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  • kaiju-wolfdragon
    02.12.2021 - 2 hours ago


    Aries is sleeping at the city with his shoes off:

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  • kayla-crazy-stuffs
    02.12.2021 - 4 hours ago

    New oc's that I made in June :')

    Cade and Samantha (Sam) Brooklyn are two borrowers that they're left by their parents when they reached an specific age.

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  • corysmiles
    02.12.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Cant get over the thought of Wilbur and Tommy hanging out at phil and mumza’s house in the little streamer au

    Wil sees Phil holding Tommy for too long and just scoops him up. He’s very adamant that since Phil has “his own tiny” he gets to hold Tommy at all times

    #shit post #it is very late and my brain is struggling #little streamer au #coryspeaks#mcyt g/t#mcyt gt
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  • berelruby
    02.12.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Putangina nakakawalang gana. 

    rereklamo kayo sa realistic na outcome???? e ano gagawin niya kung di siya sumunod, wala sila sa power na lumaban or makatakas doon khung branch leader yung kinahaharap mo. yung gagong yan tinira yung kalaban sa malayo tapos may gana kang tumakas? 

    in character rin yun kasi anong gagawin niya??? pumunta siya uli sa control room pagkatapos niya sabihin na nakakita siya ng daga? Mag oh wow kinakalaban ng fren ko tung High Ranker na ito!!!!! Go beh!! dito lang ako!!! Both he at si R.ak ay di papayagan na mag-isa siya LOL, lalong lalo na si K.hun na may nuance sa character niya about worth issues since expectations ng nanay niya is him as a strategist than his own person and he is shown to really worry about his friend to act out more less composed like when he attacked Hwa. 

    putangina din mga ito eh. parang di pwede magkamali yung character na genius. yung brilliance is not a character personality trait LMAO. I hate it so much when people think that’s only what is for him as a character. He wasn’t writtten to have layers on why he does thing for people to brush him as just a genius who would dirty his hands to get what he wants. May pagka-cunning pa din siya at nagagawa niya yun through omitting stuff at yung mga strategies niya. people act in different circumstances UGH. Most of yung choices niya so far are emoitonal choices and that is same with yung others din because they want to be there for them!!! they want to save this guy!!! people are not 100 percent logical, that’s a robot not a human. 

    Okay lang kung ayaw niyo sa current na sa kanya pero wag niyo sabhin na nawala yung traits niya na iyun dahil hindi lang black and white shit mga yun. He’s a genius pero when it comes to his friend naglolose siya ng rationality but even so he’s aware and continues to try and be there for his friend because that’s most of what he can do even if he knows na hindi siya masyadong magaamount. Pero sa friends niya, it amounts to something and that is fucking something. Tapos puntangina sasabihin niyo gusto niyo ng Season1 lang??? BOring kayo besh putangina at salamat sa author na kahit paano ginawa niya na masysympathize siya, mauunderstand motivations at yung thought process niya at yung inner stuff sa kanya1! pero go lang!!!! cocomplain kayo na overpowered bida tapos idadownplay niyo ang nagfefail ang competence ng realistically??????

    #yun yung maganda sa kanya. at sa pagsulat sa kanya. #nagfefail siya at bumabalik siya sa paa niya PUTANGINA #mismo sa 2nd season sinabi ni Rak na naghehesitate o nagooverthink siya #so ngayon may pagka=impulsive siya and mga calculative risk #kung sa una pki niya lang sarili niya. iba na ngayon dahil may paki na siya kay Baam kahit paano at sa iba din #hindi siya nagiging less of a genius especially sa lugar na hindi enough yung utak or strategies niya #as a Regular laban sa mga tulad ni Maschenny #nakakap u t a n g i na #i fucking hate when people just think thats all that to him because what makes him stand out is he #is kind of the opposite side of same coin with his friend #both wants to protect something but hes far more cold in his approach and is also becoming more emotional #while the other is trying to accept the reality of the destruction he caused when more often than not #na idealistic siya #khu..n is one of the well nuanced characters and realistic but these sheets just see him as any other climbers lmao
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  • gt-gaytheory
    02.12.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Labrats Shouldn't Be This Interesting

    (my brain's like a bunch of bees buzzing rn but please enjoy a kind of a darker fic set in @showrunnerihardlyknowher's Star Wars Rip-Off universe with brand new ocs bc i can't help myself from making new creaturebeasts. specifically wanted a fucked up herbert west esque doctor character with less gore and more "if i put two humans in a room and gave one of them a rock and the human killed the other one with a rock wouldn't that be fucked up or what" cw for: death, blood, attempted murder and violence, general feelings of dehumanization, a psychologist being terrible.)

    Personal log of Dr. Pax Davon, no. 407.1 We have recently made first contact with a new species...Funny, how I say first contact as if we were actually doing some proper contacting. Yet again we’ve descended upon a new planet, and yet again we’ve eschewed true study in favor of cataloguing. You know, there are only so many times we can visit a planet with an oxygen-nitrogen based atmosphere and find something new. The building blocks of creation rarely change, after all. Slight variations are hardly worth tearing apart trees from the ground or putting loam under a microscope...ah, but I digress. Humans. The dominant species of the third planet from the sun in this solar system. Humans. Such a funny word, isn’t it? Rolls off the tongue nicely. It fits them.

