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    23.06.2021 - 6 minutes ago

    I gave pegabug a small upgrade

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  • muunbear
    23.06.2021 - 7 minutes ago

    ☁️🍓 𝓼𝓽𝓻𝓪𝔀𝓫𝓮𝓻𝓻𝔂 𝓼𝓾𝓷𝓼𝓮𝓽🍰💫

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  • ohmyadrien
    23.06.2021 - 9 minutes ago

    Marinette: I've started seeing someone. Chat: As in dating? Chat: Or as in hallucinations?

    #miraculous fanart #miraculous season 4 #incorrect miraculous ladybug quotes #miraculous lb#miraculous memes#miraculous ladybug #incorrect miraculous quotes #miraculous incorrect quotes #miraculous#miraculous fandom #incorrect mlb quotes #mlbmemes #mlb incorrect quotes #mlb memes#mlb#adrien agreste #marinette dupain cheng #chat noir #tales of ladybug and cat noir #ladybug#ladynoir#marichat#adrienette#ladrien#fic prompts#incorrect quotes
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  • ohmyadrien
    23.06.2021 - 12 minutes ago

    Ladybug: Behave yourself or Santa’s going to castrate you for Christmas. Chat:

    #miraculous season 4 #incorrect miraculous ladybug quotes #miraculous lb#miraculous memes #incorrect miraculous quotes #miraculous ladybug #miraculous incorrect quotes #miraculous#miraculous fandom #incorrect mlb quotes #mlbmemes #mlb incorrect quotes #mlb #marinette dupain cheng #tales of ladybug and cat noir #ladybug#ladrien#chat noir#marichat#adrien agreste#adrienette#fic prompts#writing#fandom#incorrect quotes#writing prompt#otp prompts
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  • clubainhoa
    23.06.2021 - 12 minutes ago

    Boardwalk empire 4ta. temporada

    Título original: Boardwalk Empire (TV Series)

    Año: 2013

    Duración: 55 min.

    País: Estados Unidos

    Director: Terence Winter (Creator), Timothy Van Patten, Allen Coulter, Jeremy Podeswa, Ed Bianchi, Brad Anderson, Alik Sakharov, Jake Paltrow, Martin Scorsese

    Guión: Terence Winter, Cristine Chambers, Bathsheba Doran, Meg Jackson, Howard Korder, Steve Kornacki, Itamar Moses (Libro: Nelson Johnson)

    Música: Varios (Tema principal: The Brian Jonestown Massacre)

    Fotografía: Jonathan Freeman, Kramer Morgenthau

    Reparto: Steve Buscemi, Kelly Macdonald, Shea Whigham, Michael Shannon, Stephen Graham, Michael Pitt, Gretchen Mol, Michael Kenneth Williams, Jack Huston, Vincent Piazza, Aleksa Palladino, Paul Sparks, Michael Stuhlbarg, Paz de la Huerta, Anatol Yusef, Anthony Laciura, Dabney Coleman, Charlie Cox, Greg Antonacci, Jeffrey Wright, Bobby Cannavale, Ben Rosenfield, Kevin O'Rourke, Victor Verhaeghe, Patricia Arquette, Robert Clohessy, Ron Livingston, Domenick Lombardozzi, Erik LaRay Harvey, Marc Pickering, Dominic Chianese, Margot Bingham, Julianne Nicholson, Meg Chambers Steedle, William Forsythe, Stephen de Rosa, Stephen Root, James Cromwell, Heather Lind, Tony Curran, Brian Geraghty, Ian Hart, Louis Gossett Jr., Matt Letscher

    Productora: Emitida por la cadena HBO; Home Box Office (HBO) / Leverage Management / Closest to the Hole Productions / Sikelia Productions / Cold Front Productions

    Género: Serie de TV. Thriller. Drama | Neo-noir. Crimen. Mafia. Basado en hechos reales. Años 20

    Web oficial: https://www.hbo.com/#/boardwalk-empire

    Sinopsis: Serie de TV (2010-2014). La Primera Guerra Mundial (1914-1918) ha terminado y Wall Street está a punto de explotar. Es una época de cambios: las mujeres obtienen el derecho al voto, la radio llega a los hogares y los jóvenes gobiernan el mundo. Atlantic City (Nueva Jersey) es un espectacular lugar de vacaciones en el que sólo se respetan las reglas impuestas por Enoch “Nucky” Thompson (Steve Buscemi). Basada en hechos reales, se inspira en la obra homónima de Nelson Johnson. (FILMAFFINITY)

