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  • Bone Mortar - mightbewriting - M, 6 chapters - Draco clenched his teeth, forcing sharp, shallow breaths through his nose as he ripped open the door to his usual lecture hall only to find— someone at his desk. Well, he supposed it was technically less his desk and more the desk as he didn’t actually own this particular classroom. But since he’d taught in it for the last four semesters in a row he at least felt like he’d earned common law ownership of some sort. The girl— woman— entity presently possessed by what looked like a semi-sentient mass of curls atop her head, looked up, eyes widening before she graced the space between them with a kind smile that could cut through any density of grit or dust or grime. The sort of simple smile that could pulverize rocks: be them buried in the earth or caged behind ribs. He stared at her, belatedly and painfully aware that his mouth had curled into a sneer mostly without his consent.

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  • Lover - AnnaCifer - E, WIP - Hermione is fresh out of university and due to life circumstances she has to start working for Riddle, Malfoy and associates a firm of lawyering sharks that clearly clashes with her belief system. This only gets even worse her enemy from uni, the rich prat Draco Malfoy, is her new partner.

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  • A rush of blood - persephx - T, WIP - Hermione is a surgeon. She doesn’t have a lot of time. She doesn’t have many friends. That changes when she meets a certain blond man who will be in charge of turning her life around.

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  • A Fan of the Classics - midnight5776 - T, one-shot - It all started like this: “Does your mother really let you leave the house with hair like that?” the small, blond boy chided. He shook his head, a mean smirk on his thin lips. He knew his words hurt others and he knew this girl would shrink in on herself. It’d make him feel happy, at least for a little while. The girl with the wild hair turned to look at him quickly, golden brown eyes assessing him quickly. “Yes, she does. It’s quite a shame your mother lets you out like that, though. I’ve seen unwashed dogs with less grease in their hair.” Her words were sharp, to the point, like needles in a seamstress’s hand. She knew how to fight back. Draco didn’t get his temporary high; he got a puzzle piece—a gift, really.

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  • Mellow Yellow - Writingforfuninthesun - M, WIP - Alternative universe Dramione set at a music festival in England in modern times. Hermione as a stall worker, Draco as a musician. Slight slowburn, but stay tuned for some good times ; )

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  • Chapter 2: Lovely

    Harry left Ava’s room and went to the nurses station. “Hey, any of the teens in their common area?” 

    “Yeah. Don’t worry we kept it a secret that you arrived, so that way you can surprise them yourself. Go on.” Emma pushed him towards the room. Harry knew that the teens wouldn’t want to share a common area with the littler kids so he had another common area made for them. Harry loved the smaller kids but he also knew that the teens had a special place in his heart. Whenever he was gone for a while they took it harder than the kids did. 

    Harry walked casually into the room and looked around. There were less teenagers in here than there were kids, but not by much. Harry stood in the doorway for a minute and looked around, he and the nurses had given the teens the ability to arrange the common room to their liking, so it usually changes every few months. There was a window that was halfway up the wall across from the doorway. It went from one side of the room to the other. Since it was getting later the sun was setting and sent a orange glow in the room. On the right side of the room there was a wall stacked with bookcases, books and a table. On the left side there was a t.v. with a dvd player and a game console. In the middle, in a half circle facing the t.v., was a couch and some bean bags with a red and gold rug underneath it all. 

    The first person to notice Harry was one of the teens that had first clung to him when they had started the program. Sam had turned his head to just glance at Harry, probably assuming it was a nurse, then he did a double take and saw Harry leaning against the doorway and bolted out over the arm of the couch to him. Everyone seemed a little confused at first when he just jumped and ran out of his seat with no reason. Sam ran into Harry and gave him a bone crushing hug.

    “Harry! I missed you. Where’ve you been?” Harry wrapped his arms around Sam and swayed back and forth with him. Sam was one of the few that took his absence the hardest. He was old enough to know that his parents had abandoned him at a hospital because he was sick. Harry was the only one that was able to break through his walls and get him to actually accept treatment, that was about a year ago and now Sam was 13. 

    “I’m sorry. I’ve just been really busy working. I would never leave you here all alone.” Sam was really tall for his age, at least tall enough to where Harry didn’t have to move much to kiss the top of his head. Harry closed his eyes and kept his lips on Sam’s – brown– hair, swaying. Some of the kids began to recognize who was there and they were getting louder with their excitement. Harry felt his shirt begin to get damp and he squeezed Sam tighter to his chest. The kids had learned from experience to let Sam have his time with Harry, before coming and attacking him with hugs as well. When Sam did lift his head from Harry’s chest, he moved over to his side so that others could say hi; but he didn’t let go of Harry. He left his head to rest on Harry’s side and his arms around Harry’s midsection. Harry kept one arm around him and called to the rest of the teens. “Come here guys, I’ve missed you all.” 