    They are bipedal mammals, and look much like the Venandi--though some I’ve seen are about as ugly as your average Lykoi mutt. They lack many of our features--no tails, no claws, and relatively flat teeth...Ah, and most interestingly, they are small. Almost adorably so. They are just the perfect size to hold in our hands. My colleagues all have varying opinions on them. Some think of them as pests, as pets, or simply do not care about them at all. I, however, find them fascinating. Their society prior to our arrival was quaint--not advanced enough for interstellar travel, but not so completely in the dark ages. Cities, villages, entire communities full of...people. This is where my frustrations lay, I think. These are people, and we’re hauling them off to be put into pretty little dresses or sliced open on dissection tables. One has to wonder if these humans were our size, would we be so eager to brush them off as we do? We are such proud creatures, aren’t we? A race of superiority complexes as vast as our empire. These are people with minds waiting to be cracked open, psyches that could prove to be just as similar to our own if we were just willing to study them...But, alas, we are not willing. My department has been given a meager amount of subjects compared to others, presumably because psychology isn’t deemed as important as...oh, I don’t know, seeing if an elder’s liver is intact. I have been allotted four humans to run my own tests on. Four. My superiors have graciously reminded me that if the materials provided to me were not satisfactory, I could simply go to the planet and retrieve more for myself...What do I look like, some fool who crawls around in the dirt looking for scraps!? Unbelievable. The biology department won’t notice if half a dozen of their humans are “misplaced”, I think. I need these far more than they ever will. ___________________ This was bad. This was really, really bad. The last thing Markus remembered was the enormous hand of one of the invaders grabbing him, and then nothing. He flitted in and out of consciousness, barely able to string a coherent thought together much less do anything. He finally managed to come to in darkness, surrounded by hushed, frantic voices. Wherever they were, they must have been moving somewhere, as gravity shifted and lurched everyone around. Bodies were thrown off their feet and launched haphazardly into one another. Markus felt his skull connect with the floor, then crack against someone’s elbow, leaving him dazed and confused. “Where are we going!? Where is it taking us!?” Someone cried. “How the fuck are supposed to know!?” Another gruff, furious voice replied. More shouts erupted in the sightless din. Markus wasn’t sure if his splitting headache was from a potential concussion, or the cacophony of shrieks in his ears. Markus felt his stomach leap into his throat as gravity shifted one last time, the same feeling of being whirred down a building in an elevator. He and the rest of the group yelped as they suddenly felt themselves being all but dropped, legs giving out beneath them as their sense of equilibrium was once again completely fucked with...and then there was nothing. They no longer swayed around, and the lack of motion now made many, including Markus, feel sick to their stomachs. “Is it over?” “What do we do?” “I think I broke something!” Light suddenly poured in, searing the eyes of all the unfortunate souls who had been trapped in the dark for so long. Blinking, Markus looked upwards, and was nearly deafened by the frightened cries of those around him. A massive face stared impassively down at the group. It was humanoid, incomprehensibly so, save for slit-pupiled purple eyes and the...cat ears? A pair of fluffy grey cat ears, matching its hair, sat atop its head. Markus couldn’t help but watch, transfixed, as the ears twitched and folded back at the sounds of screaming from below. Its brows were furrowed in thought, its lips pursed...And then it tilted the container full of humans over, making them all tumble out of it and onto

    cold, hard ground. Markus managed to keep himself from breaking his face on impact, and luckily, many of the others didn’t seem much worse for wear. The giant cat-creature, which Markus now belatedly realized must have been an unmasked invader, closed the little box that had held them all and put it to the side. It sat cross-legged on the ground with them, in an enormous empty room. It was sterile and cold, Markus immediately got the vibes of being at the doctor’s...It was just so clinical, so… He gazed up at the alien, taking it in. It had some sort of electronic pad in its hands now, and was looking down at them with an inquisitive stare. All at once, Markus realized what was happening to them. Personal Log of Dr. Pax Davon, no. 407.2 The first experiment was a simple one. Standard, really, though going into it I was hoping for the humans to impress me. There were ten adult humans (five female, five male), all of whom are presumably of their civilian class save for one confirmed to be a soldier. They all vary in age, height, and weight. For the first test, I wanted to see how they as a group react to not only the stressful stimuli of being in an unfamiliar place, but being trapped alongside a perceived predator (yours truly). The goal of the experiment is to see if the species is able to easily form a bond with one another, what their ideal leaders are, the intricacies of their group dynamics, and their problem solving skills. At first there was a lot of yelling. So much yelling. These little creatures are so privy to making their voices heard, aren’t they? If only Linguistics could have been given priority...I want so badly to understand them. It is such a pain to have to infer their dynamics through the usual tells of their body language and tone. I might consider running this same experiment again as soon as a translation matrix has been set up. After I removed the humans from their container, their first instinct seemed to have been to huddle together as soon as they realized that there was nowhere to run, and certainly nowhere to hide. They crave the presence of their kin for comfort in the face of adversity. A few of the wounded, some with bleeding cuts on their heads or limbs bent out of shape, were tended to...So they feel a sense of empathy, clearly. Enough that they are willing to ease another’s suffering even in such a seemingly hopeless situation. One of the humans didn’t seem interested in standing with the others. A male, with blond hair and little green eyes that stared up at me with a plethora of emotion on its miniature features. Confusion...distrust...thought...fear...and then it gasped, eyes widening in an adorable facsimile of realization. What did you find out, little thing? If only you could tell me. ___________________ This was some sort of test. It had to be...And they were all the guinea pigs. The only question was: what were they being tested on? Markus looked around the room again, trying to find something that would give him a clue. It was well and truly empty, not a piece of furniture in sight. The only things of note were the alien, its pad, and the box the group had come in. So they were being observed--but, wouldn’t the observer be watching them from another room? Or...maybe this cat-thing wasn’t the observer, and the actual one was in another room? But then why would it have a tablet…? “Blondie! What the fuck are you doin’, gapin’ your maw up at that thing? Get over here!” Called a familiar voice. It was one of the ruder tones from before, the one telling people get down and shut the fuck up. Spinning around, Markus saw that it belonged to an older man. He was tall, much larger than most of the people here...He held himself ramrod straight, the sort of intimidating precision that only someone in the army--someone who has been in the army a long time--would have. Markus wasn’t about to have some jarhead riding his ass, not now...So he walked his pretty ass right back to the group, folding his arms over his chest and trying to ignore the intense stare of the alien

