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  • Nolan,

    Fun fact: sometimes when autistics are having a conversation or are going down a thought/question path and they get to a question that they either don’t get an answer to or the answer doesn’t make sense to them they’ll fixate on it, they will be unable to move past it, even if it’s not that important to the point. That may sound like somebody who you know, because

    Fun fact: I’m autistic.

    I need an answer.

    And it’s hard, because I have articulated to you so many times that I need an answer, I need to know why, I need it to make sense to me and nobody but you can make it make sense. I have articulated to you my needs and you cannot articulate yours in response. If you needed me to leave you alone then you should’ve said it. I often don’t understand when that’s what people want. I need to be told directly. It’s how my brain works.

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  • ℕ𝕠𝕝𝕒𝕟 𝕊𝕒𝕦𝕣𝕠𝕓

    Yall this is Nolan another random sim I created but then I decided he’s gonna be part of the eco lifestyle story oopsie doopsie hehe

    #ts4#s4 #the sims 4 #sims 4 #sims 4 cc #sims 4 mm #my sims #sims 4 edits #sims 4 gameplay #nolan #eco lifestyle gameplay coming soon #stay freaking tuned #oh yeaaaaaaaah
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  • Uninterested Carter X reader

    “Hey (y/n), wanna hear a joke,” Cody called out to her while she passed them.

    “Haha, no,” (y/n) walked out away from the two brothers and out to the pool yard. It was getting late but something about it seemed relaxing to her. Maybe because it’s where she first met Carter… While she was lost in thought about him, Nolan walked up and placed a hand on her shoulder.

    “(Y/n), I would like to consider us friends,” Nolan started off somewhat timidly before clearing his throat to her. “So I think you should know why I’m like this.”

    God, did he seem… Apologetic? No way. That’s a once in a lifetime opportunity she’s getting. But then again around this time she usually flirted with Carter so she was ready to leave before he even started.

    “Because (Y/n), my father used to-”

    (Y/n) kinda zoned out. God, she wished this was a game so she could skip his dialogue.

    “I was ignored and-”

    “Skip,” she internally said while zoning out into her own world.

    “So now I must defeat him in a battle…”

    “Unless that battle is a fight to the death I’m not interested,” she rolled her eyes at the lawyer and walked off, only to run into Carter. Her frown turned upside in a matter of milliseconds.

    “Hey, Carter! Whatcha doin’?”

    “Nothing.” He ignored her and continued walking.

    “Wanna hang with me tomorrow?” (Y/n) kept her pace with him and smiled.

    “I’d prefer not to and to keep my focus on work.”


    “Why can’t you crave me like the other boys do,” she sighed and felt a tear run down her face. It landed with a small quiet “splat,” on the photo of all the people in the apartment. More notably, her smiling face right next to Carter’s straight faced - serious face.

    “They stare at me while I stare at you,” she remembered the party. God the stupid party where she was a drunken mess on him. That’s probably why he doesn’t like her. Yeah, that had to be it. Maybe if she wasn’t so stupid he would like her. She felt her anger rise up as she had the photo frame come crashing down.

    It was the heat of the moment. She didn’t want to see the cracked spirals on a photo of her happy. Not when it took so long to get there. Not when she was so close to her crush, so close to her future friend, so close, so close, so close so close SO CLOSE!

    She let out a small scream into her pillow in frustration. How could she be such an idiot? Why would he ever even like her she’s not even good at… Oh why does it matter? Nothing else seems to.

    She always was just clinging to him. Attaching herself to his hip every chance she gets. And never once did he seem to smile around her. So maybe… Maybe some things just aren’t meant to be. So now she’ll just have to let him go from her mind and heart.

    Should I do a part two? Send in any love tangle requests you want!

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  • In hindsight, I probably should’ve realized you’re an ass when I found out you bought your own handcuffs instead of using the ones the army issued you.

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  • Declan was a people person - well, sort of. Most people just annoyed him, but he put up with some of them anyway. For selfish reasons. For the blonde on his arm, the reason was her boobs. Honestly. He came out with the guys from work, and he enjoyed going out. Bars brought booze and people together, it couldn’t go wrong. He usually ended the night babysitting some drunk dumbass who couldn’t hold her liquor, but there was time in the between. The blonde was totally the quickie in the bathroom type.

    Declan still hated small towns. It had been years, but he still did. The people didn’t change, and he kept running into the same people over and over again. It was unavoidable, but he still didn’t expect to look up and stare at his ex-husband. He didn’t, but there he was. Staring. Declan could still hear the blonde talking about working out and abs and whatever, but Nolan was in the same bar. Of course he was.

