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  • Hello! This is my first fic ever written, I hope someone (somewhere) likes it!


    Cody couldn’t remember the last time he had seen his general so tired. He overworks himself for sure, but usually Cody was around to rein Obi-Wan in when it got too bad. 

    But it’s hard to be there for your general when he is sent to another battalion (without you) to act as backup for another jetii. 

    Cody stood at a distance, pretending to review a report on his data pad while surreptitiously examining his general. Obi-Wan was engaged in conversation with some of the vode, for all intents and purposes seeming like he was listening intently to the troops as they updated him on their efforts. Cody could tell, even if no one else could, just how close the general was to collapse. 

    “Dumb man is probably flying on meditation alone, probably hasn’t slept for three days at least,” Cody thought to himself. 

    His eyes were dull, not glinting with his usual mirth. His usually bright hair was speckled with dust and flopping in his eyes. The general’s robes hung limply around his body, the starch having been all but worked away. Simply put, Obi-Wan looked like a mess. 

    Sighing in frustration, he set the data pad down on the nearest desk and began walking towards the man he hadn’t seen in two weeks. When he reached the small group, he saluted his general and nodded to his brothers. 

    “Cody!” The general tried to smile at his commander, full well knowing what was about to happen. “The men are telling me what a splendid job-”

    Cody grabbed Obi-Wan’s arm mid-thought and began dragging him away. He could hear the snickers and whispers of the troops as he hauled Kenobi away. 

    “Someone’s in trouble…”

    “Ooh, Cody to the rescue eh?”

    Ignoring his brothers, Cody focused on the man at hand. Or rather, the man IN hand. His general was protesting and trying to free his arm from the firm grip of the clone. 

    “Really Cody, I don’t think that was necessary, I haven’t seen my men in weeks-”

    “Quiet down, general, sir. You can barely stand on your feet.” Cody shook his head lovingly. “I’m surprised you haven’t been sent to the med bay yet.”

    Sputtering, Obi-Wan tried to deny his state. Cody instantly released him and the general tipped over at an alarming rate. 

    Catching the man, Cody shook his head again. 

    “Alright, alright, I may be slightly more unsteady than usual but that doesn’t excuse you barging in and ripping me out of a conversation!” Obi-Wan’s voice sounded exhausted, like he could barely sum up the energy to talk, let alone yell. “And as a matter of fact I was sent to the med bay but they released me.”

    Cody tilted his head, clearly doubting the accuracy of his statement.

    “Fine! I may have taken advantage of the open back door and…left when no one was looking. But that doesn’t mean I’m not fine!”

    Cody lovingly ran a hand down the cheek of his cyare, watching his eyes flutter shut. 

    “When’s the last time you slept? For more than a transport ride?” Cody silenced Obi-Wan’s grumbles with a tug on his arm. “Let me take care of you, sir.” 

    Obi reluctantly nodded and Cody scooped him over his shoulder, continuing to Obi’s room. 

    Cody smiled under his helmet as he felt the general finally relax. He slowed his pace to a slow rocking as they entered the correct corridor. When he reached the door, he punched in the code and stepped inside. 

    The lights slowly flickered on, their reaction time poor from so long a time in disuse. Cody ran his eyes along the small room, taking in the sights and the smells (and okay, the feeling of his general back in his arms). He walked over to the bed and ever so gently laid Obi-Wan over the covers. 

    He moved down to remove the generals boots, slowly pulling them off. He earned a satisfied moan from Obi, which in turn caused him to smile again. 

    He reached a bit father up and moved his arms around Obi’s back, undoing the belt buckle and sliding it out from below him. Cody removed the lightsaber from its hook and glanced and the general for permission. 

    Obi-Wan simply nodded, so Cody clipped it on his own belt using the special hook just for this purpose. 

    “Cody, we’re in our room now, take off that damn helmet and let me see your face,” his cyare demanded. 

    Happy to oblige, the clone removed his bucket and tossed it to the floor. 

    “This damn helmet is what keeps the face you love intact, love,” he stroked his lovers hair fondly. 