    above. “What do you think it wants with us?” A voice piped up. Jarhead shrugged. “It’s toyin’ with us. It’s what these things like to do.” “...What do we do?” Said another. Jarhead put his hands on his hips. Markus couldn’t help but notice the spark in his eyes--did this jackass think this was his big Hollywood moment? Did he really think he was about to go full Rambo on this giant catboy and save everyone? “We won’t give it what it wants. It’s lookin’ for a show right now, so we’re gonna huddle up and ignore it.” He said, and gestured for the others to sit down and face away from the alien. The silent treatment. Death was knocking on their door and Boots McLicker wanted them to just...ignore it? Spite it by not giving it the satisfaction of playing its little game? Markus didn’t join them...he just couldn’t see the point, even with Jarhead shouting at him to ‘snap out of it’. Markus clenched his fists, and walked towards the alien. Personal Log of Dr. Pax Davon, no. 407.2 (cont.) In essence, human group behaviors are no different than those of similar species--in fact, I found the dynamic to be quite reminiscent in structure to that of a Lykoi’s pack. The loudest and biggest of the bunch are often looked to for support and leadership, while the smaller specimens bare their metaphorical (though sometimes literal) necks in submission. The soldier I had found fit the leadership role like a glove--it was relatively big, it was loud, and it was stupid. The others quickly followed its directions without complaint, the lot of them sitting together with their backs turned to me...I wondered what they thought this would accomplish. Were they trying to undermine my authority? Perhaps they were trying to calm their frantic nerves. The blond human was the only one that did not sit with the rest of its kin. Once again, it stood to be the odd one out, even odder as it made its way towards me...How it took everything in my power not to grin as it did so. I could practically feel the muscles in my face straining with each little step it took--I knew I should have worn a helmet, something to cover my face...But I’ve found I get better results when subjects can see my face--it’s the eyes, I believe. Something about Venandix eyes send prey species into a tizzy, the primal parts of their minds screaming at them to run, fight, act. It stopped just in front of me, barely inches from my perspective...Did it wish to communicate with me? I could only hope… The soldier was not happy--I highly doubted it cared for the safety of this lone human, but rather, this act of approaching me was one of disrespect. Insubordination. It could not be tolerated. It shouted and called out to the blond human, but to no avail. It stayed right where it was, right by me...What a courageous little thing, to stand with the man who could very well kill it and to stand against an authority figure. Humans, it seemed, had a one in ten capacity for rebellion. It held its hand up, palm facing towards me. I had no idea what this was supposed to mean...our meager reports on human behavior hadn’t said anything about this gesture. I managed to keep my face even as I stared down at the tiny thing...It shivered under my intense scrutiny, but it met my gaze. It was giving me the same curious look I’m sure I had given hundreds of subjects in the past. Cheeky thing. It was testing me just as much as I was testing it. I lifted my free hand, and slowly pressed the tip of my pointer finger against the human’s palm. It flinched at my touch, and briefly wavered...but then it settled. Its mouth popped open in silent awe, its brows were furrowed up at me in confusion. Was I friend or foe, it probably thought. What did this little gesture make us? I wish I knew the answer. I wish we could have figured it out together, before the soldier ran up behind the blond human and threw it to the ground. ___________________ Stars in his eyes and ringing in his ears, all Markus felt was the crack of his head slamming against the cold metal floor. There were arms around his

    midsection, hauling him away from the alien and back towards the others, all while Sergeant Assault growled in his ear. “D’you think you’re bein’ cute, blondie? You wanna make friends with those things? I watched them tear my whole damn squadron apart with their bare hands! They’re not your friends, you can’t reason with them, now sit your ass down before you get us all killed-” “Oh, and like your idea is any better!?” Markus snapped back, twisting in Jarhead’s grip as he attempted to break free of the hold on him. It was an impossible endeavor, considering Markus was a scrawny wisp of a thing that used to struggle doing the mile-run, and this was some Marines bred bovine that probably ate nails for breakfast. Still, he had to try. “Yeah, man, let’s just sit around singing Kumbaya and wait to die!” Markus felt himself thrown onto the ground again, Jarhead climbing on top of him and putting all his weight right on his chest. It was getting hard to breathe, and the big fucker only made things worse by grabbing his head and forcing him to look back at the alien. It was still staring at them all silently, thoughtfully...though there was a new crease on its brow. With the air leaving his lungs, nails digging into his neck, Markus couldn’t help but wonder what that creature must have thought of them. Its first taste of humanity, and it only saw the worst of them. “Look at that thing.” Spat Jarhead--no, literally. He actually spat right on him. Was Markus’s face as red as his? “That is our enemy, do you hear me? It’s gonna kill you, it’s gonna kill me, and it’s gonna kill all of you. Let me tell you somethin’, we’re gonna die with our dignity. We’re dyin’ on our own terms.” The pressure increased, more of the soldier’s weight pressing on his chest and sucking more and more air from his exhausted lungs. His vision was starting to darken, and he didn’t know if he would much rather focus on the pain and stay awake, or just let himself fall back into oblivion just to end this bout of prolonged suffering already. He could hardly choke out a response, what with the hands wrapped so tightly around his throat. “But since you don’t seem to get the picture, why don’t you go ahead and die on my terms. It’ll give that thing enough of a show to leave us alone!” The pain was at its denouement, his consciousness was slipping, and just as Markus started to close his eyes and let it all fall away, the weight on his chest and the noose on his neck was lifted. He drew in a long, ragged, painful breath that left him wheezing and coughing up a lung, but thankfully, neither dead nor unconscious. Markus rolled to his side, shivering so hard he was practically an earthquake wrapped up inside a human body. A shadow had been cast over him, darkening everything in his already faded sight. Muffled shouts from behind were the first indication that something was wrong. The second was a warm droplet of blood that fell right on his cheek. Markus looked up to see a massive body leaning over his own, and an enormous hand gripping Jarhead...Sharp claws pressed deep into his side. Personal Log of Dr. Pax Davon, no. 407.2 (cont.) This was, admittedly, not my proudest moment. It was not my job to interfere in their affairs, at least, not yet. Oh, what I planned to do with this group...I had an entire sub-experiment planned where I wrapped colored strings around their waists to see if a perceived difference would cause a split within the group, or perhaps even cause a new hierarchy to form--but all of that was scrapped the second the soldier began killing the blond human. I should have expected this. Tensions were already so high for this group, and the soldier himself had been plucked from a particularly precarious situation that had no doubt left its mind in a fragile state...Which, normally, would have been perfectly fine--but even a feather is enough to tip the scales, isn’t it? One little act of disobedience was enough to have it charge at one of the humans under its supposed care, and then after a presumed disagreement, try to kill it. Any

    other creature and I would have let the soldier do it. A death such would have proved interesting--would it solidify their bonds, or cause distrust amongst them? Would there be a shift in power? I suppose I may never get my answer. There was something about the blond human that struck a chord in me...Not the same chord as some who have taken in the humans as pets would, but a chord nonetheless. It was thoughtful, intelligent in a way that its peers were not. I simply could not let this one die. I try not to be as...messy, shall we say, as my colleagues. I don’t much care for bloodshed--but I am still a Venandi. We are such brutal things, at our core, no matter how many advancements we make and how much we learn, when you strip us of everything we are all still animals. The instinct to maim my hapless prey was as natural to me as breathing, and my claws stuck into the soldier’s torso with no resistance. Its hot blood ran over my fingers, dripped onto the clean floors and even onto the poor human I had saved. A gurgle announced its death-knell, and then it fell silent. Still. How easy...how disgusting. My experiment had to be wrapped up shortly thereafter. The remaining humans were worked up into a frenzy, and my attention had been redirected elsewhere...to the creature who interested me so. The eight humans were rounded up and stowed away--I might be able to get some use out of them, just as Talan might be able to get some use out of the corpse I left waiting outside his quarters. The human needed medical attention--its throat had been crushed and its ribs bruised, but it would make a full recovery in time. I’ve...decided to keep it around. I do not want to consider it as my pet, though for ease of conversing with my colleagues, I’ll have to refer to it as such. It’ll be something more, I feel. Something more grandiose than being a mere “pet”. Perhaps...an assistant?

