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    11.06.2021 - 1 week ago

    The melody that lasts


    💕Jirou Kyouka/Kaminari Denki, Iida Tenya/Yaoyorozu Momo, Jirou Kyoutoku/Jirou Mika ❗General Audiences | 4.8k 🔖Fluff, Mutual Pining, Alternate Universe - Medieval

    For @noctusfury

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  • noctusfury
    03.06.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Fanfic Spam

    I also just realized that I never posted my list of fanfics that I’ve already written, so I’ll eventually go and post some master posts that’ll have the links to my past and current fanfics that I’ve written. Sound good?

    I mean, you have my profile account links, so you could do THAT instead, but I’ll make it easy for you and just give you posts that have the links to my individual fics so that you can peruse them at your leisure. ^_^

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    03.06.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    False Advertising

    I really hate it when my inbox (for asks) tells me when I’ve got something, only for there to be nothing there. Seriously, Tumblr? Rubbing it in, are you? -_-

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  • noctusfury
    02.06.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    The Ctrigallian Chronicles | Chapter 1: Introduction | Violet Evergarden Nonfiction Fanfic

    FFN | AO3


    A biography and testimonial on the lives of the brave men of Ctrigall and other nations who tragically fought, died, and survived during Ctrigall's civil war — on BOTH sides. Includes interviews and testimonials from many veterans from across the continent who took part in this conflict, excerpts from personal diaries, and the stories of soldiers who both lived or died during this event.

    May their lives, and their deeds, and their legacy never be forgotten!

    Ctrigall remembers.

    Rated: T content and language.

    Genre: Angst/Tragedy/Drama/Nonfiction

    Chapter(s): 1/?

    Word Count: 2155 words (not including AN)

    Characters: Original Male Character(s), Original Female Character(s), Aidan Field, Yale, Master Sergeant, Gilbert Bougainvillea, Violet Evergarden, General Merkulov, Isidor.

    Relationships: Original Male Character(s) & Original Male Character(s), Aidan Field & Yale, Master Sergeant & Aidan Field & Yale, Master Sergeant & Original Male Character(s), General Merkulov & Isidor, Isidor & Original Male Character(s), General Merkulov & Original Male Character(s) Original Male Character(s) & Original Female Character(s), Original Male Character(s)/Original Female Character(s), Original Male Character(s) & Violet Evergarden, Original Male Character(s) & Gilbert Bougainvillea.

    Story Classification: One-Shot Collection/Multi-Chapter Story/Nonfiction

    Status: In-Progress

    #noctusfury#violet evergarden#ao3#chapter 1 #violet evergarden fanfic #violet evergarden  fandom #violet evergarden anime #violet evergarden spoilers #nonfiction#fanfic#ctrigall #the ctrigallian chronicles #original characters#tragedy#angst#drama#war violence #minor canon characters #there will be some happy parts though #biography au#nonfiction au #fanfiction.net #archive of our own #violet evergarden fanfiction #fanfic links#master sergeant#aidan field#yale#violet#gilbert bougainvillea
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  • noctusfury
    27.05.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    Why is Snotlout So Short? (RTTE)

    Well met, my fellow Furians! Today we'll be discussing headcanons as to why Snotlout is so short compared to the other Riders — particularly when his father and other relatives are so vast in comparison.

    As to whether I have any headcanons for that, I actually do.


    I mean, we've never seen Snotlout's family besides Spitelout, so we don't know what his mother, his siblings, or any in his extended family look like. However, as I'm sure you know, not everyone inherits most if not everything from their parents genetically. In some ways, I look like my dad, in others my mom. However, me, for example, take after my grandpa and uncle on my mom's side and my great-grandpa on my dad's side — really long, really lean, and really lanky, all arms and legs. lol XD

    So it would make sense that Snotlout would take after someone from his extended family, either on his mom's or dad's side. Perhaps an uncle or a grandparent. Or even a great-grandparent. Contrary to what writers think, genetics is actually more complicated than one supposes. One can't control what genes we'll pick up during conception. It's what makes us all unique, after all.

    Fun fact: Snotlout's size (5′6) is the average height of historical Nordic peoples (which, for some reason, made them still taller than other Europeans). So the others would've been abnormally tall — giants, even, some of them.

    However, genetics isn't the only reason Snotlout could be short. It could either be alternate reasons or a combo.

