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    If you saw it, you wouldn’t believe your eyes

    I could scarcely believe mine

    For a pig to fly, would be far more likely

    Oh I wish you could see it

    As big as life, as minuscule as a mite

    I cannot fathom the sight

    A large boulder the size of a small boulder

    The fuck does that even mean?

    [image is a screenshot of a tweet by San Miguel Sheriff, with the caption “Large boulder the size of a small boulder is completely blocking east-bound Highway 145 mm78 as Silverpick Rd. Please use caution and watch for emergency vehicles in the area.” Embedded in the tweet is a picture of a snowy-covered road. There is a boulder of apparently indeterminate size completely blocking one lane. In the bottom right hand corner of the image, there is a sheriff’s patrol SUV, the driver’s side front door and side panel are visible. End image ID.]

    #not science #i can’t read much on a bus or i get carsick #bussick #therefore my mind is free to wander #and come up with nonsense like this
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  • Bussing across the country gothic

    You don’t know anyone’s name, they don’t know yours, but you know everyone’s life story before the next stop. They don’t ask about yours.

    People get on, people get off. The bus is always full, it never completely empties out.

    If you get on a bus and it IS empty, get the fuck off while you still can. There’s a reason.

    You meet a woman who’s fresh out of her 8-year stint in prison and headed home. At her stop, you pick up a different woman who is heading somewhere to turn herself in to face jail time. You don’t ask if it’s an 8-year stint. But it wouldn’t surprise you.

    Anyone kind enough, or bad enough at saying no, who has a phone now has the communal bus phone. Everyone contacts the person they need to. By the end, you have twenty new numbers in your phone. Some still text you, asking for their person.

    Someone used your phone to call ahead. He’s going to Chicago. He asks the person on the other end to, “grab him, get him, I’m coming for him.” You wonder if you’ve just been an accomplice to a future murder. Can your phone be incriminated?

    Sleep never really comes. Times drags on. You close your eyes, catch your head as it falls and jerk it up. You might have been dozing for a couple hours. You look at the time, it’s been 3 minutes.

    There’s only four buses that stop at your layover station. The last one is yours. It takes 5 hours to get there.

    It’s snowing as you board the bus. It’s nose-numbingly cold. Your bus drives out of the parking lot. There’s no snow. Was it ever snowing? Or was it just snowing over the station? You don’t ask. You close your eyes and resist the shivers. You tell yourself that they’re from the cold.

    Your bus is delayed. The app says it’s running on time, but you’re not where you’re supposed to be. The bus is always delayed.

    The carsickness comes in waves. It helps if you look out the window, at passing landscapes. Nothing looks familiar. They start to hurt your eyes. You’re not sure if the carsickness is the better option, but you’re seriously debating it.

    You sit in the station waiting for your next bus, you’re always sitting. It still feels like you’re moving. The carsickness doesn’t abate.

    Everyone employed by the bus company refers to you as she or sweetie, everyone you sit next to calls you a him or a dude. It doesn’t matter. Gender is as indeterminate as time on the bus.

    “Hey, you’re actually a girl right. I know the dude who handed me your phone said you’re a him, but I didn’t think so. You got a pretty smile.” - Says the man going to Chicago to “get him”. He asks where you’re going as you enter the station together. You sort of answer and then beeline to the bathroom. The women’s bathroom is closed. You wish your gender was also indeterminate in the station.

    At your longest layover, the man who runs the station looks at you intently while grabbing the bags out from the bus. He goes, “I used to have a friend who was a young woman similar height and build as you. Her name was Hope, Little.” Deadeyed, monotone delivery. Is it a joke? Is it a warning? This man runs the station. The snow begins. This time, you shiver uncontrollably. It doesn’t matter why.

    #not science #300 miles from home and headed to unfamiliar territory #I wish I was joking about any of this #These are in a jumbled not-congruent timeline order
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    Sometimes it’s a bad day in the field, sometimes it’s your first visit to the Everglades.

    It’s always good to have friends you can count on to get to the bottom of the problem.

    #not science #also I wish these texts were a lie
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  • #Anonymous #the meaning of life the universe and everything #not science
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  • Greetings!

    I just wanted to say, my hope is during my December break to begin queuing up articles here again. This past semester was just too chaotic and busy for me to do so, but both Jan term and spring are looking like they’ll be much lighter and I’ll be able to start that up again!

