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    18.01.2022 - 3 minutes ago


    born in a thunderstorm

    TAGLIST: @foxesandmagic || @lokitrasho || @wordspin-shares || @lilac-lemonade || @apollothe-sungod || @chickensarentcheap || @ocfairygodmother ||

    #Spotify #oc: carina gunner #fic: born in a thunderstorm #fd: attack on titan #attack on titan oc #attack on titan #aot #attack on titan fanfiction #attack on titan fanfic #attack on titan fic #aot fic #attack on titan moodboard #attack on titan playlist #aot playlist#fanfiction playlist#fic playlist#oc community#occommunity#allaboutocs
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  • aphrodite-ship
    18.01.2022 - 11 minutes ago

    💕✨ I found my new comfort man✨💕

    I’ve been rewatching the Spider-Man movies and AAAAAAA HES STOLEN MY HEART ;_____; ❤️❤️❤️🥺 also here’s my new insert Dakota!

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  • deliahscrush2003
    18.01.2022 - 26 minutes ago
    #oc: vanessa o'connor #fic: breathe for me #fd: teen wolf #teen wolf oc #teen wolf fic #teen wolf #teen wolf fanfiction #oc community#ocs#occommunity#occentral#allaboutocs#ochub
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  • hiddenqveendom
    18.01.2022 - 2 hours ago
    i’m almost to 100 followers on this blog after only a few months and i’m so touched. a big big thank you to everyone that follows and supports me. it truly means the world to me. i’m eternally grateful to you all . 💜
    #*ooc #i honestly cannot believe it #hugs a million #thank u 💜 #ocapp#ochub#oc community#*mobile post #should i do a giveaway??
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  • ubergaydragon
    18.01.2022 - 6 hours ago

    Moshi Monsters?!? In 2022?!? More likely than you think.

    Featuring Missy Kix, Zach Binspin, my s/i Aurum and my bf Blingo the Fox.

    Song: give him a great big kiss by the shangri las

    #ship: diggin ya lingo #self ship art #fury’s art#self ship #self ship community #self shipping #self shipping community #oc x canon #f/o x s/i #moshi monsters#blingo #blingo the flashy fox #missy kix#zach binspin#tiktok #btw you should follow me on tiktok
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  • selfshippery
    18.01.2022 - 7 hours ago
    #self shipping #self ship community #self ship #self shipping community #my oc#ivan dulcis#ship: lacerta #thanks for the ask!! #ask
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  • tiggyz
    18.01.2022 - 9 hours ago

    What if I just

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  • gatitamyers
    18.01.2022 - 9 hours ago

    someone on ig requested more survivor au and I just got around to doodling this hehehahaah

    #when your brother and his gf won’t stop to heal you for five damn seconds #that’s what laurie’s thinking #hey where’s the fourth guy they better be doing something productive ohh nope they’re hiding in the corner #self ship#self insert #self ship community #self shipping #dead by daylight oc #🎃💗🐈‍⬛: survivor#💛🔪
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  • grimmtalez
    18.01.2022 - 9 hours ago

    — BASICS

    stage name yeseo

    birth name jung yeseo

    birthday june 10 1996

    zodiac gemini

    birthplace gimhae, south korea

    hometown gimhae, south korea

    ethnicity korean

    nationality korean

    languages native korean, basic japanese, basic mandarin


    faceclaim park sooyoung

    height 168 cm | 5'6

    weight 49 kg | 108 lbs

    blood type a

    piercings 2x standard lobe, 2x upper lobe, 2x helix, daith, stud

    — CAREER

    occupation idol, model

    training period 2014-2016

    group fairly grimm

    position lead rapper, lead vocalist, visual, center (overall, female unit)

    unit snow white

    character the evil queen

    — TRIVIA

    yeseo partipated in produce 101 and ranked 6th, debuting with ioi. after the group disbanded, she teased that she'd be joining a new group soon.

    she's easily the most popular member of the group.

    she's closest with jisoo and shares a room with her.

    she is banned from the dorm kitchen because last time she tried to cook she burned a bowl of Ramen.

    she made her model debut in 2016, soon after ioi disbanded.

    she also released a solo in the span of the few months where she wasn't in a group, titled weekend.