    For instance, they WERE born during the Dragon Wars, food must've been scarce off-and-on, depending on the severity of the raids and how much food the Tribe was able to store. The first five years that the whole Gang was born must've been pretty severe since they're the only teens in their age group to have made it to 15 (though that's because of animation and plot purposes; in real life, there would've been far more as families were more bigger, albeit the mortality rate would've still been high). For some reason, the Tribe cooks communally rather than individual families like normal people (maybe as a consequence of the Dragon Wars?). If that's the case, then their food would've been rationed. Of course, as you know, lack of food for extended periods can end up stunting growth in growing adolescents. Which can explain why all of the teens are rather on the small or scrawny side compared to their elders (except for Fishlegs, who's a yak compared to the other Teens, which makes me think that his family must be wealthy in order for him to get that way, not to mention his continuous supply of fur tunics, which would be EXPENSIVE).

    Another reason could be poetic justice for all the years he'd been a mean, insufferable, impudent, egotistical, bullying piece of dragon dung to everybody. I mean, it had to catch up to him eventually. lol XD

    I'm sure there are other reasons/headcanons as to why Snotlout is short, but I can't think of any at the top of my head. However, my main headcanon is genetics. Needless to say, his book counterpart would be unimpressed. XD

    I hope you found this educational and fun, if nothing else. Thank you for reading and I'll hopefully be posting more articles on a more consistent basis.

    Until next time!

    — Noctus Fury

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  • noctusfury
    26.05.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    I really hate this new Tumblr feature where you’re scrolling down either your own or someone else’s blog, you reblog something, and then it takes you back to the top of the blog. Like, seriously, Tumblr? It’s not a walk in a park if I’m far down into the blog. That means I have to spend another 5-10 minutes scrolling down to find my place and continue!!!  😭 😭 😠

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  • noctusfury
    26.05.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    Tumblr bloggers who reblog/post stuff without tags: *exist*

    Me: How do you ever find anything on your archive? What is your secret?

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  • noctusfury
    26.05.2021 - 3 weeks ago
    #noctusfury#heatherthetiredwriter#fandom#fanfic writers #fanfiction writer asks #answered ask #ask me anything #reply #first person narration is really fun to do #but for the most part I enjoy third person the most #and prefer it
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    20.05.2021 - 4 weeks ago

    Possible Glitch?

    So Tumblr dashboard is acting... weird. I keep passing by posts that I’ve either already seen or already reblogged. And it’s not even by different people, but the same person of said post(s). It’s just... weird. I hope Tumblr’s not acting buggy again. 

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  • noctusfury
    13.05.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Is is wrong that after seeing HTTYD fanart of a genderbent Hiccup that I'm feeling tempted to write an Arranged Marriage AU with that in mind? Even though I already have a longship-full of story ideas that are MEWING for me to give them affection and attention?

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  • noctusfury
    02.05.2021 - 1 mont ago

    HTTYD Surnames

    Should I have female characters take on their husbands’ surnames — like in modern tradition — or should I have it be more historical and have the female characters keep their original surnames (i.e. Astrid Hofferson instead of Astrid Haddock)?

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  • class-b-abuzz-bang
    29.04.2021 - 1 mont ago
    #FAQ#answered asks #written by mod mantis #noctusfury
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  • noctusfury
    04.03.2021 - 3 monts ago

    Once A Queen, Always A Queen (A Narnia One-Shot)

    FFN | AO3

    Gift for: @issac-lahey for an exchange hosted by @narniagiftexchange


    [Set during VOTDT] Susan is getting ready for a party during her stay in America. However, as she's preparing, it stirs up memories of the past in another world — a world she both longs to return to and a world of which to forget entirely. Luckily though, her elder brother Peter is there to help. (Not Pevencest.)

    Rated: K/G content and language.

    Genre: Family/Hurt/Comfort

    Chapter(s): 1

    Word Count: 4,500 words (not including AN)

    Characters: Peter Pevensie, Susan Pevensie

    Relationships: Peter Pevensie & Susan Pevensie, Susan Pevensie & Aslan, Susan Pevensie & Narnia, Peter Pevensie & Narnia, Peter Pevensie & Susan Pevensie & Edmund Pevensie & Lucy Pevensie.

    Story Classification: One-Shot

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  • noctusfury
    03.03.2021 - 3 monts ago

    HTTYD Article Update

    Just to let you guys know, I’m planning on writing a HTTYD article concerning the Berserkers that I think you’d find VERY interesting. I’ve been having this analysis and headcanon going around in my head for around a year or less about the Tribe’s political situation, and it’s actually MUCH more detailed and complex than at first glance. I’m actually pretty excited to share it with you. But first, I’m going to go to the needed episodes and then screenshot them so that I can have content to help prove, or at least make plausible, my headcanon.

