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    𝐟𝐥𝐮𝐟𝐟𝐲 𝐭𝐡𝐨𝐮𝐠𝐡𝐭𝐬

    your first kiss with him / 𝐌𝐚𝐝𝐚𝐫𝐚, 𝐎𝐛𝐢𝐭𝐨, 𝐒𝐚𝐬𝐮𝐤𝐞, 𝐒𝐡𝐢𝐤𝐚𝐦𝐚𝐫𝐮


    —- You made the first move. If you wait on Madara, nothing would ever happen. The man insists to himself he doesn’t have feelings for you until you kiss him.

    —- Madara whimpers and whines into every kiss. Since he has felt nothing so soft before. And he is can feel your lips on his, setting every nerve of his body alight.

    —- The kiss happens late one rainy night when Madara is walking you home. That’s how you know that the man’s feelings towards you are romantic since he does so you special attention. So you kiss him, thank you.

    —- Madara can’t speak when you pull away and his pale face is red. So you kiss him again, and then time he reacts. And you are pleased that he has given you such a dramatic and positive reaction.


    —- You kiss his mask first, where his lips should be. Which Deidara said that was like giving him a kiss on the cheek. But you said since it was where his lips would be, it counts.

    —- You were just trying to win a game chicken, but when Obito says you lips pucker as you decide to see if he would back out of the game if you tried to kiss him. Obito leaned in so you kissed him.

    —- Late that night, Obito pulls you away for a genuine kiss. In which he only lifts enough of his mask for his lips to show. But it’s enough for a first proper kiss.

    —- There was a warm summer’s night and the three of you were camping whilst awaiting orders. So the three of you started goofing off during the campfire with you there to defuse the bickering between Obi-Toby and Deidara.


    —- You tried to make the first move. And he stopped you, needing to make sure you know what you're about to do. And then he kisses you on the cheek. You aren’t kissing him on the lips yet, but maybe later on tonight after dinner? Sasuke isn’t trying to be smooth, he just thinks that a nice dinner, talking to each other and some pleasant atmosphere would do for a better first kiss.

    —- Why? Because he doesn’t know if you’ve had better first kisses with other people. He wants his first kiss with you to be the best first kiss with someone you’ve ever had. So he cooks dinner after going grocery shopping for the meal and dessert.

    —- It happened later when Sasuke and You are drinking a glass of wine under the stars out on his porch. He tastes like the wine and blackberry cobbler.


    —- You claim the first kiss happened during a mission. You had taken a hard filled hit and Shikamaru staying up to take care of you. And in his tired state, he kissed you.

    —- Shikamaru claims the first kiss happened when he and you were still just children around the age of five. He gave you a kiss for letting him use your lap to sleep on. Which you thought was ew, as a child. And you say it doesn’t count, but Shikamaru always did. Since he had a little crush on you then, which has only grown from puppy love into something more.

    —- So annoyed, Shika bluntly states his feelings for you, and then kisses you again, then claims that’s the first one. Which you get onto him, he can be. And he shuts you up with it’s the first kiss since the two of you began dating. Yes, Shika is just saying you're his girlfriend now.

    —- Shikamaru and You had three first kisses, depending on how you look at it. Though Shikamaru is salty, you don’t count the first.

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    I have this very specific, self-indulgent AU where Obito becomes Lady Angel’s bodyguard/advisor/boy toy/house-husband/the ultimate shopping bag holder (kamui)/etc and they attend 5kage summits where minor village leadership is invited.
    Obito always has been and will be a simp, except he went through a dark phase, is an ex-villain, and now instead of crushing on a sunshine girl he has a goth ninja president ex-villain wife without whom he does not function tbh
    #naruto#uchiha obito#konan#obikona#obikonan #his academy grad class is like ‘wtf you…? and HER???’ #he comes to konoha with her not as a bodyguard (she doesn’t need one) but to bully kakashi at the conference table #dropping some kind of insightful knowledge only an ex-villain knows #‘wait how do you know—oh right…’ #my AU obito is 1. snarky af 2. a great househusband with all that grandpa-helping experience and 3. a puppy who just follows konan around #konan visits rin’s grave for her blessing ;v; and leaves paper flowers #rin in the next life like ‘I LOVE THIS’ bc she’s the most wholesome spirit ever #konan having a great time with his academy grad class #bc they tell her stories of him being at the bottom of their class
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    Rin is a key element of Obito's motives for becoming evil, but isn't the only element

    Months ago, I wrote a Quora answer dealing with the infamous debate in the Naruto fandom : Did Obito Uchiha start the war over his late best friend and crush Rin Nohara or not?

    That question helped me realize how both some Obito fans and detractors had either a lack of understanding about Obito's character or only a partial one.

    I believe that Obito isn't the hero some of his most hardcore defenders believe he is, nor the incel his detractors reduce him to, but a more complex character that deserves more nuanced analyses.

    #naruto#obito#obito uchiha#rin nohara#kakashi hatake#minato namikaze#naruto uzumaki#obito critical#pro obito #I don't think it's wise to tag anti obito #I do both defend and criticize his character but nothing that's outright hate #team minato#madara uchiha#naruto shippuden#obito meta
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    𝘏𝘪𝘯𝘢𝘵𝘢 𝘏𝘺𝘶𝘶𝘨𝘢'𝘴 𝘸𝘪𝘭𝘭 𝘵𝘰 𝘱𝘳𝘰𝘵𝘦𝘤𝘵 𝘕𝘢𝘳𝘶𝘵𝘰

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    𝘒𝘢𝘬𝘢𝘴𝘩𝘪 𝘏𝘢𝘵𝘢𝘬𝘦'𝘴 はたけカカシ 𝘭𝘢𝘴𝘵 𝘵𝘩𝘰𝘶𝘨𝘵𝘩𝘴

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    sometimes i can’t decide if obito or sasuke is my fav uchiha

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    04.12.2021 - 5 hours ago

    After death - illustration for a kkob story we wrote with @fatummeum ❤️

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    The Night Bird's Plea

    Chapter Summary: Tobi tries his best to win his date a stuffed animal at the festival.

    Chapter: 2/13

    Words: 4k

    Read: AO3 / FFnet

    Chapter 2: Merriment

    For minutes, Obito stared at the chipped paint on the ceiling in a blithe sort of daydream. Cracked lips bleeding. Dry mouth gaping. In a trance of fitful unrest.

    Half his body was artificial. It negated human needs such as eating and sleeping. Yet, he found himself attempting the latter repeatedly. When he closed his eye, his brain tolerated the interruption. It coalesced scenarios uncovered from piles of suffering burying it. Eventually, he could picture Kotori without trouble.

    Imagining the times he pushed himself to stay up late for the sole purpose of walking her home. Hearing her clear as day, asking about Rin and Kakashi. And remembering how his teammates were the last thing he wanted to talk about when he hadn’t seen her for weeks.

    However, that was all in the past.

    In the present, Obito tossed the blankets stuck to his sweaty body. Hobbled to the bathroom, feet snared in the bedding, and retched acid on the stained floor. The pain binding his loyalty to Madara clamped to an unbearable degree the moment his thoughts turned to the softness of her lips. His memories were no longer sweet. They fueled the white-hot stabs piercing his struggling heart.

    Keeled over the sink, he gripped his bare chest. Gasped for breath. Wiped drool from his chin.

    Just what the hell had he gotten himself into?

    He was never supposed to interact with Kotori in the first place. Before he passed out in the alleyway he banned himself from touching her--even if it was through his glove. Because he knew he wouldn’t be able to stop there. Madara warned him of this; to suspend all contact with the past, knowing the impressionable teenager standing opposite him covered in blood was susceptible to attachment.

