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  • Umm where can i find uncensored h3nta1?? I need it for a drawing 😂,,, i don’t want to watch real p0rn,,, so umm please help

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    I Have some pre taken photos for $5 ea come buy them :) $LunaLunas

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  • Mhhh I need more naughty blogs to follow!

    Preferably female owned 💗 Any suggestions?

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  • Please someone stop me or I’m gonna end up writing something about riding Benimaru’s thighs 😔✋🏻 I can’t get that image out of my mind

    #i can't stop thinking about him #nsft post #plz somebody stop me #benimaru x reader #benimaru shinmon
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  • going down on someone while they’re in class with the camera on? yes yes yes

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  • let me hide my face in the crook of your neck while i hump your thigh 🥰

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  • Gn! Mc sings Wap around the Obey me boys

    ( Nsfw 18+) ( felt it would be funny to see how the boys react to Mc singing Wap)

    Lucifer: Avatar of Pride

    You were listening to the human music you managed to get Solomon to download a music app on your D.D.D, you had your head phone in so as you did your homework you started singing along to WAP

    • Boy nearly has a heart attack when he hears you say “Hit that dangle thing on the back of my throat!”
    • Comes into your room, locking the door immediately making it sound proof before his brothers hear!
    • Tugs out your head phone as you did not hear him do to the volume.
    • Lucifer: “ Mc! Why are you being so …naughty and so loud my brothers might of took it as an invitation?!
    • You quickly explained that it was a song from the human world.
    • Lucifer quickly, pulled you down onto the ground giving you smile.
    • "Oh, mc…but what if I want to hit the back of your throat?”
    • Your mouth became his fuck toy for the rest of the day.
    • Oddly having a note from Lucifer to explain why, your homework was turned in late is an amazing charm.
    • You decided to sing for him more of the raunchy human song, making note to prepare yourself.

    Mammon: Avatar of Greed

    You had the song stuck in your head, as a result your ended up singing some of the verses as you walked with Mammon to school.

    • Mammon .exe has crashed as soon as you said Wet ass pussy.
    • Picked your ass up taking you to a nearby alley way, covering your mouth.
    • Pins you against the wall uncovering it.
    • Mammon : “ Mc! What the fuck you doing?! Other demons can hear you!.
    • You had never seen Mammon this pissed, but you explained it was a song from your world.
    • Mammon: ” Yeah?..well know this you are to never sing that song in public! Your mine and I own your cock/cunt! Understand?!“
    • Nodding furiously he had yet to put you down.
    • Let’s just say you made that a Wet ass alleyway and we’re late for class.

    Satan: Avatar of Wrath

    You see humming the tune, as you helped him organize his books. He said it looked wet outside and you randomly said not as Wet as this wet as pussy.

    • What in Diavolos name?!
    • Charges toward you asking what the hell you just said ?
    • Blushing furiously.
    • You explained it was a song.
    • Immediately pulls down your pants and underwear, demanding to see if you were wet or throbbing.
    • You ended up making a bigger mess in his room than originally.

    Leviathan: Avatar of Envy

    You heard a similar tune in one of the games to the beat of wap, and decided to sing and you managed to get to ” I need weed smoker" before you were stopped.

    • At fist Leviathan crashed 🥺 someone come get him.
    • Blushes and stunned!
    • Then came the verse of what you needed and since some of it didn’t describe him he got jealous.
    • Covers your mouth and pulls you into his lap.
    • Leviathan: “ Mc? , Do I need to remind you who you belong to ?”
    • A firm slap came across your ass, as you blushed you explain it was a song.
    • Nope, does not care ends up fucking you until you remember that he is your boyfriend and the only one you should mention in that way.

    Belphie: Avatar of Sloth

    You were listening to the song as, you were getting prepared to go to bed with Belphie. You sung along as you brushed your teeth and soon your hips were grabbed by Belphie.

    • He kissed your neck telling you if you wanted to be filled just ask?
    • You managed to brush your teeth, explaining it was a song.
    • Drags you to the bed, spreading your legs smiling up at you.
    • Belphie : “ Well…since you sing about it so loudly and proudly maybe you will not serving as my cocks sheath tonight ?”
    • You ended up staying up together and in the morning you were to sore to go to school.

    Asmodeus: Avatar of Lust

    Actually knew the song before hand, but was shook you were singing it when you were helping him shop that day.