    Most people really did annoy him. (( @vndcrscm ))

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  • I hope someday it catches up to you and your brain makes you face the pain you’ve caused me.

    One day you’ll come to terms with who you are as a person. And when that happens you’ll realize how cruel you were to the *one person* that wanted to help you to love yourself. The one person who did love you, no matter what. You’ll realize that you gave up unending love, solely because you were afraid.

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  • I can’t decide if I miss you or if I’m caught up on not understanding why.

    I wish you could give me an answer so I could grieve and move on.

    I can’t decide which it is. But you telling me why you left, even if you never spoke to me again after, would solve a lot of our problems.

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  • After second sitting… Powered by @tattooeverythingsupplies @think_aftercare_crew

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  • nolan and tk are hockey ian and mickey, change my mind

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  • Nolan X (Angry!) reader

    Ah love; allowing people who normally are loud to go quiet in a blushing mess, allowing those strong willed to back down for their love, and allowing those with a sharp tongue to hold it. But how could just a simple feeling make the most prestigious lawyer turn soft? Well to put it simply, (Y/n) was the opposite of anyone Nolan had ever met. But his thoughts were interrupting while coming down the stairs to get some evening tea.

    “Stupid whore,” he heard her exclaim to Cody in a - hopefully - playful manner. He saw her roll her eyes and get on her phone to distract herself.

    “What did Cody do that was so bad?” He muttered to Ryan, who watched the whole show.


    “It doesn’t really matter,” (Y/n) rolled her eyes again and walked off with anger radiating from her skin.

    “Who got her worked up,” Josh peered over from the bar in confusion. Even though (Y/n) would normally do something along the lines of getting mad she would never cuss in front of Josh. He’s too nice.

    Everyone seemed to look at Ryan, the usual instigator, and demanded an answer. He quickly put up his hands in defense and shook his head.

    “Don’t look at me! Cody’s the one who-”

    “It’s not important right now,” Cody smiled while cutting off his brother.

    “He slapped-”


    “Her ass,” Ryan finished while Josh looked shocked. For one he knew not to mess with her and for another… Ew.

    “It was an accident!” He quickly defended himself.

    “Tell me, how would you possibly accidentally do it?” Nolan questioned him with a glare.

    Cody simply shrugged with a nervous smile and Ryan rolled his eyes. He made a comment about how long (Y/n) will be mad at him for that. Josh continued on his glass and Nolan decided to visit her. While on his way his mind wanders to their first meeting. She was so… Open but giggly… Not mean like she was now… But maybe that was just an act.


    “Don’t think you’re too important, (Y/n).” He sneered at the newcomer. She looked so innocent and easy to talk back to. Plus, Nolan was in a bad enough mood and the boys thirsting over her sent him over the edge.

    “Whatever major loser,” she did some weird hand signals to him and turned her back. Baffled, Nolan pressed her hard.

    “What’s that supposed to mean?”

    “Whadd'ya think? God, daddy issues over here can’t decipher a simple sentence,” she mocked him and held an ‘L’ up to her forehead. She started to laugh while clutching her stomach.

    “Why you-” he began to take a threatening step to her when she waved him off lazily.

    “It’s not my fault you’re so easy to pick on. Maybe change your attitude and it’ll stop,” the girl shrugged and swayed off to the thirst trio (Carlos + Cody + Ryan) and smiled cutely to them.

    Normally, he would be mad as an understatement, but this… Her boldness and no hesitation. Is this how he treated people? And why is he… Hooked?

    End flashback:

    He rapped at her door and waited a minute. Two. Five. He got impatient and walked in. Upon entrance he saw her in a messy bun with sweats and a sports bra on. Her makeup was smeared in the sense of her trying to wipe it off… Poorly.

    She was on top of her bed with her laptop up and headphones in. No wonder she didn’t reply to the knocks, she always blares her music in her headphones. Nolan tried to judge her face to see what she was even watching or listening to but… She was always a little harder to read.

    He walked over to the bed and sat down on the edge, glancing at her laptop. She didn’t seem to notice him so he got closer. Again, she didn’t notice, too focused on a music video. He leaned in towards her and brushed some strands of hair away from her face. She turned to face him and took out a an earbud and offered it to him. He took it without a word and heard pop music blaring.

    “Put your hands on me in my skin tight jeans, be a teenage dream tonight.” It blared with a young women singing into the camera.

    “(Y/n), what is this?”

    “Teenage dream by Katy Perry.” She muttered, obviously annoyed.

