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    finally made an updated ref for my other boy

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    forest people

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    I drew Orion and Carina.

    #tts#rta#tangled #tangled the series #rapunzel’s tangled adventure #my art#oc#carina#orion
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    @ruby-static "look at all those penguins" edition!

    In which oop-

    Anna: is it tourist season?

    Anna: look at all those penguins!

    Shira: ooooh royal penguins!

    Anna: oh from the warmer islands. So basically tourists

    Tmw you know its tourist season when more warmer climate penguins are appearing on the little Antarctic island that you call home. Also quil is a mood he looks like hes going "i sleep"

    Anna: oh my god that is adorable-

    Anna supervising three chaos siblings while they swim and they're just messing around with their heads just above the water like crocodiles. Akfhwudbakdhaufh

    Meanwhile, today...

    Shira: *eeeeeing*

    Orion was the one who told them about the announcement. Also shira is basically my reaction to when i saw that announcement trailer for JWE2 cause "AAAAAA DINOSAURS! :D"

    And the finale!

    Lily and Orion meet. What are these girls talking about? Nobody knows!

    #agent a anna #agent a quil #shira#jesse#clover#lil shade#Orion #agent a mrs blackfeather #club penguin ocs #club penguin oc #club penguin
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    @ruby-static "dont worry i can explain-" edition! In which takumi explains to anna and bonnie

    Anna: the sensei is your DAD!?

    Takumi: haha let me explain!

    Takumi: im adopted

    Anna: what wh-

    Anna: oh-!

    Takumi: dad found me and took me in, ive been his son ever since

    Bonnie: ohh i see!

    Bonnie: hell yeah thats awesome of himA

    Takumi: haha, yeah!

    Takumi, master of calming people down. He's had to explain this to almost everyone he meets so its really nothing special to him xD bonnie is absolutely chill about it

    Suddenly young shira playing gen 2 pokemon and-

    Shiny charmander~

    Shira: OOOOOHHH!!!!!

    shira fulfilling my wish of having a cool shiny pokemon akfkwkqjfjw- they still have that charmander but its a charizard now and it os their favourite. They always port it into a new game just to see their shiny friend.

    And the finale!

    Orion and rudy saw someone doing a dangerous stunt and both had the same reaction of

    Orion and rudy: why the fuck would you do that.

    Rudy 🤝 Orion

    Orion just ends up adopting this sassy man and claiming that he is now her son *wheeze*

    #agent a anna #agent a bonnie #takumi#shira#rudy#Orion #club penguin oc #club penguin ocs #club penguin #fun fact: when i was younger Orion was a boy #and then i made her a girl instead #Orion is literally my first ever character i gave the potion of trans ur gender and i love her so much #she's basically the catalyst that started it all #for me anyways
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    09.06.2021 - 2 days ago

    Some robot doodles again

    Also I’m calling weapons factory gijinka weapons momma for now

    Defcon species belongs to/TWISTEDKEY on Twitter

    #my art#nsr #no straight roads #nsr oc#defcon#Weston#leviathan#Mizu#Orion #weapons factory gijinka #weapons factory #elite security mizu #elite security orion #elite security team
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    i was tagged by @liamwynric and @nickeymouse to make my ocs in this picrew!! thank you for tagging me!💕

    top: angel andrews (body count, they/she), orion wright (speaker, he/him).

    middle: mia kovacs (the midnight hours, she/her), noa sano (blood moon, she/her).

    bottom: leila tayran (a tale of crowns, she/her), alex wiseman (mind blind, she/her).

    this has been going around so idk who's been tagged, but tagging @vethnamevnrael, @adam-du-mortains and @salavidze🤍

    #no pressure ofc!! #and thank u for the tag!! #nett rambles#tag game #oc: angel andrews #oc: orion wright #oc: mia kovacs #oc: noa sano #oc: leila tayran #oc: alex wiseman
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    #no one tags me in things or sends me anything anymore 😔 i wanna participate in oc things too... #orion doesn't count because like we're literally sitting next to eachother when we do them #delete later
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    09.06.2021 - 3 days ago

    Gunmar: This isn’t working out

    Orion: *gasps* Are you saying we start should annoying other people?

    (Note: This is based on Spike and Angel from Angel season 5)

    #bickering brothers#shitpost#trollhunters#trollhunters oc #tales of arcadia #gunmar the black #orion the unconcered
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    08.06.2021 - 3 days ago

    “Love One Another”: A Sirius Black Story: Part One: Aloha

    A Harry Potter world AU in which everyone lives.  It also features Sirius as an older gentleman with a younger woman.  She is in her twenties, a little older than Harry, perhaps . --------

    It was a beautiful summer morning in Godric's Hollow.  

    Lily Potter was sat at the kitchen table fawning over a young Teddy Lupin as he drew pictures.

