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  • twinkltoes
    21.09.2021 - 5 days ago

    some rants under the cut about aang because im emo but also contains atla spoilers sO

    catch me crying about aang because god it must be horrible to be in his position. being the only one left to carry on the air nomad’s way of life and culture while simultaneously having to do something that directly goes against his beliefs and traditions LIKE COME ON HE’S 12!!! the responsibility to stop the fire lord shouldnt of fell to his hands ;_; he just wanted to be a normal kid ugH

    #ooc. 🍃 #i need to find that headcanon post i made about aang having intrusive thoughts about wishing he wasnt reincarnated into #the air nomads if only because any other nation may of stood a better chance at protecting themselves from the fire nation #he feels so guilty for having those thoughts too because !!!! he loves his own culture!! he loved his people!! he took pride in it!! #ugh aang makes me sad
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  • clints-lucky-arrow
    20.09.2021 - 5 days ago
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  • glassrunner
    16.09.2021 - 1 week ago

    the good news: clean as fuck on soldier and broke 32 on dps after not queueing dps for 3 seasons

    the bad news: i cannot win a support game somehow

    #lauren plays overwatch #insights #mfnbhnklsjdfmbkf support queues are so cursed #i can win them on my solo account just fine but i queued with teammates earlier #and we lost 200 sr #and I CAN'T GET OUT LMFAO #diamond players are so fucking stupid it's unbelievable #i can't understand how this time last year i was 37+ and now i'm struggling to get back into masters #i'm never queueing with people again ahahahaha i'm fine!!! wow!!! #i have to rescue nomad... i will not let this account rot #I WILL DRAG IT OUT OF HELL #THIS IS NOT THE END OF THE NOMAD ANA
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  • betrayher
    15.09.2021 - 1 week ago
    alpha centauri is the first place she’s ever looked at and thought that could be home for me.
    #*    JO  HAS  NO  CHILL   (   . ooc   ) #like.... she ran away at seventeen. her lifestyle has been nomadic since then by necessity and also because it's just kinda her way #she never stays in one place long (bc of money and because she tends to screw people over) #but also... she just loves to travel. she wants to see as much of the world as she can #one of the only things she's ever saved for was a car #she never needed a permanent place to call hers. that wasnt something that mattered to her. but alpha centauri changed EVERYTHING #i'll write a proper meta on this eventually #(they said... AGAIN... fully not intending to do it)
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  • rockmangurl
    08.09.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Anyone read Mega Man: Defender if the Human Race?

    It’s a notable fanfiction that’s Ruby Spears related. I’ll admit that it was my main inspiration to go and get into Ruby Spears, as well as make my own contribution to this weird section of the Mega Man universe.

    Though, ultimately, I think mine and MegaBauer tastes are a little too different for how each of us see what to do with the source material.

    I’ll get more into that later, as I have things to say about the fic (and I’ve read a little bit of Recut), but for now, I kinda wanted to try my hand at sketching one of MegaBauer’s original characters.

    It’s been a while since I’ve read it, but I remember Nomad being a creation of Wily to assassinate Mega Man, but she eventually falls in love with Proto Man.

    I’ll admit to not being a big fan of the romance in Defender, being one of the things that really irks me. I’m not saying I’m superior in writing, but I just don’t care for how they were executed at all. Nomad and Proto were an exception, albeit a small one (as I kinda have an OTP involving Proto Man).

    Despite my feelings on Defender, I’ve always wanted to draw Nomad, but I kinda can’t really find a good visual reference. True, there’s sprite work by Bauer themselves (sorry, don’t know their gender), but that just about it.

    If they’re cool with it (though MegaBauer probably doesn’t even know this exists), I’d like to experiment with her design more, as there isn’t much, and what I have seen aren’t consistent and change with the artist.

