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  • moodygreedy
    24.10.2021 - 11 minutes ago

    so you telling me Philza started his 4th world on a 24 hr stream (May 10, 2019), and everything before that was a draft or smth??

    and this stream is not archived??

    #philza#philza minecraft#philza hardcore #philza season 4 #philza hardcore world #mcyt #guess i'll have to watch highlights on yt #i'm kinda upset #oh well #at least i'll increase the number of views on his channel
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  • urfaveisunfuckable
    24.10.2021 - 14 minutes ago
    #mod rhys#ask tag #i allow a little mcyt... just a lil
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  • legacynonsense
    24.10.2021 - 15 minutes ago

    Evo SMP Watchers concept! + Old Grian Link! Happy to announce more concepts to @legacykingdomcraft au!

    Stay tuned <3 (2 am MS Paint concepts brain go brrr)

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  • shteffni
    24.10.2021 - 20 minutes ago

    c!tommy in awesome fit

    thank u for this amazing fit op <3

    #tommyinnit#mcyt fanart#dsmp tommy#c tommy #tommy dream smp #woah look at that
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  • jammyjams-safespace
    24.10.2021 - 26 minutes ago


    Request: Moodboard for regressor c!Tubbo requested by anon

    Art credit: donteatdoves on Tumblr

    #sfw agere#mcyt agere#dsmp agere#agere moodboard #little!tubbo #tried to find things that would be comforting for nuke era c!Tubbo #dont relate the dalgona candy to Squid Game. please. they used it but it wasnt created by them
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  • nivorann
    24.10.2021 - 30 minutes ago

    personally i'm more of a queer platonic c beeduo enjoyer but why do so many people treat the idea of romantic c beeduo like it's the scum of the earth??

    does it break the ccs' boundaries or something????? /genq

    #the twt and tumblr community are so different bro #i'm always so torn #ppl keep saying that it breaks boundaries but there are also others saying that it doesnt and its literally canon #i just dont get it #i dont wanna make a mistake that will lead me to my downfall #i saw a popular artist i follow get attacked bc they read a supposedly(?) romantic beeduo fic #and that just makes me terrified #ppl are scary #listen i would ask this on twitter but most of my followers dont even like mcyt lmao
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  • insomniafics
    24.10.2021 - 31 minutes ago
    #request#headcanons#smut#🐍 anon#dsmp smut#mcyt smut #\c!phl #philza x reader smut #philza smut #\c!ert #eret x reader smut #eret smut #\c!wlb #Wilbur x reader smut #Wilbur smut #m!reader #sub!reader #//teasing#//height difference#//praise#//rough sex #//semi public sex
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  • itsprobablyapollo
    24.10.2021 - 41 minutes ago


    #dream smp#tinakitten#mcyt #dream smp lore #i was asleep #So I missed all of this #Time zones am I right #Still #oh my gooood #tw caps
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  • sealscanwrite
    24.10.2021 - 47 minutes ago

    Dancing Off My Stream (Karl Jacobs x Reader)

    Synopsis: All you wanted to do was hang out with your best friend/crush while he streamed but sometimes even he made the "don't let them know your here" rule difficult. Especially by doing anything to make you laugh.

    Pairing: Streamer! Karl x Non-streamer! Reader

    Warnings: fluff and cursing from every one but Karl lmao, also [N/n] means nickname

    Author Warnings: This is literally being written on my phone in between assignments during Karls stream thats live.

    Right now.

    This second.

    Watch it rn its happening: https://www.twitch.tv/karlnetwork

    Also sorry this is badly written and short I'm legit doing hw at 1am rn. Also the next chapter of my series had to be rewritten because the gods don’t like me and I have student problems to deal with at the moment so sorry its like a week late :[


    Karl kept glancing at you every few seconds before turning back to his stream, a grin on his face and a giggle slipping past his lips.Whatever his friends online had been saying to him was obviously hilarious as more giggles continued to spill out of him and it soon developed into full laughter.

    Every once in awhile you’d entertain him by looking back at him and looking away from your own laptop running Minecraft as you played around on yours and Karls shared server as he streamed. 

    This wasn’t the original plan for the day.

