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  • Things Nøkk stole


    1. Kali’s weapon schematics (Nøkk proceeded to hide them in Vigil’s room after getting in trouble by Mira.)
    2. Ama’s gadget because just wanted to fly. Though Ama knew about this.
    3. Gridlock’s smoke grenades so she could make a grand entrance.
    4. Nomad’s headgear. She really likes them.
    5. Maverick’s muffin hat.
    6. Lion’s patches. She thinks they’re pretty.
    7. She wants to steal Finka’s heart, but with settle for her nanobot shot.
    8. Dokkaebi’s glasses.
    9. Zofia’s patches.
    10. Nøkk actually stole Ying’s heart, before stealing her flash bangs.
    11. Attempting to steal Jackal’s legitimate heart. Only Mira is keeping her from it.
    12. Hibana’s hoodie.
    13. Capital’s crossbow. She carved Nordic runes on it.
    14. Blackbeard’s saran wrap shield.
    15. Buck’s weapons, proceeded to take it apart and then hide it all.
    16. Sledge’s hammer, once.
    17. Thatcher’s gas mask.
    18. Ash’s hats and glasses
    19. Thermite’s goggles and hand wraps
    20. She doesn’t bother Monty.
    21. Twitch’s croissants.
    22. Blitz’s jackets
    23. IQ’s clothes in general.
    24. She’s stolen Fuze’s gadget, only to fill it with cheese.
    25. Glaz’s patches and his– boxers.


    1. She hasn’t messed with Wamai yet
    2. Goyo’s jacket and anything colorful of his wardrobe.
    3. Warden’s wallet.
    4. Mozzie’s super shorty, then shot a recruit.
    5. Kaid’s dagger. Its shinny.
    6. She’d try to steal Clash’s shield if Bandit hadn’t beaten her to it.
    7. Maestro’s evil eye.
    8. Alibi’s nights.
    9. Vigil’s masks.
    10. Ela’s mines.
    11. Nøkk can’t steal Lesion’s stuff. He sets traps for her.
    12. She’s already stolen Mira’s heart. Next: her uniform.
    13. Stolen and painted the Danish Flag of Echo’s drones.
    14. Cav’s uniforms. She really likes them.
    15. Valkyrie’s headscarves.
    16. Frost’s knives.
    17. Mute’s tape. (I told you she didn’t tape the recruit to the wall.)
    18. Smoke’s shotgun.
    19. Castle’s cologne. She sprays it on Glaz’s stuff.
    20. Pulse’s shirts.
    21. Doc’s drugs.
    22. Rook’s sanity.
    23. Jäger’s clothes.
    24. Bandit’s drugs.
    25. Replaced Tachanka’s ammo with noodles and then took his helmet.
    26. Kapkan’s traps, filled them with chocolate.


    • Anything even slightly shiny. Doesnt matter who is belonged to.
    • She hid all this in Mira and Vigil’s closet.
    • Nøkk is a dragon.
    #r6s #rainbow six siege #r6snokk#nokk#my writing
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  • Olaf and Nokk

    Headcanon: The first few times Olaf visits Elsa in the forest he’ll try to find Nokk and ask him endless questions about all the memories within the water and Nokk basically vanishes whenever he hears Olaf - resulting in Elsa having to walk everywhere in the time Olaf is at her place.

    Elsa eventually manages to teach Olaf not to pester Nokk and the two of them can coexist however Nokk profoundly refuses to ever let the little snowman on his back. Each try ends in Olaf being drenched and Nokk being gone.

    #frozen 2#queen elsa #olaf and elsa #olaf the snowman #olaf #elsa and nokk #nokk#frozen nokk#headcanon
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  • More Elsa and Nokk.  Heavy influences and inspiration from FFX, so we can say this is a crossover as well.  

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  • Nøkk HCs

    •  Nokk is a ‘Royal Bastard’.
    • She can lock pick and pickpocket. 
    • Plays pranks on other Operators to keep her skills sharp.
    • Due to her cat and mouse play with Vigil, she’s actually quite close to him.
    • Learned some Korean to speak to Vigil
    • Protective of Mira
    • Has a reputation for team killing Kali and Ash
    • Under that mask many think she has dark hair to match the scary look, when in reality she’s a ginger.
    • Her eyes look yellow due to central heterochromia 
    • Often smells of honey
    • Nokk is actually 5′4″.  If only for shits and giggles.
    • Has absolutely slept with almost everyone in Rainbow
    • Will fuck around in front of Mira’s mirrors
    • Has stolen something from every operator. She hides these in her room, calling it her treasure and referring to herself as a dragon
    • Learning a bit of Spanish to surprise Mira
    • Often wears a binder or goes braless
    • Has stabbed Vigil for sneaking up on her
    • Always has a knife on her, or many
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  • image

    Finally got this cutie.

