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  • Am I the only person who thinks a post office should be open 7 days a week and shouldn’t close until at least 6pm?

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    Okay, I’m not SAYING that this is basically Izuku and Bakugou’s whole relationship, BUT I am saying that this joke was too good to pass up.

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  • #diavolo #jojo's bizarre adventure #golden wind #...wish we had a full-frontal view of our beautiful diavolo #not sorry#hormones#episode 38#screenshots
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  • 11:34

    The truth is, I’m never going to apologize for this. I will never be sorry that I love you.

    I know, I do, that there are things to apologize for. Hearts that could be broken, futures altered, stories rewritten.

    I hope just this once you’ll forgive me when I say that I do not care.

    Because I love you. You. What else matters?

    If you were honest, you’d say what I already know. You are never leaving her. You don’t have a choice to make. You aren’t struggling. You love me, but you’ll still choose her when I ask you to make a choice.

    But since we’re being honest here, you and I, I think maybe it’s okay that you won’t choose me in the end. In some tragic way, that makes me love you more, because this is finite, fleeting. There’s a ticking clock, down, down, down.

    I should probably hate you. How dare you love me, how dare you let me love you, when all this will ever be is a falling-star wish, brilliant and gone? But I don’t. I can’t. You knew, you know me, all my dark corners and hidden pieces, and you dared to love me anyway. I’ve never been so seen, so vulnerable, so made whole.

    And I love you, have loved you. There was never any choice for me. You’re you. What else is there? You couldn’t have stopped me.

    And all that is to say this, again. I love you. I will never be sorry for that.

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  • Who’s your favorite team and why is it the Sunbeams?  :)

    #sorry for the aggressive post #not sorry#hellmouth sunbeams#blaseball#baseball #i stumbled upon a video about what blaseball is and i am living for it now
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  • I gained over 500 followers from when I first started making gifs but…..

    have a made any friends? 🥺

    a few 😁😁😁 but I always love to make more!!!!

    Don’t be afraid to message me….just yell at me about mcr or if you share any of my obsessions…and I will probably love you

    Message me about your dick or asking what my bra size is, you can go fucking choke 😇

    #Straight cis men you are on thin fucking ice (don’t dm me) #not sorry
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  • i think the most wack thing about my breakup w/ my ex was that. she tried to spin it to make me the shitty person, but like I broke up with her bc i was acknowledging my shitty behaviors, and that i was not at a point in my life where i could focus on fixing myself (color guard made my anxiety sHIT bAD, like i have significantly less anxiety in a fucking pandemic than any of my seasons of color guard, but that’s a wHOLE thign for another time)

    i mean i was also aromantic as hell and repulsed by the idea of myself being involved in romance, but still found myself there anyway bc i’m just. stupid sometimes but also there’s a part of me where aromantic=broken and maybe if i find someone i’ll fix myself. i write stories of people falling in love and i cRAVE that but like, not to me? god i’m a disaster. I know what i want but like i don’t want anything, you know??? 

    anywho, i had a dream involving my ex and a few other drum corps people and converse and something happened and i’ve just been thinking about it all day.

    but i had a great day besides that. a lot of people complimented my hair and i gave my cute coworker my bi pin to wear on her apron and i got coffee and i got flowers bc my other work was getting a new flower display and there was a lil cricket in my aisle. but like. i had a dream where we all got fun pride shoes and i got high tops and like lil known fact about me i only very recently have started even considering high-top converse but it was like a thing when i was dating here that it was something i just. never wore.

    and in my dream, (we do have the same shoe size so that was true, add to realism, huh) i got high tops and she got some low tops (reminds me i need to break in my pride low tops) with the expectation that we were going to switch bc i don’t like wearing high tops. and i guess it’s just my touch-starved people-craving fucking too long since a real cuddle session (THANKS QUARANTINE) but like. i cried in my dream.

    well here’s my fucking novel i did get a hug today but also i’ve been up for nearly 24 hours and i am tIRED and just want to write fanfiction and sleep but can’t be motivated enough to get out of bed to brush my teeth. god if i could brush my teeth in bed my life would be set. also more water. a sink, you know. but we gotta keep our teeth healthy bc that’s an easier one than the other things i’m arguably failing at to keep healthy. yes, i’m including my body and my mind. back hurts. head empty. sleepy time yo.this was supposed to be like. a quick thing about how even admitting your flaws and mistakes still leaves the potential of people not forgiving you for that, and uhhhh god i’m so tired.

    #let's go #sorry? #nah#not sorry #in this essay i will lol #amirite #yo beck hmu with a like if you're stalking my blog #nah you're probably doing bigger things with your life #i honestly don't remember what you did outside of color guard #which is #more or less postponed due to #y'know being a very personal and touchy sport #we'd watch miraculous together and honestly i miss our friendship a lot #god do you want to read my fic #this is very much a type of thing where i should delete in the mornign #but my dash is dead #no one's gonna see this. #it'll be fun to look back on #i doubt it all made sense but #gotta lotta thoughts u kno
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  • I’ve never been interested in sex

    But then I saw a hot monster and went 👀👀

    #not sorry #im a monster fucker
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  • Literally sorry if you followed me for something in the past I’m never shutting up about Julie and the Phantoms

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  • EXO - Love Shot

    #exo #exo love shot #exo edit#suho#xiumin#lay#baekhyun#chen#chanyeol #D.O. #kai#sehun #recently i am kinda obsessed with making these kind of edits #sorry... #not sorry#lol
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  • Aha it’s ya boi…ughh venom-


    :D (I should really get a better camera xD)

    #artists on tumblr #drawings#traditional art #i love venom #venom symbiote#venom movie #hes hot im sorry #not sorry
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    Got kicked to the curbside pick up again. At least I’m staying hydrated with my good ol’ Unus Annus water bottle filled with blood of the innocent I mean strawberry flavored water! 😁

    #unus annus#markiplier#crankgameplays#sorry#not sorry #water has a flavor #and it’s GROSS
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  • Karma may not always be a bitch but I certainly am.

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  • People about Canadian cooking: hah hah, maple syrup and bacon only, am I right?

    Canadians who had shitty English food or shitty American food constantly trying to invade: we literally have thousands of recipes from thousands of culture because we have never come from one people, ever. Also, boiling everything in water or oil is gross, and why are both of you so adverse to spices? And yes we are bacon, we were a bunch of poor farmers and aside from wild game, that’s all we could afford until you assholes decided to let the rich take it and fuck off.

    #genuine maple syrup is found in Quebec and northern Ontario #so not a lot of access in many places #the first nations peoples showed us how to tap trees #lots of us were rural farmers and ate bacon because that's all we could afford #the whole everything is maple or bacon is literally just corporation bullshit #not sorry
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  • Thesaihigh -> Sai-is-high

    #changing my name again #whoops#not sorry
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  • 𝖘𝖕𝖆𝖗𝖊 𝖈𝖔𝖔𝖈𝖍𝖎𝖊..?

    ah   h e l l   n a h

    i hate men 😪

    🐳🐝  Ħ𝐞Ў قι𝐑ⓛ  💘♧


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  • Dib is a bottom and you can’t convince me otherwise

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  • Rick Riordan is just two enbys in a trench coat, pass it on

    #rick riordan#gh00sti rambles#pjo #I stole this off of discord #not sorry
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  • #tsuki is a pissbaby #sorry#not sorry #not an imagine #👯‍♀️ anon
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