    Obito confirmed she was alive, and he had to leave it at that.

    And yet, in that moment of weakness when they touched, he asked her to the festival like a fucking idiot.

    He had to be stronger than the onslaught of desire begging his tongue to ask her intimate questions. Reject the yearn to reach for her hand again. Claw at the sickly emotions feeding on his brain knowing she was going to the festival alone, hoping that meant she was single.

    It was never ending. Exhausting. Those thoughts were poison. They spelled doom. His end. They were.. nice.


    Snow crunched under his shoes. Flakes melted in his mess of hair, cooling the heated skin of his nape. The gentle breeze pinkened his hidden cheeks, numbed his nose turned high in search of the origins of the delectable scents wafting in the air.

    As the sun set, the town awoke. Drab dwellings shook off their drooping frames and stood tall.

    Blazing slants of beams reflected off the dazzling snow piled in heaps around stalls, which were spouting steam as the owners wove handsigns to conjure fires under their oversized cookware for frying, griddling, and toasting foods for tonight. Merchants decorated their tables for the early revelers passing by whispering about the things they were bringing home with them as gifts for loved ones.

    The village consisted of so few structures Obito could stand in the center and behold it all. Unremarkable as it may be, it housed an unbelievable wealth known only to him. Pivoting round, he came upon the tea shop.

    Owls spied on him from their roosts. The last wink of sun glared off the dusty windows in between passes of ominous clouds. A man lighting paper lanterns hanging from roofs nodded at him. Obito raised a polite hand in acknowledgement and turned his attention to the door, unsure what to do from here. He’d never been on a date. Never picked a girl up for one. He didn’t grow old enough to take part in such pleasures before his untimely undeath.

    He stepped closer. A glare obscured his sight beyond the windows. The shop might be empty. Might be teeming with customers staring at him through the panes of glass. The only way he could redeem his foolish plan was to act in accordance with Tobi. Pretend he was a lowly newcomer to the Akatsuki who was a nobody from nowhere and had no attachments outside of wanting to have innocent fun tonight. No lingering touches. No held eye contact, no side-long glances. No flattering words. And absolutely under no circumstances would he request a second date.

    Now, with his rules and motivations out of the way, he could be Tobi. But what would the obnoxious Tobi do? Embarrassing Kotori in front of her customers by being his boisterous persona was not something Obito was comfortable with.

    At long last, the bottoms of his feet had gone cold idling outside the door, and he made his peace. Decided on just opening the damn thing and whispering to the hostess that he wished to see Kotori, and she could handle it from there. No getting down on one knee. No presentation of flowers. No kissing the back of her hand.

    The door swung open. He retreated his reach for the handle. Out came Kotori, flipping the sign in the window to CLOSED and she started to walk forward, only to realize he was there when she opened her eyes and halted before crashing into him.

    “Oh,” she gasped. “Hope I didn’t keep you waiting long.”

    “Ah! No, Tobi just arrived.” The man lighting the lanterns coughed to cover the amused grunt escaping his throat and moved on to the next building. “You look.. beautiful.”

    Kotori’s round eyes grew rounder. Eyelids lifting like protective shields from the muted sunset to stare at him. Her face darkened and the corner of her mouth tugged lopsided. “Thank you.” Shy, but not modest, she raked her attentive gaze down his completely concealed body lacking a coat. “Are you not cold?”

    He shrugged. “Shinobi know how to keep warm. I’ll be fine.” He should be asking her the same question. Her deep red kimono embroidered with intricate white birds may be well constructed of three layers of finespun materials, but it was insufficient for the harsh winters common to this area. Not to mention the erratic blizzard that blanketed surfaces in the time it took to shovel away. Or ignored; as many villagers ought to do, wearing snow flurries like it was part of their attire.

    She erased what gap was left between them. Bare feet in traditional geta sandals elevating the top of her head to just under his chin.

    “Humor me and at least keep this bundled around your neck before you catch a cold.” Taking either end of his scarf, she straightened out the unevenness and wound it around him, brushing the sensitive hairs on the back of his head in the process. Commanding them to stand on end.

    Obito had thrown on the scarf at the last minute and forgot to wrap around his neck. He’d forgotten many things lately. The nearness of her body had his brain liquefying, sending a tingle down his spine that manifested in twitching fingers stretching to grasp onto her robe. Visualizing tucking his thumb into her obi. Running his fingers over her waist. Delusions of ducking his maskless face to hers, pressing his forehead to her temple. Reveling in the feel of her skin on his. Having her candy floss hair stuck to his chapped lips.

    He snapped out of it. Slick palms stuffed into unfeeling gloves clutching onto the side of his pants to keep him in check.

    This was too dangerous.

    Madara’s teachings were supposed to expose the flaws in such careless acts of human affection, not make him want it more.

    Itchy scarf like a noose around his clothed neck, tightening with each loop, ends snuggled up and tucked under his chin, choking him and serving as a reminder to stay on guard. To not fall victim to pretty girls from his tortured past, with their gentle smiles presented to him, and their tender all-seeing eyes. How stupid he was to be in this situation at all. And the vice around his heart did well to admonish him one beat at a time.

    How dare she smell so lovely of earth and tea and sweet things.

    “How come you don’t keep your shop open for the festival?” his voice was a whisper, that’s how suffocatingly close her ear was to his mouth, fingertips grazing his chest when she let go of his scarf.

    “Why don’t we start at the beginning?”

    Obito was hoping she meant a wilder tale, one where he could fill in the blanks from when his life left off and hers continued living, but she meant the actual entrance to the village. They worked through the packed street, and spoke directly into each other’s ear to be heard over the merriment.

    “I’m sure you noticed all the stalls have carafes and such,” she said. He didn’t, but nodded anyway. “I supply them with tea and coffee to distribute for me.” She steered him around the first few stalls, waving to the shopkeeper of the produce stand gnawing on a medicinal herb jutting from his wrinkled lips.

    The evening sun backlit dense clouds, bathing the town in hues of grayed violet. Bodies churned like choppy waves during a storm, swelling and sinking and darting in every direction. Paper streamers were passed overhead. Pints of warmed mead underhand. “The booths gain traction from those seeking a hot beverage to warm their hands, and in turn, purchase artistry or partake in a game the owner is providing whilst waiting for their drink. Win, win.”

    Obito’s overwhelmed mind snagged on one thing: her hand jerking at his sleeve, dragging him to the side. Parting the sea of swaying adults with wine stained lips exchanging whispers as they passed. Keen awareness tracking Kotori’s and his movements like they were of great importance.

    Kotori stopped to chit chat with a doe-eyed woman wearing fake antlers mixing batter for takoyaki. At least, Obito assumed they were fake, though he couldn’t see a headband holding them in place. Their conversation was quick, and he was led to the busy street again, and with it came the excuse to remain cozied to her side and lower his head to her ear, his mask brushing her crown of braids.

    “How long have you owned the tea shop?”

    “Maybe three or four years now? Time escapes me.”

    “Did you grow up here?”

    “No, I’m from Konoha in the Land of Fire.”

    “Why choose here to settle, then?”

    “Mmm, I fit in, I think. You joined the Akatsuki, you should know the power of finding where you belong.” He didn’t, but nodded anyway. She gestured to the merchants sporting white furred hats, sketches of possums climbing up their booth advertising a card game where the winner received frozen muscadines dusted in sugar. Next to them were burly men in hefty brown coats, unruly brows furrowed in concentration, whittling figurines of bears from logs of red oak held in one meaty palm. Stumbling feet over feet, she fell into Obito’s arm to avoid two rascally twin boys dashing through legs, copper curls on their head bouncing and tails swishing--Obito was sure they weren’t real and attached to their belts.

