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  • rafathefoxlover
    05.12.2020 - 5 monts ago

    Wishing that I could run away with you

    Imprisoned by fear just pull me away

    Secret fantasies of me and you

    Will they ever see the light of day, light of day

    I don't know where you are

    But I will find you, I will find you

    So if you’re out there, just run until the edge

    And fall into me and see where this could end

    We’ll make our own life and leave this world behind

    So, can you hear me?

    Do you feel me in the night?

    I don't know where you are

    But I will find you, I will find you

    I don't know where you are

    But I will find you, I will find you

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  • speedkiran
    03.07.2020 - 10 monts ago

    "Au5 & Nytrix - Always in a Nightmare" by Monstercat

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  • t00nsedmpalace
    31.05.2020 - 11 monts ago


    AU5 & Nytrix - Always in a Nightmare

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  • omg-casualbeardstudent
    23.05.2020 - 11 monts ago

    Nytrix - Light Inside of Me (ETERNUM & ji-hyeon Remix) by ji-hyeon https://ift.tt/2ZxG8uG

    #Light Inside of Me #IFTTT#SoundCloud#Nytrix#ETERNUM#Ji-hyeon#drumstep #"Light Inside of Me re
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  • mercenaryg
    20.02.2020 - 1 year ago
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  • weraveyou
    12.03.2021 - 2 monts ago

    Nytrix hits the headlines with superb hour-long melodic bass set

    US artist Nytrix is proud to present his highly anticipated hour-long melodic-bass set. Renowned for his DJ/vocal performances & genre bending catalogue of releases, traversing across genres – including melodic dubstep, bass & electro house – Nytrix’s latest live show opens with a series of powerful tracks, that also see him delivering standout vocals throughout. No stranger to the international […]

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    source https://weraveyou.com/2021/03/nytrix-hits-the-headlines-with-superb-hour-long-live-melodic-bass-set/

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  • jabberwockprince
    28.02.2021 - 2 monts ago
    “you can usually tell a lot about a person by the type of music they listen to. put your favourite playlist on shuffle and list the first 10 songs then tag 10 people! no skipping !”

    TAGGED BY @pikasso !!!

    My fave playlist is deadass my “Liked Videos” on YT because I got no time to organize actual playlists, there’s like 6K videos in there all the way back from 2012 I got no clue what’s gonna show up

    Running With The Wolves - AURORA (Wolfwalkers 2020)

    rock + roll - EDEN


    Oleander - Mother Mother

    illuminate - Soar & Nytrix

    Become God - GHOST DATA


    3 - Britney Spears

    Simple To Know - RL Grime x Utada Hikaru [Flipboitamidles Mashup

    Gaia - Cepheid ft Nonon & Sithu Aye

    turns out I didn’t go that far back lmao anyway im tagging whoever wants to do this bc i’ve lost track of every single tumblr mutual 

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  • arcane-trolls
    22.10.2020 - 6 monts ago
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  • arcane-trolls
    25.09.2020 - 7 monts ago

    [She’d just been wanting to check chittr before she went to bed. That was it. Just a quick glance, see what her friends were up to, and get some sleep. It was mundane enough. So when the first thing she sees is her kismesis’ dead body, suffice to say she was a little shocked. She may have screamed, she wasn’t sure.

    Correction- she is screaming. She doesn’t know why, she knew this was almost guaranteed, but it still takes her by surprise. Because somehow when it was just the two of them fucking around in movie theaters and being a general nuisance to the people around them, Jordan was able to forget her rival is the biggest name among heirs and heiresses.

    Was. She was the biggest name. Now she’s just a body on the ground. And Jordan screams, “muffled” by her hand but still ringing loud, and rage and horror and loss fill her all at once. It’s too much, her brain can’t make the picture make sense. It’s too much, too quick, there’s no way it was Apatra. But it was.

    And suddenly Jordan feels terribly alone, feels bad that she didn’t do more with her. It’s a nightmare, she decides, and tomorrow she’ll wake up and bully the heiress until her brain calms down.

