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    04.06.2021 - 1 mont ago
    #loreconcepts #HELLO....I HAVE VERY VAGUE KNOWLEDGE OF TENSURA but rimuru being a slime is still so Funny to me LMFAOOOOO #thank u for this....................unfortunately for rimuru hes grans new stress ball #nonstop squishing
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    25.05.2021 - 2 monts ago

    i would simply like to scream & break things & to not have to interact with humans for ~10 days

    #my anger has been pretty nonstop since sunday #best i can get it down to is a passive simmer #where my emotions are squished into a narrow spectrum where i cant feel excited #i get to be Nothing or angry #usually ive been able to keep these to a single day but asdhjsdrsrsjdkfsjdfs #i knew im funked up because i wanted to send an email to tell him to go fuck himself & im done #even though he aint even in today #sisfdufsfsdfsfsf
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    29.01.2021 - 6 monts ago
    #i would squish his lil cheeks nonstop i love him so much 😐 #bnha#kaminari denki
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    29.06.2020 - 1 year ago

    he's been in hell for centuries and really doesn't appreciate his blue ex and some emo harpy trying to stop his righteous vengeance and by god is he going to tell them. audio is from sonic adventure 2 live fandub!

    #fraizer draws#animation#ocs#art#Nevverse#drake#drakken#nevermore#j#faethro#video#fantasy #i have J being squished like a sad bug in my mind's eye nonstop right now #Does that to you. #Youtube
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    #tokyo revengers #tokyo revengers x reader #tokyo revengers x y/n #tokyo revengers headcanons #tokyo revengers scenarios #chifuyu matsuno#shuji hanma#hanma shuji#mitsuya takashi#angry#souya kawata #chifuyu x reader #hanma x reader #mitsuya x reader #souya x reader #angry x reader
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    #stepdaddy!lee bodecker #step daddy!lee bodecker #stepdad!lee bodecker #lee bodecker imagine #lee bodecker fanfiction #lee bodecker x reader #lee bodecker #lee bodecker fluff #daddy lee bodecker #lee bodecker x you #sheriff lee bodecker #sheriff lee bodecker drabble #sebastian stan series #sebastian stan characters #sebastian stan fluff #sebastian stan imagine #sheriff lee bodecker fluff #sheriff lee bodecker imagine #sheriff bodecker #sheriff lee bodecker x reader
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    #tom holland #tom holland imagines #tom holland fic #tom holland fanfiction #tom holland angst #tom holland smut #tom holland x reader #peter parker fic #peter parker imagine #peter parker x reader #boyfriend!tom #husband!tom #tom holland fluff #tom holland one shot #tom holland blurb #tom holland au #tom holland x original character #tom holland x fem #tom holland x y/n #tom holland x oc #tom holland x you #arvin russel fic #arvin russel x reader #tom holland fanfic #tom holland imagine #myas blurb week
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    26.07.2021 - 3 days ago

    Dive Into You: Final.(M)

    Preview: “The bullshit you chose to remember from years of bible study.” Jeno glares Haechan down. Vein covered hand pulsating squeezed around his brothers fist.
    “Think you’re the only one that paid your dues to God? You’re not the good boy you want everyone to think you are Jeno.” Haechan shoves his elbow up, ripping free from the strong hold.
    “and we aren’t the fucking Cain and Abel you think we are!” Jeno shouts, quickly maneuvering. Balling up Haechan’s collar tightly.
    “Aren’t we? Hate me enough to bury me for your own gain yet nono?”
    Pairing: brothers Jeno/Haechan x female reader
    Word Count: 4k+
    Genre: pwp, church boys AU, smut, love triangle, brothers nohyuck, M/F
    Warning: sacrilegious themes, explicit language, mild violence, master manipulator Haechan, innocent Jeno, corruption, cheating, religious innuendos
    Smut Warning: spit play(bc it’s me), finger sucking, light choking, oral, creampie


    Part 1–>

    Part 2–>

    Part 3–>

    Part 4–>

    Jeno brings you to the same spot from the other day after you finish lunch. Mark squealing in excitement as he led you to a booth. Something about finally making a faithful woman out of you. Both of you shyly dismaying him, earning a wink as he set down a basket of fries for you to share. Jeno setting the car in park right under a tree for shade. Fresh air passing around you both on a perfect summer day.

    “I had a good time Jeno” you bite a smile away. Rolled down passenger window letting mid-day breeze relax you. Head resting against the cushiony seat. Haechan’s car clearly a big investment, reupholstered seats one of many enhancements. Brand new carpet, not even a visible speck of dust in sight.

    Jeno scoots closer, butt wiggling into the middle seat. Large hand returning, stretched across your bare thigh. Chin nudging your shoulder until your neck turns. Eyes opening in surprise realizing how close he is. Jeno’s smile reaches his eyes, sparkles of white dancing around the deep brown. He begins, tongue darting out of the corner of his lip nervously- “Me too.. been thinking about you nonstop you know..”

    Your face leans closer, sharing a breath. Taking in his features up close. Dark full eyelashes that make his eyes mysterious. Subtle curiosity in his gaze whenever you find him watching you. Pronounced cheek bones accentuating his strong nose. Cute nose that you could easily get lost in day dreams of kissing. Pretty pink lips pouting closely to yours. Music from the radio quietly blasting out of speakers no doubt purchased at a high price to add in the car follows Jeno’s movements. Inching in closer to each other like slow motion.

    Jeno’s hand lifts, thumb swiping your chin. Forehead’s bumping together, both of your lips parting. Reaching your bottom lip, pulling on you to open up. Pad of his thumb gliding over bumpy gums. Teeth digging into his lips as your spit drips past his finger. Other hand sweeping between your squished thighs, rubbing the cotton of your panties teasingly between two fingers. Heartbeat racing in your chest the longer Jeno plays with you.

    His thumb continues running over your teeth coating in saliva. Your tongue licking over rough skin on the pad. Jeno pressing down until a sound escapes the back of your throat. Nose crashing against yours, huffing breath’s into your widely parted mouth. Drool cascading off your chin, languidly spilling on your chest. Shining prettily under beams of sunlight reflecting through the windshield. Jeno swallows admiring the sight, pulling out just to smear the mess on your chin. Lips shoving on yours in deep breath. Wet kiss turning hot in seconds, tongues finding each other in less.

    “Like getting messy?” Jeno mumbles, pulling away. Three of his fingers gliding into your opened mouth. Far in, prodding at your tonsils. “Tell me what you like. Wanna give you everything you like.”

    With a fast nod, Jeno’s fingers collect wetness between your folds. Tapping at your clit with every swipe. Hand stretching the fabric of your underwear open further cupping over your mound. Fingers slip from your mouth leaving a trail of spit. Broken strained throaty sounds play in your throat, Jeno’s lips returning to yours. A hungry kiss turning sloppier, allowing him full access. His fingers teasing at your entrance with short dips in and out encouraging your hips to lift. Craving more of his touch, whimpering a cough between your thirsty licks.

    “Really like..” you start, face aflame with heat. The pace of your heavy breath’s quickening. “..kissing you..”

    Jeno pulls you onto his lap, hard-on digging into your ass. Lips never parting from yours, fingers sliding in past your opening entrance. Tremors passing through his chest pressed against you. Tongues tangled in a wet noisy battle like a tune carrying the music playing at your ears. Jeno inhales a large sum of air, gently pecking your bruising lips. Focusing his attention between your thighs. Working two fingers in and out, hole seeping out moisture lewdly on every drawback.

    Lips brush your neck, tongue poking out with sweet little licks. Tickling wet laps on your heating flesh. Jeno taking his time, easing you into arousal. Wet sounds growing louder below with every pump of his fingers. His mouth latches at the tender skin on your neck, sucking vulgarly. A mixture of thrusts opening you up paired with Jeno’s hot lips send you arching forward. Rocking down against his hand, quickening your pace. Ass rolling down on the tent formed in his jeans, releasing groans bit into your neck.

    Jeno grinds up, panting over the wet bruise forming on your skin. Wet lips graze your ear, a hushed raspy voice flowing- “wanna eat you out, swallow all your pussy up.”

    Jeno has you shouting out, neck dropping on his shoulder. Hips stilling while orgasm tears through you. Creaminess soaking his fingers, wiggling through your clamping heat. A second wave of pleasure pulling out a scream from deep in your abdomen. Lifting off with a noisy gushing pop, liquid sliding down your inner thighs. Sounds of pitter patter, landing on leather seats. Wetness sinking into the dips of Haechan’s car seats, successfully beginning the mess Jeno plans to leave.

    The car seat suddenly dips, Jeno cranking the lever for release. Laid flat back against his hard built chest. Hand slapping across your sensitive mound, teeth burying on the soft skin behind your ear. “Sit on my face.”

    Jolting up, skin aflame, you turn around, straddling Jeno’s stomach. Leaving a trail of your slick over his shirt. Hands gripping the collar of his top, pulling him up. Dipping your tongue in the dip above his lip. His eyes besming up at you, hazy lust, demanding more. Kitten licking at each other, working the buttons of his shirt open. Impatiently ripping the rest apart, buttons struggling to hang on by a thread. Fingers immediately finding the silver barbell punctured through his perked nipple.

    Exuding moans when you pinch, rolling the bud between two fingers. Jeno’s stung bitten lips reddening under white teeth. Arching up seeking more of your touch. Palm flattening over his other nipple, teasing it back and forth. Sinking lower, the tip of your tongue rolls around his chest. Dribbling saliva over the gleaming jewelry. Sucking him in between your lips, nibbling until Jeno hisses. His fingers digging into your sides, pulling you up. Jeno smiles amused, lifting you higher over his chest. “Need to taste you.”

    Jeno shuffles you closer with ease, arm muscles rippling. Panties stretched aside, gathering your skirt up. Eyes and nose bridge the only part of his face left visible. Messy hair falling over his forehead, flattened on the seats headrest. Strong hands caress the sides of your thighs. Respiring shallow breath’s, nerves sky rocketing under each feather-light touch. The sight between your thighs felt heavenly, euphoric even. Jeno’s jaw hinged open, tongue laving your sopping heat. Smothered under you, steamy eyes connected to yours.

