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  • whataboutfractions
    23.01.2022 - 6 hours ago

    okay that's enough depressing mighty moments for one night i need to start posting about how he's a borderline nudist

    #not a joke btw the vast majority of adult bomberman characters shown wear regular ass clothing #mighty is literally the only one i can think of off the top of my head who has nothing beyond his belt and accessories
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  • perdidit-deus
    23.01.2022 - 14 hours ago

    no me legitimately considering playing sky block during the twitch stream im supposed to be a part of in an hour

    #we're talking about the backrooms again so it's nothing to involved or major #this server really got me on the grind tho god damn
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  • shyredpanda
    22.01.2022 - 22 hours ago


    #it was way too late till i got to sleep last night #something is buggy on my google accounts...i can't turn restricted mode off even though it's my personal account #and then my sister woke me up being loud this morning rushing out the door for some audition that i knew nothing about #meanwhile im going to have to cram way too much school into like the next 36 hours #and i basically have zero time or energy to do things outside school like audition for a show that i want to do #at this rate im not even going to be able to prep for auditioning for the theatre major #if im going to do that... #tldr: im sleep deprived behind on everything and a grump
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  • sar3nka
    22.01.2022 - 22 hours ago

    Ppl be like nooo only fast fashion brands have affordable plus sized clothing and then admit that there is plus size clothing in their local thrift stores but they don't like it. Ok so the planet or your style. Choose.

    #like yeah I get it I can hardly ever get footwear cause Im EU size 40/41 and thrift stores and vinted usually have 39> #but that doesnt mean it isnt available you just gotta search and wait like. its that easy #also the supporting of child labor just so you can get yourself some sexy bikini that will go out of style in the span of one season... #im becoming an eco facist at this point but whatevs #and yeah rich people are doing the majority of the pollution. but refusing to stop buying from h&m and shein wont hurt! #people will post infographics and pics from polluted south asia but do nothing to stop any of it #oh and not to mention so many fast fashion brands also have other shit going on. Brandy melville and the racism #and the grooming and exploiting of female workers by male higher ups oops. Can we burn brandy already #not killstar and dollskill doing their drugs good sex work good lets advertise and romanticize it #theres so much yall are just so fucking lazy
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  • camborger
    22.01.2022 - 1 day ago


    #nothing like a covid scare to make you stay in ur room and experience mental illness! #I can't like. sleep when I want #so many thoughts mostly just having a career crisis tho like. why am I still doing retail and how do ppl commit to majors tf #idk what to do I am feeling umm undone a little lollllllll #I haven't felt the sun on my skin in like a week and I'm having emotions about it
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  • igbygoesdown
    22.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    so if i really soldier through all my shit i can finish up w/ community college next year, then go off to... idk. god i guess a university, finish in a couple more years... all the while saving up to move out & then the immigration costs... & then haul ass to toronto...

    #kivpost #whyyyyyyy did i switch majors for 3 straight years and get absolutely nothing done i am TIRED of academia #and i need a JOB but i fucking love the new place and i don't want to move out god #vis a vis the living situation those 2 thoughts are unrelated idk why i put a but there
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  • primalfears
    22.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    it's really funny how there are people now going 'hating the Beatles isn't a personality trait' when folks the world over made liking the Beatles their entire personality and for decades you couldn't lobby the mildest of criticisms towards them lest you be told you don't know anything about music. like ... i promise as annoying as it might be to hear some people online say they hate john lennon or w/e, it was much more annoying to be trying to have legitimate conversations about the countless other bands/artists that can be considered GOATs and just have that shit shut down lol

