, gojo knew he would face him again.

    “the spell is weakening.”

    “it was only a matter of time.”

    “are you prepared?”


    “neither am i. but we must.”

    with a pat on his shoulder the professor left his side, sheathing the oak wand in his sleeve.

    “strength. endurance. tolerance. balance. practicality. that is what my wand stands for. each of you have your own unique wand that chose you; yes, the core of your wand does hold great power and meaning, but so does the wood that keeps it intact. it is a vessel. and it is strong.”

    gojo remembers listening to his professor and thinking he was absurd. but his friend had watched on with glimmering eyes, thirsty for new knowledge, and he had decided that maybe the idea wasn’t all that abhorring.

    “hawthorn. somewhat arrogant, reflection, intelligence, vigor, new beginnings or endings. feels most at home with a wizard of natural talent. wicked, eh satoru? what about yours?”

    “ah, mines spruce. quick-witted, adaptable, flamboyant, strength, resistance, is known for its unusually fast reactions and somewhat stubborn nature in the hands of a nervous or untrained wizard or witch. good thing i’m not that, eh?”

    “your wand is supposed to be stubborn? you’ve had no problems!”

    “well of course i haven’t! i don’t remember a moment in my life where i’ve ever been nervous. no wonder…”

    the conversation had drifted away in a few minutes, the flickering of the lantern lulling gojo to sleep. when he came to, the weight of a second robe rested on his shoulders. he had ignored the blush that rose on his cheeks and wiped drool from the corner of his mouth

    gojo had looked down at the book that ended up as his makeshift pillow and found himself mindlessly reading more information. gojo had failed to mention the extra research he had done; it was innocent, just an extra flip of a page. what he read he never told.

    ‘although hawthorn is a very powerful wood, it is adept to curses. many of those who practise dark magic have been affiliated with wands made from hawthorn. they are not to be taken lightly in the wrong hands.’

    he didn’t regret it then, but after he had gotten the news from nanami about what his friend did, the guilt ate him alive.

    now as he looks out the castle doors to the cracks spindling in luminescence revealing the murky darkness of the stormy sky, gojo realizes that this might be his last day at hogwarts.

    the realization is fleeting. he can’t afford to be thinking that way. not now. he feels the eyes of his classmates pouring into his being. they’re looking to him to save them.

    you should just try to save yourselves.

    itadori comes to stand to his right, fushiguro to his left. maki and nobara flank behind him.

    this is is family. they all know their tie to one another. they’ve been training together for almost a year on their combat skills. itadori had been experiencing some difficulties, but nonetheless proved to be the closest match to gojo himself.

    “holly. with a phoenix feather core. why?”

    “just curious. look up what your wood means sometime, will ya?”

    “yea…sure. not sure what that has to do with anything…”

    gojo and professor nanami both had thought his wand would be made of dogwood- it matched itadori’s personality-the holly was a surprise. paired along with a phoenix feather core was practically unheard of.

    but as the dark magic started to rise, itadori started to blossom. he was an amazing wizard.

    gojo had his own hypotheses, but as always kept them to himself. no need to cause any further turmoil in his life.


    “you can call me satoru, y’know.”


    “…yes itadori”

    “i’m scared.”

    gojo felt his heart clench. the boy beside him might be powerful, but still just that- a boy. he didn’t deserve this. none of them did.

    “you can always back away. you know that, right?”

    he watched as itadori looked across the bridge towards the darkness, then to his friends and classmates surrounding them.



    “are you scared?”

    “no.” yes.

    despite what lay ahead of them, itadori cracked a smile. “same as ever, eh?”

    gojo forced the corners of his lips into a smirk. “you know it.”


    as soon as the remaining bits of professor nanami’s spell wore off, the fighting commenced. the huge stone knights began at the putrid giants that shook the ground as they walked, but, as expected, they didn’t hold for long.

    there were hundreds of death eaters that immediately swarmed the entrance to the castle. gojo and the others had already gotten separated. he found himself looking for glimpses of them as he fought, power rushing through his veins as flashes of light shot through his vision.

