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    Not Your Hero Chapter Two

    1 year after defeating the Calamity, Link and Zelda are continuing their quest to rebuild Hyrule. Zelda, focused on ruling and royalty, and Link more concerned with the kingdom on a more personal level. Through their journey, the two get to know each other all over again, clash and bond over differences, and discover themselves along the way.

    Chapter Two

    Zelda and I rode in a comfortable silence, hearing nothing but the occasional swell of wind and the impact of hooves on dirt. All I felt was Epona's mane between my fingers and the gentle bounce as she walked below me. Zelda and I fell gently into our pattern. When we would travel, we would ride peacefully, quietly. Until something happened, even something very small, a horses misstep maybe. Then we’d react, likely the same way, look at each other, and just smile and sometimes laugh. We were just in sync. We experienced together. Everything we felt, the other felt too. Well, we used to. 

    “What will you be wearing?” Zelda asked, breaking our pattern. “We are nearing the stable, I figured I’d start a conversation.”

    I didn’t respond right away, considering the answer. I had packed my Gerudo set, but I hadn’t made my decision. 

    “You know I’m sure they would bend the rules for the hero of Hyrule,” she stated while giving me a soft look that I didn’t reciprocate. I remained facing forward. “Link?”

    I gripped Epona’s mane tighter, giving her a bit of a start. I began blushing as the possible scenarios began playing out in my mind. Before she could say my name again, I shook my head.

    “Alright,” she said gently, almost defeated but trying to hide it. She didn’t like when I closed myself off like that, but sometimes I couldn’t help it. It was as if somehow one day I swallowed a lump of coal, but it never went all the way down. It broke in two, one positioning itself right in between my vocal chords, and one where my appropriate emotional response controls should have been.

    I sat there, a horse width from her, wracking my brain for any way to ease the tension. The all too familiar tightness in my throat came back, the lump of coal, the block. I tried to open my mouth to make any sort of noise, anything to get her attention, anything to even signal my horse. Anything to prove to myself that I still could. 


    I let out a long breath. I resigned to breathing, as there wasn’t much else I could do. I did something Zelda taught me, actually. A breathing pattern to help you calm down. I didn’t feel especially anxious, but I figured it was worth a shot. 

    “I remember teaching you that,” Zelda said, knocking me out of my focus. I looked at her confused as to how she noticed. “You’re breathing rather heavily. Is everything alright?” She seemed more concerned as she took in the face staring back at her. I knew the face I was making. She had commented on it before. Your fear scares me, she had said. I didn’t know why she said this, I still don’t, but all it did was add guilt. It made me feel nervous to show any sign of negative emotion, as if I wasn't terrified already.

    “You’re safe, you know. With me, I mean.” It was always about her. I looked to my boot between us, took one more deep breath, and forced a smile as I met her gaze again. I gave a short, sure nod. This seemed to satisfy her.

    “Just around this hill. And the sun is about to set, how fitting!” I was relieved she moved on. Having her eyes on me like that always made me uncomfortable. I loved her eyes, and at a surface level, how they met mine. But I always felt like she saw deep into me, to the parts I didn’t want her to see. I was always afraid she never really saw me, whoever I decided that was.

    I finally had an idea to ease the awkwardness, and I knew she would enjoy it too. I slapped my thigh twice to get her attention, and I signed,

    “Race? First to the stable gets a soft bed.” She lit up immediately. For a princess she was rather competitive. Then again, she was a lot of things you wouldn’t expect from a princess. She leaned down on her ride, looked forward, and gave a stern nod.

    I spurred my horse on with a “Ya!” which brought me almost as much relief as the sudden burst of air on my face. I heard her laugh over the galloping of our horses as I began to pass her. She yelled something I didn’t catch and spurred her ride to go faster. I used my non-verbal cues with Epona and she understood. It may have been sneaky, but I used what we would do when fleeing from enemies before everything. She knew to go fast. 

    As Epona and I passed Zelda, I heard her laugh-groan. I loved that sound. Her joy mixed with competition, her fiery spirit making headway and ringing through my ears. As much as my heart melted, I still had to win this race. 

    We neared the turn and I had an equally great and terrible idea. So of course, I did it. The road split in two and rather than going the right way, I turned left. I knew she would follow too. What I didn’t calculate, though, was the proficiency of her horse. As soon as I heard her follow me I took a sharp turn around heading back to the path. I heard her horse winnie followed by a deep thud.

    My heart dropped. 

    I signaled Epona to turn around as soon as I could, but it didn’t feel fast enough. As soon as we were close enough, I leapt off of her the same way I had done countless times in battle. Zelda laid on the ground in front of me, on hand on her chest and the other sprawled to the side. Her eyes were closed. I feared I wouldn’t get there in time. I gave myself an unnecessary hourglass, the sand falling through with no resistance. Every step felt infinite and she seemed too far. My legs proved me wrong, as I finally got to her.