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  • aslitheryprinx
    02.12.2021 - 5 hours ago
    #mcyt g/t#aslitheryanswers #once upon a december au
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  • leetlezeetle
    02.12.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Alright so I've gotten a couple asks about Crumb in the Above Average au and I'm in a bit of a pickle

    Do I make her human? Or tiny?

    As a human, she can interact with Ranboo more easily and he won't be so worried about accidentally hurting her (she's already so small compared to him irl sjbdjsbzjd) plus it would be easier to make his box for him as a human

    But as a tiny, we get the pure wholesome content. Downside being it's harder for her to interact with Ranboo because she's smaller than his fingernail. And the box gift would be way to difficult for her to pull off unless she had help from a human or another mini giant.

    #Above Average#z speaks #mini giant!ranboo #giant!ranboo #mcyt g/t#g/t #tiny!crumb
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  • ericthebard
    02.12.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Y'all, this movie gives some great borrower vibes. It's also really cute which means you should watch it anyways. The film is on Netflix.

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  • victorthecollector
    02.12.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Heyyyyy I’m opening commissions!! For anyone interested!! Btw idk if PayPal will show you my deadname but if you do see it please do not mention it to anyone or I’ll block you.

    Ok, if you wanna buy a commission you can dm me! And we can go more into detail with it. Just please be patient with me since it’s the first time I’m doing this.

    Oh and also! I didn’t have space to mention it in the sheet but since I don’t really have a defined art style you can just look through my art and if you find a specific style that you like I should be able to draw it, as long as you’re fine with it being in this medium (traditional sketch/lineart and digital coloring). I can also try imitating a different style, but I can’t promise it will be perfect.

    #my art#digital art#commissions #hm I kinda wanna see if these do well on twitter but also I do not fucking trust Twitter people #Twitter is a deranged webbed site and it intimidates me a lot #long post#g/t community#furry art #putting these tags in case anyone from those communities is interested! #god I wanna be more involved with the furry community so bad #I’m gonna go make a fursona lol
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  • podado-t-art
    02.12.2021 - 7 hours ago

    OCs: Mizu and Stor

    Mizu is on the left, she has blue skin and hair because she is a water nymph. Her name means water in Japanese. 

    Stor is on the right. “Stor” is short for “Kæmpe Stor” which means giant in Danish. Like his name and stature suggests he is a giant. He is about 33 feet in height.  

    They are characters from a comic I am working on called “The Biggest Heart”

    This is just an image of these two idiots flirting. They are so bad at it. 

    I’m finally posting this drawing because I’m hoping it will motivate me to work harder and faster on my comic... And get the nerves to eventually publish it...

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  • pansareswag
    02.12.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Can someone give me some good musical g/t fics 🤨🤨? Them shits aint no where, I just wanna see som Connor and Evan fluff 😒🤚 AHDWHHD

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  • thatnamelessbutler
    02.12.2021 - 9 hours ago
    #Relyn Records #fun fact: my sister saw this; asked what it was; and i put my hand on her face and said #'' T h e y a r e g o i n g t o s t e a l y o u r p r o n o u n s " #And she asked what a pronoun was and i had a moment of realization that children really don't know anything about gender until they're #taught about it and for that moment i was in pure elation and yearning to have no knowledge of gender but the same certainty that #I Do Not Have It
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  • corysmiles
    02.12.2021 - 9 hours ago
    #coryspeaks#mcyt g/t#mcyt gt #friendly giant au #g!ranboo #t!tubbo #anon ask
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  • teabobatae
    02.12.2021 - 10 hours ago

    Giant!revivebur inspired by @goosedawn !! A quick doodle of him trying to be swaggy-

    He blew up crushed a nation

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  • sa-gt-tarrius
    02.12.2021 - 10 hours ago

    I’ve been sleeping on Maya so here’s a POV chapter for her! God I love Maya so much you guys have no idea so dhsksgskh

    #and to miles edgeworth I bequeath…. a boot to the head 🥾 #g/t#giant/tiny#giant tiny#gt#mywriting
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  • tachyonpen
    02.12.2021 - 11 hours ago

    G/T Writing Prompt #178

    On a cold winter's night, Character A is all ready to get comfy by the fireplace, complete with a mug of cocoa, heavy blanket, and a delightful solo activity . . . when they hear a soft thump coming from the back door.

    In any other circumstance, they would be ready to check out what's causing the noise, but they don't often get much time to be comfortable, so they try to stubbornly continue getting to their warm, lazy night . . .

    Until their curiosity finally gets the better of them.

    Setting down their trappings of wintry comfort, Character A checks on the back door and sees nothing through the nearby window despite still hearing the weakening knocks. So, reluctantly, they open the door to the sight of a very distressed, frostbitten tiny.

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  • arc852
    02.12.2021 - 11 hours ago

    Learning the Obvious 1/2

    Warnings: Dehumanization and treating a person like a pet

    Summary: Tommy, Phil, and Wilbur go over to Puffy’s house for dinner where Tommy meets Dream and Tubbo, Puffy’s son and nephew. While there, Tommy learns something he really should have known all along.

    Word Count: 5265


     Tommy was already having a great day. Phil had taken the day off of work and they had spent it together, going into town and shopping, going out for lunch and then playing his favorite board game when they got back home. Tommy cherished these kinds of days, knowing they couldn’t happen a lot with how busy Phil was at work.

     As he was cleaning up the board game, Phil checked his phone with a smile. “Alright, make sure you’re all ready. We need to be at Puffy’s by 6.”

     Tommy grinned and nodded. He missed Puffy and was happy to be seeing her again. Although he was a bit nervous meeting her kid and nephew. The nephew was his age apparently and both Phil and Puffy seemed sure that they would both get along.

     Tommy wasn’t so sure but he promised Phil he’d at least give him a chance.

     Still though…

     “Can I bring Wilbur?” Tommy asked as he put the board game back in the cupboard. He hadn’t been able to bring him with all day. Not only would Wilbur be a comfort for him if Puffy’s nephew ended up ignoring him but he was sure Wilbur would want to get out too.

     “Sure. Actually, both Tubbo and Dream have borrowers too. It might be good for Wilbur to be around them.” Phil revealed and Tommy couldn’t help but feel a bit more excited. More borrowers? He was sure Wilbur would be happy about that. Although that’s assuming Tubbo and Dream would even let him near them.