    one death eater after another fell to his wand. a goblin here. an enormous arachnid there. a shield spell shot itself from his wand to catch a pillar that threatened to fall on a young girl. gojo didn’t spare a second to marvel at how his wand seemed to act on its own.

    itadori was nowhere to be found. nobara was matched against a witch he swore he had seen on the cover of a newspaper. she had been locked up in Azkaban for upwards of ten years.

    a patronus he knew belonged to megumi weaved itself through the dust and dirt of the fight, closely followed by its darker counterpart. he made the mistake of watching the white wolf too closely in its decent over one of the towers and felt the breath get knocked from his chest as he flew backwards into a wall.

    he coughed weakly into his hand, rubbing the blood that surfaced there onto his pants. the wall he flew into crumbled around him. he wasn’t sure who had landed a blow on him, but whoever it was had to be powerful.

    only three people had ever managed to conquer such a thing, and two of them were currently fighting for hogwarts.

    gojo petrified a lone death eater that had tried to sneak up on his left. he quickly ran over to the frozen body to lift the mask, though he knew it wasn’t who he was searching for.

    “gojo, on the bridge!”

    the yell had come from megumi, whom he saw battling three death eaters at once. after quickly disarming one them, gojo turned towards the bridge.

    a flash of pink hair caught his attention. he watched as itadori seemingly chased after someone and raised his wand to cast his patronus to follow him. he stopped in his tracks when he saw a figure across the ravine.

    it was him.

    gojo’s hands shook with a ferocity no one had seen before. his wand illuminated the battlefield so bright many had to shield their eyes. the fighting ceased for only a moment as everyone turned to look at the being that stood in place of gojo satoru.

    the short silence was broken when a death eater sent a curse flying towards nobara. a flick of gojo’s wrist was all it took for the death eater to fall in a heap on the ground, dead.

    gojo’s entire being felt laced with ice. he knew he would see him. he knew. so why…

    why did it hurt so badly?

    screams and cries fell on deaf ears as gojo made his way across the crumbling bridge towards the forest. his hands trembled at his sides, legs weak as they carried the weight of this moment.

    the figure had seen him and immediately dissipated into thick black smoke.


    the forbidden forest had never scared gojo. he actually found comfort in the deep hollows and twisted roots that overcame the dense woods. he spent a lot of time here throughout the years even though students weren’t allowed.

    his feet led him along the familiar pathway he had taken numerous times before. a lone centaur raced towards the castle, not sparing gojo a second glance. he had long since become acquaintances with the creatures of the forest.


    “itadori? what in the- what are you doing out here? you’re going to get yourself killed!”

    “i saw voldemort go into the forest so i-“

    “well, what a sight.”

    gojo’s eyes widened as he registered the voice that came from behind him. itadori looked over his shoulder in confusion; when he saw who the voice belonged to, his face morphed into a look of pure rage.

    “itadori. this is my battle.”


    “you need to leave.”

    “no, no i’m not just going to leave you here-“

    “yuuji? wow, it’s been a while… you’ve grown.”

    gojo turned to face the voice, visibly wincing as his eyes landed on his old best friend.



    getou had gotten taller since he last saw him. a scar ran across the length of his forehead and his hair had grown longer.

    i always said his hair would look good long.

    “i can feel the power radiating from you, satoru…it’s delicious. my lord will be quite pleased to meet you”

    “your ‘lord’ can kiss my ass.”

    getou chuckled, “no need to be vulgar”

    gojo’s hand clenched around his wand. one spell and this could be over, but it would be irreversible. even though gojo knew getou wasn’t the same person he was a year ago, he still trembled at the thought of his old friend not being alive.


    “no, let him stay awhile satoru! it’ll be so much more fun”

    itadori sneered at getou before pointing his wand towards him. gojo could see the slight shaking of his hand. he was terrified.

    getou laughed, his arms opening wide as if welcoming the two into his home.

    “so much more bite than when i last saw you, hm? the dark lord spoke highly of you…”


    gojo’s head whipped around in a flash just in time to see itadori’s body fall to the forest floor. a man with long gray hair skipped towards them, giggling maniacally.

