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  • imkrying
    20.06.2021 - 7 hours ago

    the nun

    Artist: imomonono

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  • zobaide
    20.06.2021 - 8 hours ago


    this reminds me, “Set me as a seal upon thine heart, as a seal upon thine arm.”

    Awww Alba O Kristina!

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  • caliphoria17
    20.06.2021 - 8 hours ago
    Alba Baptista’s IG story
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  • paula-of-christ
    20.06.2021 - 9 hours ago

    Catholic Asks that range from casual to prying

    I thought I would make my own because why not? I tend to always get the same numbers asked so I tried to make enough of them so that you could do multiple answers in case you get asked it multiple times!

    1. A saint that influenced you either by their life or writings?

    2. Favorite places to pray?

    3. What is one of the devotions you have?

    4. Tell us about a divine experience.

    5. Pick a Holy Day and tell us why you like it.

    6. Opinion on [insert specific prayer or devotion].

    7. Do you prefer the Rosary, Divine Mercy Chaplet, or some other chaplet? (St. Anne, St. Joseph, etc)

    8. Favorite church hymn?

    9. Favorite Sacrament?

    10. Tell us about a moment when you've felt close to God the Holy Spirit.

    11. Tell us about a moment when you've felt close to God the Son.

    12. Tell us about a moment when you've felt close to God the Father.

    13. When were you confirmed?

    14. When did you receive your first communion?

    15. When were you baptized?

    16. How often do you go to confession?

    17. In the last week have you felt God's presence in your life?

    18. How often do you pray?

    19. What prayers do you do regularly?

    20. Pick one thing that you could change about the Church, what is it?

    21. Favorite pope?

    22. When did you last sit down with God and think only of Him to pray?

    23. Do you pray enough?

    24. Do you do corporeal or spiritual acts of mercy more?

    25. Tell us about a time when you might have felt embarrassed for or of your faith.

    26. When was the last time you went to confession?

    27. Is there a homily or a priest's advice that will always stick with you?

    28. Pick a random quote from one of the Gospels and give us your opinion on it.

    29. (If the blogger is female) What is your veiling preference? (If the blogger is male) What do you normally wear to Mass?

    30. Have you ever been to a Catholic wedding?

    31. Have you ever been to an ordination Mass?

    32. Have you ever been to a religious profession Mass?

    33. (Female) Nun or active sister? (Male) Diocesan priest or religious?

    34. Who is a saint you've always admired from afar but never learned much about?

    35. Which time is the best for Mass? (Saturday evening, Sunday early morning, or Sunday late morning)

    36. Opinions on getting a tattoo as a practicing Catholic?

    37. Opinions on getting piercings as a practicing Catholic?

    38. Votive candles or incense?

    39. Mary or Joseph?

    40. Crucifix (Jesus died for you) or empty cross (that place was for you/die to self)?

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  • scifielves
    20.06.2021 - 10 hours ago

    When you don’t even breathe, but Val’s intense kisses still leave you breathless.

    #Muse Zita #Maximum weakness to nun
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  • rptv1
    20.06.2021 - 11 hours ago

    SF Weekly Magazine cover

    February 4-10, 2009 (Volume 28 Number 2)

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  • eopederson
    20.06.2021 - 11 hours ago

    Tres Monjas y otros peatones cruzando la Plaza de Armas, Cusco, 2017.

    #streetscape#plaza#nuns#pedestrians #plaza de armas #cuzco#perú#2017 #photographers on tumblr
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  • welcome-to-random-characters-2
    19.06.2021 - 11 hours ago
    #ask random characters #the angel/demon nun : sarvente #asks #role play and ask blog #anon #ask my muse out
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  • paula-of-christ
    19.06.2021 - 11 hours ago

    My conversion story

    This is extremely a long time coming. People have been asking for my full conversion story for a long, long, l o n g time. So here it is! Been sitting in my drafts and I finally finished it! I still consider myself on my “conversion” journey even now as a devout Catholic, because there is always so much more to learn and so much closer to God that I can grow and so much more virtue in which to receive. But, I hope this gives a good outline for you all and I will be making a FAQ page soon for this as well as other questions people often have about myself!