    Looking forward to that honestly. I feel out of touch with what all cool science discoveries have happened that I’ve missed out reading about.

    But if you’d like to learn anything about genetic mosaics or polyploidy, my senior seminar papers have been focused on researches about those haha!

    #not science#gwen speaks #senior year is rough
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  • Can anyone recommend some family friendly YouTubers who post video game walkthroughs for Nintendo switch games? Ideally a woman and/or queer?? My kids and I often watch walkthroughs when we play and I’m tired of listening to 100 versions of the same dude and having to be on guard for fat phobia and casual sexism.

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  • who else was terrified as a kid from this book and story?

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  • Top 10 Reasons Why Greta Thunberg Is a Fraud

    Here are some of the top reasons why Greta Thunberg is a pawn and a fraud, manufactured by PR firms and used by an army of globalist climate change alarmists that seek to gain more financial and political control. They are create an apocalyptic death cult obsesses about the end times.

    #politics#social engineering#apocalyptic cult#religion#NOT science #manipulation with emotions #guilt cult #repent or you will die #serving the elite #serving corporations#greta#luisa neubauer#eugenics #abusing a child #green socialist dictatorship #creating trauma #club of rome #big finance behind the fraud #actor#communism#agenda 21#agenda 30 #end time cult #mao stalin and hitler ALL socialists used children for their ideology #UN and collectivists propaganda #scaring children#death cult#death crusade#chronos cult #chronos ate his children
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  • I need a partner to help me fight in my dreams.

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  • Player: *Puts 20 years of wear and tear on a game*

    Cartridge: *Loses sticker*


    #surprised pikachu#pokemon #dead meme? dead meme #not science #sci fact aaaalmost done #I'll finish it after I go to a show tonight
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  • “I’m gonna make it through this year if it kills me”

    theme song till 2020.

    #not science #the mountain goats #stephen colbert
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  • Anxiety is great cos I get to spend the day feeling like my heart is breaking: like the love of my life is about to leave me (no), like my mum is dying (no), and like I’m about to be fired (no again). All that at once except it isn’t real and I want to curl up in bed and cry for absolutely no reason.

    #getting tired of my own bullshit #anxiety#text post#not science
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  • Hogwarts houses and romance

    Gryffindor + Gryffindor: Nauseatingly inseparable. Beware breakups; the fallout will be traumatic.

    Ravenclaw + Ravenclaw: Nerd partners in crime. Likely to name their children after fantasy/sf characters.

    Hufflepuff + Hufflepuff: crunchy couple, probably stoners.

    Slytherin + Slytherin: so, so, so bored with each other, but would rather cheat on each other than divorce.

    Gryffindor + Slytherin: constant warring egos. Toxic as fuck.

    Gryffindor + Ravenclaw: Love, but not a lot of mutual understanding. Indulge each other’s hobbies without really participating. Probably doomed, with a high potential to be “the one that got away”.

    Gryffindor + Hufflepuff: Fuckbuddies. Very little long-term potential, but will probably work out if it gets that far.

    Ravenclaw + Slytherin: Gleefully corrupting each other. Probably kinky as hell. Don’t ask what they see in each other; you don’t want to know. The two smartest motherfuckers in the room, and they know it.

    Ravenclaw + Hufflepuff: Board game night, every night. Lots of weed and tattoos.

    Hufflepuff + Slytherin: Some kind of major imbalance in the relationship; the Slytherin might be a sugar baby. Probably deeply unhealthy, but stable.

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  • The one year anniversary of this blog is coming up in a couple weeks, for this I was trying to think of a little something I could do in honor of it.

    The main thing I can think of is possibly an “about the blogger” day. Mainly since I don’t really talk about myself much, I just mainly queue up biology articles (and need to refill the queue again speaking of which).

    Q&A is always easiest format for this sort of thing, so I’ll probably reblog some ask prompts coming up for in case anyone is curious (but feel free to just ask anything you wish).


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    I’d call these the poor artist’s paper flatteners but let’s be real, I could weigh the paper down with gold bars and it’d be less expensive than tuition and textbooks

    #portrait of the artist as a young dork #not science #but a little science #wip
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  • I’ve started writing a new story that can be summed up in the single unwranglable tag of “Make time travel have consequences you cowards

    #yes it's an endgame fixit #of a sort #it's also my own personal take on time travel #which is based on feelings and spite #not science #but then whatever #writing is hard
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