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  • I’d like to get some audio books for my son but I don’t know where to start when it comes to the technology piece. Ideally, I’d like an ap so he can listen on an iPad. Recommendations?

    Also, if you have ADHD and/or reading disabilities and you want to share your experiences with audiobooks, I’d love to hear them.

    #not science #abusing my platform for my own benefit
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  • This is good and important, you should listen to it. And all of the other Narcissist Cookbook stuff. Good musical poetry.

    #not science #but still good #poetry#art#music#blm #black lives matter #Spotify
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  • Been on a bit of a hiatus, sorry about that. Still kinda busy with various things but hoping to get the next post up innnnn a couple weeks, will see.

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    Selfie Friday

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  • Nice things about keeping things in the queue, when tumblr decides to randomly terminate your account, it actually keeps running.

    I’m thankful though that the termination last night was short lived and they corrected their error by this morning.

    But it was rather laughable being where I couldn’t open my tumblr but still was getting post notifications as they occurred.

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  • What if ‘summer’ rain jackets came with a sweat wicking, as opposed to a sweat generating, lining? What if?

    #it is so hot and humid #not science#fuuuuuck
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  • Once again I’m realizing a few days late that the anniversary of when I started this blog has whizzed by. Perhaps one year I’ll actually remember on June 29th haha.

    Regardless! The blog is officially 2 years old now, and I’m amazed at how much it has grown. I never expected to pass 500 followers, but you guys blew that out of the water. 


    I’m excited for another year of sharing the wonders of biology (and other general sciences) with you guys. I learn as much from some of your questions as I hope you do from my answers.

    As always my inbox is always open to hearing from you guys, be it discoveries or questions! Also, I could reblog a few ‘meet the blogger’ questions again since it has been about a year since I last did any of that.

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  • Stats is the bastard child of math and science

    #no one wants it #not science#not math #it’s its own thing #and its dumb #if you’re a stats major ur wrong #sorry i dont make the rules #stats is fake math #prove me wrong #u can’t #cause in ur heart #you know i’m right
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  • B r o I am losing it lately so I scheduled another psych appointment, but then I missed the psych appointment because I’m losing it

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  • A whovian is what you call a person who is tiny and lives on a speck on an elephant’s flower

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  • Again please stop sending me asks related to herp keeping ect. I’m going to just delete them from now on. 

    #not mad or anything so chill just #i wont be answering them anymore and i'll just delete them #also dont send the ask like 5 times because i havent answered it #and I’d honestly just want to talk about bees #not science
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  • #the corn prophecy has been fulfilled #i don't know when kern started for me but I know its bc of them and I hate it #anon#ask#not science#Anonymous
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  • #in all seriousness ive been creeping up on them #stop moving when it rears up #inch in again when it goes back down #but my success rate with this is...still not good #not science
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  • “Hold on I have just the photo to represent an entire species on Wikipedia” [x]

    #not science#well #a little bit science #it's a pineapple relative #largest bromeliad species in the world #there now it's science
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  • Don’t forget during this flu and pandemic season to wash your hands for 20 full seconds!

    Bad at keeping track of time? Me too.

    So here are a few personal favorite ~20 second snippets from everyone’s favorite steam-powered robot band!

    • Captain Albert Alexander

    “Captain Albert Alexaaaaaaaander saved his crew from pirate slau-au-au-aughter, but that Captain Albert Alexaaaaaaaaander he’ll go down in the wa-a-a-ater”

    • Oh No!

    “Darkness of space was broken, when a beam of light emerged and awoken all the crew aboard the spacecraft Delaruuuu-uu-ue, a man appeared outside the ship and he was pale as snow as the Earth was blue, it couldn’t be hiiiimm”

    • Hot on the Trail

    “Hot on the trail of a real fine lii-i-ife, this could be what it mean to be alii-i-ive, can’t be too sure but it feel the right wa-a-ayyy”

    • Latum Alterum (Ya Ya Ya)

    “I wanna go-ooooooo, I wanna see the other side, I lauded all day for much too long, tied down my words to sing a song, I wanna kno-oooooooow, I wanna see another world”

    • Turn Back the Clock

    “I see a smiiile, it’s briiight, as a dawn’s break of light, is it meant for meee, this tiiime, can I keep it close to warm me for-evvver?”

    • Go Spine Go

    “Suffering from diarrhea, hydration is key, well he’s been there, no Rabbit robots cant get diarrhea, about three times a day, that’s not true folks, he sympathizes with you affair, it’s impossible for me to have diarrhea, he’s got DIARRHEEEE-EEEEE-AAAA”

    • Fire, Fire

    “I wake from a cooold sweat, how could I fooorget, I’ve seen this all beeefore, the red lights are spinning now, ‘round and ‘round as I hit the ground, warnings of puuure dread, heard on the ovvverhead”

    • Honeybee

    “Hello goodbye ‘twas nice to know you, how I find myself without you, that I’ll never knooooooooow (that I’ll never knooooow) I let myself goooooooooo, hello goodbye I’m rather crazy”

    Or if you have really good timing, just sing “Honey bee-eeee-eeee-e, ho-ney bee-eeee-eeee-e”

    With songs as catchy (like the flu) as these, you’ll be tempted to sanitize more often!

    #spg #has this already been done #love me some crazy robot tunes #not science#but seriously #wash your damn hands! #Steam Powered Giraffe
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    Happy Purim! I dont personally celebrate but one of my coworkers gave me a little goody bag so I wanted to wish you all a good and happy holiday!

    #not science #but I wanted to share #☺️#purim
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