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    18.09.2021 - 42 minutes ago

    what is perfect

    request: from my 1k celebration that turned into a full fic

    warnings: i think a single cuss word lol, but its cute

    word count: 1.5k

    a/n: this is my first actual fic in a while and i wrote it longer by accident. so hope you guys enjoy!

    Today had been such a great morning. You were woken up to breakfast made and your favorite smoothie, nothing out of the ordinary. The designer bag you ordered had just arrived. Your outfit was flawless and flowed down your body effortlessly. Plus, your best friends asked to do lunch and shopping this afternoon. Everything was perfect.

    Hoping into your Mercedes, you sling your shiny new purse into the passenger seat. You slide your sunglasses onto your freshly done face and check your lipgloss in the mirror. You connect your phone to play your favorite song. Perfect. Easing out of your enormous garage, you get about halfway before you slam on your breaks.

    A face you didn’t really recognize comes barreling into your car. Before you can think to lock the doors, they swing it open. Of course, you never lock your door living in a gated community. The stranger slams his body into your passenger seat. Gasping for air he yells, “Keep driving!” Your eyes bolt wide as your mind tries to wrap around what’s happening. He motions and shouts “Please go!” For some reason you comply and quickly whip your car out of the driveway and down your neighborhood street. In the rear-view mirror, you see your neighbor running towards you with a shotgun in hand.

    You finally take inventory of the guy next to you. His blond hair plastered to his forehead with beads of sweat littering his face. It wasn’t a bad face to look at if you were honest. As you ease down his body taking note of his clothes, you spot his muddy boots on the floor of your detail cleaned car. You get ready to scold him but then you notice where he’s sitting. “My purse!” you screech at the top of your lungs. He instantly jumps not expecting the shrill of your voice. He reaches behind him and pulls out a slightly dented purse and tries to straighten it out. “My bad, princess. Look good as new,” he smirks trying to be cute. “I’m not your princess. And I literally just got this today,” you scowl.

    Then you feel anger sear through your body. “Who the fuck are you anyway? And why are you in my car?” He stutters for a moment trying to give you a made up story. You halt him with a hand to the face. “Wait, you’re that Maybank kid aren’t you?” He smiles thinking he’s in the clear. “So you’ve heard of me too?” You scoff, “Oh, I’ve heard of you”. He stretches his arms behind his head making himself comfortable. “Yeah, I’m kind of well-known on the island”.

    Rolling your eyes, you stop the car outside of your neighborhood. “You broke into my car, trashed it and my purse, and you won’t even tell me why. I don’t care how many people know you. I don’t like you”. He sits up ready to defend himself. “Okay for one, y/n, I didn’t break in. It was unlocked. Two, I mow for that old lady next door to you and she got pissed thinking I stole her bracelet and chased me with the oldest shotgun I’ve ever seen. But, I am sorry about your car and purse, I’ll pay you back. I promise”. Squinting at him trying to decide if you believe him, you realize he knows your name.

    “You know who I am?” He erupts into laughter. “Are you kidding? Everyone knows who you are. Besides, what part about I mow for your neighbor doesn’t click? I’ve been here a thousand times”. “Oh, so that makes you a stalker then? Great, I have a stalker and don’t even know his name. He whips to face you quickly. “I’m not a stalker! I just know who you are”. You hum acting like you’re mulling over his story trying to rile him up. Soon you break into laughter not being able to contain it at the site of his obviously uncomfortable demeanor. He joins in with you realizing you’re just tormenting him. Fair. He deserved it.

    “I’m JJ,” he reaches out to shake your hand. “Your newly manicured hand reaches out to his. His rings are cold on your skin but his warm hands replace the feeling. His hands are soft but sturdy. You could tell he’s good with them. That thought sends goosebumps down your arm. You stop your train of thought before it can go any further. He smiles at the touch of your skin, “Want to go somewhere?” You hesitate knowing your friends were waiting, but for some reason you were drawn to this mess of a boy. Biting your lip, you nod your head yes. You send a quick text in your group chat to tell them you weren’t coming and follow JJ’s directions.

    Shortly, you’re pulling into a secluded area where there’s not even gravel to park your car on. “Great you are a stalker and you brought me here to kill me”. He shakes his head while sliding out of the car. “Don’t be a drama queen. Trust me?” he reaches out his hand to you. Once again, you find yourself nodding and accepting his hand. After a few minutes of him guiding you through trees, it opens to a beach area. Stunned you scan the area looking for others. You weren’t that far from your home either. He pauses for you to remove your sandals before taking your hand again walking through the sand. “Nice, huh?” he questions as he watches your face light up while scanning the area. “Yeah it’s beautiful here. How did you find this?” His eyes trail down to the sand, “Sometimes you just need a place to be alone”. You don’t push for more sensing he was uncomfortable.

    Instead, you release his hand and go running towards the water. He struggles to pop his boots off then chases after you. You splash him with the soft waves soaking his clothes. He gasps, “I didn’t know princesses could get dirty”. He retaliates soaking your sundress. Not even a fleeting thought of how your clothes were ruined enters your mind. You had never had fun that felt like this. So free. Once you both were drenched, JJ leads you to some large rocks and sits down. You join him letting the warm sun dry you.

    Letting the silence wash over you for some time, you finally decide to break it. “If you like to be alone here, why did you bring me?” He shrugs. You continue to stare hoping he’ll answer honestly. “I’m not sure, I’ve never brought anyone here. You just… I don’t know. I’ve seen you so many times and you’re perfect. You hang out with the worst kind of people but you just have something about you that they don’t. I can’t explain it but I had hoped I was right. Then, when I saw you leaving I knew it was my only chance to talk to you. And I really needed to get away,” he chuckles although you can tell he was being honest.

    “I’m nowhere close to perfect. I promise. And I was so mean to you. How could you still want to talk to me after that?” He turns to face you, “Well, I did just randomly jump in your car. Besides, I’m fully capable of deciding what I like”. Now you start smirking, “Like, huh?” He doesn’t falter even for a second, “Yeah”. Stunned you can’t bring yourself to say anything. His eyes are locked on your lips and you start to squirm under his stare.

    He inches closer slowly asking for permission. He leans in and his lips hover over yours before you close the space. At first, he’s gentle but then desire takes over and you both can’t get enough. Pulling away, your breaths are loud as your lungs finally fill with air. Your eyes still on each other before you both break out into wide grins. “Well, this isn’t how I thought today would go”. He laughs, “Me either. But it’s good right?”. You nod, “Actually, it’s kind of perfect”. He leans in for another small kiss before laying back onto the rock letting it warm his body. You lay beside him grabbing his hand as you both enjoy the other’s presence.

    “Hey JJ”. He hums a response. “Did you actually steal something from my neighbor, Mrs. Walters?” He reaches in his pocket pulling out a dainty gold bracelet. You both burst into laughter until tears are streaming down your faces. “JJ! You have to give it back,” you demand in between giggles. “Yeah yeah yeah. I’ll give it back when I come see you next”. You smile toward the sky with your eyes shut at peace knowing you’d be seeing him again.

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  • maybankxw
    18.09.2021 - 58 minutes ago

    “𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐚𝐬𝐤𝐞𝐝 𝐟𝐨𝐫 𝐢𝐭, 𝐲𝐨𝐮'𝐯𝐞 𝐠𝐨𝐭 𝐢𝐭”

    𝐩𝐚𝐢𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠: 𝘳𝘢𝘧𝘦 𝘤𝘢𝘮𝘦𝘳𝘰𝘯 𝘹 𝘧𝘦𝘮!𝘳𝘦𝘢𝘥𝘦𝘳

    𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬: 𝘴𝘮𝘶𝘵 18+ [ 𝘥𝘦𝘨𝘳𝘢𝘥𝘪𝘯𝘨; 𝘥𝘪𝘳𝘵𝘺 𝘵𝘢𝘭𝘬𝘪𝘯𝘨?; 𝘬𝘯𝘪𝘧𝘦 𝘱𝘭𝘢𝘺; 𝘣𝘭𝘰𝘰𝘥; 𝘰𝘳𝘢𝘭, 𝘧𝘦𝘮𝘢𝘭𝘦 𝘳𝘦𝘤𝘦𝘪𝘷𝘪𝘯𝘨; 𝘤𝘩𝘰𝘤𝘬𝘪𝘯𝘨; 𝘴𝘭𝘢𝘱𝘱𝘪𝘯𝘨; 𝘤𝘶𝘮 𝘱𝘭𝘢𝘺; 𝘥𝘢𝘥𝘥𝘺 𝘬𝘪𝘯𝘬 ]

    𝐬𝐮𝐦𝐦𝐚𝐫𝐲: 𝘳𝘢𝘧𝘦 𝘢𝘣𝘥𝘶𝘤𝘵𝘴 𝘵𝘩𝘦 𝘨𝘪𝘳𝘭 𝘢𝘯𝘥 𝘴𝘩𝘦 𝘮𝘢𝘬𝘦𝘴 𝘩𝘪𝘮 𝘧𝘶𝘤𝘬 𝘩𝘦𝘳.