    Fireworks exploded in the sky, setting off a cascade of gasps and glee. Bright white, then creamsicle orange against a backdrop of oppressing nighttime gray, flitters of snowflakes falling in sheets where they pleased.

    Flakes clung to Kotori’s batting lashes. Fluttering with every slow blink as she giggled through an apology for using him as a support to gain her balance.

    “Did you train as a shinobi there, in Konoha?”

    His question was casual enough, innocuous enough, not unusual for people their age to have trained for and participated in the Third War. Experienced its horrors and suppressed them to the recesses of their mind so as to not be harassed by flashbacks when asked if they did, in fact, murder adults as children for Lords who didn’t care to learn their names.

    Kotori dodged the interrogation expertly. “I have a feeling you like playing Twenty Questions, but not on the answering side.”

    She bumped his shoulder and winked to let him know it was a joke. A slight joke. Her tone was quite serious and the tightness in his throat did not ease the scrutiny in her eyes. “I can answer a question or two,” he volunteered, sounding as unnatural as he felt to offer this small vulnerability to her.

    “Alright then, how come you wear this armor?” She tapped at the padded plate hanging from his upper arm. “Are you from the Land of Iron?”

    When she asked this, a couple blocked their path to scoop frosting from a shared confection onto their fingers, snaking their arms to swipe it on the other’s nose. Kotori was quick to avoid them, knocking Obito off kilter, and her hand slid from its hold on his sleeve to snatch his hand, pulling him in her tow. Weaving in and out of celebrants in fancy kimonos and whitecapped parasols. Guiding him somewhere quiet.

    The gesture was temporary. As they reached the other end of the village and found fresh air near a game booth, she slipped her hand from his. It was an astronomical exhibit in willpower to allow her to do so. Obito squeezed his cold gloved fingers around the warm tips of hers as they evaded him. Settled instead for enveloping himself in her spry laughter and honeyed eyes sparkling when meeting his lonesome one.

    Obito was a disappointment to his master who put this curse on him. To see his tutelage go ignored for fleeting happiness.

    Even so, his grisly scarred lips twitched under his mask. Her hand fit in his just so. Tenderly so. Completely so. Timid yet fearlessly so. Stomach-churningly so. Knee-bucklingly so. Heart-achingly so.

    He turned away so she could not see the tear well up and over his lashes from the pain striking his chest. “I’m not from the Land of Iron,” he finally answered. The game booth they came upon was one where you threw darts at a target and totaled your points for one of the stuffed animal prizes hanging from the roof. Simple. Like kunai throwing, but less lethal. An opportune distraction from the unshakeable ache wracking his very being.

    Obito drew in a rattled breath and tipped his head at the game. Kotori’s beaming grin cemented his reasoning for every wrong decision he made bringing him here today. “I’ll win you a prize,” he said. The shenanigans of children jumping in puddles of sloshed snow nearby helped muffle his rasp. “Like a proper date.”

    Resounding booms of fireworks rang over the town. Flashes of red. Crackling and fizzling out in sparks.

    “Like a proper date,” she repeated, dipping her head to look at him through her lashes. “Sure. I’d like that.”

    His first date and it was with the only girl he had grown feelings for besides Rin. It was perfect, and he was so immeasurably stupid for having that thought.

    Obito may be too incapacitated to put on a show, but Tobi wasn’t. Presenting his best impression of the childlike innocence of those boys chasing each other in the street, he stretched his arms high above his head, inhaled deeply, and spun several times before charming Kotori into taking his hand--presented like a prince in a fairytale asking her for this dance.

    Briefly, he considered the fact that those fairytales had unfortunate endings, but shrugged it off because for the several steps he escorted her to the front of the booth, he had improvised a reason to hold her hand.

    “Tobi would like to try!” He released Kotori’s hand to dig through his pockets, plonking coins on the wood tabletop.

    He picked up the darts the vendor rolled out for him and Kotori stood on his left when he cranked his right arm back. He pitched. He missed. Whizzed right past the target to the backboard collecting the many darts thrown by those lacking motor skills.

    The vendor himself seemed impressed at the lack of ability. His mane of black and white striped hair fell over his beady eyes, shifting from Tobi to the child next to him who hit the target on the first try.

    “Ha-aha,” Obito stuttered his own chuckle, rubbing the back of his head, “I’ll get it next time.” Promising her a stuffed animal, he gave a thumbs up to Kotori, and she returned it, encouraging him, blaming things like the sudden gust of wind for his miss.

    Not a piece of clothing, flake of snow, nor banner waved in this proposed gust of wind.

    Flustered, Obito pressed his mouth in a thin line and threw a second dart.

    Miss. A spectacular miss.

    All this labored breathing must be resulting in a depletion of oxygen to his disoriented brain.

    “It’s okay, bud, you got three more tries,” the vendor jeered, and tacked on when Obito hesitated, “The pretty lady is waiting.” Kotori cut her eyes in fierce glower, silencing his tittering before it could become a snicker. The vendor coughed into his fist and became most captivated by the dirt under his nails.

    Just before his next throw, Kotori pressed a gentle palm to Obito’s lower back.

    Least to say, he faltered at the sensation and missed.

    “Hey, ya missed, pal. Maybe you should close an eye ‘nd aim better.”

    Tempered ballistic rage seeped from Kotori in subtle waves. Threatening claw marks were made on the tabletop by her hand not gripping the back of his sweater. The melted caramel of her eyes shone dangerously, spelling out a warning. Sharp teeth and viscous tongue incanted unknown curses upon the man’s unborn lineage.

    Closing his eye, Obito streamlined the entirety of his consciousness into focusing on the heat of her palm rubbing soothing circles on his back. Comforting him. Stroking his ego. Communicating that the darts were all weighted differently, you were designed to lose.

    In rapid succession he chucked the last two. Dead center of the target. Tallying enough points for one of the smaller prizes.

    Encountering a spike of overwhelming triumph, he wrapped his arm around the shelf of Kotori’s shoulders, brazen chest puffed with pride.“The pretty lady will take that one!”

    Kotori flicked the wood chips from under her nails and curled one finger into the tassels of his scarf. With a snarky, narrow eyed smirk, she accepted the plush owl and strode away like they had won the world.

    “Hungry?” she asked, side-stepping a rowdy bunch finding vacant space around them to play Hopscotch. Though, Obito swore he heard hooves clicking the brick walkway when they jumped, not bare feet as they appeared to have.

    “Sure.” Just because he didn’t need to eat didn’t mean he wouldn’t find an excuse to spend more time with her. “There sure are a lot of people here,” he observed, scanning the crowd and thinking back to the very few houses lining the street and the four room ryokan, of which he occupied one of.

    “Curious, isn’t it?”

    He pondered her knowing expression until his stomach clenched as if it were to growl. Streetfood sounded appetizing, but the leftover adrenaline had him too antsy. He needed somewhere away from people. Away from the fast-paced beats of drums ramping up his heart rate. Away from the vendor who snubbed him. Forced him to act irrationally; letting his emotions goad him into draping his arm around Kotori, and the subsequent grotesque thoughts of splendor when she hugged the plush owl to her chest.

    Scouting the area, a noodle restaurant at the edge of town caught his attention. A few stools at the bar were unoccupied. Dim lights were on. The entrance was partitioned by curtains, helping to dampen the sound, and give them the privacy to talk.

