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  • silverynight
    20.01.2022 - 51 minutes ago

    Megumi: The other day I was talking to Itadori 💕 and he said–

    Nobara: Wait a minute... How do you do that?

    Megumi: Do what?

    Nobara: That thing with the hearts! This is a verbal conversation, how do you manage to do that?

    Megumi: What do you mean hearts?

    Nobara: Say "Itadori" again...

    Megumi: 💕 Itadori 💕

    Nobara *irritated*: You're so gay for him you're even breaking the rules of reality now. I'm so tired of this... Just go kiss him or something!

    Megumi: How many times do I need to tell you? I'm not in love with ❤️💕💗 Itadori 💖💝❣️!

    Nobara: ...

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  • jak-of-the-trade
    20.01.2022 - 2 hours ago

    jjk + hot things they do

    a/n : can you tell i like girls 

    tagging @belsumu​ @keisusaki​ @silkylious​ @sugas-sweetheart​

    ⥽ itadori yuuji randomly starts stretching if he feels cooped up. it doesn’t matter where y’all are he will start flexing and doing pushups if his muscles tighten. it’s weirdly endearing and gives you an excuse to death glare at anyone who tries to hit on him

    ⥽ megumi fushiguro kisses your knuckles. when he feels like holding something, of course he’s going to find his way to your hand, and then your hand will find its way to his lips, and then he’ll absent mindedly peck on them, leaving you to do your work with only one hand

    ⥽ nobara kugisaki smiles and the entire world will burn down. like damn girl i know you look like you could destroy me but boy do you look fine- especially when she’s mad,,, oh if someone does something to y’all and she’s smiling,,,, ur in for a treat is all i’ll say

    ⥽ toge inumaki sleeps with his eyebrows furrowed. you never know why, he doesn’t seem to know either, but whenever he’s asleep they’re always scrunched up as though in deep concentration. though if you’d trace a finger on them, gently, as though he were fragile glass, they’d immediately relax into a smile.

    ⥽ zenin maki will carry you on one shoulder if you ever get tired of walking. you don’t even have to ask, she just knows and next thing you’re being lifted up onto her as she continues to walk as though nothing happened

    ⥽ gojo satoru,,,, honestly everything he does can be interpretted as hot and he’s not even my fav pls. but if he put on gloves he’d only ever use one hand and his mouth, even if both of his hands were free, to a) impress you and b) annoy nanami

    ⥽ nanami kento does that thing where he puts his hand on the back of the seat when driving. honestly i don’t think he’d even notice he was doing it, and if he did he wouldn’t think much of it, which makes you swoon more

    ⥽ mahito puts his hand in ur back pocket when y’all are standing next to each other. will poke you until you start squirming. hit him, and if he doesn’t kill you, he’ll rest his hand on ur neck so you’re squirmy and want to smack him some more

    #` to you ; from jak ' #jjk x reader #gojo satoru x reader #megumi fushiguro x reader #nanami kento x reader #toge inumaki x reader #itadori yuji x reader #mahito x reader #nobara kugisaki x reader #maki zenin x reader #jujutsu kaisen x reader
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  • lulubaii
    20.01.2022 - 2 hours ago
    Kenjaku's memories part 2

    Inspired in Ezel

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  • rsdbg
    20.01.2022 - 6 hours ago

    mai and nobara are arguing about who got a better gift for maki. mai doesn't know – she doesn't even think about it, but nobara has something prepared for her too.

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  • kirablue
    20.01.2022 - 6 hours ago

    Satoru: training today at 16:00.

    Nobara: ok.

    Yuji: that's right.

    Satoru: what the hell are you doing in class on social media? well, turn off and learn!

    Satoru: take Megumi's example.

    Megumi: what about me?

    Megumi: ah! I didn't read the first message!

    Satoru: there will be a belt waiting for you at home.

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  • brbaltering
    20.01.2022 - 9 hours ago

    assorted jjks containing: tết yuuji + sukuna, dog nanami + rabbit gojo, and simply nobara

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  • brbaltering
    20.01.2022 - 9 hours ago

    who knows if we will remember this

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  • mikamikenshin
    20.01.2022 - 15 hours ago

    Touji:(doing push with maki,megumi and mai standing on his back)

    Nobara and Yuji:(passes by)

    Mai:Come here,we've found a good seat here!

    Megumi:We're standing,not sitting.

    Nobara:Isn't he your dad?

    Maki:Does it really matter?

    Yuji:It's going to be a tough task.