    She knows it won’t happen. She’s never going to see her again, never going to know what life would be like under the rule of someone like Apatra, who was flawed sure, but her flaws were things like being a bit of jerk sometimes, not murdering innocent people. The girl she kissed on New Sweep is gone, and no surprise mutation will have her coming back with glowing skin and an interesting new diet.

    No, Apatra Nytrix is gone, and Jordan Rabell is screaming.]

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  • ask-another-cringey-fantroll
    25.09.2020 - 7 monts ago

    [The party was loud, quickly approaching rowdy. Apatra was lounging at the bar, sipping on something that was more sugar than it was alcohol. She didn’t even really remember whose party it was. She read a name when she opened the invitation, sure, but all she can really remember is that it wasn’t one that she could get away with blowing off. There’d be too many important people here, too much competition [i]. Her eyes drifted around the room for shades of fuchsia, taking a mental tally of the heirs and heiresses she could spot.]

    \|/ Not as many as I thought there’d be, either. \|/

    [Apatra jumped. Delphi Oracel, the only name as big as hers in the running for Empress, had materialized in the seat next to her. Apatra shifted in her seat like she had a bad taste in her mouth.]

    #damn bitch #you think you can kill me by sneakin’ up on me and yellin “boo”??

    [Delphi gave an amused smile.]

    \|/Are you planning another hit-and-run? That is your usual method of trying to rid yourself of competition.\|/

    [Apatra raised an eyebrow, letting out a short scoff. Delphi continued before she could respond.]

    \|/This is your last chance to eliminate me, though. I’m boarding an Empress-bound ship in a few days.\|/

    #I think I’ll let the Empress do that job for me. There’s no way you’re gonna fuckin win that fight--you’re not much of a face-to-face fighter either. #Let’s face it, sweetie.

    [Apatra leaned in, her voice lowering to the kind of gentle, hushed tone that someone uses when they know they’re about to murder someone in cold blood.]

    #The only reason you’ve gotten this far is because you get other trolls to do your dirty work. Other trolls carry out your kills, other trolls take your bullets. You walk around like you’re the new Empress? You were getting your little lackeys involved in a war that’s got fuckall to do with you, just so you could cheat in the big fight.

    [It was Delphi’s turn to shift in her seat, her usually-regal expression soured by the reality Apatra was spelling out for her.]

    #What were you gonna do when the next heiress came to challenge you anyway, huh? Your reign would’ve lasted what, a perigee? Maybe a sweep if you were real fuckin lucky.

    [Apatra downed the rest of her drink.]

    #Have fun #There's no competition here I’m worried about.

    [Delphi’s lip curled as the heiress stood, sauntering towards the door.]

    \|/ Hm. You think so, do you?\|/

    [Apatra made it to the middle of the room before a sharp pain in her chest stopped her. She winced, confused, before her legs gave out from under her. Delphi turned and smiled at the bartender. They grinned back.]


    \|/And you’re happy to do it.\|/

    OH, OF COURS=.

    [The crowd circled around the collapsed heiress who was gasping for air and clawing at her throat, but none of them made an attempt to help her.]

    [Apatra Nytrix is no longer open for questions.]

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  • staylitmusic
    24.09.2020 - 7 monts ago

    Soar & Nytrix - Illuminate by Proximity Stream here: https://proximity.ffm.to/illuminate •Soar: https://soundcloud.com/soarehigher https://www.instagram.com/iam.soar/ https://twitter.com/SoareHigher https://www.facebook.com/soarehigher https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmxu37rvb7f6UJqXDkWKo-Q https://open.spotify.com/artist/3HCdCKVvXJakGRbVRO5OTa?si=NYCSi7MzQCO_GUWAm5HvsA •Nytrix: https://soundcloud.com/NytrixMusic https://instagram.com/NytrixMusic https://twitter.com/nytrixmusic https://facebook.com/NytrixMusic www.youtube.com/channel/UCvxTLOjFfWsxsuvbmCd4O1A https://open.spotify.com/artist/1s8cu0X2A5YDwCLRN8AjFa?si=pm51ISf6T5y1Xb65MKQ-pQ

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  • hardrockwall
    03.09.2020 - 8 monts ago
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  • hyperboltedm
    24.06.2020 - 10 monts ago
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  • iluvredwall-soundcloud
    06.05.2020 - 1 year ago

