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  • And just like that, in the dead of night The Rich Little Bunny hopped back on the scene 🙋🏾‍♀️💋🐰💕 I hope you’ve all been well my Warriors and Heroes. I thank you for your patience as well as joining me on both the Facebook page and group - The Rich Little Bunny’s Safe Space 🐾

    The Rich Little Bunny 🐰💕

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    #the rich little bunny #mental health #mental health advocate #mental heath support #black mental health #black mental illness #mental health and the coronavirus #mental health is just as important as physical health #animation#shesha love#black artist#black owned#female owned#noh8#lgbtq #black lives matter
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  • ok so going to be honest here tonight. the last 24 hours have sucked, majorly.  I came out to my family a few days ago as trans and it didnt go well. At all. My parents basically disowned me last night, dead named me, missgendered me, gaslighted me, and told me i am a sinner and that I am wrong. Didnt ask any questions or even try to understand where I was coming from or how I am feeling and why I consider myself to be a trans guy. So yeah, not in the best place mentally.  Just please be kind to everyone,. We all are different and we all have our struggles. I just wish people who professed to be Christian would act like it. And I wish that family members who with one breath say they love me and the next say that I am wrong and sinning for admitting who I am and how I feel, could understand the damage that causes. Just… please be kind.  People need love and support not hate and judgement. <3 

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  • The Supreme Court agreed on Monday to take up a case brought by various groups and state and local officials challenging a Trump-era rule that makes it more difficult for immigrants to obtain legal status if they use public benefits, such as Medicaid, food stamps and housing vouchers.

    The rule, issued by the Trump administration in August 2019, is still in effect in most states nationwide. It immediately met pushback, and was subsequently blocked by courts, following its release.

    #ArvandLaw is a full service immigration law firm located in the financial district of Manhattan and just minutes from the Immigration Courts at 26 Federal Plaza in New York City. Call us today for an evaluation of your immigration matter 212-323-7435 or 646-660-2658.

    #WeAreArvandLaw 🤘 #ArvandLaw #NoBanNoWall #NoH8 #Immigrantstrong 💪 #AsylumIsAHumanRight #DHS #USCIS #DeportationDefense #GreenCards #ImmigrationCourt #H1B #NIW #ImmigrationAttorney #RFE #NOID #Appeal #Deportation #DeportationOrder #AdjustmentOfStatus #B1 #B2 #ConditionalResidency #DACA #EB1 #EB1 #F1StudentVisa #H1B #Inspection #JVisa #K1Visa

    https://amp.cnn.com/cnn/2021/02/22/politics/supreme-court-public-charge-rule/index.html?fbclid=IwAR1Jl20NYteQo1xkcRpcDC1hgYneIsPPoJeRDWGHxArvcBkSP-gEfNamJgQ (at Law Office of M. Ray Arvand, PC • An Immigration & Personal Injury Law Firm)

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  • I suppose what recently happened to me on my brand new Tiktok account did get on my last nerve. Hate speech, Bullying, & Racism really just brings out that little kid in me who use to fight back against bullies. I feel such things has no place in our society; especially in 2021 for heaven sake. Hamilton, an American Musical by Lin-Manuel Miranda @lin.manuelmirandaofficial is groundbreaking indeed. It’s very relevant; especially for the current social climate we’re facing in our society & country. I would love to meet him in life. Hey, it’s possible if one just believes. Don’t ever allow: Haters, Trolls, Bullies, or Racism prevent you or scare you from being who you are in life. They have no lives of their own, so all they can do is Hate on others who do. Don’t throw away your shot for being a beacon of light & goodness. Keep striving beyond their BS & you leave a positive footprint. Fight thegoodfight with out lowering yourself to their level of hate & violence. Then know you tried to do your part to bring a positive change to our society & world! Little do they know; the harder they hate, the Louder LOVE is heard! Just saying, DA 🙏🏽✌🏽🖤🎼🎭🌈🏳️‍🌈🇺🇲 #freedom #equality #unity #peace #love #noh8 #america #world #music #artist #singersongwriter #composer #producer #performer #broadway #hamilton #thegoodfight

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  • So after having someone ask me about my profile pic on Facebook I figured might as well do this here as well in case anyone else has wondered and in case this helps someone else….

    This is the extremely talented actor Eric Balfour. Anyone who knows me knows I am a bit obsessed with him because he’s a good actor. But more than that he is a good person. He cares about the environment. He cares about people who are in need. He supports and promotes healthy natural living. He cares about kids and the elderly and those with health problems. He supports the LGBTQ, POC, and other minority groups. He supports causes I care about as well.

    He uses his fame and time in the spotlight to always put attention on current events, issues, policies, and things that need to be addressed and made better in the world. It is a vibe of- do what you can with what you are given and others will come alongside to help and support you.

    As someone who is trans and who is still struggling with a lot of things tied up in that, this is what helps. Knowing there are people who do care, who do support, who do fight, and who do want things to be better for others who are not like them… knowing that helps. A lot.  