    In fact it was far from it, as you both had met up for the sole purpose of a hanging out with your “not-a-streamer friend day” (dubbed by Karl himself). 

    The day itself usually consisted of long platonic cuddling and the marathoning of every single underrated Disney movie ever made, according to Karl who you remember at one point had tried to get you to go through a 10 hour rewatch session of just The Robinsons.

    You had been excited for it, bring along your laptop just in case you both wanted to play Minecraft and didn’t want to go through the effort of setting up controllers and the game on his television. But it had quickly been interrupted by Karl’s very bad schedule planning as he set down a stream to be done the exact hour you arrived at his place. 

    When he first started to explain what he had done to you, you were quick to reassure him that it was fine and that you could stay in the living room if he wanted you too until he finished. 

    He was quick to shut that thought down though, pulling you into a tight hug. 

    You remembering being startled not full expecting it so soon into you getting to the house before hugging back and relishing the feeling of your head being able to lean on his shoulder, feeling so much comfort while you waited for him to say something. When he didn’t after a few seconds, you spoke up in a comfortable drowse. 

    “What’s this for?” There was a small amount of teasing in your voice. Not enough to hurt the boy you called your best friend but enough for him to know you were also slightly worried about him. 

    He just continued to hug you, swaying you both before responding on his own accord.

    “I missed you. Please stay in the stream room with me..” 

    All you had felt in that moment was your heart beaming at his words before you pulled away, smiled at him and responded with a,“Sure.”

    Which brought you straight to this point in time, as you sat comfortably on the bean bag he had set up for you despite your protest that it was fine, and watched him working with some adoration for him in your chest. He was very focused on the craft, even though it was just a game of GangBeast, and seemed very adamant about being able to get onto the second elevator without dying for the second time this round had shown up. 

    In the background was the playlist you had both set up for his streaming set up, screeching out most of your favorite songs before your absolute had begun to play much to your enjoyment.

     Breaking Free from Highschool Musical

     You tried to keep quiet from your end out of personal preference of not wanting chat to know both who you were and that you were there. Something he agreed on out of his supposed “best friend duty” to protect you. 

    The thought made you feel a bit warm before you turned back to basically destroying your shared world again, going to the nearby trees of Karls home and basically leaving them to be floating leafs in the air. Which went entirely against physics in reality but you couldn’t truly complain when it came to an online game featuring a world made of blocks and only blocks.

    As the song continued to get louder so did you humming along to it. Looking up you noticed Karl being quick to leave behind his seat and dropping his green screen in favor of reenacting the song then playing. You watched in silence, your hands hovering over your keyboard, as he muted his discord and stream and began to scream out alongside the music. 

    You snorted still unsure if you could be any louder. Until he looked over to you, eyes making eye contact and smiled to signify that it would be okay to join him.

    And that you did do for several minutes as you sat in the bean bag chair on the other side of the room, unrecorded and enjoying the moment of pure chaos as he continued to let you know that he was muting and unmuting everytime he was about to start dancing and acting out again.

    Both of you danced on either side of the room, acting out and getting into the roles of Gabriella and Troy very quickly as you couldn’t stop the laughter bubbling out of you as he kept glancing to see if anything he was doing was making you laugh with a smile on his face. 

    This routine continued on for awhile, you being quick to go silent when he would unmute to kill himself quickly in game in order to get back to laughing and singing loudly with you. And it was very cute.

    Until the other began to pick up on what he was doing, kind of.

    “Dude where’s Karl?” Quackity pipped up as his character went straight for Karls limp and unresponsive one. Someone else you didn’t know was quick to join in the teasing as well which made Punz come over and all three of them attempted to pick up Karl and toss him into the lava pit within the game.

    It caused Karl to scramble for his pc and unmute, with you not noticing until much too late, screaming at the three to stop at the top of his lungs. That with a combination of you voice cause you both to stiffen in shock as it hit you both that they had heard your boisterous laughter alongside the music he was playing alongside him screeching from your corner.

    He muted quickly with no hesitation, almost tripping on the green screen to get to his pc and discord, as he was almost stunned in giggles as his eyes met to look at yours. There was silence from you even though he was giggling as you felt mortified breaking the single personal rule in between you two whenever you went into the streaming room.

