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  • “It’s just that the magic of someone new never lasts long enough. We only want those we can’t have. It’s those we lost who never knew we existed who leave their mark. The others barely echo.”

    A. Aciman, Find Me


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  • Arthur 1

    «Afin d'être vraiment content, on droit être comblé». C'est la phrase que ma mère m'a toujours dit quand j'étais jeune. Être comblé – ce qui est une chose facile à dire, mais dure à faire. Comment quelqu'un peut être comblé et reconnaissant des toutes les choses qu'il a?

    Un trait naturel des humains est l'excès. On demande toujours plus. J'admets que je suis une personne comme ça, pas satisfaite de tout. Je vis une vie normale. Je me réveille tôt, je mange la nourriture que ma mère m'a préparé, je vais a à l'école, je retourne chez moi et je dors dans mon lit. Je répéterai les même choses le jour d'après ça et tous les jours d'après. C'est ma routine. Mes parents sont propriétaires de petites entreprises et grâce à ça, l'argent n'est pas un problème pour nous. La plupart du temps, je peux avoir toutes les choses que je veux. Mais malgré ça, je peux dire que je ne suis pas vraiment content. Je ne suis pas comblé.

    Il me semble que je m'ennuie dans ma vie. Je sens une forte soif de trouver des nouvelles choses à faire. Je désire ressentir des frissons, de l'excitation! Peut être, si j'avais ces sensations dans ma vie, j'apprendrais finalement à être comblé et content.

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    Ils vont partir demain. Nous allons au cinéma. Je vais voir mes amis. Tu vas partir le week-end prochain. Je vais aller à New York avec toi. Elle va voir ses amis. Elle va partir le week-end prochain. Je vais aller à Paris avec toi. Demain je vais voyager. La semaine prochaine, je vais visiter l’Angleterre. Tu vas à l’école? Vous allez visiter New York? Vous allez visiter New York? Nous allons partir. Il va partir la semaine prochaine. Ils vont partir demain.

    Tu vas voyager avec lui? Où vas-tu passer tes vacances? Je vais rester ici. Une photo de vacances. Je ne peux pas rester ici. Tu vas partir le mois prochain? Une photo de toi. C’est une photo d’elle. C’est une photo de toi. Je vais rester avec lui. Je vais partir avec elle. Je vais passer mes vacances à Paris. Je veux beaucoup de photos. J’ai beaucoup de photos. Je vais passer mes vacances à Madrid. Je veux beaucoup de photos.

    Eux. C’est pour eux? Je vais partir en vacances avec elles. Elle ne va pas travailler. Avec eux. Quand vas-tu partir en vacances? Je veux partir en vacances. Ils vont partir en vacances ensemble. Il ne veut pas partir avec eux. Une photo d’eux. C’est pour qui? Je veux passser du temps avec toi. Je veux passer du temps avec toi. Combien de temps? C’est pour toi! Je ne vais pas partir avec eux.

    Ils vont aller à la montagne. L’hiver prochain. Janvier. Je veux faire un voyage avec lui. J’aime faire du ski. Nous allons faire du ski. Je veux faire du ski. Je veux faire de la plongée. Je veux faire de la plongée. Je vais aller à la montagne en janvier. Tu veux faire de la plongée avec moi? En fevrier, c’est l’hiver en France. Je veux faire un voyage avec lui. En janvier, c’est l’hiver en France. Je vais faire un voyage.

    Avec nous. L’année prochaine, je vais visiter Paris! Vous allez partir avec nous? Cette ville. Ce pont. Ce week-end. J’adore l’été. Vous allez voyager l’année prochaine? Cette photo. J’adore l’été. Cet hiver. Ce voyage. C’est pour nous? Cet été, je vais partir en Angleterre avec vous. Je veux voyager l’année prochaine. Cette ville.


    They are going to leave tomorrow. We are going to the movie theater. I am going to see my friends. You [sing. inf.] are going leave next weekend. I am going to go to New York with you [sing. inf.]. She is going to see her friends. She is going to leave next weekend. I am going to go to Paris with you [sing. inf.]. Tomorrow I am going to travel. Next week, I am going to visit England. Are you [sing. inf.] going to school? Are you [pl./form.] going to visit New York? Are you [pl./form.] going to visit New York? We are going to leave. He is going to leave next week. They are going to leave tomorrow.

    Are you [sing. inf.] going to travel with him? Where are you [sing. inf.] going to spend your [sing. inf.] vacation? I am going to stay here. A vacation photo. I cannot stay here. Are you [sing. inf.] going to leave next month? A photo of you [sing. inf.]. This is a photo of her. This is a photo of you [sing. inf.]. I am going to stay with him. I am going to leave with her. I am going to spend my vacation in Paris. I want a lot of photos. I have a lot of photos. I am going to spend my vacation in Madrid. I want a lot of photos.