    I’ll also be writing an article about Atali and Minden that I think you’ll enjoy. Stay tuned.

    Noctus Fury

    #noctusfury#httyd#httyd articles#httyd update#dreamworks dragons #race to the edge #berserkers#berserker tribe #dagur the deranged #heather #oswald the agreeable #political situation#httyd headcanons#blog update #riders of berk #defenders of berk
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  • narniagiftexchange
    01.03.2021 - 3 monts ago

                             THE WINTER NARNIAN GIFT EXCHANGE.

                     for: @noctusfury from @lotrnerd.

    “You shouldn’t worry so, my dear. He is a capable man, and has a good crew.”

    Lilianna started slightly as her father came up behind her, then sighed and leant down onto the balcony. “I know, I just can't help myself. What if he reaches the Edge and decides not to come back?”

    Ramandu opened his mouth to answer, but a squawk from the Table interrupted him. Pittencream had lifted his feet from the floor and was sweating profusely. “There’s another mouse here. Dratted things,” he muttered. 

    Ramandu shot him an irritated look, and then turned back to his daughter. “As I was saying, he’s far from helpless. He’ll come back and maybe…” the retired star trailed off, perusing his daughter carefully.

    “Is everything all right?”

    “I want to ask you something.” Ramandu tipped his daughter's chin up and looked her in the eye. “When he comes back, will you go with him?”

    Lilianna’s jaw dropped. Leave the island and her father? The only life she had ever known? “How could you say such a thing?” she cried. “Who would help you sing the dawn here? I could never leave you - and besides, he probably wouldn’t want me on board - what help would I be?” 

    “My dearest daughter, at some point, I will leave to dance the great dance once again, and who knows when the next ship will pass by? I don’t want to leave you alone here, and Caspian is a good man - I am sure that he will take you with him. You are young, and I don’t want to steal your life from you because of selfish reasons.”


    Though they argued about it long into the night, Lilianna eventually caved to her fathers will, and agreed to leave when on the Dawn Treader. And not a moment to soon, because the ship pulled in the very next week.


    The crew piled off the ship, their faces shining with the unearthly light of people who reached the Silver Sea and drank from it’s waters. The king was the first off board, and after a polite greeting to Ramandu, asked for the whereabouts of Lilianna. 

    “I’m here,” she said, stepping out of the shadows behind him. 

    “My lady,” he bowed, “I brought you a gift.” He moved closer to her and tucked something in her hair. Glancing in a nearby puddle, she gasped. A beautiful white flower lay behind her ear, glowing softly in the dawn light.

    “Thank you, it’s stunning!” she said. 

    “We must talk.” Her father interrupted the awkward silence that had fallen. Caspian looked up shaken out of his stupor.

    “Very well.”


    Two months later, Lilianna was on the deck of the Dawn Treader, staring out on the ever-shifting colours and shades of the ocean. The brisk breeze whipped her hair across her shoulders and blew foam in changing patterns across the water. She noticed Caspian come and stand beside her. In the  past  months, their relationship had become one of love, and she felt his arm wrap around her waist. 

    “It still feels odd to be away from the island and the Table,” she murmured as she leant against him.

    “It must be difficult… do you ever regret it?”

    “No. Not once. Because if I hadn’t left,” the star’s daughter turned to look into his eyes, “If I hadn’t left, I would have never been able to do this.”

    And for the first time, she closed the distance between their lips. His breath was warm, and as they held each other, the wind tangling their hair and bringing the blood to their cheeks, she knew that - despite the odds stacked against her - she had found what she never knew she was searching for.


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  • narniagiftexchange
    01.03.2021 - 3 monts ago

                                  THE WINTER NARNIAN GIFT EXCHANGE.

                        for: @lily-baker-love from @noctusfury.

    once a queen, always a queen.           

    G-rated, K-rated language, one-shot, 4.5k words. Rated for angst. But also hurt/comfort.


    Summary: As Susan is prepping for a party, she reminisces on the days that she had once had as Quen of Narnia, and grieves. Thankfully, though, she’s not alone in this regard.


    Once there was a Queen who was said to be of legendary beauty — like that of her predecessor Queen Swanwhite the First many, many centuries before, before Jadis invaded Narnia and succumbed it into a Hundred Years of Winter. The Legends even claimed that this Queen was the reincarnated Swanwhite herself! And like the Queen of Old, this Queen was regal, kind, and gentle; though, unlike her predecessor, she had a fiery spirit hidden within that belayed her gentle nature. Even went to battle a few times in the beginning years of their reign during the Golden Years.

