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  • belfastroadster
    25.07.2021 - 2 minutes ago

    Moonrise over Dundonald, County Down.

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  • cute-clown-extraordinaire
    25.07.2021 - 2 minutes ago
    “The Joker seems to have the localized reality-warping power of ensuring people make the stupidest decisions when they are around him.”

    I saw this on a reddit post and if this ain’t true LMAO

    #it's his true clowny power LOLOL #not only is he an idiot he makes everyone else an idiot #no i will not take criticism this is now canon to my blog LMAO #ooc#hatsu talks #about muse: general
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  • psychonauts-headcanons
    25.07.2021 - 4 minutes ago

    “Benny is a musical theatre kid. His favorite composer is Stephen Sondheim.”

    (submitted by anon)

    #submission#benny fideleo#psychonauts headcanons #i think that's implied in his campster profile #but it's unknown how canon that is
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  • osamusgiri
    25.07.2021 - 4 minutes ago

    imma going to write sousuke smiling for more than 3 times / smiling bc of whatever rin was doing on my bingo prediction for final stroke

    #free! #free! eternal summer #free! final stroke #sourin#yamazaki sousuke#matsuoka rin #also kisumi finally play basketball #CANONICALLY hiyori was the only one who answered his invitation beside sourin #and i need that 3x3 MATCH KYOANI PLS #idk will there be timestep since dttf but i hope sou or nats or asahi or hiyori or rei or even sei got into the national team
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  • worstloki
    25.07.2021 - 4 minutes ago
    #canon kiss is canon #the loki show #loki spoilers #loki show spoilers
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  • sessrincanon
    25.07.2021 - 5 minutes ago

    SessRin fanart by Nanami Kashewaky Repost with permission ✨

    #sessrin #sesshomaru x rin #sessrin is canon #sessrinners please interact #rin#sesshomaru#sessrin positivity#art #hanyou no yashahime #sessrinweek#sessrin forever#sessrin family
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  • noxtms
    25.07.2021 - 6 minutes ago
    dear tig; we are pleased to inform you that your application for DOTTY MOODY has been accepted to 𝐧𝐨𝐱 ! olivia cooke is now taken. you have twenty four hours to submit your account, or else your role will be reopened !
    ⧼   OLIVIA COOKE, CIS WOMAN, SHE/HER   /   mirror by sigrid + a child standing in the shadow of the family name, a heavy weight cast down by strangers as the child grows into a young woman, expectations crushing confidence under watchful eyes; wilting flowers dropping petals atop window sills, gentle fingers lifting them with life each morning, a sunshine filled smile feeding the petals colour; salty tears dripping a melody onto scraped knees, scarred palms furiously drying aching eyes, a pounding pain emanating through the skull for hours onward ⧽   ━━   hey, isn’t that DORIS 'DOTTY' MOODY? i read a daily prophet article on them, once ; the TWENTY-EIGHT year old [ HALF-BLOOD ] WITCH is a [ GRYFFINDOR ] alumnus who has gone on to be a [ BARTENDER FOR THE THREE BROOMSTICKS. ] i’ve heard they can be quite CURIOUS & HUMOUROUS, but i don’t know… they came off very INSECURE & STUBBORN in that interview. it really is hard to know what to believe these days though, isn’t it?   [   tig, 22, gmt+1 (currently british summer time), she/her   ]
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  • manesalex
    25.07.2021 - 8 minutes ago

    Anyway, according to my headcanon, Maria is a lesbian. Nothing we've seen changes that.

    #not tagging anything #if you come onto my post to argue with me #either you're following me or you were looking to start shit #and i would question why my headcanon #which in no way affects your experiences with canon or your headcanon #bothers you so much #for those of you upset about canon #i offer the option to throw it out and create your own headcanons #i do it all the time
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  • sugar-dusted-kisses
    25.07.2021 - 12 minutes ago

    I wrote a story!!! About saving Saeran from the bad end! Because I’ll always be there for him! 🥺💕💗

