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    pieced together pt. one

    posting here too because not that many people have seen it also sorry for the weird spacing idk what’s going on

    JJ Maybank x pogue reader - season 2 fic

    spoiler warning!

    You laid in bed watching the rain hit your windows, the radio downstairs faintly describes the fate of the world. You can’t make out complete sentences without straining, but you have heard enough from the last few days to know there were no updates about John B and Sarah. The radio has been on for days on end, your parents not wanting to miss any possible update about your friends or the storm that seemed never-ending. It was like it rained for years. It was a constant reminder of the night your two best friends were driven out into the storm and everything changed. You could hear Shoupe’s words in the back of your mind, “we lost ‘em' ' on a constant loop. You could see Kiara’s face and JJ’s hands and Pope’s heart shatter. Like all the stars had come falling down and you were the only one left to pick up all the pieces. You prayed this was all a nightmare. You could wake up and not only would they both be here, but you’d all be safe. You would give up the gold a hundred times over if it meant John B and Sarah would be home.

    Both Pope and Kie’s parents had called your mom every night since that day. When she thought you were asleep, she would creep down the stairs and sit in the kitchen and cry, praying they had some good news. Something that could take away some of the pain you were in. But she couldn’t, no one could. You had to hear half the town talk about John B like he was a murderer like he kidnapped Sarah like he was some delusional kid from the cut. All while you knew the Cameron’s were roaming free and receiving sympathy for what they’re going through. It made you sick to think about. They had a private funeral for Sarah. People gave their condolences and spoke so kindly about her. They scoffed at her recent behavior and her newfound friendship from “those dirty pogues.”

    Sometime around day two, your mom came into your room asking if you had heard from JJ. He had been with the Heyward’s up until that morning when he’d completely disappeared.

    For a second, you felt something other than grief, knowing he had been with Pope and not his dad, but that was short-lived. You tried to imagine how peaceful it would have been under different circumstances, a world in which he was always safe. One where Luke Maybank had no control over his life. You wanted to get lost in that daydream, live in that alternative reality for a while. He wouldn’t have to keep a duffel bag full of clothes and cash under your bed for when things got bad. He wouldn’t have to know how to do stitches on himself or how to pop a dislocated shoulder back in place. He’d be safe. He’d be happy. She asked again if you had heard from JJ, snapping you back to reality. (you had not). You watched as her forehead creased and her lips straightened into a thin line, like something in her had broken too.

    She hurts just as much as you do. At first, you contributed that to her not being able to take away your pain, which is part of it. But you later realized she’s lost a person, too. You had known John B since grade school, there were pictures of the group of you sitting on your swing set in your backyard at age nine. Ones of you, JJ, John B, and Pope asleep in your living room after attempting to build a fort. He stayed for dinners and birthday parties. She watched us grow up, every first day of school, soccer game, fishing tournament. Our families had somehow combined over the years. Not only does your mom hurt for you, but she lost a child. And that weight is heavier than anything.

    You stopped crying by day three. Nothing left. You were completely and utterly numb but consumed by loss all at the same time. You hadn’t initially worried about JJ. He did this. He disappeared for a little, to clear his head, but he always came back. He never stayed away for more than three days. That’s how long it took for him to feel balanced again, maybe less, but never more. He said it was because he couldn’t get a burger as good as the ones at The Wreck anywhere else in the world, but you knew how much he loved the outer banks and the people there. You also knew that he’d never leave without you. And if he absolutely had to, he would at least say goodbye. He had to, he promised. You held on to that every time his phone went straight to voicemail. And when days four and five came and went and you still haven’t heard from him, you were worried. He should’ve crawled through your window in yesterday’s clothes with a few more scratches on his arm than he left with, but his eyes would glow a little brighter and he would still smile when you insisted he spends the night. So, when you cracked your window open and slept with your bedside lamp on (so that he could see the light from outside) and he still wasn’t there when you awoke, your mourning turned into something else. You sent a few texts, in case he somehow got them, but you were doubtful.

    You didn’t know what it was like to live without him. There wasn’t a time in your life you could remember when you and JJ weren’t attached at the hip. Sometime around kindergarten, you two became inseparable, ultimately meeting John B and Pope as you got older and Kie when you all got to junior high. There was a weird couple of months around third grade where he decided girls had cooties, but it was short-lived because when JJ realized that meant you couldn’t be friends anymore he thought it was dumb and started coming over again. You couldn’t exactly pinpoint when your relationship changed, the lines between friendship and something more merging and becoming blurred. If you had to, for you it was the start of sophomore year. Something changed when you were together, even just sitting in silence was comfortable and exciting. Eyes started lingering, touches became more frequent, and then one day you were just together. It’s been the same since. You think back to the first time you kissed like a couple. It definitely hadn’t been the first time the two of you had ever kissed. You were sure there had been at least one during your childhood and you vividly remember a New Year’s Eve party and a couple of games of truth or dare. But this time it was different. There was something behind it.

    You and JJ sat side by side in the hammock outside of John B’s. He was smoking while using his one leg to rock the two of you slowly back and forth. You were struggling to keep your eyes open and pay attention to whatever story was being told. JJ must have noticed because he wrapped an arm around you, inviting you to lay on his chest.

    This wasn’t uncommon between you. JJ was always physically affectionate toward the people he cared about and you had no problem reciprocating. You stayed just like that until it was just the two of you left outside.

    JJ shifted slightly under your weight causing you to wake up. “Shit, sorry. You okay?” he asked, tossing the tip of the blunt into the fire.

    You nodded, “mhm.” You looked around, realizing how dark it had gotten, “You could’ve woken me up! It’s late.”

    “You looked peaceful.”

    You pretended to clutch your heart, “JJ Maybank being nice? Dare I say sweet?”

    “Shut up,” he said, rolling his eyes. He was smiling at you like you were the funniest person in the world.

    “ No, no. You care about me,” you joked, poking his chest with your finger, “you loooove me.”

    “ Yeah?” he challenged, arching an eyebrow.

    “Yeah,” you said, your breath suddenly catching in your throat.

    “What if I do?” He asked, but it wasn’t a question. His face was serious, a glimmer of hope in his crystal eyes.

    You look slightly from his eyes to his lips. If JJ noticed he didn’t lead on. He just slowly bridged the gap between you, your noses brushing for a moment before your lips connected. It was slow and careful, not wanting to push too far, but all the same, wanting to completely unravel the other. His hand cupped your cheek, his rings cold against your flushed face as you leaned into the kiss.

    You heard faint screams and cheers from inside the chateau and Pope’s “Finally!” echo out. You could feel him smiling and soon enough you were both laughing. You had finally come together and nothing would take that away.

    On day six, the rain stopped and the world carried on as normal. You wanted to yell at every person you saw. How could anyone feel so neutral about anything that happened in the last week? The sheriff was dead, there was a murderer on the loose, your two best friends were gone, and your boyfriend was missing. But yeah, go ahead and go to the grocery store like any other Wednesday morning. Someone tell the earth, it’s not supposed to keep spinning after the world ends.

    You were lying on your bed, staring at your ceiling as you tried to fall asleep, a breeze flowed through your window and your lamp illuminated the room. All you could hear were cicadas and the wind rustling through the trees until you heard your window creak and slide open. You tried to process everything all at once, your eyes scanning over every part of his body, trying to meet his eyes. He was wearing the same clothes he had on the last time you saw him. There was dirt under his fingernails and his face was puffy from crying. His lip was cracked and covered in dry blood and bruises littered his jaw and hands. You could cry at the mere sight of him. Before either of you could speak, you collided.

    You held his head to your chest and placed kisses on his hairline. You tried to wipe your tears before he could see them, but it was no use. The two of you were a tangle of arms and legs, of broken hearts and misguided minds, so desperately trying to tell the other it was going to be okay without believing it yourself.

    “I miss him so much,” he sobbed. Your heart fell to your stomach and everything you had pushed down the past few days came rushing back.

    “Me too,” you breathed. JJ’s arms wrapped around your stomach and he buried his head into your neck. You stayed like this for what felt like hours, thinking that if you held on long enough the two of you wouldn’t fall apart.

    You heard your door open slightly and you quickly turned your head to see your mom stood there, tears brimming her eyes. You can visibly see her shoulders relax as she lets out a sigh. Your door closes softly as if not to disturb you both. You hear her on the other side of the door, “he’s here. He’s okay.”

    “My dad’s gone,” he murmured into your neck.

    You can physically feel your heart break for the boy in your arms and the younger version of him, trying to find a space he belongs and mourning the only one he ever found. You want so badly to hold him together, paint all of his scars golden. To remind him how much people love him, how much you love him, but no words come out.

    “Guess he finally picked up and left, son of a bitch” His voice wobbled, “I went back, uh, that night to find the necklace John B gave me.”

    He pulled away so he could talk directly to you. You cupped his cheeks and swiped the tears with your thumbs before they could fall. He laughed dryly, remembering, “Climbed through my bedroom window and everything. It should’ve taken two minutes tops but it wasn’t on my dresser like I thought it was. I tore my room apart looking for it. And then my dad came home and heard me, uh he was not happy to see me, as you can imagine.”

    “Did he hurt you?” you ask, moving farther away from him to make sure he wasn’t bleeding or worse.

    He grabs your hands and brings them to his chest, “I’m okay, I promise.”

    “Is that where you were? The past few days,”

    He nods, “yeah. I woke up the next day and he was gone. I was just going to get my stuff and go, but I don't know. Something wasn’t right.” He pauses to gather his thoughts, “They all really do leave, huh?”

    “Don’t say that,” you urge.

    “I’m just-”

    “No. Do not think like that. None of this is your fault. Your dad is a fucking awful person for not loving you like you need to be loved. Like you deserve to be loved. And John B-” your voice cracks, “John B would never leave us if he didn’t have to and, and you have me. I couldn’t ever leave you. I wouldn’t know what to do with myself

    He kisses your knuckles, “I know, I know. He just has so much power over the way I think.”

    “But you know. You know you are nothing like him.”

    He nods, not meeting your eyes.

    “These past few days, J. You scared me.”

    “I’m sorry,” he says, leaning his forehead against yours.

    “Don’t disappear on me, okay?”

    “Never.” He pushes his lips to yours, urgent and longing. You move your hands to his head, bringing him closer, trying to pour yourself into him.

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    Death Of Me Chapter 2.7

    Song: Beautiful- Duncan Laurence

    TW: Fighting , Under age drinking,

    A couple days had passed since Ward died, Rafe got out of Jail, and we were both bombarded with paperwork that Ward left behind for us.

    "It's crazy to think that just a couple days ago we were two people who knew nothing about life, and now, well now we are essentially the most powerful people on Figure Eight." I heard Rafe walk up behind me.

    "I wouldn't want to do it with anyone else." He wrapped his arms around me, laying his chin on my shoulder as we stared out into the backyard.

    We walked back inside to finish watching the video Ward left for his family.

    "I killed big John Routledge, I murdered Sheriff Peterkin. " Ward admitted.

    I hugged Rafe as tight as I could, I know he has had his faults, but nobody deserves to lose a parent... ever.

    "I know I can never heal the pain I've caused, many will say I took the easy way out. But I leave this world with the terrible pain of knowing that I leave behind my family.  With that being said, I would like my money to be divided equally between my family, I leave my estate to my son Rafe and his girlfriend Demetria, and I leave all my business with Rose, Rafe, and Demetria as well." The video ended.


    Time passed and I left Rafe alone so he could calm down a little.

    "Demi, can we talk?" Rose asked.

    "Of course." I followed her into the den.

    "How are you holding up? I know this whole thing has been stressful." We sat down on the antique upholstered couch.

    " It is a lot to take in right now, It feels like things are getting thrown at me right and left. Rafe isn't in a good mental state right now, so I also have to take him into account."

    "I might sound crazy. But I feel this whole process would be a lot easier if you were married, I mean, I am in no way rushing you, but I know when Ward and I were just dating and he brought me in on his business, It was a mess, I had to sign so many contracts because we legally weren't married. And if you dont... They will take everything from you. Think about it?" Rose offered advice.

    "Is that a threat?"

    "No, of course not!"

    "Well, I should go check on him." I got up and left the room.


    "What are you doing in here?" I asked, looking at Rafe, Who stood in his father's walk-in closet, running his fingers across the Sport Coats.

    He picked one out, put it on, and sighed.

    "I'm not gonna lie to you, I'm a little turned on looking at you in that jacket." I walked closer to him.

    "I feel...powerful." He adjusted the collar.

    "Anyway, I just talked to Rose."

    "Yeah, and what did she say?" He finally turned to face me.

    "That we should get married." I slipped off my necklace, taking the ring off of the chain.

    I handed Rafe the ring.

    "Really?" He looked baffled at the fact I changed my mind

    "So, Hold on to this, ask when the time is right, in the meantime, I will hold on to this." I slipped one of his rings off of his fingers.


