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  • fedora-lloyd
    19.04.2021 - 1 hour ago

    This is old

    I’ll probably never finish it

    But here idk

    #ninjago#fanart #the shading from Lloyd’s energy stuff I like but there’s something about the way Zane turned out that’s bothering me #ninjago lloyd#ninjago nya#ninjago zane#ninjago jay#ninjago Cole#ninjago kai #Ninjago season 14
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  • jazziedoobles
    19.04.2021 - 1 hour ago

    twitter shenanigans :^3c

    #unfortunate that this is the first time I draw the 04 oswald #it b like that #catboy#my art#the riddler#the penguin#edward nygma#edward nigma#oswald cobblepot#rogues gallery #riddle me nya batman >:^3c #dc#fanart#nygmobblepot
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  • husbandohunter
    19.04.2021 - 1 hour ago

    okay brainrot is intensifying right now. And I have an exam tomorrow. Gonna fill my requests tomorrow cuz I have to study TAT

    #nya-notes #nya screams into the void
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  • husbandohunter
    19.04.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Stardew Impact [Genshin+Stardew Valley/xReader]

    Part 1/3 Kaeya, Diluc

    Synopsis: “A mysterious phenomenon brought you and your s/o to an unfamiliar world: Pelican Town! Without the power of Visions, the two of you begin to learn the life of what it takes to be...a farmer?”


    Coming soon...

    Albedo and Childe
    Zhongli and Xiao

    (A/N): So the brainrot was real in this one. I planned to add Albedo for a Mondstadt edition but kinda went overboard so I gotta split this one into parts too. Wordcount_almost 2k spspspsp



    • Already has the whole year planned in his head. Literally if Diluc were to play this game, he'd have a booming farm within year ONE. Calm and collected through and through, though the new environment raises alot of questions, as long as you were still with him, Diluc ain't complaining

    • The town welcomes you two with open arms. It was all thanks to the attire. Diluc wore his usual dark coat adorned with regal gold while you had a dress made of Liyue's finest silk, one that he bought for you. Needless to stay both of you reeked the aura of rich aristocrats (Mayor Lewis is pleased that greedy bastard)

    • Once the farm was permitted to your owndership, Diluc began to think of ways to turn it into a vineyard. He was a businessman afterall. Although the staff back at the Dawn Winery were the ones who tended the field, Diluc still knew a few things about planting due to his childhood days Master Crepus would bring him out to their yard and demonstrated the process of gardening. He still remembers those days clearly, doing the very same this moment with you.

    • Occasionally works at the Saloon bar. It was the perfect opportunity. As you took care of the farm side, Diluc continues to look for more ways to increase the income while gathering information from the folks around town. Gus LOVES to have him over, like he's just so efficient and reliable! They soon become good friends saying if Diluc were ever to own a wine stock, he would gladly buy from him.

    • This is why Diluc would stay a little later due to just chatting with the people from the bar. One time you walked into the Saloon only to the front desk with Emily alone. Turns out the others were in the other room, too busy playing a game of pool. You decided to leave him be since it was rare to have Diluc so relaxed in leisure activities. Thus in the end, you spent your time chatting with Emily until a whole hour has passed before your lover notices and apologizes for losing track of time.

    • Everything felt like a dream because it was his dream. To live a life undisturbed from chaos, his duties and the dangers that lurk in Teyvat, Diluc grew fond of the domesticity. There was nothing he loved more than to spend his hours by your side, day after day, returning home to your freshly handmade meals.

    • Spring: Already up and early planting the parnersnips (I'm very soft for gardener Diluc you see). What do you expect from a workaholic? Even during his leisure time you would often find him near some plant as he does consider this hobby quite therapeutic. But when it rains, Diluc would be standing beside you with an arm around your shoulder, smiling contently as you lean into his touch. He gazes through the dripping window and silently admires the current progress you both made on the farm.

    • Between the two annual spring festivities, I would say the flower dance. Diluc is a private man and would prefer to take things where no eyes were on sight. But with a little bit of nudging from Gus (your wingman), he gives in and leads you to the center stage. Elegant. Graceful. The way you two moved together became the talk of the event. Though, Diluc was already used to people staring by now, all he needed to do was to ignore them and keep his focus on you.