    #Boardwalk empire 4ta. temporada #Boardwalk Empire #Serie de TV #Thriller#Drama#Neo-Noir#Crimen#Mafia #Basado en Hechos Reales #Años 20
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  • my-miraculous-love
    23.06.2021 - 18 minutes ago

    Can't wait to see Juleka become a super heroine!!

    #Miraculous Ladybug #Miraculous Tales Of Ladybug and Chat Noir #Juleka Couffaine#Purple Tigress #She looks awesome! #Can't wait to see her in action!!
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  • kahootqueen69
    23.06.2021 - 19 minutes ago

    may I offer you some Terror noir AU in these trying times

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  • a-chlolix-blog
    23.06.2021 - 19 minutes ago

    The holders of the Bee Miraculous!

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  • mythgirlimagines
    23.06.2021 - 23 minutes ago
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  • harveyderp22
    23.06.2021 - 28 minutes ago

    Chat Noir and Chat Blanc

    I adore Chat and Chat Blanc was such a good episode! I really hope the new season isn’t leading up to a Chat Blanc 2.0 😬

    #miraculous ladybug #miraculous les aventures de ladybug et chat noir #miraculous fandom #miraculous season 4 #adrien agreste#chat noir#chat blanc#fanart#miraculous lb #miraculous chat noir #miraculous#miraculous fanart#digital art#harveyderp22#harvsart#my art #artists on tumblr
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  • hanji-is-life
    23.06.2021 - 29 minutes ago
    #we love noir #my asks
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  • ilikekidsshows
    23.06.2021 - 30 minutes ago
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  • sunflower-art-19
    23.06.2021 - 38 minutes ago

    Ladybug 🐞. I'll post on Instagram the other two backgrounds I did . So be sure to check them out

    #tales of ladybug and cat noir #ml ladybug#miraculous ladybug #ladybug and chat noir #miraculous les aventures de ladybug et chat noir #ladybug fanart#mlb marinette#mlb art#mlb tikki#mlb fandom#marinette fanart#miraculous marinette#mlb fanart
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  • queenalicorn
    23.06.2021 - 43 minutes ago

    Who Are You?


    Cat noir/ Adrien is really anxious to find out who Ladybug is. And he gets frustrated and gets mad at his friends. What will happen if Marinette gets akumatized? Then how can she turn into Ladybug to save the day? I guess she won't.

    T-rated, WIP, 37 chapters.

    story available on:


    Archive Of Our Own

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  • emmit-hollis
    23.06.2021 - 49 minutes ago


    #man that was not a good first time if he keeps posting about how much he regrets it :|| #time 👏 to drink 👏👏 #dash comm #lifes a film noir // ic
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  • buggoutt
    23.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Marinette: *eating a cinnamon roll*

    Adrien: cannibalism

    Marinette: *confused chewing noises*

    #miraculous ladybug #miraculous tales of ladybug and chat noir #miraculous #marinette dupain cheng #adrien agreste#incorrect scenes
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  • pressedinthepages
    23.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    I am FROTHING at the mouth about this fic. I had the great pleasure of beta-ing for @major-trouble for this and I will 1110000% be rereading this now that it’s posted. GAH it’s so feckin good.


    #fic rec #I cannot rec enough #jaskel #eskel x jaskier #noir au#feck
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  • theblackchat993
    23.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Sandboy 2.0 (Crack Edition)

    "AAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!", Ladybug shrieks, pointing at the button-sized spider that appeared when she got hit by the sand. She jumps into Chat's arms, seeking protection from the tiny creature.

    "Your biggest fear is a tiny spider," he laughs. He gets hit by the fear dust and a cucumber falls from the sky.

    "AHHHHH!", he jumps back, nearly dropping Ladybug in the process.

    "I-is that a cucumber?", Alya asks Nino who she dragged along while she ladyblogged.


    "We're screwed."