    #ruby spears mega man #mega man#megaman #megaman ruby spears #proto man#art#defender #defender of the human race #nomad #other people's ocs #sketch
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  • clints-lucky-arrow
    02.09.2021 - 3 weeks ago
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  • steveshine
    01.09.2021 - 3 weeks ago
    #also lets not act like steve being older or having a beard would somehow keep bucky from taking care of business #when i write my forties bucky nomad steve time travel fic Without it being weird ... #if a single person contacts me to say Stop Judging What People Enjoy! #i have opinions and criticisms and this is my page so if you like something i dont then Yew can go engage with it on your own #im not stopping you #but n e wayz #steve is not cevans i need everyone to let that idea go
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  • showmethehotpods
    31.08.2021 - 3 weeks ago


    #🌻 Muntalk #{{Whilst mine has yet to arrive in the mail}} #GET EXCITED #I highly encourage people to check out Soul Nomad & The World Eaters! #VERY FUNNY + VERY VIOLENT GAME~ #MOOD CANNOT BE BROUGHT DOWN TODAY
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  • spiderbasil
    30.08.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    having a funny moment because i just found out the backseat lovers are a moderately popular band. baffling thats just joshua harmon 

    #so weird when mediocre people from a local scene become popular because they sound like every other indie band from northern utah #mohave nomads is better...
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  • mindfulmagics
    23.08.2021 - 1 mont ago

    So…Iroh is the one in the show that’s usually portrayed as being right, which makes sense. He’s the adult voice of wisdom and reason who guides Zuko and gives the other characters advice freely whenever they need it

    One thing I see people complain about from Aang is that he refused to give up Katara when a random stranger the audience has only met once before and who Aang has never met demanded he do so. Guru Pathik gave no real explanation why beyond “you have to give up worldly attachments in order to make room for immense cosmic power.” And it wasn’t “selfish attachment” like most people seem to remember either. Guru Pathik never used the word “selfish” around Aang

    And the very next episode, you have Iroh telling Aang that he was right to choose Katara over power, right before Aang decides to ignore Iroh’s advice and choose power over Katara. What happens right after Aang unlocked that last chakra? He dies, and the injury he sustained even after Katara did all she could to heal him kept his chi blocked and prevented him from going into the Avatar State

    (Side note: I think what happened to Aang was just like what Amon’s blood bending did in Legend of Korra, which was essentially an internal injury no healer but the Avatar could cure. It’s also why I kinda think the Lion Turtle is the one who unlocked that chakra for Aang, actually, and the pebble just triggered it by hitting his injury and being a physical trigger for the memory of the last time he was in the Avatar State)

    Idk I’m just saying that if Iroh said Aang did the right thing by not listening to Guru Pathik, and then Aang literally died after listening to Guru Pathik’s advice instead…maybe the audience wasn’t supposed to take everything Guru Pathik said as fact

    #atla#Aang#Iroh #also Guru Pathik claimed to have known Monk Gyatso…and maybe he claimed to have been Gyatso’s friend but I don’t fully remember #which would have made him well over 100 years old and probably someone Aang should have met before going in the ice #now it’s not impossible for anyone to live to be that old in the Avatar universe… #but it also seems like all of the oldest people in this universe are benders who use their bending to prolong their lives #and as far as we know Guru Pathik isn’t a bender #idk I just have a lot of issues with that arc in general #like this random guy spent 12 hours with Aang working on something that most avatars spend years trying to master #and he immediately ordered a literal 12 year old to let go of everyone he cares about the most #just hours after he told Aang that Katara is literally an echo of the love the air nomads felt for him
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  • bigtiddygothjungkook
    22.08.2021 - 1 mont ago

    It's a dumb kids movie I guess so I guess it doesn't really matter but also very odd how the Madagascar movie, once the characters are actually IN Madagascar, is clearly set on a coastal region and there are like. no piroguing, no fishermen, no people at all, lol.

    And if I wanna nitpick deeper, there are baobabs in the backgrounds of certain scenes, which would technically mean they'd be in Morondava (imperfect geographic accuracy aside, lol) and that is where you would find the Vezo tribe, which is a tribe KNOWN for their fishing which would make the fact that there are no humans on the coast even more confusing.

