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  • mistaeq
    12.06.2021 - 39 minutes ago
    #riri's ocs🦉#oof #so she's winona #she's a pokémon trainer #she trains ghost type ones #because they're my favs #and she's very cool #she's a mother #like not a real mother #a mother-friend #the one that tells you to wear a jacket because it's cold outside #but what if i inserted her in jojo too.... #adapt her maybe.......
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  • uponthinegoldenwings
    12.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Apparently these Sailor Moon redraws are more fun than they look, so I guess I thought I’d do two more.

    (The woman with blue hair in the first pic is Charlie’s half-sister: Chebassa, just more human than normal lol)

    Reblogs appreciated, thank you!

    #my art#self insert #canon x self insert #canon x oc #oc x canon #self insert x canon #loz#ss#fo#tsbu#charlie somnia#chebassa somnia #Nathaniel somnia historia #I miss it all from the love to the lightning and the lack of it snaps me in two
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  • finsterwalds
    12.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    So I had this idea about Eclair meeting Dark Enchanteress in my AU...

    #dark enchanteress cookie #pomegranate cookie#eclair cookie#self insert#cookie run#my art#oc#fanart #i really liked designing DE nfdgnf evil milfs rights #this is just silly as always
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  • gremlin-writes-angst
    12.06.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Photo 1: Oc meets another one of my self-inserts.

    Oc is named "time-stamp" and he illegally sells his quirk to others; their also genderfluid and doesn't care what pronouns are used but most people use he/him because of their appearance

    Self-insert is named "✨It✨" and is trying to buy some quirk

    Test in photo

    ✨It✨: I thought you would have a top hat or something

    Time-stamp: I'm a literal drug dealer

    Clarification: timestamp doesn't sell drugs but he sells his quirk which is just as illegal in this mha universe.

    Timestamp is so whipped for ✨It✨ that they go and buys a fancy get up that ✨It✨ described

    ✨It✨ chillin with kurogiri. He may or my not be/ been a traitor

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  • gremlin-writes-angst
    12.06.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Photo 1: One of her self-inserts that is a 1-A student in love with Shigaraki, about to kiss a poster

    Photo 2: Another on of my self-inserts who is her self-inserts brother, walks in on her and the poster and is now trying to take it away.

    Her self-insert name: Bubbaloo

    My self-inserts name : Gummi

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  • walrus--queen
    12.06.2021 - 3 hours ago
    🎶 It is a wonderful my life Please could you kiss my name? When the music's over Turn off light It was a such a sweet time Could you pray for me, my friend? It's starting over time  🎶
    - Wild Side - ALI
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  • emerald-echeveria-plant
    12.06.2021 - 4 hours ago

    (An au I came up with inspired off of @chaossmith2 backstory of Flint and their ocs with a crossover of some of my ocs.)

    ((WARNING: underage drinking, cussing, and fighting))

    //Bonnet's crew walk into a tavern.//

    Baozhai: Woohoo! I can't wait to get fucking smashed tonight and make every possible mistake!

    Archie: Fuck yeah! I can't wait to get drunk!

    Octavia: Archie, you aren't drinking. You're too young.

    Archie: Aw come on, you guys let the twins drink! Why can't I?? :((

    Octavia: Jayda and Jayden are allowed to drink because they're old enough.

    Archie: WHAT! They're like two years older than me! That's not fair!

    Baozhai: Aw just let the lad drink! You know I was twelve years old when I had my first drink. How's about I get you a moonwater, Archie?

    Archie: :D

    Octavia, sighs: If he can't handle his liquor and gets sick, I'm telling the captain it was your fault...

    Baozhai, shrugs: fine by me then.

    //Baozhai, Ironbeard, and Archie set near the bar.//

    Baozhai: I'll have two rums and a moonwater for the lad.

    //The bartender serves them their drinks. Archie eagerly takes a large sip of his moonwater. At the same time, Haggis's crew both walk into a tavern.//

    Baozhai: What the fuck? What are those guys doing here?? >:(((

    Ironbeard: Most likely here to get a drink like the rest of us, Bao.

    Baozhai: I know but like... They're assholes! Everytime we try to steal from a merchant ship, they show up and try to steal from us.

    Ironbeard: Bao, they're pirates, we're pirates. I think it's natural that other pirates try to steal from us, considering we do the same thing.

    Baozhai: Pfft, they're still jerks... I think I might do something to piss them off.. >:)

    Ironbeard, sighs: Please, for the love of whatever God exists, don't cause unnecessary trouble. You remember what happened last time when you did that 🙄

    Baozhai: Well, someone had to stop that nobleman from hitting on Noëmie >:((

    Ironbeard: You put a piece of lit dynamite into his fucking pants.