     “Awesome!” He exclaimed before running up the stairs and into his room. His eyes immediately fell on Wilbur, who was watching something on the phone Tommy had left for him. 

     Wilbur looked up and met Tommy’s eyes before standing up and pushing the pause button on the phone. With Tommy back up here, he rightly assumed he wouldn’t be finishing his show anyway.

     “Hey Wilbur! Sorry for leaving you home all day.” Tommy apologized, coming over to where he was and scooping him up. After a month and a half, Wilbur barely reacted to the action. He just shrugged once he gained his bearings.

     “It’s fine.” It had been kind of nice, actually, getting a day to himself. “Did you have fun?”

     Tommy beamed. “Yeah! Phil took me all over and it was so pog. But it isn’t over yet.” At the confused look Wilbur gave him, Tommy chuckled. “We’re going over to Puffy’s for dinner. Ya know, my therapist?”

     Ah yes, the one who suggested Tommy get a borrower in the first place. Wilbur wasn’t sure if he should thank her or cuss her out.

     He looked at Tommy.

     ...Perhaps both.

     “Oh, so you guys are going to be leaving again?” Maybe he could finish his show after all.

     “Yeah but this time, you get to come with us! And Phil told me that her son and nephew even have their own borrowers! So maybe you could make some friends.” Wilbur winced at the new information. He was fine with going out with Tommy, the human had already brought him to several places before, he was used to it at this point. And it was nice to get out of the house every now and then.

     What Wilbur didn’t like was the fact they were going somewhere where more borrowers were owned and kept as pets. He didn’t want to see a borrower completely broken and fully into their role as a pet or a borrower who still had some fight in them get punished. He wasn’t sure which one was worse, to be honest. Although the latter had potential for Tommy to copy later on.

     No, he couldn’t think like that. Tommy had promised and had backed up that promise this whole time.

     But would Tommy say anything if he saw the other kid punish his borrower? Wilbur wasn’t sure if he wanted to know the answer to that question.

     “Um, yeah! Maybe.” Wilbur said with some fake excitement. He didn’t really want to ruin the good day Tommy was having. “It sounds like fun.”

     Despite his best efforts, Tommy deflated a little. “Yeah, hopefully.”

     Wilbur frowned. “Hopefully?” That sounded like more of a thought Wilbur would have, not Tommy.

     Tommy bit his lip. “I’ve never had the best luck when it comes to...making friends.”

     Ah, right. Wilbur had almost forgotten the whole reason Tommy needed Wilbur in the first place. The two of them had always been outcasts among their kind.

     “Well...maybe this time it’ll be different.” Wilbur said, not knowing what else to say. “And I’ll be there. So no matter what, you won’t be alone.”

     Tommy gave him a small smile at that. “Yeah, you’re right.” Tommy felt a bit better now. “Welp, better start getting ready. Dad says we need to be there by 6.”


     As they pulled up to Puffy’s driveway, Tommy’s grip around Wilbur subconsciously squeezed a bit tighter as his nerves spiked. Wilbur tensed and took a deep breath but it didn’t hurt, thankfully. He patted Tommy’s thumb and the grip loosened again as Tommy met Wilbur’s eyes.

     “It’ll be alright.” Wilbur reassured, despite not really feeling that way. Better to make Tommy less nervous though, for both of their sakes.

     Tommy nodded and followed his dad out the car. He placed Wilbur on his shoulder before going to stand next to his dad at the door. His dad knocked and Tommy focused on the way Wilbur situated himself on his shoulder in order to ground himself better. Everything would be okay. Even if the other two teens didn’t like him then that was fine, he still had Wilbur. 

     It would hurt, of course, but he’d get over it.

     Puffy opened the door, a large smile on her face as she looked at Tommy. “Tommy! It’s so nice to see you again. And Phil, you too. How are you?” Puffy said, friendly as always and already Tommy felt a bit more relaxed. Puffy was familiar and that made it a little easier.

     “We’re good. Hungry for sure.” Phil chuckled and Puffy laughed alongside him. Tommy, however, simply rolled his eyes.

     “And this must be Wilbur?” Puffy said, making Tommy focus back on her. She was pointing at his shoulder.

     “Oh! Um, yeah. This is Wilbur.” He didn’t really know what else to say but thankfully, Puffy didn’t push for more than what he had given.

     “That’s awesome. You seem a lot happier Tommy, I’m proud.” Puffy’s voice had turned soft and Tommy couldn’t help the way his cheeks turned a light red.

     “Anyway, come on in you two! Dinner is just about ready.” Puffy said, moving out of the way so Phil and Tommy could enter. Tommy followed closely behind Phil, looking at the house around him. It was a nice place, definitely had a homely feel to it.

     He followed Phil into the kitchen, only to pause when he saw an older boy leaning against the counter. He looked about 17, maybe 18, so Tommy assumed this was Puffy’s son, Dream. He didn’t like the way Dream was looking at him though, there was a frown on his face and his eyes were narrowed and when that narrowed gaze lingered on his shoulder, he realized he was looking at Wilbur.

     Worried, Tommy brought his hand up and grabbed Wilbur, ignoring his small yelp and holding him close to his chest instead. He noticed as Dream’s frown deepened and so he turned away and moved closer to Phil. He wasn’t sure he liked Dream very much and from what it looked like, Dream already didn’t like him.

     He started messing with Wilbur’s hair to help calm him down, gently running his finger over the soft curls. 

     Wilbur, who was used to Tommy using him to fidget, simply let it happen. It didn’t bother him too much anyway. What did bother him was the other human’s gaze. Dream wasn’t even meeting his eyes, no, it seemed like he was actually looking a bit lower. At his...collar.

     Wilbur didn’t want to know why and he didn’t want to think about the leather strapped around his neck right now. So instead, he tried his best to himself relax in Tommy’s hold, focusing more on the soothing motion of Tommy’s finger running across his head.

     It...sort of worked.

     “Oh Tommy! This is my son, Dream.” Puffy said as she re-entered the kitchen behind Tommy and Phil. She gently pushed Dream a bit closer to them and Tommy had to fight the urge to back up in turn. Wilbur, meanwhile, did not hide his flinch. “Don’t be rude, Dream, say hi.”

     “Hey.” Dream said, short and not very sweet. Tommy bit his lip.

     “Hi.” He managed to get out. He didn’t like meeting Dream’s eyes so he lowered them, which caused him to notice the small lump in his hoodie pocket. Immediately, Tommy remembered that Dream had his own borrower. “Is that your borrower?” Tommy blurted out, pointing at Dream’s pocket, before realizing maybe that was a bad idea.

