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    You know... You could also submit stuff you want me to cum to.

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    I wonder if I can get away w/ this

    feeling confident and generous tonight 😈

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    💚Thinking about calling in thick to work 💚

    Don't delete my caption/ men and minors DNI 🤮

    #wlw nsft#chubby#fat nsft#gay nsft#nsft#nsft blog#lesbian nsft#queer nsft#nsftumblr#nsft tumblr#thick #rb and tell me how thick i am #🍑 #two posts in one day? more likely than ya think
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    what happened to “its too big, its not going to fit”? aww, baby, i know you want to be filled up. i know, i know puppy, you want it all in. i know you can take it but you have to be patient so i can stretch you and make sure it goes all the way in. yes darling, even the knot <3

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    Just came so hard it hurt

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    21.09.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Deity Driving 101 (Chp.5)

    "A...spy?" Ally raised an eyebrow, not expecting such a request.

    "Yes, a spy. You see," Deja sat down on the bleachers, instinctively crossing her legs. "Out of all of us, you have the closest relationship to the giant."

    "Well, I guess that's true, but what exactly am I'm supposed to be spying for?"

    "A weakness. Something we can use to bring him down, or atleast slow him down enough to escape."

    That made sense, seeing how relaxed he got around her there had to be a slip up every now and then. But still..

    "What if he notices?"

    "Then may God have mercy."


    Deja placed a firm hand on Ally's shoulder. "Just try not to get caught. Our lives depend on it."

    Ally gulped, feeling the overwhelming pressure fall on her. "I-"

    She was interrupted by a loud boom from behind. A large shadow eclipsed them as a booming voice spoke.

    "Amazing, you mortals truly have some interesting toys." He said, a car in his hand. "Dewdrop, come show me how this-"

    When he finally noticed where she was, he wasn't pleased, to say the least. His eyes narrowed as he beckoned her to come here.

    Nervously she did, looking back at Deja for some kind of guidance. All she got was a nod.

    'Gee, thanks..'

    When she was close enough, the giant did a motion with his finger. Before she could process it she was already floating upwards. Luckily she'd gotten use to being suddenly airborne.

    What took her off guard, however, was him stepping back out of the stadium, her still floating behind him.

    "Um, Master? Where are we going?" She asked, hoping he would put her down soon.


    He didn't respond as he headed towards an open field, partly surrounded by trees and a lake. The lake having a brick bridge over it.

    'Oh, Eastway Park.'

    With a thump he sat down, and with a thud she landed face first into the grass, getting a chuckle out of him. "You should work on your landings."

    She puffed up her cheeks in response, rubbing the dirt off her face. "Why are we here anyway?"

    "Because, I want you to explain this." He said as he placed down the car. It was a silver sedan type vehicle, slightly dented due to his grip.

    "..I could've just told you back at the stadium."

    "I prefer here." He stated, glaring at her.

    "R-right, well, it's a car. It's what people use to get around quickly." She explained.

    "Show me."


    Ally rubbed her neck. She was never the best driver, it was the main reason why she would walk or use her scooter to get to places.

    "I'm not really good at driving so, maybe you should ask one of the other-"

    "I want you to show me." He demanded, getting more annoyed.

    She shivered, and preceded to get into the car. He stared, fascinated as she analyzed everything inside. Luckily for her, the keys were still in the slot.

    With a twist she started the engine, which must've caught him off guard as he quickly backed up, startled.

    It took a great deal of restraint to not laugh, but she still couldn't help but grin. Seeing her smile, a light shade of pink appeared on his cheeks as he looked away.

    'Omg, is he actually embarrassed?'

    It was probably better not to bring anymore attention to it, she concluded. So, with a deep breath, she slowly stepped on the gas. The car began to roll forward, and he marveled at the movement.

    "So far, so good.." She mumbled, putting the car in reverse. She slowly went backwards. When she noticed that a turtle living in the lake was going faster than her, she decided to press down a little harder.

    She immediately regretted this decision as the car flew back towards the lake, causing her to panic.


    Suddenly, the car stopped as it crashed into something. She opened her eyes to find his hand at the back of the car, and an amused expression on his face.

    She quickly got out the car, realizing how close she was to plunging into the water. She looked up to see him still looking at her with a smirk.

    "Lemme guess, I should work on my driving too?"

    "If that is what you want to call it, yes." He chuckled as he moved to the car.

    "Hey! It's not my fault they make the pedals so sensitive. If you drove you'd understand."

    "Oh really now? I bet it's easy, and you are just incompetent."

    Ally huffed with disbelief. How dare he talk all that crap when he couldn't even fit in a car.