    Touji:(lifts his feet a bit,keeps them in midair,and only uses both his thumbs to push up)

    Maki:You bastard.

    Maki:You really like showing off.

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  • tanizakigf
    20.01.2022 - 16 hours ago

    first times

    jjk characters x gn!reader

    — the first times in your relationship with them :)

    characters: itadori yuji, fushiguro megumi, kugisaki nobara, zenin maki, okkotsu yuta, inumaki toge and gojo satoru !!

    warnings: my shitty writing and a few mistakes. although the title may be a little 'suggestive' (?), it's fluffy, not a smut!!! i was gonna write for nanami as well, but i couldn't think of anything for him

    masterlist !!

    ~ ♡ ~

    itadori yuuji - ♡ - first kiss:

    (y/f/d) = your favorite dessert

    "can i kiss you?" yuuji blurted out as you were in the middle of explaining why (y/f/d) was the better than all the others, taking you by surprise.


    "i said, can i kiss you?" he repeated himself, a smile on his face as he waited for your answer "i mean, only if you want to! it's okay if you don't want to, i don't wanna rush you, baby! take your time! it's completely ok to-"

    "it's okay, yu. i want to" you replied, smiling as you saw the pink haired boy's smile widening. "we're already dating, you don't have to ask before kissing me, you know"

    he chuckled at the last part, mumbling a quiet "gotcha!" as he approached you, hand carefully pulling you closer to his face as your lips met for the first time. the kiss didn't last long since the two of you couldn't stop smiling and giggling.

    ~ ♡ ~

    fushiguro megumi - ♡ - holding hands in public:

    megumi was never a fan of pda and he made that very clear when you both started dating. not in a rude way, of course, he would never treat you badly. he just told you he wasn't very fond of affection in public, and you were totally okay with that.

    so the affections and sweet words were only reserved for when you were alone in your or his dorm. you honestly didn't mind it, you knew this was his way of showing his love for you and you didn't want to push the boundaries and make him feel uncomfortable.

    you were visiting the urban part of tokyo after a mission with the other first years. you were quietly talking to him about the books you saw and thought he'd like while nobara, yuuji and gojo were walking a few steps away from you.

    looking down, you felt his hand brushing slightly against yours, as if in a shy way to try and take it. you pretended not to see it, carrying on with the conversation as you felt his hand finally slipping into yours and giving it a soft squeeze, your fingers now lacing with his.

    from the corner of your eyes you could swear you saw the red painting his whole face, but you said nothing, instead just enjoyed the rare moment of him showing affection in a public place.

    ~ ♡ ~

    kugisaki nobara - ♡ - first date:

    "where exactly are we going, bara?" you asked the ginger girl who was dragging you around the crowded streets, hand holding yours tightly so she wouldn't lose you.

    "to see the most beautiful view in the whole japan! aside from us, of course!" she winked at you, the both of you giggling as she held the picnic basket in her other hand.

    it was your first date with nobara and she promised it would be the best first date of your life, so you were more than curious to see what she planned for your afternoon.

    your eyes widened as you saw the tall pink trees, the pink leaves perfectly painting the floor. you jumped excitedly like a child as you realized where you were, already recognizing the famous ueno park you've been dying to visit for weeks and you couldn't help the wide smile from escaping your lips.

    "last week i heard you telling itadori you were excited to see the cherry blossom trees, so i thought you'd like it if our date was here." she shyly admitted, heart warming at your shiny eyes. "we should get our spots before it gets too crowded, c'mon"

    ~ ♡ ~

    zenin maki - ♡ - first hug:

    to those who didn't know maki, she was a cold person. but you knew better than that. you knew she wasn't cold or heartless, she just wasn't used to receiving and giving affection, especially when it came to hugging, and she always associated showing affection as a way of showing weakness.

    and that was why you were speechless as you felt her arms wrapping themselves around you, pulling you closer to her as she held your body so hesitantly and so carefully, almost as if you'd break at any moment.

    "please let me stay like this for a bit" she whisper, arms tightening around you. you felt her relax against you as you caressed her hair softly, placing a small kiss on her temple.

    "we can stay like this for as long as you want to, love"

    maybe hugs weren't bad after all.

    ~ ♡ ~

    okkotsu yuuta - ♡ - meeting rika:

    it's been over a week since yuuta asked you to meet rika, since she was very important to him and he'd really appreciate it if you two would get along. he would understand if you didn't want to meet her, but you gladly accepted it, and he could barely hide the huge smile on his face as you nodded excitedly at his request.

    you've been dating for almost two years now and he felt like it was the right time to finally introduce you two officially. he couldn't help but feel anxious about it. what if you don't like her? or what if rika doesn't like you? the two of you were two of the most important people in his life and all he wanted was for you to like each other.

    nervously playing with his ring, he gave you a small smile as he called the curse, patiently waiting for her to show up.