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  • miraculousladybugaufanfics
    23.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Secretly Spies-Chapter 6

    "What do you want me to do?" Tikki asked.

    "I need you to hack into the school's computer system and take out all the cameras and telephone lines. Be careful. We can't let anyone trace you to our house." I said hiding my bag in one of the many duffel bags I had hidden throughout the school.

    "Consider it done. Be careful!" Tikki said hanging up on me and most probably, getting into work.

    I zipped up the duffel bag and turned it over searching for the chip Master Fu had given.

    Once I found and activated it, the bag camouflaged itself and soon, there was no sign of the bag I had been holding. But I felt its presence on the palms of my hand. I stuffed the bag under the sink where water couldn't reach it.

    Suddenly, the lights in the bathroom flickered and I knew that my time was up. Tikki's job was done.

    "Spots on!" I cried feeling the spotted spy suit expand from my earrings.

    The red and black suit now covered my body, complete with a spotted mask on my face and my trusty yoyo at my hip.

    "Camouflage mode. Activate." I said waiting till my spy suit blended in with my surroundings.

    I took a quick glance at myself through the bathroom mirror and saw no one standing in my place.


    I opened the washroom door and ran out into the girls' locker room, almost bumping into one of my classmates.

    I held my arm in front of me and tapped a code onto my spandex-covered forearm. A map of the school spread out in front of me shoeing exactly where Miss Mendeleiev was. And to my surprise, she was in the science lab. I halted outside the locker room rescanning the school in case something was wrong.

    Oh. Maybe I was just overthinking. There's nothing to worry about.

    But I was soon proved wrong. My spy suit's scanner detected something hazardous and the signal was coming from the science lab. Exactly where Miss Mendeleiev was.

    "What the..." I whispered backing into the wall just as the locker room door swung open.

    Two girls stepped into the room while I rescanned the science lab.

    Level one radiation?

    It wasn't going to cause much harm but I doubted it was going to be used for good.

    I pulled up a map of the school beside the scanner. The only way to the science lab without going through the front door was through the vents. And the closest one was in the washroom. I eagerly waited for the girls to leave because I couldn't casually walk into the washroom, open and close the doors while looking invisible. The last thing I wanted was the students screaming around claiming there was a ghost in the school.

    Once the girls left, I slipped into the washroom and stood in front of the many stalls in the washroom directly below the vent. With a single jump, I was on the door of one stall.

    I bent downwards and pressed a button on the side of my feet. I jumped and flipped in mid-air. feet towards the ceiling. My feet stuck to the ceiling with the help of the super-stick ability of my feet. Dangling from the ceiling, I pulled the vent downwards. Knowing that I'd get only one chance, I deactivated the special feature of my suit. I was instantly released from the ceiling and I threw out my arms to catch the latch of the open vent.

    Safely grasping the metal grate of the vent, I heaved myself into the opening. I crawled into the gap, the metal pipelines stretching on forever.

    "Magnetic boots. Activate." I said spreading my legs under me.

    I felt the pull of the metal latch of the vent behind me and I yanked my feet forward, bringing the tiny door with them.

    "Magnetic boots. Deactivate." I said looking around blindly, the only light that I had now gone when I had closed the door.

    Thankfully, my highly sensitive spy suit adapted to the darkness. The black spots of my suit lit up and I was practically a walking disco ball. The map on my arm showed the radiation of whatever was in the science lab with Miss Mendeleiev.

    I crawled forward, the pipes just a few inches wider than I was. If I had to go back out, I was going to have to crawl backwards but that was the least of my problems. I continued crawling with my arms and knees trying my best to keep the noise down. The map directed me until I was right above Miss Mendeleiev in the science lab. The spaces in the metal grate in the vent provided little vision but that was better than getting caught. I adjusted myself so that I was leaning forward with my arms flat on the metal floor of the vent.

    She seemed to be putting a glittery black powder into several test tubes. She was measuring the powder very carefully as if one mistake would cost her, her life. The radar on the map flashed dangerously as Miss Mendeleiev raised the tube to the light for a better look. The powder didn't have a smell but the way it shined made it look as if it were some kind of ground-up obsidian rock.

