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  • I call and wait on hold only to be told that they see my discrepancy, see my addendum, and that it should be approved this week. It’s been 22 business days!!! My addendum is a mere word doc stating that I’ve lived and worked in NJ, NY, and PA! It should not take this long to approve such a trivial detail.

    Most of my classmates have already taken their NCLEX, passed, and accepted jobs. Maybe I’d be less pissed at the state board if I also had a job offer, but right now everything seems to be an uphill battle. I put myself through this second period of transition in my 20s by going back to school to be a nurse. I think back to my first period of transition right after undergrad, which was terrible and hopeless and it didn’t help that I was living at home with a nagging Chinese mother. At least this time I’m more stable, have a loving and supporting Andrew, and one interview into another pediatric nursing position (my one lead so far).

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    Looks like today is red!

    I made huge progress on my paper last night and was surprisingly asked to jump in for a late shift today, so i decided to take it slow today…. also I’m gonna have a talk with the nurse I’ve been working with the past three months to talk about my progress, i can’t believe the 3 months in that department are over already (I don’t want to leave 😭)

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  • Nursing student: Okay I’m ready to research more about patient care and patho and pharm and–
    Nursing: Am I a profession?*
    Nursing Student:
    Nursing: …. I…. like what’s my public image, you know?*
    Nursing Student: I–
    Nursing: Can nurses actually… do… anything on their own?* What do the outcomes say?
    Nursing Student: This sounds like… an existential crisis maybe?
    Nursing: -stares into mirror- I just want to know if they love me

    *Based on actual ‘research’ assignments

    #not writing #but kind of writing because it's a scene okay #nursing #lyss is exasperated
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    Yay staffing matrixes?

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  • I love the weird look diabetes educators give me when I say I want to be them. I’m an RN. I have a set of accreditations and accolades of my own. And to a good majority of nurses, diabetes is just insulin we give when the glucose is over 150 mg/dL. Then here comes this nurse with a vested interest. One who will talk for hours about the illness and will excitedly teach new things to both diabetics and other nurses alike.

    Then it all makes sense when I show them Fenris (my Minimed 670G). Their eyes light up. They get it. I’m trying to save people from the darkness I found myself in with my diabetes at certain points.

    I want to be the voice on their side. I want a real partnership.

    I want to be a nurse that sees them for more than a syringe and a vial of humalog from the Pyxis.

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  • This crazy world is about to get crazier. My journey as a nurse started about a year ago. Here’s to the next chapter

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  • Name: Natalie Belknap

    Hometown: Augusta, Wisconsin

    Major: Nursing


    Tell us about yourself and your journey to CVTC.

    I grew up in Augusta and still live there with my family. I commute to CVTC for school and work. My family consists of my mom, dad, step-mom, and my two younger siblings, Noah and Sienna.

    What made you choose this program? Did anyone or anything particular inspire you?

    When I started at CVTC, I was a pre-program diagnostic medical sonography (DMS) student. While working toward my DMS degree, I began taking classes in the central service technician program. I found surgery interesting, so I thought it would be a good direction to take while on the waiting list. Recently, I have decided to pursue the nursing program here. I am working on taking some pre-program classes and take my HESI exam soon. I know I am where I should be (finally)!

    What do you want to be when you grow up? Plans after school?

    When I graduate, I want to be an RN (registered nurse) and work in labor and delivery. What I want to be most when I “grow up” is a mom! I am really excited to start my own family someday.

    How did you choose CVTC? What helps/helped you be successful?

    I chose CVTC after having a miserable three semesters at UW-Eau Claire. I finally realized I wasn’t where I wanted to be and transferred to CVTC. My mom was a huge factor in my decision to transfer and was very supportive.

    What are you looking forward to most about starting classes/enjoy about current classes?

    I am looking forward to my phlebotomy class this semester! My mom took phlebotomy as a medical assistant student here and absolutely loved it. I’m hoping that I enjoy the class as much as she did. I also love my steady, day-to-day schedule during the semester.

    What do you enjoy doing outside of class?

    Outside of class, my favorite thing to do is read. I have a very impressive collection of books, and I fly right through them. I recently read the “Crazy Rich Asians” book series and will definitely read them again. I did see the movie, and I was impressed by it, but the book is better. Books are always better! Other than reading, I like to spend time outside when it’s warm. I also spend time working as a SOAR (Student Outreach and Retention) student worker in Student Central. My favorite part of my job is helping out with orientation and registration events on campus.

    Share some cool facts with us (Hobbies? Interests? Fun Fact about you?)

    Some fun facts about me:

    • I am into essential oils, and use them every day!
    • My kitten’s name is Chipp, and he is a rescue.
    • If I could travel anywhere in the world, I would go to Greece.
    • I love kayaking in the summer with my boyfriend.
    • I just bought a canoe, so I am excited to try that out when it gets warm!
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  • Holiday

    Got back from Las Vegas the other day - by far the SICKEST holiday I’ve ever been on. It’s like America on crack, people drinking at 8am and dancing on the streets to no music…quality 👌

    But seriously, America was brilliant. I can not wait to go back out there, the people are my sort of people.

    They were friendly and approachable, and not once did I feel unsafe whilst out there. Not to mean I didn’t have my wits about me but even with all the drugs and stuff out there I didn’t feel threatened one bit

    It’s made me want to see a lot more of America, just need to plan a few more destinations meaning picking up a few extra bank shifts!

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  • If there’s one thing nursing school has made me really good at, it’s winning Facebook fights. I now have the knowledge to prove you wrong AND the scholarly resources to back me up 😂

    Too bad I don’t have time for that shit and have to go write this paper haha

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  • 1) At Will Laws are redundant: Without a union everyone is At Will

    2) Right-to-Work means you cannot be forced to JOIN a union, not that they are prohibited

    3) If you work in the healthcare field and feel the need/desire to unionize, you fall under the banner of the Machinist’s union.

    #Unions#unionize#healthcare#healthcare fields#pharmacy#pharmacy technician#nursing #how to unionize #pharmacy technicians union #please reblog this #I spent two months trying to find this information #and there's a lot of propaganda against it when you try to look for it
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    Well, now that you mention it I’ve also been dealing with ________ and ________ , oh and I forgot to mention ______ during my last visit”.

    via mememedicalschool [Instagram]

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  • I miss having a day job. Nightshift is DARK.

    No pun intended.

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  • So I’m very screwed on this exam in a few hours I think so I guess im just going to shower, sleep, and pray since its 3am.

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