    "Well I bet you're just bluffing. I bet you'd crash within 5 seconds of getting in."

    A devious smirk formed on his face as he became more interested in the conversation. "My my, you sure are bold. Are you willing to back your claim?"

    "Y-yeah! I bet you can't drive, and if I'm right..you have to let those people go." She crossed her arms, looking at him right in the eyes.

    Her heart was beating a mile a minute, yeah, but she had to hold her ground. Especially since if she won she would save lives.

    His smirk grew as he matched her stare. "Alright Dewdrop, if you are right I will. But," He used a finger and held it under her chin, causing her to freeze. "if I am right, I'll get to have some fun with you~ Deal?"

    Fun? What did he mean by that? Whatever he meant, she knew she didn't like the sound of it. But, it was too late to turn back now.


    Another chuckle escaped him as he stood up. She was confused at first, but then she felt a surge of power radiate off of him. A dark cloud swirled around him, fully covering him. It then to shrink down, stopping when it got a bit above her height.

    When the cloud dissipated, Ally was left in awe. Before her was the giant, only he wasn't giant anymore. He was still taller than her, but other than that he was human sized.

    "Ugh, this repugnant form... you better be lucky I cannot say no to a bet." He said, looking at himself with disgust.

    She didn't respond, still speechless from what she witnessed. He noticed this, then went up to her and flicked her forehead. This snapped her back as she rubbed at the spot.

    "It's rude to stare you know."

    "R-right! Sorry!"

    "Whatever, I will let it go, just this once." He said as he approached the vehicle. "Come here and tell me what is what."

    'Oh crap! He might actually have a chance now!'

    She panicked, trying to think how to put the odds in her favor.

    "Sorry Master, but I can't."

    "Excuse me?" He raised a brow.

    "I-I mean, you said it was easy to learn. So you shouldn't have any problems figuring it out yourself right? Unless you really do need a mortal like me to help you?"

    "Ha! You really are bold. Very well, just wait and watch."

    He entered the vehicle, moving switches and pressing buttons. He gasped when he accidentally turned the windshield wipers on, making her snort.

    He glared at her, before messing with some more stuff. Eventually, the car began moving forward.

    She nervously watched as he turned the wheel, getting comfortable with it.

    "Like I said, easy." He said smugly, pulling up beside her.

    "I don't understand, how?"

    "Skill Dewdrop, that's how." He said, getting out the car. "Now, about our deal~"

    She backed up, sweating bullets as he approached her. "I-I..."

    "Hey now, where is all that big talk you were sprouting?" He deviously smirk as he placed his hand on her cheek, feeling her tense up from his touch. "There is no need to be nervous, yet, you don't even know what I want to do."

    "W-well...what do you want to do?"

    "I said I wanted to have some fun, so let us play a game~"

    "What kind?" She asked, slowly pulling away from his hand, failing when he used his powers to keep her still.

    "Hmm, how about you choose. I am feeling quite generous right now."

    This might work out after all. If she picked the right game, she might have a chance on escaping and getting help.

    'Let's see, what's a good game for escaping? Capture the flag? No. Tag? Definitely not.. Oh!'

    "Hide and seek!"

    "Hide and...seek?" He looked at her puzzled, moving away. "Do we need a certain item to hide then look for?"

    "Nope, you don't need anything! Trust me, it's easy."

    'And a perfect diversion for escape!~'

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    It feels so natural to abuse my cunt

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    The Enemy of my Enemy is my Acquaintance (Chp.4)

    After hours of searching, which made her realize how picky the guy was, he finally decided to settle and set up camp in the local soccer stadium.

    He released the people in the pools, warning them of early death if they dare tried to escape. She knew it was useless anyway, it seemed he had eyes all around his head.

    The people slowly migrated towards the bleachers on the opposite side of the field. They whispered among themselves, occasionally glancing at him and Ally, mostly with disgust.

    Ally sighed, she wanted to go over and apologize to them for earlier. But every time she began heading in that direction, the giant man would physically pull her back with her shirt.

    After the 5th time, she became agitated but knew better to act upon her anger. Instead, she forced a smile on her face and turned to face him.

    In return, he gave her a smug smirk, signaling that he knew what he was doing.

    "Yes? My little Dewdrop?~" He asked in a soft tone as he laid on his side with his hand holding up his head.

    "Um, I was wondering if I could go over there?" She pointed in their direction, and his gaze lazily followed.

    "Hmm..no~" He simply said, his smile getting wider as he watched her become visibly distraught at his answer.

    "B-but, why not?"

    "Because I said so."