    I couldn't see Miss Mendeleiev's face but she was wearing this metal helmet as if we were still living in the age of dragons and knights. She seemed to be very skilled at whatever she was doing. Her hand didn't jerk one bit and I could've sworn that she would have stopped blinking too.

    "Almost done..." Miss Mendeleiev spoke to herself.

    I scanned the entire room just to check whether someone was inside with Miss Mendeleiev. But my scanner showed nothing. I sighed and shifted onto my elbows, propping my hands under my chin.

    This is going to take a while...

    And just then, a phone rang. I flinched almost hitting my head on the top of the vent. I watched Miss Mendeleiev recoil and drop the test tube. I sat there, frozen to the place watching the tube fall to the ground in slow motion. Some of its contents spilled to the floor but Miss Mendeleiev swooped in and caught the tube before it could shatter on impact with the floor.

    I exhaled in relief. Miss Mendeleiev stood up and took off her helmet. She wiped her brow and answered her ringing phone.

    "Yes. Okay. Mhm. Sure. I'll meet you in your office. Thank you, Mr Damocles." Said Miss Mendeleiev hanging up on the principal.

    Mr Damocles?!

    Miss Mendeleiev stuffed some test tubes into her lab coat pockets and looked down at the mess on the floor.

    "I'll have to clean it later." She sighed closing her toolbox and locking it.

    I was getting anxious by the minute. Knowing that not one but two people from a school were engaged in some illegal business does that to you. She pulled out her keys and walked over to the door. She slowly unlocked it, careful not to make a sound. Miss Mendeleiev poked her head into the hallway and looked to both sides. She quickly slipped out and closed the door behind her, locking it.

    Once I heard the satisfying click of the lock, I checked my scanner and saw her walking away from the science lab. I punched the metal door of the vent. It creaked as it fell open. I quickly jumped down landing smoothly on the floor.

    "Camouflage mode. Deactivate."

    My scanner started blinking furiously warning me of the radiation levels.

    "Spacesuit, Activate."

    My spy suit glowed as all the black spots turned white. The red spandex of my suit shone with a metallic light. I stretched a little, feeling the light blue coloured wings on my back covered with the red material of my suit. I knew that a red helmet was on my face, a black outer covering where my mouth was.

    Master Fu really had thought of everything.

    I lifted my hands and turned them over, taking in the new upgrade of my suit. I had activated my spacesuit because of Master Fu's designs on this helmet. He had designed them to protect me from any radiations. Just what I needed right now.

    I tapped the side of my suit where a pocket opened. I reached into the pocket and grabbed the first thing my fingers touched. My fingers closed over the item and I pulled out a small pen. I bent over the black powder on the floor and held the pen closer to the powder. I pressed the top of the pen. It lit up inside showing the empty inside.  A second later, the pen sucked in the powder quickly filling the inside. I decided to leave most of the powder on the floor in case Miss Mendeleiev came to clean it up.

    I quickly stuffed the pen inside the pocket and pushed it close. I jumped up in the air letting my wings open. The red piece of my suit opened over the wings helping me fly to the vent. I clung onto the metal grate and folded my wings.

    "Spacesuit. Deactivate."

    "Camouflage mode. Activate."

    Using my wings inside the vent was going to damage them. So the best option was to go in my 'default' suit.

    I crawled inside the vent shutting the grate behind me. This time, I didn't care about not making noise. I crawled at full speed and I was sure that whoever was below me was freaking out. I pulled up a map of the school and was shocked to see Miss Mendeleiev a few classrooms away from the principal's office. The test tubes still seemed to be in her pockets but her lab coat was missing. I shrugged it off and made my way towards the next exit.

    The map showed me that the only vent that I could go through to reach the principal's office was right outside the office. I facepalmed and made a turn to the left. Miss Mendeleiev was faster than me. I reached the vent in time to see Miss Mendeleiev knock on the principal's door.

    "Come in." Came the deep voice of Mr Damocles.

    Miss Mendeleiev entered the office and I kicked open the grate of the vent and instantly jumped down. I didn't want to waste my time closing the vent because the door was closing right in front of me. I couldn't be caught even though I was nearly invisible. So I slipped inside the office letting the door close behind me. Miss Mendeleiev and Mr Damocles noticed nothing and I moved to the side of the room to keep a close eye on them. I tapped my arm once and opened up the recorder application on my suit. Knowing that it was best to have proof, I hit the 'record' button.