    "Top, oh hey Sarah." I walked out to the pool house.

    "What's up?" He finished setting up the pull out for Sarah.

    I broke down. Did I want to marry Rafe? Not exactly. But I was doing what would keep my family and I safe.

    "Hey. What's going on, are you okay?" Topper came over and hugged me.

    "I did what I had to, to keep us safe." I stepped back and fidgeted with the ring.

    "You... you didn't."

    "Not yet Top, but Ignited the match, now I just wait for him to throw it in, Because If I didn't they would take everything."

    "This is all my fault." He apologized.

    "It isn't your fault, It's my fathers, he threatened your dad and that got us into this whole mess." Sarah joined the conversation.


    "Morning, you look like hell." I opened the van door,

    "32!" JJ jolted awake.

    "Been a while since I've seen you, how's royalty treating you." JJ laughed getting up.

    "Horribly, Rose threatened to take everything from my family, if I don't marry Rafe." I gave a fake chuckle

    "Just think about it as a temporary thing, I am gonna find a way out for you."he gave me a side hug.

    "Are you going to the bonfire tonight?" We sat down in our seats.


    "Morning Demi, as a birthday gift to you, we are taking a pop quiz." Mr. Sunn announced to the class.

    "It's your birthday!" JJ perked up looking at me as I sunk into my desk.

    "Well how come you didn't tell us about your birthday?"

    "Because I knew you'd react like this." I gave a fake smile.


    The Bonfire, an Outer Banks tradition. Same day every year, The third Friday of every September, everyone went, and I mean everyone.

    "Look who decided to show up!" I handed JJ and John B a beer.

    "Hey! Mrs. Cameron!" JJ laughed.

    "Don't call me that or I will have my dad arrest you!" I talked back in his same tone, almost as if I was mimicking him.

    "Dare to take on OBX's shotgun champ?" I asked, holding up my key.

    "Careful JJ, She's undefeated." Taylor walked up to us.

    "I thought you didn't like me."

    "Yeah well, I talked some sense into her." I handed her one as well.

    "Let's do it." JJ punctured his can of beer.

    "Okay, GO!" Taylor yelled as we all held it up above us.

    "Done." I slammed mine down on the ground.

    "No way!"

    "She's right." Someone picked up my empty beer can.

    "I'm just so cool!" I complimented myself.

    "Hello sister." Topper walked over.

    "Hello, Brother." I looked at his hand.

    "To much of a wuss for beer so you went with a fruity drink?"

    "This probably has more alcohol than that." He took a sip.

    "I know, I just like making fun of you, oh that reminds me! Here is your birthday gift." I put my hand into my pocket pulling out my middle finger.

    "Wow, real mature Demi." He gave a fake chuckle.

    "I'll give it to you at home."


    I was talking with JJ in the corner when I saw a crowd of people around Topper and John B.

    "You're joking." I pushed my way through to the front. soon everyone started fighting, Topper started choking John B again causing JJ and Pope to come to his aid.

    "ENOUGH!" I yelled getting between them. "I will see you guys later, I have to get back home." I told the others.


    "Hey." I set my jacket down on the chair next to me, I walked over to rafe and rubbed his back as he sat leaning his head on the desk in front of him.

    "I heard about how much we need." I got him to look up at me

    "Can you hand me the coke." He asked me.

    "That's not gonna solve any problems." Rose said grabbing the bag before I could get to it.

    "You know what my problem is?" Rafe asked her.

    "I got a stepmother who lies to me." He paced back and forth.

    "What do you mean?" I questioned him.

    "She thinks I'm stupid, Rose you think... I believe that line of shit about how you can't find the gold?"

    We heard the door knocker.


    "Hi, you must be Rafe, you look a lot like your father."

    "Babe who's at the door." I stopped in my tracks to see Carla.

    "Do I know you, you look very familiar?" She looked at me.

    "I don't believe we have met, I'm Demetria Cameron, R- Rafes wife." I falsely introduced myself

    "Can we help you?" Rafe asked.

    "I'd like to see the island room."

    "I don't believe I know what you're talking about but you're welcome to show me." He let her inside.

    We walked into the dining room, She had her helper tear down the wallpaper to reveal a mural of an island painted across the wall.

    "No way." I muttered to myself.

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    Death Of Me Chapter 2.6

    Song: Dancing With Our Hands Tied- Taylor Swift

    "Demetria, I just came to let you know, they released John B this morning." My father stood at the edge of the doorway.

    "Fuck off! You're joking." I gasped hopping out of my bed.

    "I thought about what you said, and I am sorry for everything, I talked to the board and they agreed to drop the charges."

    " Thank You! Who's getting charged now?" I asked grabbing my phone, leaving my room, and grabbing my car keys.

    "That's the thing... Rafe and Ward are. We got a warrant to search their house and to take Rafe into custody, I know I can't get you out of this mess, but I can help you survive from it. Come down to the house later, say you came to see Rafe and act upset at me, yell, say horrible things to me, I can take it. Now I know you love him, and can't get out of the engagement, but this will make things better for you. I'm sorry this has to happen."

    I stopped for a second then I just kept moving.


    I pulled up at John B's house to see him and the others hugging.

    "How did you get out?" Pope asked.

    "Sheriff Thornton, he talked to the board." John B smiled at me as I got out of my car.

    JJ turned his head towards me, I felt my stomach flutter as his eyes met mine. He run up to me and picked me up so my legs were around his waist and hugged me as tight as he could.

    "Thank you." He whispered, knowing that what he overheard yesterday, was the reason.

    "Hey John B, how's life on the outside?" I laughed as he gave me a big hug.

    "What are they doing now? I mean are they gonna get Rafe?" Kiara asked.

    "SHIT!" I yelled, turning around and running back to my car. "they are searching the house now."

    "Where are you going?" JJ asked.

    "Ward is going to blame me, I have to make sure Rafe doesn't do anything stupid." I drove off.


    I sighed nervously about what my dad told me to do. I turned off my car, put on a fake face, and marched in

    "What the hell are you doing?" I yelled at my dad stomping into the Camerons Estate.

    "Demetria, I am sorry but this has to happen, search everything."

    "Rafe is innocent! You can't do this!"

    "Listen to your Daughter, Leonard," Ward yelled.

    "Read the warrant." My dad handed it to me.

    "Individual is being charged with murder in the second degree!"

    "Dad are you serious!"

    "Jesus, Leo. Murder Rafe? You've known him his whole life. He is your future son-in-law." Ward was stunned.

    "Rafe's fingerprints are on the bullet casings, and the gun was registered to you." My father said.

    "We also have two eyewitnesses that contradict your statements." Uncle Thomas walked over.

    "I believe you know my brother-in-law, Detective Caswell, Head of SBI."

    "You know what they say about living in a hole, Just stop digging, you told me that Ward, 2 years ago when we set Demi and Rafe up." My dad sighed.

    "Go home, Demetria."


    I headed back to John B's house to find them all standing on the dock, looking out into the calm water.

    "It doesn't make sense, Where could she have gone?"

    "What?" I asked, taking off my shoes and sat next to JJ

    "I don't know where Sarah is." John B sighed sitting across from Kiara.

    "Oh, She's right there." I pointed to Sarah, who was riding up on our boat.

    "Nice new boat Topper," JJ smirked.

    "Thanks, Don't drown it." Topper smiled sarcastically.

    "Hey, Dem-" I cut JJ off by throwing him into the water.

    "John B! What happened?" Sarah ran up and hugged him.

    "Uh, They dropped all the charges."

    "They are coming after Rafe." John B looked at me, I stood up and hugged Sarah.

    "Good, he's completely unhinged." Sarah sighed, covering her eyes from the sun. "He jumped me last night."

    "What!" I slightly gasped.

    "That's why I didn't come back."

    "Rafe's Lost his mind. Almost drowned his sister, It just makes me scared of what he will do to Demi if she leaves him."Topper gave me a side hug.

    I just broke down crying.

    "I think I should take her home." Topper helped me onto the boat.

    "Thanks, Top, I owe you one." John B gave a fictitious smile.

    "It's all good. I mean, somebody had to rescue your girlfriend, right?"

    "You wanna tell him." John B asked Sarah, causing me to snicker

    "I'm...I'm with him." Sarah hesitated.

    "You're with him? Yeah, like needed a little clarity there."

    "Come on." I pulled him towards the steering wheel.

    "Topper. Thank you." Sarah hugged him.

    "Okay, well, I see you all tomorrow." I was finally able to make him leave.


    "Can we go get a burger? I need to dump all my emotions on you." I pointed to 'The Tides Tavern.'


    We parked the boat and went inside.

    "It's a lose-lose situation Top." I exhaled, taking a couple of his fries.

    "I know, I hate the fact you are in this position, but I want you to do what will keep you safe." He ate his burger.

    "Okay, so you basically just told me to stick with a murder."

    "I want you alive, and he praises the ground you walk on."

    "I hate my life Top, I hate the fact I love him." I drowned my sorrows in my burger.

    "Demi, you can't help who you fall in love with."

    "I know, and with all this shit going on it has only brought me in closer. They are planning on Rafe and I taking over."

    "They are?" He cocked his head sideways.

    "Yes! and that will only speed up the process." I fell back on my chair.

    "What do you want to do for our birthday?" He asked changing the subject.

    "I dunno I kinda don't want to do anything."

    "I get that."

    "You know, you aren't the world's shittiest brother." I laughed.

    We paid for our meal and drove back in the boat.


    "So you let them drown the boat?" Topper asked me.

    "Yeah, because you were an ass." I laughed as we walked into the house, At the dining table stood my father, he just looked at me with sorrowful eyes.

    "When are you gonna do it?" I could read his face.


    "Okay, well goodnight." I could feel my brain shut down as I trudged upstairs.


    "Guys, that thing that Librey said, I don't think she meant to let it slip. She said the key leads to the cross of Santo Domingo." Pope tried to lighten the tension that filled the van.

    "Can I see that?" JJ asked reaching back.

    "Are we supposed to know what that is?" I lifted my head that was tilted on Sarah's shoulder.

    "I'm guessing it's some sort of historical artifact of great importance." Pope looked at JJ who was fiddling with the key.

    "Well, according to the interwebs, It was a gift from New Spain to the Spanish king." Kiara read off her phone.

    "New Spain? Is there an Old Spain? JJ asked me.

    "No JJ, They gave it to him when Spain was newly discovered."

    "Shit, talk about over gifting, look at the size of that thing. Looks like a person standing next to it." I looked over Kiara's shoulder.

    "So we're dealing with a giant ass cross?" JJ handed the key back to Pope.

    "It was widely considered at the time to be the most extravagant tribute ever from the provinces it was lost off the coast of Bermuda in 1829 ." Kiara continued reading.

    "Did you just say Bermuda?" JJ turned quickly.

    "Oh no, not this C.H.U.D. shit again." I made Kiara laugh.

    "It's not about C.H.U.D. this time, it's about the triangle." He snarked back to me.

    "Oh no not the triangle!" I acted scared.

    "It always leads back to the triangle!" He hit John B's arm.

    "Here is my question, what does an old key found above your Mee-Maw's pharmacy have to do with this cross," I asked a reasonable question.

    "Yeah, where do we come into play?"

    We arrived at the nursing home and all started piling out of the van.

    "I think I can handle this one by myself," Pope said.

    "You sure?" Kiara questioned him.

    "Yeah, I can handle it, I don't really need you, so..."

    "Well, we're just one big happy family today, aren't we?" JJ laughed.

    "Stop." I hit his arm.


    "If we can find the cross, we can split it like we were gonna split the gold. and Demi can get a cut this time." Pope laughed looking at me.

    "And live happily ever after?" Carla snuck up on us.

    "Listen, we can keep on negotiating, but the fact is that I want the key."

    "And I won't stop until I have it, and I don't have a choice, which means you don't either."

    "It's Librey right?" John B held up the 'key'.

    "Looking at the tide right now, I'd say it's about 20 feet deep out there. So if I just threw it in the channel the probability of you finding it is slim to none." He looked out at the angry waves.

    "Get him to back up." John B motioned at the creepy guy who was uncomfortably close to Pope.

    a couple more minutes of talking and they exchanged the false.

    "We gotta take this tape to Thornton." They all piled into the van.

    "I'm gonna go home, I'll meet up with you all later." I smiled.


    "You got him?" I sighed looking at my Father who just walked into the door, he just nodded.

    "I got some papers for your grandpa to sign, where is he?" Dad asked.

    "Porch, Talking to Topper. What papers?"

    "Warrants for Ward Camerons Arrest."

    I immediately grabbed my phone and called Sarah,

    "Did you see that!" Topper ran in.

    "Yeah, I'm warning her right now."


    "Hey Sarah, sorry to be the bearer of bad news but, they are going after your dad, like now." I said.

    "Uh- okay, I'll meet you down at my place."