    “How about that place?” He pointed and noticed a tug on his neck.

    The plush owl was snuggled under her arm. The finger previously twirling the tassel of his scarf escalated to a fist being balled in the layers of fabric. Over his heart. Stealing his warmth. Or protecting him from skittish glances coming from the dart game vendor.

    Her hand laid upon his chest in a saccharine overt display of claiming Tobi as hers with her chin held high like she was challenging the vendor to a duel for mocking her beloved.

    “That sounds delightful,” she responded, not looking where he was pointing, allowing herself to be pulled in that direction. “Entertainment, winning me this owl, and now dinner? What a wonderful date this has been, Tobi,” she said louder than necessary and the vendor slinked away to pick up darts from the floor.

    Perhaps it was unwise, but Obito picked up on the hints Kotori was dropping, decoding them like Kakuzu. He grasped her tighter. Smashed her body to his. Sealing them together like participants in a three legged race. Dared to incline his head to hers like they were sharing a secret.

    This only served to confuse her.

    The vendor wasn’t looking anymore, so her hand had let go of his scarf. Her act of playing up their relationship in an effort to simultaneously make another man jealous and placate Tobi’s wounded manhood was just that, an act. And it would do him well to remember such.

    Kotori’s mouth hung open, attempting to mitigate his confusion, letting him down gently, saying it was a misunderstanding, but he broke the awkward tension.

    “Tobi is just wiping snow off you! You’ll catch a cold,” he laughed, removing his arm from her shoulders to swipe the layers of snow off her back. Still forcing out petering laughter as her face fought against showing how much she pitied his obviousness.

    But his pretend doting about her health was for naught. Her kimono was soaked. Red fabric deepening to crimson like patches of blood. The clumps of snow he cleaned from her shoulders fell to a pile at her exposed ankles. Like him, she didn’t shiver. Didn’t give any indication she was frozen to the marrow as one should be in this weather. Showed no reluctance in gallivanting over the icy bricks lining the path to the restaurant. Held no regard in exemplifying her poise and grace in timed pirouettes to the crescendos of music he could not locate the source of.

    Kotori was sending controlled chakra to her feet to keep balance. Using the training drilled into her from a young age without a second thought.

    Obito was zoning out again. Falling behind as memories caught up.

    “You, uh,” she trailed off, lifting one of the curtains for him to enter and seeing he was captured in a ring of maidens wearing bell skirts waving their arms like petals in the wind, euphoria on their faces.

    “Go one without me!” he yelled above the women circling him. “Tobi will figure his way out of this one.” He waggled his finger, then tapped it on the edge of his mask above his temple like an astute detective.

    “Right, if you say so, Tobi,” she called over her shoulder, ducking into the warm welcome of the noodle shop and its owner standing behind the bar. Offering him a tight smile that held many meanings. Removing herself from his weirdness. Not that he could fault her.

    Obito sized up the seven giggling maidens caroling some song he didn’t know. Followed their movements. Their blissed out state.

    He activated his Sharingan and stepped through them, phasing between their linked arms. They were none the wiser. Grinning only at the enraptured woman across from them. Never noticing he left their trap.

    Below the curtain he could see the bottom of Kotori’s kimono as she lifted herself onto a stool.

    His glowing red eye swirled black.

    She was also none the wiser to his antics.

    No one witnessed his jutsu.

    Except for the otherworldly round eyes hidden amongst the shadows of the overhung tree beside him.

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    Piss off your parents.

    Hello! I hope you enjoy this. This is overly long and took me forever but I just enjoy asshole Obito too much. Also just, Obito with tattoos? So hot. Anyway, here you go. Its partly Henry’s fault that I wrote this (also Obito’s because just... just look at him.

    18+ mdni. Smut, Penis in Vagina Sex, Vaginal Fingering, Oral Sex.

    Obito Uchiha x Reader

    6591 words.

    Ao3 Link [x]

    To get your overly attached parents of your back you bring Obito home to dinner, a tattoed and pierced boy from your college. He is to play the perfect anti-boyfriend to annoy your parents. Obito takes his job very seriously.

    So if you wanna piss off your parents Date me to scare them Show them you're all grown up If long hair and tattoos are what attract you Baby then you're in luck. You wanna piss off your parents, baby Piss off your parents That's alright with me-