    𝐰𝐨𝐫𝐝 𝐜𝐨𝐮𝐧𝐭: 1.8𝘒

    𝐚/𝐧: 𝘳𝘦𝘢𝘥 𝘸𝘢𝘳𝘯𝘪𝘯𝘨𝘴! 𝘪 𝘮𝘪𝘨𝘩𝘵 𝘴𝘢𝘺 𝘵𝘩𝘦 𝘨𝘪𝘳𝘭 𝘪𝘴 𝘣𝘰𝘭𝘥 𝘣𝘰𝘭𝘥, 𝘦𝘯𝘫𝘰𝘺!

    𝘨𝘪𝘧 𝘪𝘴 𝘮𝘪𝘯𝘦

    “Sh sh sh,” I felt someone’s hand covering my mouth, dragging my body as I tried to hit the man with my elbows, “Let me go,” I sought to scream, but every sound I made got muffled with his palm. Police sirens tore through my ears, making me squeeze my eyes shut, head hurting like hell as I desperately squirmed in his rough hold.

    The sound of unlocked door made me jerk even more, but everything was helpless. He turned the lights on and shoved me inside of a small room, looking like a garage or something, locking us back again, “Rafe?”

    “Shut—” he pressed his lips together, walking close to me, “Shut the fuck up,” he blurted, his voice low, jaws gritted, his finger is pointing on me, he was definitely pissed.

    “What the fuck is this? Why did you—“

    “I said shut—” he yelled, roaming back and forth, “—the fuck up.”

    “Right,” I chuckled crossing my arms on my chest, “Is this some weird kind of a task for your father or—“

    He strode back to me pushing me into the wall, my spine colliding with the stone cold surface, his hand wrapping around my throat, “I just helped you,” he said in a hushed voice, “I just saved your fucking life,” his head tilting to the side, tightening his hold on my throat, starting to choke me.

    “Oh yeah? You saved me? Why then?” I shifted. He was right, I probably would have been already caught and killed by the cops if not him, but still.

    He didn’t bother to loose his hold, peacefully watching me suffocating, his fingers fiddling with the buttons on my top, his eyes bored into mine, “Only because—“ he dived into my neck, whispering in my ear, “I want to kill you myself.”

    I shoved my palms into his chest, making him stumble back, using my advantage trying to run.

    He growled, yanking my hand, pinning me against the wall again, pulling the knife out of nowhere, pressing it against my throat, “Try that again,” he raised his brows dangerously, applying more pressure on his knife.


    “Do not,” he shook his head, loosening his hold on me.

    I panted heavily, feeling the stinging feeling in my stomach growing bigger, the wave of bravery washed over me as I grabbed his clothed cock, squeezing it lightly, palming him, cupping his face with my other hand. And I crushed my lips with his, and he did, he did kiss me back. His hands sneaking around my waist, grabbing my ass roughly, my fingers tangling in his hair, “Come on, daddy, fuck me.”

    “You’re a desperate little slut, aren’t you?” he snarled sitting me down the table, spreading my legs wide, standing in between them, “Open your mouth,” he demanded, digging his nails into my chin, tilting my head up and back as he spat on my tongue, “Swallow,” he grinned, forcing my mouth closed, leaning in, his lips brushing against my ear, “Fucking whore.”

    He pulled away, with a smug smirk oh his face, which was quickly replaced with his gritted jaws and a dirty look on me, as I slapped his cheek, leaving a big red mark. He growled, caressing his skin, rolling his tongue on the inside of his mouth, “You got me fucked up,” he grabbed the knife, moving towards me, ripping my shirt off, all of the buttons scattering all over the floor, I didn’t wear no bra. My nipples hardened at the look of him and anticipation of what he is going to do to me.

    He cupped one of my breasts, kneading it, swallowing harshly as he watched me rolling my eyes at the pleasure he caused me. 

    I gasped, feeling the cold metal blade tracing designs down my body, from my neck to my shoulder, over my nipple and down my stomach, “Hurt me,” I breathed out, “I know you want to, and I want to feel something. Hurt me, Rafe.”

    He loved and hated me calling him by his name, his hands moved up, digging the tip of the knife into my cheek, narrowing his eyes on me, “Come on, do it.”

    And he did, he scratched my skin, right under my collarbone, pushing the knife deeper, the look on his face absolutely cold, “Mmm,” I moaned, at the pain and pleasure, my eyes fluttering closed, his tongue licking the blood off, his lips latched on the mark he left, 

    “Does it hurt?”

    “It does.”

    “As you deserve.”

    My brain stopped me, but my body craved him. I loved the way he handled me.

    “Get down,” he ordered, his husky voice making my arousal soak my panties, “On your knees.”

    I did as he pleased, I dropped on the cold floor in front of him, unbuckling his belt and tugging his pants down, “Fuck,” I muttered, he was large, and hard.

    I brushed my fingertips over his base, earning a hiss from him. 

    Rafe undid his shirt tossing it on the table, as he watched me, making him feel good. I spat on his tip, my thumb mixing my saliva with his pre cum as I started stroking him up and down, listening to his muffled moans. I swirled my tongue over his tip, sucking and  biting on it gently. He gripped my hair, tugging on my roots a little too much, but I was here for this, for the pain and pleasure. I played with his tip a little more, before taking him all the way in and out, in and out. 

    “No, no, no,” he snarled, forcing me down on him, my nose brushing against his abdomen. This man was practically choking me on his dick, holding me like that for moments. My palms collided with his hips, pushing him away a little, panting, my chest heaving up and down. He chuckled, doing the same thing again, tears running down my cheeks, the drool slipping from the corner of my mouth, “Come on, you can take it.”

    I was out of breath, trying to get some air through my nose, pleasing him with my tongue as he moved slowly, barely getting out of my mouth, “Just like that, yeah.”

    Rafe loosened his hold on me, his dick hardened in my mouth, and that was a signal — he was about to come. 

    I pulled away, holding him on the edge, taking only his tip in my mouth, “Fuck,” he groaned in frustration, but let me handle him this time. 

    And I made him cum, white ribbons filling my mouth as he backed away, watching me swallowing every drop of it, trying to suppress a smile growing on his face, “Come here.”

    I got up on my feet, looking him in the eyes, my thumb gathering the drops of the sticky liquid off his dick as I put the finger in my mouth, licking it clean, making him watch me as I did, “You’re a fucking slut,” he whispered, yanking my hand away, his lips brushing mine, “Take those fucking pants off.”

    I slid my palms down my sides, my shorts and panties falling down the floor, levelling my ankles, “Is this better, daddy?”

    “Again,” he mouthed, “Say it again.”

    “What, do you get off on that?” I laughed, making small steps back as he towered over my small frame, my ass facing the cold wooden surface.

    “I will destroy you.”

    “Well then destroy me, daddy.”

    He forced me on the table, his palm holding me down by my shoulder, the other hand reaching out for the knife as he skimmed the blade all over my body again, “Cut me,” I whined, feeling the wetness dripping out of my pussy as he grabbed one of my thighs, his fingers painfully digging into my skin. He pushed the knife further, causing a burning sensation. He craved something, “Fuck, Rafe,” I whimpered, trying to get out of his hold, but he was way stronger than me. He was focused, biting on his lower lip as he kept on scratching something on my leg, “Yeah,” he said in his specific intonation, “Look at it now,” he allowed me to sit up, swiping the drops of blood with his fingertips, sucking it off. He craved his initials, R.C.

    “You asked for it, you’ve got it.”