    I ran after my dad to be met by the others.

    "Ward!" My dad yelled.

    "Hello, Thornton."

    "Why don't you just come on in?"

    "You know I can't do that Leo, a good captain goes down with his ship."

    "Listen, Buddy, I know you're upset." My dad tried to reason with him.

    "Yeah, I guess I am."

    "You caught my ass fair and square." Ward laughed.

    It suddenly clicked as to what he was about to do, he was about to ruin all our lives.

    "Cause I did it, all of it, I framed John B And my son." He confessed to a false narrative.

    "I was trying to protect my family you know. Rafe and your daughter are going to inherit everything I worked for someday."

    It suddenly clicked as to what he was about to do, he was about to ruin all our lives.

    "Cause I did it, all of it, I framed John B And my son." He confessed to a false narrative.

    "I was trying to protect my family, you know. Rafe and your daughter are going to inherit everything I worked for someday."

    "Dad!" Sarah ran down with the others.

    "What are you doing here Sarah?" Ward yelled, not wanting his daughter to see the mess he had made.

    "Dad? Dad, what are you doing?"

    "Leo, you gotta get the girls out of here! They can't be here right now." He looked at Sarah and me.

    "Just come on in, and you... you... you can talk to Sarah." My dad took another shot at negotiating

    "Sarah! I'm so sorry baby, I can't." He pressed the button that lifted the anchor out of the water.

    "Ward, This ain't gonna end the way you want it to! You don't need them seeing this."

    A heard of police boats surrounded him.

    "No Dad! Don't leave!" Sarah started to break down.

    Suddenly an eruption exploded, leaving us all in shock, then another one.

    I quickly grabbed onto Sarah and held her as she cried in my arms.

    From that second on nothing was the same.

    Sarah and I just cried together sitting on the dock looking at what used to be The Druthers.

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  • planeswithpaperwings
    23.09.2021 - 3 days ago

    Stay Silent

    Rating: Explicit

    Pairing: JJ Maybank x fem!reader

    Summary: The key here is silence. John B wouldn’t be too happy to know that his two best friends are fucking in the next room, would he?

    Warnings: smut, mild exhibitionism, unprotected sex (wrap it before you tap it), risk of getting caught, dirty talk, cursing (this is pure porn without plot and I do not apologise for it)

    Word count: 1.1k

    -> Masterlist <-

    His hand pressed over your mouth, fingers digging into your cheek tightly as his forehead rested against yours. His free hand was gripping onto your waist to keep you still as he snapped his hips into you, causing a moan to leave your lips every time. If it weren’t for JJ’s hand blocking your noises, John B would have caught you a while ago.

    “Fuck, you’re so wet for me,” he whispered against his hand, mouth slightly agape at how easily he rocked into you, at how well you were taking him. “Fit me so perfectly, baby. This pussy’s practically made for me. Just for me.” His words were your drug, and you were high on him. So high that you couldn’t register anything other than the feel of his cock scraping deliciously against the spongy sweet spot inside that sent sparks lighting up your vision. You craved him, every part of him embarrassingly so. The way his breathy groans resonated in your ears sent your eyes rolling, his lust filled eyes fixated on you sent butterflies fluttering in your stomach.

    The dining table rocked beneath your rhythm, the creaking setting in time with JJ’s thrusts. It wasn’t a convincing sound that screamed “don’t worry, I won’t break until you get off”, but neither of you cared. Not when it felt this good. No-one ever made you feel this good, not another Pogue, a Kook, or even a fucking Tauron had ever made you feel such painfully addictive bliss. 

    He pulled you closer, your ass dragging across the cold table until your body was flush with his. “Can you stay silent for me, baby? If I take my hand away? Because I know I can put my hands to better use instead of keeping you quiet.” You were already nodding before he finished his sentence, silently begging for his hands even though you were already taking his cock. He took his hand away, brushing your hair behind your ear before loosening his grip on your waist and letting you fall gently back onto the table.

    JJ hiked your thighs up his waist higher, but still comfortably, altering the angle to hit impossibly deeper inside you. Your hand flew to your mouth, your teeth digging in your hand to stop yourself from moaning. You locked your legs around him, allowing him to move his hands to more useful areas. They drifted up to your chest, to one of his favourite parts of your body.

    Deft fingers played with your nipples, pinching and playing with them with just the right amount of pressure to pull noises from you. It was like he was trying to make you loud enough to draw John B’s attention. He cupped your breasts, squeezing and holding them exactly how he knew you liked. When he was satisfied that they had received enough attention, his hands drifted lower. One gripped your waist again, the opposite to make matching bruise marks on either side. The other travelled to the apex between your thighs, his hand finding your bundle of nerves expertly within seconds. He never let up, not even when you squeezed around his cock, trapping his hand between your thighs, not even when you groaned the loudest you had that night against your own hand.

    His fingers continued to rub perfect circles against your nerves, your clit practically throbbing from the attention, the tension in your stomach building. And what made it even more exciting was that you could both hear John B on the phone to Sarah in the next room. Literally a few meters from where JJ was fucking you senseless. He could walk in at any second and catch the two of you. The risk made it all the more thrilling.

    JJ’s pace quickened, your body and the table holding you up both shaking uncontrollably as you grew accustomed to the new speed. You grew closer, practically on the cusp of orgasm, and so was JJ. You could tell by the way he threw his head back, how his fingers gripped painfully harder, how his hips stuttered ever so slightly. He loved it when you came at the same time, it made it all the more enjoyable. 

    “Come on, angel. Come for me, I know you’re there. Soak my cock, babygirl.” His voice was raspy and needy. Needy for you. Sweat slicked across his forehead, creating a sort of afternoon glow to cast over his face in the setting sun. He looked so beautiful just where he was. But if you said that, he’d probably roll his eyes at you, so you refrained from saying it. For now.

    Suddenly, the building tension in your stomach collapsed, and your body was taken over by a tidal wave of pleasure. It ripped through your veins, flooding your body in ecstasy. It was a feeling you could never get used to. Somehow it felt better every time. 

    JJ moaned your name softly as he came deep inside you, painting your walls in his seed, remnants leaking out of your dripping core and rolling down to your ass. He leaned forward, resting his elbows on the table so his weight wasn’t fully resting on you. A cheeky, loveable smile played on his lips before he kissed you, lips molding together perfectly and passionately, his tongue slipping past your lips and dancing with your own tongue. It was a lazy kiss, but it meant more to you than you realised. 

    “Fuck, I love you,” JJ mumbled against your lips, his hands running along your sides soothingly to relieve some of the pain he caused.

    “I love you too,” you whispered back, cupping his cheeks with your hands. “But we should probably go before John B catches us.”

    “Oh he already did.”

    Your eyes widened as you pulled away from him to figure out if he was kidding or not. The mischievous half smirk didn’t help you figure that out. “What?” you asked in partial horror, partial embarrassment.

    “He walked in like five minutes ago. Caught him out the corner of my eye. I bet his face was a fucking picture,” he continued to laugh even when you started hitting his chest.

    “JJ fucking Maybank! Are you seriously telling me you watched our best friend walk in on us fucking and you neglected to say anything?”

    “Okay, first of all; it was your idea to have sex on the dining table. Secondly, it could have ruined the mood.”

    You tried to stay annoyed, but you couldn’t help it when a laugh slipped past your lips. It would have been hilarious to see John B’s face, as traumatised as he would have been. The two of you erupted into a fit of giggled for a few minutes more, completely unaware that John B was still locked away in his room, both trying to process and also burn the memory of seeing his two friends bare ass naked and fucking on the table.

    Hope you enjoyed!

    Requests are open!


    #jj#jj maybank #jj maybank fic #jj maybank x reader #jj maybank imagine #jj maybank fluff #obx#obx2#obx fic#jj obx#obx jj#obx fanfiction#Outer Banks #outer banks jj #outer banks fanfiction #outer banks spoilers #outer banks fic #outer banks imagine #rudy pankow #rudy pankow imagines #rudy pankow x reader
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    22.09.2021 - 3 days ago
    Madelyn Cline icons

    like or reblog if you save/use!

    credits: demiscarefully/benzosdavis on twitter

    #icons madelyn cline #madelyn cline icons #madelyn cline #outer banks cast #icons outer banks #outer banks icons #outer banks#obx cast#obx #obx season 2 #obx icons#obx spoilers#icons obx#icons #icons without psd #without psd #icons for twitter #icons sarah cameron #sarah cameron icons #sarah cameron#random#random icons#female icons#icons female#female #icons for tumblr #girls icons#icons girls#twitter icons
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  • aportal-inthedeep
    22.09.2021 - 3 days ago

    Seeing Ward chase after John B and then injuring himself on purpose to blame him made me feel sick inside. Seeing Pope being ganged up on n attacked, seeing JJ's father abuse him, shit hits the target, it hurts my heart, they're played by adults n it's all fiction but seeing kids, what 16/17 year olds treated like that, the emotional abuse, the aftermath it really makes me so angry and so very sad, children shouldn't have to suffer abuse of any kind, it's a show but abuse is real, how Rafe and Ward anf JJ's dad act, that's realistic, abuse is real n I wish I could save them, it's stupid to think I could help anyone when I can't even help myself but I really wish I could help. I'm glad I've seen such great videos of the cast all getting along n supporting each other, they get along so well n are all talented.

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  • avenging-fandoms
    22.09.2021 - 3 days ago
    #rafe cameron #rafe cameron x reader #rafe cameron x you #rafe cameron x y/n #rafe cameron imagine #rafe cameron imagines #rafe cameron blurb #rafe cameron fic #rafe cameron blurbs #rafe cameron fanfiction #rafe cameron angst #john b #john b routledge #obx #outer banks spoilers #drew starkey#cw: knife#cw: knives#cw: blood
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  • lovelykhaleesiii
    21.09.2021 - 4 days ago


    So I had this fucking thought & this may be a LONG SHOT but what if JJ is a Limbrey???

    I’m sure we all noticed that weird thing he kept doing especially when under pressure, and I mean health-wise there might be something really wrong with JJ that I really hope I’m wrong about...

    AND IF YOU DONT KNOW - I mean this little thing he does 🥺

    Limbrey’s illness isn’t really discussed in specific but it’s safe to say its progressive and worsens overtime.

    FUCK MY LIFE, doubt this is true but I just had to spill. Mind you I’m just a very recent fan, only just binged watched the entire series a month ago so fuck me.

    #jj maybank#outer banks#obx #obx season 2 #outer banks spoilers #jj maybank imagines #jj maybank imagine #john b routledge #sarah cameron#rafe cameron#pope heyward#kiara carrera
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  • sophialikesthings
    20.09.2021 - 5 days ago

    Death Of Me Chapter 2.3

    Song- Carolina- Harry Styles

    "What did you get on 15?" JJ asked, peeping over my shoulder.

    "I got, fuquof." I whispered.

    "How do you spell that?"

    "F-u-c-k -O-f-f"I smiled.

    "Ha, ha, really though." He asked again.

    "Mozambique." I gave in.

    "Mr. Sunn, can I barrow Pope for a minute?" A man in a suit interrupted.

    "We're in the middle of a test."

    "I'm from the Vanderhorst Foundation. It will just take a minute."

    "Mr. Heyward... It's for you." Mr.Sunn Grabbed Popes attention.

    Pope anxiously hurried back to his seat.

    "What was that?" Kiara Whispered.

    He showed us the back of the envelope.

    "Is that the wheat symbol?"

    "What the F--udge." JJ caught himself... I, on the other hand, didn't.

    "Son of a bitch."

    "Ms.Thornton!" Mr. Sunn looked at me.

    "Strike two, I know, sorry." I got back to my test.


    "Am I gonna have to beat you with your protractor? What is going on?" We all followed Pope into the library. "Okay, So that guy was on the scholarship committee, read it." JJ snatched the letter out of Pope's hands and ripped the letter open

    "Are you just going to stare at it?" I asked.

    "I can't read cursive." He handed it to me.

    "Dear Mr.Heyward, I am reaching out because I have material evidence that can exonerate John Booker Routledge. It is of vital importance that you come to meet with me in person at my offices at 27 King Street, Charleston at 8:00 p.m. sharp tonight. Please come alone." I finished reading

    "Regards, C. Limbrey." Kiara read the name.

    "Material Evidence, what does that even mean? Material evidence?" JJ mumbled to himself.

    "It means they can clear John B."

    "Oh Shit, then we're going to charleston." JJ smiled

    "I gotta tell my mom." Kiara sighed.


    "How'd you get this rig? I know your old man didn't let you have it." JJ tried to make conversation, while Kiara yelled at her parents.

    "What Top?" I answered my phone.

    "Where are you? Mom's having a field day?"

    "I'm headed to charleston, PVRIS is in town, I wanted to go. So I bought tickets." I made up a lie.

    "I'll be back tomorrow." I explained.

    "Wait it says they aren't coming to town.