    “ah mahito, just in time!” the man bowed in getou’s direction, inching closer to itadori’s paralyzed body. “master informed me that yuuji itadori had followed him here and sent me to fetch him…who is this handsome fellow, hm?”

    gojo stood tall, senses on high alert. he was almost okay dealing with getou alone- but now there was an unknown wizard present. if voldemort sent him to do his biddings, then he must be strong…

    “this is my old friend from hogwarts…satoru, meet mahito.”

    “i’d rather not.”

    mahito licked his lips in response to gojo’s remark, sending an unpleasant shiver down his spine. every aspect of this man screamed lunatic…and he was here for itadori.

    a grunt escaped itadori from his position on the ground. gojo could see him trying to regulate his breathing, but it was obvious the younger boy was panicking.

    “oh satoru, don’t be crass. the dark lord has been yearning to meet the young boy for a long while.”

    “a long while? what the hell are you talking about?”

    getou chuckled, brandishing his wand from the dark cloak that hung around his shoulders. gojo’s hand instinctively tightened around his wand as he watched his old friend walk towards itadori.

    mahito tapped his fingers rhythmically against the handle of his own wand, seemingly awaiting orders. getou kneeled down closer to itadori’s face.

    “yes, a long while.”

    gojo still didn’t understand what that meant. itadori hadn’t met getou when he was at hogwarts, so how did his presence suddenly become voldemort’s pentacle of fascination?

    “take him.”


    before gojo could even move to cast a spell, itadori’s scream was cut off as mahito apparated them both away.

    “he’s just a boy!”

    “maybe so…but a very powerful boy indeed.”

    “his power doesn’t justify voldemort’s infatuation with him! i don’t understand why his involvement is needed-“

    “they are tethered, satoru. remember?”

    gojo’s body turned ice cold.

    “…no, you…you…it was just-“

    “just a suspicion, yes, that is what you told me, wasn’t it?”

    no. no. it couldn’t be.

    “the dark lord was very delighted with the information, so, i have you to thank, satoru. whatever may happen to the boy will be because of you.”

    gojo’s mind went stark. he didn’t think, just moved with no purpose; he just let his rage pull his limbs into action like a puppet.

    unspoken spells flew from both wands, the two wizards trapped in their last battle. the two were evenly matched. this didn’t surprise him.

    after all, getou was one of the three people who had been able to land a jinx on him.

    it was nonstop. gojo couldn’t stop himself if he tried. he was seething with anger not just towards getou, but towards himself. there was such a sinking feeling in the air, like they were dancing on cracking ice.

    for an instant the two locked eyes. gojo felt his footing slightly tip, and that was all it took for getou to find an opening and send him flying backwards through the air. he landed hard on his back, wincing as a jolt of pain went through his head.

    he knew he should get up. continue the fight. run and find itadori.

    but he didn’t.

    “you didn’t kill me.”

    he didn’t see getou’s reaction to his comment. a patch of night sky that had broken through the clouds caught his attention.

    for a moment he wished getou had killed him.

    “get up.”

    “i don’t want to.”

    “satoru, get up and fight me.”

    getou snarled and grabbed gojo by the collar of his jacket, pulling him up to meet his face.

    “don’t you hate me?”


    “why not! you…you should despise me! i betrayed everyone-including you!”

    “i don’t.”

    and it was the truth. gojo had spent hours in his dormitory stuffing his leaking eyes into his pillow, trying to be revolted by his best friend. he still had scars on his hands from punching the stone walls of the dungeons, trying to force his own physical pain into hatred.

    it never worked.

    “…i still don’t understand why you did it.”

    that seemed to catch getou off guard. he slackened the grip he had on gojo’s collar, backing away with his head hung low.

    “…he found my father.”

    gojo’s eyes widened at the statement.

    “i…i thought your father was-“

    “dead? me too…” he paused for a moment, scoffing before continuing, “but he wasn’t. all that time we spent searching for letters, newspaper articles, headlines on the news- hell even muggle police reports- was for nothing.”

    “so you went with him.”