    • Summer: No blankets in bed. Nope, its bloody hot in Pelican Town. He tends to stay indoors or anywhere with shade, in other words, his work hours in the Saloon increased.

    • Diluc always has a nice cold drink prepared for you if by any chance you were to pay a visit after a whole day of labour. It's a habit he's made subconciously as if it would be a natural occurance for you to enter the door. His colleagues would ask him who did he make that drink for? Honestly so cute i cri

    • Moments like these remind him of Mondstadt, where he quietly wipes the glasses while listening to you talk. Your voice is soothing. Sun rays peek from the side casting onto the umber tables, reflecting a rich golden light as the radio plays a soft song in the background. It's so peaceful, the town was small hence not many people visited the bar, Diluc came to appreciate this warm privacy (plus no Venti and Kaeya which is a huge pog realization).

    • Autumn: Harvest time baby. The kegs are full and the sheds are full of kegs. This season was huge stonks and the house ended up getting an upgrade. Diluc is the type of man who wants to make sure that his spouse wouldn't have to work another day of her life. I reckon this is why he's so ambitious because he wants you to have the best and you deserve the best. (Husband material. Slap a ring on him ladies).

    When there was no more work left to do, time would be spend peacefully exploring the woods. While you skipped a few steps ahead as the leaves crunched beneath your feets, Diluc follows slowly from behind. He sees your back but his eyes stares somewhere far beyond whats in front of him: His future. 
    It was such a stark contrast to the one he envisioned before. One filled with uncertaintly, blocked by darkness with no silver lining in sight, endlessly wandering as he drags the claymore against the ground. There was never a day in which the Darknight hero wouldn't think of Mondstadt. Leaving the city in the incompetent hands of Ordo Favonious while Abyss Mages continue to lurk fuels him to find a way to return as soon as possible and yet...
    "Higher big sis!" Jas tightens her hold on the ropes as you pushed the swing with all your might. She laughs, like a child, it was full of innocence and joy. Later Vincent came in and nugdes you, asking when his turn will come.
    "You wanna go too? Alright alright don't worry," waiting for Jas to come down, you lift the boy up so that he was seated safely on the chair, "3..2..1 go!"
    He wonders if he could just be a little selfish for once.

    • Winter: Best man to have in this season. Every morning Diluc would find himself restricted in movements due to a pair of arms around his waist and legs entangled with yours. Turns out you've been doing it subconciously because he's just so warm (Diluc keeps it lowkey and pretends to sleep longer cuz of it)



    • Haha looks like the portal is gone, guess we'll be stuck forever :)). No kidding Kaeya would be so down to stay here for the rest of his life and the best part is to spend it with you. He doesn't show a shred of concern regarding Teyvat, not like he's easily shaken by events that are abnormal, but you can see that Kaeya is truly and genuinely happy. (You're stunned).

    • Oho we also have this marvelous landscape just for the two of us? And a cozy little cabin to go along with it as well? This should be fun~ 

    • Of course Kaeya would also know a few things about planting, just the basics since he did grow up with Diluc. When they were kids, Crepus would give each of them their own pots so they can grow their own plants. It eventually became a competitive thing where whoever's plant grows the fastest gets to eat the other person's dessert for a year (no one wins. They end up sabotaging each other which Diluc started first, thinking it'll be funny as a joke).

    • You are, and will be going on dates with him. In fact, the amount of dates you two went on increased since then. The townspeople would call you two "lovebirds" since he's practically by your side 24/7. 

    • I mean he doesn't have the responsibilities as a Cavalry Captain anymore so what else is there to do?

    • Would attend all annual events no matter what season. 

    • Evelyn constantly gushes how much of a wonderful pair you and Kaeya make and often is the one who provides Kaeya a fresh bouqet of flowers for him to use as a gift. George on the otherhand just rolled his eyes mumbling something along the lines of "youngsters these days" and "crazy hormones."

    • Befriends Pam. Love for beer plus somewhat cynical attitude? They get along real swell! She starts sending some recipes into the mailbox of course saying if yall ever need a hand, let her know.