    #🧁 funfetti felicity 🧁 #💐 #(also this isn’t meant to be shippy with V and Rika he just has a big heart 😭) #(​V x Xia is the canon ship thank you very mUCH 😤)
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  • fuckspn
    25.07.2021 - 12 minutes ago

    anyway i truly didn’t expect anyone to actually read my sleep-deprived rambling let along reblog it or respond to it but it was all worth it for the person in the tags who is just now realizing will byers is gay. welcome to the fold bestie

    #dean winchester 🤝 will byers 🤝 being so obviously mlm that i consider it canon even if it's never explicitly stated #(the difference being dean's obvious bi-ness is the result of spn being the most media experience of all time #while will's obvious gayness is the result of deliberate subtext and multiple show documents saying he's gay)
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  • julisa-s
    25.07.2021 - 13 minutes ago

    Hits JuLisa with the Genshin Beam-

    YEAH here they are in a Genshin AU bc I said so and bc I keep thinking of really cool lore for them 💙 I might even make a little comic but here is some basic info about both of them:

    FRITZ (no last name)

    Vision: Chrono (time)
    Weapon: Catalyst
    Constellation: Corona Borealis
    Once known as ABBADON, archon of time and God of peace
    He gave up his gnosis and his godhood during the archon war 2000 years ago, knowing that his further involvement would lead to catastrophe. He allowed Morax to "kill" him, but escaped to live the life as a hermit in Teyvat. Over time, humankind forgot of the Gods before the Seven, but some of the Archons still remember.


    Vision: Pyro
    Weapon: Polearm
    Constellation: Orion
    Laurel is a Monstadt native who had the misfortune of encountering Fritz's long lost Gnosis. It's power conflicted with her own vision, but Fritz was able to stabilize it to save her life. The two fell in love and now wander around Teyvat together, avoiding the last two remaining Archons from Fritz's time 💙

    This is all so self indulgent but I don't care 😭 They are sexy and they deserve it ♥️

    #my art#🌅🌌#gi#oc ref #genshin character design is so hard UGH #yes I am stealing Julius a canon bc character for my own selfish needs and I don’t care #fritz can't really use his gnosis without hurting Laurel since it's like... IN her lol #so he's stuck on venti/zhongli level for now ♥️
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  • 10000111100101100
    25.07.2021 - 15 minutes ago

    last night i thought of my first modern wangxian au so thats cool i guess

    #i dont get into non canon aus so quickly but like ill just accept it now rather than later i guess
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  • helluva-boss-fan
    25.07.2021 - 20 minutes ago

    Hello! This is my new Hazbin/Helluva oc! It's sort of a self insert ^^ I hope you like them! They’re part of an au I’m working on

    This is their reference sheet (click for better quality)

    #hazbin hotel #hazbin hotel oc #helluva boss #helluva boss oc #oc x canon #original character#milo santiago
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  • lionfanged
    25.07.2021 - 20 minutes ago

    atticus kept very quiet on his backstory to others, and when pressed, only told lies. the reality was his parents were consumed by the curse of the serpent god, the tatarigami gradually seeping deep into them as they harvested crystal marrow, until it drove them mad. his gifted pet from traveling merchants from natlan, bearing with them many treasures in hopes of selling due to their exotic value, ended up becoming his savior and lifeline, killing his mother and father before they could get to him.

    the imagery still haunts him, and yet, he wonders why, when he was so often helping them both, the curse did not plague him. in a way, looking back, their violent deaths was a blessing, given the life he was able to lead--even if lost with the vision hunt decree.

    #▲ ↠ ♛   ❛  your cold heart covered in gold ; lion fanged b e a s t┊✧ CANON
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  • tartagles
    25.07.2021 - 21 minutes ago
    #YOU ARE CANON. can we be canon together technically mutual
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  • hyper-aether
    25.07.2021 - 21 minutes ago

    Tale of a Sunny Morning

    It's sunny outside. The first sunny day of the week. It started raining last saturday and it seemed like it would never stop. Many afternoons I stood at the window, looking into the thick rain, not being able to discern anything besides the dark silhouettes of the houses and the silent trees beyond the village.

    The forest seems to claim this place, maybe it's only right for it to be so.

    I'm not sure he likes the rain too much. It seems to get him down. We joke about it but I really think it saddens him.

    Watch the water flow to forget the pain you bear.