    #it was especially annoying when i was in music school cuz i had tons of ppl who had never picked up an instrument in their lives #telling me shit abt how if i didnt revere the beatles i wouldnt be worth anything as a musician #and i had to be like 'i am literally on scholarship for music ed and i promise the beatles have nothing to do with being a band director💀' #IRL i promise the majority opinion is still in favor of worshipping that band so y'all dont need to act like youre being attacked #cuz ppl make snarky posts online
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  • bugdotpng
    22.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    this is a general PSA for anyone who has a little water fountain for their kitty: set aside some time every month or so or whenever you can manage to actually take it apart and clean it with soap and hot water. slime, food, and hair build up over time (especially in corners) and can get caught in the little motors. when you do take it apart to clean, check the motor and see if it needs cleaned too! i know it sounds tedious but cats can be really picky about their water and your kitties will thank you!

    i have the little flower one and the tiny motor is super easy to take apart and clean with a toothpick and toothbrush! it also runs a lot quieter now that i got the hair removed from the motor. sorry that’s gross but it needs to be said! even if you just have a water bowl for your kitty, dump it out occasionally and wipe out the bottom!

    #bug.txt #doing my due diligence as the resident cat friend #my mom didn't get me cat behavior and fact books for every major holiday growing up for nothing!! i know all. #i also realize this isn't like...revolutionary information lmao it's just a good reminder
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  • emcads
    21.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    what is it about me that attracts friends that are SO boy crazy.  i love them but i need a break from hearing about men.

    #they all have terrible white boy econ major taste as well ?? #this is queer eye i am fixing them #// tbd #✘; I HAVE SEVENTY TWO EXAMS AND I HAVE NOT STUDIED FOR ONE ( ooc ) #me: knows sb for two days #them: starts telling me personal details about their relationship / sex life struggles #me: hm. interesting. i know nothing about this problem but im glad i give off such a trustworthy aura #wait a min....  i AM the gay best friend  for the straight girls  .....  :  | #where's my emotional support ace lesbian friend huh
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  • shibuyacrossed
    21.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    10 favorite characters from different fandoms

    rhyme (the world ends with you)

    nagi (neo the world ends with you shut up it’s a sequel so technically i can do nagi too!!!)

    snufkin (moomins)

    team rocket meowth (pokémon)

    izzy….. (digimon adventure)

    nanashi (1bitheart)

    b….break (pandora hearts)

    luke! triton!!!!!! (layton)

    venti (genshin)

    jack spicer (xiaolin showdown <3)

    tagged by: @kingsmedley tagging: <3 steal it from me and say i tagged u bc i want to see all of my friends n mutuals faves always

    #thank u dusty this helped the anxiety a little :') #also when i saw kubo on ur list i was so scared for a second until i read the fandom FSHJKFHSJKFSHJKF #AND WAS LIKE OH OK SO THE GOOD KUBO NOT THE MEAN ONE #picking between snufkin and little my was the hardest decision i’ve faced all fucking year wtf. #i was tempted to say little my just to be different but like. comic snufkin exists #if comic snufkin didn’t exist i’d say little my but. comic snufkin #''i thought u were a monster'' ''no im just old snufkin in boots that are too big'' #he also just casually sits on barbed wire like its fucking nothing and says FUCK BANKS and ''funny isnt it how we keep meeting in trees'' #when hes the little creecher that climbs up the tree to talk to them when he coulda shouted from the ground #i also wanted ygo on here but i. can’t pick between mokuba yugi and yami yugi… #also yeah sorry neku is my boy and i relate to him the most but rhyme is my all time fave #rhyme and nagi just...major comfort character moments #tied w my main oc probably which is saying smth bc melanie is. my entire life #ooc about; #ooc; tin pin break
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  • 9w1ft
    21.01.2022 - 2 days ago
    #its nothing major just something sweet
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  • transwitcher
    20.01.2022 - 2 days ago

    everything i've learned about the production of season 2 has been against my will and i like NONE of it