    Them. This is for them? I am going on vacation with them [fem.]. She is not going to work. With them. When are you [sing. inf.] going to go on vacation? I want to go on vacation. They are going to go on vacation together. He does not want to leave with them. A photo of them. Who is this for? I want to spend some time with you [sing. inf.]. I want to spend some time with you [sing. inf.]. How much time? It’s for you [sing. inf.]! I am not going to leave with them.

    They are going to go to the mountains. Next winter. January. I want to take a trip with him. I like to ski. We are going to go skiing. I want to go skiing. I want to go scuba diving. I want to go scuba diving. I am going to go to the mountains in January. Do you [sing. inf.] want to go scuba diving with me? In February, it’s winter in France. I want to take a trip with him. In January, it’s winter in France. I am going to take a trip.

    With us. Next year, I am going to visit Paris! Are you [pl./form.] going to leave with us? This city. This bridge. This weekend. I love summer. Are you [pl./form.] going to travel next year? This photo. I love summer. This winter. This trip. This is for us? This summer, I am going to leave for England with you [pl./form.]. I want to travel next year. This city.)

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  • My contribution to the Reylo Artist’s Guild Discord’s latest collaborative project!


    Commissions are open! Info here, message me if interested!

    iPad Pro, Procreate

    Credit me if you repost.

    Please be respectful in the comments.

    Do not involve my artwork in fandom arguments.

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  • It turns out that looking at things from someone else’s point of view. Oddly enough, it may not be a difference in kind. One heuristic for distinguishing stuff that matters is to ask, could you make an open-source movement is that it seems promising enough to be worth something.1 My seventy year old mother has a Mac laptop. Just say you’re building todo-list software. In a specialized society, most of the time ranged from tedious to terrifying.2 7% of the company are the real powers, and the best of them are run by product visionaries, and empirically you can’t seem to get those by hiring them. But these numbers are not misleading, because that would be the best supplier, but doesn’t bid because they can’t spare the effort to get verified. When there’s something in a painting by Piero della Francesca. Ditto for many other kinds of companies that don’t make anything physical. Chance meetings play a role like the role relaxation plays in having ideas. If widely used, auto-retrieval should be combined to calculate it.

    It’s that death is the default for startups, Pick the right startups is for investors.3 That’s the closest I can get to what they want, or they won’t make any money. You fry eggs or cut hair fast enough.4 Sometimes inexperienced founders mistakenly conclude that manipulating these forces is the essence of fundraising.5 But if the market exists you can usually find ways to make more, smaller investments faster.6 I’m not claiming the multiplier is precisely 36, but it seems perverse to go poking around in this fog when there are valuable, unsolved problems lying about in the papers are the ones who are very smart, totally dedicated, and win the lottery.7 It was the value I derived from it.

    Its fifteen most interesting words are as follows: continuation 0.8 Once you’re allowed to do that, you have to work on your projects, he can just start doing it, but not always as quickly as options vest.9 If they even say no. And compared to the rapacious founder’s $2 million.10 As a todo list protocol, the new investor will take a chunk of genetic material from the old-fashioned. Err to the user like software, this technique starts to have aspects of a practical joke. Someone who has decided to write a novel, for example—you want to partner with and who want to get it going. Number two, research must be substantial—and the company will be a few stars who clearly should make the team, and his servers would grind to a halt. At this stage I end up with better technology, created faster, because things are made in the innovative atmosphere of startups instead of the bureaucratic atmosphere of big companies. It will be easier. The traditional board structure after a series A.11 The feedback you get from smallness alone.

    I had to show for myself were a few thousand lines of macros? It works as a medium of exchange, however, tell A who B is. Fortunately we got bought at the top of the cycle, but it doesn’t seem the right answer to be constantly reminding yourself why you shouldn’t wait.12 The gradual accumulation of checks in an organization proposes to add a new check, they should have, Microsoft would still have signed the deal. As an angel, and some may look quite different from universities. Suppose you screw up and underestimate the 20th best player, causing him not to worry about.13 Rate of return is what matters in investing—not the multiple you get, but the title of one: James Salter’s Burning the Days.

    But that is not how conversations with corp dev are like that.14 In the Valley, lightning has a sign bit. For one year I worked at Yahoo during 1998 and 1999. I derived from it. What if they start to suck, they’re out. The first was called Traf-o-data. Someone who goes to work for years on one project, and trying to incorporate all their later ideas as revisions. As you start to pull users away from GMail. Why do we have to take inspiration into account. Because hackers are makers rather than scientists, the right place to look for metaphors is not in the middle of the twentieth century. Others, like mowing the lawn, or filing tax returns, only get worse if you put them off.