    Heavy hands run up your inner thighs, arms wrapped around your legs holding you firmly. Jeno’s neck straining, working your sensitive hole around his warm tongue. Sopping wetness smearing across his chin, nose, reaching deeper between your walls. Yelping and jumping up when he slaps the meat on your thigh. Demanding you fuck yourself on his mouth. Shyly swiveling your lower half, pleased noises travel through your core. Tentatively building up a slow rhythm on his mouth. Nose nudging your clit with every push forward. The position feels vulnerable, powerful, Jeno giving you the power to use him. To use a part of him to get off, the thought has you grinding down faster. Hot groans muffled inside your core making you fold over. Fingers gripping Jeno’s messy tuft of hair, tugging enough to hurt. Arousal shoots through his cock, jumping between his legs. Body begging him to speed things up.

    Fucking yourself on his tongue eagerly now, obscene moans shadowing whatever song was blasting in the background. Blood roaring in your ears with every racing heartbeat pumping through your veins. Low thuds at the center of your chest have you short of breath. Slamming down with a shout of Jeno’s name, helpless hole wrapping his tongue up. Slick piling on the dip of his chin, slurping up most of it. Not too concerned about leaving a mess behind in Haechan’s car.

    His hips lift up, fucking into the air. Neediness to fill you becoming overwhelming. Frail whined gasps fill Jeno’s ears. Manhandling you onto his lap, wet lips messily licking yours. Filthy taste of your sex blending in your caverns deliciously. Sweet moans shared between laps of your tongues, cleaning off the dribbling wetness from his jaw.

    “Want you.” Jeno’s feral tone sets you off. Sniffling, head nodding in agreement. Lightly playing, letting the tips of your noses brush together. Jeno pecks you, motioning in the direction of the backseat. Car sex had to be redeemable in comparison to church sex.

    You ease into the spacious backseat together. Jeno laying you down, settling between your slightly parted thighs. Hole opening and closing, excitement diminishing any fear you had. Unconsciously reaching for the button of his jeans. Sharing shameless smiles as he pulls off his shirt. Chains flashing brightly on his pale defined collar. Demon moving on Jeno’s shoulder watching your ministrations as well. Defined sculpted abs leading to a path of thin hair hiding something below. Hips bones uncovered, no strip of boxer to hide any skin. Eyes lighting up, rushing to get his bottoms off.

    Your hands pause unzipping Jeno’s jeans, A bold black inked star appearing on his pelvic. His hips lift allowing you to shimmy off his bottoms. Tattoo fully revealed at the side of his engorged length. All too distracted reading the words left inside of the star- “How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning!”

    A gasp slips from your hung open mouth, deep breath drawing in your lungs like liquid ice. Jeno’s hands dig into your hips, brows lifting. Astonishment displayed in your eyes forming a smile on his lips. “Surprised?”

    Your index finger traces over each small letter, repeating the words in your mind. The book of Isaiah…Lucifer’s fall from grace. Obvious thoughts pass your face, questioning- “Why would you get that tattooed permanently?..”

    “Long story.. something about it makes me feel less guilty about my own fall from grace. If angels can’t last in heaven, why should I feel bad for not obeying God’s will..” Jeno’s dick twitches near your hand. Still stroking over the stark ink on his smooth skin. Heat blazing in your core reminding you why you took off his jeans, to begin with. Head slowly nodding, understanding his words, resonating with the quote. Your recent fall from grace seeming less terrible.

    “We have nothing to be ashamed of Jeno. You’re really nice.. too nice..a good guy. People assuming things about you off appearance and rumors are the ones who should be ashamed. We’re just..” you start, drifting off. Hand encircling Jeno’s size, a gasp of air flowing from his chest. Rising and falling slowly, built up anticipation triggering urges. You squeeze around his pulsating dick, wrist twisting upward. “..human.”

    Lips land together, tongues swiping past entrances. Sinful tastes shared with unspoken words. Sliding further down Jeno’s thighs, closing the distance between your bodies. Soaking wet cunt buried under Jeno’s length held in your hand. Slowly inching down, drawing a deep breath from just the tip. Wetness seeping out of you coating the back of your hand. Precum slopping around your mound. Sticky gushing mess between your lower halves incinerating flames. Eyes locked together, taking time to guide him down lower. Walls stretching open over his thick size, painful if it weren’t for how aroused you were. Jeno fatter and larger than any you’d taken before.. not that you had much to compare to.

    Delicate folds cling around Jeno’s cock, wheezing out a whimper. Hands finding his biceps, muscles flexed tight showing off every pronounced vein. Nerves reappear in your glossy eyes, finding Jeno’s once again. His nod acknowledging, hand pressing on your throat with no force. Other finding your swollen needy clit, thumb rolling around slowly. Waist dipping forward sighing, Jeno sliding in deeper. Murmured groans vibrate against his palm, thumb around your neck stroking along your jawline.

    “You feel so good.. love how you feel..” Jeno’s eyes blink, twitching. Seething in past your tightness. Neck displayed above you, growling in his chest. “Tight, fuck. So tight.”

    Jeno’s thumb lifts, smearing drool sliding from your lips. Filled to the brim, dizzying heat muddling your mind. Tongue licking whenever he comes close enough, sinking nails in his bulging arm muscles. He presses in, molding you to shape around his length. Walls expanding around him with every firm thrust. Precise thumb work on your bundle of nerves forcing embarrassing sounds out as Jeno thrusts.

    Slowly sliding out, slick dripping past your ass onto the seat below. Fingers squeeze, encasing your neck. Jeno dipping forward, chains hung from his neck drag over your lips. Licking at the cool metal clanking against your teeth as his hips build up. Piercing thrusts opening you up, focusing on fucking you into the backseat. His hand lifts, shoving one of the chains under your tongue. Stroking back your messed hair, panting on top of you.

    Core squeezing around him every pull, begging to be fucked harder. Cool necklace against your tongue tastes familiar, like Jeno. Eyes fluttering wildly, fucking you harder. Coiling sensation in Jeno’s belly indicating he won’t last much longer. Car rocking enough for anyone walking by to know exactly what’s happening. His tongue dips in your mouth, tangling the chain in a kiss. Metal swiping over your sloppy tongues, teeth hitting. Jeno grunting noisily, demanding thrusts bouncing you further up the seat. Head hitting the car door above you, eyes rolling up.

    “Fuck Jeno!” Screams fly from your chest. Cumming with intensity, out of body like. Jeno hammering past your convulsing walls. Face sweating and reddening on top of you, gritting teeth.

    “Yes!” Shouting, his lips smash on yours. Hips stilling with a pained groan slipping out. Steaming hot cum shooting out, spilling past his thick size. White liquid mess under your ass half drying into the seat.


    “We made a mess…” you say to yourself staring over your shoulder into the absolutely destroyed backseat with a cringe. Jeno laughs, tapping at the steering wheel. Driving you back home after maybe some sticky cuddling..and more kissing. Maybe two more rounds of fucking that left stains on the passenger backseat, and floor.

    “Don’t forget up here.” Jeno nods to the space between you. Slapping his arm, grimace intensifying.

    “Your brother’s gonna kill you.’

    “I’d love to see him try.” Parking in your driveway, he leans over the dried up mess of your slick. Gentle soft kisses left on your swollen lips. Letting you know he’d be texting you once he got home to ensure he was alive.

    Haechan’s sat on the stoop of their porch, standing up pissed off. Charging at Jeno as he exits the vehicle.

    “Why the fuck did you have my car!”

    “Had a date. You might want to clean it up. We kinda made a mess in there.” Jeno shrugs sporting a large smile. Heading inside to the bathroom. Haechan’s window shattering scream of his name the last thing he hears before turning on the shower.


    “You fucking asshole. You owe me $900 for new seats.” Haechan slams Jeno into the kitchen door frame. Waiting for his chance to corner his brother. Sneaking up on him when the front door opens, Jeno returning after hanging out with you.

    Jeno grunts, coughing for air knocked from his lings. Eyes slitting, squeezing Haechan’s wrist in a death grip. Spitting out vengefully- “Consider us even now. As if I didn’t have to hand wash your spunk off fucking holy altar garments.”

    “Oh boo-hoo, always bitching about fucking church camp. My stupid older brother used me as a scapegoat, woe is me. You fucked up my car!” Haechan shouts. Grappling with each other, Jeno managing to shove a leg between his. Years or karate coming in handy suddenly. Shifting them deeper into the kitchen. “What happened to ‘blood is thicker than water’ nono?!? What about ‘Do not repay evil for evil.’ Huh?!”

    “The bullshit you chose to remember from years of bible study.” Jeno glares Haechan down. Vein covered hand pulsating squeezed around his brother's fist.

    “Think you’re the only one that paid your dues to God? You’re not the good boy you want everyone to think you are Jeno.” Haechan shoves his elbow up, ripping free from the stronghold.

    “and we aren’t the fucking Cain and Abel you think we are!” Jeno shouts, quickly maneuvering. Balling up Haechan’s collar tightly.

    “Aren’t we? Hate me enough to bury me for your own gain yet Jeno?” Haechan grins. Pushing Jeno’s buttons the way only he can. Likes to think he’s the reason behind his younger brother’s more violent nature. Egging him on growing up to bully anyone that pissed him off. Jeno’s reputation around town partially his own doing.

    “I have nothing to gain from hating you. You’re the one determined to ruin our relationship. Just leave her the fuck alone! You got what you wanted didn’t you?!” Jeno groans, frustrated. Tongue gathering spit, ready to wipe that shit-eating expression off Haechan’s face.

    “Maybe I want more?” The question has Jeno’s ears ringing. Burning rage soaring up inside, tossing Haechan down on the kitchen table. Loud cracks blaring beneath his back. Arching up in pain, the old table losing strength collapsing under their weight. Landing on the old linoleum kitchen floor, tiles lifted around them. Both sucking in shocked gasps of air. Jeno quickly regaining focus. Wrapping a hand around his older brother’s neck, fist in the air ready to attack.

    “I said leave her alone. I really fucking like her. I’m not joking.” Jeno heaves. Mouth twitching, holding himself back. A small tiny hopeful part of him believing his brother loves him more than this.

    “I really fucking like her too. Really like fucking her.” Haechan turns serious. Expression calming, Jeno’s eyes slipping shut. Fist barreling into the older’s mouth. Lip instantly splitting open, scream surrounding his hand. Haechan’s head thudding back on the now shattered table.