    Your eyes went wide as you practically felt embarrassment flush your cheeks. Your first instinct in this situation was to slam your hand over your mouth, which you did, but the damage had already been done as Karl’s already normally crazy chat was going past him with no sign of slowing down at all. 

    It took about 5 seconds for Karl to react, his mods already placing the chat on Emotes only mode and him responding to Tina and Punz’s insistent worrying and asking if everything was alright. 

    “Hey! No, no everything's fine!”

    Muffled responses awaited him back from what you could hear. 

    “No don’t worry! Can you guys just give me a second and please can you watch chat for a second?” His voice sweet but obviously filled with nerves at the fact you had gotten caught by your own laughter and singing along to match his own energy. 

    Whoever was talking to him seemed to respond in a positive manner as he was quick to turn off his camera and then take off his headsets before turning to look at you. While you knew you shouldn’t feel that ashamed as it had been an accident, you couldn’t help but curl up inside at his unreadable gaze towards you even if it was most likely not on purpose for him to do. 

    Then the silence was filled with his voice, laughters leaving his lips quickly as he seemed to refocus on the present situation. 

    “I didn’t think it’d be your cute laugh that’d get you caught on stream.”

    If your ears weren’t flushed before they sure were now at the slight compliment even if this was regular Karl behavior, something about this seemed more genuinely past the friendship you had developed since what felt like forever. 

    “Hey,” He reassured you with a smile that made your heart fill with slight despair at the possibility of liking it more than you should. “[N/n] don’t even worry about it...Its my fault anyways because I didn't check if we were muted. I can play it off as being with Chandler or something, you didn’t do anything wrong.” 

    At that notion you relaxed and Karl seemed pleased with that before he finally began to laugh a bit at the situation. He laughed again at what happened and in a more comfortable state you joined him and felt relaxation for not messing something up between you.

    But somehow just by the look of softness he was giving you and the laughter shared between you both, you knew that it was going to be just fine. 

    #mcyt x reader #mcyt x y/n #dsmp #dsmp x reader #dsmp x you #dsmp x y/n #mcyt fanfiction#mcyt #mcyt x you #karl jacobs #karl jacobs x reader #karl jacobs x y/n #karl jacobs x you #shit writing#mcyt fluff#writing dsmp #sorry to the person reading #imagine #streamer irl fic #real person fiction
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  • nb-enderdragon
    24.10.2021 - 48 minutes ago

    if you ever hear ominous clicking noises in the middle of the fog coming to your general direction, do not fear. thats just geminitay passing by

    #-False n Stress at the other hermits. probably #geminitay #saw a post abt deer with clicky ankles. n mcyt brainrot so. gem
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  • voidmatic
    24.10.2021 - 53 minutes ago

    karl had multiple roblox parody aLBUMS because DMCA exists and he just wanted to listen to his fave songs on stream so he made his own.

    I -

    y'know what? that's dedication, 100%

    #listening to two of his parodies on stream just now #absolutely magical #like mcc was today but like #this is fantastic content rn #anyways#tag time#karl jacobs#roblox#GamerBoyKarl#dsmp#dsmp karl#mcyt#dream smp#twitch#voidmatic posts
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  • paperclipwrites
    24.10.2021 - 57 minutes ago


    Summary: dsmp but it's a play made by theatre nerds. Wilbur gets stressed over a scene, so Eret helps :) (ALL PLATONIC. NO SHIPPING!)

    Cw: light hearted swearing, maybe intense tckles??

    Word count: 3.3K


    "Eret, I trusted you." Wilbur's voice cracked as he stared at his friend- his enemy.

    Eret grinned, and without her sunglasses Wilbur was sure there would be a glint of amusement in her eyes.

    "Why?! Why did you do this? Was L'Manberg not enough for you? Was I not enough for you?" Wilbur cried. His sword hung by his side, the grip on the handle slowly tightening with each passing moment.

    "All L'Manberg was was false hope Will."

    "Don't call me that. You don't get to fucking call me that anymore." Wilbur seethed. Eret raised an eyebrow but continued.

    "Fine. Wilbur, you must have seen it. L'Manberg was doomed from the start! This way, I at least get something out of it instead of going down like everyone else. You could have had this too if you had just surrendered." Eret stated.