    Such was her enchantment, such was her status, and such was her beauty, that nobles and kings and princes came far and wide from every nation in the world seeking her hand; their passions peaking to the point of starting wars to win her hand (though how anyone thought that to be flattering or attractive was beyond anyone’s guess).

    Such were the legends of the Queen Susan — called the Gentle — of Narnia.

    And where is this fabled Queen now, pray tell?

    No longer does she dwell in Narnia. No longer does she reside in Cair Paravel, with her royal siblings. No longer she rule as Queen of that magical land, for her time in Narnia had come to an end.

    So where does she dwell, then? In Aslan’s Country?

    Well, not quite. She is, in fact, still alive, but living in a different world, in a different country, in a different city. Wearing different clothes, at a different time, in a different age.

    She was younger, too; not quite an adult, but close to being one — a mini-adult. Even for the tender age of sixteen, she looked like a woman in her early 20s, and mature for her age, making her seem like a woman twice her age.

    In this world, this Queen of Old is known by this name: Susan Pevensie, resident of London, England, in the year 1943 — and her world was in the middle of a long and terrible war. This forced her parents, Mrs. Pevensie and the newly-returned Mr. Pevensie, to visit a relative at the British Embassy in America. And they took their two eldest, Peter Pevensie and herself with them, leaving their two younger siblings, Edmund and Lucy behind with relatives.

    And here was Susan Pevensie, in Miami, Florida, prepping herself for a party in the privacy of her guest room. She was humming a tune (a song from her days in Narnia) as she ran her brush along her dark hair, and even though she was facing herself in the mirror, her eyes were glazed over, deep in thought.

    It had been years — two on Earth, 1,300-something years in Narnian time — since they had last been in Narnia. Not the Narnia that they had been so rudely reintroduced to the second time, but their Narnia — the Narnia that they knew that had magic and life and peace and prosperity. The Narnia that had a thriving population and a strong army and a navy and had never been invaded or defeated by any person or nation since the days of Jadis the White.

    The Narnia that she and her siblings had ruled for fifteen years (and had hoped to continue ruling for many years after) that had been so forcefully taken from them and replaced with a Narnia they didn’t even know anymore — wild, untamed, savage, unfamiliar, unwelcoming, dangerous, quiet, barren. And very much changed.

    It was no longer the Narnia they knew; the REAL Narnia left with them.

    And with it, any chance of becoming Queen once more… vanished.

    Once a King or Queen of Narnia, always a King or Queen.

    Those had been Aslan’s words.

    A wry smile graced Susan’s features as she combed her hair, appreciating the irony that didn’t escape her. As she put her brush down and began braiding her hair, her eyes clouded once more in thought.

    She had once a Queen — a Queen of Narnia. Queen Susan the Gentle.

    But no more.

    No, the young woman staring back at Susan was no Queen at all, but an imposter — a pale imitation of the vision she used to be. Of the Queen she once was, in possession of a title that had been cruelly wrested from her.

    She missed the days when she could take strolls along the hewn stone hallways… along the pathways… and the vibrant, lush gardens, feeling the stones and the grass sing beneath her feet, pulsing and vibrating with gaiety and life. To see the flowers and trees swaying to the sweet whistles and gentle caresses of the sea wind, content and blissful. To hear the casual chattering and snippets of conversations among the Animals of Narnia as she made her rounds through the castle grounds, giving her their various forms of greetings and utterances of respect according to their species as they were made known of her presence. True to her title, she enjoyed talking with them and the other Narnians; but she particularly enjoyed her time with the various Animals throughout the castle and Narnia. They were so filled with innocence and trust and life that she couldn’t help but smile fondly at them — she smiles, even now, a world and millennia away, as she travels and reminisces through old and time-touched memories.

    Oh, to go back and experience it once more… to feel it once more…

    A frown graces her features, a flash of pain in her eyes, before scoffing and shaking her head, trying to rid of her mind of longings already thwarted. It was no use dwelling on them anymore.

    At least, that’s what she kept telling herself. But the longing for what once was was so potent that she could taste the bitterness in the back of her throat. A wet sensation broke her from her thoughts as she looked at her hand quizzically. Her hand had a few small droplets on them. What are these—


    Susan returned her gaze to the mirror to find that she was crying. Two tears were rolling down her cheeks, slightly disfiguring the makeup she had only recently applied. And like a leaking dam, more began their descent.