    "rika-chan, i want you to meet (y/n), my partner" he said as he watched her approach you.

    yuuta was worried rika would get jealous of you and him, so it surprised him that she liked you more than he thought she would, and it took a huge weight off of his shoulder as he watched with a warm, proud smile as you interact with each other.

    turns out, he was the jealous one since you and rika spent the rest of the day together and almost didn't pay attention to him.

    ~ ♡ ~

    inumaki toge - ♡ - first i love you:

    "tuna, tuna!" inumaki's voice made you put your phone aside as you looked up at him, a smile already showing up on your face as your eyes met.

    he sat down on top of you, giving you a cheeky grin as he pulled his zipper down, his lips immediately finding your face as he peppered kisses all over it.

    "you saw me five minutes ago and you already miss me this much?" you teased with a playful smirk, arms wrapping around his waist to pull him closer.

    he flicked your forehead and rolled his eyes in fake annoyance, carefully freeing himself from your grip as he placed another kiss on your cheeks before getting up.

    "where are you going?" you whined, trying to pull him back but all he did was throw a piece of paper at you, chuckling as he ran away. "idiot!"

    frowning, you reached out to get the paper and unfold it, getting ready to see another one of his silly pranks. the last time he threw a paper at you, he told you you were stinking.

    ~ ♡ ~

    what you did not expect was to see the words "i love you <3" written on the paper. after recovering from the slight shock, you got up to run towards him.

    "toge, come here you idiot! i love you too!"

    gojo satoru - ♡ - going grocery shopping together:

    "why are we going to the vegetables aisle? the ice creams and cookies are on the other side of the market!" gojo whined childishly, trying to pull you with him to where the junk food was located. "baaabe, c'mon, i'm not gonna eat broccoli!"

    you rolled your eyes at the white haired man, instead just putting more healthy things in the shopping trolley, ignoring his complaints.

    he finally gave up trying to argue with you, rolling his eyes playfully as he helped you get the healthy foods you insisted he should start eating. you didn't say anything, but you definitively saw putting some junk food in the trolley when he thought you weren't looking.

    "toru, you can't survive with only oreos and potato chips." you tried to convince him, but all you received was more loud whines

    "but what if i do?"

    "what if you don't. come on, i can even teach you a few recipes to make the broccoli taste less like a broccoli, you'll love it!"

    #jujutsu kaisen #jujutsu kaisen x reader #jujutsu kaisen x you #jjk imagines#jjk #jjk x reader #jjk fluff#jjk scenarios #jjk x gn!reader #jujutsu kaisen imagines #yuji itadori x reader #itadori yuji x you #yuuji itadori x reader #fushiguro x reader #fushiguro megumi x reader #maki zenin x reader #megumi fushiguro x reader #zenin maki x reader #kugisaki nobara x reader #nobara kugisaki x reader #okkotsu yuta x reader #yuta okkotsu x reader #toge inumaki x reader #inumaki scenarios #inumaki x reader #gojo satoru x reader #gojo x reader #jujutsu kaisen x gender neutral reader #jjk headcanons
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  • figleafiddle
    20.01.2022 - 16 hours ago
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  • unknown-in-narnia
    19.01.2022 - 21 hours ago

    Nobara: Gojo Sensei agrees with me. I can see it in his eyes.

    Gojo: …I’m wearing sunglasses.

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  • i2ayato
    19.01.2022 - 21 hours ago


    (like/reblog if use!!) don’t repost

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  • sortaspaz
    19.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    what to u mean nobamaki arnt girlfriends ?? i know them personally and they told me theyr dating

    #zuhi.txt #HELP im in a nobamaki kick rn. #jjk#nobamaki#nobara kugisaki#maki zenin
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  • emonaculate
    18.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    Skater boy! Yuji Headcanons

    ❥ AU: Modern!AU
    ❥ Genre: Fluff
    ❥ Rating: Anyone can read
    ❥ Pairings: Skater!Yuji x Black!Reader
    ❥ Warnings: Mentions of injuries, mentions of mental health, HAPPY RELATIONSHIPS, Profanity
    ❥ Author Note: My baby deserves the most love and it hurts so bad that he's not real since he's my ideal type oml.