    #    †˖ ࣪  ⨳ ⠀ fairly grimm⠀ 𐇵𐇵. ⠀ : ⠀ profiles. #    †˖ ࣪  ⨳ ⠀ fairly grimm⠀ 𐇵𐇵. ⠀ : ⠀ yeseo. #aes!ocnet #deluxeocnet #fictional idol community #fictional idol group #fictional kpop idol #idol oc#kpop oc #oc kpop group
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  • hdcnism
    18.01.2022 - 10 hours ago

    ㅤ 𖤐 ʾ ⠀ ❪ ⠀ SEO SEULBEE ⠀ ╲ ⠀ profile.

    sisi is a member of HEDONISM, a south korean girl group under EDENISM that debuted in 2008 with GO CRAZY.

    ㅤ 𖤐 ʾ ⠀ ❪ ⠀ KILLING ME ⠀ ╲ ⠀ intro.

    ꗃ STAGE NAME: sisi.

    ꗃ BIRTH NAME: seo seulbee.

    ꗃ BIRTH DATE: august 6, 1994.

    ꗃ BIRTH PLACE: hwasun-gun, south korea.

    ꗃ ETHNICITY: korean.

    ㅤ 𖤐 ʾ ⠀ ❪ ⠀ KILLING ME ⠀ ╲ ⠀ physical.

    ꗃ FACECLAIM: yeoreum ( wjsn ).

    ꗃ VOICE CLAIM: yeoreum ( wjsn ).

    ꗃ HEIGHT: 162cm ( 5'4" ).

    ꗃ WEIGHT: 47kg ( 103 lbs ).

    ㅤ 𖤐 ʾ ⠀ ❪ ⠀ KILLING ME ⠀ ╲ ⠀ career.

    ꗃ CAREER: idol , producer.

    ꗃ COMPANY: edenism.

    ꗃ ACTIVE FROM: 2008 - present.

    ꗃ FILMOGRAPHY: --.

    #ㅤ 𖤐 ʾ ⠀ ❪ ⠀ general ⠀ ╲ ⠀ profile. #ㅤ 𖤐 ʾ ⠀ ❪ ⠀ sisi ⠀ ╲ ⠀ profile. #bts addition #kpop idol oc #fictional kpop idol #idol oc #fake kpop gg #kpop addition#kpop scenarios#kpop au#oc kpop #fake kpop group #fictional idol community
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  • thatdragonsrpblog
    18.01.2022 - 11 hours ago


    🌻I'm Dragon, 28 and I use any pronouns. This is one of my sideblogs, I follow from @/thedragonlover.

    🐐I RP as Asriel (pre-game or in a happier ending) and more of the UT cast, as well as muses from other games. Semi selective, multi-paragraph, AUs/crossovers and OCs are fine! I'm fine with having RPs in posts or DMs, or responding to asks in-character.

    🌻 I would LOVE to RP my SIs/OCs with yours! Or if you RP as canon characters, or I'll try my hand at them! More info on my Carrd!

    🐐 While I've RPed a lot over the years I'm still learning how to on Tumblr, which I guess makes me both experienced and new at this!

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  • bottledholywater
    18.01.2022 - 11 hours ago

    T-Chart for two of my nameless oc’s, I’ve only drawn them for my nsfw twitter and DV but I want to start making some wholesome art w them so I can post them here.

    I have two more characters who are a lot more ticklish and bigger lee’s but I didn’t draw them cuz idk if anybody cares. Lemme know you y’all wanna see em.

    Also it looks like the lefts bellybutton is a “don’t touch” spot, its not, the line is just black cuz its a multiply layer.

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  • kkrazy256
    18.01.2022 - 11 hours ago

    Something quick for @lost-on-kamino of their OC, Rhythm. thank you so much for your generous kofidonation <3

    #Communications Corrie Rhythm #can you tell i haven't drawn armor in a hotminute akjshfakl #i hope you like!! he's havinga good time!! #sw mine#clone ocs#star wars#tcw#coruscant guard
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  • hdcnism
    18.01.2022 - 11 hours ago

    ㅤ 𖤐 ʾ ⠀ ❪ ⠀ HOLLYSE JANG ⠀ ╲ ⠀ profile.

    jae is a member of HEDONISM, a south korean girl group under EDENISM that debuted in 2008 with GO CRAZY.

    ㅤ 𖤐 ʾ ⠀ ❪ ⠀ KILLING ME ⠀ ╲ ⠀ intro.

    ꗃ STAGE NAME: jae.

