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  • anyone who comes to my inbox attacking me ad hominem for being mad about an app mirroring my fics and making profit off of it will be blocked, immediately.

    #not spn #already had to block 3 anons today #i will keep doing so #blogkeeping
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  • I’ve decided to stop… stop putting crap into my body, stop hurting my body, stop taking on everyone else’s problems and neglecting my own, stop speaking shit about myself, stop not giving myself a chance, all in the name of “I don’t deserve anything good”

    I do deserve good things… it’s taken me twelve plus years to figure that out, but I see it now… I’m a good person, I am capable of doing amazing things… I deserve a healthy balanced diet, I deserve kindness to my skin, I deserve to focus on and fix my problems, I deserve to be kind to myself, I deserve to give myself a chance… I deserve the good. 

    And I am deeply sorry to the younger me who was always sick and anemic because of the terrible diet I chose, I am deeply sorry for the blades a drew on your skin with, I am deeply sorry for the harshness and the lack of care… I’m so sorry I wasn’t kind to you. 

    For everyone out there reading this… Be kind to yourself, okay? Give yourself a chance. Don’t resort to self harm to fix your pain. Change your self talk, tell yourself kind words not horrible ones. 

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  • I haven’t been on in the past couple days because yesterday I got a niece.

    She has such chunky cheeks and I can’t wait to squeeze her!

    #personal#not spn#family #aunt to a niece
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  • i was hesitant to post “la hantise” as a destiel fanfic because i knew i wanted it to be an original fic and hopefully self-publish it - but i did it anyway. and now it’s circulating not only in this app, but lots of others, without my knowledge or consent. and it makes me really sad to know i’m going to have to just take that story down, when i have almost 600 subscribers to it, because i don’t have the time or the money to file these claims and actually take this person down who’s profiting from not only my fanfics, but thousands of other’s, too.

    so. yeah. this sucks. and just… readers, please be mindful of this? if you see reposting, or someone profiting off of something that’s not their work.. that’s not good. SO many people downloaded this app, gave it great reviews, even fucking tipped the developer of the app who made profit off all our free works. every fanfic writer has copyrights to their own fic. what this app did, profit or not, is stealing. just please try to be cognizant of that and stop doing things for “convenience”. your convenience might really be hurting someone else. 

    #i'm going to bed #not spn
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  • This type of conversation I have with my daughter is by no means an isolated incidence. This is pretty much daily.

    #i can’t... #😂#love her#not spn #not even remotely adjacent #but family I guess
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  • Long distance relationships are actually the worst because when you go to visit and end up having to say goodbye, it hurts like a motherfucker.

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  • Since the latest update my activity page has completely vanished 😫

    Is that intentional or am I just “lucky”, dumblr??

    #it came back for like an hour or so #but now it's completely gone >.< #and that's very annoying #tumblr#personal: rambling#not spn
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  • so i think im going to try to get dental work done in romania (in “perhaps the Cat-est post that has ever Cat-ted,” as my friend said.)

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  • i was tagged by @starsmish. thanks so much, pris! :U

    RULES: answer 20 questions, then tag bloggers you want to get to know better.

    1. NAME: drew
    2. NICKNAMES: drewwy, peanut, cas, cassie, hey you
    3. ZODIAC SIGN: gemini
    4. HEIGHT: 5'3″/160cm
    5. LANGUAGES SPOKEN: english
    6. NATIONALITY: canadian
    7. FAVORITE SEASON: summer, but i think i’m kinda leaning into autumn again bc i love the crisp autumn smell in the air and the colours. D:
    8. FAVORITE FLOWER: i’m not sure if i have a fav… maybe dandelions. or sunflowers.
    9. FAVORITE SCENT: coconut or vanilla
    10. FAVORITE COLOR: green
    11. FAVORITE ANIMAL: cats, bumble bees, sharks
    12. FAVORITE FICTIONAL CHARACTER(S): castiel, dean winchester, sam winchester, spike, peter parker, lestat de lioncourt [don’t judge me lol]
    13. COFFEE, TEA, OR HOT CHOCOLATE: tea, although i enjoy the ocassional hot chocoloate when the season calls for it :3
    14. AVERAGE SLEEP HOURS: 4-5? honestly, it varies. if i don’t get enough sleep on one day, the next day i’ll sleep 7-9 D:
    15. DOG OR CAT PERSON: cat, but i love doggos too :3
    17. DREAM TRIP: i’ve already crossed japan off my list, but i’ve wanted to go to thailand for a while. also, european tour. honestly, i just wanna travel the world, lol.
    18. BLOG ESTABLISHED: may 21, 2019! [one year anniversary in a few months, hoo boy! D:]
    19. FOLLOWERS: yes, i have them.
    20. RANDOM FACT: despite my love for cats, i’ve developed an allergy towards them over the years and it makes me so sad i can’t pet and snuggle with them anymore :(.