    "It wasn't doomed! You were the one that doomed it!" Wilbur screamed. Eret stared blankly and neither spoke.

    All there was was the soft sound of heavy breathing and the smell of ash and soot in the air from the tnt destruction.

    "Umm, we haven't written the next part yet." Eret broke character with an awkward laugh.

    Wilbur sighed, putting the foam sword down and walking over to the laptop on his desk. The brunet leaned on the wood and stared at the screen, re reading all the lines.

    "Any ideas on how to finish this scene?" Eret asked walking over to glance over their friends shoulder.

    Wilbur just sighed resting his elbows on the desk and putting his face in his hands. Eret winced, patting his back.

    "We don't have to finish this right now if you don't want. We can work on a different scene, I know this one has been hard." Eret comforted. Wilbur shrugged their arm off and looked at the screen again.

    "It's not that. This scene is just shit so far." Wilbur responded. He typed "change this scene^^" under the last scripted lines.

    "The fuck are you saying? It's good Will." Eret said back. He wasn't even lying, Eret loved this scene because of how Wilbur wrote it.

    Wilbur scoffed. "It's shit compared to the rest. I can't fucking get this one right it's all awkward and not how I want it and it's just not good enough."

    "Explain why it's 'shit' then." Eret crossed her arms.

    "Well first off I cant think of any good lines for Tommy's character. Next I don't fucking know how to write a character pleading not to be betrayed. It's all just wrong and not good." Wilbur went to press the delete button to start deleting the scene but Eret grabbed his wrists from behind the brunet.

    "Nope. No deleting." Eret started firmly.

    "I'm deleting it, you cant stop me." Wilbur yanked on his wrists gently but Eret didn't budge.

    "I can make you promise me."

    "I won't fucking promise." Wilbur rolled his eyes. Eret adjusted his grip so he was hiding Wilbur's hands in one hand.

    "I can make you."

    Wilbur narrowed his eyes, wondering what Eret had planned. There was amusement in their voice, so Wilbur knew it was nothing bad.

    "How?" Wilbur dared to ask the question.

    "Like this." Eret bluntly said before tasering the brunet side.

    Wilbur yelped in surprised and twisted away from the hand that changed to spidering along his side.

    "Nohohoho Eret no." Wilbur tried to glare but his wobbly smile and soft laughter broke the threatening effect he was trying to have.

    "Eret yes." Erets said before she blew a raspberry on Wilbur's neck.

    Wilbur squealed and his knees gave out. Eret lowered them gently to the ground and maneuvered Wilbur so he was lying on his back and his arms were pinned above his head.

    Eret looked at their friends slightly flushed face and nervous smile for a moment before lifting their hand that wasn't holding Wilbur's wrists to hover over his torso.

    "Wait wait wait wait please wait." Wilbur shook his head and Eret raised an eyebrow.

    "Wait for what?"

    "You, you don't have to do this Eret. We're friends. You can let me go!" Wilbur pleaded, never taking his eyes off Erets hand that was dangerously close to his stomach.

    "I have to do this Will." Eret replied dramatically.

    "No you dONT- EREHEHET whahahat the fuhck!" Wilbur interrupted himself with his own laughter as Erets hand started clawing at his stomach.

    He pulled at his wrists and tried to squirm away but Eret had a firm grasp and he was weakened by the tickling already.

    "EHEHNOUGH" Wilbur tried to say through his laughter.

    "You'd think a president could handle some tickling." Eret teased as she scribbled on his ribs. The fresh wave of higher pitched laughter made her hum in satisfaction.

    "Aww look, you're face is getting red. Are you blushing Soot?" Eret grinned like the Cheshire Cat as Wilbur tried to hide his flushed face in his shoulder.

    "Dodohnt sahay shit lihihike that!" Wilbur tried to sound threatening but through his giggles it was all futile.

    "Don't hide your face from me! Your smile is cute and I want to see it."

    Wilbur didn't think it could get any worse, and then it did. The universe loved to prove him wrong.

    "QUHIIYT IT." Wilbur squealed in reply. The fingers assaulting his ribs only moved to his armpit.

    Eret noticed this spot wasn't as bad and stayed there to give her friend a chance to breath.