    Yuji Itadori is a certified skate rat. He's always looking for a new platform to ride on

    Ironically the actual ground is the last place this mf wants to skate

    Never backs down from a challenge and thats often the reason why

    "I dare you to hit a kick flip off that lady's wheelchair."

    "What?! No way. She could get hurt."

    "I'll give you twenty bucks."

    "Yeah still no that's horrible, 'Bara. I can't believe you think I'm stupid enough to-"

    "And Y/n's baby pictures."

    "Say less."

    One potential law suit later


    "That bitch had it coming for rolling over my shoes."

    "And Megumi why didn't you stop him??"

    "...I was curious to see if he could do it."

    Has a really large collection of boards

    Various ones with different scratches and scrapes. He remembers each and every story of how he got them.

    All of his boards come from the various places his older brother Sukuna has been.

    Despite what the older will claim, every time he leaves his little brother, he actively searches out more boards to add to Yuji's collection.


    "Is that someone important? I just bumped into him and he gave me the board."

    The only thing that takes up Yuji's mind more than skating is you.

    His first interaction is definitely a memorable one..

    It ended with him breaking his arm in seven places

    "Hey, Yuji.. Have you ever tried to do the 900?"

    "Yeah, gave myself a concussion tho."

    "....what about off a deep freezer?"

    "Dude... that sounds cool as fuck."

    "No lets not do that, first of all, where are you gonna get a fucking deep freezer from?"

    "Megumi, shut up. Stop trying to ruin our fun."

    "You're just saying that because you bet that he couldn't do it."

    "Really? You bet against me? Wow, I though we were friends."

    "Hush, I do think you can do it. Don't worry. Let's meet at the skate park tonight."

    The skate park that night was more crowded than it had ever been before.

    Bets being placed left and right.

    Just when everything seemed to be going just right and in Yuji's favor.

    He saw you, standing beside Nobara.

    A tall curly headed girl with the biggest smile he had ever seen. Skin practically glowing in the moon light. The cute little band t-shirt and jeans that hugged all your curves made his brain short-circuit.

    Needless to say, Yuji in fact could not do it.

    Despite the intense pain he was feeling, all he could do was focus on your panicked face as you tried to keep him from passing out.

    Even when in the hospital getting lectured and cursed out by Sukuna all he thought about was your dimpled cheeks and beautiful smile.

    As soon as he was allowed to return to school, he sought you out immediately.

    "Hey, I'm Itadori Yuji."

    "Yeah I remember you, I'm Y/n L/n."

    "I wanted to tell you, I thought you were really pretty."

    "I think you're pretty too."

    Puppy love at it's finest.

    The perfect himbo is your boyfriend and honestly its amazing

    Expect study dates where he gives up half way through just to stare at you

    "Yuji babe, focus on your work."

    "Stop being so pretty then."

    "You're such a dork."

    "Mm but i'm your dork."

    90s throwback Karaoke sessions because he loves your voice and the music

    Late night facetime because he's corny.

    "It's 2 am, what do you want?"

    "I wanted to look at you before I go to sleep."

    Cue you cheesing like an idiot

    Doesn't really call you any nicknames since he loves saying your name so much

    Sometimes will slip up and call you angel or angelface.

    Mainly when he does something stupid and get hurt

    "Yuji why the fuck is your lip busted."

    "Sorry angelface, I lost my footing and wiped out. I did manage to miss hitting a family of swans."

    You've become so used to his injuries, you started to carry around first aid kits and band aids.

    It was supposed to make him be more careful but jokes on you he loves hello kitty band aids.

    Wears them until you tell him he can take them off.

    Often comes out of no where and gives you the most breath taking kisses

    Loves seeing how thrown off you get

    Makes it a game to see who can sneak the most kisses in during the day.

    You both make your friend group sick asf

    "I hate you both sometimes."

    "For once, I agree with Nobara."

    He definitely gives you his clothes because he loves seeing you in them


    Don't play with him, yall definitely are twinning

    He might be a skater but shoes creased? He never heard of it

    Always clean asf

    Definitely let you design one of his boards, hardly ever uses it because he doesn't want to ruin it.

    Wants to teach you moves but doesn't want to see you get hurt

    You are not allowed to skate without him

    Not because he owns you or anything, he just really gets nervous that you'd get injured. its okay if he hurts himself but not you. You are not allowed to get hurt at all.


    He will definitely will carry all of your bags. Not up for debate.

    Honestly just loves spending time with you doesn't matter what you're doing. He just likes being included.