    “I also asked you to fuck me,” I smirked, tracing a line down his chest, scratching his skin with my nails, making my way down his dick. He sighed loudly, grabbing my wrist firmly, “Bend over,” he nodded towards the armchair standing a few meters away from the table I was seated on, and I did, I crawled up the soft material, with Rafe following me behind.

    “Let’s see,” he muttered, slapping my ass with the whole strength he has gotten, I choked, digging my teeth into my lower lip, to muffle the scream, “Better, with my palm printed on you.”

    And he slammed his hands again and again, watching me shudder as he did, “What, do you get off on that?” he mocked, sliding his fingers along my dripping core, tasting me on his tongue, humming quietly.

    “Maybe I do, but so do you.”

    He only chuckled evilly, spitting on his fingers, rubbing it all over my pussy, I gripped on the backrest tighter, trying not to show how badly I wanted him. 

    I felt his tip stroking against me up and down, and right when I wasn’t ready, he thrusted in forcefully, making me take all of him, giving no time to adjust, “Fuck,” I screamed as loud as possible, his palm now covering my mouth as he did while dragging me here, “Don’t fucking scream.”

    He kept pounding into me, barely pulling out, full of anger and lust, holding me by my hip, his other hand resting on my waist, “Harder, Cameron, so at least I get fucked properly, before I die.”

    He scoffed, seizing my thighs tighter, guiding me, hitting all the right spots, “You’re a fucking slut,” he kept thrusting, his hold on me harden, his whole body tensed. 

    “You already said that,” my eyes rolled at the back of my head, my walls clenching around him, sensing his moves getting a little sloppier, but he didn’t give up, fucking me deeper, so I could feel him in my stomach, “Rafe,” I exhaled sharply, sensing his fingers on my clit, pinching and rubbing the sensitive spot, tightening over his dick, unable to keep my eyes open, “Cum.”

    I came, gripping on the soft coverage, my wetness dripping down his base, my inner things and on the armchair he fucked me on.

    He didn’t stop, chasing his own release, fucking me through my high, his hand on my lower stomach as we both panted harshly.

    “Cum again.”

    “Fuck harder.”

    He gripped my hair, tugging me up, filling me in perfectly, his dick twitching, my walls tighten more as we both came together, his warm cum spilling inside of me. Rafe still moving slowly, loosening his hold on my body. He backed away, gathering the mess we made with his tip, shoving it back inside of me, “Just like that.”

    “Open up,” our heads snapped to the door, “It’s sheriff Shoupe, we know you’re inside.”

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    if the pouges were kpop stans

    JJ Maybank

    Ult Boy Group: NCT
    Biases: Renjun, Jaemin, Jaehyun & Mark
    Ult Girl Group: (G)I-DLE
    Bias: Yuqi
    Ult Male Solo Artist: Dean
    Ult Female Solo Artist: Lisa
    Current Favorite Song: Frost by TXT

    John B Routledge

    Ult Boy Group: ACE
    Biases: Wow & BK
    Ult Girl Group: Everglow
    Biases: Mia & E:U
    Ult Male Solo Artist: Daniel Kang
    Ult Female Solo Artist: Sunmi
    Current Favorite Song: Trauma by Seventeen

    Pope Hayward

    Ult Boy Group: Enhypen
    Bias: Jake
    Ult Girl Group: Red Velvet
    Biases: Joy & Yeri
    Ult Male Solo Artist: B.I
    Ult Female Solo Artist: Joy
    Current Favorite Song: After School by Weeekly

    Kiara Carrera

    Ult Boy Group: SHINee
    Biases: Jonghyun & Key
    Ult Girl Group: 4Minute
    Bias: Gayoon
    Ult Male Solo Artist: Jonghyun
    Ult Female Solo Artist: Soyeon
    Current Favorite Song: First by Everglow

    Sarah Cameron

    Ult Boy Group: EXO
    Biases: Lay, Baekhyun, & Xiumin
    Ult Girl Group: Mamamoo
    Bias: Wheein
    Ult Male Solo Artist: Gray
    Ult Female Solo Artist: Hyuna
    Current Favorite Song: Dream In A Dream by Ten
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    jj: so today i was looking at kiara because she had a piece of lettuce in her hair and she looked at me and said “i have a girlfriend.”

    jj: ok lettuce head.

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    30 request challenge (Sorry i know i've been lacking on this list)

    WArning : none other than language!

    You and Rafe find out you’re expecting.

    ( also the photos that are not of Rafe are not mine, they were found through google search so if they just happen to be yours let me know and I’ll give credit !

    "Here baby" Rafe replied as he handed you a cold wash cloth and a bottle of water as you wiped the splashed up vomit off of your face.

    "God this shit sucks" You breathed out, flopping down on the cold tile floor in Rafe's bathroom.

    "You must have food poisoning or something" He responded, propping himself against the sink.

    "I don't know babe i feel like shit. And like i keep cramping like i'm on my-" You froze, your eyes widening as you stopped talking.

    "Like what?" Rafe asked, noticing your silence.

    "Oh no" you breathed out to yourself, your hands making their way to your face.

    "Y/n what" Rafe questioned, becoming annoyed of your silence. You looked up at him slowly, afraid of his response from what you were about to tell him.

    " I uhm, I'm late" you said softly. Rafe's brows furrowed together in confusion as he didn't truly understand the comment you had made.

    "For what?" He asked still oblivious.

    "M-my period" You breathed out. "I didn't think about it until just now. " Rafe shook his head.

    "There's no way. we've been careful every single time." Rafe scoffed out, not wanting to believe the possibility of you being pregnant. You shook your head though in denial.

    "Remember at Topper's party last month? We were too drunk to remember to use any protection. " You replied. which was the truth. You honestly couldn't remember if Rafe had used a condom that night, everything was a blur.

    "No no i used one Y/n i know i did" He spat out, beginning to pace across the bathroom.

    "Look let's just go get a test to make sure" you offered before standing yourself up. Rafe shook his head as if he was disappointed before walking out the door to the car, you following shortly behind.

    The ride was quiet. Any time you tried to mention the possibility of you actually being pregnant , Rafe would only cut you off - ignoring your words. You could tell he was scared. I mean you were too, you both were just freshly adults, haven't even finished your summer after high school graduation. Rafe was weeks away from being able to work with his father with the family business, and you were about to start college and begin your own career. A baby would do nothing but hold you both back.

    "Here" Rafe said handing you the box with the test inside. You sighed heavily, your eyes roaming the box the whole time quietly as you rode back to Rafe's place the anticipation of what the test was going to reveal to you was unreal.

    "I'll be out in a second" You responded before shutting the door. Rafe leaned his back against the door, his thumb in his mouth, him chewing on it, which was something he did when he was nervous. He looked over towards the door as he heard you gasp softly.

    "Y/n?" he asked , shifting his whole body towards the door.

    you couldn't believe it.

    'POSITIVE' was all it read back. The word you absolutely did not want it to read back. You felt the tears begin to pool in your eyes as you looked up a the door, hearing the knock coming from Rafe.

    "Y/n what does it say?" He asked quickly losing his patience. you sighed heavily before walking towards the door. Rafe stepped back giving you room to walk out of the door stopping as he noticed your eyes were red ad watery.

    " No" He groaned , taking a step back. You furrowed your brows at him in confusion. Rafe didn't need you to tell him what was the result from the test, he could tell by the look on your face.

    "No!" he spat out. "You can't be pregnant" He exclaimed, taking another step away from you.

    You scoffed in disbelief. "Well i am Rafe" You responded before holding up the positive pregnancy test.

    "Well" He responded, taking a second before speaking again. "It cant be mine. I've been careful. It's not mine. I know it's not" He assured, shaking his head.

    Your jaw flew open, completely shocked at Rafe's comment.

    "You're fucking kidding me" you argued, looking at him in disgust.

    "I've never cheated Rafe, it's your fucking baby okay!" you yelled out in tears.

    Rafe looked away from you, pacing back and forth while running his hands through his hair.

    "You need to go" He said, his voice low.

    "Excuse me?" You asked, cocking your head to the side.

    "I said you need to fucking go Y/n" He yelled. You stood in shock, tears falling from your cheeks down to your shirt.

    "Fine" You spat out before walking towards your bag before making your way out. You hadn't made it fully out of the house before you heard Rafe screaming and throwing objects in his room. You began sobbing as you made it outside to your car, Rafe's sister Sarah and father both looking at you in confusion as they walked towards the front door .