     Dream scowled but Puffy chimed in for her son. “Oh! Probably.” She chuckled. “Dream hardly goes anywhere without Sapnap.” She then turned to face her son. “There’s still some time before dinner. How about you show Tommy where Tubbo is and I’ll call you all down when it’s ready.”

     Dream nodded despite not looking too happy. “Alright.”

     The last thing Tommy wanted was to be left alone with Dream but it didn’t look like he had a choice as Dream motioned for him to follow. A soft pat on one of his fingers made him pause in petting Wilbur and look down. Wilbur gave him a soft smile and a reminder of his earlier words. Tommy took in a breath. Right, he had Wilbur. He wasn’t really alone.

     He followed Dream.


     Dream walked slowly up the stairs and down the hallway. So slowly that Tommy found himself getting a bit impatient. He just wanted to get these first meetings over with and this was not helping. He couldn’t help but think Dream was doing this on purpose. 

     Finally, they stopped at a door at the end of the hall. But Dream made no move to open it. Instead, he turned to face Tommy. Tommy backed up a step and Dream stared at him before lowering his gaze to look at Wilbur. He thinks, for a moment, that Dream’s gaze softened a little but they hardened again by the time Dream’s gaze returned to his own.

     “I don’t know how you treat your borrower but ours are off limits.” Dream said curtly. “No grabbing, no touching, got it?”

     Tommy didn’t like Dream’s tone but he supposed he could understand being protective of his borrower. “Same here, big man.” Tommy decided to say, trying to match his tone with Dream’s. Dream’s eyes narrowed before he huffed. He turned around and opened the door. 

     “Come on in.” Dream said and Tommy followed him into the room. Immediately, Tommy’s focus was on the boy sitting on the floor with his phone, a borrower sitting on top of his knee. The boy’s gaze looked up as they entered but unlike Dream’s cold welcome, the boy, who Tommy assumed was Tubbo, grinned.

     “Hey! You must be Tommy!” Tubbo exclaimed, grabbing his borrower off his knee before jumping to stand. “I’m Tubbo! And this is Ranboo!” He held the borrower up, who waved shyly. He heard Dream let out a little sigh but Tommy chose to ignore him.

     “Um, yeah, I’m Tommy. And this is Wilbur.” He raised Wilbur up a bit to show him off and Wilbur answered by waving a little. 

     Tubbo looked to meet Wilbur’s gaze but paused and just...stared instead. His grin had slipped off his face and he suddenly looked...sad. Tommy was confused, as was Wilbur, and the borrower squirmed under the attention.

     “Tubbo.” Dream interrupted, snapping Tubbo out of...whatever that had been. 

     “Hi Wilbur!” Tubbo greeted with a grin, acting as if nothing had happened. Though his smile appeared just a bit more forced. “Is dinner ready?” The question was directed at Dream, who had taken a seat on Tubbo’s bed. 

     “Not yet. Mom wanted you to meet Tommy first. She’ll call us down when it's ready.” Tubbo nodded and then motioned for Tommy to sit on the floor with him. Tommy did so, not knowing what else to do.

     Tommy watched as Tubbo placed his hand on the floor and allowed Ranboo to walk off. The borrower stayed close by though, leaning against Tubbo’s leg. Tommy thought about setting Wilbur down as well but at the same time, he didn’t want to lose the comfort Wilbur brought him while he held him like he was currently. Also, he didn’t trust Tubbo or Dream yet, so better to be safe than sorry. 

     As Ranboo got settled, Tubbo turned his attention back to Tommy.

     “I’ve been excited to meet you big man! Aunt Puffy’s told me a lot about you!” Tubbo said but that only caused Tommy to falter.

     “Uh, wh-what?” What did that mean? What kinds of things? Did Tubbo know about his old school? His past homes?

     Dream groaned and Tommy snapped his attention over to the older teen, his panic on hold. “Tubbo, you can’t say those kinds of things to one of mom’s patients.” He met eyes with Tommy. “Don’t worry, mom would never break patient confidentiality.” 

     Tommy let himself relax, letting out a relieved sigh. “Thanks.” He wasn’t expecting the reassurance or the almost soft tone that came from Dream, but he was thankful all the same.

     Tubbo winced. “Oops. Sorry, I don’t think before I speak sometimes.”

     Tommy huffed out a laugh. “Same.”

     When Tubbo grinned, Tommy couldn’t help but smile back. Okay, maybe Tubbo wasn’t all too bad.

     “Boys! Dinner is ready!” Puffy called from downstairs. Tubbo jumped up, being mindful of where Ranboo was, with Tommy not far behind him. But both boys paused when Dream placed a hand on Tubbo’s shoulder to stop him.

     “How about we leave our borrowers here to get to know each other and we can bring food up for them later.” Dream suggested. He looked between the two of them but his eyes seemed to linger on Tommy. Tubbo’s own eyes widened before he nodded and also looked over to Tommy.

     “Right! That sounds like a good idea! I’m sure Wilbur isn’t around a lot of borrowers, it could be good for him!” Tubbo threw in, unknowingly repeating Phil’s words from earlier.

     Despite having agreed to the idea with Phil, Tommy couldn’t help but be nervous. “Oh, uh…” He looked down at Wilbur and Wilbur looked up at him. “What...what do you think?” Tommy decided to ask his borrower, missing the surprised looks on Tubbo and Dream’s face.

     “I think I’ll be fine here.” Wilbur said, smiling a little. He wasn’t actually too sure on that but he couldn’t help but be curious about the other borrowers. So far, things didn’t seem too bad but he wanted to hear it from the borrowers’ own mouths, without the humans in the room.

     Tommy nodded. “Alright, I guess that sounds good then.” He directed the last part towards the other humans in the room. He was still hesitant but he kneeled down and placed Wilbur on the ground, not too far from where Ranboo was standing.

     Tubbo grinned and waved to Ranboo on the ground. “See you later bossman!” Wilbur heard Ranboo chuckle and wave back with the hint of a smile on his face. The expression just furthered Wilbur’s questions.

     Tommy stood next to Tubbo, ready to follow him out but paused when he saw Dream kneeling down and finally take his hand out of his pocket, revealing his borrower, Sapnap, if Tommy remembered correctly. “We’ll be back soon.” And then they were gone, the door shut behind them.


     Wilbur watched as Tommy left the room with the other humans before turning towards the other two borrowers. They seemed to be the same age as their respective humans, which left him as the oldest. Something else he took notice of, which was more clear now that he was closer to them, was that neither borrower was wearing a collar.