    “What in the hell are you two doing!” Pastor Lee barges in, hands in the air. Panic filling his wide eyes. Jeno falling off Haechan laid out at his side, exhausted. Pretending to hate his brother draining life out of him. Both boys stare up at their father. Haechan coughing, holding his bloody lip. Muttering ‘you stupid fucking brute, my lip!’

    “My table!” Pastor Lee continues to fret. Picking up a leg from his now destroyed kitchen table. Lasting through years of meals, arguments, conversations with his sons. “What was the reason! Why can’t you two ever behave like decent followers of God!”

    “Jeno’s being a dick! ‘cause I fucked his girlfriend.” Haechan glares into his side. Jeno’s eyes rolling, nose twitching. Rubbing over his sore fist, bone cracking ugly when meeting his brother's mouth.

    “You what?!” Their dad’s shouting booms louder. Eyes now bulging out of their sockets. Bewilderment hitting him before realization settles. “You have a girlfriend now Jeno!??”

    “He does, and I fucked her! Don’t forget nono.” Haechan sighs. Aligning his aching jaw, lip evidently swelling.

    “Don’t care. You fuck anything with legs. You really fucking deserved that too.” Jeno mumbles, pointing to where Haechan cradles his bottom lip. Sitting up, finally acknowledging his father. “Yea…I guess I do dad..”

    Pastor Lee’s mind spins, vision blurring. Two brothers, sleeping with the same girl. Memories of confessions erupt in his head. The puzzle pieces landing in place. Good fucking God.


    “Wait up!” Haechan’s voice calls from behind you. A familiar sound you’d recognize anywhere. Slowing to a halt walking through the church's back hallway. Planning to surprise Jeno in his altar boy get-up before mass. Waist twisting, catching sight of Haechan jogging toward you. What could he possibly want now..

    “Hey” he stops at your front, smiling wide. Nose scrunching up a bit too cutely for even Haechan. Deflecting your surprise with a cough, nodding casually.

    “Hey? What’s up?” Directing a lifted brow with a step further back. Feigning shock at his less than perfect appearance. Finding a wall behind you, fingers spread at your lower back. Haechan doesn’t hesitate to step in closer.

    “You and Jeno..” His eyes skirt over your features. Pouted lips adorning a deep cut, cracking in dry blood. Moving slightly, eyes ending on your mouth. “..fucked up my car. It’s gonna cost me a fortune to get cleaned.”

    “Deserved, I’d say..” Haechan hovering in has you whispering your retort. Hands placed on the wall around your head. His neck dipping forward, face an inch away from yours.

    “Little modern day Lilith I’ve turned you into. Some of my best work I have to say.” Haechan boasts. Hips lining up to yours, flattening you against your hands keeping you off the wall.

    “You took my virginity..” You snap. Shimmying your hands out, placing them on Haechan’s waist pushing away. “..stop acting as if you can fucking walk on water.”

    Haechan sighs, removing your hold. Tangling your wrists together, lifted between your faces. Cut lips grazing over your knuckles, hooded menacing eyes gazing down. “I let Jeno have his fun, now you come back to me..”

    Haechan lands on his knees, dragging your arms down. Keeping you held in place, chin perched on your stomach. Dreamy eyes linger on yours, pressing a kiss to your belly button under the fabric of your shirt. “You should thank me. I took you from boring and turned you into a sexy harlot. You’d be nothing without me, Jeno wouldn’t want you.”

    Ripping free from Haechan’s grip, your hand yanks his hair. Face tugged off your abdomen, shaking him in your hold. “You only want me now because you think you changed me…”

    Haechan’s cheek glow, a smile reaching the bottoms of his eyes. Chin nudging against your hip with a nod. “I made you perfect. For me. Poor Jeno, always having to remember that I fucked his precious girlfriend first.”

    “No..” shoving him away with a release, you stand up straight. Angry tremors traveling up your arms, anxiously staring him down. “You didn’t like me, you don’t like me. You liked claiming me. Jeno likes me, as I am..”

    Haechan grimaces, sitting cross legged on the ground. Eyes rolling up, head tilted to the side. “You’re really choosing Jeno over me??”

    Every moment leading up to this signified the importance behind what had taken place. Haechan killing two birds with one stone- taking something irreplaceable away from you just to be able to say he did. Pissing off Jeno enough in the process able to hold something over his head.

    You succumbing to your silent repressed urges. Forever too fearful of disobeying your mother’s words, the lord’s words.

    Jeno, who you wrongly judged, who everyone wrongly judged. Good and evil weren’t real, but bad people hiding behind an armor of God were. No one’s perfect, no one’s innocent. Nevertheless, do unto other’s as they do to you.

    “I’m really choosing Jeno over you.”


    “I’ll be right out Jeno” with a peck you wave your hand. Signaling for him to head out and start his bike up. A date planned today to head out of town. Venture to a record store that had tons of old vinyl. Jeno dusting off a record player in the garage that his mother had left behind last time you’d been over. Annoying Haechan as you laughed together listening to a scratched up record. All of you eventually discussing some old relic’s found in a box. Jeno’s mom apparently an avid music junkie, leaving her adored collection behind for him to enjoy someday.

    You head back inside the church, opening up the creaking confessional booth door. Pastor Lee’s vocals are clear on the other side of the screen. Opting to stand up, knowing this would be quick.

    “What brings you into confession today my child?” He calmly asks. Too calm for your liking. Annoyance building in the back of your mind the better you get to know the pastor’s sons.

    “There is something that I cannot stop dwelling over pastor..” you confidently begin, scratching the screen dividing you. “How many times have you prayed for God’s forgiveness?”

    The pastor gulps, sitting up straight. Head shaking ready to disagree. “I have nothing to seek forgiveness for my child.”

    “You do pastor. You told me once I’d ruin a relationship between two brothers, but.. it’s been you all along. You’ve guilted and shamed your innocent naive sons. A friend who often texts me bible quotes recently told me- Colossians 3:21 ‘Fathers, do not embitter your children, or they will become discouraged.’ Despite your hypocrisy, you will atone for your sins.”


    a/n: srry Haechan ilysm😭

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    15.07.2021 - 1 week ago

    I'm enjoying the posts about Cas chewing & consuming odd things. That feels right for an ancient being squished into a human body trying to make sense of the world through new senses. Jack should be doing that stuff too because he's a baby.

    It's also making me have flashbacks to childhood/remembering stories. My mum likes to point out that I was a normal child except for the times she'd check in on me sleeping and I'd be sitting in my wooden crib chewing on the bars. And I just wouldn't stop. And then later, & I remember this, one of my brother's wrestling toys I would chew it's plastic foot nonstop. I never had a reason why and I still don't. But I can still remember the taste.

    #This is probably why I chew the hell out of straws and silverware if I don't consciously tell myself not too
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  • dark-side-blog2
    25.06.2021 - 1 mont ago

    I am postively obsessed with the yandere purge Au (credits to @yanderemommabean) and have been reading it nonstop for a month now. And dont get me wrong most of the appeal is the night of, when you need to sprint for your life. But you know what came to me? What about the morning after? That’s gotta be the biggest post-nut clarity in the world if your a semi-lucid man, like Julian! 

    content warning: needles


    Julian has you on his lap, the sunlight is streaming in as the two of you rest on the alcove of his open window, one of his legs swung out to enjoy dangling out of the 3 story building- besides it was too early in the morning for anyone to really complain. You were relaxed almost boneless into his lap, your back slouched against his chest  as you stared up at him lovingly. 

    Lovingly? Perhaps it could also just be you don’t know where you’re looking, you’re on an awful lot of sedatives right now. “This is nice, isn’t it?” Julian asks. You don’t respond, Julian , gloved fingers pinching the fat of your cheeks a little hard, relived when you make a noise. You’re semi-responsive, thats good... The same gloved hand cups the whole of your face, palm resting filmly on your chin and squishing your cheeks together into a slight pout as the doctor manually moves your head into a nod: yes, this is nice. The sun light is streaming in so strongly mid-morning, but no one is out and about on the streets the day after Lucios new celebration; Ilya surprised himself that he actually went along with it. Months ago he would have detested the idea of taking you away so... brutishly- hell, a few years ago Ilya would have refused ever feeling so strongly about anyone, to have the need to have them so... wholly. To have you completely. 

    Almost completely. You’re in his house, his home, his hold- but you’re not fully awake yet. That should wear off soon though. He only gave you a big enough dose to keep you asleep for as long as the Counts celebrations rules required- though Julian could already see that there would be a demand for these laws to change in some way, only allowing 12 hours for the capturing and running of all participants isn’t fair at all, especially since those capturing have been preparing for weeks. You’re only sitting so relaxed in his lap now because of precisely that- Though originally, Julian had zero intentions to use his drugs on you. It was meant to be protective, encase he got in trouble. But, soon enough you got targeted by and angry mob, and when Ilya saved you you were much too focused on the implication he was watching you from your closet the past day you’d boarded yourself up in your home and, well it was already going downhill, might as well make you safe and quiet. 

     Remembering last nights fuss riled him up a little, but stressing himself out now won’t do you any good... But maybe... Maybe you’ll be mad. What is he saying, of course you’ll be mad! You’ll throw a fit, granted a very much deserved one, but... The sunlight is streaming in so lovely on the two of you. You’re smiling with a far off, dreamy look in your captivating eyes, looking right at him. Julian doesn’t even have to strap you down or anything as cruel as that, where you’d be screaming at the medical implements strewn about his room, or sobbing because you trusted him- You’re not doing any of that. Instead, you’re slowly twisting in his lap, your face moving to press into his stomach, fingers faintly grasping at his pant leg and black tassels of his belt. You’re nuzzling into him so sweetly, trying so hard to lift yourself up so you can have a conversation with him. 

    But Julian wouldn’t want to spoil the mood; to have that conversation. Not yet. At least wait until the weathers not so cheery, so beautiful, so romantic. Wait until clouds come this afternoon, or tomorrow- tomorrow for sure! Julian’s made up his mind, reaching over you- and apologising for the awkward angle as you bump your nose into his groin, before coming back and shifting you onto your left side, rolling up your right sleeve. Julian pricks the tip of the needle into your arm, before retracting it with a soft gasp: “Almost injected an air bubble... That wouldn’t have been very good...” Flicking the syringe, the doctor swings his leg over your waist- not necessary since you’re only just starting to come out of your last dose, but a good precaution to having you roll out of the window now that you’re sobering up enough to move. “And One. Two. Three... Very good, thank you.” Disposing of the needle by tossing it back onto the desk, Julian makes a mental note to disinfect it. Later though. For now, he would just like to bask in the sleepy domesticity of sitting in the alcove with you.