    Baozhai: And I'm proud of it!

    Ironbeard: You almost killed Noëmie in the process too.


    Baozhai: How about we change the subject...

    Ironbeard, rolls his eyes: If it'll stop you from doing something stupid than fine.

    Baozhai: :D

    //Captain Bonnet was sat down in the corner of the tavern, looking at a map. On the map were some crossed out locations in red ink. Bonnet hummed as he inspected his map. Suddenly, someone puts their hand on his shoulder. Bonnet turned his head to see who inavded his personal space. 'oh shit not him...' Bonnet thought to himself. There before him stood Captain Haggis.//

    Captain Haggis: Hello Bonnet, it's finally nice to meet you in person, old chap! Especially when we're not on the opposite ends trying to steal from ye... Hehe. No hard feelings, right?

    Captain Bonnet, shrugs him off: Haggis, its.. nice to see you as well and I guess there aren't any hard feelings... It all horseplay anyway.

    //Captain Haggis looks over Bonnet's shoulder. He notices the map.//

    Captain Haggis: What's that their map you've got?

    Captain Bonnet: huh? Oh, it's nothing really... Just making sure me and my crew don't end up in the same places we've already targeted.

    //Bonnet rolls up the map and puts it away into an inner pocket. He was lying about what he said. Bonnet knew he couldn't let Haggis know what the map was truly about.//

    Captain Haggis: Ah, I do the same the thing. A good captain never strikes twice in the same place... Because he knows the police we'll be waiting for him there, heh.

    Captain Bonnet: Yeah.. they surely do.

    Captain Haggis: So, I was wondering if you wanted to join me and a couple of my mates in the other room... We're playing blackjack.

    Captain Bonnet: hm.. don't see why it wouldn't hurt not to.

    //Bonnet gets up from the booth he was sitting at. The two men walk into the room, passing by Noëmie and Fleance.//

    Noëmie: Is it just me or do you feel some sort of tension with Baozhai and that cat lady..?

    Fleance: Huh? Oh it's just you hun or maybe it's not, I don't know... I'm too busy eyeing the cutie three feet in front of me!

    //BEN chatting with Flint and Billy Bones that is exactly three feet in front of them.//

    Fleance: You think he'd be into guys??? I really hope he is!

    Noëmie, concerned: uh.. Fleance..?

    Fleance: Not now dear, I'm trying to come up with the best way to ask him out... And plan out our entire future together-

    //Suddenly, Sao and Baozhai crash into the table they were sitting it. Sao has her hands wrapped around Baozhai's neck, essentially choking her.//

    Sao: Take back what ye said about me!

    Baozhai, through choking: ne- *dying noises* -VER!

    //Baozhai pulls out a dagger from her pocket and tries to stab Sao. Sao dodges Baozhai's attempts at stabbing her. She lets go of her neck, reaching for her own dagger. The two women start to fight. With both trying to stab the other while trying to dodge the attacks.

    Taking notice of the two fighting, the crewmates from both Bonnet and Haggis, start to join in on the fighting. With a few accidentally, being dragged into the mess of the insuing fighting. Everyone except Archie. Archie watches the fighting while sitting on a stool.//

    Archie, sipping his moonwater: wow, I never knew getting drunk would make you hallucinate... GETTING DRUNK IS COOL! *chugs the moonwater*

    //Out comes out Haggis from the same room he entered with Bonnet.//

    Captain Haggis: Alright everyone, lets-

    //Haggis cut himself off as he stood there stunned for a moment, seeing the two crews fighting with each other. He rolled his eyes and face palmed, obviously annoyed with the chaos.//


    //Both crews stopped their fighting frenzy and looked over to the frightful captain Haggis before them.//

    Captain Haggis: Now can someone tell me who caused the mess..?

    //Both crews pointed to none other than Baozhai. Haggis took a few steps towards the small and fiesty woman.//

    Captain Haggis: So, you like causing trouble don't cha'..?

    Baozhai: Yeah so what-

    //Before Baozhai could finish, Haggis grabbed her from her short strands of hair and slammed her face down into the hard wood floor. He did this one or two more times before Haggis lifted her head up by her hair. Baozhai's nose broke with blood pouring down from it. One of her eyes bruised up a little and her cheeks were scarped. Baozhai's eyes welled up with tears from the immense pain. She didn't say anything as she looked into Haggis's eyes.//

    Captain Haggis: That'll teach ya for causing trouble you little wench..