    “No… no, not now. I have a party to get to soon.” she groaned as she dried her tears. Unfortunately, logic rarely prevails over feelings when in emotionally-charged situations… not unless someone was amply determined.

    And Susan was determined to go to the party and have a good time with Peter and their parents.

    “Susan?" Speak of the devil.

    Susan turned around to see a worried Peter in a fine-looking tuxedo that she assumed he borrowed from their uncle-in-law, Andrew Perry, who worked in the U.S. War Department. (He was the one who was throwing the party at his villa.) With his immaculate suit, his hair neatly combed, and with the stature and air that he took, he looked every inch a King — even when he was no longer one.

    Susan tried to compose herself and gave a weak smile. "Oh, hello, Pete. Sorry, still trying to finish my confounded makeup. Got it all smudged. Tell Aunt Harriet that I’ll be down there shortly.”

    Peter wasn’t detoured in the slightest. “Are you alright? I heard you crying when I came in.”

    The smile froze on her face. “Crying? Why on Earth would I be crying? I was giggling. I’m very much looking forward to the gala that Uncle Andrew’s hosting tonight.” she assured him, putting on a winning smile.

    But the look in his eyes as he gazed at her reminded Susan that no matter what he looked like, Peter was still Peter — her beloved brother and close confidante. She could never hide things from him with full success.

    Susan nodded numbly. Peter sighed, his expression turning sorrowful, as he made his way to his sister and gave her a hug from behind. She surrendered to his gesture and melted against him, leaning back as much as she could on the chair.

    Peter looked at her reflection in the mirror, carbon copies staring right back at them. “I miss Narnia, too.”

    Susan’s eyes widened and snapped to look at her brother. “How did you—”

    Peter gave her a side glance. “I’m your brother, remember. And you’re not the only one who’s thinking about Narnia.” he gave her a teasing half-smile and she huffed. “Besides, we’re about to go to a party and getting dressed up; I just figured that would naturally bring back memories for the both of us — as they do now.”

    Susan looked away from him. “You’re perceptive… as always. And I thought Edmund was bad.” but she was smiling, if only slightly.

    Peter breathed a chuckle. “Well, since Ed isn’t here, it is my duty as High King to do what I can in his stead.”

    Another huff — this time in annoyance. “Stop that.”

    “Stop what?” he asked her, giving her a puzzled look.

    “You do know that we’re no longer Kings and Queens now, right? We’re not in Narnia anymore! We’ll never be in Narnia anymore! So stop acting like you’re still a king! You’re not one in this world, Peter!”

    “Don’t you remember what Aslan said? Once a King—”

    “I don’t give a fig about what Aslan said, Peter! He lied! He said we couldn’t come back to Narnia anymore! He took us away from Narnia! So we are now in our own world, without comfortable clothes, without talking Animals; without battles, or armour, or weapons; nor dancing in balls, or wooing or being wooed by handsome princes or fair maidens — no more being Monarchs of anyone or anything!”

    Peter sat there, stunned, as Susan vented out her frustrations. Realization awoke in his blue eyes as he stared down at her, as if connecting something.

    “You’re hurt.” the simple, matter-of-fact way he said those words both relieved her and vexed her. But… it was as if he sympathized with her. Like he himself had gone through it himself. “You feel betrayed by those whom you trusted irrevocably. Guilty, because you felt like you betrayed those whom trusted us when we disappeared — even though it was through no fault of our own; there was no way we could’ve known it, nor could’ve prevented it. Still, you continue to doubt and blame yourself, cursing the day that you and your siblings ever deigned to entertain the idea of hunting the White Stag, or following Lucy back into that Wardrobe, wishing that we had never laid eyes on it and just returned to Cair Paravel.”

    Susan’s eyes widened as Peter was laying bear everything that had been festering in her thoughts — as if he had manifested them himself.

    But Peter Pevensie was far from done: “You feel pain, because it was a home away from home — literally a world away from war and violence, hate and pain. A home that we had built with our own hands, created a world that anyone and everyone could live in, and made a family out of the people and friends that we had come to know. And then suddenly left them all without a word, and then return to that same world, only to discover that the home we had built up for ourselves — the world that we had created with all of our dear friends — no longer exists, and had been replaced by a wilder and dangerous Narnia that we had never known or thought capable of existing. It was a shock and a travesty to witness. And the pain worsens when you realize that the Narnia — with your home and your friends — that you knew… was gone.

