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  • Ask Jasper, Chase, And Aza

    Whatever you want

    In anon


    Seems anons like them or an anon likes them so ask away what you like

    If YOU have anything to add or say let ME know okay 😊 I’d love to hear it

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  • Tagged by one of my Favorite people on the planet, the truly wonderful, @liveinthehills​! Thank you so much, my dear!

    So this is actually the very first OC playlist I’ve ever done! (Secretly it is because I only have one playlist for a single OC of mine. I’ve just never really gotten into making them for some reason *I know I am horrid!* oops 😬)

    Anywho I will be doing this for my elusive and rarely talked about Inquizi, Talessa Trevelyan!


    Β 1. This is What You Came for - By Calvin Harris ft. Rihanna // Madilyn Bailey (Cover)

    2. Gasoline - Halsey

    3. Breath of Life - Florence + The Machine

    4. Castle - Halsey

    5. The Fighter - In This Moment

    The moment it hits you that these are super fun and you have been depriving yourself forever, haha.Β 

    I will be tagging @slothssassin​, @thekingoforzammar​, @star–nymph​, andΒ @fuckthetemplars​

    and as usual even if you weren’t tagged and you’d like to do this please feel free to do so! and to all those i have tagged please feel no obligation to do this if you aren’t up to it!

    Thank you once again, my dearest sweetheart! πŸ–€

    #again so so much fun really wish i made more playlist! #Talessa Trevelyan#My Oc(s)#OC meme
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    #dolly parton meme #idk#sketch#oc meme
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    I made an oc meme like from DeviantArt but better

    I tried to make the questions vague enough to work for any combination of characters original or fandom

    If you wanna fill it out please share with me when you’re done!

    Have fun

    #ocs#original characters#art meme#oc meme #oc meme template #art meme template #artists on tumblr
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  • DearΒ @anzellla​ tagged me to post five songs on my ocs’ playlists.Β 

    Thank you so much for tagging me))

    Diana Shepard


    [LOL I lost all screenshots with her but this edit survived]

    1. Die Another Day by Madonna
    2. Infinity (Flufftronix Remix) by the XX
    3. Army of me by BjΓΆrk
    4. Never Fade Away -Β Phaeleh
    5. Accelerate byΒ Susanne SundfΓΈr

    I’m tagging: @littlevaultdweller, @faerunner, @mahariel-theirin, @first-enchanter-surana, @lavellens​, @rebelvakarian​,Β @battlecouples, @misslezzy, @highromances, @lord-woolsley and everyone else who wants.

    You don’t need to do it the way I did. I decided to spell her name with songs because I have too many of them so it narrowed my pool)

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    Do better than Twitter and I’ll think of a prize for people who helps make this.

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  • 5 Songs On Your OC’s Playlist

    Tagged by: @chyrstis and @sharky-broshaw thank you both!! πŸ’• I decided to just do Casey for this one.

    Casey Rook

    -Raise Hell - Dorothy

    -Through the Valley - Shawn James

    -Rise and Fall - the Rigs

    -Me and Mine - the Brothers Bright

    -Broken Crown - Mumford and Sons

    Tagging: @mtwalker @seedlingsinner @josephseeds-rosary @mrs-sakurai @softseeds

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  • one of those meme triangles but its book nerd-game nerd-film nerd

    #i'm sure this has been done #meme#oc meme
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  • Parvati: I just don’t understand it! Whenever I think about her my stomach gets all tangled up in knots!

    Captain: Oh ho, ho! I know what you have…..the L Word

    Felix: Yeah! Leprosy!

    Captain: No Felix, it’s four words, starts with L ends with E

    Felix: Oohhh…..Lice!

    Captain: NO!


    Captain: Did you ever kill anyone while in prison?

    Vicor Max: What’s important is that during my time, I found a better path…

    Captain: Yeah…You definitely killed at least three people.

    Vicor Max: It’s going to be four if you don’t keep your mouth shut.

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  • Ask me some questions about my OC’s, I’m terribly bored 😴 just make sure to add the # and the question.

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    #made this as a request #if u ever have funny images you want me to draw as pancake and mimi hit me up #pancakeandmimi#comic#oc art#oc meme#kim's art
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    #pancakeandmimi#oc art#oc meme #she craves violence and she'll get it #kim's art#meme#cat
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    A niche meme that I made because it will never not be funny to me that three Baratheons were supposed to become Queen but didn’t.

    #text#me#oc meme#house baratheon#jocelyn baratheon#cassandra baratheon #unnamed daughter of lyonel #i guess argella kind of counts? #i hope F&B II keeps up with this tradition #or better yet myrcella's the one to finally break the curse #asoiaf #tho what happened to cass was fucked up and not all funny #justiceforcassandrabaratheon#justiceforallfourstorms
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    Everyone I know is doing this so why try as well

    Send me comments everyone

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  • Oc bullshittery pt.5

    [this got hella long]


    Dax: Helpful grammar tip!

    Dax: β€œFarther” is for physical distance, β€œfurther” is for metaphorical distance, and β€œfather” is for emotional distance!

    Ashton: Who hurt you?

    Dax: My father, did you not hear me?