     The reality of that fact set in and it left him confused, yet hopeful. Why didn’t they have collars on? Did they manage to take them off and hide them away? Or did their humans not force them to wear one? And if so, why? He absentmindedly tugged on his own collar, wishing more than ever for it to be off.

     Dream’s borrower, Sapnap, stepped forward and gave him an easy smile. “Hey, I’m Sapnap and that’s Ranboo. Wilbur, right?”

     Wilbur nodded and took Sapnap’s offered hand. It was strange to be interacting with someone his own size after so long. Even when he had been in that pet store for six months, he never really spoke to the others trapped with him. So actually being able to shake someone's hand was kind of nice. 

     And like he previously observed, the two of them seemed normal. They didn’t act like one wrong move would get them punished or act like they were already broken. Ranboo looked a little nervous but he had a feeling he always looked like that. Maybe Tubbo and Dream were like Tommy? Maybe even...better, what with the lack of collars and all.

     “So, how...are you?” Sapnap asked a bit awkwardly. Wilbur could only shrug in response.

     “I mean, I’m good I guess.” Wilbur was suddenly reminded of why he didn’t interact with any of the other borrowers in the pet shop.

     Sapnap nodded but he didn’t look convinced of Wilbur’s answer. Wilbur noticed as his eyes glanced down and Wilbur knew immediately that he was looking at the collar around his neck. Why was everyone here so interested in it? Couldn’t he just ignore it in peace?

     “I guess I’ll just jump right into it.” Sapnap said with a sigh and Wilbur’s eyebrows furrowed. They met eyes and Wilbur almost took a step back at how intense Sapnap’s gaze was. “We can get you away from Tommy.”

     Wilbur blinked. “...What?” That is...not where he expected this to go at all.

     It was Ranboo’s turn to chime in, looking a bit less nervous than before and more determined now. “We have tunnels and rooms hidden in the walls. We can hide you in there and Tommy will never know.”

     “I…” Wilbur still felt speechless. “What?”

     Sapnap gave a small smile. “I know it’s sudden and all but when Dream found out that Tommy was coming over and bringing you, he came up with a plan.” He motioned over towards Ranboo. “We aren’t treated like pets and we wanted to have the chance to save you from being one.”

     Wilbur didn’t know what to say. Tubbo and Dream...didn’t see them as pets? Although it made sense when he put everything he had seen together. “Oh…” He looked down. What did he say? Obviously Tommy treated him well and Wilbur would almost say he was happy. Except, of course, for the fact that Tommy still saw him as a pet. 

     But despite that one flaw, Wilbur really didn’t want to leave.

     “Wilbur?” Ranboo cut through his thoughts. He gave Wilbur a small smile. “Come on, we can go right now and get you settled while we wait for Tommy to leave-”

     Wilbur cut him off. “Oh no, no! Um...Tommy is great. Really great, actually. He treats me well and I already decided a while ago I wasn’t going to run or anything.”

     Sapnap and Ranboo shared a look. “But...the collar?” Sapnap pointed out.

     Wilbur winced. “I mean...he still sees me like a pet. I guess that much is obvious.” He tugged at the collar. “But Tommy isn’t bad. Just...misguided. I could even almost forget he sees me like a pet sometimes! It’s just...there’s always a reminder of how he actually sees me.”

     Sapnap bit his lip. “He’s never hurt you?”

     Wilbur shook his head. “No, never. He promised back when we first met and he’s kept that promise. He also...listens a lot of the time.”

     “Like earlier.” Ranboo said and when Wilbur looked over at him, he seemed to be in thought. “With asking you if you wanted to stay here with us. That was...surprising.”

     “Oh...yeah. He does a lot of things like that.” Wilbur smiled a little at the reminder that Tommy wasn’t all bad.

     Sapnap hummed before nodding. “Well, I think we can rule out Stockholm Syndrome.”

     Wilbur blanked. “Wha-I could have told you that!”

     Ranboo chuckled a little and Sapnap smiled. “Just making sure. Anyway, I guess I’ll let Dream know it’s on to plan B.”

     Wilbur tilted his head in confusion as he watched Sapnap pull out a phone from underneath the bed. “Plan B?”

     Sapnap nodded. “Tubbo and Dream are going to talk with Tommy and convince him that borrowers aren’t pets.”

     Wilbur froze and he felt hope rise in him despite himself. Could they make Tommy see? Would Wilbur finally no longer be a pet? Wilbur always did think that Tommy just needed one final push in realizing borrowers weren’t pets. Was this that final push that Tommy needed? Or...would Tommy remain ignorant.

     The questions were eating him alive. His anxiety almost too much.

     An arm slung over his shoulder suddenly and he flinched and looked to see Sapnap smiling comfortingly at him. “I’m sure everything will be fine. After everything you said about Tommy, I think he’ll actually listen to what Dream and Tubbo have to say. Now come on, worrying about it isn’t going to help anyone. How about we show you around and get your mind off this.”

     Wilbur took a deep breath and nodded. Sapnap was right, staying out of his mind right now was for the best, so he allowed Sapnap to lead him, Ranboo not far behind, and sent up a silent prayer that Tommy would finally see the truth.


     “Can Tommy and I eat on the couch?” Tubbo asked as soon as they entered the kitchen. Tommy’s eyes widened and he watched as Puffy looked back and forth between the two of them before smiling softly. 

     “Sure, I don’t see why not. Phil? Is it alright with you?” Puffy asked and Phil nodded. Tommy could see the proud grin on his face and shuffled his feet a little in embarrassment. 

     “Of course!” Phil exclaimed with a bit too much enthusiasm. Tommy sent him a look but Phil just laughed. Tommy pouted.

     “Go ahead then, here are your plates. Dream? Did you want to eat in the living room too?” Puffy asked. Dream was looking down at his phone, eyebrows furrowed. “Dream?”

     “Huh? Oh, uh, no I’m good.” Dream said before typing something out on his phone. Tommy heard a ding next to him and watched as Tubbo took out his phone with the hand not holding onto his plate. He read the text, grinned and then pulled Tommy into the living room after shoving his phone back in his pocket. They then both took a seat on the couch. 

     “I figured it would be nice to eat in here and away from all the adult talk.” Tubbo said and Tommy couldn’t help but laugh.

     “Good idea! Honestly? They can be so boring.”

     “I know, right?!”

     They proceeded to talk about everything and nothing as they ate and Tommy found himself starting to feel...full. But not from the food. He was really enjoying Tubbo’s company and...it seemed like Tubbo enjoyed his too? It appeared that way anyway. Could...Could this be the start of a friendship?

     Tommy didn’t want to get his hopes up but it was already too late for that.

     Their topics ranged from video games, to summer, before they found their way to the topic of their borrowers.