    “What about your outfit? You’d never let me see you in sweats.”

    “Obviously I didn’t intend on seeing you,” (Y/n) aggressively shut her laptop and put it away, ripping the earbud from his ear. Though she did stay and and sat up next to Nolan. In their quietness, she began to mess with her hair.

    “Stop picking at your hair,” he slapped her hand away from her split ends and in retaliation she elbowed him in the gut.

    “Don’t tell me what to do,” she was about to stomp off in anger when he pulled her back. She raised an eyebrow but relaxed into his touch.

    “You’ve changed since coming here,” he muttered into her ear while she pulled her knees up to her chest.

    “How?” Her usual tough voice was replaced by a more meek and quiet one.

    “You were… Laughing more…”

    “They’ve started to get on my nerves now,” she said in reference to the thirst trio.

    “Well that doesn’t surprise me too much. They can be…”

    “Touchy,” she finished his sentence and sighed. Of course Nolan knew what had happened but… But does she want him to know? She seemed so angry when he asked so… So maybe he should just stay quiet this once.

    “You’re pathetic,” she cried or laughed out, burying her face into her hands.

    “And how is that?”

    “I don’t need your sympathy! I don’t want it! Just let me be alone,” she shoved him off the bed and threw herself to her side with her head into the pillow. Nolan stared up at (Y/n) and realized that her eyes were red and puffy. She had to have been crying.

    “Was it that bad,” he whispered to her about the incident.

    “No… It just hurt… It hurt like a bitch! And I’m not weak but obviously I can’t handle pain and-” she cut herself off by sobbing into her pillow and taking up the rest of the bed space so Nolan couldn’t try and sit by her. He tried to talk to her but she kicked him and told him to leave her alone. Slowly he left the room with the sobbing mess that is (Y/n) in it.

    Truthfully, Nolan has never seen (Y/n) cry. Maybe she’s teared up but this? This was something major to him. He paused before he got to his room. Should he really leave her? She seemed so… Sad. There had to have been than what Cody did. But… But what? She won’t tell him and she’ll just kick him out again.

    He opened his door with little hesitation. He grabbed his newspaper just to reread it for the day. Sitting on his bed, he got comfortable and laid his head, remembering his day. Thankfully he has tomorrow off so he can relax more. He heard the door creak and saw (Y/n) trudge in. Her hair was down and she had an old shirt he let her borrow on. She stared at him on the bed before collapsing on it with him.

    Knowing not to make her angry again he let her lay down next to him in silence. She clenched her (well technically his) shirt while slightly crying again. She turned to him and buried her head into his chest.

    “What happened?” He sighed and brought her closer. Her being touchy wasn’t unusual but maybe a little less than her coming into his bed.

    “It’s stupid…”

    “But it made you cry.” He added while stroking her hair.

    “He called me flat…”

    “What? That’s… It?”

    “Yeah… He slapped my ass hard and called it flat,” she stifled a cry by bringing her face back down to his chest again.

    “Anything else?” Nolan sighed in a sense of relief. At least it wasn’t anything bad.



    “And Carlo asked for nudes and called me a whore when I didn’t send them.”

    “What!” Nolan jerked up and clenched his fists together.

    “Don’t… Do anything. I don’t want a big deal… Or Josh to find out,” she sighed and tried to lean him down to the bed again.

    “(Y/n), you understand that I love-” he cut himself off before she could comprehend it but he was too late.

    “Well… I like you too.”


    “Nolan, I’m laying in bed with you while crying,” she laughed a bit and gave him a small kiss.

    “You know I don’t want to stop at just that,” he pulled her hair over her shoulder a bit.


    - hey guys feel free to drop some requests for love tangle!
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  • @hxllxway

    Rebekah hadn’t seen Nolan since she’d apologised to him on the balcony at her party. “Hey there stranger,” she was a lot less scary this time than the last time, and there was a distinct lack of chaos in the air which helped her seem less like the monster she was. “I’ve gotta say this party is a lot….outside than mine was.”

    #nolan #trapped.event001
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  • ‘All I have for you is a word—Tenet.’ Created by my brother.

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  • “The enemy has driven the British and French armies to the sea. Trapped at Dunkirk, they await their fate. Hoping for deliverance. For a miracle.” 

     Dunkirk | dir. Christopher Nolan

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  • I don’t need you to be sorry. I just need to know why. I don’t want you to tell me you’re sorry, because I know that you’re not. But I need to know why.

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  • I bet you figured I would realize you weren’t being truthful about your political opinions if I was friends with her.

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