    "Y/n!" Sarah called out but you ignored her call, running towards the car.


    It had been over a week since you had found out you were pregnant. Unfortunately , Rafe had completely ignored you. He wouldn't answer your phone nor your texts. You had decided to keep the baby despite not being prepared. But you didn't want to be alone, you wanted Rafe to be apart of yours and the babies life, but that wouldn't be able to happen if he didn't talk to you.

    "Where you going sweetheart?" Your mom asked as she sat on the couch, watching you walk towards your front door.

    "I was going to go to Rafe's mom" You responded looking over at her .

    "HA" Your dad scoffed shaking his head.

    "Rafe doesn't deserve you or the baby y/n let him go. he's pathetic" your dad spat out.

    Your parents were the first ones to find out about the baby. And once they heard how Rafe reacted not only were they angry for him knocking you up, but your father wanted to knock him out for saying what he did. But they both knew you were an adult and the decision was ultimately yours.

    "Dad" You responded , giving him a look.

    "whatever " he huffed, waving his hand in the air. You rolled your eyes before walking back outside, getting into your car.


    "Is he here?" You asked Rose as she stood with the gardener, telling them exactly how she wanted her bushes to be trimmed.

    "He hasn't been here in a week" She responded shrugging her shoulders. You knew Rose was never a big fan of Rafe, and with you being his girlfriend it was obvious she didn't particularly care for you either.

    "Well do you know where i could find him?" you asked crossing your arms over your chest.

    "There's no telling. Rafe's probably high off his gore, no telling whose house" She said before walking away from you. You sighed heavily before thinking back to her comment.

    Rafe probably was high, but that would narrow down where all you could look. You quickly got back in the car, making your way to the only person you could think of, Barry.


    To your luck, Barry was outside doing yard work already but you hadnt had any sight of Rafe anywhere.

    "Y/n!" Barry yelled out, walking towards you.

    "I know who youre looking for" he laughed out as he walked up to you.

    "So he's here?" You asked, crossing your arms.

    "Yeah came here bout a week ago, been acting like a baby bout some shit. couldn't get him to leave so he's just been crashing in the camper. " he replied pointing over towards the camper next to Barry's trailer.

    "Mind if I go?" You asked pointing towards the camper.

    "Have at it, maybe he'll go home" Barry responded shaking his head. you made your way to the camper, only to see Rafe passed out on the sofa. you sighed heavily, relieved at the fact that if Rafe was high like you thought, he definitely wouldn’t be sleeping.

    “ Rafe” you spoke out softly, attempting to wake him. Rafe didn’t budge though so you called out his name again.

    “ Rafe” you spoke, a little louder this time. Rafe moved some this time, blinking his eyes open.

    “ y/n?” He responded , his voice groggy .

    “ hey” you responded before sitting down next to him.

    “ what are you doing here” he asked sitting up , running his hand through his rough hair.

    “ well I mean.. you haven’t spoken to me in a week” you responded, fiddling with your keys in your hand. He shook his head sighing heavily before taking a sip of the open soda on the table next to you.

    Rafe stayed quiet causing you to roll your eyes in disbelief.

    “ Rafe look” you said standing up, looking down towards him. “ I’m pregnant okay. And it’s yours I know it’s yours okay . And I refuse to do this alone. We both made this baby Rafe “ you argued.

    “ do I look like I’m in any shape to be a father ??” He yelled back out, throwing his hands up.

    “ Rafe I’m not ready to be a mom either but we’ve got 9 months to get our shit together because the baby is coming whether we like it or not! “ Rafe looked up at you, nothing but stress in his eyes, them still being red from him recently being asleep.

    “ I know okay y/n” he breathed out. “ I just don’t know what to do . I don’t know how I’m going to get through this”

    “ together” you responded sitting back down next To him. “ that’s the only option we have . We’re going to get through this together okay?” You replied softly. Rafe looked over at you with a sly smile.

    “ I’m so sorry for how I talked to you. You didn’t deserve that. It took us both to make the baby “ he responded. You nodded, tucking your hair behind your ear.

    “ you were panicking , I get it” you assured. “ but that can’t happen again ok?” Rafe nodded his head in agreement, looking down at his lap as he thought back to the harsh words he had said to you.

    “ I have my first appointment tomorrow. “ you spoke, grinning at him.

    “ yeah ? “ he asked looking over at you.

    “ yeah doctors say I'm almost 8 weeks so I'm far along enough that I can get an ultra sound. “ you beamed. Rafe's eyes widened while he grinned.

    “ so we can see the baby?” He asked . You simply nodded before he placed his hands on your cheek, pulling you in for a kiss .


    “ I'm nervous “ Rafe said to his father who stood next to him while you him and Rafe waited outside the hospital door.

    “ it’s going to be okay son. You’re going to be a great dad. Better than I ever was “ Ward said to him, placing his hand on his shoulders.

    “ guys! She’s ready to push!” Sarah shouted from the door.

    Ward only simply nodded before urging Rafe to go back into the delivery room with you.

    Rafe’s eyes began to fill with tears as he looked over at you, your legs propped up , nothing but fear written on your face .

    “ hey hey - it’s going to be okay , alright? I’m right here “ Rafe responded placing his hand on your sweaty forehead.

    “ it hurts so bad” you cried out, your chest heaving up and down as you felt an enormous amount of pressure on your lower abdominal area.

    “ okay honey that’s another contraction I’m gonna need you to give me a big push !” The doctor instructed .

    “ okay princess you got this “ Rafe breathed out , looking across the bed to his sister Sarah who helped hold your legs up.

    You quickly took in a deep breath before holding it in while you pushed as hard as you could, the doctor counting down from 10 to 1 as you pushed. Rafe whispered sweet nothing into your ear as you finally breathed back in.

    ‘ you’re doing so great’

    ‘ you’re so beautiful’

    ‘ I’m so proud of you’

    ‘ you got this baby ‘

    ‘ I love you so much’

    “ okay we can see the head!” The doctor beamed in the middle of you pushing again. Sarah gasped as she saw a head of dark brown hair beginning to come out. Rafe glanced down , seeing his babies head begin to slowly push out.

    “ oh my god” he breathed out, feeling himself getting light headed .

    “ Rafe? You okay?” You asked, as you waited for the next contraction. He looked over at you, sweat dripping down the side of his face as his face was pale, his eyes red and watery. Rafe gulped loudly before nodding his head.

    “ don’t worry bout me princess “ he said attempting to laugh off the queasy feeling he was getting. He kept his eyes focused on you , watching as your face scrunched up and turned red as you began to push once again, this time screams leaving your mouth as you felt a horrible burning so dark on as the babies finally slid out, it’s shoulders attempting to come out.

    “ come on y/n just one more big push ! You got this” the doctor yelled out as she prepped herself ready to grab the baby. The other nurses stood by ready to help clean you and the baby up as you screamed out, finally feeling the baby come out.

    “ GOD!” You cried out as you finally felt relief from the burning and stretching your body was just enduring .

    “ oh my god” Rafe breathed out to himself as he stared at the baby with wide eyes .

    “ congratulations, it’s a girl” the doctor replied before placing the baby on your chest, hearing it cry for the first time.

    You looked over at Sarah, her hands covering her mouth as she let out uncontrollable sobs from seeing the baby laid on your chest.

    “ hi baby” you cried out, tears falling.

    “ oh my gosh” Rafe whispered softly as the baby looked in your direction, it’s crying calming down. “ she’s recognized your voice “ he responded, a few tears falling from his face .

    “ would you like to cut the chord?” The doctor asked looking Rafe's direction. He glanced at you for approval before looking at the doctor nodding. You stared down at your precious baby, her big blue eyes looking back at you. Rafe reached up with this scissors , his hands trembling with nerves before he snipped the green umbilical chord.

    "Rafe" You called out softly. Rafe quickly looked over to you, placing his hand on your head wiping the hair strands away from your forehead.

    "Yes princess" He responded with teary eyes.

    "She has your eyes" You beamed looking up at Rafe. Rafe looked down at the baby, the baby girl looking back up at him.

    At that moment, Rafe knew his whole life was about to change. There were no more drugs, or fighting. All he could think about was you and the baby at this point. He only wanted to do right by you two from here on out, his own family.

    "God I love my girls so much " He spoke out softly, his voice trembling as he held in the sobs he wanted to let out. You grinned before he placed his lips on yours and then the baby's head.