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    #harry potter #harry x draco #drarry#hospital au #harry potter au #non magical#american#slow burn#angst#parental harry #angst with a happy ending
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  • Hamish (playing Imperious): I’m buying martial practices. Should I get master artisan so I can make non-magical artifacts?

    Rhi (playing Belladonna): A dildo.

    Quinn (playing blood): A car.

    Rhi: Even better, a vibrator.

    DM: A science teleporter.

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  • Name off non magical fantasy book titles that your party might happen accross. Bonus; add a description

    I’ll go first:

    Fantastic Beasts and how to Harvest Them a leather bound tome that looks to be made out of the hide of a rather exotic animal. This book details on how to track, stalk, kill and then field dress (aka cut up and harvest) great beasts. A favorite among rangers, each edition has notes in the margins from the previous owners personal observations

    The Light Within: How to cut the Perfect Angle on any Gem written by Drandel Diamondeye, famous gnome jeweler. It details his 400 year experience in sourcing, procuring, selecting and cutting gems into the best cut to bring out the best reflective qualities. Truly a remarkable book for any artisan in the jewelry industry (and most gnomes and dwarves appreciate the wisdom within). It’s has gilded edges, polished leather bound and it has non valuable gems and crystals sewn into the cover almost like sequins giving it a reflective property, bouncing light shown on it like a stained glass window around the room.

    Here be Dragons a collection of draconic lore from across the ages. It has three parts each by a different author. One is a Dragonborn sage named Garghtogh Ironclaws, one is a half drow dragon hunter named Drezzna Sa’oor (her additions, though informative, are obviously biased) and a human scholar named Riker Downtrott (though there’s speculation this may actually be a pen name for a metallic dragon in human form). Red leather with golden ink writing in both common and draconic. It’s fire proof.

    DO NOT EAT a book on poison and venom in the natural world written by an unknown monk centuries ago. It details various types of poisons and venoms in the world, their effects and how to counteract them. Often seen as the benign form of a poisoners guide, it’s purely for educational purposes. It’s a simple hard cover book with a minimalist approach to its outward appearance, though the interior is meticulously organized and the drawings are the most detailed you’ve ever seen.

    (Insert agriculture deity from your campaign)’s Bounty a compendium of agricultural techniques written by clerics of (said deity). They detail the best time to till, plant, harvest and store crops as well as ways to improve yield and protect the soil. Each chapter is written by a different cleric or worshiper of that deity, it also has excerpts regarding the doctrine of the clergy. It’s bound in a hemp fiber wrapping with corse texture paper, the calligraphy is beautiful. Most agricultural villages have at least one of these books among the elders.(Example: Chauntas Bounty from Toril in Sword Coast Adventure Guide)

    #just dungeon master things #dunegons and dragons #dungeon master#book#non magical#dm#dnd#lore#compendium#tome#codex
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  • Title: The Clock is Slow

    Author: vincetsemper

    Genre: Romance

    Chapters: 1

    Word Count: 4,912

    Summary: Saying no to this wasn’t an option.

    My Rating: (under the cut, spoilers)

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  • Piper was eighteen when she married Jeremy Burns. Her grandmother had passed away shortly before her eighteenth birthday and Piper felt like that was her only way out of San Francisco. Six weeks after her birthday, Piper Halliwell became Piper Burns. Three months later, Jeremy got a job in Michigan and the couple moved to Grand Rapids. 

    Her husband, a new police officer, wasn’t a nice man. He never hit her, just yelled at her and demeaned her. If she’d stayed in California, she could have at least run to her sisters. Here, she had no way of getting to them. Prue, Phoebe, and Paige could have helped her, but not here. She was truly alone. 

    Jeremy first hit her about two years ago. She stayed, again, because where was she going to go? Onenight, their fighting had gotten out of hand. He had thrown a plate at her and then attacked her. She had done the only think she knew to do. She’d grabbed a steak knife and stabbed him. 

    That had been two weeks ago. She had changed her hair color and chopped off all of her dark hair. Piper, now Claire, had stopped in Richmond, Kentucky. She’d stayed for about a week and then had gone on to Frederick, Maryland. It was a nice place. She got a job as a waitress, something she had done since she was old enough to work. She had then started working on finding a place. Now, after a week in Frederick, she had a place. 