    "Whoops got scammed, guess I'll stay here." I hung up quickly.

    "This Shit would be so much easier without parents." Kiara got into the back with me.

    "And, siblings, but I'm the only one who can relate to that." I groaned.


    Incoming call from...Rafe Cameron❤ Accept|Decline

    "Hi my love." I put him on speaker.

    "I'm not okay, Demi." He just cried.

    "What makes you say that?" I quickly put my hand over JJ's mouth so he wouldn't speak.

    "I just keep.... I keep having these, um... thoughts in my head, and I don't know if I can control them. And I'm just... I'm afraid of what's going to happen.  I don't know how much of this shit I can take." He broke down. "I don't feel like this when you're around

    "Rafe, I wish I could be there with you, You are a good guy Rafe, I know these past few months have been hard, but I fell in love with you and I can't imagine my life without you, you are an amazing boyfriend. because you do whatever it takes to make me happy, So please don't act on impulses. Go to sleep, and I'll talk with you tomorrow morning, Okay?"  I started to get teary eyed.

    "Yeah, I love you Demi." He said softly.

    "I love you too." I hung up.

    "Damn, that was weird to experience, and I almost felt bad for him." Kiara looked confused.

    "Is he always like that?" Pope asked.

    "Yeah, It's hard because he says I'm the only one that keeps him sane." I shut my phone off.

    "Damn it." Pope yelled, the hood of the tuck erupted into a big cloud of smoke.

    "Pope, I don't think your dads truck should be smoking that much."

    "Wow, Thanks Kie."


    "It could be anything."

    "I defiantly think its the intake valve."

    "Look, I can put a rush on it, but it's gonna cost you a little extra." The salesman said, causing us all to groan.

    "Dude's in heaven right now." JJ walked over to where Kiara and I were laying.

    I knew Kiara was upset about this whole 'Boarding school thing' All I could do was comfort her.

    "Hey. You okay?" JJ stopped talking nonsense.

    "My mom is so worried that I'm gonna be a Pogue, that she is willing to ship me away to boarding school." She sighed, I hugged her tightly.

    "Well, I guess that's what you get for hanging around with the wrong crowd, Kie" JJ laughed uncomfortably.

    "That's the thing JJ, You guys aren't the wrong crowd, they are, I know for me personally it's suffocating living with my family, I mean they already have it planned out for me, Get married at 18, have kids at 20, and so on, Being with you guys is such a breath of fresh air, I am thankful, I met you guys, because it's shown me how toxic my life was." I sighed.

    "Well, Demi, You are a pogue now, there is no denying it." Kiara gave me another hug.


    "Did you mean what  you said back there, about your life being suffocating." JJ asked.

    We were all piled up in the back of the truck, Kiara next to Pope and I next to JJ

    "Yeah, It's hard, feeling like you have no control over anything." I faced him.

    "Well, I'm happy you joined our crew."

    "I am too, and I'm sorry for stringing you on, you heard what Rafe said, That's why I can't leave. I'm scared of what he might do." I snuggled closer.

    "I get that now, I'm sorry for always asking you about it." He smiled.

    "Good night JJ."

    "Wait." He stopped me from turning back around.


    He leaned in and kissed me.

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  • sophialikesthings
    20.09.2021 - 6 days ago

    Death Of Me Chapter 2.2

    Songs- Everything I Did To Get To- Ben Platt

    "Nice camera, where'd you dig up that relic?" JJ asked, as we peered over the large wooden fence looking into the construction site.

    "Why didn't you use your phone?" JJ asked another question.

    "First of all, I like my antique electronics. Second of all, it's a telephoto. It allows me to get a close image from far away." Pope zoomed in.

    "Do you think you'll be okay because of the rain?" I asked.

    Ward came running by, a second later Gavin did as well.

    "I found something." JJ motioned us over. "We gotta go up top."



    "It's all I could get right now, all right? It's what I had. I got some at the bank, but if I take anymore, it's gonna trigger their alarms, and you don't want that." Ward threw the heavy duffel bag filled with bills at Gavin.

    "I knew this would happen." Gavin yelled, fueled with anger from knowing he helped a crime get covered up.

    "There's nothing happening, I got you the money. Now, give me the gun. Let's go." Ward tried to persuade Gavin to give him what he wanted.

    "You're not getting the gun. They called my house.They're onto you Ward, I didn't want to be in this. I don't want to go to jail" Gavin backed away.

    "You're not going to jail, all right? Now give me the gun."

    "You gotta pay me, Ward. It's my lifeboat. I'm not giving it to you until you pay me."

    "Gavin, give me the Goddamn gun." Ward became visibly upset.

    Demi Pov

    They started fighting, I grabbed JJ's hand, scared about what was going to happen."

    BANG! I could see Gavin fall to the floor, I gasped scared of what I just witnessed.

    "Murder!" Kiara yelled. Pope tried to keep her quiet, while struggling, she kicked our evidence and broke it.


    "What did I tell you about hanging around with these people, Demetria?" My dad was furious, as his partner was taking statements from Kiara.

    "They are no good! And you should have learned that by now!"

    "How would you know what's good for me? You are never there Dad!"

    "Your mother and I have worked way too hard to get you where you are today for you to mess it up." He yelled back.

    "Where am I? Stuck in a toxic relationship with a murderer?"

    "DEMETRIA JANE ENOUGH! You are no longer to see these people again, especially that one, he's just like his father." He pointed to JJ.

    "No, These are my friends, they care about me, especially JJ!" I fought back.

    "You're coming with me." He said.

    "No, I'm not." I stomped back to my car.





    the fact or condition of being addicted to a particular substance, thing, or activity. "he committed the theft to finance his drug addiction"

    He was mine. Whenever something went wrong, I always wanted him.

    "Rafe?" I sat on his bed next to him while he was sleeping.

    "Huh?" He jolted awake, smiling when he saw my face.

    I just started crying.

    "Baby, No, please don't cry." He held me. "Here, go change and we can just talk"

    I was in the bathroom changing when I heard Ward come in.

    "Rafe? I need your help?" His dad whispered.

    I heard them leave the room. I snuck over to his window, so I could see what was going on outside.

    Ward uncovered something, it was Gavin's body, I saw Rafe freak out.

    I wanted to listen in but I knew that would only dig me deeper.


    I got woken up by the sound of Rafes bike driving away and a text from JJ


    Come to the construction site in clothes

    that you're ok with climbing in a gutter in.


    "I hate you" I hopped out of my car, putting my sunglasses on.

    "Morning." He tried to give me a big hug to make me feel better.

    "Why am I the one who got volunteered for this?" I asked.

    "Because Kie is helping her parents today, and JJ and I don't fit, we have no other friends so, tada." Pope said.

    "Love how I was your last resort. And you could totally fit in there." I groaned.

    "Truth is, there's this worm that can get into you and it has to come out of your..." JJ started.

    "Jesus." I crawled in.

    "You owe me, Like lunch." I said crawling

    "What do I know now?" I accidentally touched something.

    I shrieked.

    "Demi? What's wrong?" JJ asked.

    "There is something dead in here!" I yelled.

    "Is it Gavin?"

    "I don't know?" "Well don't touch it! That is how you get the worms!"

    "Demi, do you see the Gun?" JJ yelled.

    Suddenly a rush of water started to fill up the pipes.

    "JJ! Pope!" I yelled.

    I saw the gun next to me and I grabbed it, I floated up to the manhole cover and took deep breaths.

    The boys arrived and tried to lift it, my head went underwater and I started losing consciousness.

    They got the cover off and lifted me up.

    I immediately started coughing and breathing for air.

    "Demi, you good?" JJ asked. I held out a thumbs up.

    "I got it." I pulled it out from behind me

    "You guys go to the station, I need to go clean up." I was getting a call.

    "It's loverboy." JJ handed me my phone.

    "Hey babe, Is everything ok." I put him on speaker.

    "Uh, yea I was just wondering if you could come over tonight? Because my dad just invited me to fly to the Bahamas with him, for business." Rafe said The boys looked at me with wide eyes.

    "Yeah, I'd just have to pass that by my parents." I scratched the back of my head.

    "Remember Demi, I'm doing this all for us."

    "I know, I'll see you later okay?"

    "Yeah, I love you."

    "I love you too." I hung up.

    "Hard to say, but I think you definitely make him a better man, not much, but a better man." Pope said, handing me an extra shirt I packed.

    "Thanks, take it as my contribution to society." I put the shirt on.

    "But did you hear that! Ward is taking Rafe to the Bahamas, they are doing something with the gold." JJ changed topics.

    "Demi, you need to get closer to Rafe, to figure out what they are doing there." JJ continued making a plan.

    "I think they've gotten as close as they can." Pope said.

    "Ew, Pope, no don't say that." I gagged.

    "Anyway, you take that down to my dad, I'll go handle whatever is happening over there." I said before getting in my car.


    "Rafe's upstairs." Rose said.

    "Thanks! Oh, Congrats on the new listing by the way!" I smiled.

    I walked into his room to immediately be met by his lips on mine.


    "Call me when you get there." I leaned over the car door so I could talk to Rafe.

    "I will, I promise." He kissed me.

    "And, I rented us a hotel room, for the night of my 17th birthday so hurry back soon." I whispered in his ear causing him to kiss me even more passionately.

    "Okay love birds, we have to go, so say your goodbyes." Ward chuckled.

    "I love you." I pecked him one more time.


    3 POV

    Nassau, Bahamas

    "Rafe, I didn't just bring you here because I need your help, I want to show you something." Ward set down his bags on the couch next to the back door.

    "Is this the deal you've been working on?" Rafe eagerly followed his Dad outside.

    "You could say that." Ward punched in the code to the fireproof safe and unlocked it, he pulled the heavy door open and revealed all of the tanny hill gold that he stole from John B.

    "Is that real?" Rafe asked, not knowing what else to say.

    "Son, that's the realest thing there is."

    "And some of the money I get from this deal, is going towards you and Demi's future, because you, my son, are my legacy. You will take over the reins when I pass away, and you two will be running the show." Ward handed him a gold bar.


    Demi POV

    I was out at lunch with JJ, as he promised, when I got a phone call

    Incoming call from... Rafe Cameron❤ Accept|Decline

    "Hey my love." I answered, JJ gagged, "I'm good, did you guys get to Nassau okay?" I flipped JJ off.

    "Put him on speaker!" JJ whispered loudly.

    "Sorry, what?" I gasped, Putting him on speaker.

    "You know that business he brought me here to do?" he said. Kiara and Pope came over.

    " Yeah, why?" I asked, already knowing the answer.

    "It's the gold, Demi, my dad has the gold from the royal merchant. And he said after he gets the money from the trade, he will give us 5 million, for our future." I almost choked on my food at the number.

    "Rafe, we can't take that much, it is too generous." I tried to reject the gift.

    "Demi, It's Ward, I love you like one of my own, and I would like to help you and Rafe get settled down. Because when I pass away, you two will need to step up and take over, both of you."

    "It would help us start our future, like we talked about."

    "I- I don't know what to say, Th-thank you." I was freaking out.

    "I'll call you later?" Rafe said.

    "Yeah. I love you." I hung up.

    "Are you really going to take the money?" JJ asked.

    "No of course not!" I threw a fry at him.

    "God, Rafe is really in love with you huh?" Kiara chuckled.

    "Yeah, he is." I sighed.

    I am a horrible person, I am, I really am. Is loving Rafe Cameron a punishment for not being thankful for what I have, because this is starting to seem like one big sick joke.


    Thank you for reading.

    Please feel free to interact so I know people are actually reading. The support I have gotten on this story is unbelievable I am thankful that I am able to share the crazy things my mind can create.

    -Sophia <3

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  • barrysmanbun
    19.09.2021 - 1 week ago

    What I want to see in season 3 of Outerbanks:

    More of Barry

    I Shot the Sherrif coming on the radio and Rafe staring at the radio radio shrugging and turning it up so he can hum along

    Barry getting a last name

    Some more info about John B or Sarah's moms

    More screen time for Barry

    Rafe snapping and killing Ward

    Barry getting a backstory

    How Big John survived

    More of Barry the Drug Dealer

    The consequences for Rafe stabbing Carla in the back

    Barry getting literally all of the screen time because he deserves it like literally all of season 3 is about Barry

    Feel free to add on to this <3

    #obx barry#barry obx #outerbanks season 1 #outerbanks season 2 #outerbanks season 3 #outerbanks spoilers#obx spoilers#obx#obx2 #rafe cameron obx #ward cameron obx #sarah cameron#big john#the pogues #outer banks spoilers #obx 2#outer banks
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  • sophialikesthings
    18.09.2021 - 1 week ago

    Death Of Me Chapter 2.1

    17 years of wondering why...

    Song: Nothing But The Love - Wrabel

    A couple days later.