    “what other choice did i have, satoru?”

    the atmosphere that had engulfed the two snapped.

    what did he mean? ‘what other choice did he have’? gojo felt the anger from before start to trickle back into his veins.

    “you could have stayed.”

    getou met his eyes. they stood in unison, gaze never faltering.

    “i had no reason to stay.”

    “that’s bullshit and you know it, suguru.”

    “what reason then? i was a horrid student, i didn’t care about grades, our so-called friends loathed me satoru! i had no family, no home to call my own i-“

    “you had me, suguru!”

    getou went silent. the only noises that could be heard were their heavy breaths and muffled yells from the castle. the wind sent a chill straight to gojo’s bones and he shivered, suddenly realizing there were tears trailing down his cheeks.

    “i betrayed you satoru. without a second thought.”

    “i don’t believe you.”

    “i pushed you to investigate itadori’s powers. voldemort told me he would reveal my father’s whereabouts if i gave him information on the boy,”


    “i broke your trust! i didn’t even try to warn you of what i was planning, or that my father was alive-“


    “don’t you see!”

    gojo stared at the look of pure exasperation and pain on getou’s face. he had a feeling it mirrored his own.

    he watched as getou pulled the sleeve of his cloak above his forearm, placing the mark of the death eaters etched into his skin on display.

    “this is what i am now, satoru.”

    “and i’m just supposed to…what? hate you? was i supposed to hate you then? because i didn’t, and don’t.”

    “that’s- that’s exactly what you should do! i would hate me-“

    “well guess what suguru!” gojo was yelling by now, the words clawing their way from within his chest, “you don’t get to decide how your decisions make others feel!”

    he ignored the fact he was moving steadily towards getou as he yelled. when he got close enough, gojo realized they both were shedding tears.

    “i don’t understand why you care so much about me-“ gojo let out an unhumourous laugh, “what’s that supposed to mean, huh? you think i stayed up all those hours searching for your father out of what- obligation? pity?”

    getou searched for an answer, stammering over the thoughts running through his head.

    “i don’t understand why-“

    “because i loved you!”

    no more skirting around thin fractures, or waiting with baited breath to discover to truth. it was done.

    and it broke him.

    gojo had done well hiding his pain the past two years. the signature smirk was automatic-it appeared on his face without effort. conversation passed through his mouth without falter. he had trained himself to be the perfect student.

    but this…this he couldn’t pretend to recover from.


    “it doesn’t matter now. what’s done is done.”

    “were you ever going to tell me?”

    “…i don’t know.”

    when did his wand become so heavy? was his chest supposed to hurt this bad?

    “oh god…satoru…”

    he didn’t want to feel this way anymore. the sorrow was eating him alive, peeling back layers and layers of his soul.

    he repressed the urge to comfort getou as he watched his past love fall to his knees.

    “i’m so sorry, satoru.”

    “sorry can’t fix everything, suguru,”

    if only you had said it then…

    “not now. not ever.”

    please make this pain stop.

    “…i know.”

    “so let’s finish this.”

    every fiber of his being was screaming at him to stop. a tiny voice yelled ‘you can help him!’. he forced the thoughts from his mind, they would only get in the way.

    he had made his decision.

    getou didn’t falter from his position on the ground. his wand stayed by his side. the only movement he made was to lift his head towards the night sky as gojo himself had done before.

    i love you, suguru. forgive me.



    the walk back to the castle was torture. the weight of getou’s body was heavy in his arms. it was worse than he ever could have imagined.

    the silence that had encompassed him the forest was shattered the moment he stepped foot onto school grounds. the battle was over, it seemed.

    the carnage left behind was gut-wrenching.

    gojo ignored the gazes of his peers as he wandered into the great hall. he knew this was where they had planned to house all of the wounded, and despite the hollow feeling in his gut, he needed to find his family.


    he turned to see who had called his name and felt relieved when he saw it was itadori. the relief was short-lived, however, when he noticed the sobs wracking the young boys’ body.

    gojo retrieved a lone bedsheet and carefully placed getou’s body down, taking one last look at his past love’s face before he covered it. he left getou there and made his way over to where itadori was crouched over a figure lying on the floor. megumi and maki were both there too.

    where was nobara?