    As soon as I was at her side I dropped to my knees. I didn’t know what to do. I always knew what to do, what was wrong with me? I decided to gently touch her face to see how awake she was. Thank hylia, she opened her eyes immediately. Dazed, she didn’t meet my eyes right away. I had to bring her to face me and wave to get her attention. She blinked as I came into focus. Her face went from blank to a weak smile.

    “Hello,” she said softly. I let out the breath I hadn’t realized I was holding. 

    Hey, I wanted to say. I’m here, I yearned to whisper gently. But instead I just stroked her cheek with my thumb as she raised her hand to grab my wrist. I didn’t break eye contact as she came to.

    “Link,” she said, more awake and aware. I nodded. “What happened?

    “From what I gather, you fell off your horse. I don’t know how else one ends up on the ground during a horse race,” I signed with a smile after removing my hand from her face. She had replaced it with her own, beaming back at me. “How do you feel?”

    “Well, I’ve been better,” she stated. “Help me up.” She sounded so ready to get back on her feet, almost like she wanted to get back on the saddle already.

    “Woah woah, are you in any pain?” I asked frantically as I helped her sit up. 

    “Nothing too aw-” she interrupted herself with a sharp inhale. She clutched her chest, relying completely on me to hold her back. I was supporting her with both hands, and since I didn’t have any more, that was It for using words. She had her eyes on her knees as she breathed shakily. I tapped her back to get attention and she finally met my eyes. I gave her a look that said “you good?” At least I hoped that’s what I was doing. 

    She nodded in return. I took a deep inhale, maintaining eye contact. She followed, then we exhaled together. 

    “Alright. I’m alright.” She raised herself from my arms, though I kept one behind her shoulders just in case. 

    “Where does it hurt?” I asked in broken sign with my one free hand. 

    “If I’m honest, which I’m hesitant to be, a little bit everywhere.” I nodded in response. “But I will be just fine, no need to look so serious, Link!” She said this as if nothing had happened, as if she couldn’t be vulnerable with me. Maybe I was overreacting, overthinking, but I really didn’t think so. She then went to stand and knowing I couldn’t stop her I did my best to support her. 

    She was shaky, but she managed just fine. I was still wary. 

    “I know you want to protect me, but it was just a small fall,” she said adamantly. I just looked at her. The dirt along her side that she was trying to brush off, the grace she maintained through the whole debacle, and the way her eyes darted back up to mine, hit me. I watched all this as if it was in slow motion, wondering how is Hylia’s name I got here. How did I get here, with her? With princess Zelda?

    She was saying something. I was in too much of a stupor to understand, and I didn’t want to. Being so close to her already, it wasn’t much of a stretch to put my hands softly on her shoulders. I could see her lips form my name, her eyes shimmering the way they only did when her heart raced for me. I affected her in ways I didn’t really understand. As enamored as I was, I knew she was head over heels for me. I felt her muscles move under my hands as I brushed one gently over her skin, watching her eyes as I traced her collarbone. Then I let it move up the side of her neck. I tucked her stray hairs behind her ear. I felt her shiver. Her eyes fell deep into mine as I moved closer, our faces inches away. I bent my neck down as I gently lifted her jaw to meet mine. I watched her eyes close just before I closed my own, and we collided. 

    I felt her move into me as soon as our lips met, her arms draped around my waist. I held her face between both hands now, thumbs in front of both ears and fingers spread through her hair. Her soft, golden hair. I felt her shift her weight, and her shoulders droop. I felt her breath change as she fell. I felt her rhythm as she melted into me.

    Under the stars peeking through the fading twilight, under the rising diamond moon, we were one. 



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    09.02.2021 - 3 monts ago

    so i did it.

    i started over. i was really afraid to, but thinking about the chapters i had written left me feeling nauseous. i knew i couldnt keep those out in the world with my name on them. ive moved around some planning pieces, refocused some things, and i actually feel ready and motivated. focused. organized. 

    i cant wait to make this story a success, and i hope it lives up to all of my, and your, expectations. :)

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  • twilyteprincess
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    Not Your Hero


    1 year after defeating the Calamity, Link and Zelda are continuing their quest to rebuild Hyrule. Zelda, focused on ruling and royalty, and Link more concerned with the kingdom on a more personal level. Through their journey, the two get to know each other all over again, clash and bond over differences, and discover themselves along the way.


    Chapter One

    A light breeze flowed by as Zelda and I walked towards the fountain in front of Hyrule Castle. I watched it brush her short hair to the side, and I could feel it on my bangs too. We walked slowly, enjoying the fresh spring air and admiring the reconstructions made. We took a seat at the new stone benches surrounding the newly flowing fountain. 

    “Now why in Hylia are you all the way over there?” Zelda laughed. “Come here!” Listening to her demands, I smiled and scooched closer.