    Major Trigger Warning for mentions of depression and suicide. It is after the cut and in italics so that you can scroll past if you want to read the rest of it.

    So I grew up Catholic, not really devout, but I went to Church every Sunday and every holy day. Got all the sacraments and such (except confirmation because that is when I'm 16). So in middle school I was kind of angry at the Church for various reasons, not so much blaming God as I'm blaming the Church. But then my dad ended up getting really sick with cancer. Right before this I had started getting super into Greek mythos and I started relying on that instead of God. I still was going to church every Sunday because that's what my family did and I was going to religious education, but I was actively finding ways in which I thought the Church was wrong. As my dad's cancer developed I was pretty much just an angry pre-teen that never had a strong basis of what it meant to be Catholic. And right after I started high school my dad ended up passing away. For about a year and a half after that I tried relying on my Greek paganism and some Wiccan things to combat the depression. And I was still angry at God because I felt like He abandoned me. So I was writing my suicide letter and I wrote one to my mom but while I was writing it I was praying for something to happen to stop me. And I wasn't really sure who I was praying to but I knew my mom still had faith so God was kind of on my mind.I ended up (clearly) not committing suicide that day and being able to continue on to go to a youth retreat that summer. At that point in my life I had already started coming back to the church, but was still convinced that you could believe anything and still go to your respective "heaven". And I was in a bad relationship at the time (which contributed to the depression) and just a bunch of other stuff that inhibited me from going to God. After that first retreat I started praying and reading the bible every day. And I went on another two retreats in the fall. One a youth one and another a women's day-retreat. And between that and it starting to be my junior year, so my catechism classes were geared towards confirmation, I was really starting to become comfortable with the notion of being "Catholic" and having a faith life outside of my family, which was never particularly strong. 

    But let’s go back again a few years to my catechism classes from middle school through high school. I was the Problem Child that looked like I would never be Catholic and after confirmation just stop going to Mass. At class I either didn’t care enough to pay attention and when I did pay attention I gave my teachers crap at every turn, asking why and debating it. I actually made a nun/someone who worked with nuns tell my youth director she was never going to come back to talk to us because I didn’t back down on my argument that she never made a real point during her whole big speech she had about environmental justice (a talk that was supposed to be about social justice according to Catholic Social Teaching).

    This trend continued until I was about 15-1/2. My first real boyfriend had broken up with me, I was still trying to sort out on my own the trauma of my father having passed, and there was no fulfillment in paganism. I would read about how we personally have all this power and it’s in ourselves and we just need to ask for help in unlocking it through spells and rituals to these pagan gods, yet no matter what I did I could never get out of it. I was starting to turn towards Christ more and started watching A.D. The Bible Continues with my mom and got hooked, but I wasn’t really sure about the whole “only God” thing.

    I felt hopeless and I wrote a letter, I don’t even know where it went I think my teacher had taken it, and I begged God that if He would save me, prove to me that He was real, I wouldn’t ever try to kill myself again. I had gone over to the windowsill of my classroom (3rd story) and was going to jump out of it. It was during class but no one ever batted an eye about someone sitting up on the heaters next to the window because it got warm in there and we were allowed to sit up there. The class was taking a test and right before I was going to do it, a boy that I hardly talked to, and that I didn’t talk to after that, pulled me down and just bear-hugged me.

    Somehow, by the grace of God, word didn’t get out that it was me that had tried to kill myself. It was a small school and stuff like that traveled fast but it was never something that anyone except my own friends and the people in that class knew was me.

    I started watching AD The Bible Continues, which seems like something silly to have had such a great affect on me, but it really did. I started reading Acts of the Apostles after that and was moved by the way that the Apostles cared so much for Christ. I was getting really close with my youth group, which in high school split between guys and girls (which was a serious blessing) and my teacher, while she didn’t have all the answers, was always super patient and kind to me as well as charitable and always answered my questions to the best of her ability. Even when it was slightly off topic. A big part of why I converted was because of the apologetics. I wanted to know the answers to my questions so I started looking for them.