    "I am so sorry for not being able to come, I feel awful. I just can't miss this." I was talking to JJ on the phone. "Where is my earring!" I groaned.

    "No clue princess."

    "Oh great, a new nickname!" I laughed.

    "I'll meet up with you tomorrow morning, I promise." I smiled ending the call.

    "Ready?" My mom asked putting her wool shawl over her shoulders.


    "Hey, You took my advice." I noticed Rafes hair.

    He just hugged me as tight as he could, as if he was given a choice, he would choose to not let go.

    "I know today is hard for you." I could feel him cry.

    Seeing Rafe so vulnerable made me melt, even though I hated the reason we were here my mind only worried about one thing right now, Him. I loved him so much it physically hurt. As if It hurt because I loved him.

    "Can you stand by me? During the service?" He asked.

    "Of course." I held his face in my hands, looking into his gentle eyes.

    During the whole time we were at the cemetery, Rafe had his arms around me, as if I was the only thing that could take away the pain.


    We headed back to the house to unwind.

    "Rafe?" I came out of his bathroom after taking off my jewelry, except my ring that he gave me.

    I found him on the balcony looking at the sunset. Suddenly Pope and Kiara pop up.

    "MURDERS!" Kiara yelled.

    "Hey, Lets go inside." I got his attention.

    I looked behind me to see pope carrying Kiara away.

    Rafe sat on his bed just staring at his floor.

    "Hey, You were protecting the ones you love." I hugged him sitting down on his lap.

    "I love you." He fell backwards, taking me with him.

    "Say we got married? What would our life be like?" I looked at him, a smile appeared on his face.

    "I dunno? You tell me?" We turned to face each other.

    "We would inherit my grandfather's house, the one on the hill, we would have a dog, a yellow lab." I smiled

    "Of course!"

    "Three kids, twin boys, RJ and Reed. And a little girl, Remi." I was feeling butterflies in my stomach just thinking about it.

    "Why those names?"

    "Well, Reed is my grandma's maiden name, RJ is for Rafe junior, and Remi is our names combined." I smiled at him

    "You still wanna marry me?" He asked

    I got up and grabbed two of his rings off of his dresser

    "For better or for worse." I slipped one on his ring finger

    "For better or for worse." He slipped his pinky ring on my finger.

    "I now pronounce by the state of North Carolina, unofficially, Mr and Mrs Cameron." He chuckled.

    We just fell asleep, all the problems in the world melted away.


    "Morning!" I moved my hair to behind my ear while I sat down next to Topper, who was at a table with Kelce and Taylor.

    "At least John B got what was coming to him, and it saved him the expense of the trial." Taylor continued her conversation.

    "Taylor!" I yelled.

    "I'm just saying John B's going to hell for what he did to Sheriff Peterkin." She defended herself, while JJ poured me water.

    "They are still investigating." Topper chimed in.

    "What is it with you two? Defending a murder?" Kelce was on Taylor's side.

    I could see JJ become angry. but before I could stop him, he snapped.

    "Shut up!"


    "Shut Up, Demi!"

    I Don't think we were talking to you, Pogue." Kelce only added fuel to the fire.

    "Can I have everybody's attention, Please? I have a little announcement to make!" JJ tapped a knife to a plastic cup.

    "My best friend, John B, did not kill Sheriff Peterkin! Rafe Cameron killed and shot the sheriff in cold blood!"

    "Demi, are you really gonna let him insult Rafe like that?" Taylor asked.

    "Is that so hard for you to believe?

    "It is actually hard for me to believe because it's always the... the kook's fault, It's never the pogues fault." Kelce stood up.

    JJ dumped water on kelce and they started fighting.

    "Stop!" I yelled as Topper held JJ back.

    "Yeah, I know Raz. I know." JJ sighed taking off his aperon.

    "My God Taylor! What has gotten into you?" I ran off.


    "Hey!" I ran after him, managing to grab his shoulder.

    "Go away Demi! Go back to your Kook Life with your kook money and all your kook friends." I kept walking to his bike.

    "JJ MAYBANK LOOK AT ME! DAMN IT!" I ran in front of his bike before he could go anywhere.

    "I don't want this life! I want You!" I was barely able to let out the last word before he rode away

    "I love you." I said to myself as I watched him leave


    How School works in the outer banks is funny, You have the elementary building, Junior High Building, Then your Highschool building, once a unified school where status didn't matter. up until 1978. In 1979 instead of building another school, the city decided to split the school into two wings, The East wing has all the Pogues in their free time , West wing has all the Kooks 'AKA Kook Academy' where we hang out, We all have our spaces. for instance, Courtyard is where the Pogues eat, cafeteria is for the Kooks. Except The library, That has to be shared. As well as most of the core four classes (Math, History, Science, English.) but electives the kooks have their classes separately from the pogues.


    "Does any one know what the immigration act of 1924 most directly reflect? Mr.Maybank?" The teacher asked.

    "It means...immigrants were welcome but not all of them?" JJ questioned.

    "I think what he means is The Immigration Act of 1924 produced highly discriminatory results because it set a max on how many immigrants could come to the US depending on what country they came from. " I helped JJ.

    Suddenly all four of our phones went off at the same time, causing us to look at each other confused.

    Incoming Text Unknown Number

    "You get this" I showed my phone to JJ who was behind me.

    We all exchanged glances while we opened out phones.

    "Fuck off."I looked at the photo forgetting where I was.

    "Ms. Thornton!"

    "Sorry! I know my bad! on that thought, I have to go teach my fish how to... skateboard!"I ran out of class.

    "I have to help her." I heard Kiara got up.

    "Me too." JJ followed.

    "I as well." Pope shut the door.

    We all ran out to the courtyard and stared at our phones in disbelief

    Kie:WTF is this you???

    Unknown: Is JJ there?

    JJ: I'm here Bree

    Unknown: Did you pimp my short board?

    "It's him." I laughed jumping up

    JJ picked me up and spun me around squeezing me.

    "Sorry." He got himself together.

    "I'll text you later, I have a plan but I need to go talk to Rafe." I sighed.

    "Yeah, I noticed your ring yesterday." JJ pointed to his ring which was still on my finger.

    "Oh, That. It was an emotional mistake, I-"

    "It's fine, I know you can't just automatically stop loving someone." JJ held my hand before running back to class.


    I feel like I have two sides

    Demetria Jane- The Kook Queen everybody praises for being so 'perfect' The one who pleases everyone, and trashes the pogues so she doesn't look suspicious.

    Demi- The real me, the one who loves surfing and getting high while you walk through the forest, the one who enjoys hanging out with the pogues and fell for one.

    "While they get to run around, say any goddamn thing they want about me, about my family." Ward was angry at my dad.

    "Hi Dad." I walked past him.

    "Why aren't you in school?"

    "Why aren't you arresting the people who did this to the Cameron's Estate?" Demetria came out.

    "Well I'm not getting an answer from you, am I?" He sighed.

    "No sir." I walked inside the gates.

    I saw Rafe on their lawn and my heart skipped a beat

    I dropped my bag on the lawn and jumped into his arms as he spun me around.

    "I missed you." He let me down kissing me.

    Ward came past us stomping into the house.

    "Do you think he'll close the case?" Rafe asked.

    "I don't know?"

    "Well is he going to at least bag those pogues for vandalizing the house?"

    "I don't know,Rafe! What do you want from me? I don't know!"

    "You know what I think we should do?" Rafe sighed.

    "No. What should we do? Tell me, please." Ward yelled.

    "I-I think we should kill them all." Rafe said quietly.

    "Oh, Uh- I don't know about that." I laughed nervously, trying to end the conversation.

    "I'll talk to him Mr. Cameron, I promise my dad will come around." I picked up my backpack and led Rafe inside


    "How are you feeling? About this whole situation?" I asked Rafe as I set down my backpack.

    "Nervous, My dad gave the pilot the gun and told him to dump it, lets just hope he did." Rafe sighed, falling back on his bed.

    "Really?" I looked at him, knowing I just caught useful information.

    He continued to tell me all about the elaborate things his dad has done to keep their name clear.

    "I'm just confused as to why your dad is still looking into us, because isn't the whole reason we are together to get him to back off." "That's my cue to leave." I got upset.

    "Demi, no I- I didn't mean it like that." Rafe apologized.

    "No, because that is exactly what you meant, I'm not a motive, I am a person who loves you despite all the stupid shit you've done." I grabbed my stuff, set his ring back on his dresser, and left.


    "So we going to the Bahamas or what?" JJ asked as I sat down next to Kiara.

    "There is no way we're going to the Bahamas." Pope brought JJ back into reality.

    "John B will get nabbed sooner or later." I sighed looking at an ambitious JJ.

    "Exactly, so if we're gonna clear his name, we need to have done it yesterday." Kiara agreed to what I was saying.

    "I'll tell you how we do it." JJ straightened up, excited to share his 'Big Idea'

    "Oh God."

    "SO you have it all planned out?"

    "As a matter of fact, I do. We kidnap Rafe."

    "I'm sorry, What?" Pope questioned JJ.

    "We kidnap Rafe, tie him up and stick a gun in his mouth, and just wait till he starts squawking." JJ repeated his plan in more detail. "Okay, I'm partially listening." I said.

    "Really? Out of all of us, I'd think you would have objected the most." he was surprised.

    "We are in a rough patch right now." I sighed. "Said our relationship was a motive."

    "JJ, you know, tortures' a war crime." Kiara looked at him, as if there was nothing in his head.

    "True, So how exactly do you plan on clearing John B's name from a prison cell? Because that's a felony " I asked.

    "I thought you were with me!" JJ gasped at my 'betrayal'

    "Yeah, but then I realized I had common sense."

    "All right, well, what do you got, Demetria I was just trying to keep it simple. You know, one stop and we're done." He asked, sitting down next to me.

    "Please don't call me that, It reminds me I'm a kook." I groaned.

    "All we need is a material witness, we saw Ward's plane fly over our heads, with the gold inside of it. Somebody else was there." Pope said.

    "The Pilot! Rafe said Ward handed the gun to the pilot to drop in the ocean. What if he still has the gun Rafe used to Shoot peterkin?" I blurted.

    "This is why we need you on the team!" Kiara high fived me.

    "We just have to find him,and get them to confess on record." I continued my thought.

    "How do we do that?" Pope asked.

    "A light espionage?"

    "A little ghost recon." JJ put his cap back on.

    "Woogity, woogity?" Pope asked. We all tapped each other's fingers together.


    "If this guy flew planes for Ward, he's gotta be pretty tight-lipped." Kiara drove, Pope next to him, I was in the back with JJ.

    "So the direct approach gets my vote." JJ cocked his gun. "What are you doing?" I took the gun from him, shoving it back down into his bag.

    "JJ, No." Pope turned around.

    "What if we tickle the wire?" Pope suggested a safer plan.


    "We tickle the wire. We plant my phone in his car, and then we listen in on Demi's Airpods."

    "Uh, That's his house." I pointed to a one story house with teal shutters.

    "Honk or, uh ... yell if you see anything suspicious." Pope got out of the car.

    "Don't do anything dangerous." Kiara asked.

    "Come on, I'm not JJ."

    I bursted out laughing at the insult Pope threw.

    "Funny Pope. I love third wheeling. It's my favorite thing."

    "Now I'm Third wheeling." Kiara turned to us.

    "What?" I acted confused.

    "It's obvious you like each other."

    "No, no, no. Don't turn this around on us." JJ avoided the topic."How's it been going, you know with pope and all?"

    "In the bedroom, is he like, kinda freaky, 'cause it's Pope, you know?" JJ tried to stop the awkward tension even more.

    "JJ!" I groaned. "Leave her alone."

    "Why are you asking?" Kiara turned to us again.

    "I don't know. Just kind of curious. I'm just spitballing here."

    "You don't need to spitball, we could just sit in silence." "Ranking wise--"

    "Oh, you're still asking."

    "Is- is John B better?" JJ threw out, catching both of us off guard.

    "WHAT!" Kiara looked disgusted.

    Pope ran back to the car, saving Kiara from that awkward interrogation.

    "Phase one complete." He buckled his seat belt.


    "Why does Demi get to tickle?" JJ asked.

    "She's the best tickler." Pope answered.

    "Should I do an accent?" I stopped their bickering.

    "Definitely disguise your voice." Pope advised.

    "Like what? Batman?" I did my best impression.

    "Batman." They all agreed.

    We dialed the number and waited nervously for him to pick up.


    "Hello." I said in my deepest voice. I shook my head and just talked normally.

    "Hello?" "Is Gavin there?" I continued.

    "This is Gavin. Who's this?"

    "I know what happened on the tarmac." I cut to the point.

    "Um...who's this?"

    "It was Rafe Cameron." My breath became shaky, remembering everything that happened. "But you already knew that, and lied about it."

    "Okay, who is this?"

    "We're gonna prove it."

    "Tell me who this is."

    "You could have saved her, Gavin, but you didn't. You are not getting away with this." I hung up.