    "Aw this spot makes you giggle." Eret coed fondly.

    Wilbur twisted his head to the side that Eret wasn't on as if it would hide his increasingly blushing face.

    Eret lightly tickled his neck to get him to turn to face her. She was met with a carefree smile and more happy giggles.

    "Tell you what, if you promise me right now that you won't go and delete that scene, I'll let you go now." Eret decided to compromise.

    Wilbur thought about it while the blush died down.

    "I'm going to delete it. You cant stop me." Wilbur decided on saying.

    Eret shrugged. "I'll convince you. In the mean time, your funeral."

    Wilbur's eyed widened in horror as he felt his shirt being lifted up.

    "No no no no Eret no we can talk about this right?" Wilbur said nervously.

    "We tried talking. You disagreed. This is what you get for it." Was the last thing Wilbur heard before Eret let go of his wrists and blew a raspberry on his belly button.

    "NOHOHOOH EREHEHET!" Wilbur screamed with laughter. Erets soft hair only made it worse as it gently swept across his sides which added to the almost unbearable sensation.

    One of Eret's hands found its way to his hip bones and gently pinched and scribbled on the hyper sensitive area which made his laughter go up in pitch.

    Wilbur arched his back involuntary into Erets torturous and tickly nibbles before crashing back down onto the floor.

    His eyes squeezed shut and his hands weakly tried to push Eret away. His half hearted protests were non existent now because all he could focus on was how much it tickled.

    Eret caught a slight strain in the brunets laughter and dialled it back. Moving back to just dragging her nails along his stomach. Not enough to tire him out anymore, but enough so he was still giggling but could breath.

    "Had enough yet? Or do you need a round two?" Eret smiled innocently.

    Wilbur's cheeks became bright red again as he shook his head.

    "Nohoohoh no no. Fihihine I wohohnt delete it." Wilbur caved in and agreed.

    Eret let out a satisfied hum and nodded his head. He pulled his hand back but was stopped by anymore hand grabbing his wrist.

    Eret looked at their friend confused but figured it out quickly. Wilbur was covering his face with one of his hands but Eret could easily see the embarrassed flush behind it.

    Smiling fondly, Eret lifted her friend up to sitting and hugged him from behind before moving back to softly skittering along his sides and stomach.

    They had time to finish the script later, for now, they both could use a break to relieve the stress.


    The room was filled with a deadly silence.

    Everyone was nervous, at this point they win or they will loose everything. They've been preparing for months, they've fought for too long and none were planning on giving up.

    L'Manberg would win, they were sure of it.

    Their hope only increased when Eret announced that she had something secret to show them. A weapon that would help them defeat the Dream SMP.

    "I've been gathering resources for this for a long time." Eret said as he lead everyone into L'amnbergs walls.

    Wilbur, Tommy, Tubbo, and Fundy all followed curiously behind their friend.

    "Where are you leading us?" Tubbo asked, then paused and stopped walking.

    Tommy turned to glare at his friend.

    "That's my line, bitch!" Tommy crossed his arms, stepping out of character.

    "Sorry! I thought it was mine. Can we try that scene again?" Tubbo asked slightly embarrassed.

    "Don't worry about it Tubbo, you're doing great!" Phil shouted from the countless empty audience seats.

    Tubbo grinned as the rest of the cast backed up their positions and a couple pulled out the paper script to review one more time before another practice.

    They only had two more weeks of practice before they performed their play. The issue they had encountered the most was this scene in particular.

    "Okay uh, before we do it again, I have another minor change," Wilbur started and they all groaned mentally. This scene changed every time they practiced.

    Wilbur never seemed satisfied with how he had written it. But he couldn't remove it because it was a key part to the rest of the plot.

    "Don't follow the scripted lines when we get to the control room. I just want improv there, follow the basic story line for that bit, but say and do whatever you want. Take it slow though, so I can see what you're all doing." Wilbur finished. They all nodded and resumed practice.

    "Can I ask why? I thought the new script sounded good for this part." Niki asked from the side.

    "I feel it's awkward still. It's not turning out how I want it to, so I want to see how you all interpret it." Wilbur explained. Niki nodded with a smile.