    Obi-Wan chuckled and reached out his arms. Instantly Cody was there nuzzling Obi-Wan’s beard and breathing in his exhausted scent. 

    “General,” Cody began, kissing his neck.

    “Obi-Wan,” he interjected, arching his neck so Cody could reach that spot. “You know to use my name when we’re in here.”

    “Obi-Wan,” Cody rumbled against Obi-Wan’s shoulder. “You need to get some sleep. You are a disaster, and we won’t be in combat for a week at the least.”

    Obi nodded his head. Cody moved aside the robe on his shoulder and gently bit down. Obi nodded and nodded and nodded. 

    Cody moved back to Obi’s face and looked into the poor, exhausted eyes of the one he loved so dearly. Obi stared back, bringing a hand up to gently trace Cody’s scar before lowering his commander to him. 

    Their lips met, and the lovers welcomed each other home from a long absence.

    After too short a time Cody pulled back and murmured to his general, “Get some sleep cyare, I’ll be here when you wake up.”

    Obi barely managed a nod before drifting off. Cody settled in on the ground below him and started removing his armor for cleaning. He sensed that they would be here for a while.

    He heard a gentle ‘love you’ drowsily escape Obi’s lips before he was fully gone. 

    “And I adore you, more than you can ever know, dear general.”

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  • This scene had me screaming and literally no one is talking about this. I cannot BELIEVE

    #anakin's smile at the end #i cannot believe this #i missed them so much #new episodes got me shook #star wars #star wars the clone wars #tcw#tcw s7#tcw spoilers#anakin#obi wan#anidala#padme
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  • “Bring balance to the force, not leave it in darkness!”

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  • I love that clone wars really just said FUCK THE PREQUELS OBI WAN KNEW THE WHOLE TIME

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  • *Looks at Obi-Wan Kenobi, a self-sacrificial self-effacing idiot with a past of not being wanted; who is good with kids; emotionally constipated; tends to love people who betray/die on/get used as a tool for murderizing on him; spent a large part of his life isolated from everyone he knows and loves for A Cause (and personal trauma); is a deadly fighter but sometimes cannot person well at all; uses flirtation as a distraction method*

    *Looks at Qrow Branwyn, a self-sacrificial self-effacing idiot with a past of not being wanted; who is good with kids; emotionally constipated; tends to love people who betray/die on/get used as a tool for murderizing on him; spent a large part of his life isolated from everyone he knows and loves for A Cause (and personal trauma); is a deadly fighter but sometimes cannot person well at all; uses flirtation as a distraction method*

    ….fuck. I have a type, don’t I.

    *eyeballs clones, a group of people who are Othered from the people they serve and protect, a cause which they were born for; with an unusual aging rate; a tendency to name themselves; often tragic stories/histories; raised communally with generational “siblings” in a martial society*

    *eyeballs Gargoyles, a group of people who are Othered from the people they serve and protect, a cause which they were born for; with an unusual aging rate; a tendency to name themselves; often tragic stories/histories; raised communally with generational “siblings” in a martial society*

    I’m just…gonna sit over here and pretend I’m not as predictable as all get out. >_>

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  • GUYS

    okay so like I had totally headcannoned that Obi-Wan totally knew about Anakin and Padme but HOLY CRAP IT’S CANON NOW. LIKE REX KNEW, OBI-WAN KNEW, ANAKIN KNEW THAT THEY KNEW, IT’S ALL CANON. FILONI REALLY THREW US THAT BONE. WOW.

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  • image

    The Jedi Generals, always leaving their lightsabers in the good hands of their second in command

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    • Obi-Wan: *sees Mace Windu on the ground unconscious* Call 911 he's dying!
    • Anakin: *holding a phone and panicking* WHAT'S THE NUMBER?
    • Mace: *temporarily revives and is so done* Really Skywalker? What's the number?
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  • Obi-Wan: -does anything-

    Background music: Don’t Cha by the Pussycat Dolls

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  • Uhm, hi, so…I’m in the market for some good padawan obi wan angst and hurt/comfort with qui gon *cough*dad*cough* jinn.