    Bonus: with big sister from Target:

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  • image

    The Fifth Spirit.

    Said to be the bridge between us and the magic of nature.

    #she’s happy 🥺 #horse girl elsa #sorry for low quality #frozen#frozen 2#elsa#northuldra#ahtohallan#the Forest#bruni#nokk
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  • Thanks to beingpassionateabout for crediting the artist :)

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  • image

    The server is not only gay, but hella poly.

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  • image

    The Flood


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  • image

    The Queen


    #this scene right here #blessed my eyes #the excellence! #frozen#frozen 2#elsa#arendelle#nokk
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  • image

    The Kingdom


    #aw grand pabbi is proud #the flag of arendelle will always fly!! #she did promise #sorry for low quality! #frozen#frozen 2#elsa#arendelle#nokk
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  • While you all unbelievers keeps talking about Elsa’s new hairstyle, I’ll be here worshipping her huge baguette braid.

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  • Beautiful Hallmark ornament I got today! I wish I could properly capture Elsa and Nokk, but out of my attempts this was the best. They’re along the bottom part of my tree where I happened to put blue and white lights.

    …course the red and orange in the back are more noticeable

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  • 💍

    What was often at stake for operators? Their life? Their families? Their career? What did they leave behind?

    She watched her steps, making sure every step was silent as usual. The base walls were decorated with plaques, pictures, awards, today none of those caught her attention.

    Nokk proceeded down the hallway, pulling the hood further to cover her face, a bag draped across her shoulder from the latest mission, and a file held tightly in the empty hand.

    What had she left behind?

    She knew where to find her lover, of course. The tech lab, the place where Nokk lurked in the shadows, watching the woman work; admiring every detail, the attention given to the paper. It almost made her jealous, she wanted that attention, wanted those arms wrapped around her.

    All that separated them was the door, lightly pushing it open and stepping it, her steps still light. Dropping the bag against the floor, alerting Elena of her presence.

    “Mit hjerte,” she whispered, dropping the file on top of whatever was keeping her lover’s attention, wrapping herself around before planting a kiss upon the cheek.

    A dark purple lipstick stain was left.

    Elena sighed, unsettled by the outburst and distraction, putting her hand over Nokk’s, “Hola hermoso,” every word she spoke, Nokk hung on, adoring the accent, and the sweet words that were directed towards her, even if she didn’t understand.

    Unreveling herself, placing herself at Elena’s side, leaning against the table, “Did you miss me? Should have seen the outfit I was forced to wear,” letting out a slight laugh, the dress brought all eyes to her, which she was never use to, but knew would drive Mira wild.

    Pushing away the file, Elena returned to work, “I’d love to see it, perhaps you could show me sometime.”

    Disappointed at her reaction, scooping up the file once more and planting it back into her lover’s view.

    Mira was high ranking, she saw the files, had she ever seen Nokk’s unredacted file?

    Dropping it in front of her, “I don’t want to lie to you anymore, Kærlighed,” she warned every lover of her lies, and she had many lovers. They both did, what did Elena warn her’s of?

    But to her, to Elena, Nokk never lied. She understood the risks of her job, never asking those questions. The one’s that forced the lies.

    “I want you to know everything.”

    That was commitment, it terrified her to be completely out, having someone see her, but the fear of being without Elena was much worse.

    Hesitantly picking up the file, sliding her fingers across it, “No, I want to hear it from you. From your lips. ”

    Though a sweet sentiment, Nokk continued to push it, gesturing for her to open the file, until she could see the uncertainty in Elena’s stance. Was she blind to not see it before?

    Reaching for the papers, attempting to take it back, “Never mind, babe. This is foolish.” Attempting to down play the situation, terrified of Elena’s answer.

    It was like a challenge emerged between them, Mira tightened her grip on the file, “No no. It’s not foolish,” she assured the spooky woman. Noticing the urgency she showed a bit too late, Elena opened the file, before her was Nokk’s entire life, her name, her family, everything.

    In the corner, a diamond ring sat comfortably. Flustered, Mira gently placed the file on the table, and looked at her love, “What is this?” The question fell silently for a moment, Nokk was visibly nervous, completely uncharacteristic.

    Of course she knew was this was, but to hear it from her, it meant more.

    Reaching over, hesitantly grasping the ring, and holding it out to the Spanish woman, “Marry me, Elena.”

    #r6smira#r6snokk#r6s #rainbow six siege #theyre both bipoly #nokk#mira#my writing
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  • I’ve thought about adding the server link to one of the posts 🤔

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