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  • joshua-bradley
    21.10.2021 - 51 minutes ago

    Favourite Duos | Jack Grealish & Jordan Henderson

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  • masnmounts
    21.10.2021 - 3 hours ago
    #england nt#chelsea fc#football#football imagine#money mase#mason mount #mason mount fluff #mason mount fanfic #mason mount one shot #mason mount fic #mason mount blurbs #mason mount blurb #mason mount imagines #mason mount imagine #mason mount x reader
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  • footballconfessions
    21.10.2021 - 3 hours ago
    #idk who you meant so i hope you meant joaquin #joaquin correa#inter milan#argentina nt#football confessions#p: sophia
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  • leeenuu
    21.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    FC Flora Tallinn's Matvei Igonen making superb saves, 21.10.21. UEFA Europa Conference League – Group B Anorthosis Famagusta vs. Flora 2-2 (Deletić 25', Popović 28'; Sappinen 38' 80')

    #matvei igonen #fc flora tallinn #fc flora #europa conference league #footballedit#estonia#est*#football*#my gifs #listen estonian clubs or the nt are not very good but the gks we have are just excellent #i'd gif sappinen's goals but my computer is fighting me so no seggsi goal gifs #also the fourth gif's weirdness is not my fault it's the source's fault
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  • decson4119
    21.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Declan is easily one of the best players in the prem this year. Crazy how consistent he is

    And seeing as so many of the england squad who played in the euros are out of form right now its amazing to see his stats from every game.

    World class

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  • ladymarycrawley
    21.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Koala bear - Mason Mount

    I was a bit depressed and in the mood for some fluff 💕

    Thanks to @storyofavengers who inspired me to keep on writing 💙


    You've been having one of the shittiest days ever at work: your boss yelled at you multiple times as apparently none of the things you were doing were right and he spent the whole day scolding you.

    The only thing you wanted was to get home to your boyfriend, hide your body in his embrace and forget about everything else.

    As soon as you stepped inside your shared home, you slumped your back against the closed door with a loud puff.

    "Hey baby" Mason greets you from the kitchen where he was cooking something very good, judging by the smell tickling your nose.

    You don't answer, you throw your bag somewhere in the living room.

    Your boyfriend's head pops from the kitchen door, a bit worried about your behaviour.

    "Babe, is everything alright?"


    You enter the kitchen with a pout on your face, abandoning your face against Mason's back.

    He grabs your arms and pulls them around his waist. 

    "What happened?"

    "I had the worst day ever at work, my boss is a dickhead and I'm not able to do anything right" You start ranting, your rage and frustration getting more intense.

    "Hey hey, calm down"

    In a huff your eyes got watery and you try - once again on that day - to hold your sobs back.

    Mason turns around so he faces you. He lifts your tired face with his fingers and presses a kiss to your forehead. 

    "You're home now so stop thinking about what happened. Get a shower, I'll wait for you downstairs with our delicious dinner"

    A shy smile appears on your lips, you are so grateful for your boyfriend. 

    You sigh and do as he told you, heading to the bathroom. 

    The shower helps you to relax a bit, letting the hot water caress your skin.

    Once you finish you put on some moisturising cream and wear your pyjamas which consist of an old Mason's t-shirt and a mismatched pair of pyjamas trousers. Hair pulled back in a messy ponytail and your glasses on, you're ready to go downstairs and have dinner with your boyfriend. 

    Mason smiles when he sees you and puts your two plates on the table.

    You start telling him all the details about that awful day you just finished a few hours earlier.

    "...and he kept telling me I wasn't ready to do the job, it's like I can't do anything the right way, there's always some mistake. You should have heard how he treated me!"

    Mason squeezes your fingers across the table, moving his thumb back and forth on the skin between your index and your thumb.

    "I feel so bad cause I burst into tears, not being able to hold them back"


    Recalling that moment made your voice tremble.

    "Sorry I -"

    "You don't have to be sorry for being yourself,  babe. He acted like a dick by the way, next time I'll go and fight him"

    "I'd really like to punch him in the face too"

    "You would never"

    You sigh looking at Mason's fingers intertwined with yours and you bring them to your mouth: it's like a little gesture between you two that sums up all the love and affection yoy have for each other. You always do it when you feel the other is sad, worried or when something bad happened. In this case it was a way to show him your gratitude for his presence in your life. You couldn't do it without him, he was literally your sun and your moon. 

    Mason smiles, a tired smile, rubbing your bottom lip with his thumb.

    You don't need to say a word: your hands, your smiles, your eyes says it all.

    "If you want you can go upstairs, I'll clear the table and I'll come to you"

    "No Mase, let me do it. You cooked so now it's my turn"

    "No babe, I'll do it. Go and relax"

    Mason started loading the dishwasher. You can't leave him all alone doing kitchen things, so you start helping me.

    "Y/N don't worry, I can do it"

    "But I want to help you"

    "And I want you to get some rest"

    You huff, putting your glass in the machine near other kitchenware. 