    #fuck that #thank god for the actors #im glad theres people on the show who care about the franchise and their characters #but like... wouldnt it make sense for the WRITERS to care as much about character development as the actors? #idk how accurate it is but i heard a lot of dialog was added in only because henry cavill insisted #which is great #im glad he has a good idea of whats in character for geralt and knows how he should be developed. but he shouldnt HAVE to #obviously im still livid about eskel. nothing new there. theres absolutely no reason a pre-existing witcher with like. #established relevance that fans WANT to see adapted. had to be the one to die. #happy to see that a majority of fans have either said and ignored his death OR expanded on it so that it actually has an IMPACT #for real though. i was so excited to see the other witchers and kaer morhen and it ended up feeling like such a letdown #my first mistake was getting too excited over a picture of a goat #i wanted to see lil bleater :( #i have more thoughts but the eskel thing is whats really gnawing on my brain right now
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  • se-shat
    20.01.2022 - 3 days ago

    The way I'm never going to be able to finish reading A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara because I doubt I'll ever become mentally stable enough to deal with that pain

    #a little life #hanya yanigahara #That I'm barely into the book and I'm heartbroken #It's been MONTHS since I've listened to it #I still have like 24 hours left in it and nothing overly sad has happened yet but I have many predictions and none of them are happy #Seshat#Personal #It's just depressing and is a major trigger warning
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  • hotchsbabygirl
    20.01.2022 - 3 days ago

    if y’all are free February 14th - I am too just putting that out there

    #i hate valentines day #the last 3 years I've had a boyfriend for it and we did nothing #because he's a major douche bag :)
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  • sunlight-never-dies
    20.01.2022 - 3 days ago
    #when talking to sunlight about music assumes she knows NOTHING #i actually had lessons before covid but did not get far because. covid #im practicing C major right now and will figure everything else out later #sunlight#retrograde-raven
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  • oflgtfol
    19.01.2022 - 3 days ago


    #DIN NEXT EPISDOE? #brot watches the book of boba fett #bobf spoilers #ok i know they said there was gonna be a din cameo #and as much as i want to see him again i kinda dont want him to play a major role in bobf #so its kinda like. eh #like i kinda wanted his cameo to be in the background a la peli in chapter 3 like literally nothing substantial #BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUT................. #i do miss him so badly so . sorry. sorry the Cameo Fan Service is going to get to me. sorry
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  • kengirlism
    19.01.2022 - 4 days ago
    #anonymous#answered #did not mean for this to get as long as it did but now i've got the big sad for kenstew again thanks #you're very much not stupid though #if you are so am i #proud stupiders i am very glad to know nothing about anything the roys and their acquaintences actually talk abt #i do not know and i do not wish to know ignorance is bliss etc #if any of this is blatantly obvious to business majors or something don't read this post don't look at this post <3 ty #and godspeed to you fellow kenstew warrior
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  • satanfemme
    18.01.2022 - 4 days ago

    I'm sure there's better schools out there, but I've attended about 4 different art schools (1 high school, 3 college) and all of them had a focus not on "how to make art" but on "how to be an artist". it wasn't a hobby it was a lifestyle. how to market your art, how to market yourself, how to make the art that industry professionals will want to see; the colleges, the employers, the professors. how to make bigger art, more art, quality and quantity all at once. and, because of the limits of time: how to skip sleep, how to skip meals, how to skip socializing, how to isolate yourself in your room all weekend doing nothing but making something for someone else.

    these are all major elements in their curriculums, if not in some schools even more of a focus than the art itself.

    from a capitalist's viewpoint this makes sense. if you're going to art school intending to get an art job, you're gonna need good job skills. you're gonna need to know things like how to sell yourself on all the major social media profiles and then some, both small scale for commission work and large scale for your jobs at major corporations. (you will, of course, most likely be doing both. neither job pays enough by itself). you're gonna need to know how to "grind", nonstop, you're gonna need to know how to grin and bare it. you're going to need to know how to mass produce schlock cause that's what a job is, and that's what you've signed up for. this is all logical.

    but if you take a step back from that lens, it all falls apart. most of these students are still kids or young adults in their early 20s (which isn't much more than a kid, let's be real). so, a kid enjoys art for the love and joy of creation, a kid enjoys art because humans enjoy art, they want to make things for themselves, for their friends, to relax, to feel good - so they're coerced into an art institution.