    Soon he drove away and called Ward.

    "He's calling Ward." I put an airpod in, while Pope had the other.


    "Can you talk? We need to negotiate."

    "What do you mean to renegotiate? Gavin."

    "I need to be paid more!"

    "You need to stop and think very carefully about what you are going to say here, okay, because I have treated you very well. I can't figure out why I should give you one more penny."

    "Ive got something that could put you away for life!"

    "What are you talking about? I have the Sheriff on my side because of my son and his daughter."


    I started crying. I felt like everything was my fault.


    " I got the gun your son used, I have it, I know you told me to toss it. I know how you work, I kept it."


    "I can't listen anymore." I handed the airpod back to Pope.

    "It's going to be ok, we will get you out of that family's web of lies." JJ took me into his arms.

    "We gotta go." We all got out of the car. Running as fast as we can through yards, jumping fences, you name it, we needed to hear what was going on.

    "Hey Sean, Hey Tay." I ran past Taylor and her brother in his pool.

    "Sean, oh this is where you live you old kook." JJ ran behind me.

    "Surf shop!" Pope ran.

    "We don't have time to take kie's car." JJ yelled. "It's blocked in there's no way." Kiara agreed.

    "My house is right there! We can take my G wagon." I ran unlocking my car, we all piled in and speeded to the place where they were meeting.

    Little did we know this would set things into motion quickly


    Thank you for reading!

    Please interact! it lets me know people are reading!

    Have a great rest of your day!

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  • sophialikesthings
    17.09.2021 - 1 week ago

    Death Of Me Part 2

    Demi Thornton Played By Danielle Rose Russell




    JJ Maybank Played By Rudy Pankow




    Rafe Cameron Played By Drew Starkey




    Taylor Kirk played by Natalia Dyer

    Topper Thornton played by Austin North

    John Booker Routledge played by Chase Stokes

    Sarah Cameron played by Madelyn Cline

    Kiara Carrera played by Madison Bailey

    Pope Hayward played by Jonathan Daviss

    Cynthia Thornton played by Mary Rachel Quinn

    Leonard Thornton played by Josh Brolin




    Demitria 2.0

    volυмe : ▁▂▃▄▅▆▇▉


    playιng: [Love You Give] - [Warbel] 0:40 ─⊙───────── 3:04 ↻ ◁ II ▷ ↺ |Who could find me low, take me so high

    Nothing but the love you give.|


    playιng: [Everything I Did to Get to You] - [Ben Platt] 1:37 ───⊙──── 3:07 ↻ ◁ II ▷ ↺ |I've Been Bruised And Burned,But Somehow I'm Intact|


    playιng: [Carolina] - [Harry Styles] 1:07 ───⊙─────── 3:09 ↻ ◁ II ▷ ↺ |Gets Into Parties Without Invitation|


    playιng: [Talk Fast] - [5 Seconds of Summer] 0:48 ─⊙─────── 3:07 ↻ ◁ II ▷ ↺ |Talk Fast Romance|


    playιng: [Let You Love Me] - [Rita Ora ] 0:11⊙───── 3:49 |I think I run away sometimes Whenever I get too vulnerable|


    playιng: [Dancing With Our Hands Tied] - [Taylor Swift] 1:27 ───⊙──── 3:31 ↻ ◁ II ▷ ↺ |I- I loved you in spite of, deep fears that the world would divide us|


    playιng: [Beautiful] - [Duncan Laurence]

    0:49 ─⊙ ────── 4:17 ↻ ◁ II ▷ ↺ |I love how you're always, the beauty in my pain|


    playιng: [Skinny Dipping] - [Sabrina Carpenter] 0:50 ─⊙────── 2:57 ↻ ◁ II ▷ ↺ |We've been swimming on the edge of a cliff I'm resistant, but going down with the ship It'd bе so nice, right? Right? If we could take it all off and just еxist And skinny dip in water under the bridge|


    playιng: [Till Forever Falls Apart] - [Ashe,FINNEAS] 1:11 ───⊙─────── 3:42 ↻ ◁ II ▷ ↺ |I'll Be Yours Forever Till Forever Falls Apart|


    playιng: [Lose Myself] - [Nick Willson] 0:47 ───⊙─────── 3:42 ↻ ◁ II ▷ ↺ |Now My Heart Has Opened Up To Something New, I Just Want To Lose Myself In You|

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  • sophialikesthings
    17.09.2021 - 1 week ago

    Death Of Me Chapter 10

    Song: Death Of Me- PVRIS

    I walked over To JJ on the deck as Kiara and Pope bickered before us.

    "What's up with them?" I asked looking over at JJ who greeted me with a smile.

    "No clue? What happened to you." He acknowledged my bandage around my leg.

    "Rafe set the old church on fire, burned my leg in the crosswind of that situation."

    "I have no clue what you just said." He laughed poking fun at me.

    We heard a loud sound coming from above, I looked up to see a helicopter.

    "What the Hell is that?" Kiara asked.

    "That would be the SBI, My uncle Thomas works there." I muttered.

    "Really? are just all of your relatives working for the government " JJ asked.

    "Yeah." I went inside so they didn't see us.

    "Look This whole thing has gotten out of hand, Pope has a plan we are gonna stick to it." JJ Set me and Kie straight.

    Kie walked away, hopping in the car to go meet Pope.

    "You're hot when you're assertive." I whispered in his ear making him blush as I followed Kie outside.

    "Where the hell have you been." Mrs.Carrera yelled   "We were up half the night, scared to death looking for you. were you even gonna tell us? " She scolded us.

    "Well, I'm telling you right now."

    "Alright, What the hell are you three up to?"

    "I'm sorry, Miss Anna, we gotta go." I apologized.

    "Absolutely not have you heard what's going on out there?"

    "Mom, I'll explain later."


    My heart sank as JJ got out of the car to go get the boat keys.

    "Ughhh." I slouched down in the back seat.

    "He is so whipped for you." Kiara turned to me.

    "Is not." I stuck my tongue out at her.

    "You know, you are lucky your parents aren't forcing you to marry a guy." I played with my fingers

    "Yeah, what is that about?" She turned to me.

    "I don't even know.  I feel brainwashed, I love rafe, but i hate myself for doing so."

    We saw JJ come out of the house.

    "You drive, I'm exhausted." Kiara got out of the car.

    "ok." we swapped seats.

    I could see the sadness in JJ's eyes.

    I grabbed his hand and held it while I drove, smiles plastered on our faces.


    "So this is the famous boat?" Kiara laughed, as JJ unveiled 'her'

    We heard tires screech and footsteps.

    "Pope. Finally." Kiara said as she helped me hop up on the truck bed to get onto the boat.

    "Hey there." Rafe came out of the corner.

    I immediately jumped down and ran over to him. Barry came out from the other side, cocked the gun and pointed it at JJ.

    "Don't think I forgot about you and I on the side of the road."

    "What are you doing with these people Demi?" Rafe asked.

    "I'll tell you as soon as he drops the gun." I tried to compromise.

    I felt Rafe pick me up as barry slammed JJ to the ground.

    "Rafe, please. This isn't you! You are kind, sweet, loving, caring, you would do anything to make me happy." I tried to get him to snap out of it.

    "Demi Listen." He forcefully grabbed my arms.

    "Don't touch her!" Pope hit rafe with a crow bar causing him to let go.

    I was horrified. Seeing Rafe get hurt was one of the worst feelings I could ever feel.

    "POPE STOP!" Kiara jumped in front of him

    "Demi, we have to go." JJ yelled.

    I ran over to them looking back at rafe as he laid almost lifeless on the floor


    "I'm sorry for like, throwing us off a cliff, getting us into this whole gold mess." John B laughed.

    "Don't be! I mean we were bound to jump off a cliff at some point." JJ laughed along.

    "I'll let you guys have your moment, I should go take care of the mess we made." I hugged John B goodbye.

    "Stay safe, please." JJ held my hand.

    "Only for you." I ran off.


    "Hey, please don't hurt me." I cautiously approached him.

    "What makes us believe you, you aren't here to steal more money from me." Barry asked.

    "50K, Here." I set down the stacks of bills i had with me. "Just, don't hurt them please." I walked over to Rafe.

    I took my bandana I had in my bag and wiped the blood off of him.

    "I'm guessing you want this back." I unclasped my necklace handing it to him.

    "What? No, no. I want to work through this, a chance for us to have a clean slate. Because I love you, and I don't want you leaving me again." He put the necklace back on me.

    "You should wear your hair parted more often, it looks sexy." I pushed his hair back.

    "Will do, I've gotta go back to my place, I'll see you later." He pulled me in for a kiss.

    "DEMITRIA! Get in the car, NOW!" My father yelled, I could see JJ in one cop car, Kiara and Pope in the other.

    "Coming." I kissed Rafe again before running over.


    We arrived at the makeshift control center filled with SBI, and county sheriffs.

    As soon as I could I ran over and hugged all of them.

    "Sit down Don't move. We got a lot to talk about." My dad barked orders at us.

    I just broke down. scared about what will happen. JJ enfolded me into his arms hugging me as if he didn't want to let go.

    "I'm scared JJ." I finally admitted. Burying my head into his shoulder.

    "Shit." I could see the power start to flicker on. "They are about to get caught."

    The light house began shining the heavy light out onto the water. The beam directly pointing to the phantom.

    "The suspect seems to be headed south, our attempt to make contact was unsuccessful. We're gettin' hammered here." Someone said over the comms

    "What is he doing he was supposed to go through the swamp."Pope groaned silently.

    "That wouldn't work they surrounded him. This is the only way" I responded.

    "Boat went under sir," My dad reported.

    "Send a search team!"

    "On it."

    At this point we were all crying, Kiara holding on to Pope, while I was clinging to JJ.


    About an hour had past and the rain only came down harder. Suddenly my father and his team walked int to tent.

    "Well?" I got up along with the rest of them.

    "We lost them." He said with a shaky voice.

    Shocked. We all looked at each other in disbelief. At this point I felt like I have been crying more than I have smiled. JJ held on to me for dear life as he cried into my shoulder.

    Pope and Kiara's parents arrived and consoled them. I looked over to see a lonely JJ.

    "Demi." Topper pulled down his hood.

    I ran over to JJ and we just held each other.

    "Stay with me, at my house. Please." I asked him.

    "I- I can't." He sighed.

    "Just for the night, JJ I need to know you'll be ok and won't hurt yourself."

    "What about your dad? Rafe? Topper?"

    "I'll make sure they are ok with it." I held him tighter.


    "HE HAS NOBODY! Let him stay, please dad!" I begged.

    "Fine!" He gave in.

    I walked into my room with JJ. I handed him some of Toppers old clothes and changed into dry ones.

    "I can sleep on the floor." JJ grabbed a pillow.

    "Don't." I put my hair down.

    We both got into my bed and just looked at each other. I hugged him again, knowing he was going to break again.

    even though we were both in pieces, when we were together we were whole.

    "You, JJ Maybank, will be the Death Of Me."


    Part 2 will be out later today! 12PM CST! Thank you all for your love and support it means the word to me

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  • leafygween
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    just finished s2. have so many thoughts about outer banks and approximately 5% of them are good. it’s the kind of stupid teen angst that has me entertained because, what possible trope will they use next? what’s the next conflict?? just,,, as a film student,,,, god i have opinions

    #its like watching a train wreck #you never know whats happening next #but you also know exactly what’s happening next #like coming back from the dead loses its sparkle when it happens four damn times #and like always #so much of this could have been solved with communications #and sixteen year olds NOT trying to just be authorities #outer banks#obx spoilers#obx#obx netflix
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  • sophialikesthings
    16.09.2021 - 1 week ago

    Song-No Body,No Crime-Taylor Swift

    Numb. the deprivation of feelings or emotions.

    That's what I was standing in that field moments after I witnessed what happened.

    "Come on, We should go." JJ rubbed my back.

    "We don't have a car, dumbass." Kiara insulted him.

    "We can hide out in the hanger." Pope pointed

    We carefully scanned the room making sure nobody else was there.

    I just went to a corner and curled myself up into a ball and sat there, questioning my sanity for still loving him.

    "There goes the gold!" JJ looked up at the plane that just took off.

    "Fuck!" Pope yelled, throwing something he found at the wall. He grabbed anything he could carry and threw it all, things were thrown all over, shattered glass carpeting the floor.

    "I need to go see him." I got up.

    "What? Demi are you insane?" JJ asked.

    "I am because I still love him and I don't know how to stop." I broke down again.

    "I'm scared that if I leave him, That will happen to me."


    "Demi, I don't think it's a good time right now." Rose opened the door.

    "Rose, I know what happened, and you and I both know he needs me right now. So please, let me see him."

    "He is in the den." She let me inside.

    "What are you doing here?" Ward asked as he vigorously washed his hands trying to get her blood off of them.