    • You made it to his bedroom before being flung onto the bed.
    • Asmodeus: “ When did my, little flower become so Lewd?!”
    • You explained as he stripped off your clothes.
    • Asmodeus: “ Honey, i was there when the song was written..now relax and let me see how much you want this Big Mac truck in your little garage .”
    • You did not come out of that room for a long time.
    • You had to have home use make up to cover your hickeys so you could at least go to school and not have sex written on you.

    Beelzebub: Avatar of Gluttony.

    You were helping him, pick out a new snowboard online in his room as he mentioned he was hungry and you sang “ Gobble me, swallow me, drip down inside of me.”

    • He was surprised but soon climbed on top of you kissing your ear.
    • Beelzebub: “ Oh..mc i mean if you want I definitely can do that.”
    • You quickly explained in-between moans that it was a song.
    • Beelzebub was already slowly taking off your pants, kissing down your abdomen.
    • Beelzebub: “Yeah..but now I am hungry for my favorite meal.”
    • Both of you ended up going to dinner late, and Beelzebub had to bring yours to the room as he had fucked you until you could not move.
    • You reminded yourself to never sing that again around him, …except on the weekends.

    The Extras

    Diavolo: Prince of Devildom

    You were humming the song as you waited for Lord Diavolo, as he finished up his last meeting. He insisted you come by so you two could catch up. When you entered you were stilling humming it and Diavolo ask about the song as you seemed to be enjoying yourself.

    • You explained the song and the dance trend singing it for him and doing the Dance.
    • He has you teach him both, because he wants in on the human trend.
    • You clap in his honor and soon we’re picked up onto his desk.
    • Diavolo: “Now for teaching me this i think i will fulfill your request for a King Cobra?”
    • You tried to explain in a blushing manor that it was the song.
    • Nope…you are fucked literally your scent ends up everywhere in the office.
    • You come home hella late, yet with the Demon Prince beside you no one asked questions.

    Barbatos: Butler

    You were studying with Barbatos as you needed personal help, with your Culinary class. you were listening to the song as you cooked one headphone in as you listened and cooked you forgot about Barbatos.

    • Barbatos takes the spare headphone, nearly scaring you to death.
    • You quickly explained that this was a human song, and you liked to listen to music as you cooked.
    • Barbatos puts the phone up to speaker so you both can enjoy it.
    • After your done cooking he, grabs ahold of your waist smiling.
    • Barbatos: “ Lord/Lady MC, you see the only reason I did not want to test your sweet throat…was because then your cake would have burn.”
    • You got an A for your cake.
    • Barbatos ended up making you cook to similar songs since then.
    • You passed you culinary class with flying colors, and sore legs.

    Solomon: Wizard

    He sat up the app so you could listen to the music, so you naturally tried it out ending up on WAP and singing.

    • Sings along with you cause ya know it’s what humans do.
    • Enjoys seeing you look like a derp.
    • As you begin to leave he grabs your hand.
    • Solomon: “ Mc? You forgot that you owe me interest from this little favor…”
    • You ended up just staying the night.
    • When you came home Asmodeus was all over you about it.

    Simeon : Sweet Angel

    Simeon was helping you, clean your room as he was the only one not to tease you about your clothing. You began singing the song as you played music when you cleaned and it popped up in your playlist.

    • Simeon blushed !!!
    • Once back to reality found it adorable !
    • Ends up singing it with you!
    • Once the song is over he steps behind you pushing you into the bed head first.
    • Simeon: “ Sweet …pure..Mc…if you are going to sing such sinful things you should preform them”
    • You ended up in your room a loooong time.
    • The demon bros were not happy with you having sex with an angel..but at least you were not causing trouble.
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    hmm have any YouTube recommendations? 📼

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  • My favorite way to burn calories is to play with you in bed.

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  • Not to brag or anything, but I just got railed so hard…when I try to walk, my legs shake and almost give out with every step :,))

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  • Girls who read creepy pasta lemons/smuts/oneshots etc during their teenage years have a blood/knife kink now.

    The only thing I have to back this up is my own personal experience, but I’m pretty sure that this is still facts 😌

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  • Give me a relationship with soft touches, hands being held and hugs that make me feel enveloped in safety. But, on the other side of things, a relationship where they’ll bend me over at any chance they can, or spank me when they think I need it.

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  • If you’re not cuming on me or inside of me you’re wasting it.

    I’d rather you save it ‘til I’m there so I can enjoy a big load.

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