    "And then that pain manifests into anger. Because how could this have happened? How could this have been allowed? Surely this has been a mistake! Why can’t things have been reversed? Why couldn’t we have stayed? Was there any time to do anything about it?Could anything have been done? And then you’re just angry — angry that you weren’t there, angry that everything and everyone whom you loved was no more, furious that an enemy had laid claim to Narnia and persecuted her people for centuries unchecked without you being there, incensed that the One who made you a Monarch with your siblings chose another — born from the very people who persecuted and slaughtered your own — to succeed you as this New Narnia’s ruler, even though you always thought Narnia to be yours alone — that you assumed that, naturally, you’ll return to being to Narnia permanently and being their Rulers again, only to have even that taken away from you. So then all your left with is the emptiness of ‘why am I even here, then, if not to resume our rightful place?’ And then that burning betrayal of being replaced, that you think that the One Whom you looked up to almost as a father sees you as replaceable, unwanted, and having failed your job. And that desperation at having to prove yourself and to everyone that you were meant to stay, that you should be Ruler of Narnia again, not this reformed child of the enemy who had hurt the very people he’s meant to rule over.”

    At this point, it was beginning to sound like he was talking more about himself than Susan’s own misgivings (since she, herself, never had that problem), but realized that perhaps Peter was opening his heart to her to show her that he, himself, had went through that same pain, back when they had returned to Narnia the second time. So she didn’t say anything and let him continue. (Her education as a Queen taught her that much.)

    “And then, when all’s said and done, you feel nothing but grief — when you finally realize that, when it comes down to it, you no longer want to be Ruler of this New Narnia, with its new residents and new enemies and stepping into unknown territory. When, at last, you begin to understand:

    "You were never home. That this Narnia will never be your home. That maybe Aslan made the right choice in picking Caspian as King over this vastly changed Narnia. That it would be better to return home, here in our world, and relive our memories of the Old Narnia, our home, rather than live in this New Narnia, only to be continuously reminded of the many differences and changes, always comparing the New with the Old… and finding it wanting… finding it empty… finding it unbearable to the point of despair and the crushing weight of grief overwhelms you. So, when the time comes for you to leave, you take it, because it would be better to be somewhere else and dream of our Old Narnia, rather than be here in an entirely different Narnia… and feeling empty. And do you know something? You don’t regret it one bit, leaving Narnia the second time; it’s having had left the first time that’s putting you through so much pain and grief and longing.”

    Susan heard her brother’s voice catch in his throat, and waver, and instead of hearing his voice, she hears the voice of Narnia — their Narnia — speaking in that grief-stricken tone in her mind’s eye, surreal and haunting. Calling out to them with that same longing and hoping and knowing in her voice, her eyes pleading, begging for them to return to her, their names echoing throughout time and space and dimension to them in the real world.

    “Come back, Dear Children! Return to me! Where are you? Come home! Come home! I need you here… I need you safe… I need you present… I am lost without you by my side.”

    That image in her mind’s eye broke the dam, and, once again, tears streamed down her face — and there was no more fight left in her to stop them. She gasped as she collided into Peter’s waiting arms, heaving sobs as she finally succumbed to the grief that had been long delayed in coming. Peter took her into himself and held her close, rubbing her back and soothing words that Susan couldn’t comprehend in her distressed state. But it didn’t matter, he was here for her, comforting her like he always did, as they had done in those bygone days.

    She wept and she wept, though still conscious enough to keep from attracting unwanted company. This was an intimate moment between only her and her brother. No one else.

    Finally, her sobs abated, and she became more calm, as she heard him humming an old Narnian lullaby to her as he gave her much-needed comfort. It made her feel better, and, for a brief moment, she imagined herself to be someplace else: at Cair Paravel, in their bedroom chambers, with her siblings and her snuggled together in Peter’s bed after not being able to sleep, and Peter humming-cum-singing the lullaby to them, causing them to surrender to blissful sleep, one-by-one, before falling asleep himself.

    Those were the days.

    When she opened her eyes, and looked up, she saw him looking at her, a question in his eyes.

    She smiled, a real, genuine smile. “Thank you, Pete. I needed that.”

    Peter smiled. “Anything for my Queen.”

    That earned him a chuckle and a playful slap on the shoulder. “I’m not your Queen.”

    Peter pondered a beat, before nodding in agreement. “That is true — you're Our Queen. There are four of us, you know.”

    She snorted. “As if they’d ever let us forget it!” they both laughed. Her face fell, a feeling of guilt tugging her. “I wish dreadfully that they could’ve come with us,” she said, after a moment. “They so wanted to come to America with us.” and then, after a beat, she added, “I miss them.”

    The older blond boy nodded, his smile wry. “I do, too. It’s not really the same without them here, is it?”