    “Excuse me, princess,” I signed in the newly-official Hylian Sign Language. We laughed together, an airy laugh, one of peace and prosperity. A laugh that rang through the air surrounding as a testament to the blood, sweat, and tears that brought the baby blues back to the castle grounds. A laugh that marked a new beginning to a beloved kingdom. These musings flowed through my head like the water of the fountain that my eyes came to rest on. I sighed as I watched it fall from one level to the next, only to splash in the bottom. I wanted to shove my face in it.

    “Link?” Zelda interrupted. “What’s on your mind?”

    “I want to-” I paused. “Let me show you.” She looked at me puzzled, a grin still on her lips. I motion for her to come closer as I kneeled right in front of the fountain, my hands pressed on the cool stone base. 

    “Trust me.” I told her as she kneeled, not breaking eye contact until-

    “LINK!” I heard her shout as my face splashed through the curtain of water. The air between the falling water and the stone pillar was a calming contrast to the pressure that fell on my neck. I couldn’t hear her over the running water, but I counted down to myself like I imagined she was doing. 3, 2, 1, SPLASH!

    Suddenly her face was next to mine, the two of us in this middle-of-the-fountain third space. A new dimension, just for us. She blinked pretty dramatically, gasped, and looked over at me.

    “Whatever are we doing in here?” I chuckled at this, and smiled wide at her. I turned back to face the pillar, closed my eyes, and hummed to myself, loud enough for her to hear. I peeked out of one eye to see her, looking skeptical until she did the same. I heard her sigh, a deep sigh, one of relief. I sighed too, as knowing she felt relaxed eased my mind. The two of us behind this curtain brought a sense of protected peace, as if this moment was in a shell, a small box that I knew I could come back to later.

    As I went to reposition a bit, I noticed how close our hands were. I nudged my pinky into hers, and she nudged back, placing hers on top of mine. We looked to each other and giggled. She then pulled her head out, I did the same moments after. We were then left leaning over the side of the fountain, shoulders up absolutely soaked. The stark contrast between the dry, still, fresh air and the damp and soothing air in the fountain became apparent, but the security lingered. I realized then, I felt safe.

    “I don’t know how these wild ideas of yours come to you, but I will admit, that was lovely.” She was being genuine. As she went to sitting on the raised stone instead of kneeling on the ground, I stayed low, propped up on my elbows, letting the sides of my hair drip into the water. I stared at my reflection, watching how weird my eyes looked back at me through the turbulent water. 

    She leaned back a bit to squish the water out of her hair. I looked to her and watched, mesmerized. The collar and shoulders of her shirt were saturated, turning the lavender to a deep purple. Small droplets ran from her hairline down to her chin. But looking at her face, you wouldn’t think she knew. Looking at her face you wouldn’t think she had anything on her mind other than wringing out her hair. 

    I broke my gaze from her face as I went to meet her, sitting. As soon as I had just gotten comfortable though, she shot me a look. One that was all too rare, but one that I knew all too well. 

    Next thing I knew I had an arm on my chest, shoving me backwards. I reached out in front of me, grasping for balance, only to catch her arm in a split second decision, pulling her in too. She yelped, and we splashed loudly and violently into the basin. Nice.


    We walked back to the castle, the excitement of our little adventure waning as our boots squished along the path. After wringing out every inch of fabric that wasn’t glued to my skin, I shook my hands, trying to get the water off.

    “Was it really that exciting?” Zelda jested. I shot her a playful look. “It’s a good thing we don’t have anywhere to be today,” she said. She tried to seem serious, but I could tell she wasn’t. The energy we shared couldn’t be smited with an annoyance as minor as wet clothes. Besides, we both had more at the castle. 

    We had found a great tailor at the beginning of the restoration, and he had been making our clothes since. He worked with the Kochi Dye Shop in Hateno to create vibrant fabrics for us. In the beginning they offered a similar blue to the champions, though they admitted it couldn’t be the same, as the recipe for that dye had been lost over the 100 years. We opted for a lavender instead, as this was the color Zelda had read most about in her studies of legends. It was also her mothers favorite scent.

    “I really enjoyed the poem you wrote for me yesterday, it was wonderful to wake up to. You've become quite well-read this past year. However, I’m sure there’s much talent in you as well,” she complimented. I couldn’t help but blush.

    “Thanks,” I signed sheepishly with one hand, scratching the back of my neck with the other. She wasn’t entirely wrong, as I had been studying a lot with her. I wanted to know the history behind all the wonderful things I had discovered during my quest. But, according to my not-so-trustworthy memory, I wasn’t illiterate before. I hadn’t studied to the extent that she had, and I didn’t get much education past my early teens as I was recruited to the royal arms full time. I had never learned anything about anything farther than Hyrule, let alone astrology. No, astronomy. I’ve always mixed those up. But to think that there is something so much greater than us, the size of Hylia herself or bigger, I can’t really wrap my head around it. 