    "I love you Rafe"


    Hope you guys liked! ✨Feedback, like, and a reblog is always appreciated!✨

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    Bad Habit Chapter 3 is out!

    “I’m not the bad guy in your story Kiara,” Rafe mummers. “Stop trying to make me one.”

    There’s a plea in his words, a hidden message. Please don’t make me a bad guy.

    The crease between her brows is back, “But you are Rafe. Can’t you see that?”

    Bad Habit Chapter 3
    Spotify Playlists

    Please mind the tags on AO3!

    #no more good graphics of Rafe and Kiara to use? fine I’ll do it myself #apologies for the shoddyness since my only experience with masking images is on PICSART 🔫🔫🔫 #so go easy on me this is out of my depth #riara#rafe cameron#kiara carrera #badhabit!fic #kiara x rafe #outer banks fanfiction #obx#outer banks#drew starkey#madison bailey #rafe cameron imagine #sarah cameron#jj maybank#pope hayward #john b routledge #rafe cameron smut #jiara #not me taking inspo from darklinas make me your villain line #obxedit
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    crazy love (part 8) - rafe cameron

    a/n: okay hi this one is all over the place but it's the best i can make it so if you hate it im sorry. next part will be up monday 9/20 ! (not my gif)

    Summary: You choose to do what you think is best for Rafe. Even if it isn't.

    Warnings: swearing, mentions of sex, mentions of drugs, violence (kinda? just a shove) Kiara being a bitch and Topper being an asshole

    Word Count: 6.2k

    series masterlist

    my writing

    You can't stop staring at the Instagram post Rafe made from the party. He posted pictures last night after you fell asleep in his bed, and is now snoozing comfortably beside you as you hold back the impulse to cry. The first one is a photo Sarah snapped of the two of you, both smiling and happy with Rafe's hand tucked dangerously low on your back. The second is a selfie you took of the two of you in Rafe's truck, Rafe had flipped off the camera and grumbled, but leaned over and attacked your cheek with kisses at the last second. The third is a picture of just you, cheesy smile plastered across your face underneath the string lights.

    The caption makes you want to cry the most, because you know Rafe is new to all of this 'relationship' stuff and is only acting on how he really feels.

    Next time she looks this good will be our wedding.

    You eyes fill with tears, again, as you glance over at him sleeping. He's facing you, arm tucked under his head, bare chest poking out from under the covers. His mouth is parted slightly and every so often, he lets out a little snore. You take a picture of him, because you just can't help it, then set your phone down and snuggle close to him as best you can.

    Even in his sleep, it seems Rafe can sense you. He moves flat on his back and moves his arm up to the pillows, opening up a perfectly sized gap for you to lay in. You cuddle your face into the crook of his neck and leave a kiss there, because his skin is so warm and inviting and you love him too much not to. You've been so sure that he's asleep that his voice makes you jump.

    "You better be trying to get me hard, otherwise we're gonna have a problem."

    You pull your head back and look at him, finding his eyes to still be closed and how, if he hadn't just spoken, you'd think he was still asleep. He brings his arm around to your back, brushing his fingertips against you.

    "Good morning, Mr. Cameron," you tease him, leaving a kiss on his bare chest. He tries to pull his smile down by biting his cheek, but you still see it. He still hasn't opened his eyes.

    "You have to stop with that," he mumbles.

    "I will if you open your eyes," you say, resting your chin on his chest as you crawl completely on top of him. He smiles again, but doesn't obey just yet.

    "I would like to sleep some more, pretty girl."

    "Fine," you sigh, "I guess I'll just have to shower by myself. Might even have to look at those pictures I have of you from the golf course if I need to-"

    "You're not getting yourself off to a picture of me when I'm right here," he grunts.

    You giggle when he tries to reach for you and you pull back, making him groan. You know he's teasing you now by not opening up his eyes, so you change your approach. You lean back down and kiss along his jawline, moving his chin up so you have more skin to work with on his neck. He moans very softly, but you hear it.

    "Open up those eyes for me, handsome," you whisper against his skin, "We can do anything you want. Just want to see those pretty blue eyes I love so much."

    Rafe grins and pulls you back, making you smile as you watch his eyes flutter open. Your laugh is victorious as you lean over and give him a kiss.

    "Only because you love them," he smiles, "I'm a sucker, apparently."

    "I already knew that," you tease him.

    He just shakes his head, running his hands up and down the length of your thighs as you straddle his chest. He looks up at you and grins, unable to believe he gets to wake up to you like this.

    "So," you start again, running the base of your fingers along his chest, "We're getting married?"

    Rafe looks up at you in confusion, and when he realizes you're referring to his Instagram post, his cheeks flush red. You giggle, loving the effect you have on him.

    "I hope so," he replies, voice more serious than yours had been. You bite your lip as you look down at him, watching as he stares at you relentlessly.

    You know anyone outside the two of you would think this conversation is crazy; crazy that you two would even be discussing a wedding after such a short amount of time. However, you see no problem in daydreaming about it with Rafe. It's not like it's hurting anyone.

    You lean down and give him one more quick kiss, "All right, go back to sleep. I'm gonna go start some coffee."

    "Some for me, please," he says as you slide off of him.

    Rafe repositions himself under the blankets while you slide on his boxers and then grab a shirt out of his dresser. You walk past all the clothes on the floor you two had shed off last night, your beautiful dress now wrapped up in Rafe's jacket and pants on the floor.

    You walk down the stairs, trying to be as quiet as you can and hoping nobody else is awake. Once you reach the kitchen, you exhale a sigh of relief at not having to make small talk with anyone while you make coffee. After how embarrassed you were about Kiara and the fact that Ward knew about you and Rafe fucking in the bathroom, you're not sure you can ever face him again.

    You step over to the sink to fill the coffee pot with water when you hear a knock on the glass doors off the kitchen. You look up to see Topper, who looks very hung over and very annoyed to be seeing you. You frown and set the coffee pot in the sink, then step over to let Topper in the house.

    "Hey," you greet when you pull the door open, "You feeling okay?"

    "Little hungover," he replies, stepping in the house.

    "Yeah, I'm surprised Rafe's not," you reply, "Coffee?"

    "Uh, no," Topper shakes his head, "Yeah, he's probably not hung over because he spent the whole night running around with you."

    Your head snaps up from the coffee pot filling in the sink as you wonder what Topper's really trying to say. The hint of attitude in his voice is enough to tell you something's there.

    "What does that mean?"

    "Nothing, just an observation," Topper shrugs.

    You frown, choosing not to respond. You turn your back to him and step to the coffee machine, pouring the water inside.

    "So, was it your idea for him to bail on golf this morning?"

    You take a deep breath and finish what you're doing before you turn to Topper again. He's staring at you, looking much different than the way he had looked at you last night.

    "I didn't know he even had plans to golf this morning, Topper."

    Topper chuckles, but something about it seems sarcastic, "Oh, okay. I just thought he told you everything."

    "Look, if you're just hungover and grumpy-"

    "I'm not just anything," he interrupts you, "I'm annoyed that my best friend has completely switched up on me over some girl he fucks. I mean, come on, Y/N, you have to realize this is just another fling to him. He says he's trying to get clean, he says he's trying to get better, but once that ship sails without him, and he's left in the dust, you're the first thing he's gonna bail out on. He'll run back to the coke and the parties and the girls-"

    "You're wrong, Topper," you shake your head, crossing your arms, "It's different now."

    "Yeah?" he laughs again, "Did he tell you about how he slept on my couch almost every day for the past few months because he was too coked out to even function? Or about all the girls he fucked in my bed?"

    "No, but-"

    "Exactly," Topper says triumphantly, "So you're telling me you honestly think that when he falls flat on his face with this job or getting clean, that he's not gonna run right back to all of that? And which one of us will be there when he does?"

    "If you're suggesting that I would leave him just because he was struggling-" you start, but Topper shakes his head and holds his hand up to stop you.

    "You did it once before, Y/N. That's how he got so bad. I'm just trying to protect him here. You can make me out to be the bad guy all you want, but-"

    "Baby? You down here?"

    You glance up at Topper at the sound of Rafe's voice. He gives you a patronizing shrug of the shoulders.

    "Just put him first, Y/N. It's what you do when you love someone," Topper mutters, then stands from his chair.