    ꗃ BIRTH NAME: hollyse jang.

    ꗃ KOREAN NAME: jang jaeyeong.

    ꗃ BIRTH DATE: february 12, 1993.

    ꗃ BIRTH PLACE: marseille, france.

    ꗃ ETHNICITY: korean.

    ㅤ 𖤐 ʾ ⠀ ❪ ⠀ KILLING ME ⠀ ╲ ⠀ physical.

    ꗃ FACECLAIM: noze wayb.

    ꗃ VOICE CLAIM: noze wayb.

    ꗃ HEIGHT: 164cm ( 5'5" ).

    ꗃ WEIGHT: 47kg ( 103 lbs ).

    ㅤ 𖤐 ʾ ⠀ ❪ ⠀ KILLING ME ⠀ ╲ ⠀ career.

    ꗃ CAREER: idol , model , choreographer.

    ꗃ COMPANY: edenism.

    ꗃ ACTIVE FROM: 2008 - present.

    ꗃ FILMOGRAPHY: --.

    #ㅤ 𖤐 ʾ ⠀ ❪ ⠀ general ⠀ ╲ ⠀ profile. #ㅤ 𖤐 ʾ ⠀ ❪ ⠀ jae ⠀ ╲ ⠀ profile. #bts addition #kpop idol oc #fictional kpop idol #idol oc #fake kpop gg #kpop addition#kpop scenarios#kpop au#oc kpop #fake kpop group #fictional idol community
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  • the-docs-in
    18.01.2022 - 11 hours ago

    All queer OC-makers have at least TWO of these

    - A sleep-deprived parental figure

    - Totally not a self-projection

    - There purely for fanservice and/or aesthetic

    - The victim™

    - "I can't give them a redemption arc but not because I hate them or anything-"

    - The youngest™, gets all the love but you refuse to admit that you have favorites

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  • r3surgence
    18.01.2022 - 11 hours ago
    → the one with the reunion
       ↳ Kang Jaehwa || Jae, Jamie Yeun ( @se4sonz )
           ↳word count: 4.2k, warnings: none apply
    a/n: another piece written with bambi!! hope u enjoy :] a revival of the, uh, tragic pair.

    Jamie’s been having a rough month and a half. She went from a favorite to dirt beneath her boss’s Prada shoes. She’s been working nonstop for weeks trying to prove her worth, feeling like she’s gotten nowhere except landing herself in a grueling survival show that has her feeling like she wants to vomit every time she gets on set. 

    She can’t remember the last time she’s had a full night of sleep. She’s been running on various energy drinks and energy boosters, napping against various objects when she has the smallest time to herself. Prepping for a graduation is always stressful even if it isn’t you graduating. It’s a big deal, everything has to be perfect. Jamie knows. She’s been a part of three almost four now.

    Jamie walks out of the practice room, getting a well deserved break. She sighs as she pops open the lid of her iridescent water bottle taking a long swig before closing the bottle, her eyes focusing on the floor as she walks. Her head feels light, she’s so tired, she just wants to get into the break room and take a nap on the cold hard tables they have in there.

    Suddenly, she’s knocked back into her body when she hits something solid and warm. Jamie lets out a squeak, putting her hands out to put distance between her and whatever she hits. She realizes it’s a person when her hands reach in front of her, she looks up to apologize but her words get caught in her throat when she realizes who it is.

    “Oh my god,” Jamie whispers, blinking a few times to see if she was dreaming. She wasn’t. It’s Jae. Jae’s in front of her. Jamie takes a quick step back like she’s seen a ghost, she basically has. Unless–

    “Oh my god am I dead? Did I go to hell?” Jamie asks genuinely, putting her hand over her heart looking genuinely confused. “Or am I dreaming? Is this a dream? ‘Cause there’s no way you’re–” She looks up at the boy’s face, eyes narrowing as she takes in every  detail. He’s exactly how she remembers. “You’re not really here. This isn’t real, right?”

    Jae looks up when he feels something collide into him, thinking he ran into an object rather than a person. He raises his eyebrows when he realises that he hit a girl. He clicks the lock button on his phone, lowering it from his face.


    He watches the girl scramble before him, putting a hand over her heart. She seemed like she knew him, she seemed almost terrified to see him. Jae tilts his head to the side, narrowing his eyes as he looks at her face, staring hard at her trying to put the pieces together when it clicks.