    Monstercat: 297 - Monstercat: Call of the Wild ⭐️ Discover Monstercat Gold - https://ift.tt/2OTGpzV 🎧 Listen Weekly: https://ift.tt/2KFJUvq 🎙 Submit a Soundbite: https://ift.tt/2x9mEMY 🎪 Upcoming Events & Info: https://ift.tt/2N6OiF7 🎹 Tracklist: 00:45 Grabbitz - Get Out 05:23 Dexter King & Aaron Richards - Heartless [Instinct Spotlight] 08:18 Protostar - Overdrive (ft. Emma McGann) 10:33 Au5 - Goodbye (ft. NOHC) [Monstercat Exclusive] 12:26 Tokyo Machine - JOURNEY 16:07 Stonebank - To The Top 20:33 Tony Romera - Stuck In Your Head 24:08 Nitro Fun - So Far Away 27:01 Half an Orange, Disero & Josh Bogert - Sit like a Flamingo 30:13 Kill Paris - I (Still) Dream of You 32:35 Au5 & Nytrix - Always in a Nightmare 35:46 Pixel Terror & Emeline - Origins 38:32 Stonebank & Elizaveta - SOS 42:19 Rogue - Rattlesnake [Community Pick] 46:39 Mazare & Philip Strand - Battlecry 50:34 Protostar - Galaxies [Uncaged Spotlight] 54:12 Mazare & RUNN - Where Do We Go VIP 57:46 Laszlo - Our Arrival 🌐 Online Stations Sirius XM / Insomniac Radio - THUR 6-7P PDT - monster.cat/2JnmQNF Digitally Imported - UK - WED 14:00 - monster.cat/2wKdt3s FutureGroove - Japan - FRI 19:00 - monster.cat/29WOy7g EDC Radio (iHeart Network) - North America - Weekly - monster.cat/2fdiFX2 Parazhit - Netherlands - WED & THUR 00:00 - monster.cat/29RAbLT Noise FM - Russia - THUR 00:00 - monster.cat/29QgtB4 Electra FM - Colombia - WED 18:00 - monster.cat/29Wwu9i Fuddle.NL - Netherlands - MON 00:00 - monster.cat/29Y2yrD My 105 - Switzerland - monster.cat/2fDLGLg Real Dance Radio - UK - WED 6PM GMT - monster.cat/2axYz9r Dubbase FM - Germany - FRI 19:00 - monster.cat/2bArO84 Dance Radio - Canada - SAT 19:00 - monster.cat/29Y37kZ 401 Radio - Canada - SAT 21:00 - monster.cat/1KrxhtM Wizard Radio - UK - SUN/MON 00:00 - monster.cat/2a3wZ37 Dirty Beats Radio - Peru - SUN 21:00 - monster.cat/2dxyA4S Radio FG - France - WED 21:00 - monster.cat/2w9WxUp 📻 Radio Station Radio Shanghai - China - FRI, SAT, SUN - 23:00-01:00 - monster.cat/2jyS7kR 7FM - Belgium - Sat & Sun - 01:00 - monster.cat/2fCjoBJ Radio SK 90.2 FM - Russia - MON 12:00 - monster.cat/2xyAQ4a Switch 119.7 - Brisbane - SAT 19:00 - monster.cat/2dtBhzo KISS FM - Thailand - SUN/MON 00:00 - monster.cat/2dBWufw Dance 97.8 - Dubai - Sun 16:00 - monster.cat/2fDkXiL Jam City - North America - FRI 15:00 - monster.cat/2a2zGmj Aftercluv - Costa Rica - Weekly - monster.cat/2jOesOT Radio 5 - Poland - FRI & SAT 03:00 - monster.cat/2a00QXk 🎵 On Demand Dash Radio - North America - TUES 16:00 - monster.cat/29OH19j Pyro - China - Weekly - monster.cat/2kyk1QJ Anghami - Middle East / North Africa - monster.cat/2xyDjeE 👕 Monstercat Shop shop.monstercat.com Monstercat, COTW, podcast, dance, dubstep, trap, bass, "Call of the Wild", "radio show"

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