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  • kids in my class: “oh she’s quiet cause she’s smart.”

    me: *trying to process something said and probably just ending up daydreaming for the rest of class.*

    #Class#Funny#Noone#Kidsinmyclase#Me#Dumb#Smart #i am actually smart so ha #When the teacher calls on you #Panic #We’re all gonna die #*gets answer right* #Relief
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  • image

    she is so beautiful bye

    #her visuals...... out of this world #noone can look this good #noone#kim jisoo #u are beautiful #blackpink#mine
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  • In realtà questo dovrebbe essere il “day 3″, inutile dire che mi ero scordata di aver iniziato questa sorta di diario. Tra poco avrò l’esame di maturità, sinceramente non sono pronta, ma non perché ho ansia o altro, semplicemente non voglio studiare e non voglio abbandonare quel mondo che è l’adolescenza. Sto passando un brutto momento, pensavo di essere riuscita a perdonare me stessa, ma non è vero e di certo la mia famiglia non mi aiuta, mia madre non fa altro che urlare tutto il giorno per le cose che non ha fatto o che non ha, è frustrante. Vorrei essere spensierata, come quelle ragazze che sembrano sempre felici…sembrano, mi sono fregata da sola, probabilmente io per gli altri sono quella ragazza che sembra sempre felice, allora forse nessuno è spensierato? 

    Voi come state? non so chi mi risponderà e soprattutto se qualcuno risponderà, però ci tenevo a chiederlo perché forse li davanti allo schermo c’è qualcuno come me che aspetta questa domanda.

    Bye bye, iammoody.

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  • Yeah I’m that something you can’t find anything like it

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  • image

    Redrew one of the first instances of Noone art I have hh//

    #my dumb art #my ocs#noone#noone alecra#redraw #slightly different but still its she hh.. #also 2016?? that doesnt sound right ghh.... it feels like its been longer hhh
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  • Imagine telling someone you feel lonely, and them telling you they will help. Only for them to sit in a call with their friends all day long and have the audacity to message you saying ‘I miss you’

    Yeah, enough to call me for 5 mins to see if im okay.

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  • No One by Aly & AJ

    #aly and aj #alyandajedit#lyrics#lyricsedit#noone #into the rush album #mine#edits #aly and aj lyrics #sadbeautifultragic
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  • “Hey, could you get the pipe wrench for me?” You new roommate, No One, asks.

    “Sure!” You pull it out of the closet, ignoring how hairy it is. “Here it is!” You put it into their outstretched hand coming from under the sink and they sigh.

    “Dude, no. That’s the monkey wrench. I need the other one.” They say. You look at the wrench and notice that it has escaped out the window, screeching while swinging its monkey self through the trees of the nearby park.

    “Whoops, sorry.”

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  • You move into a new apartment because of how cheap it is. Finally. A place for yourself. You start to unpack and hear a sound from the bathroom. You grab your phone and pre-dial it to the emergency number, just in case. You slam open the door, hoping to scare whoever is in the bathroom. “Who goes there?” You scream at the top of your lungs, hoping to catch the culprit.

    No one is in the bathroom. “Oh hey, what’s up? Sorry I couldn’t say hi to you at the door, I was busy…as you can see.” They’re sitting on the toilet, and you have clearly intruded on their privacy by accident. You suddenly remember that the apartment is cheap because you’re living with a roommate.

    “Oh my god, I’m so sorry, No One, I didn’t realize you were in here, I just heard a noise and got panicked.” You hurriedly stumble over your words.

    “Yo, it’s chill. By the way, I should let you know, we have a bit of a clogging problem.” They finish up, and while washing their hands, they oull a miniature clog out of the drain.

    “Ah, I see. No problem.”

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  • from IG visyxdany

    Jaqen & Arya 💕

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  • 💭

    #its currently 3 am and i’m still wide awake and can’t fall asleep 🙃 #jesus kill me already #i’m gonna start taking nyquil so i can fix my fucked up sleep schedule #cuz i hate not being able to fall asleep until 2-3am and waking up around 11:30 or noon #squid sister says stuff
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  • I’m waiting for my life to feel like it’s mine again. But it never really did.