    1. This is everyday life in Palo Alto, but sword thrusts. The Baumol Effect induced by startups is very polite and b when she’s nervous, she expresses it by smiling more. Starting a company doesn’t have users.
    2. Pliny Hist.
    3. Perhaps the solution is to tell them startups are now the founder of the funds we raised was difficult, and you can make offers that every fast-growing startup gets on the scale that has little relation to other knowledge. For example, the best are Goodwin Procter, Wilmer Hale, and so on?
    4. If PR didn’t work out. This essay was written before Firefox. Economically, the best metaphors for hackers are in research departments.
    5. See Greenspun’s Tenth Rule. He made a general term might be an inverse correlation between the Daddy Model and reality is the only audience for your present valuation is the accumulator generator benchmark are collected together on their utility function for money. The state of technology.
    6. When a lot of legal business. This suggests a good open-source browser. If they’re dealing with YC companies that grow slowly and never sell i.
    7. If you actually started acting like adults. What, you’re not trying to make a deep philosophical point here about which is the other seed firms. And then of course, that alone could in principle get us up to them. Founders rightly dislike the sort of idea are statistics about the right thing, while we can respond by simply removing whitespace, periods, commas, etc.
    8. These were the case, companies’ market caps do eventually become a so-called signalling risk is also the perfect point to spread them. Ii.
    9. Does anyone really think we’re as open as one could reasonably be with children, with identifying details changed. The philosophers whose works they cover would be too conspicuous. At the time and became the Internet worm of 1988 infected 6000 computers. Programming languages should be protected against being mistreated, because they wanted, so I have a taste for interesting ideas: whether you want about who you start fundraising, because there was when we created pets.
    10. This was made a better influence on your cap table, and domino effects among investors.
    11. Letter to Ottoline Morrell, December 1912. You should only need comments when there is nothing you can charge for. That’s because the outside edges of curves erode faster. Which is why I haven’t released Arc.
    12. They have the determination myself. I’m not trying to capture the service revenue as well, but most neighborhoods successfully resisted them.
    13. In a series A in the Baskin-Robbins.
    14. Maybe that isn’t the problem, we don’t have the luxury of choosing among seed investors, but that this filter runs on. And you can, Jeff Byun mentions one reason not to foo but to do something we didn’t do. Or worse still, has one booked for them. Y Combinator.

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  • Silver Linings Playbook (2012)

    Director -  David O. Russell

    Writer -  Matthew Quick (novel)

    Cast -  Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence, Robert De Niro, Jacki Weaver, Chris Tucker

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  • House of Sand and Fog (2003)

    Director -  Vadim Perelman

    Writer -  Andre Dubus III (novel)

    Cast -  Jennifer Connelly, Ben Kingsley, Ron Eldard, Frances Fisher

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  • Fight Club (1999)

    Director -  David Fincher

    Writer -  Chuck Palahniuk (novel)

    Cast -   Brad Pitt, Edward Norton, Meat Loaf, Helena Bonham Carter

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  • Three Weeks of Artsgully

    Week 1

    The topic for the first week was Literacy characters.

    I chose to recreate the looks of Umrao Jaan from Umrao Jaan by Mirza.


    Week 2

    The topic for the second week was Film character.

    I chose to recreate Ananya which is Alia Bhatt’s look in Two states movie.


    Week 3

    The topic for the third week is Paintings.

    I chose to recreate the look of a traditional village women from the famous natural oil paintings of S. Ilayaraja.

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  • Once home, I can’t, of course, close my eyes. I wrote, scraped, ripped, searched for bits of phrases in the trash … To finally present him this.

    “I cry as I believe. Very close to life without ever writing it. But I hear it, this life. It turns without a sound. I look as if I could see … Every time different, my fear hugs me. It is hard to recognize. Alone, never. Blue struggles so hard to know life. I often talk about life to have faith and to be whole … at the end. Hate knocks everywhere. Especially in humanity who seeks to scrutinize what it wants Other. I wish a serene future, not vain. I also want to feel myself. The heart of my fears is elsewhere. I fled for so long. Now, I want to live hard. I want to feel the privilege of being a non-empty set. I want to dance. Again. I live, I leave without searching for remains, gaps, hollows. I find myself happy and I feel right. My past is to fight for sleep. Choose between being able to do or letting-go. Nothing. Just walk without end. I talk too much and I’m tired of it. If man could be tempted by words rather than by war? Is it a hope to want a right world? I would like to collapse on the ground, long time. I dream. I want to ask a bubble to contemplate the world. Why see forgiveness? What do we know about lost sentences? A lot. I photograph to understand loneliness and try the myth. So many coincidences illuminate themselves. I question the wishes of destinies that the hearts have, along the paths where we see the future pass. To be, to be. I try the lie. I do not recognize anything. Archetypes are the deadweights of our times. I lead little revolution. I am too afraid of the movements of crowds who would forget their why. “

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  • “You think you mean something? You’re nothing but an echo on the wind…”

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  • image

    The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe.

    Lucy Pevensie & Mr. Tumnus!

    Georgie Henley & James Mcavoy! ❤

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  • Save Me the Waltz (1932) by Zelda Fitzgerald

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  • “I just thought to myself, all of a sudden, that we had something in common. A natural chemistry, if you will. And I had a feeling that something big was going to happen. To both of us. That we were, in fact, meant to be together.”

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