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  • kyuuppi
    06.06.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Not Yet Satisfied (NSFW)

    Pairing: Xiao x Reader (no pronouns but female body parts)
    Contents: smut; creampie; cervix bruising; slight size kink; reader protests but its all consensual; Xiao has a cum kink; inexperienced Xiao; not proof read
    A/N: I... I am down horrendous for Xiao TT
    Word Count: 596

    His grip on your waist tightens as he watches you bounce on his lap, transfixed by the ripple of the flesh of your ass as you mercilessly spear yourself on his cock. The sounds tumbling out of your lips—choked whines and stuttered yelps of something he suspects is supposed to be his name—make him feel light-headed.

    “Nn, Xi-Xia—oh!”

    Your tone changes, pitch sharpening after a particular thrust and he immediately hones in on it, pupils dilating in a manner not unlike when he is on the battlefield. He adjusts his hold, forcing your body into a position that allows him to hit that same spot every time, regardless of your wailed protests and attempts to dislodge his iron-like grip.

    You squeal, embarrassingly loudly, while Xiao pounds up into you, threatening to bruise your cervix with every other thrust.

    His own traitorous lips let slip the involuntary sounds he would usually feel ashamed of—but shame is the furthest thing from his mind he has you above him, gripping him like a vice in your tight, impossibly hot depths. Your cunt swallows him, threatens to drive him to insanity even without his karmic debt.

    He is determined to take you with him.

    One hand releases its nearly painful grip on your waist only to slide to your front, fingers clumsy in their inexperience but quick to find your clit. The sensation immediately sends electricity through your nerves, causing you to hunch forward and nearly fall if it weren’t for his grip holding you in place. You attempt to protest, complain that the additional stimulation was too much but your garbled words fall on deaf ears and Xiao’s finger tips relentlessly tease the small button, gently pinching, pulling, and circling as his cock continues to batter your tightening walls.

    Within only a few minutes you feel your end coming. Your cunt clenches, ruthlessly tightening around Xiao in a way that seems to steal the air he commands straight from his own lungs before you spasm around him. Your loud cry hurts his ears but he pays it no mind when he feels the sudden gush of wetness around his still pistoning length. It becomes too much too quickly and a strained cry leaves his own throat as his hips stutter, releasing copious amounts of his thick cum deep inside of your still fluttering walls. All the strength in his body seems to leave him at once, leaving him feeling more boneless than he does after days of nonstop fighting and, without his support, you fall forward yourself.

    Your motion causes his softening length to slip from you, presenting him with a view that has his breath hitching and another flare of heat deep in his gut. He stares at the flesh between your legs, loose and brightly flushed from his abuse just moments before. He watches as the hole, once so tiny that he could hardly imagine fitting inside of, gapes slightly, lightly twitching to release the globs of his cum, thick and white. It drips down slowly, most clinging to your spread thighs while some falls onto him and the bedding before.

    He’s moving before he even realizes it and you let out a yelp when you’re suddenly manhandled, hips propped up while your face is squished against the bed. You freeze when you feel a familiar hardness prodding at your sore entrance.


    “It seems my body is not yet satisfied,” Xiao says by way of explanation before he presses forward, your warm body once more welcoming him in even as another whined protest escapes your lips.

    #genshin impact#genshin xiao #xiao x reader #xiao smut#genshin smut #genshin x reader #gi xiao #genshin impact x reader
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  • danibby
    28.05.2021 - 2 monts ago
    #ticklish!reki #ticklish!langa #renga #sk8 the infinity #sk8 the infinity tickling #tickle hcs#dani’s things #dani's tickle headcanons
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  • stray-kids-react
    25.05.2021 - 2 monts ago

    Sleepy but clingy SKZ



    Bang Chan

    ° Bang Chan doesn't get a lot of sleep, he's gone days without it and usually just stays up working while your cuddled into him dead asleep.

    ° So when he is tired, you force him to sleep. Because he will complain when you try to pull him away from his laptop. Even though he's fallen asleep sitting up 5 times now.

    ° Chan is very cute when he's sleepy and it isn't often that you get to see it, his lips are pouted and eyes are practically closed. He also tends to lean onto you when walking to bed.

    ° You take a couple photos while he's sleeping because he's so cute, cheeks squished against the pillow as he shifts his face closer into it. And very pouty lips.

    ° Makes soft groans when you aren't near him, pulling you towards his bare chest. When you are next to him, he'll place your hands on his back so you can hold him.

    ° Usually a big spoon, but when he is very tired and needs sleep. He is an adorable little spoon who wants nothing more than to sleep and have you holding him.

    Lee Know

    ° When Minho is tired he usually will just fall asleep in bed or on the nearest furniture whether you are there or not. But when he's sleepy and clingy, he'll need you with him.

    ° He only gets tired and clingy when he's had a bad day, his eyes will resemble a sad puppy and his lips are naturally very pouty. Then he'll just curl up into your arms.

    ° Likes it when you play with his hair, it makes him fall asleep faster and distracts him from the minor headache he has. He'll literally melt when you do this.

    ° Do not mention his clingy state to any member, or he won't cuddle you for a week. The members will tease him non stop and it embarrasses the hell out of him.

    ° He's not mad at you, he just gets embarrassed and is cautious doing any affection when he is rethinking his life choices at the moment.

    ° Even though he is labelled the savage member, he can't be mad at you. He sees you as an angel and is glad he has someone to hold him when he needs to be held.


    ° Shy when you first began to date, but now he is very very clingy. He'll randomly walk up to you and just peck you hundreds of times before walking away like it's nothing.

    ° Can get a bit whiny when he's tired, begging to go to bed and cuddle him. It gets to the point where he doesn't care who hears him begging for your attention.

    ° When you finally give in, he'll murmur the softest 'thank you' before cuddling into your chest. He'll sigh in content once he is comfortable before falling asleep.

    ° Knows when you aren't with him, and will wake up instantly. Understands if you need to use the washroom or grab a drink/snack, but will complain if you just leave to leave.

    ° Tracing his jaw line will soothe him tremendously, he'll fall asleep in seconds. Changbin enjoys the feeling of your fingers against his skin, it is comforting to him.

    ° Once talked in his sleep lightly, whispering about how much he loves you and even mentioned how he wants to marry you. Whispering a small 'I do'.


    (Our prince is coming back soon!! ❤️❤️❤️)

    ° Clingy is his middle name, the only member more affectionate than him is Felix. And it's only because Minho slightly intimidates him.

    ° Will walk into your shared bedroom and just flop next to you, or gradually lean all of his weight onto you. He always greets you once he's comfortable, making you laugh.

    ° Will talk about how tired he is from the day while you stroke through his hair. If he isn't feeling talkative then he'll just lay there, enjoying your warmth and presence.

    ° Will fall asleep accidently most times, not wanting to sleep because he missed you but ends up doing so anyways because he is so tired. You understand nonetheless.

    ° Once wrapped himself around you during movie night with Stray Kids, and ended up missing the whole movie because he fell asleep on your shoulder during the opening.

    ° Will tease you if you are being clingy, but it doesn't last long since you remind him of all the times he clung to you and whined for your attention. Making him embarrassed.


    ° When tired he zones out alot, you usually just hold him while he slumps into you and thinks about the creation of life itself. You'll sometimes laugh at how serious he looks.

    ° You can't get over how cute his cheeks are when squished against you or a pillow. It pouts his lips out and makes him look like an adorable soft baby because of it.

    ° Will fiddle with your fingers to try and stay awake, but it ends up soothing him at one point and he falls asleep anyways. His head will fall back onto you once he falls asleep.

    ° Will randomly ask you questions he was thinking about. Like 'why is blue called blue?' 'if I punch myself and cry, am I too strong or too weak?' 'what if unicorns are invisible?'

    ° Some of them do stick with you, so your up at 3am wondering why blue was called blue. But you won't tell him that since it will only encourage him to ask more questions.

    ° Likes to be the little spoon in general, and he will become more curled up when he is tired. Burrowing into your body as you hold him, he usually will fall asleep in seconds.


    ° The only differences between sleepy Felix and regular Felix is that he is quiet and is wearing pajamas, and the pajamas aren't a guarantee depending where he is.

    ° Felix is a naturally affectionate person who is impossible to dislike, he's a literal angel that makes you wonder how you ended up with him. But you are grateful that you did.

    ° Half of the time he will come home for work and whine until he finally reaches your embrace. Immediately letting out a content sigh as he turns into putty in your arms.

    ° The other half of the time is he will be waiting on the couch in a onesie, waiting for you to come home. Once you do he'll giggle softly and open his arms wide for you.

    ° Rubs his cheek against yours like a cat, and can't stop his smile from beaming brightly at your presence. Felix also has a habit of of burrowing into the crook of your neck.

    ° He'll fall asleep on top of you, whispering one last 'I love you' in his deep but now groggy voice. Resting his head on your shoulder as you fall asleep seconds later.


    ° Is probably the member who is the shyest when it comes to affection, no matter how long you two have been together. He prefers soft and short affectionate touches.

    ° His favorite type of PDA is hand holding, and when in private he will embrace you gently in bed. Usually being the bigger spoon, but isn't opposed to being little spoon.

    ° Will become more clingy when he is tired, wanting to go to bed with you very badly after a long day. He'll look at you while resting on your shoulder, waiting for you.

    ° Doesn't want to force you into a cuddle session, but will hint that he wants one to happen. You catch onto these hints eventually, but it can take some time.

    ° The main hints that you know are, cuddling on your lap, looking at you with puppy eyes, kissing your neck, rubbing your tummy, and talking about dreams that he's had.

    ° When you finally go to bed, he'll scoop you into his arms. Usually placing soft kissing on the top of your head, and whispering how much he appreciates you.


    ° Your usually more of the clingy one in the relationship, but there is a rare occasion where the roles reverse. And this happens the week he returns from tour.

    ° Jeongin will be exhausted from going nonstop and reaching his limit multiple times, but he'll be so happy to be back home and have you right there beside him.

    ° His eyes will be very sparkly when looking at you, just so happy to be back home with you. And he notices your blush when you see his gaze but is too tired to tease you on it.