    Bei: Whoever threw that paper, your mom’s a hoe!!

    Chii: Whoever threw that paper, I’m sure your mother is a very respectable woman!

    Dax: Whoever threw that paper, I’ve probably slept with your mom.


    Camie brown, seeing a woman: oh fuck, she could just rip me in half and I would thank her

    Camie brown: [proceeds to kiss her hand and call her pet names]

    Woman who could rip Camie in half: I would kill for this small woman.


    Quinncie: She’s trying to lure me into a false sense of security. Well, joke’s on her!

    Quinncie: I’ve never been secure in my life!


    Poppet: Let me guess. You’ve got a loosely formed idea that shouldn’t work on paper, but ultimately proves to be reasonably successful?


    Paston: I wanna fucking die! [Garbled screaming]

    Ashton: same. Same…yuh, same.. [nods along to the screaming]

    Dax: what the ballsy FUCK! Is wrong with you two?!?

    Rico: [hushing dax] their performing the millennial mating call, don’t interrupt!

    Dax: wha de fuc? Is that allowed? Wat d fuk? Is that allowed?!


    Poppet: [Sneezes]

    Eva: [From inside the vents] Bless you.

    Poppet: [Looking around with wide eyes] GOD?


    Quinncie vibrating and talking fast: i am so cute and i cannot die!Β 


    Quinncie: I LOVE YOU!

    Rico: I LOVE YOU TOO!!

    Rico: BUT ALSOβ€”look at their body!

    Paston: [poses]


    Stranger: [points to dax] hey, is that guy bothering you?

    Paston: yeah, but he’s my husband so I signed up for this.


    Ashton: dax texted me, {Your adorable ;)} so I texted him back, {no YOU’RE adorable ;)}

    Rico: and?

    Ashton: And now we’re dating.

    Ashton: All I did was point out a typo but I like him so I’m not gonna say anything.


    Flesh: is stabbing someone immoral?

    Dax: Not if they consent to it~

    Bei: Depends who you’re stabbing.

    Charlie: Yes!?


    Quinncie: {Send nudes ;)}

    Rico: [Sends picture of nude makeup colors]

    Quinncie: {No! Nudes!!!}

    Rico: [sends picture of potluck] {????}

    Quinncie: {You know what? I’ll take it.}


    Chii: Do you have any skeletons in your closet?

    Bei: Literally or figuratively?

    Chii: the fact that I have to specify-


    Bei: I’ve invited you to this place because we’re going to the play the deadliest game.

    Flesh, nodding along: Knife Monopoly.

    Bei: I…I was actually going to hunt you for sport but I’m really into whatever Knife Monopoly is.


    [Apartment complex 404 group chat daily fuckery↓]

    Coccoh: {Coats and jackets are all too aesthetically fantastic to only wear during the cold seasons. I think scientists need to stop doing their dumb bs and band together to invent a jacket that can be worn whilst it’s hot out.}

    Dax: {Vests?}

    Coccoh: {You’re lucky a phone screen protects you from my hands.}



    Rico: My happiness?

    Rico turning to Elliott: I’m happy?


    Paston: don’t talk down to me!

    Dax: well I can’t talk up to you!


    Elliott: Wait, didn’t Charlie take your phone after you and quinncie wouldn’t stop texting each other?

    Rico, holding his phone: yeah?

    Elliott: how did you get your’s-

    Rico, holding up an extra phone: why do you need one?

    Elliott: IS THAT CAKES-


    Ashton: what’s a guilty pleasure?

    Cake: something you shouldn’t like but like anyways.

    Ashton: oh like dax?

    Cake: yeah like dax- WAIT WHAT?!?


    Charlie: Why are you looking into benefits of marriage?

    Ashton: Oh, dax and I are looking into getting hitched for tax reasons. Why didn’t you and peach tell me about this?

    Charlie: I married peach because I love her???

    Ashton: Cool well I’m gonna marry dax cause it’ll make rent more affordable.Β 


    Paston: [sighs] why am i better than everyone else?


    Baby flesh: f-f-f

    Peak Lilly: honey he is about to say his first word!

    Baby flesh: f…f..F…FR E SH A VOCA DO


    Diel: why do guys look so hot when they drive?

    Rico: cos we’re too stupid to work the air conditioning.


    Camie, high off her ass: Yes hello 911. I’m bored you wanna chill or some shit?


    Quinncie, bleeding to death: help…. me…

    Chii running in: WHAT HAPPENED?? WHO DID THIS TO YOU???

    Quinncie, pointing: they… they did it..

    Bei in the distance mumbling to themself: that mofo deserved it! Touching my fucking mask!


    Paston: [pulling petals off flower] she loves me. She loves me not. She loves m-

    Camie, from underneath the bench their sitting on: she’s cheating on you paston


    Tag list: @nansblockit @ask-the-amazing-greenland @slasher-beware @bubbababe @illwaitinthisplace

    If you want to be tagged just comment on this post or shoot me an ask/message, have a wonderful day!

    #oc bullshittery#ocs#oc's#my ocs#xzialspeaks#oc bullshit#oc meme #oc ask thing #oc ask game #oc ask meme #oc ask blog
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