    With a quiet huff, she turned around and sat down a couple of couple yards from him, pouting to herself.

    She could hear him chuckle before beginning to move. The ground shook as he fixed his positioning and, while she was curious about what he was doing, her stubbornness kept her seated.

    That was...until she felt eyes burning into her back. She glanced behind her, then instinctively backed away.

    He had laid down fully, with his arms crossed under his chin, and was staring her down. When she freaked out he innocently tilted his head, grinning.

    "Is everything alright? You seem a little shook up."

    "I-I'm fine! It's just been a long day and I'm a bit tired is all.."

    "Oh? Then I know the perfect spot for you~"

    "Really? Whe-?!" She gasped as he lifted her into the air again with magic. Though shocked she was at least glad she was getting used to it.

    He readjusted himself again, this time flipping onto his back. Her heart began pounding as she slowly descended, and landed right on top of his chest.

    Ally's body froze completely, not wanting to move a muscle. Here she was, this man had taken lives and kidnapped her, and she was right on top of him.

    She didn't know what to do or how to react, she was mostly scared. And she guessed he felt she was and gave her a little flick in the back of her head.

    "Will you relax? I can hear your heart nearly going out your chest." He said with annoyance.

    She rubbed the back of her head, getting a hold of herself. "You can..?"

    "Of course I can. On a more important note, is this how you treat generosity? Any mortal should be honored just being in proximity of me without dying, and here I am kindly allowing you to lay on me. I am certain I deserve some sort of gratitude."

    "R-right, thank you."

    He raised an eyebrow with agitation. It was clear that wasn't enough to get him off her back.

    'Maybe it's not long enough?'

    "T-thank you, sir, I truly appreciate your kindness."

    "..." He began to frown and his eyes narrowed, which sent a shiver straight up her spine and back.

    She was nervous, not being sure of what he wanted of her.

    'Come on, I said thank you twice! Twice!! What could you possibly-'

    The sudden realization hit her and made her grit her teeth. She tried to think of something else, she knew it was a waste of time.

    With a deep breath she stood up, wobbling a bit from the uneven surface. Her face red from boiling rage and embarrassment as she forced a smile.

    "Thank you, Master!" That was all she could manage. Luckily for her it seemed as though it did the trick, as his coldness thawed out, and a pleased smile appeared on his face.

    He petted her with his finger, slowly blinking his eyes. She could tell he was tired earlier, ever since they got to the stadium he had moved sluggishly. But what confirmed how tired he was right now was a yawn.

    The pounding returned as his lips parted, leaving her an eye witness to the moist, pink cavern. She once again saw his throat, an endless pit ready to take anything, or anyone, that could fit. A gust of wind flowed out of his maw and blew her hair back, leaving it a mess.

    She scooted back instinctively, flashbacks of their first encounter filling her head. He looked at her, and a little frown appeared on his face.

    "Seriously? Are you frightened by a little yawn? I hadn't realized mortals were so jumpy." He used a hand to stop her and lay her down on him. He kept it on her, most likely to keep her from getting ideas.

    She looked up at him, and noticed him silently staring at her back. She looked down and tried to ignore it, but it was quickly becoming awkward.



    "How come you keep looking at me like that? I-if you don't mind me asking you..!"

    "...I don't know."

    Ally looked back up, noticing the frown on his face had gotten bigger.

    "I suppose you just remind me of someone I knew." He simply said, turning his face away from her. He then closed his eyes, and while she had a feeling he wasn't completely asleep, she could tell he didn't want to be bothered anymore.

    She sighed, was she really going to be stuck like this till morning? Though, she supposed it wasn't all bad, after all it wasn't like it was uncomfortable. And from here she could feel and hear his booming rhythmic heartbeat.

    'Oh wow, so he does have a heart. How ironic.'

    With hesitation she rested her head on his chest, and all of the exhaustion she had gathered that day came at once. If he had removed his hand she wouldn't be able to notice. Her body was too tired to move, and she was glad. She had moved so much already, this is the first time she had a break from it all.

    So, without even realizing it, she had fallen asleep.


    "Mmn.." The bright morning sun hit her in the face as she groggily sat up. She must've been exhausted to have passed out the way she did. Looking around, she found herself laying on the grass.

    Thinking back she could recall originally being on the god, but now he was nowhere to be found.

    She instantly wanted to believe that he was just a figment of her imagination and that yesterday was just a dream, but deep down she knew better.

    With a groan she sat herself up, re-remembering everything around her.

    Including the people he had taken.

    She could see them hanging around on the bleachers, far away from her. She didn't really blame them though, from their perspective she was probably in cahoots with that giant jerk. But, as she sat alone on the grass in the large field, she couldn't help but feel lonely.