    "I came to see Rafe, I- I know what happened Mr.Cameron, and I promise I won't tell a soul." I put on my fake face.

    "So can I see him?"

    "Yes, he is in the den." He pointed at the door.

    I carefully opened the door and saw a distressed Rafe contemplating on the couch.

    "D-Demi." he got up.

    "I saw what happened, I wanted to say goodbye to Sarah and when I got there you shot her."

    "I was protecting my father, I was protecting our future!" He paced.

    "Calm down!" I pulled his arm towards me. "Rafe...you have done some of the most horrendous things to me and somehow I always go back to you, I don't know why? But I do."

    "Don't say that. I do what I think will protect you." He hugged me.

    "Mind if I come in?" Ward asked.

    "I'll go." I was about to get up.

    "No, no Demi stay," Rafe asked. "Is she alive?"

    Ward shook his head causing Rafe to sink into me.

    "What did you tell the cops? Are they coming here?"

    "I told them John B did it." Ward walked over to his desk.

    "Demi, I need you to take him up to his room, get him all cleaned up." He told me " take a shower change your clothes. If anybody asked you were working all day, doin' maintenance on the druthers."

    "No, Rose knows I wasn't here."

    "I will talk to Rose, okay?"

    "Come on." I got up and took Rafes' hand.


    "I was protecting him." Rafe continued to tell me.

    "I know, can you take your shirt off, please you need to shower." I turned the water on.

    "Will you join me?" He asked.


    "Please, I just don't want to be left alone, because If I am, I'm scared I might do something."



    "I'm gonna go check in on Wheezie, I'll be back in a minute." I got up

    "Hey, wheeze."

    "Hey, did you come to ignore me too?" She asked looking up from her phone

    "No, but I did come to hang out with you." I got a text.


    I am sorry for nagging you about staying

    with Rafe, I understand you are just trying to

    keep your loved ones safe


    Yeah, I was trying to keep you safe.

    "Who are you texting?" Wheezie asked piercing over my shoulder.

    "Huh? Oh, just Topper."

    "Well, I'm tired, you can stay if you'd like, or you can go bang my brother." She nonchalantly said lying down.

    "Whoa! What?" She caught me off guard.

    "You know what I mean, you and my brother bang, like constantly."

    "You know wheeze, sometimes I wish we didn't." I lied down next to her. "I mean, I feel like it adds unneeded pressure to our relationship."

    "For what it's worth, you have really nice glute muscles." She made me laugh.

    "I love you wheeze." I tossed my arm over her, hugging her.

    "I love you too, you are like another cool sibling."

    We both drifted to sleep.


    "Do you hear that?" I got woken up by Wheezie.


    I heard Rafe in the other room muttering to himself. I got up and went to check on him, Wheezie behind me.

    "Hey, What are you doin'?" I walked over to him, placing a kiss on his bicep where my face stood due to our height difference of almost afoot.

    "Tossin' this crap." He threw a bunched-up pile of shirts into a worn-out backpack.

    "Isn't this where John B was staying?" I questioned

    "Yeah, well, I don't think he's gonna be by anytime soon to pick it up, so--"

    "Why?" Wheezie interrogated.

    "Did you say why?" He looked at her, confused.

    "Didn't Dad tell you?"

    "He doesn't tell me anything, so." She sighed, propping her head up on her hands.

    "Um... so, John B... Killed Sheriff Peterkin." He acted sad.


    "Yeah." He tried to get her to believe him.

    "Are you smiling right now? I'm not joking. Like, this isn't a game. I don't--"

    Wheezie looked away as if she was bored of the story Rafe was telling her.

    He slapped the bedpost almost hitting her face, causing both of us to wince out of fear.

    "Hey, calm down." I pulled him back slightly.

    "I don't know why you're smiling, okay? Look at me. I saw it with my own two eyes." He lied.

    It hurt me, to know that I would have to lie to Wheezie. It made me sick just how easy Rafe could lie to anyone, doubts now filling my mind with everything he's ever said to me.

    "He shot her, and then you know what he did?"

    I snapped back into the conversation.

    "He tried to shoot dad, but you know what? I stepped in and I stopped him, I saved Dad."

    "Why would John B want to kill dad?" She questioned his story.

    "Because um... he thinks dad killed his father."

    My eyes widened as if Rafe heard the conversation I had with John B.

    "Rafe, do you want to come over to my house, Taylor, Kelce, and Top will be there?" I tried to stop the conversation.

    "I can't right now, I have to help my dad with the police reports." He kissed me, walking out of the room.

    "Okay, well I'm headed home Wheeze, give me a call if you need me." I hugged her goodbye.


    That Night


    "I hate it. I'm in a toxic cycle I can't break free from." I groaned, dumping all my life issues on Taylor as usual.

    "Welcome to being a Kook, Your parents stick you into toxic relationships, ask you to make babies, then dump your ass at a mansion and the cycle repeats." She took a swig of rum.

    "Taylor, I love-" I got interrupted by the boys running past my room. I heard the laundry room door shut and Topper and Kelce forcefully holding it closed.

    "What's going on? Who's in there?" I walked out into the hallway.

    "Please just--just let me out." I heard John B.

    "Are you two insane! Let him out!" I demanded, trying to get past them.

    "Word on the street bro, you are worth 25k, dead or alive." Kelce shouted.

    "Kelce, stop." Taylor asked, pulling him back so I could go up to the door, next to Topper.

    "I'm gonna go get the cops, don't let him out." Taylor and Kelce walked away.

    "John B, It's Topper." He started.

    "Hey Top, It's John B." I could hear him panic.

    "You gonna try to talk your way out?" Topper chuckled.

    "Let him go, He's innocent." I tried to push him out of my way.

    "Just cut the bull shit. Alright?" He ignored me.

    "I didn't shoot the Sheriff, All right? Rafe did. Sarah was there. She saw the whole thing, Demi saw it too."

    "Oh! It was Rafe! My bad." He rolled his eyes.

    "Look Man, I know you don't believe me and honestly, I probably wouldn't believe myself either, but... I-- I get it, you hate me because of Sarah." He tried to talk to him.

    "You knew we were boyfriend and girlfriend, right?"

    I could hear the sirens in the distance as the tension built up.

    "Let him go! Please." I started crying.

    "And, um, I -- I got another question." he leaned against the door that was being held shut by a chair. "Did you fuck her."

    "Topper!" I hit the back of his head, my strength not enough to make him flinch.

    "Yes or no John B."

    "Ok-- Uh yes." He said. "We did it...once. Okay? But don't use the f-word. That's kind of gross." He spoke trying to get Topper to understand him.

    Suddenly we heard the police sirens from outside.

    "Alright John B! It's Sheriff Thornton out here. We got you surrounded. We don't need anymore blood shed." My dad yelled into his megaphone

    "Topper, Topper please, I am begging you to let him go." At this point I was hysterical, my eyes burnt from the many tears streaming down my face.

    The sound of heavy footsteps got closer as they ran up the porch stairs.

    "We're back here dad!" Topper yelled.

    "Please!" I whispered.

    "No mercy Dad." He took me outside with him.

    "Damn it!" He slipped through the vents!" I heard my dad yell, easing my worry.

    "Do not put your hands on me!" I screamed as Topper held me in front of him, pushing me outside.

    "Demi! He is dangerous! I am protecting you, you are my little sister and I don't want you to get hurt."

    "The only thing I need protecting from is this family! You make them out to be the villains when really it's you, and everybody else on this side of the island.

    As everyone was spreading out searching for him Sarah rode up to me on her bike.

    "I'm having everyone meet at the church. Be there in an hour, I think the others have a plan." She quietly whispered.


    The Church Bell went off 3 times before I ran in there.

    "What are you doing!" I stopped him.

    "Demi, Sarah, I warned you about these pogues!" Topper held his hands up in defence.

    "He's innocent." Sarah sobbed.

    "Then who did it?" Topper asked.

    "Rafe! Rafe shot Sheriff Peterkin, I saw him." I finally spoke up. I could feel my eyes starting to water again.

    "What are you talking about?" he didn't believe me

    "Sarah, we gotta go!" John B noticed all the police starting to gather outside.

    "Sarah, You realize I'm the one that loves you." Topper Repeated, telling Sarah this many times before.

    "I'm sorry for what I did. I'm sorry," She apologized "But this isn't about you."

    "Hey we've gotta go." John B broke up their conversation.

    "You go, I'll take care of him." I took my helpless blubbering brother into my arms

    "Let me make it up to you." Topper laid out his plan, Sarah and I swapped clothes. Quickly,

    "Y'all smell smoke?" I asked.

    "Holy shit, go." Sarah looked down the ladder to see the bright light from the fire.

    Topper and I headed out of the church with our hands in the air acting as if we were John B and Sarah.

    "GET DOWN." The cops were yelling at us.

    "Hol-Hold shoot, those are my kids." My dad commanded the others to put the guns down.

    "Demitria and Topper, What the hell were you two thinking!?" He snarled.

    "I- I don't know what happened dad, I'm sorry for causing trouble." Topper apologized "They went that way." I pointed in the opposite direction.

    "Are you alright? Do you need a medic?" Topper asked me.

    "I'm ok, I just burned my calf, that's all." I hissed as the wind blew causing my leg to sting.

    "Demi! Dem, I- I didn't mean for this to happen!" Rafe ran over to me.

    "Of course you did this!" I started limping away.

    "Demi, I never meant to hurt you."

    "How's that turning out?"

    === Ahhhhh late post but... The final chapter of part one is tomorrow and I am actually almost done with part two!

    Feedback is appreciated!

    Messages are always open!

    Thankful for you all

    also I need someone to help me pick an ending... so If you want to help me out just message me 😊

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    So, I know no one cares but can we just talk about how Pope acts like the victim in the whole him an Kiera thing?? But at the same time he warned her, right before that doing that might ruin their friendship but she seemed so sure that she liked him?? She’s totally valid and allowed to feel the way she does about it even though it hurt Pope. He shouldn’t have reacted the way he did, instead, he should have told her how he felt about it instead of gaslighting her. The entire situation was sad and felt wrong to them both from the start, but ya live and learn I suppose.

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    Death Of Me Chapter 8

    Song: Haunted-Taylor Swift

    RAFES POV "Listen, Rafe, I need you to get that key from her." My dad said over the phone. "I-I can't just steal something from her. She already hates me as is, I want things to be better for us." I explained. "Son, you and I both know Demi has the key I need, just take it from her." He hung up.


    Incoming Call from...Rafe Cameron Accept|Decline

    I put my phone back into my pocket. I walked over to JJ who was drinking a beer sitting on the edge of the hot tub.

    "Mind if I join you?" I dipped my feet in sitting on the edge next to him

    "Always." He blushed.

    "Look Demi, I know you are with Rafe, and I know you can't just stop it in its tracks. But why do you love him?" He looked at me.

    "I don't know? I guess I have never experienced love. My parents' relationship is a lot like mine and Rafe's so it is what I have always known." I explained.

    "But I think my brain only remembers the happy memories, because I keep going back to him. For me he is the only option, a--and I don't want to lose him because I am scared that I'll never have that feeling again, I go back to him because despite all my family baggage, he loves me, Everyday I hate myself for loving him, Everyday I hate myself for wanting to kiss him."

    "Another thing is, I'm scared he will hurt the ones I love if I leave him."

    "Where's John B?" Pope interrupted us.

    "There he is." I pointed. He angrily walked past us into the house.

    "Hey I set up the pulley system all by myself." JJ lied.

    "No, He did not. I did that." Pope disagreed.

    "Hey." I got up and followed him.

    John B stood in the kitchen rummaging around all the drawers looking for something.

    "What are you looking for?"

    He went and pulled out the gun from under the couch cushions

    "Whoa!" JJ stopped him. He shoved JJ onto the pull out.

    "John B, Chill!" Kiara yelled

    He stormed out of the house jumping on a dirt bike

    "John B! What is going on?" I asked.

    "Ward knows about the gold! He knows you have the key to get in Tanny Hill! He called Rafe, asking him to steal it from your room to get into the house." He said riding off.

    "Shit! Uh...ok! Kie and Pope, you two stay here and work on the pulley system, JJ and I will go back to my house and make sure the key along with the spare is still in my room." I jumped in my car.

    === I ran into my room to see it trashed.

    "Damn it!" JJ threw his cap on the floor.

    "The spare." I remembered.

    I opened my dresser and pulled out the fake bottom revealing, Blunts, Booze,Condoms and the spare key.

    "That is the sexiest drawer I have ever seen."

    "Yeah, maybe we can use it sometime. But we gotta get back to Tanny Hill fast!" I got up.

    I drove across town as fast as I could to be greeted by John B.

    I looked around to see wheelbarrows with 'Cameron Development' on it.

    We immediately ran to where we dug a tunnel crawling through it as fast as we could.