    He is extra dressed for the occasion. Somehow he found himself the most revealing t-shirt in his wardrobe, showing off his tattooed arms in all their glory. He also added more piercings to his earlobe. Probably fake ones, you guess. He looks positively like a 17 year old teenage edgelord and ugh you hate him, but he really did dress up. He is really taking this seriously.
    Swaggering over to you, waiting at the doorstep of your parents house, he winks at you. “Yo,” he greets, displaying silver rings on his fingers. Now that he is closer you can see that he is also wearing a silver necklace. He really went all out for this. You begin to wonder if you will regret your decision.
    “Hey, Obito”, you say as he comes to a stop right next to you. “You are late.” He shrugs his shoulders: “It works with my persona, does it not?” You suppress the urge to punch him in the face. He came all this way for you after all.
    You take a step back to scan him up and down. With his  shoulder length, spiky black hair, the piercings and tattoos, jewellery, black tanktop and black jeans he really does look like your fathers biggest nightmare son-in-law. Obito had even painted his nails. “I admire the dedication”, you say, pointing at the nail polish. He might be a weirdo in college, but he isn’t this much of a weirdo.
    He grins: “You wanted me to help you piss off your dad. So I made an effort.” Technically, you hadn’t really wanted him to help you. You were just sitting in the common room with your friend Rin and had mentioned, out loud, how strict your parents were with you about dating. Rin had suggested, jokingly of course, how funny it would be if you’d introduce a guy as your boyfriend who was the polar opposite of what they expected of you. As you had agreed to this Obito had jumped out of the woodworks and offered himself. You had never liked that guy, with his many tattoos and his unkempt hair and his many exploits, but well, he had looked the part, so you hired him.
    Interestingly, he had not asked for any favour in return, seemingly eager to dress up as the antithesis of a good boyfriend. Not that he needed to dress up much, you think. He is already bottom of the barrel on his best days. “We should go, I guess”, you sigh. Obito offers you his hand. “As your boyfriend for the day, you should always be close to me.” You growl. “Fine.” His hand is much bigger than yours. 
    Pulling him by the hand you move to use the doorbell. Your parents know you will bring a boy to dinner, they just don't know what kind of boy. Dad opens the door on the second ring. A broad shouldered, mid 50ties man, blond hair long grayed out. His eyes find Obito immediately and he frowns disapprovingly. Yes, you think, it’s already working.
    “This is Obito Uchiha”, you gesture at him vaguely and add: “My, ehm, boyfriend.” Using that word in relation to him feels like a bitter pill on your tongue. You look over to him and his face paints a pleased grin. You make a mental note to deck him after this whole ordeal is over. Obito shakes his head to display all the ear piercings to your Dad: “Nice to meet you.” He bows slightly.
    Your dad steps aside to let you enter the house and following him you try to let go of Obito’s hand, but he catches it immediately again. “I told you to stay close to me”, he whispers and you stick out your tongue back at him. He is such a loser, you think. Such a terrible person. He wears this shit-eating-grin again. You roll your eyes.
    “That’s Obito”, you introduce him to your mom, who is working away in the kitchen. Your parents have a very traditional household divide going on and your dad rarely ever helps in the kitchen. That is also the reason why you are expected to date a proper, christian, non-tattooed boy. Preferably a doctor. Your mother smiles at Obito and her gaze follows his hand into yours. “Nice to meet you.” Her eyes rest a little on his exposed tattoos. This is exactly working as planned.
    “I made several different kinds of foods, just to find something you might like”, she tells Obito, leading both of you into the dinning room. At least ten different kinds of meals are presented on your mothers best plates. They really seemed to have expected their future son- in-law to come by. It smells amazing, but Obito moves his face into a frown immediately. “Unfortunately, I don’t like any of this, but it will do.” You can hear your dad scuff from the door and your mother can barely keep the smile on her face. Both leave the room for the kitchen.
    “Do you really not like any of this?” you ask him, aware that he is still holding your hand for some unknown reason. You pull yours out of his. “Jesus, who do you think I am,” he winks at you, “I could eat all of this, it smells delicious.” You know he is just playing a character on your behalf, but you can’t help but feel a bit bad for your mom. She really did make that extra effort. “What will you guys drink,” your dad calls from the door and Obito answers without hesitation: “Beer.” 
    “Aren’t you a bit young for that?” You keep yourself from laughing. Your dad really thinks that people wait until they are married to drink alcohol, especially university guys. “I started drinking at 14, so no” Obito says, again not even thinking about his answer. Dad exchanges a look with you, his eyes narrowed. In his eyes you can read his immense displeasure at your choice of boyfriend. Your heart swells a little. Obito seems to have been a good choice for this after all.
    Your dad comes back in with the beer in hand and gestures to the two chairs next to each other. “Sit down.” He watches in disgust as Obito sits down without helping you in your chair. Both of you now start loading food onto your plates. While you take a lot of everything, Obito only picks up the fries and then dumps buckets of ketchup on it. Your parents exchange a look. 
    You admire Obito’s willpower for a second, especially after the way he had looked at the chicken before. He truly was committing to this persona he had crafted for himself, but then he puts his hand on your thigh. Half into hissing at him to take it away you realise you have to look like a couple, so you say nothing. Alright, break his nose later, you note.
    Your dad chucks down a huge amount of his beer, eyes fixed on Obito. He has not stopped frowning since you sat down for dinner. “Where did you get those?”, he circles his face with his fingers. “Dad, that’s rude to as-”, you try to say, but Obito cuts you off mid sentence: “The scars? I saved someone’s life.” He winks. The right side of Obito’s face is covered in half circular scars from an accident in his childhood. You don’t know the details, but his deformity doesn’t seem to halt his success with other girls.
    “Saved a life?”, your father says, scepticism very audible in his voice. “Yeah,” Obito sighs and stretches in his chair. “There was a collapsing cave and I pushed my buddy to safety.” He takes a sip of his own beer before he continues. “Unfortunately that meant that the stones fell on my head. Not pleasant. I almost died too, but alas..” He shrugs.
    “Is that true?”, you ask, eyes raised in surprise. You just can’t wrap your head around a person like him saving someone else's life. “Of course it's true, honey” he replies with a fake smile aimed at you. “You called me a hero last time I told you, remember? That's why you liked me in the first place.” You bury your fingernails in his hand on your lap. You will definitely have him murdered later.
    “Can I have another beer?” Obito asks your mother sweetly, tapping with the empty bottle onto the table. He hasn’t even had the decency to fill it in the glas that had been provided for him. She smiles a weak, fake smile and with a “Can you assist me?” aimed at you she leaves the room. You press Obitos hand and leave the room with her. In the kitchen she fidgets around the fridge. “Honey,” she says, looking at you like you are a sick dog, “are you, ehm, are you ok? Is everything alright with you?”
    Evidently she thinks you are mentally unwell to date someone like Obito, well not entirely wrong, you think. Who’d ever date a guy like this in the first place. Even if he wasn’t playing a person he was an unpleasant guy to be around. “Yes, mom, why? Did I say something wrong?” You play dumb, putting your head to the side innocently. “Oh, nothing, sweetie, I just wondered if… if Obito really is, you know, making you happy?” 
    You swallow down the disgust when you reply: “No, I’m very happy actually. I love him.” It feels like you burned your tongue. Luckily he is not here to hear or witness this, he’d never let you forget it. Your mother nods and you both go back to the dining room, where your father just says: “Why even so many tattoos? Are they meaningful?”
    Obito greets you by taking your hand back into his and placing it on the table. He shrugs his shoulders. “Some are meaningful, yes, some cover scars and some… “ he considers his words for a second, “I got some because I was totally wasted. Happens more often than not.” He laughs out loud turning his head to you: “Right, babe? I’m drunk a lot.” You raise your brows at him again but then you fake smile and nod. “All the time, it’s hilarious.”
    Eating dessert in silence, you glance from time to time over to your parents to see the effect your little stunt is having on them. Your father barely can hide how not satisfied he is with your “boyfriend”, constantly checking his arms and face, oddly fixated on the scars. Maybe he does not believe the story with the cave. Even you can hardly believe it to be true. Or maybe he just does not think facial scars are “proper” on a person. Who knows.
    Your mother constantly fidgets with the cutlery and the plates on the table, unable to look up to Obito or you. She is clearly uncomfortable, torn between supporting the happiness you told her you feel and the, well, general way Obito looks and behaves. Again, you feel oddly bad for her in a way, even if you feel excited by how well this whole evening is going so far.
    After everybody finishes, Obito puts the plate onto yours and with a gesture to the kitchen asks you to “clean it” for him. You can barely keep the sour look from your face as you stagger out with the empty things, your dad following you mumbling “He could at least clean up after himself.” You put the dishes into the dishwasher and start to make your way back.
    “Hey,” you hear Obito's voice in your ear. He has snuck up behind you and stepped in between you and the doorframe to cut off your way. You roll your eyes once more. Whispering, so that only he can hear it you ask: “What?!” He grins: “I might have told your dad I’m a heavy weed smoker.” He laughs. Oh god, he really enjoys this. “I told him,” he continues, still giggling away, “that I’m trying to get you into it, but you keep saying no.”
    “Well, thanks for at least keeping me out of it. I’d never hear the end of that”, you reply, nose ruffled in disgust. “Oh don’t make that face, you know the plan is working” he grins, moving a finger over your jaw. You just move your head out of his touch when your father walks by, stopping to watch the both of you. Obito notices immediately, using his hand to cup your cheek: “Want to sleep over at my place tonight, honey? Since I lost my job, we could stay up all night~” He almost sings the last two words.
    Your father steps forward, parting Obito and you from each other to get into the kitchen: “Can I get through, please.” He does not even pretend to smile, instead he looks like a volcano about to explode. It shouldn’t make you as happy as it does to see him this way. Parents should not try to police their children. “Sweetie,” your dad says, turning to you, “I think it is time for Obito to leave now, don’t you think?” His teeth are grinding every word out of his mouth. “It has gotten late and we want to go to church tomorrow morning.” 