    'I didn't get a chance to yesterday because of him, but maybe now I can actually apologize.'

    She got up and brushed herself off, then headed their way. Upon noticing her they immediately began to glare, making her gulp. But she persisted, until she stood in front of them.


    "What do you want?"

    'Going straight into it huh?'

    "Look, I just wanna talk. I feel like there has been a misunderstanding.."

    From the crowd a woman stood up. Tall and slender, she walked with such elegance and confidence Ally would've believed she was royalty if told. The crowd parted for the woman as she made her way down.

    Face-to-face, the woman gave Ally a hard stare. She analyzed her entire body, from her face to her clothes.

    "What do you have to say? How did we misunderstand what we saw?"

    "Because I never wanted him to threaten you, I actually just wanted him to let you go. I'm sorry I made it worse."

    Before the woman could respond, a scoff emerged from the crowd, along with a man. He looked a bit older than the woman, and had a sharp jawline and a gruffled voice.

    "Are you really going to believe what she's saying? Can't ya tell she's lying her ass off?" He said boldly, looking down at Ally.

    "No I'm not! I honestly meant what I said!"

    "Oh yeah? Well, I honestly think you looked mightily comfy hanging around with that monster!"

    "Listen I-" Her words were cut off by the woman, placing one of her slender chocolate hands on Ally's shoulder.

    "That's enough Green. I think we should take her word for it."

    "Quit calling me Green, Deja. And are you serious? Why should we?!"

    "Why shouldn't we? After all, besides survival, what does she benefit from being around him? She's in the same boat as us, one way or another."

    "Tsk, whatever. Just don't think I'm suddenly gonna be all friendly and shit with her now."

    'Yeah, like I'd want to be pals with you anyway.'

    After discussing it more with the rest of the people, everyone relaxed a bit around her, allowing for some conversation. It felt nice, even though there were still some people skeptical of her.

    Deja came up to her afterward, a small smile on her face. "Are you enjoying yourself?"

    "Yeah, thank you for defending me earlier. "

    "No thanks needed, Ms. Kain. I'm just glad you're on our side."

    "You can just call me Ally, Ms. Terris. And of course I am, we're all humans after all!"

    "Then, human-to-human, maybe you could do me a favor."

    Ally couldn't help but be curious. She understood that she'd probably want something in return for helping her, but what could she do?

    "Sure, I owe you one. What do you need?"

    "I need you to be a spy."

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    God it feels so good to have something in me again

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    God I'm fucking drenched and i finally get to abuse my cunt after what feels like forever but wasn't even 2 weeks

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    want someone to tell me how crying is only making me prettier and making more people want to use my body as a toy <33 want someone to use me til I cant cry anymore <333

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    who wants to manhandle my pretty body !! I’ll be a perfect toy for anyone who wants to use me <333

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    What Goes Down Must Come Up (Chp.3)

    Alexa, or Ally to keep it sweet and simple, watched in both awe and horror as her giant capturer wreaked havoc on her once beautiful city. He had left her on the roof of a tall building, blocking the only door with a side-turned Toyota truck.

    She sighed, this entire situation was a wreck. The beautiful paned windows of local houses had been shattered to dust piles onto the pavement. The pavement itself was no better, cracks ran through it, parts were even broken off into chunks. This was more prominent in the area where he left his footprints behind. The worse part was the fires.

    His heat-filled crash landing had started several fires around the area. All the smoke combined had created monstrous fumes that she could smell even from up there, making her cover her nose.

    "Ugh, I hope no one's still down there."

    Ally rested her arms on the ledge as she tried to spot the giant, becoming more alert when she pinpointed him, despite it not being that hard too.

    He was busy 'taking a stroll around the neighborhood,' pushing down any skyscrapers that were in his way. Several helicopters lagged, having learned the hard way when a couple flying too close to his ears were swatted down like flies.

    What truly made her feel chills was when he would bend down, grabbed at something, and dropped it right into his mouth. She knew deep down what 'it' was, but she refused to even think about it.

    She shook her head, realizing she was getting distracted. What she really needed to focus on was getting out of here. Since he was on the west side, going eastward would aid in not getting caught. First, however, she needed to find a way down.

    She looked down the side of the building and gulped, there were window sills going down, but one wrong move and she'd be a goner. She stared, then looked back at the giant god guy.

    'Either way I'm screwed..'

    With a deep breath, Ally went over the railing and proceeded to climb down.

    "Please don't slip please don't slip please don't slip!" She repeatedly prayed the way down. She took a break after what felt like a couple of hours and looked down.