    You hug Mason from behind, following his body in every movement he makes.

    "What are you doing?" He asks, chuckling.

    "Since you don't want me to help you I'll be your koala bear" You smile, grazing the tip of your nose on the nape of his neck, followed by a kiss.

    "If my koala behaves I'll help her relax"

    "Mhh how?"

    "Well I can give you one of my messages" You were a slut for Mason's massages, his fingers worked wonders on your body - in every sense -.

    "Ok" You push your arms away from his body and start walking upstairs, towards your bedroom. "I'll be a good girl so I'll get my reward"

    "What girl? I only heard about a koala"

    "Yeah, that's what I meant, a good koala"

    You blow him a kiss and he blesses you with one of smiles, the most wonderful smile in the world.

    #oops i did it again #mason mount #mason mount imagine #mason mount fics #premier league #england nt imagine #england nt#football fics#chelsea fc#football imagines#champions league#chelsea
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  • jean--valswan
    21.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    il bacio è un apostrofo azzurro tra le parole cove rciano

    #italy nt #sbaglio?
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  • masonxomount
    21.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    I need Mason requests of any kind in my ask box please to keep me busy please! Request anything at all, fluff, angst, smut!

    #not my gif #gif makers watermark on gif :) #mason mount#england nt#chelsea fc
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  • footballandfiasco
    21.10.2021 - 5 hours ago

    i made another one 😭:

    i also added some more players this time :)

    #jo obviously helps you with the homework because he is a dad #even though we cant imagine it #i truly believe kevin was a cool kid that def let his buddies copy the homework #while bambi is probably just too nice #i think marco wouldnt want anyone to claim his work theirs especially if it took a lot of effort #same for gosens #the rest goes without explanation 🤪 #germany nt#meme#joshua kimmich#leon goretzka#serge gnabry#jamal musiala#manuel neuer#niklas süle#thomas müller#kevin trapp#leroy sané#robin gosens#timo werner#kai havertz#mats hummels#marco reus
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  • soadoya
    21.10.2021 - 5 hours ago


    On n’a pas la plus longue de toutes les histoires On le sait, on n’a pas toujours gagné Et d’habitude, j’ai l’attitude même si c’est dur de garder espoir Quand on n’est pas les premiers Les Marolles, Flagey, Saint-Gilles, Laeken, à qui je dois mon nom Bruxelles, je t’aime Bruxelles, je t’aime Tu m’avais manqué Bruxelles, je t’aime Bruxelles, je t’aime T’es ma préférée Bruxelles, je t’aime Bruxelles, je t’aime Tu m’avais manqué T’es la plus belle Oui, t’es la plus belle

    Paris m’appelle quand je veux rentrer chez moi Quand le ciel gris et la pluie me manquent Je vis mes rêves quand j’te vois Les villes sont belles mais moi, je ne pense qu’à toi Quand mon pays et ma ville me manquent Moi, je ne t’oublie pas

    Et si un jour, elles se séparent et qu’on y a choisi un camp Ce serait le pire des cauchemars, tout ça pour une histoire de langues J’ai vécu mes plus belles histoires, en français et en flamand Laat me zeggen me het Vlaams, dank je Brussel voor m’n naam ...

    #Angèle#music #fuck the football nt team this song is going to unite the country #thank you Angèle for this #makes me happy #small and complicated country not a long history divided by languages but man I love Belgium #belgian tag#Spotify
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  • mrschilly
    21.10.2021 - 5 hours ago

    I’m going to cry in a corner.

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  • realmadridnews
    21.10.2021 - 5 hours ago

    World Cup Women 2023 qualifications, friendlies Women - dates

    Spain Women:

    Maria ‘Misa’ Rodriguez

    Ivana Andres

    Athenea del Castillo

    Spain Women - Morocco Women; friendly; 21st October; 8:00 PM CET

    Ukraine Women - Spain Women; World Cup Women 2023 qualifications; 26th October; 4:00 PM CET

    Mexico Women:

    Kenti Robles

    Mexico Women - Argentine Women; friendly; 23rd October; 11:00 PM CET

    #Real Madrid Femenino #World Cup Women 2023 qualifications #friendlies #national team matches women #nt matches women #nt women #national team women #Maria 'Misa' Rodriguez #Spain Women#Mexico Women#Kenti Robles#Ivana Andres #Athenea del Castillo
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  • mexashepot
    21.10.2021 - 5 hours ago

    V nice

    #obvs I asked to be added to the list #Jewish studies & linguistics? sign me IN #please d$nt rebl@g #personal#academia tag #delete later maybe
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  • jean--valswan
    21.10.2021 - 5 hours ago

    'sì ma l'italia che supera l'inghilterra in un ranking dove il belgio è primo da dieci anni è come giovanni che fa ma chi sono dopo aver battuto il bambino a braccio di ferro'

    #poi mi chiedo perché citi così tanto agg #mio papà li cita ogni tre frasi #ho riso tre minuti buoni #italy nt
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