    Rafe enters the kitchen before you can tell Topper he doesn't know shit about what happened to the two of you last time. Rafe looks at you, then over to Topper, trying to figure out what's going on.

    "Hey, man," Topper looks to Rafe, smiling and pretending like everything's fine.

    You turn back to the coffee machine, which is almost finished. Thank God. You pull one mug from the cabinet, deciding it will be for Rafe and you will be leaving.

    "Yo, Top," Rafe steps over, dapping Topper up.

    "You never showed at the course this morning, bro. Got worried."

    Rafe lets out a groan and steps over to you, his back to Topper, and sets his hands on your hips. He leans around and gives you a kiss on the cheek. You don't react, but you don't pull away, either. You just reach for the coffee pot and start pouring.

    "Yeah, sorry about that," Rafe turns back to his friend, "Didn't really feel like getting up and out after last night. I kinda figured you'd bail, too."

    "Nah. I don't bail on you and Kelce."

    "Well, not now that you and Sarah are broken up."

    You scoff, wondering how Topper turned into such a massive hypocrite. You credit it to the fact that he must be bitter about his breakup, which is why he's taking it out on you.

    Rafe turns to you right as you turn around to the boys, then hold the mug out for Rafe to take. He accepts it and holds his arm out for you, but you shake your head.

    "I think I'm gonna head out," you announce, ignoring the smirk on Topper's face.

    "What? Why?" Rafe asks, furrowing his eyebrows.

    "I promised Macy I'd help her with some things," you lie, allowing yourself to send Topper a look. He just grins and nods his head, telling you he approves of your fib.

    "What things?"

    Rafe could tell something had been off when he entered the kitchen, and he knows you have no plans today because he had asked you last night before you fell asleep. You just shrug, then step toward him and kiss him on the cheek.

    "I'll talk to you later," you say quietly.

    He shakes his head and grabs your hand to tug you back, "Answer me."

    You swallow and then sigh, glancing down at his fingers wrapped around your wrist.

    "Chores, Rafe. She has a bunch to do and I kinda owe her, so I promised I would help her."

    You hate lying to him, but you hate the smug look on Topper's face more. You really don't want to have the conversation with Rafe about what Topper said to you, so you instantly decide to keep it under lock and key. No matter what. Rafe doesn't need to know that someone he loves doesn't believe he can get and stay clean.

    "Sweet," Topper speaks up before Rafe can, "That means we can go to the course. I had them move our tee time back."

    Rafe ignores Topper completely, staring at you to try and figure out what the hell changed in such a short amount of time.

    "I'll talk to you later," you repeat, tugging on your wrist.

    "Baby," he groans, but releases you at your wish.

    You give him a small smile and another kiss, then turn and head upstairs to grab your stuff. You wait until you hear Rafe ask Topper what time the tee time is to start crying. You collect your stuff, not bothering to change out of Rafe's clothes, and leave your dress on his floor. You really just want to get home where you can totally cry without risking it.

    You knew Rafe had gotten himself into trouble while you two were apart, but you never knew it was that bad. And you certainly didn't want to hear about Rafe fucking different girls every night because he was too high to process it.

    Quickly, you make it down the stairs and out the door before Rafe can notice. You realize walking out of Figure Eight in boxers and a random t-shirt isn't exactly the best move, but it's all you have. About five minutes into your walk, your phone buzzes.

    Rafe: I was going to drive you home. I'll come pick you up, I don't want you walking all the way back to the Cut.

    You sigh, feeling another tear slip from your eye before you can even think about it. You know you're being dramatic, but you can't stop thinking about how bad he must've been.

    I'm fine. I can handle it. Have fun golfing.

    Rafe: Call me when you get home. Be careful, please. Did Top say something to upset you?

    No, he didn't. I'll be busy when I get home. We'll talk later tonight.

    Rafe: Fine. Love you.

    You don't reply. You want to, but Topper's words swim around your head. You can't help but wonder if he really will leave you if things start to go south for him. The fact heaviest on your mind right now is that you simply don't know - because you hadn't been around for the past few months. You'd been missing him, of course, but you had avoided everything that had to do with him.

    The entire conversation is on replay in your head for the rest of the day.

    You do the dishes.

    You're the first thing he's gonna bail out on.

    You clean your room.

    Did he tell you about all the girls he fucked in my bed?

    You vacuum the house.

    Just put him first. It's what you do when you love someone.

    You yell out in frustration, feeling the tears well up in your eyes once again. Your phone had been going off earlier with texts from Rafe, so you had shut it off completely. He sent you a picture of him on the golf course, asked what you were up to, and informed you he'd be at the Club for dinner if you needed anything.

    You slam your bedroom door and lay down in your bed, curling up in the sheets that Rafe had been under not two nights ago. It's dark now, so you know he's probably home from the Club. Or not, considering how clingy Topper had seemed earlier. You sniffle and finally feel in control of your emotions for the first time since you woke up this morning. Even though it's early, you can feel yourself growing tired.

    There's a rapid knock on your bedroom door only half a second before it's pulled open, revealing your boyfriend. You sit up straight now, all hint of sleep gone. He's still wearing his golf shirt and shorts, a hat backwards on his head.

    "Your dad, uh, let me in," he says awkwardly, stepping into your dark bedroom, "Glad to see you're still alive."

    He closes your door and flips on the light, getting a good look at your emotional ass. You watch his expression fall as he takes you in, but you just shake your head.

    "I was just about to go to bed."

    Rafe takes a hesitant step toward you, wanting nothing more than to wrap his arms around you and ask you what the hell is going on. You look him in the eyes, noting how they look bloodshot to you.

    "We were about to go to bed," he corrects.

    You shake your head again, "I don't think you should sleep here tonight, Rafe."

    His heart sinks in his chest at your words, but he walks over to your bed anyway. You instinctively move away, cuddling yourself into the furthest corner of your bed.

    "What the fuck is going on with you?" he finally asks, having wanted to since he walked in. He starts to pace your bedroom, shaking his head and mumbling slightly to himself.



    He turns to look at you again and you stop breathing. His eyes are red. Bloodshot. He can't stand still. You gasp and stand up from your bed quickly, staring at him like he just hurt you.

    "Rafe," you hiss, "Tell me you did not get high with Topper."

    Rafe laughs sarcastically, then brings his hand up to scratch the back of his neck. You set your hands on your hips and stare at him with your eyebrows raised, waiting on his answer.

    "It was just a little bit," he admits, "I'm not even high."

    You scoff, "Yeah? Tell your eyes."

    "What the fuck was I supposed to do?" he raises his voice now, letting his emotions carry his response, "You weren't answering your phone, you left me this morning all weird, and Topper had a little coke-"

    "That doesn't mean you have to do it!" you yell back, "And what the fuck is Topper doing giving you coke when he knows you're trying to stay clean?"

    Rafe inhales deeply, trying to stop himself from screaming at you when he knows your parents are downstairs.

    "You know," he starts after a minute, "I am old enough to know what I should and shouldn't do."

    You shake your head, laughing again, "Your behavior the past few months could've fooled me."

    He steps back with a hurt expression, like you've stung him. You cross your arms over your chest, trying your best to steady your breathing.

    "I have done everything I can to try and show you I'm getting better," he states, his voice anxious and shaky, "Okay, yeah, I made a bad judgment call today with Topper. I fucked up. But, I was anxious because you weren't responding to me and I just... needed something to take the edge off."

    You sigh and then open your mouth to speak, but Rafe's getting himself worked up and speaks again before you can.

    "Don't turn all this shit around on me, though. You've been acting weird since this morning and I think I know why."

    Your eyes flicker up to him, and he watches as you swallow, "Rafe-"

    "Look, that Instagram post was just supposed to be, like, a cute thing. I didn't mean to freak you out or whatever. I changed the caption, so. I'm sorry."

    Your face falls and your heart sinks. You loved that caption. And he changed it. You want to speak, but you can't find the right words. You just sink down onto your bed again, watching Rafe move quietly around your room.

    "I think you should leave, Rafe."

    His head shoots over to you, trying to figure out if you really mean it or not. He shakes his head when he sees your expression.

    "No, baby-" he stops, stepping toward you but stopping when you hold your hand up.

    "I loved that caption," you admit, knowing that's totally not the point right now, "Go home."

    You lay down on your bed and turn your back to him, waiting to hear your bedroom door open and shut so you could cry again. You hear Rafe exhale, then sniffle a bit, then exhale again.