    That's what he told me when we were kids. Watch the stream of the river, the silent currents amongst which fish swim alongside the bodies of those who fell in the war.

    Would water ever be enough to clense our pain? I always wonder.

    I tried to keep him company. There are a lot of things to get done here and we don't get much time. Managing this place is a lot harder that it looks. We do get our time though. It isn't much but I know that my company can shield him from the rain that bangs on our windows.

    Would I ever want to be his sun? Could I?

    I don't think I could ever shine that bright for he already shines for me. Can there be two suns? Or am I just his moon, reflecting his glow in a pale silvery light. Sounds beautiful.

    Or maybe we're just two different kind of fires.

    He shines for others, I shine for him.

    At last the rain is gone. It's sunny again.

    "Do you want to take a stroll outside" he asks with a smile. I can see it in his eyes, the joy that the weather brings. I have work to do, I could put it off for now. I leave my papers on the floor and I nod: "sure."

    I always come off as a cold individual. Maybe I am, but I am not heartless. The most silent hearts are perhaps the biggest ones. That's what I like to think to myself. Or maybe I just say this because I feel guilty of my own apathy. I wish I could say all that I feel sometimes. I wish I could understand it.

    There have been times, I reckon, when I have come close to speaking my heart out. But somehow words just get stuck on my yet so cold lips. I really wish he could know. We know each other's guts, he said. But is it true? Does he know what I feel each time he smiles? Does he know? If he knows why doesn't he speak.

    Am I just going to regret my silence. Are we just going to hold our hands together as one and know it? I know he knows me. I know he knows. Each subtle action of his shows it. It has always been like this. Ever since my brother died I've had nothing but a piercing pain in my chest, grief. And now my chest hurts again, but it's love. I fear love, I fear the strenght it beholds, I fear what it might do to me and I fear what I might do if I loose it again.

    I loved my brothers, each one of them, and their lives slipped between my fingers one at a time.

    I don't what to loose love again. I don't.

    We are now slowly walking outside. The air still smells of rain. The mud on the street stains our sandals and yet we keep walking. It's early in the morning, nobody else is outside aside from us. I was up working but what was he doing this early? Was he just looking for me?

    A few birds greet the sun with a lovely song alongside some frogs from a nearby swamp. We are silent. The air is light though. Usually silence tends to be heavy, soffoucating even. But this silence is different. This silence is understanding. The air is chilly, humid, and fresh. The tips of my fingers are cold. I slowly reach out to him, almost unseen.

    My fingers brush off the back of his hand, almost fully covered by the long sleeves of his clothes.

    He stops for a second and looks at me with a smile. I think I will remember this forever. I hope I will. If there ever was a language that could print on paper what words never could express I would write about it. He holds my hand, gently. It's warm. The chilly breeze doesn't seem to affect him at all. Holding hands can mean so many different things.

    A mother guiding her child trough a crouded place would hold his hand. A guide. Meaning security and care.

    A lover would hold their partner's hand. A bond to tighten and never let go. The very essence of their bond.

    Two friends would hold their hands together while jumping on the steep side of a hill. If one of them falls the other one will always have his back.

    A shake of a hand is a deal ever sealed in fate. It has already happened. A deal for peace, for an alliance to never break down.

    It's so calming. Sometimes I still feel the void that my loss brought to me but it's almost as that warm touch on my hand can fill it all and grow even bigger inside of me.

    It's so strong yet so fragile. A bond marked in the blood of many and yet I feel like anything could just pop it and let it fly in the cold hair.

    I squeeze his hand. I don't want to think about that. It's just us now.

    We have been walking for quite a bit, the forest lingers beyond the wooden doors almost embracing them like a kind mother. Hidden in the leaves. Hidden, protected, nourished. Maybe we are the children of this forest.