    "So, did you do as asked?" Mr Damocles asked motioning Miss Mendeleiev to take a seat.

    She nodded and took the test tubes out of her pockets. She gently placed them on the table and sat in front of Mr Damocles.

    "Perfect. But are these going to be enough?" Mr Damocles asked gesturing to the dozen or so test tubes on his table.

    "I'm not sure. I need more time and teaching as a science teacher here is taking up most of my time." Said Miss Mendeleiev.

    "I know. But that's what the boss had ordered you to do. You need to play a role here." Said Mr Damocles turning his attention back to his computer.

    Boss? So, Mr Damocles isn't the head of whatever they're doing?

    Miss Mendeleiev sighed and took out a small notepad from her pocket. She opened the small book and took out the purple coloured envelope I had seen earlier. She ripped the cover and took out a silver-coloured letter. I squinted my eyes to read what was written but I understood that whatever was in there was in code form.

    I tapped my arm and opened the camera. I held my arm vertically in front of me and extended it, snapping a photo of the letter.

    "He has requested twenty-nine samples and I've only got twelve. That's all I could manage this time." Said Miss Mendeleiev tucking the letter inside the small book and snapping it shut.

    Mr Damocles sighed. He looked up from his computer, his bushy eyebrows merged into one.

    "Don't worry. I'll personally talk to him and convince him that you need more time." Said Mr Damocles.

    Miss Mendeleiev nodded but I could sense that under that confident face was a terrified Miss Mendeleiev who was fearing the worst.

    "In the meantime... Hoot Hoot." Said the principal.


    His computer dinged and his bookcase slid open almost pushing me away. I couldn't see what was going on. So I walked towards the opposite wall, careful enough not to trip on the tangled computer wires on the floor.

    Behind the bookcase was a heavily lit room. It was not a room. More like a... Closet but only a few feet wide. Mr Damocles stepped towards the room while Miss Mendeleiev collected the test tubes and followed him. I shifted to take a better look and saw that Miss Mendeleiev was handing the test tubes, one by one, to the principal who was sliding them into small slots cut into the wall.

    "We'll have to deliver them and restock on some more." Said Mr Damocles sliding the last sample into place.

    Miss Mendeleiev backed up and walked over to the desk. Mr Damocles soon followed and pressed a button on his computer. Miss Mendeleiev was blocking my view and I couldn't see the button Mr Damocles pressed. The bookcase slid back into its original position and masked the room behind it.

    I concluded that access to the room needed voice recognition. Even though I had everything recorded, I doubted that it could be used to unlock the hidden room. The system had to be very sensitive. One wrong move or a simple static in the recorded voice, and I was as good as dead.

    If Mr Damocles and Miss Mendeleiev feared this Boss-whoever he was-then I had to be careful too. The technology in their hands could be more superior to ours and more dangerous. If I made one wrong move, then all of the secrets in the Miraculous academy could be unleashed. And in the wrong hands, that was never a good thing.

    Suddenly the door burst open and the red-headed boy in my class stumbled inside.


    "Oh." He said, tasting the tension in the room.

    "Nathaniel? What are you doing here?"

    Mr Damocles asked taking a seat.

    "Oh, nothing. That can wait." He said.

    "Miss Mendeleiev, I hope to hear from you again." Said Mr Damocles.

    Guess the meeting's over.

    I turned off the voice recorder and looked to Nathaniel who was leaving the office, the door left wide open.

    This is my chance!

    I quickly slipped out of the office and activated my super-stick boots. I jumped up and placed my feet on the ceiling knowing that no one would ever find my fingerprints or footprints even if they decided to look up here. I leaned forward and closed the latch of the vent just as the door closed and Miss Mendeleiev exited the office. She looked up when she heard the creak of the hinges but shrugged it off and walked away.

    I dropped down from the ceiling and walked over to the principal's office door. I leaned forward, placing my ear against the wood in hopes of hearing something. But I heard nothing except for the loud humming sound. I listened closer and realised that Mr Damocles was singing. And it was horrible!

    I walked along the empty hallways, passing the empty classrooms. I walked into the washroom and one of the bathroom stalls.