    “Church, really?” Obito grins at you and you sense that this time he is being serious. Not that you have been going with your parents to church in the last 10 years or so, but this gives you an opportunity to get rid of Obito, so you paint your face with the sweetest smile you can come up with and reply: “Yes, Church. You know, babe, I’m dedicated.” Obito is now the one who rolls his eyes: “Alright, I’ll go.”
    “Well good to meet you sir,” he says to your dead, shaking his hand with a firm grip and after he thanks your mother for the “great meal.” (even though he only ate fries with old ketchup.) Then he takes your hand to go to the door. Loud enough so they can hear he says goodbye to you with a “See you tomorrow after, eh, church, honey.” Before he leaves he leans forward to place a kiss on your cheek. “Hey. they can’t see us now”, you whisper in protest, but he just winks at you and walks out the door.
    You sigh of relief. Well, this has been anxiety inducing, you think. Plus Obito really was exhausting to work with. At least he’d done his job fine enough. You walk back to the living room and while your mom is still cleaning up the dishes, your dad is watching tv. “I’ll sleep over here tonight, ok?” you ask, already knowing the answer would be yes. He nods, too angry with you to even look at you. “I’ll go to the bath then.” Turning your heels you make your way upstairs.
    After exiting the bathroom you can clearly hear your parents argue downstairs. “I won’t allow her to be with this.. this delinquent” you can hear your dad spit out. “I don’t think it's your choice”, your mom tries to calm him, but Dad audibly walks up and down the kitchen in anger still. “She is just trying herself out. She is doing this to piss me off”, he stomps his feet. Well guessed, Dad, you think. At least this whole torture was somehow worth it and its not like you have to ever talk to Obito again.
    Pleased with yourself you slip back into your room, as it is right next to the bathroom you haven’t even made the effort to dress up into more than a towel. When you slide the door close behind you, you almost drop it upon turning around. Obito, his head laying on his flat hand, is sitting legs crossed on your bed. “Wha- What are you doing here?” you scramble to keep your towel together. “I came in through the window”, he points at the open window, “I feel like that would fit the personality I’ve made up for myself, don’t you agree?” 
    “I can’t believe you did that”, anger and embarrassment rise to your head. “That is an invasion of privacy, you know that right?” He scoffs: “You want me to be your boyfriend for the day and that day is not over yet, is it?” His face wears that grin again. What a damned asshole. “Well what do you want from me?”, you ask. “Ahh,” his grin gets even wider, “I am here to receive my payment.”
    “Payment?” you raise your eyebrows. What the hell is he talking about? Obito’s eyes go up and down your figure, naked under the towel you’re wearing. You blush under his gaze. “As your boyfriend of the day I should be gaining all the privileges as well as the negatives. Don’t you agree?” He really annoys you with these constant rhetorical questions. Who does he think he is? You say “Definitely not” and shake your head but he just puts his head to the side: “I heard arguing downstairs.” Just how long had he waited here? “Imagine how upset your father would be if we’d sleep with each other. Isn’t that what you’d want?” 
    You make an “eh?” sound as he gets up to slowly walk over to you. At least he had the decency to take his shoes off inside your room - after he climbed in through the window like a monkey. “I mean you’re already undressed and all” he winks at you, gesturing at the towel you are wearing. “Will make things easier.” Ugh, yes, you absolutely do regret asking him for help. You should have known he’d pull something like this. You consider your options. Saying no would be so easy, but on the other hand he had actually helped you and honestly, what was a little casual sex anyway. Just a quick thing and then you’d finally get rid of him.
    Sighing, you say: “I hate you.” He cracks his neck: “That's fine by me, honey.“ Oh god, you’ll definitely kill him one of these days. “Let’s get this over with. I’m sure it will be quick anyway”, you prick your tongue out at him. He widens his eyes, accepting the challenge: “We will see about that.” His head now towers over you and you can make out an animalistic look in his eyes, like he is a lion about to devour you. Fuck, what have you agreed to?
    Before you have the chance to change your mind he has already moved a hand around your waist and pulled you to his body. “Oh,” he grins, “your skin is cold. I guess you wouldn’t mind if I warmed it up then, hm?” You look up at his face and he takes the opportunity to press his lips onto yours.  
    For a second your heart stops beating, as you get your first opportunity to taste him. His lips are big and soft on yours, his tongue asking for entry to your mouth. You let him in, touch him with your tongue and lose yourself in the exchange. The pulse in your veins is quickly increasing, especially as his hands are wrapping around you now. He feels good, he smells good, he tastes good. For a short eternity you forget where you are and who you are kissing. 
    Obito pulls away and grins at you standing in front of him, lips slightly parted and chest slightly heaving. It is written all over his face how much he enjoys having egged you on in this way. “I think it would be appropriate to go to bed, don’t you think?” his shit-eating grin grows larger. “To warm you up.” Completely wrapped up in the heat of the exchange with him you have not noticed how cold your arms have become. After all, your wet hair is still lightly dripping onto your back. You sigh, “Sounds reasonable.”
    “Turn off the lights,” he orders and even though you follow the instructions, you don’t appreciate being bossed around. “I don’t like people telling me-” you stop, the rest of your sentence stuck in the back of your throat. In the dim light from the window you can see Obito pull his shirt over his head and expose his muscular backside to you. Though defined, it seems like one half of his back is made up of different skin tissue than the other. Maybe his story about the collapsing cave had not been fake after all. “You look all patched up like a doll”, you say trying to be your snarky self in tone, while your eyes still fixate on his body. He is hot - as much as that admission pains you.
    “I am a hero, I told you '', he rips the cover from your bed and presents you with the empty mattress. “Warm yourself up, honey.” You make a mental note to break all his fingers. It suddenly occurs to you that you would have to get rid of the towel first before going to bed and that getting rid of your towel, your protective shield, would mean that he’d see you naked. Sure, lights are off, windows closed and you had agreed to sleep with him, but it seems so sudden anyway. Sensing that you shy away, Obito closes the short distance between you and kisses you again. “No backing out”, he whispers against your lips.
    Drawn back into his lips, you let yourself get guided to the mattress. Gently he takes your grip off the towel and it falls over your hips to the ground. It's so easy to lose yourself in his lips again. His touch on your skin raises your pulse and the excitement in your heart. He is a terribly good kisser. Unnervingly good at knowing how to push your buttons. He pushes you onto your own bed with soft force and then he crawls all over you, blanket pulling behind him. “We will run out of air”, you say weakly, as he completely covers you both. You don't need to see his face to hear the smirk in his words: “You will.”
    Now completely hidden under your own blanket Obito’s fingers quickly move over your naked skin. Trailing them over your hips to your breasts to your neck and then your face, sparking little pockets of goosebumps as he goes. You catch his mouth only for a short time, his tongue running over yours fast and urgent. You can feel that he doesn’t want to waste any time now. Well you wanted it to be quick. 
    From your mouth he kisses down your jawline and then sucks himself into the side of your neck, forcefully pushing your head away to give him space. Electrified, you let out a soft moan. He bites you in a reaction to it.
    Leaving your neck bruised and clearly enjoying himself, he moves further downwards to gently caress your boobs. At first he just touches them with his fingers, moving softly over the nipples, but then he adds his tongue to the mix. Playing and sucking around your nipples until you are breathless, wishing he would just move on downwards. You put his hair in your fist and scratch his scalp. 
    Emboldened by your reaction he continues his work around your breasts. “Do you want me to go further down?,” he whispers, trailing his fingers over your belly and hips to your legs. You can’t say if the heat you feel is from him or the blanket. “Oh, you know it, asshole.”
    “That's not very friendly of you, honey” he teases again and you scratch him a little harder. He moves his kisses further down your body, kissing along the inner lines of your legs. You can feel yourself vibrating with anticipation. Everytime he comes closer to your clit, he immediately moves away again, leaving it untouched, still you can’t help but moan helplessly at the proximity alone. His left hand stretches out to caress your nipple once more and you close your hand around it to bury your fingernails in it.
    The first time you say his name it comes as a sighed, frustrated whisper after he lightly blows over your folds.“Obito…”  He props his head up, even in the dim light you can see his dark eyes glare at you triumphantly. “You are impatient”, he says. So pleased with himself. You want to kick his head, but then he actually touches your clit and you can’t help but jerk your body into his touch. “So wet already, hm?”, he hums, as he starts moving over you softly. 
    You feel so warm, a heat filling you up from the core of your body. He moves over your clit with his finger steadily, quickly and damn he really seems to be in a hurry. You feel yourself nudging closer to the end with each movement, his kisses burning on the inside of your legs. “I- I think I’m..” you stutter, unable to catch a breath. You stretch your legs to prepare yourself for the incoming orgasm, but just as you feel it starting, Obito suddenly pulls his hand away.
    “W- Why?” you prop your head up and your eyes meet his. “It’s not time yet”, he punches lightly against the blanket moving it upwards. You can feel cool air on your skin. Softly stroking your naked skin again, he moves upwards following his hand to your breasts and then your face. He finds your lips and kisses you again, cupping your face in his hands. You can feel your breath slowing down again. What was that?
    As if he has heard your thoughts he whispers in your ear: “You said I’d be quick.” He pushes your head to the side. “Revenge, honey.” Oh, you will definitely kill him slowly and carefully after this is over. Maybe with a spoon so the pain will last longer, you fantasize. Obito kisses your neck again, moving once again down your body. “Don’t even start again if you aren’t gonna finish it, idiot”, you snap. “You don’t mean that”, he says calmly. His superiority complex really pisses you off.