    He pushes out a sigh and straightens himself again, putting his phone in his pocket-- he can feel at least some semblance of a conversation coming on by the way she’s looking at his hollow shell. 

    “You’re not dead,” He says deadpan. “You probably should be.”

    He can feel the heart in his chest speeding up as she talks more, her mere presence eliciting a physical response from him that made his body soar. But he couldn’t feel anything besides that. Besides his heart racing, he could really only feel something akin to annoyance.

    “Yeah, I’m back,” He cuts her off, trying to save time. He wasn’t really headed anywhere in a hurry, but he didn’t feel like he had time for this either. “It’s definitely real.”

    Flashes of their last moments together before he had left appear in Jae’s head as he fumbles a bit. The feelings rush back to him, but he quickly quells it. He pushes it down as hard as he can. He doesn’t need this kind of distraction, he doesn’t want to have those same feelings invade him. He doesn’t want to hold the guilt anymore, he doesn’t want pain.

    He waves his hand flippantly. “Why are you here, anyways?” He asks in a near condescending tone.

    He can feel an inkling of what he once recognised as sadness, but it doesn’t phase him now. Jae knows that he has been gone for a long time. He knew that it would be jarring for people who had once known him and he wasn’t completely sure how things were going to play out. But he knew he had to come back eventually. 

    Things were always meant to be this way. 

    Jamie looks up at Jae, still stunned to even see him. She doesn’t dream of him often, not any more, but when he would show up, he’d be in the background, just out of reach. It’s been so long since she’s been this in reach, it makes her blink a few times, looking him over before back up at his face listening to words. Her eyes narrow a bit when she processes them, looking at him like he just spoke a different language.

    “The fuck does that mean?” Jamie asks, feeling more confused than she has in awhile.

    This still feels like some weird dream, none of it feeling like reality. The way Jae’s acting, the way he’s speaking, the way she feels like throwing up but also jumping for joy because he’s there. He’s really there, wandering the Earth again like some regular guy. She wants to process it as real but she can’t. Her soft eyes look over him again before looking back at his face.

    She doesn’t say anything when he tells her it’s real. His tone made her stomach feel weird. Jamie’s forced herself to move on from Jae, she almost thought she was crazy because of him. Was he even real? Was any of it actually real? It drove her to tears some nights, when it got really bad, she’d nearly throw up because of how crazy she thought she was. All the emotions she thought she purged from herself a year ago feel as if they’re coming back up, taking over and making her heart beat faster.

    Jamie can’t tell if she’s missed the feeling or wants it gone again.

    Then he speaks again, and the same confused look is on her face.

    “I work here. I’ve worked here for, like, six years,” Jamie deadpans, taking on the same tone he carried. Her brows raise, looking at his hand, slightly jarred by the fact he’s not wearing gloves, making her take a cautionary step back.

    “What are you doing here? You’re the one who went to hell for a year,” Jamie reminds, deadpanned tone turning into one of actual curiosity. She has so many emotions going on inside her, she can’t even try to describe how she feels. “And shouldn’t you be wearing gloves? Or is that over now?”

    She feels like she could ask a million more questions, she knows she has them, but she keeps them to herself. Not sure she wants the answers anymore.

    Jae makes a face, almost as if Jamie had pushed him. “The fuck you think it means?” He says back. 

    His eyes explore her face as she talks, noting the differences from now and the year prior. She looks mostly the same besides looking like she had been aged by whatever she was going through on Earth. Her eyes look dark and hollow, but she’s the same Jamie she had always been.

    “Oh. You work here?” He had never put it together that Resurgence was under the same company as Jamie. The thought had never crossed his mind. “I didn’t know that.”

    He watches as she takes a step back from him-- rightfully so with his previous handicap. He remembers vividly how destructive he was in what now seemed like a past life. His hands could once make things wither whether he wanted them to or not. An ability he had found himself without since he had gotten back.

    “I got sent back,” He says simply. “And my hands are fine now. It’s nothing like it used to be. Why? Are ya scared?” He says, wiggling his fingers at her. 

    Jae missed talking to people. He missed it a lot. Regardless of the content of the conversation at hand, he was having fun talking with someone that wasn’t his own reflection. 

    Jae holds his hand out. “I dare you to touch it.” He smirks. “Unless you’re scared.”