    NoH8 is something I have always stood behind, but even more so now that I have found myself in the line of fire many times from people I once loved and counted as friends and family.

    So maybe it is silly.  Maybe I am crazy. But for me right now knowing there are people like Eric Balfour who believe people like me matter, that is a powerful thing.  To most, it’s just another cool picture. To me, it is a reminder that I don’t have to fight alone and that I am strong and that I can do this!

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  • You know, I thought he was cute at first. I didn’t why I’d stray from the two guys I showed up with, but blamed it on Kyle. Because Kyle does that a lot. Hops, skips, and jumps away from the drugs and alcohol. God bless his heart because it took one night in Boy’s Town to really just give up my idea of what is normal and start culturing my own slice of cheese to top my pizza sized id.

    I went from bar to bar saying no, I don’t like anyone single one, alcohol is there and that’s where you’ll find me. People pointed to other places, and I did, really git and gone. I would. My reputation there? I didn’t really believe I had one. Not until J. Bieber flopped onto the scene. I walked by across the street as they cheered on someone shouted “hey look there is Justin” and I thought weird. I just made up a name for kicks and it caught fire. My delusion that I had become his creator though, oh, the dysmorphic agent and delusional manager that’d schedule performances and acts for an amateur, dare I admit, gay kid. I hadn’t the slightest idea. I forgot it all and flew to San Fran. Did it happen when I got back?

    There were mentions of the Castro and I did miss the poor child. Enough about that. We danced. I just wanted to excuse that dance as meant for Dua Lipa and her Gal Pal in Fever. That’s all. That’s it.

    No opinion on the poser, he learned how to perfect Vogue and I just said weirdo, dance facing front. I don’t know, here I jump into the deep vast sea of answers a master will toss in front of me to buy. I’m gullible like that.

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  • I don’t care too much for fighting hate with hate but art is magnificent and unifying and yes black lives do matter ✊🏽🧎‍♂️❤️
    #alobien #noh8 #cancelculture #lessgovernment #love #peace #beauty #blm #apexdispensary #delta8 #charlotte #northcarolina #art #jordanpeterson

    @jordan.b.peterson (at Charlotte, North Carolina)

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  • Kristie Mewis not being on the team the whole time Jill Ellis was the head coach, but being there before and after, says something about Jill…


    Because this smile and this goal? They’re worth everything 😁

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  • let’s anon fuck

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  • I’ve been up and down all day trying to combat the dumb motherfucker macing me and Julian’s room. He does it all throughout the house and I get drowsy. I mean yes, I know Tums is fair, but bitch yeah, like I’ll let you break federal law. Cut your shit out Deej, you’ll piss me off enough IF you keep rubbing your fat ugly face all around and about me.

    But look I don’t hate you, you’re dead to me. Soon enough. ugh

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  • The company also has a role to provide for this life that is. We cannot squander our only one. I am a little bit more than I am nothing at all if I have not been anywhere, or anything for the matter of being, nor doing. So be it, we shall. #BeYourCareer #OwnTheFeast #NOH8 #NoMatterWhat #LOVEReal #isTHALight #WheninRondezvous (at Los Angeles, California)

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  • Videos from one of the protests in Poland yesterday ⚡☂️

    Just so they know we’re not gonna shut up.

    For those of you who don’t know, on October 22, Polish ‘Constitutional Tribunal’ that is illegaly taken over by our government, made abortion in cases of incurably damaged fetus, constitutionally illegal. Fetal surgeons can go to jail if something happens to the fetus during surgery. Women will be forced to give birth to babies that will die in pain in few hours after being born.

    This is inhuman.

    #equality#women#noh8#feminism#inclusive feminism#mental health#strajk kobiet#poland#gdynia#prostests #we're gonna burn this country down #I wish I could abort my government #***** ***#jebać pis#human rights#riot#women's rights #trzeba było nas nie wkurwiać
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  • I used this photo as part of my post yesterday but not as the main one. I am so happy with my progress but something still made me put it in the group instead of right in front. I took it yesterday but still looked at it with critical eyes instead of just being proud. We all struggle & weight/body image will always be one of mine. After looking at it some more, I am happy to post it to remind me when I feel I can’t do this, that I can & I hope I can remind you of the same. 6 months ago when I bought this @noh8campaign shirt, I would have only worn it to sleep, so that’s progress! #fitness #goals #weightlossjourney I am so #grateful to those who helped me learn better ways of doing it, @jakekocherhans! Also @derekjameson for keeping my spiritual self focused & ready! #NOH8
    (at New York, New York)

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  • image

    Lin-manuel Miranda photographed by Adam Bouska for the NOH8 campaign

    #lin manuel miranda #noh8#lmmpositivity
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  • Better to have Love or Power? #NOH8 #jimihendrix #saveourchildren #musicfillsmysoul #proud #love #peace #boostyourmood (at Knoxville, Tennessee)

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  • Time to create. #creativity #inspiration #saveourchildren #fyp #NOH8 #LOVE (at Knoxville, Tennessee)

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