    With his fingers he moves over the still very wet slit again, shooting a pulse through your body. For a moment he just leaves his thumb pressed on your clit, then you can feel his tongue moving over it. “Obito… ah.” You cramp your hand in his black hair again, as the moan slips from your mouth. Now with his tongue moving between your legs you can feel the intensity of it stronger than you did before. Licking and sucking around you he once again reaches out long fingers to pinch and move around your nipples. You feel your body twitching.
    Panting heavily you press out: “Are you going to stop again?” but get no reply from Obito. He continues using his tongue, the sounds of his work ringing in your ears. Fuck, he is good. Your fingertips feel like they are under static shock and you know that soon the rest of your body will feel electric again. You crawl your hand so deep in his hair that you can hear him wince a little. Good, you think. Revenge, honey.
    As a payback he speeds up his movement around your clit. You breathe out heavily, the air thick under the blanket. Again your legs are shaking, moving to open themselves further for him to continue, nudging you over the finish line. You can feel it coming on again, the burning inside of your chest returned like a re-ignited flame. “Yes, ah, yes.” You can’t hold the words back from coming out of your mouth and this time, this time, he has to let you finish right?
    Wrong. Suddenly he stops again, whispering “Not yet, sweetie” with every breath of air on your clit making you shiver. Why? Why is he doing this to you, you wonder. You are too frustrated to think of any more ways to have him killed at some point. He moves back up to you. “Do you want to know what you taste like?” he asks, not waiting for a reply. Pressing his mouth down on yours he touches your lips and you let him in, tasting his tongue again on yours.
    “Obito, why…?” you don’t want to finish your question, feeling childish in your displeasure. Wasn’t it clear that he was toying with you? It’s all he had done from the first time you’d encountered each other. “Unhappy, dear?” Obito grins even wider than you’ve seen him grin before. 
    You should’ve just said no when he asked you for sex. You should have just said no when he offered to be your fake boyfriend. You should’ve just stayed away from him for good. “Shut up, I’m done with this- this shit.” Frustrated and angry you try to move away from under him, but he firmly holds you in place.
    “Oh, my my, who would have thought that edging you on would make you this mad. I was just playing, calm down.” If your hand were free you’d poke his eyes out right there and then, but sadly they are stuck under him. “Believe me, once the payoff comes it will feel so much better. You have to be patient, honey.” Obito kisses your jawbone softly, then he places small kisses up your cheek until he finally reaches your mouth again.
    By now you should have been used to the wonderful way his lips feel on yours, how they can magically cool down the anger inside of you and have you melt under him, but still - it surprises you. Your tongue softly touches his, searching for the sweet taste of his mouth and you have immediately forgotten what you were mad about. There is only his scent and taste in your head and once again you give yourself fully over.
    Seemingly convinced that you won’t run away anymore, Obito frees his right hand, once again softly moving his fingers down your naked body. Touching your nipples once more and pinching them between his fingers until your moans come back. Satisfied with the sounds out of your mouth he takes his hand away, sits himself up and touches your clit with his pointer finger one more time. You yank yourself into the feeling. 
    “Should I go again?”, he whispers against your lips, barely parting from them to say the words. You wince as a reply, unable to think or to formulate sentences. Your head is spinning with desire. He touches your tongue once again with his while he also moves over you between your legs. “Ah,” you moan and “please.” Which he obviously wanted to hear. Leaning over fully he now inserts a finger into you.
    A gasp escapes you, which he quickly swallows with his lips, his finger in you moving steadily now. You sigh, air coming out pressed and heavy, especially since he also drowns you with kisses. Arms thrown around his back you bury your fingernails into him once again, while he pulls your hair with his left hand. You’re so close to him now, not an inch between you. The stimulation seems too much, especially since he now increases the pace of Obito’s finger.
    “Obito, please…” He growls, evidently loving to hear you plead his name. He pulls the finger out and inserts two, the increased intensity immediately making you let out a muffled moan. His lips are once again on you, taking in every sound escaping you. Letting go of your face for a moment he moves his head to your boobs again, sinking his mouth over your nipple. The combined action of his fingers and his touch electrify you. My god, he really knows what he is doing.
    Your body is now twitching out of your control in his arms, ready in anticipation for the finish once again. Maybe this time he will actually let you feel it. Before that however, he pulls his fingers out again, leaving you to miss his touch instantly. “Three”, he purrs, now with his lips against yours again. “Oh god”, you move your body closer into his touch. Speeding up even more now, he curls his fingers inside you. For the third time this night you can feel your inside burning. “Can-can I, this time?”, you ask, voice pressed and coarse.
    Obito grins again, enjoying your submissive behaviour. He straightens his fingers out once more. “Do you really want it?”, he whispers. You feel desperate. He is just doing a power play with you again and in any normal state you’d never let him get away with it, but you have been dangling over the edge so many times now that you just want to be let go.
    “Please,” you beg, “Please, Obito, please.” He speeds up just enough for your moans to return. “You really want it, honey?” he asks again, touching your tongue again with his. There is no air in your lungs and your mind feels clouded. You can’t formulate more sentences and your reply comes out in pressed words. “Please” and “Obito”. Gently touching your lips with his he finally says: “Fine, I grant you your wish.”
    Your momentary relief is immediately taken away as he does not grant you the end this time either. Instead he pulls his fingers out. “You said .. you said you would..!” you cry out like a child, breath still heavy and unsteady. “Patient, patient”, he says in a low voice as he pulls off the blanked from the both of you and pushes you on your back. You watch him tower over you, pants quickly pulled down, his cock big and hard in front of your eyes. “I want to join the fun”, he growls, eyes burning even in the dark and you’re so delirious that you don’t even protest when he lazyly throws a condom at you. Quickly you pull it over him. Obito lets out a big sigh at the touch of your hand.
    Without another second of warning he pushes himself right into you, thrusting so deep that you let out a squealing noise. He moans with pleasure. “Ah, you really wanted this, didn’t you.” He thrusts forward heavily, but slowly. “You are so tight and wet, just for me, honey.” Grabbing your hips with your hands he pulls you to him. “Fuck”, you say, crawling your hands into the sheets of your bed.
    Outside your room you can hear voices. Your parents have evidently stopped arguing downstairs and decided to go to bed too. With the bathroom being next to your room there is only a wall between them and you now. You feel your heart sink for a second when you can clearly hear your dad brush his teeth next door. Obito picks up on your change in attitude immediately, pushing deep inside you to make you refocus on him. “Do you want them to hear us?” he asks, a devilish look on his face.
    “Definitely not”, you press out, biting your lip as he thrusts into you again. He takes a hand from your hip to your mouth. “Then you have to make sure you are quiet, sweetie.” Animated by the obvious challenge once more, he thrusts deeper and faster than before, his hand still pressed down on your mouth. You moan into it, digging your fingers deeper into the sheets. Next door you can hear your dad talk to your mom, they seem to still be arguing over the man that is now fucking their daughter. If only they knew.
    “You are so loud still”, Obito coos, moving his thumb over your lips. “You don’t want to get caught, do you?” You shake your head. He increases his pace a little more, now also breathing heavily. The core of your body feels like it is burning up, once again inching closer towards the finish line. Clearly, while he enjoys torturing you like this, he is also nearing his end, you can see it by the way his face is flushed and how his breaths come out irregular and pressed. The grin, however, has not left his face. You avert your eyes.
    Steps on the hallway indicate that your parents have finally finished getting ready for bed. You hear them whisper in the hallway: “... like I said, she could do better. I can tell, she didn’t even like the guy very much.” Your father is not wrong, technically. Obito loves what he hears and he goes even harder than before. “Ok, honey, do you want to come for me?” You do, your body squirming beneath him desperately. He has edged you on three previous times, but now he seems to be serious. “Yes,” you whisper against his fingers, “please, please Obito, let me.”
    “Then, do it. Come for me”, he demands and you comply with pleasure, as you finally fall off the edge. You arch your back into him as he keeps moving into you, while the wave of the orgasm pushes through you. You bite his finger to keep your sound low, not sure if your parents have already gone to the other part of the house and Obito watches you with a proud grin, as your body twitches out of your control. He lets you ride the wave, steadily pushing forward as you start to see stars. Finally, finally, the torture ends.
    “Good girl” he purrs. Watching the pleasure on your face also helps get him there, as he speeds up his movements even faster and harder, to his own satisfaction. He takes the hand off your mouth and instead closes it around your throat as he chokes the air out of you. “Yes, fuck, yes”, he mumbles, thrusting forcefully into you. You feel tears in your eyes, overwhelmed by the stimulation and the lack of air.
    You press out: “Harder”, because you know he wants to hear it. Obito groans and comes too, body pulsing, eyes turning. He is so hot like this. Fuck, no need to deny it. You are excited to see him this way. He keeps moving for a moment or so, bathing in his own pleasure, then he just collapses on top of you, his head buried into your neck.
    All the sweat between you makes you wonder if you should go shower again, as you absentmindedly stroke your fingers through his black hair. Eventually he pulls out and gets rid of the condom in your corner trash can. You watch his naked body in the dim light. Yes, he is hot, even when he is not fucking you senslessly. 
    “Hey, is that story about the cave true,” you ask, as Obito climbs back into your bed. He spins a strand of your hair around his finger. “If you come to my dorm, maybe my buddy Kakashi can tell you how I, you know, literally saved his life.“ You run your fingers over his facial scars. “Next time I will pay you back for what you did to me tonight.” He raises his eyebrows: “Next time?” You feel so tired now, eyelids too heavy to lift anymore. 
    “Yes, next time.”
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  • mmmaaa000
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  • kawaimi-san
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  • jesseevelann
    04.12.2021 - 12 hours ago