    His hands really had became more or less normal. He wasn’t completely sure why this time around was so different. But he could touch things without them turning to ash, he was more human than he had ever been. The Jae he was before would’ve been so happy.

    The Jae he was now couldn’t care less. Jae had been through more than he could fathom in the past year. It felt like his time away from this world had lasted decades, centuries even. Everything in his mind phased together as if it were all just one single blur. There was a clear separation between who he was before and who he was now. 

    He accepted the fact that he would never be the same old Jae again. He didn’t have the gentleness left in him, not after what he had gone through. 

    “You really wouldn’t know if I was lying or not, so it’s a pretty big risk unless I just make the decision for you.” Jae says, reaching out and touching her hand with his own. 

    “I wouldn’t have asked if I knew what the fuck it meant,” Jamie says, blinking at him as if he’s stupid.

    Jae looks the same, he has the same voice as before, but he’s different, it’s easy to tell. Jamie never planned for a reunion with Jae, she just assumed that when you go to hell you stay there, she shouldn’t be as taken aback by his change in character.  Still, it’s jarring and hard to swallow, it stays in the back of her throat, refusing to go down. It makes it a little hard to breath but that’s okay.

    It’s Jae. He still has a special place for him even after everything.

    “That’s crazy,” Jamie says, unamused by his lack of knowledge on her. “That’s why it was so easy for you to look through my window. Because we work at the same place. So our dorms are close. Insane.”

    She’s really not bitter. She really isn’t. He’s just different now. She’s different now. She can’t even remember who she was when she was with Jae, all she can remember is Jae. He was sweet, bright eyed, beautiful––He’s still beautiful, Jamie won’t take that from him, but he’s different. They’re different.

    Jamie hums again at his answer. It’s all the same to her. He never took the time to explain his world to her, she understands why, even the little bit she does know is overwhelming. “Yeah, you told me you could kill people with those things,” Jamie says, leaning back with a funny look on her face when he wiggles his fingers at her. 

    Still, even with a tight fear in her gut, she can’t help but smile a little bit at his theatrics, a giggle or two slipping out. She feels just like how she used to feel around him, scared but smiling. Jamie’s brows raise when he puts his hand out to her, looking up at his face then down at his hand. It’s all she ever wanted when they were together, to really hold hands. She’s done it countless times now with other people but there was still a want to know what Jae’s felt like in the back of her mind.

    “I’m not scared,” Jamie simply says, keeping her hands to herself as she says it. “You’ve never scared me,” She says with so much confidence she almost believes herself. Hesitantly, she pulls her hand away from her chest and into the air between them, not touching him but giving him the opportunity to do it if he wanted to.

    Even then, she’s leaning back like she’s bracing for impact, trying her hardest to hold back the unsure expression on her face as she hears him talk. "You’re full of shit,” Jamie simply says, lighthearted and with no bite. Still, when his hand touches her she makes a small sound, waiting to burst into flames. She imagines it would’ve happened already if it was gonna happen, causing her to look up at his face in shock, jaw dropped.

    “Wow,” Jamie whispers, looking at their touching hands. She silently filps her hand so her fingers touch his palm. He’s cold, stark contrast to what she thought he would’ve been, but he’s soft, almost exactly like she thought he would be. It makes her sad but content all at the same time. 

    “Cool,” Jamie says after a beat of silence, pressing her fingers harder against his palm, just to test it, before letting her hand drop. “That’s really cool you can do that. I know the gloves bothered you,” It feels like her sweet nativity is coming back the more she talks to him, it must be his influence. Jamie gives him a smile.

    “Got anymore new tricks or is that all you came back with?”

    Jae pulls his hand back, balling it into a loose fist as he shoves it into the pocket of his jeans. He tilts his head to the side, studying her for a beat. Jae had always thought that people were so interesting-- that’s mostly why he had wanted to be one at one time. 

    Jae had loved the girl before him at one time in his never-ending life. He could vaguely remember what it felt like to love and be loved by someone so fully. He could still feel her fear as he stood before her now, just as he had before he had left... That was one thing he’d never forgotten, the way she would cower before him even in the happiest of moments. Jae had hated that before, but now it didn’t bother him as much.

    The new Jae was curious. He had no inkling of the affection he once felt for her, but there was a morbid curiosity that peaked within him. He had watched Hajoon for years living by throwing caution to the wind. Jae had never been that way. He found himself wanting to be a kind soul, someone warm and pleasant. But these days he felt more and more like how Joon used to be. He couldn’t find it within himself to care much about anything anymore.