     “So,” Tubbo started off, taking another bite of food. “How long have you had Wilbur for?”

     Tommy hummed as he took another bite. “About a month and a half now. Phil got him for me not too long after summer started.” He looked back on the memory fondly, smiling to himself. It had been a rough start for sure but they were in a good place now. He wouldn’t trade Wilbur for anything.

     Tubbo hummed and Tommy noticed how he pushed around his food, no longer eating it. He frowned. “What’s wrong?” Maybe it was from years being a foster kid but the sight of someone not eating food when they were fully allowed to always meant that something was wrong to Tommy. And usually he was right on that assumption.

     It looked like his streak continued because Tubbo let out a sigh. “Nothing. Well, I guess not nothing but...well, I noticed Wilbur is wearing a collar.”

     And now Tommy was even more confused. “Yeah? It’s required, innit?” He wondered why Tubbo would be so hung up on that but then he thought for a moment. 

     He didn’t get to see them for too long but Ranboo and Sapnap, the other two borrowers, they hadn’t been wearing collars. “I should be asking you why Ranboo isn’t wearing one. Aren’t you afraid he might get lost or taken? How are people supposed to know where to send them to, or how are you supposed to track them?”

     Tubbo finally looked back over to him and simply blinked at his question. “It just...it seems wrong.”

     “Wrong?” Tommy had no idea where Tubbo was going with this.

     “Ranboo is a person.” The statement was said with such conviction that Tommy visibly startled. “Making him wear a collar seems a bit dehumanizing. I mean, I know I wouldn’t want to be forced to wear a collar.” Subconsciously, Tommy placed a hand around his neck.

     “I mean, that’s-it’s...it’s...different?” But as Tommy spoke the words, even he wasn’t so sure anymore.

     “How?” Tubbo asked, noticing Tommy’s hesitation. “They look exactly like us and they can talk and think for themselves. Just because borrowers are smaller, doesn’t make them any less of a person. How would you feel if giants suddenly showed up and decided to make us into pets? Because that’s essentially what humans did to borrowers.”

     “...I’d feel pretty sh****.” Tommy murmured, looking down. His food lay in his lap, forgotten in favor of the curveball Tubbo had thrown his way.

     This whole time, he had seen Wilbur, and borrowers in general, as pets because that’s what society had told him they were. Little companions that could talk back and who lived as long as humans did. For years he believed this and never had a reason not to, not even when he had gotten his own borrower.

     But then, Tommy thinks back to that first day. When Phil first brought Wilbur home to him. He thought Wilbur had been acting strangely. He had had fears that Tommy hadn’t expected him to have and voiced them with a shaky voice. Back then, Tommy thought he had comforted Wilbur well, reassuring him that Tommy would never hurt him. 

     And maybe that’s partly what Wilbur had been looking for. After all, things had gotten better after that. But...maybe Wilbur had also been hoping for something else. A hope that had been dashed when Tommy was quick to reiterate that he was Wilbur’s owner.

     “At least you're finally getting it.” Another voice suddenly spoke up, interrupting Tommy’s thoughts. He looked up to find Dream leaning against the closest wall to the couch, staring at him. “A lot of people would simply ignore the facts and continue to treat their borrowers like pets.”

     Tommy couldn’t help but wince at that.

     “Dream, you don’t have to be so mean about it.” Tubbo spoke up, giving a small glare to his cousin. “Tommy’s a good person, it’s just society that sucks.”

     Dream sighed and uncrossed his arms, shoving them in his hoodie pocket instead. It looked like he had a lot more room in there without Sapnap hidden away. “Yeah, I know. Despite the collar, Wilbur seemed fine. At least physically anyway.”

     Tommy sat up a bit straighter, taking offense to the implication. “Hey! I would never hurt Wilbur!”

     Dream blinked at him. “I’m glad but I’m more worried about his emotional and mental state. Being convinced by the world that you're a pet can do a lot on someone’s psyche.” Tommy faltered at that, knowing he was part of the problem there.

     “Look.” Dream sighed, sensing the guilt and sadness coming off of Tommy in waves. “I don’t blame you. I just...let my anger get the best of me sometimes. I hate when I see people treating borrowers like pets and when I saw the collar...yeah. I guess it’s due to some leftover guilt I still feel from treating Sapnap like that back when I first got him.”

     Tommy looked up at that. “Huh?”

     “Dream got Sapnap the year borrowers were discovered.” Tubbo chimed in as Dream shifted a bit uncomfortably. “He was around 8 and treated him like a pet for the first year or so. But after a...particular incident, Dream realized he had been wrong and now him and Sapnap are practically brothers.”

     “Oh.” Was all Tommy managed to say.

     “Yeah, and from there, I taught Tubbo here that borrowers were people. So by the time his dad brought home Ranboo, Tubbo knew how to treat him.” Dream finished off and Tommy stared down at his hands.

     The same hands that would pick up Wilbur with little to no warning. The same fingers that would poke, prod, and fidget with Wilbur like some...like some toy. When that’s not what Wilbur was at all. Not even close.

     How could he be so stupid?

     “I feel horrible.” Tommy said, really feeling like he was about to vomit.

     “It’s weird to say but that’s actually a good thing.” Dream said and when Tommy met him with a look, he continued. “It means you actually do care and realized your mistakes.”

     Tommy nodded. “What do I do?”

     “You tell him.” Tubbo said, smiling sadly. “You apologize and then you give him a choice.”

     “A choice?”

     “To stay with you, with the knowledge he would no longer be treated like a pet.” Dream said, pausing briefly before continuing. “Or to be allowed to leave and live his own life independently.”

     Tommy stilled and refused to meet Tubbo or Dream in the eyes.

     He knew they were right, of course they were. Now that his eyes had been opened, Tommy could see that clear as day.

     It didn’t make it any less difficult though. Tommy was still lonely, maybe not so much anymore if Tubbo still wanted to be his friend after this, but he enjoyed Wilbur’s company. He liked having Wilbur around and a very selfish part of him wished that Tubbo and Dream never told him about this. That he could live his life ignorantly and still have Wilbur all to himself.

     But just that thought alone made guilt run through him, so strong his head hurt.

     He would do as they said. He would apologize to Wilbur, he’d take off his collar, and then he’d give him a choice.

     And if, for some reason, Wilbur chose to stay with him, then great!

     But if Wilbur chose to leave?


     He would just have to be okay with that.


     Sorry to leave you guys there! But this was already getting pretty long, so I decided to stop here. But don’t worry, part 2 where Tommy actually talks to Wilbur about all this will be out within the month of December!

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