    That summer I started an anti-depressant and went on my first youth trip, because I had to for youth group. I attended Steubenville Midwest (I think that’s what it was called then) in Minnesota, and was hooked on monotheism from there. I went to confession for the first time pretty much since I had my first Reconciliation. It was freeing, but I knew the next year I would be preparing for Confirmation and I didn’t want to make a choice about Catholicism until I was sure. I knew God made me feel good but I started researching Islam and Judaism. I think if I had learned more about Orthodox Judaism I would have had a harder time discerning but as it stood I only really knew about Reformed and Conservative Jews so that left my mind pretty quickly. I was enthralled with a lot of Islam’s teachings but when I researched further and got a Quran it just didn’t make sense. The teachings from one part were in complete contradiction to other parts, as well as their teachings about the dignity and worth of women. God, who created humans in His image, would have no reason to make women worth less than men in any capacity. So that ended up getting struck out.

    Then that fall I went to NCYC 2015. It was amazing, and that is where I met the Salesian sisters and talking with them and fully realized my call to religious life. When I was little I used to always say that I wanted to be like the Virgin Mary when I grew up, and now, discerning with the cloister I am now looking in to, I really feel like that want is being fulfilled. God speaks His truth through His little ones and I feel like from that time I’ve come full circle. Back into the embrace of God as my Creator and Father and Comforter, like a little child going to their parent not only in times of distress, but in times of joy and wonder as well.

    And of course, a huge thank you to so many faithful Catholics here on tumblr, that have helped my journey through the years. So many of whom are no longer with us here but if you don’t mind I will tag a few of you that are truly in my heart forever. @keepcatholic @captainvatican (and co, I can’t remember everyone’s urls rip) @sonia-marmeladova @tradcatmaria  and gosh when I think about it, so many that have helped me with my theology over the years are just no longer on tumblr and I haven’t been able to contact for years.

    Alas, that is the last of my very long, very long awaited, conversion story. Thank you thank you to all that have asked! And I hope this can help many that come to my blog.

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    19.06.2021 - 12 hours ago
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  • exploding-jet
    19.06.2021 - 15 hours ago
    #the tragedy of life // jet #a foot in the door // anon #curiosity killed the cat // ask #nun or not // andromedite
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    19.06.2021 - 15 hours ago

    2021 in en çok dinlenen şarkısı %90 bu olcak.

    #spo nun yıl sonu mevzusunda yani
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  • dionyesuss
    19.06.2021 - 16 hours ago

    IG: at.dionyesuss

    Twitter: dionyesuss

    A new OC?! What should I name her?? Σ(`・ω・Ⅲ) I wanted to try drawing a cute trickster demon passing herself off as something more angelic and good. I also wanted a completely solid color BG because I think those are cool, but then I thought, “Doesn’t this look too boring?” — and kept adding more until I physically had to stop myself!! I was getting too far away from the original goal!! ृ₍⁺ꇴ⁺᷅ ृ₎₎ ՞

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    19.06.2021 - 16 hours ago

     Ava and Beatrice buying snacks in the evening, that's just it

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  • commonplant
    19.06.2021 - 18 hours ago

    Yas, i also draw them, i have a problem with nuns, i'm a pervert. Not interested in the world.

    Pick your figther, i choose the Holy Hildegard.

    Based on this amazing icons by  Ruth Stricklin

    #mysticism#ilustration #st therese of lisieux #st catherine of siena #st teresa of avila #st hildegard of bingen #christianism#nuns#mp
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  • paula-of-christ
    19.06.2021 - 20 hours ago
    #or St paul again prior to his conversion #because I am a terrible sinner in need of god's grace always #catholic#catholicism#christian#christianity#tradcat#saints#tradcatholic#traditional catholic#traditional catholicism#tradcatholicism#nuns#nun #take back the tag
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  • paula-of-christ
    19.06.2021 - 23 hours ago
    #some of my prayer journal is personal so I don't post it obv #like I'll talk about more specifics in my life rather than abstracts #catholic#catholicism#not queue#christian#christianity#christian prayer#prayer journal#blessed sacrament#nuns#nun#priest#priests#contemplation
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