    ° Will chat with you in a hushed tone, asking about how you were when he was gone and what you thought of the the performances you saw online. Tiredly smiling throughout.

    ° Smiles when you kiss him softly, missing the way your lips felt against his. He'll cup your face before resting his chin on top of your head as you curl into him.

    ° Falls asleep with you as his last thought, and his dreams continue his thoughts by making him imagine how truly beautiful you would look walking down the aisle.

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  • eeunoia
    24.05.2021 - 2 monts ago

    ENHYPEN Imagines

    pairing: lee heeseung x reader
    summary: being the most popular students in your school, everyone can’t help but to ship heeseung and you. it was okay for you since you really like him but heeseung was just okay with it because of the benefits he gets from it.
    word count: 6.4k
    warnings: extra spicy and cursing
    a/n: here’s heeseung’s version of niki’s concept in campus heart-throb. I will maybe post Sunoo’s after posting his prince one shot. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this one because I actually had fun. ksksksk have a nice day 🌸

    “y/n, how about you? will you be at the game later?” one of your classmates suddenly had asked you while you’re at the library.

    It was library period and you were just silently reading a book while some of your classmates were chatting at the table where you’re sitting.

    Your head raised up to face them and you already saw all of their eyes darted at you. “What kind of question was that? Of course y/n will be there. Her Heeseung will be playing, right?” one of them answered even before you can talk.

    They cheered and even showed you a teasing smile. You can’t help a smirk to spread across your face after hearing how they address Heeseung as yours.

    The librarian shushed you that made you chuckle and you signaled to them to just be quiet. They let out small giggles as they decided to talk more quietly again. You, on the other hand was thinking about Lee Heeseung.

    A small smile was still plastered over your face as you think about him. He’s one of the most popular student in your school, president of the student council and captain of the basketball team. He was indeed the ideal type and everyone in the academy knows him.

    Girls also go crazy for him but they can only stare from a far since you exist. Students in your school was shamelessly shipping the two of you with each other. They think you’ll both make a perfect couple.

    You’re labeled as one of the prettiest girl in your campus. Smart, from a well-known family, and captain of the campus cheerleaders. Just like Heeseung, boys at your school adores you but they don’t even bother as they know you were already his.

    It’s all almost perfect except for one tiny thing... Lee Heeseung doesn’t like you. If you’re crazy for him, he don’t even feel anything for you.

    You were snapped back from reality when someone gently taps your shoulder. And when you look over the girls at your table, they have this teasing smile so you already have a clue who it was.

    “Hm?” your eyes met his serious eyes as you turn and face him. He has this smile but only you can tell that it was fake.

    “I won’t be able to wait for you. I’ll be off to somewhere. I’ll just see you at the game.” he mumbled enough for the students at the table to hear.

    You smiled and nodded your head at him. He smirked and leaned down over to give you a gentle kiss at your forehead. Lightly shutting your eyes at the process, you can feel your heart racing by the sudden affection.

    It wasn’t new, really. You two were used to giving shows for those people who ships you two. He needed this, he’ll stay more popular if he acts like this. Popularity secures his position as the student council president. In short, he was using you and taking advantage of the situation.

    You weren’t ignorant about it. He was straight-forward when he said that to you. He also told you that since you love attentions so much, you can use him as well so students eyes follows you all the time. It was a good deal so you agreed. And besides, you have feelings for him.

    He nodded once before smiling over at the students at the table before he turned and walk away. Your eyes were glued at him as he coolly walk out of the library. Eyes were following him as always.

    “Huwaaa you two are so perfect for each other, y/n!”

    “Yeah right. I envy you so much.”

    “Heeseung is so hot, y/n. How can you survive him?”

    They were talking nonstop and all your response was just a small smile. Even if it sounds a bit rude, you enjoyed looking how other people envy you.

    “You’re a bit late.” your head snapped over at the side when somebody suddenly talked.

    Your brows furrowed hardly as you saw Jay leaning over the wall, both of his hands were inside his pocket.

    “Jay? Why are you here outside and why aren’t you wearing your jersey?” you asked, now approaching him.

    The corner of his lips raised up and he faced you giving you a full view of his bruise at the side of his face. Your mouth fell a bit.

    “I was suspended so I cannot play for today’s game.” he said a smile now plastered over his face. 

    “What happened to you? Did you had that checked?” you were worried for him of course. He’s your friend and you’re close to him so seeing him at a state like that made you worried.

    “It’s fine. Don’t you want to go inside? The game’s starting already.” he said and even tilted his head towards the auditorium.

    You can already hear muffled screams and cheers from the inside. You gave him a nod before he gently grab your things from you so he can carry it for you. Jay’s a legit trouble maker but he’s a gentlemen so it wasn’t really surprising for you anymore.

    The auditorium was crowded as expected. You had to squished yourself through the pile of students and thankfully Jay was there. His firm arms helped you so you wouldn’t be just bumped by somebody. You gave him a smile as you two arrived at the seat Heeseung had saved for you.

    You saw how the players ran over the other side of it, the ball was at the opponent. Heeseung was very attentive and so focused in the game making him ten times more attractive. You really love it whenever he’s so focus about something.

    The game continued and of course, Heeseung was the highlight of the game. You just smile while watching him enjoy the whole game. The whole auditorium went wild whenever he makes shots.

    They won the game and you just watch as his members hover around him. They cheered and celebrated for their victory.

    “You wanna go approach them?” your head snapped over at Jay when he asked you that and you just gave him a small nod.

    He smirked and led you towards the court. Students paved way as they saw you approaching, they already know what you came for. His team member’s eyes darted you and you didn’t mind the obvious desires that lingers over their eyes. For you, it was only Heeseung that matters. He’s the only one who exist for you.

    You smiled at him as a small smile appeared over his lips as well. He tilted his head one of his eyebrows raising at you. His arm opened a bit, indicating a victory hug.

    “Congratulations, my mvp.” you said, enough for the crowd to go wild and tease the two of you.

    Heeseung felt the playful nudges of his team-mates over him. He chuckled and shake his head side by side with a slow phase. “Where’s my kiss then?” he asked, sounding like as if he was challenging you.

    You rolled your eyes as a small smirk appeared over your face. With a brave expression, you approached him and quickly snaked your arms over his nape to pull him towards you. The whole auditorium roars as the students saw you two making out. One of his arms slid over to your waist to pull you closer to him.

    After the kiss, he pull away and rested his forehead at yours. You looked straight to his eyes, “Oh how you love the crowd, Y/n.” he whispered at you.

    You chuckled, “Don’t say it like I’m the only one.” and you gave him one last gentle kiss at his cheeks before you move away from him.

    He told you that he will just take a shower so you gave him a nod sending him off. You were left there together with Jay. He greeted you with his signature smirk.

    “That’s quite a show.” he said that made you roll your eyes. Nobody knew about your set-up except from you and Hee’s friends.

    “I was just planning to give him a peck. He was the one who deepened the kiss.” you explained because that was really the original plan. To give him a peck but Heeseung pulled you closer so you were a bit carried away.

    Jay let out a chuckle, “Who would let the chance of making out with y/n slip away?” he said that made you chuckle at him.

    You walked closer to him and leaned towards him, face inches away from you. “So you will make out with me if I insisted?” you joked at him. Well, you’ve been friends with them for a while too so you’re comfortable with them.

    You saw a glitch of darkness pass through his eyes before he smirked at you. He raised his hand and put his two fingers over your forehead before gently pushing you away from him.

    “Stop talking nonsense, y/n.” and he scoffed at you. He handed you your things before putting both of his hands inside his pocket.

    “You should wait for Heeseung here. I’ll get going.” and he waved at you before turning his back and walking away.

    You chuckled and just rolled your eyes before waiting patiently for Heeseung.

    “Where’s your victory party?” you asked Heeseung as you walked side by side after he showered.

    Now, he looked extra handsome while wearing his clean fresh white shirt paired with his black jogging pants. He do look really really attractive, with that slight wet hair. His gym bag hangs at one of his shoulder while he held your small bag using his hand. You can’t help but to bite your lip as you stare at him.

    “Frat house? I’m not yet sure.” he answered. You two started walking out of the auditorium. There’s still a lot of students left and their eyes were quickly darted at your direction right away.

    “Dude that three point shot at the end was perfect!” one of his team-mate walk beside the two of you.

    You just gave him a smile as his eyes went over you from time to time. Heeseung responded with a thank you as you felt his hand rest over the small of your back, making sure you are closely beside him.

    “Will you go eat with us before going home to get ready for the victory party?” his team-mates once again asked.

    “Nah, I think I’ll spend some time with my lucky charm first. I’ll just meet you later at the party.” he said politely as he tapped his shoulder before guiding you to walk faster, dismissing any chances of him to talk again.

    A small smirk appeared at your face as you two walk over to his car. “That was rude.” you mumbled as he send last wave at his team-mates then opened the door for you.

    He scoffed running his hand over at his hair once, “He was annoying.” he shrugged his shoulders off before telling you to go inside.

    You were checking your phone as he finally get inside. Expecting for him to start the engine already, you kept yourself busy with your phone but then you noticed he wasn’t doing anything.

    “Is everything okay?” you asked, worried.

    His eyes were already darted over at you-- on your exposed thigh to be specific. A smirk slowly spreads through your face as you tilt your head at the side.

    “Enjoying the view? My eyes are up here, Hee.” you pointed out and even snapped your fingers in front of his face to catch his attention.

    He looked up at you, “Yeah, I do and I bet all of my team-mates enjoyed it too.” you saw how his jaw clenched hardly.

    You pursed your lips trying to suppress a smile to form, this shouldn’t be the time to be happy about the situation, y/n. Heeseung did said to you that he doesn’t feel the same way and even rejected you for a hundred times already. But this is one of those times where he kind of gives you missed signals.

    “I wore this for you, Heeseung.” you said and smiled innocently at him. Your hand rested over at his face and you saw how he seriously eyed you.

    His hand raised and held unto your wrist, with a smirk he started pulling you to straddle above him.

    “Then prove it to me.” and without even warning you he pulled your face closer to his causing both of your lips to crash with each other.

    You groaned a bit as you felt him bite your lower lip making you open your mouth slightly. Heeseung took the opportunity to slid in his tongue as his hands slowly undress you.