    As we finally made it to the end... nothing. They took it all

    "Fuck this I need to talk to him." I turned around and started crawling back.

    "Demi, please I don't want you getting hurt." JJ pleaded.

    "JJ, They do not get to come in and take everything that you guys have worked for. Not this time." === "Rafe?" I called out walking up the stairs that lead to the back deck.

    "I'm sorry, for everything, going through your room, hurting your friends, making you angry. I love you with every cell in my body." He immediately started apologizing.

    "Why? Why did you do it?" I immediately broke down.

    "I wanted to prove to my dad that I was a good son. But I realize that that isn't important to me. You are. From now on, everything I do, it will be for us."

    I can't explain it, it is like a spell, I can't stay mad at him.

    "Rafe?" Wheezie called out.

    "This is a sweet crib Demi! How'd you con your parents into letting him crash here?" She asked.

    "He has to sleep with Topper." I laughed.

    "Cool, can I crash here too?" she asked, sitting down.

    "For sure."

    "What happened? Dad kicked you out too?" Rafe asked her.

    "Worse. I am officially the least favorite daughter." She sighed.

    "Sarah and Dad are going to the Bahamas, and did they invite me? Nope."

    My eyes as well as Rafes shot up at her.

    "Wait, they are going to the Bahama house? In summer?"

    "Yeah. I mean, according to Rose, it's for business. I mean they say it's for development, and for this 'super-secret 'reason, they're going to the bahamas.

    "You know, I --I know about, like... a billion times more about business than she does. What-- what is this?"

    "Calm down, you will have your chance to go to the Bahamas." I got on my phone.


    JJ! SOS! Gold is headed to the Bahamas TODAY!

    Ward is taking Sarah with him!


    Come over ASAP!

    "Ugh. We're the black sheep. Get used to it, Rafe." Wheezie got up.


    Suddenly, Rafe grabbed her wrist.

    "Wheezie, shut up!"

    "Hey, no need to put a hand on her!" I got up helping Wheezie

    "Here! My life savings." She threw cash at him.

    "You asked your little sister for money!"

    "I'll pay you back." He sat down and counted the bills.

    "No you won't." she mumbled.

    "Wheeze, do you need a ride home? I'm on my way out." I offered.

    "Yea sure." She grabbed her backpack off the table.


    I dropped Wheezie off and met the others on the pier back by John B's house.\

    "You sure he got everything?" Kiara asked.

    I jumped up on the ledge by her

    "Everything, not even a twelfth of one." I answered the question.

    Pope ran up to us in a suit, his dress shirt drenched in sweat.

    "Okay! I made it, let's go get the gold." He panted .

    We all piled into the van adrenaline coursing through our veins.

    "I say we go in there, guns-a-blazing, and make Ward Cameron beg for mercy, absconded with as much gold as possible and vamonos, get the hell out of there." JJ loaded his gun.

    We arrived behind the landing strip, a gate separating us from the gold.

    "They're loading up the gold." Pope looked out of the binoculars.

    John B took them out of Pope's hand to get a closer look.

    "There's Ward." I pointed to a black range rover that drove up next to the plane.

    Suddenly Sarah started yelling as Ward picked her up trying to force her on the plane. John B handed the binoculars to me and ran for the van.

    "John B?" I turned around. He started the engine and ran right through the gate.

    We all ran after him as fast as we could. John B kept driving as fast as he could and the plane didn't stop.

    He turned his van in front of the plane making it stop feet before him.

    All of a sudden we heard police sirens.

    "I can't get arrested." Pope looked at the others.

    "I'm on probation." JJ sighed.

    "Look, we are all better if we aren't here." Kiara turned to us.

    "Wait, She's putting cuffs on Ward." I looked back causing us all to watch.

    "Why is Rafe here?"

    Suddenly we heard a gunshot.

    I just lost it. I turned to JJ and started crying on his shoulder.

    Behind a bleeding Susan, stood rafe still stunned that he just shot her.


    Hello! So I already started Season 2 of this book and am almost done ( I have a lot of free time) So that should be out by next week!

    I also changed my username on Wattpad so It is Sophialikesthings If you see any other version of death of me, Let me know!

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    John B when Wards boat exploded

    #outer banks#obx#john b#ward cameron #john b routledge #obx spoilers #outer banks spoilers
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    Death Of Me Chapter 7


    Song: Helium- Glass Animals (IYKYK 💙💚) "This is the stupidest drawing in the world. Who drew this?" I laughed looking at Kiara.

    "Who do you think?" She looked over at  Pope.

    "Kie, your plan better work because there is no way we can pawn these off with a symbol on it." JJ walked over tossing the gold in front of us.

    "It's gonna work." She held up a blow torch.

    I helped JJ set up the pot where we would melt off the wheat symbol.

    Once the gold was melted down we all hopped in the van and headed towards the local pawn shop.

    "Hell of a job melting it down, Dr.Frankenstein." JJ hopped out of the van looking at the poorly melted glob of gold.

    "Like you could have done any better?"

    "I could have done much better, I took a welding class"


    "Guys chill, all that matters is that the wheat symbol is gone." I tried to mediate the situation

    "Easy for you to say. You're not the one that has to pawn this piece of shit off." JJ held up the gold.

    "How did I get this job anyway?"

    "Because you're the best liar." Pope said as we headed inside.


    "Afternoon ma'am" JJ took his cap off.


    "I see you buy gold." He took off his backpack, the rest of us pretended to look around the store.

    "That's what the sign says don't it?"

    "Well, I sure hope you buy a lot of it, because I'm about to blow your mind." He pulled it out.

    "I ain't got much mind left to blow, so have at it kid."

    "How 'bout them gold apples." he set it down in front of the store clerk.

    "That ain't real." She chuckled

    "That ain't real?" JJ repeated her.

    "Feel how heavy it is."

    She struggled to pick it up and grabbed her magnifier glass and looked closely as if she was examining every inch of it.

    "Spray painted tungsten." She looked at him

    She grabbed a hammer and hit a corner of it.

    "If that wasn't real gold would you dent it that easily ma'am?" JJ questioned her judgement.

    "Hold your horses." She put on her glasses

    After bickering back and forth she put it on a scale.

    "Seven pounds thats a lot of earrings." She didn't believe his lie.

    JJ went on about how his mom had 'alzhimers', trying to gain sympathy from her.

    She walked away to go get someone from the back.

    "Alzhimers? Are you kidding me JJ?" I questioned his lying capabilities. "What? Got me out of many detentions so why not try it now?"

    The owner came back out and started talking prices with JJ I kind of zoned out looking at 'Vintage Jewelry' with Sarah.

    Before I knew it we were headed to the pawn stores warehouse to get the money.

    "JJ, How in the world did you get away with an Alzheimer's lie?" I laughed.

    "Listen man, we got the money didn't we?"

    Suddenly we heard the sounds of police sirens telling us to pull over.

    As we were trying to stash the gold someone pointed a gun at John B, Unfortunately I knew exactly who this was.

    We all carefully did as instructed lying down on the ground while he went through the van.

    John B got up and quickly ran to Barry's car grabbing the car keys and waiting till Barry got back in the car, strangling him getting back the gold he took. JJ ran over to help him get the gold back. While they were throwing punches I scooped up the gold from the passenger's seat and ran back to the van.

    "I got it! Come on."

    "Wait." JJ pulled down his mask.

    "I know this piece of shit!" JJ couldn't believe it

    "He's a base head."

    "Probably knows my brother." Sarah panted.

    "He does."

    "He sells coke to my dad." JJ squared up.

    "Mrs. Country Club!" Before Barry could finish speaking, JJ punched him.

    "Let's go see where this son of a bitch lives?" JJ started walking.

    "I'm gonna remember this shit!" Barry threatened.

    === "I should get back to my place, I'll see you later JJ." I hugged him tightly.

    After I let go I walked back into my house to see the boys hanging out outside.

    "Hey!" I greeted them

    "There you are! I was wondering where you went?" Rafe hugged me kissing the top of my head.

    "Rafe Cameron!" I heard Barry pull up out front.

    "Fuck!" I ran inside to my room, opening the window so I could hear their conversation.

    "What are you doing here man? Are you good?" Rafe asked, pulling him over to the side.

    "No, I aint good man."

    "Alright what happened."

    "Why's your family think I'm just some bitch they can shit on?" Barry asked. "First your dad kneecaps me in my house, then I have to deal with your sister and your girlfriend breaking into my house and stealing my shit." He got upset.

    I saw Topper's face change, he looked up at me and I felt my heart drop.

    "My little sister, Robbed you?" Rafe asked.

    "Yeah, Sarah, Demi, and their surfer rat friends stole 25k from me! That is why I'm here."

    "Demi wouldn't even pick up a dollar off of the streets." Rafe defended me.

    "Sort this shit out or I will! And I wont be nice about it." He barked.

    "What are you gonna do?" Topper asked.

    "I don't know?  That's not my problem." Rafe chuckled.

    "Hey, That's Demi we are talking about." He reminded Rafe.

    === I ran over to the Camerons where Sarah and John B were

    "We gotta go, Like now! Barry came over to my house and told Rafe about everything, Rafes coming to get you." I explained out of breath.

    We quickly left the lot as soon as we could. We made it about five minutes out when Rafe pulled us over.

    "Let me handle it, Sarah, come out when you think it's necessary." I hopped out.

    "What the hell is wrong with you?" I stomped over.

    "There she is!" He took his helmet off.

    "Hello? Are you high?" I asked

    "Damn it Rafe, we could have run you over."

    "I just heard about your little home invasion!" He scoffed.

    "What are you talking about?" I acted clueless.

    "What would your father, the sheriff, say if he knew you were robbing dealers?"

    I heard Sarah step out of the van.

    "And you! What would our dad say?" he pointed at her.

    "I don't know. You could tell him if he didn't kick you out." she snapped back.

    "Listen Demi, I try to take care of you."

    "That's a lie" I laughed.

    "Who's ungrateful, as always, listen, the guy that you robbed is a bad man, Demi."

    "Yeah, I'm aware, Rafe!"

    "Listen! He gave me this,okay?" He showed me his arm.

    Suddenly Topper decided to show up.

    "You take care of your shit, I'll take care of mine!"

    "I"m taking care of my shit! Listen Demi, One day I'm gonna be running the show, for us because I love you!"

    "A-and I don't like it when we fight." He pulled me in for a hug.

    "We will talk about this later."

    === Later That Day === I decided to go and see what JJ was doing because I was bored, oddly I showed up at the house at the same time as Kiara and Pope.

    "Hey, what are you doing here?" Kiara asked, giving me a hug.

    "Checking in on JJ, he had a rough day."

    All of a sudden fairy lights come on.

    "Where did that come from?" We went to the back of the house to find out.

    As we got closer we saw a drunk JJ sitting in a brand new hot tub popping a cork off of a champagne bottle.

    "What did you do? JJ." Pope asked.

    "I got a jet going straight in my butt right now." He laughed.

    "Y'all should get in here immediately. Especially you Demi, you look hot in a bathing suit."

    "Salud!" He held up a plastic champagne glass that was in a flamingo drink floatie.

    We just looked at eachother confused about the sudden change in JJ.

    "JJ? How much did this cost?" I asked.

    "Uh...With the generator, the petrol,and oh, hey, express delivery I'd say...pretty much all of it. Yeah." He chuckled as if this was a joke.

    "All of it? You spent all of it. In one day?" I replied.

    "Yeah, I burned a hole right through my pocket."

    I stepped closer to JJ

    "But, I mean ,like,come on, guys, like, look at this!" He showed it off.

    "Finest in jet-based massage therapy, that's what they told me."

    I just stared at him.

    "Demi, what? Can't a man have a little luxury in his life? Come on, all this scrimpin' and scrapin'... I mean, like...guys, we-- you only live once, right? Enough of this emotional shit. Get in the Cat's Ass. Come on." He gestured us over.

    "In the what?" Kie finally spoke.

    "The Cat's Ass. That's what I named her."

    "Oh, hey, yo I almost forgot." He flipped a switch causing a disco ball to light up and spin

    "Yeah, that's right, I know. Disco mode."

    "Are you kidding me! You could have given it for restitution!" Pope yelled

    "Or any charity!" Kiara chimed in.

    "Or better yet, you could have helped us buy supplies." Pope threw out another suggestion.

    I could see him break.

    "Ok, you know what, I didn't do that! I got a hot tub!" He stood up. I saw the bruises on his body making me feel sick.

    "For my friends." He cried.

    "I got a hot tub for my friends, you know what screw friends. I got a hot tub for my family."

    I slipped off my shoes and got in with him, wrapping him in my arms as he cried out.

    "I can't do it! I can't take him anymore!"

    "It's gonna be okay." I kissed his shoulder while his face was nuzzled in the crook of my neck.

    Soon Kiara and Pope joined in on the hug.

    "I love you JJ." I whispered in his ear.

    "I love you too Demi."

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