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  • “Are you a man or a woman” fuck off. I’m bisexual. Nothing more or less. Someone tries to talk about binary genders with me and i start screaming. God is dead and I killed him with my fists do you think I have time for gendering?

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  • Autistic and Agender

    Since I’ve talked about how being autisitc was related to figuring out I was ace I figured I’d do the same thing for figuring out I’m agender since, being autistic also made it harder for me to realize I was agender. One big part of this is part of being autistic for me meant I was always uncomfortable almost everywhere. It was too loud. There were weird smells. The people hated me. However it wasn’t always easy for me to figure out exactly what was making me uncomfortable, but I became normalized to the discomfort.

    So when I was feeling discomfort that was actually dysphoria I didn’t flag it as unusual since to expierence discomfort was normal to me. It took a long time after learning I was autistic to start to be able to seperate what was uncomfortable due to sensory reason or other things related to be autistic and what was due to something else. I’ve only recently started being able to look back and name some of the discomfort I was expierencing as dysphoria. Even know it still can be hard to do due to my weird intereospection skills.

    A common expierence for non-binary children is feeling like they don’t fit in. Well, becuase I was autistic I never felt like I fit in. I don’t match expectations for anything. I never follow the norms. I don’t fit into boxes Which of that is actually due to being autistic verus being agender? Well it’s a complicated mix of both thats really hard to seperate out.

    When I was a kid I didn’t feel like a girl, but I also didn’t feel like I was human. Since I was autistic and didn’t know it, to me it felt like I was somehow not human. This made not feeling like a girl make sense as just another part of the same thing. Even once I found out I was autistic, I then knew that meant I expierenced most things differently from allistic(not autistic) people. So it still made sense to feel like I wasn’t really a girl since I wasn’t like most girls due to being autisitc.

    It was actually in reading what another autistic individual wrote about being agender that made me realize oh hey maybe this isn’t just another part of being autisitc. However my gender will always be deeply interconnected with me being autisitc since that affects how I expierence the social norms society tries to throw on me. So even know that I know both that I’m autistic and that I’m agender and I can actually recognize dysphoria seperate from discomfort related to being autisitc, my gender expeiernce is still closely interconnected to being autistic.

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  • Ok so I have a survey for you guys. I have been conflicted about if I should add people who have jobs in police force (especially since reaction I got last time was colourful), I even have some in queue which i’ve delayed in posting.

    So it is not a dictatorship - I have made an anonymous survey for you to take part in.

    It has answers from “Yes (ACAB)”, “only add them as problematic” to “I have no opinion”.

    There is also an “Other” section which allows you to give more detailed answer/option i’ve not put down, but please don’t abuse the system because I actually have to read it and take note of what you say.

    This will only be up for a limited time depending how many responses I get.

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  • My gender is hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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  • Being panro ace and nonbinary puts me in a weird position because it means I have literally no concept of gender

    Like I know that most people like to identify as a certain gender or be attracted to one or more specific genders, and obviously, I respect that. But at the same time, my brain just can’t comprehend why or what difference does it even make

    People say “Girls can only wear pink” or “I’m only attracted to boys” and I’m sitting here like “what’s a gender”

    #panromantic#pan#pansexual#panro ace#ace#asexual#nonbinary#non-binary#non binary#enby#lgbt#lgbtq#trans#transgender #i still do not know how tumblr works #and i still do not knwo what to put in the tags #but i'm trying
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  • I can only do two things these days : read I Wish You All The Best or wish I was reading I Wish You All The Best

    #i wish you all the best #iwyatb #please you guys read it #non binary#nonbinary#book#queer book#nonbinary representation
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  • in 6th grade we did a project on the greek gods/goddesses, and i think it’s very fitting that i was artemis, and ended up being aroace*, and liking women 