    You gasped as he pull away from the kiss. His lips made contact with your neck and you let out small moans as you slowly felt his erection.

    “If you didn’t made it clear that you don’t have feelings for me, I might think you're jealous right now.” you mumbled.

    Heeseung was continually placing wet kisses all over your neck and as he made it over at the upper part of your chest, he shamelessly suck the skin marking you.

    He leaned away and starred at his work for a while before he looked over at your eyes.

    “I don’t like it when other people take interest over my toy.” and you felt his big hands rested over your tiny waist before he kissed you once again.

    “I’ll pick you up at 8pm.” Heeseung said after rolling down his car window after he dropped you over at your house.

    “For what?”

    “Victory party. You need to be there as my date.” he said seriously. You bit your lower lip as you just gave him a small nod before waving at him.

    He smirked, “Show people my masterpiece.” he shouted lastly before droving away.

    You rolled your eyes after chuckling then just decided to just go inside your shared apartment with your cousin.

    “Oh~ someone had fun.” you rolled your eyes as you plopped over the sofa.

    “I didn’t know you were home, Jake.” you acknowledged him as you saw him sitting at one of the single sofas.

    “Yeah, I went home to rest for a while because of the party later.” he said and shrugged his shoulders off.

    You rolled your eyes at him, “You’re going? You know what? You have to stop fucking different girls per day, Jake. That’s not gonna be good for you.” you tried lecturing your cousin.

    He smirked, “I don’t do that everyday, y/n. What are you even talking about?”

    You sighed, okay maybe that was exaggerated but the thought was still there.

    “I don’t even know why girls still fall for your trap. Everyone in the campus obviously know how bad of playboy you are.” you mumbled and rested your head at the backrest of the sofa.

    Jake let out a snicker of laugh, “It's because of this, y/n. This--” he said pointing over his face that made you roll your eyes.

    “This is the key to everything! It’s because I have a face of an angel.” he added.

    You can’t disagree to him because he’s partly right. If you look at him the first time and you don’t know him, you’ll probably think that he’s very innocent. But that’s not the case, he’s very much corrupted.

    “So where did you two did it this time?” Jake asked casually as his reached over the remote to open the television.

    You were close to your cousin and he knew about Heeseung and everything about it. He’s cool with it as long you’re happy with your set-up.

    You gulped as you fished your phone and acted like as if you’re doing something important.

    “In the car.” you answered like nothing.

    You can see from your peripheral that he turned his head at your direction.

    “Woah, in his car? Really? Again, y/n?” he sounds like he can’t believe it. You rolled your eyes and sighed heavily.

    “You two seriously need to stop doing the deed in his car. I sometimes hitch with hyung and to think you do the nasty there makes me uncomfortable.”

    “Then don’t hitch anymore. You have your car for a reason.” you can’t remember how many times have you rolled your eyes already but you once again did it.

    You stood up and decided to go to your room and leave him at the living room.

    “Ah seriously. I just can’t understand why Heeseung hyung enjoys the thrill of getting caught.” Jake even shrugged his shoulders.

    “Whatever.” and you finally left him there. He’s really annoying.

    Heeseung did pick you up for the party and as you two enter, a lot of people were already there. Attentions quickly went over at the two of you as he was the main reason why there’s a party.

    He stood proud beside you while his arms were possessively locked over your waist. Well, who wouldn’t be proud to have you as their date? You’re y/n after-all.

    They had this cute short program for the team that made everyone laugh as they call them one by one. They were asked to give short speeches just to be fun.

    “And lastly, for our MVP! Lee Heeseung.” the mc had called his name as the crowd cheered for him. Heeseung smiled and stood up from his seat which is beside you. He walked towards this small platform and a spotlight was pointed at him.

    He chuckled, “Ah this isn’t necessary but yeah, I want to thank everyone for supporting and congratulating us. For coach,” he said and raised his fist for him. The crowd chuckled and so did you.

    And then his eyes soon darted over you. “And of course, to my lucky charm.” he added and soon another spotlight was at you now. The crowd started teasing the two of you.

    You tried smiling as your heart ache for some reason. Breath hitched at the current situation, even though you know any of this wasn’t true, you can’t help but to feel butterflies over your stomach.

    “Thank you for always being there for me, y/n.” he said and he smiled meaningfully as his eyes starred right at you.

    Your smile faltered a bit as you know how sarcastic his smile was. It hurts for you to know that your feelings aren’t being returned.

    Your eyes roamed around as they cheered for you to go join Heeseung at the platform. You had no choice because they were really pushing you already. He was just waiting for you and when you were beside him, he then pulled you in a kiss that made the crowd roar in excitement.

    As the night went deeper, people get drunker as well. You were already with some of your girl friends when Heeseung told you that he’ll just go meet his friends. You agreed, mind still occupied of what happened at the short program.

    And when you noticed that Jay was already flirting at some random girls, your brows furrowed as you started seeing his friends having their own businesses.

    “I’ll just go and look for Heeseung.” you told your friends and they just nodded their heads at you.

    You, then proceed on looking for him since it’s really getting late and you’re starting to feel sleepy. When you turned over the corner, you saw him sitting at a couch, beside him was a girl. You don’t know her and you’re sure she isn’t from your school.

    You balled your fist, starting to feel jealousy took over you. With chin raised high, you walked over at them. Good thing the students around them were pretty much wasted so they don’t have any clue that Lee Heeseung was flirting with some stranger.

    ”Heeseung, i’m sleepy. Take me home.” you interrupted rudely. Both of their heads snapped over your side. Heeseung’s forehead furrowed and you sort of saw that he was a bit pissed. The girl broke into a smirk.

    “Oh look, your lucky charm.” you heard how she emphasize the words lucky charm and it annoyed you so much.

    “Then go and find Jake to take you home, y/n.” you were dumbfounded when you heard Heeseung said that. How can he tell you that?

    With a pained expression you held unto his arm when he once again turned to face the girl, “No, you took me here so you have to take me back home.” you were serious when you said it.

    If you saw him a bit pissed a while ago, this time he really looked like he’s really mad. You let go from him, kind of got scared of the way he looked at you.

    “There’s no more crowd, y/n. There’s no need for that anymore.” he said with a blank look over his eyes.

    You stepped backward from him, “So would you please leave me alone? I’m busy right now.” he said before he turned his head without glancing over at you again.

    A tear fell from your eyes as you slowly backed away from them. You saw how the girl teasingly waved at you and seems like she was really enjoying what’s happening.

    You sniffed and harshly wiped off your tear before turning and left the scene. You fished your phone to go and dial your cousin’s number. Your chest was hurting so much that you can’t even process things properly.

    “Jake where are you?” you said as you heard him answered his phone. You can hear muffled sounds from the other line.

    “Y/n? Why? I’m somewhere.” you rolled your eyes because you know so well what that means.

    “I want to go home. Pick me up back here in the party.”

    “What? Where’s Heeseung? He took you there so he should-”

    “He can’t take me home.” you cut him before he can even continue what he was saying.

    “Why? Wait, I’m currently in the middle of something so--”

    “Never mind, i’ll just go home by myself.” you said and was about to end the call when he talk again.

    “What? No! Wait up, I’ll go there. It’s late already you can’t go home by yourself. Where’s Jay anyway?” he asked and you once again heard muffled sounds from his line.

    “I don’t know where Jay is--”

    “I’m here.” your head snapped over to the side when you heard someone interrupted you.

    It was Jay and his brows furrowed as he saw your tear-stained face. “Great! Pass him the phone, y/n.” Jake said from the other line.

    You sighed and gave Jay the phone. You have no energy to fight with him anymore so you just followed what he told you.

    Jay talked to your cousin for a while but you didn’t really understand what it is because your mind was spacing out. He handed you back your phone after the call before he starred right at your eyes then smiled warmly.

    “Let’s go, let me take you home, pretty.” he mumbled softly and you pursed your lips trying to stop yourself from crying.

    Jay did take you home that night, it was a silent ride but you were somehow at peace. To know that he was just there beside you, calms you down. He was very reliable and a very nice friend to you.

    “Thank you for taking me home, Jay.” you smiled a little at him.

    He chuckled and extended his hand and gently messed your hair.

    “Anything for you. Go inside since it’s cold.” he said and pointed the door using his chin.

    “Your jacket?” you asked and motioned him his jacket that you were wearing.

    “Keep it.” you starred at him for a while before you waved at him then went inside.

    The next day in school, you were silent all the time. They were asking you what’s wrong but you just smile at them saying that you were just tired.

    Heeseung acted like as if he wasn’t an asshole yesterday. He was doing the same things like nothing happened, walk with you in hallways, eat with you and now taking you home. You were at the parking lot of the school and there’s almost no students left.

    “I really don’t like the way you acted last night, Heeseung.” you opened up.

    You like him--no, you actually love him. One reason why you still kept up with this set-up with him. But last night, you were really hurt and you can’t let him do that to you all the time.

    Heeseung rolled his eyes as he looked over at your side, “If you’re worrying for your image, don’t worry. Everyone was wasted that time.”

    “Is that why you flirted with that bitch and sent me off like I’m no one?” you asked him. His face turned dark as he grabbed you by the wrist.

    “Don’t call her like that.” you never saw Heeseung that way and it really scared you.

    You gulped trying to act strong in front of him, “Well she deserves to be called like that by how she acts yesterday.”

    Heeseung then smirked at you, “Then how should you be called? You let me fuck you here in my car like a slu--” you slapped him hard even before he can finish his sentence off.

    He was dumbfounded as he raised his head to look over at you. Heeseung doesn’t know what to feel when he saw your eyes filled with tears. He was lost of words and his mind was clouded that’s why he didn’t have the chance to stop you the moment you walked out of his car.

    You were crying so hard that you didn't even realized that you had dialed Jay’s number instead of Jake’s.

    “Hello, y/n?”

    “Please pick me up.” you said between your sobs.

    Jay was in the middle of practice when he saw you calling. They were having a water break and without even thinking twice, he ran out of there ignoring the shouts of their coach.

    “What happened?” he asked as he went out of his car. He was still wearing his basketball shorts but now wearing his plain white t-shirt.

    His face looked so worried as you approach him with a blank face. You tried smiling at him to ease his worry but you just saw how he clenched his jaw hardly.

    He raised his hand to cup your face gently, “If you don’t feel like smiling, don’t smile.” he said and he raised your chin so you can meet his eyes.