    “No. It’s not. They would’ve loved America.”

    “They would’ve.” his expression turned thoughtful, before giving her a look of determination. “Then we have only but one choice…” at her questioning look, he added, “we must live in these moments for the four of us, for the rest of our stay here. What do you say? Are you game?”

    Susan gave a cheeky smile of her own. “So long as we don’t have to play hide-and-seek.”

    That earned her a snort from her brother, which made her heart feel lighter. “Agreed. No hide-and-seek. Which leaves us with our only option: go to the party tonight. That is why you enjoy going to these parties, right? Wearing these gowns and stockings? Because they’re the closest you can come to the real Narnia — in the days when you were the one who hosted these parties and were the Queen wearing attire much more elegant than what we have now. To get lost in yourself and imagine the people and the room being the ballroom of Cair Paravel, and that everything is as it was… if only for a short while.”

    For quite possibly the fifth time that night, Susan was all astonishment, regarded her brother as if seeing him for the first time. “How did you guess?”

    “I am your brother, after all. I’ve known you my whole life — plus fifteen years, give or take. I have an enormous advantage.” he then leaned towards her. “And I’ve lately been keeping an eye on you.”

    Her eyebrows rose up at that, a blush threatening to bloom on her cheeks. “For shame, Peter! I don’t need to be babysat! I’m not 5, you know.”

    “I was worried about you. Ever since we came back and you closed up. I knew you were processing everything, so I kept my distance. But you should’ve confided in me… or Edmund, at least. We were all worried about you.”

    Guilt gnawed at her again, and she looked away. “I’m sorry. I didn’t know.”

    Peter hugged her again. “Now you do. Please don’t shut us out again. Or else a day may come where you need us, and we won’t be around to help you.”

    Susan sniffed. “I know. Thank you.” she then looked at his slightly damp and crinkled dress shirt self-consciously. She tried drying it with her hand. “Oh dear. I’ve gone and ruined your suit.”

    Peter chuckled. “It’s fine. Though it’s nothing compared to what you look like.”

    A look of panic crossed her face and she turned to look at the mirror, only for her reflection to come back looking shocked as she took in the extent of the damage her emotional state had caused: red eyes, ruined mascara and makeup, stained with her recent blubbing. She took her kerchief and blew on it, and wiping the evidence of any tears… at the expense of the makeup.

    “Oh dear! And it look me ages to get this done right!” she lamented, her hand bearing the weight of her head in despair. “Aunt and Uncle must be waiting for us now!”

    As if summoned, a knock was heard from the door. It was the butler. “Miss Susan, Master Peter!” he called from the door. “Your Aunt and Uncle are expecting you! Your ride will be here soon. Are you ready yet?”

    Before Susan could reply, Peter placed a hand on her shoulder, silencing her. “Not yet, Thomas! Tell them that we’ll be down shortly. Give us a few, will you?”

    “Very well, Master Peter.” the sound of footsteps could be heard fading until he was gone.

    Peter turned to her. “Well now, let us get to work, shall we? We can’t be running late now!” he made a move for the makeup.

    But her hand intercepted his. “I’ll do it myself, thank you.” she protested, sounding more than ever the Queen she once was. “You’ll only muck it up.”

    Peter pouted. “I’ve done your makeup before… lots of times, back in Narnia.”

    Susan gave him a look. “Horribly, as I recall. I looked like a blushing doll smudged in dirt!”

    He gave her an indignant look. “It wasn't that bad! I did your braids and you’re eyeliner well, at least. The rest of it was… confusing.”

    Susan snorted. “I’d say you were.” but she relented. “So long as you do my eyeliner, as you’ll do it much better and thoroughly than I ever could, then I shall be satisfied. But nothing else!” Peter nodded.

    By the time they were done reapplying her makeup (which was light since she honestly didn’t need too much), five minutes had passed. She looked herself in the mirror again and hummed with approval. “Not bad, Pete.” then the dig. “For a boy.”

    Peter rolled his eyes and stood up, also looking at the mirror and making sure he was presentable. He then lent her a hand, which she gladly accepted, and they looked at each other with smiles on their faces.

    “You look beautiful. As always.”

    Susan flushed self-consciously. “Thank you. You yourself look beautiful, too.” she added, a cheeky glint in her eyes.

    Peter didn’t miss a beat. “Why, thank you, Milady. I do cut quite the dashing figure, don’t I?”

    The Gentle Queen huffed. “Like a duck.”

    “Ah, a Mallard. An excellent choice, Sister! You do know your birds.”