    {Tobiko/Daraday universe}

    Thinking about if there was a Hyūga working in Daraday's company... and the amount of tension that would occur between them and Tobiko (who, unbeknownst to everyone else, is a very powerful and scary Uchiha).

    Tobiko becomes much less "homely" and "girly" very quickly and goes very, very high on Daraday's radar... still gets fired for assault.

    #obito uchiha#deidara #rock lee and his ninja pals #tobiko#daraday
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  • catontheside
    04.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    One time Deidara regretted asking what’s under the mask. Dark Obito, that’s what.

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  • lesyarei7
    04.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    YCH Commission: Obito x Amanda (OC) This YCH is OPEN✨ How to buy? - Note me with your characters - pay 💵 and I am working on it. ❤️     • Commissions is open. ^^ If you want your own commission too - message me at.  → Facebook • Instagram  •  DeviantART NSFW arts and comics at -> VK • PIXIV • TWITTER

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  • ladykissingfish
    03.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    Tobi: Senpai, do you like sleeping?

    Deidara: Of course, hm. It’s one of my favorite things to do.

    Tobi: Mine too! *switches to Obito voice* Since we both like it, we should try sleeping together sometime.


    Deidara: … it’s a No but I have to give you credit because that was smooth as fuck, hm.

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  • jesseevelann
    03.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    Obito, working at a movie theatre: You want sweet or salty.

    Sasori: *holding Deidara's hand* I want it like my boyfriend 🥰💕

    Obito: We don't sell ugly popcorn.

    #obito uchiha#deidara#sasori #sasodei? #i saw this on twitter
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    I always imagine Obito never liking Holidays like Christmas or Halloween, even birthdays (especially his). He finds them a waste of time, or money, or just straight out pointless. He doesn't go out of his way to stop the Holidays completely, he's not a total Grinch, but he rather stays out of them. On his birthday, while in the Akatsuki, Tobi claims to not remember the day he was born. As an excuse for never bringing it up, Tobi is the kind of guy that would make a big episode for the day that's "for him".

    As a kid, he'd force himself to participate to "fit in" with the other kids, buying them small presents or eating a candy cane, and putting on cheap face makeup on Halloween. But as Tobi, he goes all out, only to fit his persona.

    Obito, instead of all the Holidays others enjoy, has a very few set of dates where he "celebrates". He holds a yearly memorial on the date of the Uchiha Massacre, holds separate memorials on the birthdays of Madara, Izuna, and eventually Itachi. Never his own birthday, he dedicates it to Izuna. Even as Tobi, or in harsh weather, he'll hold these memorials out of respect.

    If he ever gets serious with Deidara, he celebrates the 5th of May. A small celebration with a small cake he baked and decorated himself, the best gift he has as Deidara loves his "Masterful Cooking", as Deidara puts it. The other gifts aren't physical, rather emotional or acts of kindness. He can buy Deidara physical gifts any time, and he can shower him with affection, but there are some things he can only do once a year... and he wants it to be special.

    Even his wedding, if he ever had one, would be small, lowkey with few guests. As a child, his dream wedding was having a simple ceremony done by the Hokage.

    He does make exceptions or compromises, only for Deidara (or another spouse) or even his children. Choosing a different date for his birthday, and having small Christmases or Halloweens, only for their sake... he doesn't want them to miss out.

    He grows differently as an Uchiha, and the last fragments of his childhood self are lost in the persona of Tobi. He no longer enjoys sweets, he no longer holds things dear, he no longer cares for childish, meaningless Holidays. Obito changed, he is no longer a child running around helping the elderly and eating sweets, he is a man with stricter rules, a deadly healthy diet and impossible to meet expectations.

    The Obito Kakashi once knew and holds ideal, is truly just a figment of a thought. So slight and minuscule, it's hard to think he existed. Obito grew up, and left his childhood behind.


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    Bored in class.

    Made a tobi.

    Here you go.

    #tobi #i love him #uchiha obito#naruto#naruto shippuden#akatsuki #yes my handwriting sucks shush
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