    My thoughts were interrupted as I noticed Zelda slow next to me. Her hands were brought together up to her chest, her fingers restless. She looked up at the wide open doors with wide eyes, almost as if she wasn’t really looking. She was there, but at the same time, she wasn’t. She was somewhere else. 

    She was there.

    I took action, going through our routine. I stood in front of her, taking her hands into one of mine, and held her face in my other. I brushed my thumb across her cheek, being as gentle as I could as to not startle her. I pulled her face down to meet mine, her eyes staying glued to the door frame. I tightened and loosened my grip on her hands to the beat of her heart, and broke her line of sight to the castle. Now her eyes met mine, still dazed, not fully aware. I smiled at her and continued my hand motions.

    Without moving her mouth, she let out a deep, muffled cry. I despised the sound. It was like a cry for help from somewhere deep in her subconscious. I forced the smile to stay, ignoring the spikes making their way down my spine. I hummed back, a light hum, one of her favorite sounds. Why it is, I will never know for sure. We hummed back and forth for a moment, her sounds becoming more and more at ease. Soon enough she broke away from my gaze, blinking and softly shaking her head. I steadied it and held a consistent pressure on her fingers. She met my gaze again, but this time it was her. She was back.

    She was still for a moment. Taking reality back in, then she broke away from my hands and rushed into an embrace. Her two arms were wrapped under my arms and up my shoulder blades. She dug her face into my soaked chest and began to cry. A soft, broken cry. I placed an arm on her back and used my other to hold her head. I hummed again.

    “I’m so sorry… I’m so sorry…” she whispered. A moment later she pulled away just far enough that we could make eye contact again, our arms still on each other. She looked up at me, no longer empty and stoic. This time she was messy, and afraid, and in need. I let my forehead fall to meet hers. Once again, I let out a low hum. She sang a harmony, and we began to sway. 

    She sighed, her breathing returning to its steady pattern. I laid a small kiss on her forehead. She unwrapped herself from me and pulled away, taking my hands in hers. She crossed her arms over her chest, forcing mine to follow. We stood chest to chest, me humming, her breathing. 

    We stayed there, swaying, humming, our arms against each other held in the Hylian sign for “I love you”.


    “Are you sure you don’t want me to stay? I can just turn my back! Then you can come with me to my room after. You don’t have to be alone-”

    “Link I am quite alright. I had a... moment, but I’m just fine. Now excuse me,” she insisted, closing her bedroom door. This left me in the hallway, everything suddenly quiet. I stood there for a moment, trying to decide what to do.

    “I KNOW YOU’RE STILL THERE!” she shouted through the door, making my decision for me. I shied away from the door and started walking to my own room. My room. I had my own room in the castle now. I did miss the other knights, though. As much as they teased me, (out of jealousy I hope), I hated thinking about their fate. They were good people. I didn’t remember their names or their faces, just how they made me feel. In the end isn’t that what everyone wants to be remembered for anyway?

    I got to my room and left the door open just a crack as I wanted to keep an ear out for Zelda. Even after all that time, my protective habits persisted. It was also magnified by Zelda’s “moment” a few minutes before. 

    I peeled the wet fabric off my torso, immediately exposing my damp skin to the cold air. It sent a chill down my spine. I tossed it in a pile on the floor, along with the other clothes I took off next before putting on a clean (and dry!) tunic and pants. I put on a dry pair of boots and as I turned to leave I saw Zelda opening my door. 

    “Hey! How’re you feeling?” I asked. She seemed more relaxed now, definitely dryer. As usual, my hands lingered in the position of my last sign. Zelda rested her hand on mine and pressed it against my chest. She didn’t meet my eyes.

    “Better, thanks to you,” she says softly, as if she hadn’t yelled at me minutes before. I didn’t mind, though.

    “Always,” I sign, with my hand’s last rotation landing it on her cheek. She pressed her face into it and grabbed my arm with both hands as she nuzzled into me. I lost my footing and we fell onto my bed. My bed. For that moment though, it was ours. As she laughed into my chest, it was ours.

    Everything I was was hers too. Whether I liked it or not, we were everything together. We were Hyrule’s last hope, and now we were Hyrule’s new light. I was her protector, but little did she know, she protected me too.

    In that bed, in that moment, she and I were one. Our damp hair, her warm cheeks, the way she wrapped her legs around mine, and my arms around her. 

    I sighed. This was one of those times where everything was perfect. Everything was in sync, we were warm, we were happy. This was all I ever wanted, all I ever thought happiness was. What it meant. How it felt. 

    Yet the pit in my stomach returned. Great.


    //yes yes lots of typos and bad grammar the following chapters will be better//

    Chapter Two

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