    “I always found you to be the expert on the subject — Being 'of the clear, Northern sky’ and all that.”

    Peter chuckled. “Touché.”

    A knock interrupted any further discourse. “Sir! Miss! The car is waiting for you outside. Have you finished?”

    “We’ll be right down, Thomas.”

    “Yes, sir.”

    Peter cocked his head towards his raven-haired sister. “It would seem, Dear Sister, that our carriage awaits. Shall we join them?”

    Picking up on the Royal Tongue, she slipped into it like a glove. “Indeed we shall, Lord Brother. But on one condition.”

    “Oh?” Peter raised a noble eyebrow, every inch the High King. “And name your terms, Fair Sister, for it shall be yours.”

    “I claim you for the first two dances at the gala!” she gave him a winning smile. “What say you, Brother Mine?”

    Peter beamed. “I accept those terms unconditionally, My Lady.” he gave a courtly bow, before grabbing her hand and kissing it gallantly. “How can I ever say no to the Queen of Narnia?”

    Susan giggled and gave a deep curtsy. “My many thanks, High King. This night now promises to be a good one.”

    “I aim to please, Sister.” Peter opened the door, and Susan, carrying her purse, passed through with a grateful look and a passing, “Good to know that chivalry isn’t dead.”

    With the door closed, the eldest Pevensie turned to look at his best friend and sister, smiled, and proffered his arm to her. “Shall we, my Queen?”

    His answer was her hand, as gentle and slender as its owner, slid within the crook of his arm without hesitation. A perfect fit… as if they never left. And, for a moment, the vision of an older, strapping King with a beard and shoulder-length hair, and an older, beautiful Queen with hair that reached to her ankles, came into view, and the interior of the house became that of Cair Paravel.

    “Lead the way, my King. I’m with you.”

    And then, as one, Peter Pevensie and Susan Pevensie strode down the hallway and walked down the steps as High King and High Queen of Narnia — as they once were, as they still are, and as they will still be — and stunning the onlookers with a sense of awed surprise at the sudden air of maturity in their air.

    As they made their way to the car awaiting to take them to the party, Susan, for a brief moment, thought she could hear a Lion’s roar… and someone whispering something, but shook it off in her excitement.

    But had she stood still and listened carefully, she would’ve heard an ancient female voice — that of Narnia — speak the words said to them, many, many Ages ago:

    “Once a King or Queen of Narnia, always a King or Queen.”

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    27.02.2021 - 3 monts ago

    To Anime or Not to Anime? THAT is the Question!

    I’ve got a Question you guys!

    Would you guys like me to... : 

    1) Post my future anime-related stuff or fanfictions on this profile, or 

    2) Would you rather I post them on a side-blog profile?

    #noctusfury#fandom#tumblr blog#question#anime#anime posts #I'm just asking out of curiosity #if you're fine with me posting anime stuff on here then I'll do it' #love you guys #I'm asking out of consideration
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    18.02.2021 - 4 monts ago

    List of Anime Fandoms I’m Now In (Thanks to Anime Craze)

    Hello, everyone! Noctus Fury, here. So I’ve been on an anime/manga craze for the past 3/4′s of a year. So these are the anime/manga Fandoms that I love and are in in various degrees (keep in mind that these are NOT in order, save for the top 6).

    Violet Evergarden

    Drifting Dragons

    Snow White with the Red Hair

    Teasing Master Takagi-san

    Cells at Work

    Garden of Words


    Girls und Panzers


    Maid Sama!


    Children of the Whales

    Koruko’s Basketball

    Demon Slayer

    Royal Tutor

    My Neighbor Seki-kun

    My Hero Academia

    Your Name

    The Promised Neverland


    I’ll probably be posting for these Fandoms once in a while. But don’t worry, this blog will still mainly be a HTTYD and Narnia blog. Just that anime and manga Fandoms will now become a thing.

    (And this list will probably keep growing as time goes by. I’ll be updating this once in a while.)

    I even plan on putting any fanfictions I write for any of these anime fandoms on this blog as well.

    Thank you for coming by, Fan-san! ;-D

    Noctus Fury

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    I’m Back!

    Hey, guys. Sorry for the two month absence... or maybe it’s been longer? Anyway, I’ve kinda been taking a break and then I got distracted with the bad case of the anime craze, hanging out on Discord, and reading fanfiction (which I hadn’t done in a good while). But now I’m back and *hopefully* ready to post stuff again. We’ll see. But I hope you guys are doing fine. And I hope to see you guys on my future posts!

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