    //Captain Haggis let go of Baozhai's hair, letting her face once slam into the floor. Haggis walked towards the tavern exit.//

    Captain Haggis: We're leaving. I already got what I came for... Let's go.

    //As Haggis stepped out of the tavern, his crew followed out as well. Octavia, ran towards Baozhai and knelt down.//

    Octavia: Oh sweet mother of Josephine!! We need to get her back to the ship! Someone get the captain!

    //Fleance and Noëmie nodded in agreement. The two went into the room where Bonnet and Haggis supposedly played blackjack. The two stood there shocked seeing their captain, tied to a chair with some ropes and had his mouth gagged with a piece of cloth.//

    Noëmie: Gah! Captain what happened to you!

    Fleance, untying and ungagging Bonnet: Geez, was this an attempt at BDSM or what?

    Captain Bonnet: that bastard lured me in here and took my map...

    Noëmie, gasps: oh no! That means he'll find the lost treasure! What are we gonna do captain???


    ((Sao and Captain Haggis belong to @chaossmith2

    Bonnet, Fleance, Archie, Noëmie, Baozhai, & Octavia belong to me:33

    Also the creation of moonwater belongs to @sleeplessdreamer14 ))

    #sorry if I didn't get your ocs accurate 😞😞 #oc insert#treasure planet
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  • gailytine
    12.06.2021 - 6 hours ago


    Reblog ur fnf oc/self-insert real quick like, asap,,, i need to test out ibis paint first before i move to there

    also i need to boost my confidence on my art AHSKSHSSNS

    #gailyspews#delete later#ALSO DISCLAIMER #i am unable to draw every single fnf oc/self-insert #ill prolly pick 1-3 characters im so sorry if im not able to pick urs 😔 #also this is gonna be a quick drawing #if this flops ill just make fnf mod fanart sgskdjdjdjd
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  • kitsune-oji
    12.06.2021 - 8 hours ago

    Potions class is fun, especially if your lab partner likes to experiment 👀👀

    (please open for better quality)

    #obey me shall we date #Obey me mc #obey me solomon #Obey me fanart #Mine#Self insert #Obey me fluff #Mc oc#male mc
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  • boredlike24-7
    12.06.2021 - 9 hours ago

    Is this just me

    #I cannot tell you how many fucking historical self insert OC stories and scripts I have had to critique on #every time i read one it kill a little bit more of my soul #This most recent one was bad but at least it didn't have any anime references
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  • flowerieta
    12.06.2021 - 10 hours ago

    Mirite's story pt. 6.

    Here you see why and how Mirite turned into a witch. I love the illustrations for this one hehe! :)💕

    (I know that I wrote Ilúvatar without ú.. My keyboard didn't let me do it, but you get the point!

    If you are new to the story, check out tag "#mirite's comic" to find other parts!

    I tag @grunid because I didn't forget this time vbrjevn-)

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  • sequs-art-tunnel
    12.06.2021 - 11 hours ago

    My swords are my life.

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  • arrogantlittlethuggirl
    12.06.2021 - 13 hours ago

    I love the Dean critical Cas stans because like they truly hate him, like the Sam ones kinda hate him because of the way he treats Sam but they usually love/hate him and also because its miserable to find Cas content not being Destiel that probably annoys or even triggers them due to the simp and abuser love trope while with Sam i think the dynamic between him and Dean is so important to the fabric of the show that people are on some level for the content, i love the dedication but also i don't care that much about Castiel or for the trope to be having negative feels for his treatment.

    #i do find late s14 and early s15 cas treatment horrifying #but like i saw it i had feels and i moved on #kinda thing #same with jack #i dont really care #like yes i am like oh i am not a sam stan haha but like i do care about him a lot #he is my kin my self insert #oc #i think with late seasons its so lucifer dominatd and i just do not care for dam and lucifer thing #like its good in s5 #but lucifer himself is just ugh so annoying and dusgustinv to me #i think the casufer thing was pretty deep #but they didnt do anything with it #ehhh
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  • primroseprime2019
    12.06.2021 - 14 hours ago

    Paige laid on the ground, blood pooling out underneath her.

    “Well, that’s one down,” Izzy said thoughtfully, “too bad that Monstrum half breed and the Chesothian got away though.” She started to look around, “now where is that Inquisitor wench? She said she’d be patrolling the border. Ah well, suppose I should hide this one until Amarys shows up.” She looked over her shoulder, “it’ll be troublesome if someone stumbles across the-”

    Her eyes widened when there was a loud slicing sound and blood splattered onto the ground. Two sharp hooks poked out of Izzy’s front.