    “Yeah, the gloves fucking sucked. You know that as well as I do.” He says shrugging with a blasé air about him. “I never realised how poor my body’s circulation was until I could have my hands free all the time and,” Jae holds his palms out in front of him face up, looking down at them. “I touched Joon’s arm and he commented on how cold my fingers were and so did literally everyone else I touched, so.” Jae shrugs again, this time dropping his hands at his side.

    Jae feels much more natural now. He feels more in his element as he talks more and gets comfortable as they reacquaint. 

    He cracks a small smile when Jamie asks him if he can do any other tricks besides what he showed her. He feels so loose and free without any constraints, knowing that he can do whatever he wants with no backlash.

    “Yeah, I have a few more tricks but I can’t show you here.” he quirks an eyebrow up at her. 

    Jae knows things will never be the same between them-- there’s no way it could be. But that doesn’t mean he can’t play along for a bit. He doesn’t have much going on and he figures he’d need something to fill his time now that he’s back to living an adjusted life. 

    “I can show you if you wanna come to Hell House sometime.”

    Jamie listens to him talk, shrugging nonchalantly. “I didn’t think they were that bad,” Jamie tells him, “Better than the gloves. They were a pain to hold sometimes,” She means that, the gloves were more of a hindrance to her than the face he was from hell. She’s not even going to bring up how it felt she was at doctors every time they fooled around.

    Yeah, she’s never bringing that up. She’ll keep those memories to herself.

    Jamie’s brows knit a bit at his words, a curious smile finding its way onto her lips as she tilts her head. She still looks at him like he’s her world, she kind of looks at everyone like that though, she just has big and kind eyes that sparkle when she looks at someone she loves.

    Jamie isn’t sure if she loves Jae in the same capacity she once did, but she knows she loves him in some way. She came to terms with that she’ll always love him even if he wasn’t around anymore.

    “What does that mean?” She asks genuinely, swinging her water bottle at her side. “Can you burn buildings down or something?”

    When Jae invites her to the Hell House, her heartbeat picked up and her eyes scanned over his face, her’s a bit unsure. She doesn’t know what Jae’s end goal is. She’ll probably never know. He’s different now and she doesn’t know him as well as she once did. Jamie knows she can trust Jae, even if she doubted if she could just Jae, she’d still trust him. Everything in her is telling her to not trust him, especially now, but she never listens to the little voice in her head. Never has.

    “Are you, like, gonna show me actual tricks or are just trying to get me back to your place?” Jamie asks, soft tone fading as he looks up at him with a tilt of her head. “Whatever is fine I just want to know if you’re really going to show me devil things or if you’re trying to get laid.”

    “Honestly I hated the feeling of the gloves when they touched things. That weird fuckin’ sticky feeling you know? Terrible.” 

    He really doesn’t miss the gloves on bit. He hated how it made him look to outsiders and he hated the feeling of them both against his own skin and against other things. It never felt good and Jae never got used to the feeling, even after five years of waiting for it to feel normal or unnoticeable at the very least.

    Jae shakes his head, smiling a bit. “You’re not too bright, are you? What do you think it means.” He asks her again.

    “No, I’ll show you some tricks. Honestly, I have a few things up my sleeves that I could show you, I know you’d love them. But aren’t devil things and getting laid the same thing, Angel?”

    Jae’s being cheeky. He wants Jamie back in the palm of his hand like she was before. He had so much power over her previously, but nothing to do with it. Jae wanted to test how much he could get away with and how far he could get. He remembered the little pet names he would call Jamie before-- mainly angel. He remembered her being his personal Angel, the closest to divinity he could ever get. 

    Jae really did have other things he could do. His power had been unleashed this second time around, especially since he had agreed to comply with higher powers. He could do anything he wanted, he could grant wishes, he could manifest things at will. Jae was completely uncapped and nearly considered himself all-powerful.

    “You’ll just have to come and see. No funny shit, I promise. There’s always someone home so it’s not like I’m gonna snatch you and keep you hostage or anything. Not unless you’re into that.”

    Jamie looks around before looking up at him like he’s stupid. “Why would I ask if I knew, Jae?” Jamie asks, deadpanned with brows raised. “You’re talking like the riddle. Maybe just spell it out for me.”