    And I can 100% guarantee you that ANY and ALL criticisms you have on the commodification of art on social media, absolutely applies to every single art institution I have ever been a part of, if not more so. Art institutions are not a safe haven away from capitalism, consumerism, and the domination of corporations - they fester it. They survive off it.

    competition within the algorithm is brutal. competition instructed by your guardians, between yourself and your real life peers - as a child, teen, and young adult - is even worse. this is very literal competition by the way. I have, multiple times, had my art ranked in value against my peers. our art (if not our names) listed from worst to best.

    the "you can sleep when you're dead" mentality is also very literal, I need you to understand. this is one of the things that haunts me the most. why does a child (as young as 14!!) need to sacrifice their health for creation - creation so forced it doesn't even have any passion or love attached anymore. you could say my teachers and professors didn't know what they were encouraging, but you'd be wrong. a student who sacrifices their health for art is more than applauded, directly for that fact. likewise a student who prioritizes their health, at the sacrifice of "better art", is called lazy ...at best.

    I don't think people understand how hellish art schools are. I don't even think most art students themselves realize it amidst the plague of self-deprecating humor that spreads thru those buildings (which I've also seen encouraged by college professors). maybe some other schools are better. I don't know.

    When I was still a child one of my classmates made a piece about how suicidal our art classes were making her. (they made everyone suicidal. this was known. there were surveys done about it, and nothing else). but, my teacher told her not to talk about that kind of stuff during crit, or he'd be forced to report it to the guidance office. although he wanted her to keep making this art (so personal, so meaningful, it was - by his standards - better than most our class's), he didn't want anything to be done about the suicidal tenancies of this child he was in charge of. he didn't want anything to be done about the art classed he helped plan and teach. he didn't want any solution to the problem, he just wanted her to keep making art about it.

    I know this is long, and I've spoken about this before, but it feels important to understand. It's not just social media that's "ruining art". But it's not these art institutions either. you could reform this system as much as you'd like and I promise it'd do all but nothing for you. because these flaws, for how traumatizing, life changing - and to be frank: life ending - they are, they are not the root cause of this commodification. these institutions are the physical manifestation of capitalism. it's capitalism and the very lens in which we view art that's the problem here. maybe that's a grim note to end this rant on, when there's not much we can do about that on a personal level. or maybe there's better schools out there. I don't know.

    #ok to rb #this is a combination vent/rant/political post #my high school specifically was so bad..... every time I think of it I feel sick. but when I'm honest with myself: #the colleges I've attended haven't been much better #the main one (which I was planning to do 4 years at) literally let me have a major breakdown there and then more or less forced me to - #drop out because of it #for a college that pretends soooo hard to care about their students... not once did I feel cared for there #for that + all the reasons mentioned above #but god that high school. after being exposed to countless suicide attempts/suicides/a fucking attempted shooting. I nearly y'know'd after- #the annual ''publicly rank all the students from worst to best'' thing (I got like 6th place). and then decided instead of that to write - #a manifesto about how SHIT the school was thinking those teachers would care enough to actually change something #but. unsurprisingly in retrospect. they were just like ''damn our kids want to die? that's crazy'' and did nothing. despite literally all - #of my class rallying against the manifesto (which was anonymous <3) #there u go cool val traumatic backstory unlocked #suicide mention #school shooting mention #disordered eating #ask to tag
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  • lookninjas
    18.01.2022 - 4 days ago

    Dear self:

    You HAVE to put a vacation request in when you get home. Just do the damn thing. Please.

    #my life in retail #it's getting loopy lately #and honestly some things are slipping that are bad signs #nothing super major but #i gotta get some rest
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