    • Spring: I can see Kaeya be switching back and forth between caring for the farm or taking quests posted on Pierre's bulletin board. He likes to keep things interesting, learning the ways of the new world while also getting to know the people around town.

    • Would NOT return Mayor Lewis' shorts in which he found in Marnie's room. It's such high quality blackmail material. Kaeya is currently plotting what is the best way to use it to his advantage.

    • He didn't tell you of course.

    • Summer: There are no blankets because he is your blanket. Since your cabin was small so was the bed. That's why he has to hold you so that no one falls off when rolling over. Either he hugs you with your nose close to his neck, or your back against his chest while spooning you or holding hands if sleeping on your sides became too much. Yall need a serious house upgrade.

    • For some reason Kaeya becomes more energetic in the summer. He lets you rest in the shade while handling the farm work for the time being. If you guys got a pet it would be a cat. Hes the first one to refill their bowl every morning outside.

    Another day passes as summer comes to an end, the town’s Mayor invited you and your lover to see the annual Dance Of the Moonlight Jellies. Kaeya being the opportunist was delighted to come along. Locking the door of your house, you follow him down the path and made your way to the beach.
    Everyone from town was already gathered by the docks when the sun had disappeared down the horizon. You stood by his side in a space far from the others, watching  the candle boats set off to ride the waves, lighting up a small ray of light for creatures to find. 
    “Wow,” your tone almost above a whisper, “If only our friends back home could see this too.”
    “Perhaps,” he says. Kaeya slips his fingers into yours and you shot him a curious glance, “But let us enjoy this moment shall we? Just the two of us.”
    And there they were. A sea of luminescence radiating colours of brilliant blue with hints of green like a city of laterns floating in a world below. Their image reflects in the star of Kaeya's eyes as he wonders, where would they go? Where would the light lead them? They were so free with nothing to worry, so serene just like the sea and unknowningly, he squeezes your hand. It was a sense for confirmation. One to remind him that this moment was indeed a reality he wishes to keep.

    Autumn: Finally a house upgrade and a kitchen!! Because it was harvest season, you guys end up making a set of delicious meals with all the recipes the townspeople gave you. Kaeya can cook since he lived by himself back in Mondstadt. Most of the stuff he learned to make were food that can be accompanied by alcohol though...

    • Ahah remember Mayor Lewis' lucky shorts? He found a use for them. It was displayed on the stands during the Stardew Valley Fair (Oh my how did this get here? Must be the wind). Ends up buying a Rarecrow for the farm when Lewis bribes him not to tell this to anyone.

    Winter: This was mostly an indoor season for the both of you. With the existence of television, nights would be spent until morning while watching movies at the couch. A blanket drapes around your shoulders as extends to his.  Oh and don't forget the hot chocolate! 

    #genshin impact#stardew valley #genshin impact headcanons #diluc x reader #kaeya x reader #diluc#diluc ragnvindr#Kaeya#kaeya alberich #genshin x reader #genshin headcanons#genshin imagines#genshin scenarios#nya-writes #genshin impact scenarios #genshin impact x reader #genshin impact imagines
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  • mogaicoiner
    19.04.2021 - 1 hour ago

    nya/nyan pronouns flag for @exactlyunabashedphantom

    [image id: two long rectangular flags with seven horizontal stripes. the colors from top to bottom are: light pink, blossom pink, mauve, off white, melrose, pastel purple, and periwinkle. second flag has nya/nyan in large black text.]

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  • emxsal
    19.04.2021 - 2 hours ago

    "It was always a boys club. You never let me try to help, so I found my own way to be a hero."