    #shut up#noone cares #sad boi hours #fuck me ig
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  • i played minecraft for like 12 hours today

    #i don't normally do this to myself lmao #i woke up at noon and now i'm going to bed #it's like 3:30am #i did some other stuff too today but it was mostly just playing minecraft #not a bad day
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  • God my friends are smarter than everyone

    #so clear going out talking to people #noone has anything interesting to say
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  • So I figured,a lot of people  with the quarantine are bored and looking for new stuff to watch ,so I wanted to give my reccomendations for some classic films people could check out …..Thing is as I compiled the list I realized a majority of them are from the 50′s .so decided why not make it all the 50′s .This list is in no particular order

    Night of the Hunter :This is my second favorite movie of all time  .The story of two kids  who know the location of some stolen money ,and thus are the targets of  the murderous and  greedy preacher Harry Powell.The thing is while the main kid John can see through Powell’s facade ,he is such a charming  guy that all the adults ignore  this.IT’s a scary movie but I hesitate to call it  a horror movie  ,it’s more like a fairy tale ,with Lilian Gish even playing a mother goose type figure and Powell certainly evokes the big bad wolf (He’s even compared to a wolf in the movie ).I will also say Robert Mitchum’s  Harry Powell is one of the most terrifying villains I have ever seen

    20′000 LEagues Under the Sea :If you dig steampunk you HAVE to watch this movie .A scientist(Paul Lukas),his assistant (Peter Lorre), and a harpooner (Kirk Douglas) are taken aboard a submarine by Captain Nemo(James Mason)….And from there you get some great adventure,a great cast,an itriguing anti villain,and an epic battle with a squid.This maybe my favorite Disney movie 

    Them!:This is a movie about giant ants that actually is terrifying .It treats the subject matter seriously ,the ants dont look bad ,the  main cast are all excellent (Including James Whitmore from the Shawshank Redemption ) and theres are a lot of fun supporting characters(Including a tiny role for Spock himself ,Leonard Nimoy)

    12 Angry Men:The life of a young man hangs in the balance,as a jury  is convinced he murdered his father ,but one man (Henry Fonda) is convinced there might be some doubt .This movie is a battle of words ,all in one room and with characters whose names we dont even know ….And yet it is never dull,with great direction by Sidney Lumet and magnificent acting by not only Henry Fonda but Lee J Cobb ,EG Marshall,John Fiedler ,Jack Warden,Martin Balsam,and all the rest of the cast 

    The African Queen :Taking place at the start of  WWI,a missionary(KPlayed by one of my favorite actresses Kathryn Hepburn) and a hard drinking riverboat captain (Played by one of my favorite actors Humphrey Bogart ) team up  to sink a  German ship .What we get is a romantic adventure film that is basically Han Solo and Leia the movie  .

    Gojira :A  tale of nuclear  destruction and the responsibility of people who create such weapons ,covered in the skin of a monster movie  .This is a horror film in its truest sense

    High Noon:I will admit while I love western films….Most of the westerns I love are from the 60′s onward,but this is one of the earlier westerns that I love .Simple story of a bad guy coming to town with vengence on his mind  while our hero (GAry Cooper) tries to get any assistance ….And is constantly let down by his “friends”.A simple yet effective story `

    Dial M for Murder:My third favorite Hitchcock film(Behind Psycho and Rope).Basically a man( Ray Milland)  plans on getting someone to murder his wife(Played by Grace Kelly) and that is ALL I am saying about the plot ,cause the twist and turns are what makes this fun as well as Ray Milland as one of the most charming villains EVER 

    Forbidden Planet:A retelling of Shakespeares the Tempest ….But in SPAAAAAAAAAAAAAACE.This is one of the first movies to be set on a planet far from Earth ,this film is basically a prototype for Star  Trek ,has a daramtic leading performance by a young Leslie Nielsen of Airplane,Scary Movie and Naked Gun fame ,one of the most iconic movie robots with Robbie and a unique monster 

    Throne of Blood :Yet another Shakespeare adaptation,this time of  ,Macbeth ,but with Samurai .Honestly it might be weird that I chose this over say Seven Samurai or Rashomon …..But Seven Samurai is very long and I honestly prefer its remake the Magnificent Seven ,and Rashomon has elements that just havent aged well ,and honestly I just prefer Throne of Blood .It helps  Macbeth  is my favorite Shakespear play ,and that means you get murder intrigue,prophecy ,evil spirits ,all that fun stuff ,great performances by Toshiro  Mifune and Isuzu Yamada and one of the greatest endings in all of cinema

    #throne of blood #gojira#forbidden planet #dial m for murder #high noon #the african queen #them! #12 angry men #night of the hunter #20'000 leagues under the sea
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  • Just remembered that when I was younger I thought lactose intolerant meant you were afraid of rain

    #noone corrected me for a very long time
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  • can you just fucking imagine finally finding hte thing to save everyone and then this kid you put in charge w gawain fucking comes in covered in blood and sobbing , kills ur bf and gf, then calls you fATHER????? can you IMAGINE ??? THAT MUST BE SO CONFUSING 

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  • back at it again with the 1am anxiety attacks

    #jesus christ #life is just #no#bad #very very stressful #and im very very angry and sad #but i have noone to talk to #horray
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  • surprised jonny played lancelot in High Noon Over Camelot since his whole thing is fathers murdered by their sons

    #he was oedipus's dad and then. his whole backstory lol #hnoc #high noon over camelot #Jonny d'Ville
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