    “And if you want to cry, then cry. It will help you feel better.” and that was your cue. You cried so hard in his shoulders that you even had a hard time breathing.

    That time, you felt safe inside his embrace while Jay’s lips were near your ears whispering you calming words and his hands ran smoothly over your back.

    You slept in Jay’s place that night because you don’t want your cousin to see at that state. Jay spent the night comforting you and you were very thankful for him. You don’t know what you’re gonna do if he wasn’t there.

    “If it’s hurting you that much, stop with that set-up already.” he suggested while handing you over a bowl of popcorn.

    You pursed your lips while watching him set up the movie.

    “I love him.”

    “But he’s hurting you.” he said, eyes still fixed over the television.

    You stayed quiet and wait for Jay to lay beside you to give you cuddles for that night. You felt safe and a lot better because of him.

    The next day, Heeseung was a bit spacing out. What happened in his car kept on replaying over his mind and he just can’t help but to curse himself.

    His eyes darted over at the door of the classroom as he saw someone going inside. It was you and he saw how your eyes really looked puff, probably because of all the crying.

    He was so worried and was about to call you out when another person followed behind you. You turn your head before chuckling at that person.

    “Here, wear this. You look funny.” he suggested and handed you a sunglasses. You laughed but followed what he had said.

    Eyes of the students followed the two of you including Heeseung. He watch how Jay sat beside you and rested his hand at the back of your chair. He saw how he lean closer to whisper something at your ear that will make you laugh.

    He felt strange an unknown feeling taking over him. Were you always like this with Jay? Well, Jay’s naturally flirty so he’s not shock at all but to think you act like that around him lit up something weird inside him.

    He was still deep in thoughts when the bell rang. He snapped back to reality when Jake tapped him lightly at the shoulder to tell him that they need to go at the cafeteria.

    He gave him a short nod before he saw Jay walked out behind Jake. He was about to turn back at where you’re sitting but you were already standing beside his seat.

    Heeseung was actually surprised as he stare at you, he watched how you raised the sunglasses showing off your eyes before smiling.

    “Let’s go eat.” you mumbled with your usual smile but unlike before Heeseung knew it wasn’t sincere.

    He nodded after gulping, trying to get rid of that lump over his throat. Some students pass by over the two of you and you greeted them with a soft smile.

    You two walked together over at the cafeteria like the usual routine. He was really clueless but somehow a but relieved that you didn’t shut him off completely.

    As dismissal came, he was already plotting how he’ll say sorry to you. He was actually nervous as you both walked side by side over to his car. You were giggling moments ago with Jay but as he went in a different direction and was left alone with him, you grew silent.

    Heeseung opened the car door for you but you were still silent after muttering a low thank you. He walked around and went inside his car. The drive was suffocating that’s why he cannot find the right timing to say his apologize for you.

    “uh, y/n.” he tried catching your attention because you were already busy with your phone.

    “huh?” you asked coldly not even sparing him any glance.

    “I just want to say sorry for yesterday. It was an asshole move.” he said. He stopped the car because of the red light giving you a chance to actually look at him.

    Heeseung was taken aback at how you look at him. It was cold and blank. He can’t even recognize you, it was very different at how you look at him before.

    “Don’t mention it. I understand.” was your cold response to him.

    He wasn’t satisfied and he was about to talk again but the green light appeared. He once again continued driving and you went back on texting over your phone. Heeseung tightly gripped unto the stirring wheel.

    “Drop me off just there, Heeseung.” he was pulled back to reality when you suddenly talked.

    His brows furrowed in confusion as he saw that you were pointing over to a place not even near your place.

    “Do you need to go somewhere else? I can go with you.” he offered.

    You looked at him and his heart ache as he saw that cold stares again. You smiled but he can tell that they were fake.

    “It’s okay, Jay’s gonna pick me up here. Thanks for the ride, take care.” you said before going out of his car without even letting him to bid good bye.

    Heeseung sat at his car dumbfounded. It happened really quickly that he wasn’t even able to stop you, just like what happen yesterday. He rested his head over the stirring wheel as he slowly sort out his feelings.

    He was pretty clear that he doesn’t like you. Yeah, you were ideal. Beautiful, smart, sociable and have a great status in life but he just doesn’t seem interested in you... before. You were always vocal of how you feel towards him, making it easier for him to figure you out. Maybe that was the reason why he don’t take interest in you. Seeing you now slowly slipping off from him makes him mad. Not at you but to himself.

    The days continued that way. You act like nothing’s wrong but obviously there is an invisible wall slowly grew between Heeseung and you. It was the other way for Jay tho, you two became even more close. The more days you dripped away from him, the more he have come to realized that he was indeed in love with you.

    “This ain’t gonna work. You need to stop hanging out with Jay that often. They’re starting to make rumors that you are cheating over me with one of my friends.” one dismissal, you were planning to peacefully go home but it seems like Heeseung had reached his limit.

    You sighed, “Fuck rumors.”

    He was surprised at how you responded. If it was the old you who cares so much about your image, you would’ve take his suggestions but no. Jay had told you that there’s something else you need to care other than caring for what’s the other people are thinking of you. You realized that he was right.

    “Y/n...” Heeseung sounded helpless as he calls out to you.

    Actually, that was his last resort to keep you from leaving him. He may appear to be in control of the situation but the truth is, he was very worried. He’s afraid you’ll leave him and he knew so well that he ain’t gonna take it so well. He’ll go crazy. He cannot lose you.

    You let out a heavy sigh once again and you turn to face him, “This isn’t working anymore, Heeseung. I’m out of this set-up. I know you can still win the next election for student council president even without my help.” you mumbled continuously before you attempted to open the door of his car.

    Heeseung was still processing everything. He can’t believe you really said that to him. Between the two of you, he was expecting him to pull out of this set-up.

    He went back to his senses as he quickly grabbed your wrist, refraining to let you go.

    “I love you, y/n.” he blurted out.

    You were stunned at the sudden confession. You weren’t expecting it and to think that it was from Heeseung was unbelievable. You scoffed at him and starred at him with full sarcasm.

    “You’re just saying that because you’re afraid of what you’ll gonna lose.”

    Heeseung clenched his jaw, “Yeah, and that’s you.”

    You starred right at his eyes and you can see that he is sincere but still, the pain that he caused you tells you that it’s not enough for you.

    So instead of believing him, you chuckled, “Good-bye, Heeseung.” and you shoved away his hold from you before going out of his car and left.

    The next week, Heeseung was not himself. He was lost and everyone took notice of it and instantly indicating that it has something to do with you. The students around the campus had concluded that the two of you may have fought each other.

    Heeseung was always lifeless, like as if he had no will of living anymore. He was always quiet and serious, everyone is really surprised and worried about him.

    And when their basketball game for their finals came, you planned on going since Jay invited you, you were greeted by their stressed out faces.

    “What’s wrong?” you asked Jay handing him the drink you bought for him.

    He smiled a little, “Heeseung hyung is not here.” he said.

    You furrowed your brows because you know how Heeseung was never late in his games. You roamed your eyes around and you didn’t saw him anywhere.

    “y/n, can you do me a favor and please call him for me?” his coach even approaches you that you quickly agreed on.

    You stepped outside of the auditorium for less noises and quickly dialed his number. It took him three rings before he picked it up.

    “Yah! Lee Heeseung? Where the hell are you?” you sounds frustrated and mad at him. Even if you called off the set-up, you still worry for him of course. You know how much he wanted to win so it is a very big deal for him.


    “Home? Your game will start in 5 minutes!”

    “I know.” you were out of words after hearing him say that. You thought he just lost track of time but to hear that he knew confused you.

    “Then why are you still there? Go here now.”

    “I’m not gonna play.” his voice sounds so firm.

    “What do you mean you’re not gonna play? Are you crazy? You wanted so bad to win this and you needed this for--”

    “I don’t need that. You’re the one I need.” you were dumbfounded.


    “Tell Jay I said good luck.” and he turn off the call.

    You were stoned at your position the whole time and when you finally went back inside, the game was starting and they were left behind. Jay’s pretty much trying his best and of course, he’s scoring. But the duo from the other team just can’t be hand just by him.

    They lost their first game in their finals and everyone seems to look so gloomy about it. Some of them were wondering why the Ace wasn’t there and you don’t know what to say to them.

    The next day, it was the time where the candidates for the student council president will make a speech in front of the students. You were kind of worried for Heeseung because lately, he wasn’t himself.

    Thankfully, he did appeared at the stage. He was all serious and not even smiling. When it’s his turn to make a speech, he went in front and you can see that everyone’s anticipating for him.

    “Good morning. I, Lee Heeseung is here in front of you to make my speech.” his eyes roam around and as he find yours, it remained. He was silent and not talking.

    He sighed and a small smile appeared over his face. “Actually, I don’t know if I can do this.” he said that made almost everyone to gasp.

    You looked at him with worry. “I used to think that being the student council president is a piece of cake. I convinced myself that I’m very much made for this. That I can do this because, I am Lee Heeseung.”

    You saw how the corner of his mouth lifted a bit, “Everyone may know me as a very responsible student, a role model for my hoobaes, a good friend and a good boyfriend.” and his eyes settled at you.

    His smile fell as tear slowly show over his sad eyes, “Don’t get me wrong, I am indeed all of those except from one.” he added.

    A smile appeared over his face as a tear fell, “I haven’t been a good boyfriend for y/n causing me to lose the most precious girl I have ever known.”

    Your eyes started to water as well as you listen to him. “After losing her, I realized that she’s everything to me. She was the one who gives me encouragement whenever I get tired of my works as a student council president. She gave me assurance whenever I get nervous before my games during basketball games. And most of all, she showers me love even if I’m flawed and imperfect.”

    He bit his lower lip, “Y/n, I wanna tell you that I would rather lose all of this than to lose you.”

    You pouted and quickly stood up to go over at the stage to give him the warmest hug. The student cheered as you two embrace each other.

    “I love you.” you mumbled.

    “I love you even more, baby.” heeseung can’t explain the happiness he was feeling as he locked you into his embrace. To have you close to him sure is what he needs the most.