    #*im aroflux and ace but i just said aroace bc im on the spectrum #sxpphic_dreamer on ig #aspec#asexual#ace#aroflux#aromantic#Sapphic#wlw#nblw#greek gods#artemis#ace sapphic#aro sapphic#lgbtq+#drafts#aroace #also im in love w the moon #nonbinary
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  • My gender is owning two ukuleles for the purpose of collaging one with pictures of frogs and butterflies and having the other one be my depressing one

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  • I feel very validated rn, because I finally started looking for psychological help and my suspicions about having ADHD got confirmed. I’m just starting my third day on meds and I can’t shut up about it. It feels so good knowing that it’s not my fault that I’m like this. My only regret is not going to the doctor sooner, as it would spare me a lot of problems in life (I’m over 26 years old, went non medicated through basically all my academic life). Of course it’s not super good, I’m having a pretty strong impostor syndrome right now, because I feel the meds working and people say that if you actually have ADHD, you shouldn’t feel stimulants working. The first day I was pretty hyper, because I felt so excited about the clarity I was feeling. Also my heart rate is going crazy when the medication starts working. But apart from that I am actually calmer, tho it’s hard to tell when my resting heart rate is 120 bpm. I know some of it is because of excitement that I can feel it working. Previously I took some anti stress and depression meds and the only thing I felt was dryness, nausea and feeling lost, so actually feeling good after meds is wild. Now I’m getting off of them depression anxiety meds and it’s going good. Also I’m getting diagnosed as non-binary. I’ve never felt the need to get “sorted” into a category like that, but I really want top surgery and some hormone treatment, so actually having a paper to prove my experience will surely do only good. I would have done it sooner if I knew that in Poland being non-binary is treated seriously by specialists.

    I knew I needed psychological help for a long time, but anxiety and executive dysfunction were preventing me from searching for it. Now I kind of got pushed to doing it after being in a hospital for multiple sclerosis suspicions. The time at hospital was awful and I’m so afraid that the sm diagnosis will be correct. Now I can’t get additional tests because of covid, so I’m waiting. In the hospital they recommended I see a psychologist, because I was panicking and having suicidal thoughts. This kick-started me to continue seeking treatment. Today I will have a personality disorder test and maybe I’ll try to talk about my wild heart rate, cos I’m a lil worried about it.

    Being able to just get up and do things is wild. Like… That’s what people feel like normally? Not fair if you ask me.

    #majek says shit #adhd#diagnosis #im on methyfenidate btw #and have to get ready for my visit NOW #mental health#nonbinary
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  • image

    trust me, im a scientist

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  • My gender is having a lot of chapsticks and rotating which ones I use so that I never truly finish any single one. My lips are so moisturized.

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  • I swear, heaven was made for you.

    #grieving #i miss you #see you again #sad thoughts #i love you #rest in peace #loved ones #always with me #lost without you #lgbtq#nonbinary#lgbtqplus#cancerawareness #lost in thought
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  • Cis people will never understand what it is to look at something and think “that’s so gender” and I think that’s sad

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  • Hi friends!

    I’m Tye, and I’m really keen to be more active here and hopefully find some mutuals. Sooooo, here is a non-exhaustive list of stuff I want to see posts about, and that I will also probably post about.

    • BLM movement

    • intersectional feminism

    • entemology

    • lepidopterology

    • marine life

    • crystals

    • beachcombing

    • vulture culture

    • cottagecore

    • creaturecore

    • naturecore

    • adventurecore

    • faepunk

    • vanlife

    • sustainability

    • surfing/paddle boarding/kayaking

    • lgbtqia+ (particularly genderqueer)

    • history

    or related, like/reblog and I’ll check out your content 😌✨

    [terfs, maps, racists, sexists, transohobes, homophobes, white supremacists etc., do not waste your time, I’m not interested 🖕]

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  • Just wanna be a coffee mug!


    Actually I just want a neutral body, neutral voice etc.

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  • this nostalgic magical feeling you get when you put up note on you door “I’m taking a nap. please dont disturb” like a child again learning that you can put up boundaries and make choices for yourself

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