    "Tell me what he said to you."

    You don't move a muscle, but your eyes flutter closed. Of course he knows, because he knows you.

    "I don't know what you're talking about."

    Rafe steps forward and grabs your shoulder, laying you flat on your back so you can stare up at him. One look at you and he knows you're lying.

    "Please don't play fucking stupid with me. Tell me what Topper said to upset you."

    You can tell he's starting to get angry, but you swore to yourself you'd never tell him about it. It would hurt him too much.

    Just put him first. It's what you do when you love someone.

    "He didn't say anything," you lie.

    Rafe laughs loudly, then stands up and runs his hands through his hair. You can tell he's pissed off.

    "I'm gonna fucking kill him," he mutters.


    "Don't lie to me!" he yells at you, "I mean, holy shit, I do one fucking line and you act like it's the end of the world, but you lie to me, and it's just supposed to be fine?"

    "I'm not lying!" you yell back at him, watching as he throws his hands out from his sides.

    "Yeah? Tell your face," he quotes you from earlier.

    You groan and lay back down, covering your face with the sleeves of your sweatshirt. Rafe sighs as well, but his sounds more annoyed and yours sounds more stressed. You really have no idea what to say, how to make it better, how to express that you don't want to ruin him again. You don't want him to end up that way, but you also don't want him to think you don't believe in him.

    "You know what?" Rafe sighs again, "I'm gonna leave. Let you figure your shit out. I'll just come back when you've gotten a grip."

    He doesn't wait for your response or even bother to look at you before he turns away and steps toward the door. You note for the first time that he's wearing a red collared shirt. Probably just for you. You wait until his hand is on your doorknob to speak.

    "Maybe you shouldn't."

    Rafe freezes, then turns around. He doesn't dare meet your eyes, as he's sure they'll confirm his biggest fear.

    "What?" he plays dumb, "Leave?"

    "No," you sigh, sitting up again, "Maybe you shouldn't come back."

    He'll run back to the coke and the parties and the girls.

    You can't put yourself through the heartbreak of losing Rafe Cameron. Again. And if Topper's right, you'll get hurt. As much as you hate to admit it, Topper knows Rafe better than almost anyone. As much as you love Rafe, as much as you want Rafe, you want Rafe to be healthy more.

    "Baby girl," his voice cracks, "You don't mean that."

    "Yes, I do."

    You stand up from the bed, ready to beg him not to run back to the drugs. Or the parties. Or the girls. You want him to pull himself together, apply to schools like he had told you about, and work hard for his dad. And you worry he can't do all that if he's busy running around with you. Just as Topper had so lovingly pointed out, Rafe missed all the fun at the party because he'd been with you.

    "Baby, please," his eyes are welling up fast, and you have to look away, "If this is about the coke, I swear-"


    "-to God, I'm done with that shit. I'll never touch it again. I promise you. And if it's about Topper, just tell me what he said to you. Please."

    He walks over to you and pulls your chin up to look at him, knowing in your eyes that there's something there. But you know the hurt will only get worse if he knows the truth - if he knows that Topper doesn't believe he can get clean or hold down his job.

    "I just think we're moving too fast," you say, moving from his grip, "It's only been a little over a week, Rafe. And we're already, like, crazy serious-"

    "We've never been a normal couple!" he says, raising his voice once more, "We both knew that going in, don't act like that's some new shit."

    "I cheated on JJ!" you scream, finally allowing some real, true emotion to come out, "I fucking cheated on him, Rafe. That's not okay with me. That's not who I am. And now, I'm practically married, I've got your clothes in my closet-"

    "Since when does that bother you?" Rafe yells back, "I brought them here for you! Because you like to pick out my shirts!"

    "It's too much," you tell him, "It's too much too soon and I just need some time."

    "Time," Rafe repeats, as if the word is unfamiliar to him.

    You nod and sit down on your bed again, only glancing and seeing tears fall from his eyes.

    "Time away from me," he nods, still processing.

    Silently, Rafe steps to your closet and pulls out the hangars with his collared shirts on them, tucking them around his arm. He turns to you then, walking over and gently tilting your chin up to look at him.

    "I am not going to apologize to you for telling you I love you so quickly. I love you with all my heart. So, I'm keeping my promise to you. And I'll be over on my side of the island while you take your time, and when you're ready, baby, we're going to be okay."

    You shut your eyes, unaware you had been welling up with tears until they fall freely down your cheeks. Rafe leans down and presses his lips to your cheek, kissing the water away. He lets go and steps away after a moment, soaking in one last look before he turns around.

    "Rafe," you choke out.

    He turns around, a glimmer of hope in his eyes. You smile gently at him, then wipe away another tear.

    "I believe in you. You can get clean."

    He nods his head, "I will get clean."

    You take a deep breath, letting his words flow through your body. He turns around and slips out of your room before you know it, and that's when you really lose it. Your sweet boy, Rafe Cameron, took his shirts you love so much and left you. You know you had to make it believable, so you brought up the shirts, but the truth is, you love looking at them every morning when you get dressed. You love picking one out for him.

    You love him.

    But you know he has to get clean. You wipe your tears and change your shirt, then head out of your room. You ask your mom for her car keys, which you never do, so she knows you mean business. She asks you where you're going if Rafe just left, and you just tell her you'll be back later.

    You've only been to Topper Thorton's house once. It was back when you and Rafe were still fucking around, you had shown up to a party per Rafe's request, even though he didn't want the two of you to go together. You're only fairly confident that you remember where it is, which is why you smile triumphantly when you spot the house from the road.

    You're out of the car and knocking on the front door before you can even think twice. You could kill him, you really think you could.

    A woman pulls open the door, not even bothering to pretend to be polite.

    "May I help you?"

    "Hi," you say awkwardly, comparing her beautiful dress and pearls to your leggings and ratty old shirt that you're actually pretty sure is JJ's, "I'm here to see Topper."

    She smirks, "I knew he'd find another girl after Sarah Cameron."

    Your mouth falls open and you instantly try to explain to her who you are, but she just turns around and calls for him. She doesn't bother to invite you in. You hear Topper approach and thank his mother, then watch a smirk appear on his lips when he sees you.

    "Phone working yet?"

    You have to tell yourself not to smack him across the face. You really could hit that pretty boy smirk right off. You glance around him into the house to make sure his mother is gone before you shove Topper back roughly.

    "Giving him a line, Topper? Really?"

    Topper looks shocked as he recovers, stepping back over to the door. He laughs as he processes what just happened.

    "Hey, he wanted it," Topper shrugs, "He always does."

    "You're a fucking prick," you spit.

    Topper shrugs, "At least I didn't blow him off all day and then break up with him."

    "He told you?" you gasp. Topper laughs louder now, which only pisses you off more.

    "He tells me everything, Y/N. Look, I'm sorry if I hurt your precious feelings this morning. I'm just looking out for both of your best interests-"

    "If you were looking out for Rafe's best interest, you wouldn't have given him coke today. Or any day, for that matter."

    Topper shrugs again, "Our opinions differ on how to take care of him."

    You groan and step off the porch, realizing you're getting nowhere with him. He leans up against the doorframe as he watches you debate what to say next.

    "He's gonna get clean, Topper. Don't fuck this up for him."

    "Or what?"

    Your blood is boiling as you stare at him, not understanding why he wants Rafe to fail so badly. You roll your eyes and turn your back on him, ready to walk away from him and this conversation.

    "You realize he's gonna be knee deep in coke tomorrow, now that you broke up with him."

    You turn around, using this opportunity to smirk at him, "I wouldn't put money down on that one."

    Topper just shakes his head and then flips off the porch light on you just to prove he's a dick. But you don't care. Because the difference between you and Topper is that you have faith in Rafe Cameron.

    You cry in the car for a while. Getting it all out before you have to go home sounds like a good idea. You feel it all. You feel like you're breaking in half not having felt Rafe since this morning. Last night at the party seems like a million miles away from where you sit now.

    When you finally calm yourself down enough, you can feel how swollen your eyes are. You sniffle, wipe your nose in your sleeve, then start driving back to the Cut. You drive and drive, your head spinning. You start to cry again when you realize who you want to talk to more than anything about this - JJ Maybank. You two had always been great friends, and before you know it, you're pulling up to John B's.