    Definitely does a self care day with you.

    Paints your nails only if you promise to do his.

    Helped you wash your hair once and you both agreed never again

    "Hey babe... does your hair normally turn yellow after getting washed?"

    "...No. No it doesn't."

    Fool accidentally bleached your hair.

    After getting you to calm down and promise not to kill him, he took you to a real hair salon to get it fixed

    SUKUNA PAID, definitely was not aware tho so don't mention it

    That's how you ended up with matching pink hair.

    "You know, your roots are dark again maybe we should wash it again."

    "Fuck no."

    Surprisingly does not do any drugs??

    It's ironic really. He has no history of trying anything.

    However if you ever wanna get high, IYKYK

    The type of boyfriend that will lick or bite you out of no where.

    Its actually so strange

    Mid conversation he'll space out and next thing you know he's biting your shoulder. hand. cheek. anything.

    You just get used to it.


    whether his hands are on yours, your ass or back. He has to touch you.

    Definitely slaps your ass out of nowhere.

    Its usually playful but stings like hell

    It becomes a game if you smack his.

    "Hey, Y/n, have you seen my jacket- AH."

    "Pay back is a bitch... Why are you smiling like that?"

    "You're right, it is a bitch."

    "Chill Yuji. I was just playing. STOP. NO."

    You will never win rip lmaooo

    While he never waits to tell you how he feels about you, talking about his feelings and mental state is very rare but he does trust that if he needs you, you'll be there.

    Has a habit of placing kisses all over your face before kissing your lips if you guys have been around each other for a long time.

    Demands victory kisses if he does a move right and doesn't get hurt

    He is a caffeine addict.

    Doesn't really need it but likes how it taste??

    Drinks sugary frappuccinos and dark ass sodas

    Still has the clearest skin ever so its really not fair :(

    If you guys ever get into an argument buckle up, you arent sleeping until you two make up. He refuses to go to bed angry at you.

    "Yuji go home. I mean it."

    "I understand you're angry and that's fine but I'm not leaving until you say you aren't mad and love me."

    "You're being childish leave me alone."

    "Call it what you want, I'm not leaving. So we'll both just sit here looking goofy."

    After you finally realize that fool isn't going to cave and somehow end up sitting in his lap. You give up.

    "I love you and i'm not mad anymore."

    "What? I couldn't hear you."

    "I love you and i'm not mad anymore."

    "That's what I thought, good night Y/n."

    "...can you stay the night?"

    "I was waiting for you to ask."

    He spends more time at your place than his own.

    Once freaked Sukuna out because he didn't return for damn near a month.

    Please give older brother Sukuna a raise, he didn't ask for this shit.

    Will def talk about you to anyone who listens. Even the girls that hit on him

    "You're so cute, Itadori."

    "Thank you, but my girlfriend is cuter. Look."

    Proceeds to flip through his snapchat saved memories to show pictures of you.

    Damn you could have just said you weren't interested shawty.

    Hardly gets into fights but definitely has fought an ex of yours for having a slick mouth.

    "What the fuck did you say about her?"

    Definitely the type that needs to be held back from fighting when anger. Sukuna is so proud.

    "Yuji its not worth it."

    "Yeah that loser is ugly anyways."

    "Thats right listen to the little emo bitch and home depot lesbian."

    One brutal ass beating later...

    "So I expect this from Nobara but Megumi... Again?"

    "My hand slipped."

    "Yeah right into that dude's face."

    "In all honesty, I have no idea why I'm here. I'm an innocent bystander."

    "Nobara you stomped on his back after he was down."

    " I dont recall such a thing."

    "We have it on tape."

    "Moment of amnesia, like I said. I don't recall."

    "...And what about you, Yuji."

    "I only regret not knocking out more of his teeth. I'd do it all again."

    So what he was suspended?

    He gets time to plan more dates and play games at home.

    In summary, Itadori is crazy about you and anyone with eyes can see that.

    #yuji x black!reader #jujustu kaisen#itadori yuji#emmie's drabbles#yuji headcanons#kugisaki nobara#sukuna itadori #older brother!sukuna #fushiguro megumi #a squad that jumps together stays together #Dori is a golden retriever bf #and i love him for it #megumi and nobara do be in fact third wheeling #it blows but atleast they like y/n #yes you and itadori would be that couple #its okay because yall cute #sukuna doesnt get paid enough to deal with yall bs #highschool headcanons
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  • lobotheduck
    18.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    "So we have to win the team event! You better put your life on the line!"

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