    Any fics recs out there that anyone knows???


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  • Hey everybody, I know you all are seeing me posting stuff about my Star Wars OCs. Well good news! Now you’ll all know what the heck is going on, cause I’m gonna be posting the story here!

    I’m nervous AF but I hope you enjoy reading this story.

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    Part II coming soon damnit tumblr limit also @a1doctormysterio

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  • Discourse time.


    About the difference between how Luke Skywalker sees Anakin Skywalker, and how Obi Wan Kenobi sees Anakin. The key lies not in the fact that Luke is his son, but in the fact that Luke never knew Anakin before he fell. He never knew the bright young man, with a promising future, who seemed to be a pure force of chaotic good nature.

    Obi Wan knew Anakin, probably closer than anyone - even Padmé - when he was the hero of the galaxy. The Hero with No Fear. When he was a Jedi. When he was, perhaps reckless, but loving. Kind. When he was fighting for what they both believed in, and when Obi Wan could be convinced that Anakin would - could - do nothing harmful. That despite his inevitable and uncountable mistakes, Anakin would make up for them. That Anakin would never let him down, as he says himself, “he never has”. 

    Obi Wan knew Anakin at a time where there was no way for either of them to suspect how the future might turn out. Obi Wan had his shortcomings, and he does blame himself for what Anakin eventually became, but he loved Anakin. And he thought that would be enough.


    That’s why he persistently has to tell himself that Vader killed Anakin. Because the truth is that Anakin never died, that he simply evolved in a direction Obi Wan could have never predicted. And it hurts too much to admit that, even if Obi Wan is constantly aware of the fact that he failed Anakin. That he failed in his way of training Anakin. That he feels like he could, and should, have done more to help him. That he failed to see how Anakin was damaged from the getgo, how his past as a slave had formed him into being an insecure, attention seeking, obsessive person.

    Obi Wan knew Anakin as a friend, as a brother - their bond only ever rivaled by Padmé’s in Anakin’s regard. The fact that the person Obi Wan had such blind faith in - was so utterly convinced could never turn away from him and what’s right and good - does fall, is too much to bear. 


    Because Obi Wan feels it’s on his own conscience, that the innocent blood on Vader’s hands is ultimately his fault. And he doesn’t want to admit that Anakin could ever be as vile, and as cruel as Vader - despite knowing that indeed, it’s the same boy he trained and grew to love that became the monster behind the mask.

    Obi Wan never has for intention of lying to Luke, when he tells him that Vader killed Anakin Skywalker. Because, from the way he sees it to be able to cope; that’s what happened. In his mind, he forms the same sort of denial fueled conclusion that Vader himself is trying to validate and maintain - that Anakin was destroyed by Darth Vader; another side of him. Another, different persona. Despite the fact that that is an impossibility.


    Luke, on the other hand, grows up with his aunt and uncle on a faraway, wasteland desert planet. He’s never known his father. He’s wide eyed, and naive, and innocent. He’s impulsive, dives blindly into saving Leia simply because it’s the right thing to do. When Luke learns the truth - at first denying the revelation of Vader being his father - he is of course overwhelmed. But as soon as Vader reaches out for him through the Force, he calls him father. He acknowledges that they are next of kin. He can feel it.

    Luke is well aware of what despicable things Vader has done, is well aware of how Vader has tortured both Han and Leia. How he’s murdered several of their comrades, rebels they’ve been fighting alongside. He’s aware of the cruelty, and the evil this man is responsible for - capable of. 

    And still, he is able to reconcile with the fact that this is his father. And simply because Luke is a good person, as far as that goes, he can’t imagine that there would be nothing good inside of Vader. Despite of Vader’s actions, of his past. Luke is certain of the fact that he must have inherited something from Vader, if they are family, and since he is neither cruel nor selfish - it has to be an inner goodness. A will, and longing, to do what’s right.