    You don't even bother trying to adjust your appearance; JJ's seen just about every look on you and all you want is to just talk to him. You walk up the stairs to the porch of the house, coming face to face with Kiara. She's smoking a blunt and sits up straight when she sees you, your mind flashing back to the way she screamed at you last night.

    "What happened to you?" she scoffs, eyeing your tear soaked shirt and swollen eyes.

    "Is he here?" you ask her as you attempt to pass by her and go into the house to find him if you have to.

    "None of your damn business," she mutters.

    "Is he fucking here or not, Kiara?" you raise your voice, surprising her.

    She raises an eyebrow at you, then looks back toward the house, "JJ!"

    You sigh and roll your eyes, crossing your arms over your chest as you wait. She looks back down at her blunt, taking another drag and pretending you don't exist.

    "Y/N?" you hear JJ's voice, and when he catches sight of you, he speaks again, "Oh, my God. What happened?"

    Your heart melts at the way he rushes to you without a second thought, pulling you into his arms. You start to cry again, not able to hold any of it back. Kiara huffs and crushes her blunt, then stands and walks inside. You've never been more thankful to see her go.

    "Rafe," you start, but the words aren't coming easily.

    "What? Did he do something to you?"

    You shake your head immediately, trying to suck in a deep breath.

    "Okay, okay," he coaxes you, "Let's sit. Just relax."

    He leads you over to the couch where Kiara had been sitting and pulls you down with him, taking your hands in his. You start to cry even harder when he does this, knowing how much you don't deserve it. JJ had been too good for you from the very beginning.

    "It's okay," he tells you, giving you a little smile, "Take a deep breath."

    You sit and focus on your breathing, squeezing tightly onto JJ's hands in yours. He nods his head and whispers occasionally to you, telling you to relax and you're safe. When you finally have a grip on your breathing, you look up at him with sad eyes.

    "I cheated on you," you mumble, finally having the balls to admit it. The guilt and the weight of your mistake is holding your chest down.

    "Ouch," he jokes, laughing to try and lighten the mood, "Yeah, Y/N, I kind of knew that already."

    You shake your head rapidly, as if to tell him he doesn't understand. He leans his head in closer to you to stop you from moving, then reaching up and moving hair away from your eyes.

    "No," you say, feeling the tears again, "I'm not that person, JJ. And you deserve better than that, God, you deserve so much better. I'm so sorry, you don't understand. I'm so, so sorry, JJ-"

    He pulls you into him before you can continue apologizing, feeling your second wave of hysterics coming on.

    "It's all right," he whispers.

    "No, it's not," you say into his shoulder, "You were always so good to me and I just-"

    "Sweetheart," he pulls out his favorite nickname for you, but both of you can tell it means something different now than it did, "I wasn't what you wanted. That's okay. Nobody can blame you for that. Not even you."

    You pull away from him, staring at him with red and puffy eyes, "Kiara can."

    JJ laughs, replaying last night over in his head. He had yelled at Kiara the entire way home for being such a bitch to you.

    "Now," he smiles gently when you lift yourself off of him, "Tell me what happened with Rafe."

    "Are you sure?"

    He nods, "Friends first, right?"

    You nod, then reach up and wipe your tears, "I kind of told him I wanted a break because he needs to get clean and figure out some shit. Topper told me this morning that Rafe's just going to leave me, anyway. And I just can't get hurt again, I can't be that zombie version of myself again, JJ."

    He nods his head as you speak, trying to understand and absorb every word you say. He stares at you for a moment once you finish speaking, trying to figure out exactly what his response should be.

    "I get it," he starts off easy, "But, fuck, Y/N, I kind of think you're busy protecting yourself. Rafe himself hasn't even given you a reason to think he's going to leave you, right?"

    You shake your head. JJ nods encouragingly.

    "Good. I think you're putting a lot of value on Topper's words. And did you see how drunk that motherfucker was last night? I wouldn't trust that guy with a paper bag, much less my relationship. I don't wanna tell you what to do or how to handle your feelings, but I think you're the one who has shit to figure out."

    You smile and wrap your arms around him in a hug, soaking in every word. You had known coming her wouldn't be a mistake, and JJ seems to prove you right every time.

    "Thank you, JJ," you say as you hug him.

    "You seem happy with him," he says quietly, "Don't overthink it. You could miss out on something amazing."

    You hang out with JJ for a bit until you feel comfortable enough to go home. He makes you promise to text him when you get there safely, then tells you to fix things with Rafe. You just nod and hop in the car, driving home.

    And when you lay in bed before you fall asleep, you can't help but check. You pull up your boyfriend's Instagram page and click on the post from last night, a pit growing in your stomach as you can only imagine what he changed the caption to.

    Your heart swells when you read the same sweet words you read this morning. You click on the comment section and see that it says the caption had been edited two hours ago. Right after he had left your house.

    He knew you loved it. So he changed it back.

    That's what makes up your mind.

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  • bookofbonbon
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    Barry telling Rafe he has a complete lack of discipline and then Rafe later echoing similar words to Wheezie by telling her she needs to have a little self-discipline has me dying lmao

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    Hey, everyone!! 

    So I made some playlists on Spotify (I am still working on them SLOWLY but we will get there) and I thought I’d share them with you just incase you wanted to listen. No pressure at all, I just like sharing stuff hehe ^.^

    Outer Banks

    > OBX Vibes - songs from both series (thanks Chase’s playlist for some of them hehe) and also some songs I feel like should be on OBX that just give me the VIBES you know? 

    > JJ Maybank - JJ vibes all over tbh (also yes I stole most of these from Rudy’s playlist he made for JJ, sorry not sorry) 

    > Rafe Cameron - just these psycho Rafe vibes because honestly justice for Rafe (also a lot of these are from tiktok edits oops)

    > Sarah Cameron - the Kook Princess turned Pogue who we all love lots 

    > Topper Thornton - no u don’t ToppER 

    > Pope Heyward - I love this smart man tbh

    > Kiara Carrera - our sassy Kie <3

    > John Booker Routledge - see you later, sweetheart

    a lot of songs on these playlists are from scenes they’re in on the show also if you have any other songs you think should be on there, send me a message and I’ll add them! Remember, these are still a work in progress!!

    Attack on Titan

    > AOT Vibes - just songs that give me AOT vibes tbh 

    > Eren Jaeger - the true loml<3 

    > Levi Ackerman - take a look at these big ass trees

    > Armin Arlert - this boy deserves all the love

    > ErenxMikasa - an eremika playlist which is mainly all heartbreaking not gonna lie, good luck to you if you listen to this one

    Genshin Impact

    > Zhongli - we all love our geo grandpa

    > Tartaglia - is Griffin okay though? (also yes a lot of these are Griffin’s band’s songs or songs he’s done on his tiktoks)

    > Xiao - our recluse adeptus

    > Diluc - can I have a drink, Sir? (I also need to make a Kaeya playlist I think....)

    If you listened to any of these playlists, thank you so much! If not, that’s absolutely okay! I hope you have a lovely day!! ^.^

    If anyone is interested in any more, feel free to send me a message! I have also made playlists for my OC’s for OBX and AOT but they are currently on private because I’m SHY.

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    because it’s my birthday, and i have very little self control, here’s the fic summaries of the two-part series i’m working on atm :)

    (yes it’s the jjpope rivals to lovers with a lot in between one that i posted about the other day)

    #coming soon#👀 #fic: my life was black and white (and i believed it) #fic: my eyes looked at the world (but couldn’t see it) #fic series: into the colours of a world i’ve never known #jjpope #jj x pope #fanfiction#obx#outer banks#obx fic #outer banks fic #jjpope fic #jj’s pov will be up first btw #and then Pope’s #damn do i love this fic #it’s such a very specific idea #i love it a lot #titles from the song kaleidoscope
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    i had a dream jiara got together, my dreams have been known to be prophetic, hence it's confirmed jiara is going to be canon

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    Currently open to random anons

    #jj and friends #jj maybank anon #jj maybank#obx
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    my god i follow the #obx tag on tumblr and aLL I GET ARE RAFE CAMERON X Y/N FANFICTION PLEASE LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE

    #wtf is wrong with yall #he's a phycho ass murderor with no remorse AND he ugly af #tw caps#rafe cameron#obx
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    Excuse me please. What is this 😩😩😩😩😩 He looks so friendly, I really want to talk to him omg

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