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  • wonvelvet
    23.05.2021 - 2 monts ago

    kenopsia — l.heeseung

    ↳ pairing: heeseung x reader

    ↳ genre: fluff, post-apocalyptic

    ↳ wc: 261 | warnings: smooch and kisses

    note: I recommend listening to butterfly by choi jungin while reading this. also this could be read as an alternative ending for my drabble ghost of you.

    credits to: @googoojeu for her 2am random idea

    kenopsia: the eerie, forlorn atmosphere of a place that's usually bustling with people— but is now abandoned and quiet

    "don’t know if this is reality or a dream."

    heeseung's hands hold onto you in a gentle warm grip as he moves you along to the imaginary music in his head, making you giggle nonstop at his face pretending to be listening to a song, brows furrowing, eyes closed and lips pursed as if it's an opera performance.

    even after a week of it all being over the store is empty with not a soul in the neighborhood, it's just him and you dancing in the last aisle in the early hours of what you assume a friday.

    you think back on all those days you barely survived and feel relieved that you held on tight. all those nights when you felt like you wouldn't wake up the next day now gone and you can finally let your heart feel what it wants to feel. To let those feelings you suppressed so cautiously, so forcibly to be felt freely, nakedly with nothing to worry about.

    so you let it all take over, prying your hands from him you cup his face, look into his bambi eyes that shoot open at the feeling of his cheeks being squished before smooching his lips in a confidence that dissipates as fast as it comes.

    your breath gets stuck as he blinks at you in a light trance, the silence so heavy that your fast heartbeats that were previously just echoing in your ears now reach the other. you just starting regretting your actions when heeseung gulps once and counting to 3 catches your lips in an audible yelp as he pulls you closer.

    #enhypenwriters#enhypennetwork#ultkpop#wkcnet#enhypen imagines#enhypen#enhypen reactions#enhypen drabbles#enhypen scenarios#enhypen heeseung#enhypen fluff #enhypen heeseung x reader #enhypen heeseung imagine #enhypen heeseung scenarios #enhypen x you #enhypen x reader
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    #mha x reader #mha x you #bnha x reader #bnha x you #🐇 usagiyama rumi ( mirko ) #👑 yaoyorozu momo ( creati ) #🔞 kayama nemuri ( midnight ) #🍌 headcanons
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    Eye Candy

    Idol Wooyoung x Fem Reader


    note: do excuse the amount of dialogues in here and a reminder that this is a work of fiction so don't take anything written in here seriously. Thank you for requesting this anon! Enjoy <3

    Even when Wooyoung told you their dorm’s passcode, you still wanted to ring the bell. After two rings, you heard shouting and stomping coming from inside. Probably fighting on who should open the door because everyone was either resting or had other things to do.

    It’s their off day so it was understandable on your side but Wooyoung texted you to come. You told him many times that he should spend the day resting instead of meeting you and you’re totally fine with it. But knowing him and his petty threats that goes along the lines of, “Someone doesn’t love me anymore” or “Don’t miss me if I don’t text you as often”, had you coming to their dorm without a second thought.

    The door opened after a couple of minutes and it was Mingi behind the door. You smiled at him and he returned the gesture as he led you inside. “Did you wait long?” “No, I didn’t. Sorry for intruding.” You gave an apologetic smile and Mingi said it was fine before running off leaving you in the living room.

    It’s been a couple of months since you last stepped into their dorm, every time it had a new feeling to it. You sat on the floor and took out your phone, checking in case there were people texting you from work or anyone in particular.

    He knows you’re coming yet he’s nowhere in sight. It was getting kind of awkward sitting by yourself so you decided to watch some videos to kill time. Somewhere in the dorm you could hear him talking and laughing. He was everywhere except with you.

    “This is risky...but he’s not here so” You took out your earphones and plugged it in your phone. You wore only one and left the other hanging on your shoulder, just in case Wooyoung came.

    You’re currently watching one of the latest performances from the Kingdom contestants. Your eyes glued to your phone as the boy group danced and sang to their own version of another participating group’s song.

    Then you repeat the video again just because you can and you wanted to hear that particular voice again. “Oh my god, his voice...” You trailed off your words as a dreamy sigh escaped your lips.

    “Whose voice?” You did not expect him to suddenly appear beside you so you clicked your phone and put it away. “No one.” You gave a forced smile when Wooyoung suddenly leaned forward and tried to grab your phone.

    “Were you watching something inappropriate?” He gasped and you pushed him away with rolled eyes. “Are you crazy? Why would I do it here when I can do that at home.” He narrowed his eyes at you and leaned closer.

    “What do you want now?” You questioned suspiciously when he abruptly pecked your lips and grabbed your phone from behind you. You groan and threw your head back when you realised that you fell for his tricks.

    “What’s the password again.”

    “Hongjoong’s birthday.” He glared at you with the phone still in hand.

    “I guess you can’t see what I was watching then.” You stuck your tongue out at him, trying to press his buttons. He won’t give up easily and so were you. “Why is it his birthday and not mine?” He was seriously getting on your nerves.

    “I have no password on Wooyoung. Just unlock the freaking phone!” He smiled sheepishly at you. He just appeared for a short time yet you’re already tired from bickering with him.

    “Are you streaming other groups' performances?” Wooyoung turned to you with surprise written all over his face and you knew this was the worst part of them all. Explaining things to Jung Wooyoung.

    You tried to grab your phone from him but he was scrolling through something you can’t see. “I was just watching their performance. I wasn’t streaming cause it’s already on the phone.” You quietly finish your words.

    “You saved Stray Kids’s video and not ours? I can’t believe you. Whose voice were you talking about earlier?” You could feel your head aching from all his nonstop questions. Why did I fall for him again, you pathetically thought to yourself. Right because he’s Jung Wooyoung.

    “It was Felix. I just like hearing his voice okay. Nothing more.” You tried to defend yourself before he burst even more. You stretched your neck and saw him scrolling through your camera roll when he angrily put your phone down and looked at you pouting.

    “I have a nice voice too. How could you...” You cupped his cheeks and watched how a smile was forming on his lips and eyes turned into crescents as he waited for a compliment but you wanted to tease him even more.

    “No babe, your voice is annoying unlike Felix. His voice is so deep and pleasant to the ears, you know?” You laughed seeing his reaction to you complimenting another idol.

    “That’s it. I’m throwing your phone.” He stood up and you hastily grabbed his leg and pulled him back down. “If you’re buying me a new one then it’s fine. I know you won’t, Wooyoung.”

    Both of you didn’t notice a figure walking in to see what was happening in front of him. “What is going on here? Wooyoung stop pushing your girlfriend like that!” Wooyoung looked at the newcomer and glared at him.

    “Stay out of this, Joongie. I caught her cheating on me.” He was being dramatic and you had to defend yourself as usual knowing too well how he was.

    “I wasn’t cheating on you, idiot. Hongjoong please do something. I’m tired.” He wished he didn’t come out from the room to grab a drink. The fact he had to be the middle ground out of a sudden, tires him already.

    “Tell me what’s going on. You first.” He turned to an upset Wooyoung. At this point you can’t tell if he was really upset or just faking it. But from the looks of it he seemed really upset about you praising Felix earlier.

    “She wasn’t streaming our latest performance on Kingdom. She even complimented Felix saying he has a nicer voice than mine.” You know Hongjoong is sensible and won’t believe everything he just heard.

    “You make me sound like a bad person, Woo. First, I told you I saved the video so I wasn’t streaming it like you claim. Second, I like listening to you sing but when you talk so much that’s a different story.”

    You leaned back on the sofa with crossed arms and heard Hongjoong scoffed at your words. Earning him a slap on the thigh by no other than Wooyoung.

    “Besides, it’s like a strategy you know. If I save their performance video it means that I would only stream Ateez’s performance and not theirs. Get it?”

    Hoongjoong knew so well you’re trying to save yourself from this ridiculous situation so he added on, “That makes sense. I don't see anything wrong with that.” Wooyoung threw a look at both you and Hongjoong, making sure you’re not trying to scheme something else.

    “Stop sulking okay. She came all the way here to see you and you took your time and didn’t even greet her. I saw you were fooling around with San earlier when Mingi came to tell you she’s already in the living room.” You kept quiet the whole time Hongjoong talked to him. You knew that hit the spot.

    “Fine. Okay, you can leave now.” He pushed Hongjoong away and the latter shook his head before getting up. Wooyoung then turned to you with a pout. How were you going to resist that face even after what he had done?

    His arms were hugging you the minute his leader left. “I’m sorry, baby. Everything is just so stressful and tiring.” You sighed and hugged him back.

    You understand what he’s going through and could only be there as a support. No matter what, you’ll always support him.

    “It’s alright. Just don’t get too jealous, you’re the one I choose in the end right?” Upon hearing your words, he cupped your face and peppered kisses all over.

    You had to squint your eyes at his abrupt actions. Moments after, he stopped and smiled happily at you, content that everything was resolved.

    “I’ll try not to, even though it’s hard. I love you so much, come here you.” He pulled you in his arms and hugged you tight. He was squishing you so you told him to let go as much as you want to hug him. He wasn’t planning to let go until you whispered to him a heated question.

    “Do you love me more than San?”

    “No, I love him more.” He said without hesitation.

    “What the heck, Wooyoung?” You shouted in disbelief and you pushed him away. You just made up and due to your question, another petty fight was about to happen and it’s not even a new topic.

    “You have no right to be upset when you have a whole folder of Seonghwa’s photos.” He pointed at your phone to which you poke his chest right after.

    “You too have a whole folder of photos with San. For what? I can’t even post my photo with you and I only have like ten of them. This is so sad.” You were a bit upset that he actually chose San over you but exaggerating once in a while won’t hurt.

    “That’s for when I need to post on our accounts. What about you, what’s your reason?” He questioned back.

    “Seonghwa is hot alright, even you agreed on that.” You answered back to which he stayed silent.

    Both of you unaware about the other members peeking behind the wall, watching as another fight was about to happen.

    “I don’t think Wooyoung is going to let me live on this one.” Seonghwa turned to San who nodded in agreement. “Same here. She looks like she can murder me too.”

    “Someone, quickly order their favourite food. I don’t want to stop them again.” Hongjoong said in a hushed voice and Yunho nodded as he took out his phone.

    The only way to bond with Wooyoung was to have fights about the littlest thing possible. It gets annoying and tiring but you love him anyway.

    It’s not like you get to see each other everyday so this was the way to get the best out of everything even if it means to have arguments with him.

    After all, he’s your favourite eye candy.

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