    She can’t really tell if she likes this version of Jae or not. He’ll never compare to who he once was. It's weird, he feels more like a normal guy now more than ever before. Jae was too good to be real before he got sent back, Jamie remembers how bright his eyes sparkled at the most mundane things. There’s no shine to his eyes, not like before.

    Jamie makes a displeased sound at that, face scrunching up. “Ew, Jae,” She grumbles, shaking her head, waving her hands as if to shoo his words away. “Don’t say things like that then call me angel. ‘Makes me feel weird,” Jamie says with a grunt. “You lost most of your flirting skills when you were down there, didn’t you?” She mimics his tone when he said she wasn’t too bright, giving him a small smile.

    Messing with Jae is fun, talking to Jae is fun, it’s obvious she missed him around and wants to keep him around for as long as she can. She’d still do whatever he wanted her to do, it just takes more of a push now. She’s proud of herself for growing somewhat of a backbone, especially when it comes to Jae.

    She won’t say it out loud but she missed the way he would call her angel. It doesn’t sound the same from other people.

    “Sounds like you’re into that,” She teases, smiling sweetly at him, swaying gently. Jamie’s eyes are still warm when she looks at him, shining softly. She takes a breath through her nose, raising her brows at him, batting her lashes. “When should I come over?”

    Jae scratches at the back of his neck, squeezing one eye shut as he takes a deep breath. “I’m a little rusty with people these days.” He says honestly.

    It’s the truth. When he left he was completely cut off from the outside world. He didn’t talk to anyone for a year. It made the time creep by even slower than it would have otherwise. Other than Joon, this was truly his first conversation with anyone since he’s gotten back. And like he said, he was a little rusty-- very rusty when it came to how he was once able to speak.

    His thoughts almost connected in the same way, but something about it was just wrong, incorrect. It made Jae feel like a zombie, the synapses in his brain refusing to fire the way they once had no matter how hard he tried. A prisoner in his own brain.

    “I’m having trouble getting my footing these days. I don’t feel the same.” Jae’s eyes flick down and back up. “Something’s different and I don’t know what to change in order to fix myself anymore. I just wanna feel normal again.”

    It’s half true. He doesn’t care much for how he feels but in order to humanise himself more, he’d have to play the part.

    “I’m very into it actually,” He jokes back, getting the back and forth. “You can come whenever you want, it’s not like I go anywhere besides here.” Jae pouts. “They’re giving me fanservice training again. Can you believe that?” He says, feigning a sad look on his face. “Me of all people.”

    Jamie watches him with a hum, listening to him speak. She almost gives him a sly remark on how it’s obvious he hasn’t talked to people in awhile, but she bites her tongue, nodding sympathetically. She unpops her water bottle cap, taking a sip of it as she wonders what it was like where he went. She’s always wondered what hell was like. There must not be a lot of people down there like she thought especially Jae is having a hard time socializing.

    Or maybe there were people there and just weren’t allowed to speak. That’d be hell for Jamie. She loves talking too much, she loves interaction, and she loves people.

    Suddenly, she’s filled with sympathy for Jae, causing her to tilt her head up at him, pulling her lips off her water bottle.

    “Well, you were in a different place for a long time,” Jamie says gently, “You’ll get used to it up here again. It’ll just take a second,” Jamie shrugs, “People who have been on Earth their whole lives still don’t know how to be normal. You’ll do just fine,” She means every word, giving him a smile.

    Her brain knows he’ll never actually be normal. Duh. But her heart is telling her that he could get close enough to it. 

    “I can come over this weekend. Maybe Sunday,” Jamie shrugs, taking another sip from her water bottle before closing it, “We have a big concert thing happening soon,” She waves her hand dismissing herself as if he really wants to hear about the Se4sons graduation system anyways. “But, yeah, I can come over. ‘Teach you how to talk to people again,” She teases, fighting the habit she picked up when they were dating of tapping his nose after she teased him. Her fingers twitch and a sadness fills her chest.

    She ignores it, giving him a faux pitiful look. “Oh poor baby,” She teases, laughing, covering her mouth as she does so. The practice room door she came out of opens, causing Jamie to turn around to see Misun poking her head out of the doorframe silently motioning her to get back in the room and do her job before disappearing back in it.

    Jamie turns back to Jae, giving his shoulder a half hearted punch before walking backwards towards the practice room.

    “See you Sunday, yeah?

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