    i’d like to tag and get to know some of you guys more, if you’d like to play? @alicethrutheburrows @legendary-destiel @winchestersingerautorepair @thewaywardgryffindor @readingtheocean @synonymouslyyours @bre95611

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  • I was tagged by @bend-me-shape-me, thank you Vanessa 💖💖😘😘

    ✧  how it works: choose between two words and make the chosen word bold. pass this game on to those whose answers would tickle your fancy.

    ancient or modern · bitter or sweet · chocolate or vanilla · coffee or tea · create or destroy · day or night · early bird or night owl · freckles or dimples · gold or silver · greek mythology or egyptian mythology · macarons or eclairs · hot or cold · thunder or lightning · typewritten or handwritten · secret garden or secret library · spicy or mild · dark magic or light magic · virtue or vice · ocean or desert · mermaids or sirens · known or unknown · rough or smooth · moon or stars · rain or snow

    tagging whoever wants to do it 🤗

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  • I’ve been sleeping on a bus for the past 8 hours and sleeping on a freakin bus hurts my back less than sleeping on the hostel bed from this past week

    That’s saying something


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  • I’d like to issue a formal apology to anyone I harrassed last night in the form of drunk messages, asks, etc.

    Especially @dontshootmespence who put up with my incessant rambling. You’re the real MVP.

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  • I was tagged by @starsmish. Thank you, Pris

    RULES: Answer 20 questions, then tag bloggers you want to get to know better.

    1. NAME: Mara (not the real one, but I’m not revealing the real one ever)
    2. NICKNAMES: Mara
    3. ZODIAC SIGN: Pisces
    4. HEIGHT: 172cm (5′6 ft)
    5. LANGUAGES SPOKEN: Spanish and English
    6. NATIONALITY: Spanish
    7. FAVORITE SEASON: Autumn
    8. FAVORITE FLOWER: Forget me nots, lily and sakura
    9. FAVORITE SCENT: Rain, pastries, fruit…
    10. FAVORITE COLOR:Black
    11. FAVORITE ANIMAL: Penguins
    13. COFFEE, TEA, OR HOT CHOCOLATE: Hot chocolate
    14. AVERAGE SLEEP HOURS: 7 hours. It used to be more, but now I have to work and I can’t get as many hours of sleep as I used to
    15. DOG OR CAT PERSON: Cat
    16. NUMBER OF BLANKETS YOU SLEEP WITH: One. But it’s really thick.
    17. DREAM TRIP: Italy, Scotland, Ireland, Japan, China, New Zealand, Canada…
    18. BLOG ESTABLISHED: 2010
    19. FOLLOWERS: A little bit more than 48k
    20. RANDOM FACT: I hold pencils and anything used to write or draw with 5 fingers

    I’m tagging whoever feels like doing this

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  • I was tagged by @starsmish​ to post my comfort characters.

    • Supernatural: Dean and Cas
    • Harry Potter: Luna Lovegood

    • Star Wars: Leia Organa

    • The Mandalorian: Baby Yoda

    • Stranger Things: Dustin, Seve and Robin

    • The Raven Cycle: Ronan and Blue

    • Bojack Horseman: Todd

    • Shades of Magic: Lila

    • Six of Crows: Inej

    • Orphan Black: Sarah

    Whoever wants to do this, go ahead :)

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  • My top valentine was an eight month old Irish Wolfhound. I got All. Of. The. Kisses. I spent the day playing more than working, really. My regulars brought in a mountain of flowers, chocolate, and cards. The tips were amazing. I made homemade bandanas for my regulars, got each one a heart shaped toy, and some treats for everyone. Which they all appreciated. Valentine’s day is the furthest thing from my favorite holiday. But, I’m slowly finding some love for it…. and now? To wash my clothes, and get rid of some of this hair…

    #personal#not spn #tell me about your day?
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