    “What… the fuck?” She gasped.

    Paige stood on her feet, her hair long and white and dark blue and her eyes glowing bright red as her hands were red and claw-like.

    Her left eye was red with fire flickering from it. Streams of red flames swirled around her.

    “Finally,” she said but her voice sounded different, “I can get a goddamn word in.”

    “Well I’ll be damned,” Izzy said, her voice strained as blood trailed down her jaw, “how in the hell did you get a hold of that drug too?”

    “As if… I NEED SOME FUCKING DRUG!” Paige roared as she threw her hands out and bright red and sharp hooks embedded themselves into Izzy’s shoulders and chest, causing her to let out a ragged cough. The hooks were yanked out of her and she stumbled forward, gripping her side.

    ‘This isn’t anything like an ordinary Galatrian!’ The Satanian thought as she glared back at Paige, ‘what the hell is she then?! This isn’t good… I need to knock her out before this situation gets worse!’

    She charged at Paige only to freeze as her clawed hand shook slightly. ‘My arm… I can’t move it!’ She thought with alarm, ‘is she controlling it?!’

    Paige held her clawed hand out in front of her, “I think,” she said before she closed her fist, “I’ve heard just about enough out of you.”

    An unseen force made Izzy fall to the ground. “What the hell is going on?! What the hell happened to you?!” She shouted.

    “Sorry,” Paige said, “but Paige ain’t home right now. Why don’t the two of us chat instead? You really messed up my host Paigey here; you’re lucky I got a chance to step in and clean up this mess before she died.”

    Izzy widened her eyes as she saw Paige’s chest and stomach healing up. ‘Wh-what the-?! Her wounds are healing on their own!’

    “You see… Paige is really important to me. Way more than some petty little fox,” Paige said, “or at least… the memories growing inside of her mind and her growing powers are. However, thanks to you… WE ALMOST LOST THEM AGAIN!” The hooks slammed into Izzy’s shoulders and she screamed as blood splattered across the ground.

    “It’s been nice chatting,” Paige said with a mad grin, “now how about-” she froze, her eyes widening slightly. She clutched at her head with a clawed hand, “shit! Just go back to sleep for one more minute!”

    She stepped back and Izzy sat up quickly. ‘Now’s my chance,’ she thought as she jumped to her feet and she charged at Paige again, ‘I just gotta act fast!’

    Paige stood still, her bangs covering her face. She then peered at Izzy, a twisted grin on her face, “you should’ve taken that opportunity to run.”

    A large dark monster-like figure appeared behind Izzy and slashed at her chest with it’s large claws.

    Blood splattered to the ground and Izzy’s eyes went wide. She fell to her knees, blood dripping down her jaw.

    “What… the hell are you?” She asked weakly. “Hm… well I suppose the best way to explain it is that in a sense, I’m like a queen,” Paige said, her eyes glowing bright red, “now be a good subject… and bow.”

    Almost as if obeying her words, Izzy fell to the ground limp and unconscious.

    Silence fell over the alleyways as the stars shone brightly in the dark blue sky.

    Paige looked at her hand which was covered in blood. She looked back at Izzy who was still unconscious.

    “What… what just happened?” She murmured.

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  • poniesart
    12.06.2021 - 17 hours ago

    I have decided, as a treat, to draw myself as a gym leader, complete with my fave fairy-type babies :’)

    #pokemon#self-insert#Fanart#fairy pokemon#gym leader#pokemon oc #cringe culture is dead #deciding not to tag the indiv pokemon lol
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  • gua-gua9000
    11.06.2021 - 18 hours ago

    rad uniform vs human world outfit

    #digital art#art#drawing#oc #obey me fanart #obey me shall we date #obey me #obey me shall we date fanart #obey me mc fanart #obey me mc #obey me mc character sheet #character sheet #is this even a character sheet #its me #obey me self insert
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  • dame-djarin
    11.06.2021 - 18 hours ago

    If I were... say... to start up a blog to write star wars x y/n fiction (and original star wars fiction... and also post all my silly memes) would anyone be interested in that? 👀

    EDIT: I did it

    Go follow me at @bobafettuccini

    #I could do ship requests too #star wars#y/n #mandalorian x reader #captain rex x reader #bad batch x reader #star wars self insert #self insert community #I could post art of my star wars ocs too!
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  • icemaskuwu
    11.06.2021 - 18 hours ago
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