    So, despite Luke needing some time and confirmation from Obi Wan and Yoda that Vader was - is - indeed Anakin, once he does have that; he accepts it. He takes it at face value. Calls Obi Wan out on his lie, and even Obi Wan has to confess that what he said of Anakin was only true from “a certain point of view”. Luke doesn’t see Vader as somebody separate from Anakin. Vader is his father, and his father is Anakin Skywalker. It’s as simple as that. Anakin never ceased to exist, because he’s still right there.

    Luke is convinced that Anakin is still good, still has something just to fight for. When he states that, “it’s the name of your true self, you’ve only forgotten it,” what he means is that he recognizes what Vader does not, what Obi Wan does not. That Anakin is still there, that Anakin was always still there. That he never went away, he was simply misguided and taken advantage of in a time of dire need.


    Even without knowing the truth of his mother, before he even knows Leia is his sister; Luke is already thinking there’s a way he can save his father. There’s no way he can redeem Anakin, but he can at the very least show him that he’s the same man he was born to be. Can forgive him. Not only to prove Anakin himself wrong, but to prove to Obi Wan - and to Yoda - the same. To prove that them expecting him to kill his own father was a mistake on their part, that it would have done nothing to solve the problem. Nothing to rectify Anakin’s fall.

    And in the end, despite how far it goes on and the effort it takes - Luke is right. Vader does give in to his own emotions, give in to the truth that he is Anakin. And that his son is dying. And that, unlike Padmé whose demise he inadvertently caused - he can still protect his son. And he does

    Just as Luke had known all along that he would. Luke, who was so secure in his conviction that Anakin was still there. So secure that he was willing to put his own life on the line, should he be unable to get through to him.

    Obi Wan failed to ever accept that Anakin could be responsible the evil misdeeds he committed. That the Dark Side isn’t some sort of separate entity or foreign intelligence possessing Anakin’s body and calling itself Vader. Luke on the other hand, is well aware of the fact that his father is a murderer. That Anakin chose to willingly do everything he has in the name of the Empire. But he sees past that, because he believes even someone as far gone as Anakin can always come back. Should always be offered a second chance.


    Perhaps, Luke is too innocent or naive for his own good. But he was right, where Obi Wan was wrong. He was right, where the dogma of the Jedi code got in the way and restricted Obi Wan’s emotional response. Where the notion the order had force fed to Obi Wan that the Dark Side changes people was a reality to lean on; to be able to cope with the knowledge that he misjudged Anakin. Luke has no such hangups, and he simply goes by heart. By what, and how, he feels. Obi Wan is too deep in denial, because he loved the person he thought Anakin was deeply; but he couldn’t handle the guilt.


    Instead, Luke confirms that he is very much his father’s son, and by acknowledging that fact, and through his ability to feel such powerful love - he’s able to show Anakin that it’s never too late to forgive yourself.

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  • I think about the ROTS deleted scenes all the time because of the absolute feral and himbo energy it adds to Obi-Wan and Anakin’s dynamic. Half drowning in the cgi water? The two of them just flailing around in the swaths of their soaked robes trying to army crawl over each other in the ship? The elevator scene? Anakin insisting sealing the door they crawl through will protect them from the explosion while Obi-Wan goes into long suffering teacher mode when they’re half a second from death? It gives us the energy of their relationship from the Clone Wars but Ewan McGregor’s Obi-Wan always just seems more on Anakin’s level of idiocy to me,probably because you can tell Ewan is still pretty young in the prequels and they’ve just slapped a beard and some gray hair on him but the youthful dynamic is always there with him and Hayden. Obi-Wan’s age is always more believable when animated and because Obi-Wan’s character, even when being stupid, is still always the voice of reason and a war general to Anakin’s feral state of being. But in ROTS and especially those deleted scenes their dynamic duo of dumbassery is just absolutely delightful to me. Who let these two lead armies? Who left them unsupervised? Is the council aware they share one braincell and that’s why Anakin goes off the deep end when Obi-Wan isn’t there to fire the other synapse required to create a thought between the two of them?

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  • #Star wars#prompt#Distantpain#Dogma#Obi Wan#Zuru#fluff #bit of boring stuff #but bonding! #And Dogma and Zuru get to think about paitning armor! #pursuitpredation
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