    “it happened right before you went after itadori…”

    gojo’s gut wrenched when he saw who the figure was.

    “i assume you saw getou…you didn’t even realize what had happened…” the memory of the battle flashed before his eyes.

    “i killed that death eater. the woman. i- i could have sworn…no i know i killed her-“

    “it was too late.”


    he kneeled down and took one of nobara’s bloody hands in his own.

    “yes, it’s me, i’m here now nobara.”

    “you found getou…didn’t you?”

    “…yes. i did.”

    this wasn’t supposed to happen. gojo swore he had done everything to prepare them… butit wasn’t enough.

    nobara wheezed as a chuckle tried to escape her body, the action causing her to cough uncontrollably as air tried to seep into her lungs.

    “i can’t believe…out of all of us…that i’m the one dying…could have sworn it…would have been yuuji…ha!” itadori offered a small laugh, more tears escaping his eyes.

    “wow, even on your deathbed you’re still fighting with me…”

    gojo met the eyes of maki, who he could tell was choosing not to say anything. megumi refused to look at nobara’s face. instead he stared at the floor, silently crying, not bothering to wipe the tears away.

    they’re so young.

    gojo felt a sob lurch in his throat but he refused to let it free. he had to be strong. or, at least, act strong. it wasn’t time for his facade to break.

    for their sake.

    “you ok, nobara?”

    “yea…i’m ok.”

    gojo watched as she took her final breath.

    “gojo…gojo she’s… she’s dead, gojo…”

    he pulled itadori’s smaller body into his own, holding him there as the boy sobbed openly. megumi took ahold of maki’s hand, the latter turning her head into the boys’ shoulder as she let her own cries break free.

    i’m sorry… i’m so sorry…

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  • bejeweled-skrimp
    28.07.2021 - 8 hours ago

    does anyone like grocery store AUs bc I’ve never seen one and now I guess I just have to make it happen 🤷‍♀️

    #I can’t stop imagining itafushi love at first sight au #bc megumi needs to buy dog food but wants to use nobaras store discount #and yuji is just out here being the cutest cashier #itafushi#jjk#mine
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  • nxmikaze
    28.07.2021 - 10 hours ago


    #just wanna say I cut my hair and look like nobara... or beomgyu #i love both
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  • oliverelartsmc
    28.07.2021 - 10 hours ago

    Hiii <3

    Opd como amo a Nobaraa, hace mucho que no la dibujaba uhuhu. La pose es medio rara pero ta bien. Deos como la sufrí haciendo este dibujo hh 😫✋ weno, espero que les guste hh!!!

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  • plutospanda
    28.07.2021 - 11 hours ago

    jujutsu kaisen chapter 64>>> anything else

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  • hangezen
    28.07.2021 - 12 hours ago

    my jujutsu kaisen headcanons . . .

    including: megumi fushiguro, itadori yuji, nobara kugisaki, gojo satoru, toge inumaki, maki zenzin, junpei yoshino
    tw’s: none!

    megumi is really good at reading people. he can figure what you’re feeling in seconds. nobody knows how he does it. superpowers? i wouldn’t be surprised. one time itadori was feeling down when he heard a knock on his door, only to open it with his favorite takeout food in front of him along with a card signed by megumi that read ‘i hope this makes you feel better’.

    if nobara had instagram, her feed would be god-tier. her aesthetic is chefs kiss, everything complements each thing perfectly. fit check pictures? check. selfies? check. food pictures? check. pictures of herself? you fucking bet. she says it makes her feel happy when her instagram feed is as pretty as her.

    itadori has a love/hate relationship with horror games and any disturbing fiction. he finds them so cool and interesting when playing them and reading theories about them, but when he closes his eyes when going to sleep he recalls the jumpscare he screamed at some hours ago. he attempts to sleep at megumi’s room, which megumi denies.

    it’s canon that gojo has a sweet tooth, but he specifically loves cakes. red velvet cakes to be specific. at first, he didn’t really like red velvet that much, but he kept ordering that cake because he wanted to flex that he knew how to pronounce it.