    'Nice! I'm about halfway down!'

    She beamed as she continued her descent. Unfortunately, in her excitement, she subconsciously picked up the pace. Not focusing on her footing, she accidentally placed her foot too far back, making it slip.

    "Aaaah!!" She shrieked, seeing herself in the countless windows she was falling beside.

    She closed her eyes, preparing for the enviable as she felt herself reaching the pavement.

    'At least I won't have to deal with him anymore...'

    However, after a minute she started to wonder. After all it should've only taken a couple seconds to reach the bottom with force and gravity and stuff.

    She still keeping her eyes shut, scared this was her mind's trick to look, and waited. That is...until-

    "Ahem." An irritated, familiar voice boomed from above, making her open her eyes immediately.

    There he was, leaning on the building and looking down at her. He looked mad but, surprisingly, it was more of an annoyed look than true anger.

    Realizing that since he was there that could only mean one thing, she looked around and behind her. Sure enough, she had stopped in midair with his magic. The adrenaline from falling and her heart's frantic beating must've made her unnoticed it.

    Her heart slightly pounded again once she saw how close she actually was to dying. The pavement was so close she could see the pebbles and weeds.

    But her attention was quickly moved back to her captor as he spoke.

    "Seriously," he sighed, still looking down at her disappointedly, "I was only gone for a couple of hours, and you decide to chuck yourself off a building?" With a flick of his finger, she was sent flying back up, making her yelp.

    "Let me guess, you were trying to escape, weren't you?" He asked her when Ally reached eye level. His tone sounded like he knew the answer.

    "W-well, I-um.." She was left tongue-tied, too afraid to tell the truth yet too afraid to lie.

    He chuckled, lightly flicking her on the head. It made her flinch, but in the end it barely felt like nothing. "Tsk, tsk, tsk. Bad girl, you should know better than to try to run like that. Especially since you suck at it."

    That last part made her face brighten and she began to fidget in the air, much to his amusement. "I-I didn't..it was an accident..ugh, I tried okay?"

    "Indeed, you did try and look where it got you. What were you going to do if I did not come in time?"


    He sighed again and motioned for her to move closer. "I guess it can't be helped."

    He sat her on his shoulder and released her from the magic. She clung to his clothes, scared of falling once more.

    "W-what are you doing?!"

    "Relax. Since I cannot trust you from trying to escape, I decided to just keep you near."

    "You don't have to do that! I won't try to escape again!"

    "Like I am going to believe that. I would suggest you quiet down Dewdrop, and be grateful I haven't considered a punishment...yet."

    Ally's lips tightened as she was forced to be obedient. She kept her grip on his clothes as he began walking again, every step making her hold on tighter. He continued his havoc, this time for her to witness in all its terror. By the time he was done, the sun was already setting.

    'I can't believe he did this for the whole damn day. And what is the planning with them?'

    She looked down at his hands, using a couple extra-large pools he had discovered, he had gathered about 20 or so of the poor souls. They were screaming and crying, and their intense distress was starting to make her gut churn.

    Without thinking, she laid back on his neck, holding her middle. He looked down at her, and seeing her twisted face made him slow down a bit.

    "What's wrong?"


    "Tell me now, or else."

    She quaked, his voice becoming more assertive. "It's just, the people, they sound really scared and I can't really take it."

    "...I see."

    He completely stopped, and for a moment she actually thought he might let them go.

    Instead, the atmosphere changed around him as he brought the pools up to his face. "Silence. Keep your pathetic begs to yourself or else I will personally hand-pick a horrid demise for each of you."

    She watched as everyone shriveled and shut their mouths. Some still silently cried and others put their heads down.

    'Great, I just made it worse!'

    She looked up at him, and saw he was looking back at her. He looked as though he was asking if that did the trick. Hoping to prevent him from doing something worse, she weakly smiled.

    It must have worked as his eyes seemed to glisten a bit, and he continued to walk.

    Ally sighed, but it was cut off abruptly as she glanced at one of the pools. The people in it were staring at her, intensely. The look of hatred and resentment written clear as day on their faces as they were sent back down by his hand.

    Nervous sweat started to form as she chewed on a nail. She knew that look, and she tell could by this entire situation that she didn't just have her captor to worry about anymore.

    Now, she had enemies.

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    I love when I’m eating her out with my hands on her thighs to keep them from closing on me. The way she squeezes her tits when my tongue finds the right rhythm makes my mouth water and my heart beat out of my chest.

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    It's always "damn you have a nice ass" and never "damn baby girl you shit with that ass? 😒

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