    "Where are you going?!" I worry as we cross the doors. We shouldn't get to far off in the woods, we have work to do in the village. I tense a bit but he just nods and whispers a "trust me" underneath his smile. His eyes seem to smile as well. I have always thought about black eyes as something empty. Mine looked empty. Every time I would bend to the surface of the river I would see them staring back at me, empty. My eyes are not supposed to be black, it's in my blood. Yet his eyes. His eyes are black and even though they can leave that shade they don't feel empty. They feel so full, so beautiful. Reflecting all that they see and bending the light trough a mirror of his soul. The light seems brighter when it shines in his eyes. Maybe when I look at him my eyes aren't empty at all. Because they are drowning in his and his soul fills them and it fills my heart trough them.

    We have now arrived at a lonely hill, it's not so lonely now. It stands upon the valley below and we can see the forest stretching out and around the village from here. It's majestic. Truly.

    "Why did you bring me here?" I ask. I guess my tone always sounds harsher than I want it to but my question is sincere.

    The sun has risen a bit, it shines upon us now.

    He slowly lets himself fall on the grass below and I follow him. He turns around and picks up a flower from the tall green grass.

    It's white, pure, shining like a star among the twirling field shaken by the wind. He hands it to me, slowly, carefully, laying it down on my lap as he rests his head on my shoulder. Not a word has been said. Not a word. But we both know. I smile.

    The wind warmly bends the grass

    Rivers running singing trees

    Swirling, twirling around us

    Held by nature, so at ease

    Walls caressed by the wings

    Of the fated roots that hold

    The dreams of who never dreams

    A story yet to be told

    From the branches gently blooms

    Fragile beauty, never dies

    The sun of a thousand noons

    Shining deeply in your eyes

    Green around above us blue

    Rivers running singing trees

    It's just us, just me and you

    Held by nature, so at ease

    [Uchiha Madara]

    #personal post#vent#memory #I don't even know if I want people to read this or not #I could tag it in canon but maybe it would just be worthless #I don't think people would understand and they would just take this as sappy fanfiction #maybe this blog is better off unnoticed #on the other hand I want people to know #I want people to read and understand what I feel #but is it to no avail? #sigh
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  • leimonia
    25.07.2021 - 21 minutes ago

    sh*h*a (u) is u//f//s

    please censor when messaging or ask for my discord ♡

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  • neitherlightnordark
    25.07.2021 - 22 minutes ago

    [I.D.: Noelle Holiday, wearing a wizardly dark brown robe representing all the seasons on it (snow flurries melting into rain falling on vines, with dead leaves and little SAVE points underneath), awkwardly smiles at the viewer, clutching a candy-cane-striped staff that has golden angel wings and a red SOUL at its end. The background is golden, with the imprint of a golden SAVE star. Next to her is written "NOELLE HOLIDAY! 12 years old / she/her / straight As, bouncy hair / girls are cute 3) / A Lightner!! (Thus, an enemy of the kingdom!) / Her (written in jagged red) SOUL is powerful enough to open a connection between the two worlds! / Strange how magic quests are easier to deal with than social anxiety (haha)... / But she can do it, I know she can!" End I.D.]

    [I.D.: Kris, wearing a blue button-up and a light blue skirt with splintering card suits embroidered along its bottom, fans a deck of cards in front of their face (the visible card is a half-cyan, half-red ace of hearts) and smiles slightly, flipping out their dark blue cape. Their skin is copper-colored, their hair is fluffy dark brown, and they have a staff with a burnt marshmallow speared on it. Next to them is written "KRIS (darkners don't HAVE last names!!!) / 11~13 years old (they like to say they're ancient, like their best friend) / they/them, please =) / filipino, not that they know a thing about being human... / that marshmallow isn't their palisman. it's just a normal marshmallow. / prankster gambit is off the charts!!! / jevil and kris are together and darkners say 'oh, fountains, there's two of them'. / they don't talk much at all." End I.D.]

    these were... so much fun to be honest

    #deitohu#safeutdr#deltarune#kris#noelle#personal #may write up an episode that's just 'noelle realizes kris has never tried mangoes; kris resolves to go on an expedition into the light worl #for mangoes; borrows noelle's SOUL' #there's a good reason they don't look like their canonical dark world forms #long post #we're going home for the road trip!
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  • vietdouxie
    25.07.2021 - 23 minutes ago

    [looks at the movie] ok so we're just gonna go ahead and ignore THAT

    #off topic #howdy folks! canon is no longer canon <3 my city now
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