    Though, the place needed some major work. Things she wasn’t able to do herself. She had seen an ad for a handyman in the general store and had used their phone to call the man. Now, the next day, Piper,Claire, was waiting for the handyman to show up. 

    #thecharmedoneswhitelighter #t: be my safe haven #safe haven au #non magical #this is shit and if you want me to change it #i will
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  • Title: The Practice Boyfriend
    Pairing(s): Merlin/Arthur, Elena/Gwaine
    Era: Modern AU
    Rating: M
    Word Count: 24K
    Summary: Merlin’s been in love with Lance for years, but he hasn’t had much experience dating and he wants to figure out the ins and outs of dating before Lance comes back into his life. Cue Arthur and his manwhoring ways, ready and willing to show Merlin the ropes.

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  • Title: The One Where Merlin and Arthur Attempt to Have a Tasteful Wedding
    Pairing(s): Merlin/Arthur, Gwen/Lance
    Era: Modern AU
    Rating: M
    Word Count: 22K
    Summary: Merlin and Arthur decide to get married. That was the easy part. Planning their wedding on the other hand…

    #The One Where Merlin and Arthur Attempt To Have A Tasteful Wedding #Merthur#Gwencelot#Modern AU#Non Magical#10k-50k
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  • Will never clout for Black Women.

    My love & support is genuine & purposeful.

    I give Black Women nothing less than 1000%.

    It’s an investment in life itself.

    #mine #black lives matter #blm#black tumblr#black twitter#black women#black girls #protect black girls #protect black women #protect black culture #non blacks don't interact #black girl magic #blm is not a trend
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  • The least white women could do is thank Black Women for liberating them.

    #black lives matter #blm #blm is not a trend #black Tumblr#black twitter#black women#black girls #black girl magic #protect black girls #protect black women #protect black culture #non blacks don't interact #white women#white people #white culture vultures #mine#culture vultures#cultural misappropriation
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  • #Merlin Pet Peeves #BBC Merlin#Arthur Pendragon#Merlin#Magic #I don't even know what to label the non-reaction to this fact #Idiocy? #Willful ignorance? #Complete obliviousness? #The loss of ability to be able to see any form of moisture in Merlin's eyes? #Who knows dude #I doubt even the writers do
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  • it is raining and i feel like a victorian vampire princess lazing in her velvet sheets on her king sized bed, waiting for a letter from her lover who happens to be the princess of an opposing kingdom

    #i just want to be magical and cool... #non-band post#cakey's rambles
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  • probably gonna make all of clara’s four friends magical bc i feel like they’re just kinda useless outside of them accompanying her throughout her magical journey

    but it also means that laurence has to be magical as well bc i don’t want him to be the only one in the main cast who isn’t magical…which means there’s going to be a lot of changes surrounding him like his backstory and his bday…so idk abt that

    #magical girl clara #conceptualizing#non writing
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  • Mare Land pt. 5

    Back on my bullshit with the self indulgent series

    CW// Stockholm syndrome, manipulation, creepy whumper, slightly implied dubcon, dub con touch, captivity, non human whumpee, slavery, magic whump, death mention, grief. Ask to tag.

    Salarien opened the theater with the ease of mechanical work. Learnt to the point there were no thoughts needed to grab the key, pull down the lever, check the doors, go to the front and unlock the glass door. 

    Usual mornings outside were crisp and gray, and today was no different. With some people already roaming the streets at the slightest light leaking through the thick roof of clouds. Everything was supposed to be the same when he found that in the other side of the street, maybe fifteen long steps wide, there were people finishing up mounting a box with red paint and golden lettering that said “Adviser for the unfortunate” in swirly, mockingly elegant strokes. 

    Salarien stayed still watching the box for a while. 

    As the actual sunlight finally bathed the narrow space to let him see clearly the person sitting inside the box. Salarien backed in a flinch. “It´s a doll” his brain provided spotting the cracks between it´s mouth and the glassy eyes below the thick curly black hair. 

    Salarien was still staring at it when his Master´s voice ringed on his head. 

    “There´s a client coming” 

    The white haired boy´s black ribbon jumped as he turned his hazel eyes from the doll to greet the customer, guiding them inside.

    During the day, he found himself staring at the doll everytime he went to the entrance to receive customers. Sometimes waiting for the couples or groups that had asked for a reservation ahead of time. 

    That was the best moment to see the doll on action. 

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    #whump #tw stockholm syndrome #tw manipulation#creepy whumper #tw implied dub con #tw dub con touch #captivity whump #non human whumpee #tw slavery#magic whump #tw death mention #tw grief#mare land
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