    Dream and the other people on the side of DreamSMP walked to their hidden positions for when they would enter the scene.

    Phil, Ranboo, Techno, and a few other of their friends sat in the empty audience watching the practice and taking notes of what could be improved.

    Everyone in the theatre could feel the stress radiating off of Wilbur.

    In all honestly, they knew that their play was hella good. The props and sets had been in the making for months and were crafted to perfection, and they all had been practicing non stop so they could be at their best by the time the performances started. The script had been edited and changed to fit everyone's character to perfection.

    Eret especially knew it was amazing. They had spent countless hours with Wilbur helping him write out scenes and changing parts that didn't fit quite right.

    While everyone else moved back to their starting points, Eret used this as an opportunity to talk to Wilbur.

    "Will-" Eret was interrupted right away.

    "I know I know. I just, I don't like it okay? I promised I'm not going to get rid of it, but I never promised I wouldn't change it as I see fit." Wilbur walked away without another word.

    Eret saw Wilbur go into the audience to talk to Phil, and decided it was time to do something about this before Wilbur got to stressed to do this scene, and before the rest of the crew got to fed up to practice it.

    Eret walked over to the group of people in the button room betrayal scene and decided that she would tell them all her plan.

    "Okay, so this next time that we practice it, I have a plan because this can't go on any longer." Eret said referring to the changes and the stress over this part. "So don't go all out in your performances okay? But act like what I'm going to do is part of the script."

    Everyone nodded and all got in their starting positions as Wilbur came back onto the stage.

    "Okay, and begin when you're all ready." Phil yelled from the audience.

    They followed the script up until they got to the button room. Tubbo, as his character, ran gleefully to a chest to open it first. His smile faded upon seeing nothing in it.

    "There's nothing in here?" Tubbo asked confused.

    "Thats the point." Eret gained a grin on their face.

    The Dream Team came into the scene from their hiding spot, swords and bows at the ready. The rest of L'Manberg pulled out their weapons too, preparing for a fight. Both teams waiting for the other to strike first.

    Sapnap was the first to charge forth. Raising his prop sword, he ran to attack Fundy. Everyone else took that as their cue to commence the battle.

    The only two who didn't move to attack were Eret and Wilbur. They stood, staring at each other. One with a proud smirk, the other with anger and hurt.

    "You betrayed us!" Wilbur shouted over the chaos.

    "I did."

    "Why? Why did you give up on L'Manberg?" Wilbur pulled out his sword, pointing it shakily at his former ally. The person he used to trust the most.

    "Because L'Manberg was a lost cause! I saw that, Dream saw that."

    "It wasn't lost!" Wilbur ran at Eret, ready to strike. Eret dogged, pulling out their own sword.

    "It is now. Down with the revolution boys. It was never meant to be." Eret grinned as she attacked Wilbur with her own sword. Hitting his arm, Wilbur grasped it with his other hand pretending it was in pain.

    "No! This can't be how L'Manberg ends! Wilbur cried. He stared at the chaos surrounding him. His ally's, his family, fighting for their cause and Dreams tyranny trying to end it.

    Wilbur felt a foam sword on his neck. Eret was behind him.

    "Do it. Kill me." Wilbur closed his eyes, waiting for the betrayer to end it.

    The end never came.

    "No. I want to drag this out." Eret said menacingly wrapping one arm around Wilbur's torso.

    Wilbur shifted in his spot, what did Eret have planned?

    "Drop your sword."

    "No." Wilbur said firmly. That was his only weapon, the only way he could escape and help L'Manberg.

    "I'll make you."

    Oh, Wilbur didn't like that tone. It was almost, teasingly?

    He pushed the thought out of his mind, he had to stay in character. Glancing around, everyone else was having their own monologues or still fighting one another. In the audience, Phil was quickly writing notes about the improv and from behind the curtains, other people who weren't in this scene were watching them all curiously such as Ranboo, Sam, and Purpled.

    "I'd rather die then do anything for you." Wilbur replied, venom lacing his words.

    He felt Eret shift his hand higher, near his ribs. Wilbur tensed and took a deep breath.

    "We'll do this the hard way then."

    Eret removed the sword from Wilbur's neck and used that arm to hold up Wilbur's sword bearing arm. The president tightened his grip on the prop, expecting Eret to try and take it from him.