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  • ninjago-hell
    19.04.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Just realised i legit have Nya’s s8 casual outfit 😎

    if i can convince myself to wear it i’ll show yall (though for gender reasons that might not happen lmao)

    this the one i mean tho btw

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  • princesskittie
    19.04.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Very tired and need to vent but am afraid of being gaslighted again so...tell me the highlight(s) of ur day! 💕

    If you're a hateful soul who still chooses to send me vengeful asks you will be blocked on sight ✌

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  • mushroom-jeans
    19.04.2021 - 4 hours ago

    ,,,, the ninja,, in eyeliner

    #SPECIFICALLY FKUFFY HAIRED JAY AND EVERY ITERATION OF ZANE IN EYELINER #maybe lloyd with a puppy eyeliner or a bat wing #nya would rock a bat wing And cat eye #kai would look amazing in the eyeshadow liner style #jay with like. an outward slightly down turned rlly sharp wing but i also wanna see him in a puppy eye #zane with literally any of them #cole with like. the pencil eyeliner that he’d also put on the waterline #and maybe set with eyeshadow #idk i just rlly like eyeliner #even tho i can never do it #ninjago#lego ninjago#lloyd garmadon#jay walker#kai smith#nya smith#zane julien#cole brookestone #also sensei garmadon in eyeliner would be nice
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  • stormstan
    19.04.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Nya: I told you to keep an eye on Lloyd but now he poured a pound of sugar into the dryer and is trying to make cotton candy.

    Kai: Did it work?

    Nya: NOOOO!!!!!!

    Kai: Then why are you telling me this?

    Nya(in disbelief): Because you were supposed to- forget it.

    #ninjago #when lloyd was young #ninjago nya#ninjago kai#ninjago lloyd#smith siblings #ninjago incorrect quotes
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  • skylerspark-incorrect-quotes
    19.04.2021 - 5 hours ago

    [during season eight]

    Ninja: You’re alive!

    Ruth: Mentally arguable, but physically, yes I am.

    #oc: ruth garmadon #ninjago lloyd #ninjago lloyd garmadon #ninjago kai #ninjago kai smith #ninjago jay #ninjago jay walker #ninjago zane #ninjago zane julien #ninjago cole #ninjago cole brookstone #ninjago nya #ninjago nya smith #ninjago incorrect oc quotes #ninjago incorrect quotes #incorrect oc quotes #incorrect quotes#ninjago#lego ninjago #ninjago masters of spinjitzu #lego#ninjago oc#source: sense8
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  • just-a-ninjago-artblog
    19.04.2021 - 6 hours ago

    I was talking to a friend about the Japan-ness of Ninjago and then I remembered that this existed. (Right to left)

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  • ninjamelissajulien
    19.04.2021 - 7 hours ago

    The perfect woman doesn’t exis-

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  • moonsinkfairy
    19.04.2021 - 7 hours ago

    -- やくならマグカップも 第3話 / Yakunara Mug Cup mo, Ep.3

    She’s doing god’s work.

    #~NYA~ #yakunara mug cup mo #so cute#iyashikei
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  • skylerspark-incorrect-quotes
    19.04.2021 - 7 hours ago

    "I have the best sisters in Ninjago. But their a bit crazy and scare me sometimes."

    - Lloyd, about Ruth and Nya

    #oc: ruth garmadon #ninjago lloyd #ninjago lloyd garmadon #ninjago nya #ninjago nya smith #ninjago incorrect oc quotes #ninjago incorrect quotes #incorrect oc quotes #incorrect quotes#ninjago#lego ninjago #ninjago masters of spinjitzu #lego#ninjago oc#garmadon siblings#source: unknown
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    19.04.2021 - 8 hours ago


    my personal favorite is the last one lmaooo

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  • i-only-speak-in-vines
    19.04.2021 - 8 hours ago

    so this cat girl/ant in hxh says “Nya”ruhudo and i just-

    #it makes sense #because she’s a cat #and cats go nya #and all this time i thought i was hearing something wrong
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  • wildnya
    19.04.2021 - 9 hours ago


    #nya being dumb
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  • wildnya
    19.04.2021 - 9 hours ago
    #nya answers #ashengrotto san! #i don’t know what came over me #suddenly everything felt wrong
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  • cliptarine
    19.04.2021 - 9 hours ago

    some wlw having a sleepover? more likely than you think !

    #lego ninjago#ninjago#lego fandom#art#nya smith #nya x pixel #nya x skylor #nya x skylor x pixel #polyamourous#poly#polycule#wlw #they’re all dating #all three of em #skylor chen
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