    "Spot-" I began but quickly stopped the words flowing out of my mouth.

    If I was going to detransform here, then I'll have to head out of school as Marinette. The students remaining in art class were going to notice me and it'll raise a lot of questions. So I exited the stall and grabbed the duffel bag I had hidden. It blended in with my spy suit and I slung it over my shoulder.

    I walked out of the washroom and into the locker room. I noticed the giant windows and I smirked to myself. I leaned forward and pulled the window up, letting the fresh Parisian air enter the locker room. With one swift motion, I jumped through the window and was free-falling through the air.

    I unclasped my yoyo from around my waist and threw it at the nearest lamp post below me. I watched it coil around the horizontal bar of the lamp post and I yanked my yoyo. I grabbed the unbreakable string with both hands and flew downwards. Doing a couple of flips, I landed on the pole. It buckled under my weight but held its ground.

    I retracted my yoyo and secured it around my waist. Then I leapt onto the road below and walked into a nearby alley. Once I was sure that I was out of reach of the school's cameras, I ducked into the dark alley.

    "Spots off," I whispered.

    My spy suit deflated and withdrew into my earrings that had become normal black studs. I quickly unzipped the duffel bag and took out my belongings. I tossed the bag behind a trash can where it was bound to stay hidden until I needed it again. I smoothed down my clothes and ran my fingers through my tangled hair.

    I casually walked out of the alley constantly looking around myself. Once I was out of earshot of the other passers-by, I called Tikki on my phone.

    "Restore the security system," I said, quickly hanging up on her.

    After a few minutes, I was standing in front of my house, one hand on the door handle. I pushed the door and it swung inwards giving me a nice view of the living room downstairs.

    I had been very exhausted the previous day that I hadn't realised that I had been shown only the rooms that were upstairs. I had been a little confused this morning when I had seen a flight of stairs leading downwards. I had shrugged and had walked down the steps and would have broken my neck if it weren't for my reflexes. I had been jogging down the steps when I had seen the entire layout of the living room downstairs. I had tripped but had thrown my arm out to catch the bannister to break my fall. I had been in level with the lowest step when I had opened my eyes.

    But what had been more astonishing was the view! I was still staring wide-eyed at the room, letting my eyes take in all of its glory.

    A huge pool sat in the middle of the living room directly below the skylight on the roof. The pool was filled with crystal blue water that reflected the afternoon sunlight. A few inflatable chairs were propped up against the far wall while the pol faced a huge wall. One click of the remote and the wall would split open to reveal a forty-two inch flat-screen TV. Several movie chairs were placed behind the pool next to another juice bar. A refrigerator stood next to the juice bar while wine glasses were hung upside down over the countertop.

    The living area opened into a huge backyard that was filled with all sorts of plants and trees. A glass sliding door separated the backyard and the living area while two other rooms were situated to the side of the living room. One room was a gaming room while the other was more like a library. All the bedrooms were upstairs along with the other two living rooms.

    This is a lot to take in.

    "Hey, Marinette." Greeted Tikki.

    I hadn't noticed Tikki and Plagg sitting on the movie chairs, watching a movie. She was nuzzled up against Plagg and had proceeded to snatch the remote from him, hitting the pause button.

    "How was your first day at school?" Tikki asked leaning away from Plagg who was trying to grab the remote.

    I discarded my bag onto the nearest chair and walked over to the refrigerator. I pulled the door open and grabbed a soda.

    "Pretty exhausting," I answered, unscrewing the bottle cap.

    I glanced at the pool where the cold water was gently rippling. I wanted to do nothing more than to just jump in the pool and let the cool water surround me. But I knew that the longer I waited, the more dangerous this mission was going to become.

    "Hey, Plagg? I'm going to be stealing Tikki from you for a couple of hours. Is that okay?" I asked placing my foot on the lowest step.

    "Sure. I was actually planning on going out. I need to restock on my cheese collection." Said Plagg, getting up and stretching.

    I climbed a few steps and looked down to where Tikki was sitting.

    "Tikki? You coming?" I asked taking another cold sip of my soda.

    "Yeah." She replied running up the steps to join me.

    "We need to talk," I said.  

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