    What Wilbur didn't expect was to feel a hand lightly scratching his arm pit. The brunet pressed his lips together, not wanting to give Eret the satisfaction of a response. He resisted the overwhelming urge to let go of the sword and bring his arm down. He had to be strong until Eret stopped.

    "Laugh for me Will." Eret whispered directly in his ear. Wilbur was about to retort a response but a laugh escaped instead when Eret decided to pinch along his upper ribs.

    "Ehereht-" Wilbur paused as another giggle escaped. "Ehenough."

    His arm shook slightly with the effort to keep it up.

    "Drop the sword and I'll stop." Wilbur could hear the grin in their voice.

    "Or do you not want this to stop?" Eret lowered her voice to a whisper again. Wilbur squealed and turned tried to turn his head away.

    That was the final straw. His face flushed from the tease and his quiet laughter only increased. Wilbur dropped the sword and tried to bring his arm down but Eret decided at that moment that they would help keep his arm up.

    "Tkl tkl tkl." Eret whispered. He switched his tactic to scribbling over his friends sides and ribs now.

    Wilbur let out more endearing laughter and tried to get away from the feeling. Eret laughed softly at his weak attempts to get away.

    "You're not even trying that hard to get away." She said out loud. They let go on Wilbur's arm to used both hands to scribble and claw on his stomach.

    Wilbur screeched and actually laughed instead of the weak giggles from before. He bated his hands at Erets, but in his weak ended state it did next to nothing.

    The screech caught the attention of anyone who wasn't already watching the scene between the two friends.

    "All it took to take down the president was a little bit of tickling." The presidents face flushed more and his (fake) protests increased.

    "Maybe I should keep you alive just to hear your cute laughter." Eret continued.

    "NOHOOH EHEREHT STOP!" Wilbur wheezed.

    "I didn't know someone could blush that red until I met you!" Eret said with a laugh.

    Wilbur swore he was going to kill Eret.

    "TommyInnit! Watch this!" Eret called to Tommy over the others laughter.

    Tommy was about to reply in a friendly way, but remembered when they had said earlier. Pretend it's in the script.

    "What are you doing to my brother?" Tommy glared. It was so hard to keep a straight face while watching the wholesome interaction.

    "This is what he gets for not surrendering when he has the chance!" Eret grinned before breaking character, "but seriously watch this. He just melts if you do this." Eret smiled fondly as he skittered his fingers along Wilbur's collarbone and up to his jaw and back.

    The loud boisterous laughter left, only for soft and happy giggles to replace it. Tommy coed at his unofficial brother while the latter stopped trying to get Erets hands away.

    "Then, if I do this," Erets mischievous smile returned as she blew a raspberry onto Wilbur's neck. The brunet screeched and his knees collapsed under him. Eret laughed and gently lowered him to the ground before standing up.

    "He just crumbles!" Eret finished the sentence.

    Tommy laughed and crouched infront of Wilbur.

    "You good big man?" The blond grinned.

    Wilbur nodded and his breath returned to normal.

    "Well, no matter how endearing that was, we have to pack up now. It's getting late." Phil yelled from the audience.

    Wilburs face flushed again when he looked around to see everyone had been watching.

    "I hate you." Wilbur mumbled to Eret. The other just laughed and helped him up.

    "No more changes to the script okay? It's perfect." Eret said honestly.

    "But-" Wilbur got cut off.

    "Nope. And if you don't agree to this I'll just do that again." Wilbur punched his friend in the shoulder lightly.

    "Fine. No more changes." Wilbur sighed.

    Eret grinned the victory and immediately texted everyone.

    Theatre bitches


    Good news! Will agreed no

    more changes to the script

    Everyone say thank you Eret

    TommyInnit (aka gremlin)

    Thank you Eret

    Niki :)

    Thank you Eret!



    Finally, they could all stop worrying about the script and that scene.

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    #/j australian possums are just little guys #it also looks full of regret bc its nocturnal and it somehow got up this random tree before sunset #not mcyt#asks
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    Happy birthday Purpled 🥳

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    Welp, more people to keep track of

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    Every time I think about c!Sapnap I get increasingly more sad

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