    inumaki bullies people on twitter. we all saw this coming, do i really need to say more? mans can’t speak without putting other people in possible danger, it’s only fair to let off some steam by pissing people off on the app. it’s highly possible to find ‘expose threads’ of him.

    junpei is a hardcore twice stan. when it comes to overall kpop, junpei doesn’t know much. but when you ask him specifically for his favorite girl group, he goes all out. those 9 girls are his pride and joy. he’s a hardcore once, but not the creepy type. if he finds out they’re having a concert he’s the first to buy front row tickets.

    maki is a really good dancer. it usually surprises people at first since she looks so intimidating. i feel like her favorite dance style would be contemporary since she doesn’t have to worry about doing every move perfectly. coming in at close second is hip hop.

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  • keiluvr
    28.07.2021 - 12 hours ago

    jujutsu kaisen

    [ like / reblog if used or save tysm !! ♡ ]

    i do not own the templates , and i can't also remember the @ of the user i'm so sorry. the template is full credits to him / her !!

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  • piedrpiper
    28.07.2021 - 13 hours ago

    I’m new here so pardon the broken record but can we talk about how Akutami illustrated Nobara dealing with grief and how brilliant these panels are?

    Set the scene right off the bat, with this line of dialogue paired with the one form of life that can actually live long - ritual statuary - even as other forms of life in this scene cannot:

    Have Nobara speak with her mouth covered by her own hand, like she’s physically holding her words together, so she can control them, and their meaning, and thereby control her response to grief. Have her do this in her own panel, with no other visual interruptions, not even a background, only her and her hand, and her words. Have this followed immediately by Megumi responding to her in a parallel panel with extreme tight alignment, with Nobara’s words disrupting his panel, crowding it, much as his thoughts likely are swirling and jumbling in his head as he too processes his own grief. Have this crowded anxious visual arrangement be noticeably in contrast to Nobara’s panel despite being side by side. Make sure it’s clear that they both are feeling something for the first time, and that you know this by just looking at the panels. You don’t need to read their dialogue to know it:

    Have the next panel pull back into a wide establishing shot that fills in all the situational and relational details to the above panels, and emphasize the distnce between Nobara and Megumi. Reiterate this distance in the placement of the dialogue blocks, and reiterate it again with filler sounds (”hmph” “well” “...”). Don’t let the dialogue crowd the scene, or the space between the speaking characters. Make sure it’s obvious that there’s a gap betweem, a space that was supposed to be filled by someone else, someone they’re both mourning. Make sure it’s obvious that even in this open, empty, missing space, that Megumi is physically responding to this mourning differently than Nobara, that he’s sitting wide open, and she’s sitting closed off, scrunched, huddled, and hiding her face behind her hand:

    Have this framed in three follow up, stacked panels that shift the perspective from the reader’s view to Megumi’s view, but this scene, and all the visual choices, are not about Megumi - they’re about Nobara. Emphasize this with how she talks about herself, becuse she always talks about herself, but make it clear that this time she’s not delivering her dialogue the way she would have before. Don’t show her face. Don’t move her hand. Show her grimace. Make sure that’s the only change you see to her expression, and keep everyting else the same. Make sure it’s obvious this is not normal. Make sure Megumi notices it, too:

    Finish with a reminder that this abnormal behaviour is both unusual and passing, a natural part of the kind of life cycle where a long life is neither possible nor immutable. Make this clear with a close up detail of an insect shedding its old life, its old ways, its old skin, to become something else and also the same. Have them talk about this without talking about it. Frame it as a natural converation, something casual and completely normal for high school students. Make sure you do so in a way that reminds the reader nothing about this is normal. 

    This is the only way Nobara’s emotional journey could be depicted at this point in the story and in her character’s arc, and the visuals and arrangement and details is just so...brilliant????

    #jjk#jujutsu kaisen#kugisaki nobara#fushiguro megumi #i'm actually not 100% sure that's an insect shedding or not so sorry if i got that detail wrong
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    27.07.2021 - 14 hours ago

    Nobara my queen ✩ She's amazing, she's my sun, my star, my everything, she's so cute ✩✩

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