    I know it's a kids cartoon from 2005 and this really doesn't matter but I'm also Malagasy and I love being a hater so yeah @ Dreamworks what was up with that

    #fitiaposting #not to mention many cartoons have a bad track record with portrayal of African countries altogether sjfhsjhfjsjdjd #it's always like ''let's go to Africa! see the wilderness and wild animals!'' (which is the whole plot of Madagascar too) #and like ok but there are people there 😭 #it wouldn't be so bad if we hadn't seen the people in the country of origin also #Madagascar takes place in NYC for a good chunk of the movie and plenty of human characters there #I get the point of the whole movie was ''I wanna be somewhere elsewhere than this dumb zoo I wanna be out in the wild'' #but like!!! there are places that are ''the wild'' in Mada! Coastlines populated with a nomadic fishing tribe is not one of them lmao #nitpicking nitpicking.
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  • memoriesfrombooks
    22.08.2021 - 1 mont ago

    The Last Nomad: Coming of Age in the Somali Desert by Shugri Said Salh both moves and educates. The author provides an insight into the culture and traditions of Somalia. By describing the cause, the journey, the fact that no one becomes a refugee by choice, and the willingness to work for an adoptive home, the book speaks to the plight of people around the world forced into similar situations. Perhaps, the book may educate on that broader scale as well and promoting understanding.

    Reviewed for NetGalley and a publisher's blog tour.

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  • morrigansmuses
    21.08.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Did you know?

    Some 50 per cent of Travellers die before their 39th birthday and some 70 per cent fail to live past the age of 59. The startling findings contained in a new book on Traveller mortality suggest that life expectancy in the Traveller community is equivalent to that of settled people in Ireland in the 1940s.

    Only 13% attend secondary school compared with. 92% of the general population and only 1% go to college.

    Suicide rates are 7 times higher for them. 1 in 11 deaths are by suicide.

    One in four women in prison is from a Traveller background, despite the ethnic group making up just 0.7% of the overall population.

    The government committed cultural genocide against them and got away with it.

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  • baltoslav
    19.08.2021 - 1 mont ago

    eastern europeans kill and rape and take away children and try hardest to sink boats and build walls against countries of people seeking asylum and then sing merry songs abt how they have to kiss their mama bye and move to germany or sweden for a better life and how hard it is to be a wah wah wah white-skinned russian or greek or romanian or lithuanian or croat or bulgar or lett or pole in w.europe. like idk maybe shut the fuck up for a little bit you being opressed *there* doesnt mean ur incapable of being the opressor *here*. by virtue of being from opressive country *you are* n you like actively have to not be an asshole or ignoring of or indiferent to afghans iranians belarussians armenians etc if you want to complain like i cant phrase this nicely or dimplomatically im not a tucking demagog but the *amount* of people im seeing being just so. ignorant anf hypocritical is making me

    #this goes about rroma too. they condemn them but idk youre the one causing their problems and their nescessary for survival situations #but then themselves sing and dance about how they wanna be nomads and how its so hard to own anything or be taken into a job in w.europe #not saying e.europeans dont have it bad in the west but you. as europeans. are still europeans. shut up sometimes #yeah u guys didnt colonise america or afruca or australia but you are still opressors to many peoples. eatchotger included #i cant have anymore of youse screaming 'we arent like the west' only bc the west hates you also. like you constantly turn down asylum seeker #s and turn evil against jewd muslims rroma and own brothers all the time like you are pieces of shit europeans too #make a conscious effort you money making political adults you cant just whine #self awarenes... pls #nietzhe was wrong theres not only masters and slaves but people who are masters but think they are slaves too
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  • clints-lucky-arrow
    18.08.2021 - 1 mont ago
    #mack answers #mack loves bigtiddythanos #the nomad#lovely people
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