    She loved having the little boy around as it had been ages since Harry was little and she sometimes missed the pitter patter of curious little feet on the hardwood.

    The home was lively with people as alot of their friends turned family had agreed to come round for the summer holiday.

    James, ever the social butterfly, had been over the moon with the information was currently crafting a small feast for lunch for everyone to enjoy when they got there.

    Remus and his wife, Nymphadora who much preferred to be called Tonks, had arrived a few days ago much to their joy because they'd brought little Teddy with them.

    The little boy was always happy to see his godfather, Harry, and of course Auntie Lily and Uncle James because they spoiled him rotten.

    Harry and Ginny popped in continously as they were both family oriented and in between Harry's work as an Auror and Ginny's work with the Harpies... they could usually always be found at either the Potter's cottage or the Weasley's Burrow.

    Ron and Hermione had arrived that morning.

    Poor Ron trailing behind her, laden down with the load of children's books that Hermione had insisted on giving to Teddy.

    And Sirius had arrived late last night and promptly crashed into bed after having shared one too many drink with James.

    It still fascinated him how James could drink like a fish and still get up that early.

    He supposed it was due to years of parties in the Gryffindor common room and then having to be up early as Quidditch captain.

    He envied the discipline at times... but he also valued his sleep so it didn't bother him too much as long as James didn't decide to launch himself onto Sirius' sleeping form at the unspeakable hour of six in the morning.

    "Auntie Lily?" Teddy asked of the beautiful red haired woman.

    Her green eyes twinkled looking at the little boy.

    "Yes, darling?" she cooed pinching his little cheek and making him giggle.

    "When is Harry and Ginny gonna get here?" he asked.

    "They'll be around later, love." she said patting his currently acid yellow hair.

    The metamorphamagus trait he'd inherited from his mother was always a crowd pleaser and it never failed to make Lily smile when James would tell him to do something and the little boy would try to imitate his features and mock him.

    Seeing as how Harry looked so like James, it always reminded her of her son when he was that age and arguing with his father over something as trivial as picking up his toys.

    Teddy nodded as continue to color his picture of a rabbit as Lily continue to card her hand through his hair.

    "Do you want to know a secret?" Lily asked and the small crayon fell from Teddy's hand onto the table with clatter.

    "A secret?" he asked, eyes widening comically. "Yes, Aunt Lily! I do!"

    "Guess who else is coming to visit today?" she smiled.

    "Who?!" he asked.

    "Well, I'll give you a hint." she said, smiling at the little boy's rapt attention.

    "Ok, I'm listening." he said, hands clasped in front of him waiting for whatever vital information she was about to give him.

    "Well, it's a girl." she said.

    "Mummy?" Teddy said almost disappointed.  "Mummy's already here, Aunt Lily."

    "No, no." Lily laughed. "Not mummy.  But she and your mummy are good friends."

    "Fleur?" he asked. "Are Bill and Fleur coming?"

    Lily laughed again, "Well, we might see them sometime when we go visit the Weasleys but that's not who it is."

    Teddy nodded, his eyes changing into a vivid green to match her own.

    A trait she noticed happened when he was trying to concentrate.

    "She likes animals." she said.  "And she has a big spotty dog."

    The gasp that escaped Teddy was comical to say the least.

    He clasped his little hands over his mouth and his hair turned white as snow before he let out an excited little squeal.


    Lily laughed and nodded.

    "Yep, she's going to come and stay with us this summer." she said.

    Teddy all but exploded with excitement and instantly began tossing his papers around looking for a blank one.

    "What are you doing, love?" she laughed.

    "I have to draw her a picture right now!" he said.  "Aunt Lily where is the black crayon? I need it!"

    Lily laughed as she passed him the crayon and smiled at his excitement as he began to draw an adorably crooked version of the Dalmatian.

    A yawn was heard from the stairs and Lily looked up to see Sirius making his way into the kitchen.

    "Well good morning, Sleeping Beauty." she teased knowing very well that he was sporting a hangover.

    "Mornin." he said ruffling Teddy's hair, that had changed to pink, as he passed.

    He poured himself a cup of tea and sat down at the table to try and wake up a bit more.

    "So who's this Jessie?" he asked sighing as the hot tea reached his taste buds and the caffeine entered his system.

    Lily gave him a look, "Honestly, Sirius?"

    He shrugged.

    "Your godson's best friend?" she pressed. "Ring any bells?"

    "Oh, the troublemaker." he nodded and she scoffed. "What?"

    "You have no room to call anyone a trouble maker, Black." she pointed out and he shared a look at James who snorted.

    "Oi! Like you've any room to talk." Lily pointed out. "The lot of you getting yourselves and others into trouble all the time."

    James pivoted from the stove to place a kiss to the top of his wife's head.

    In his younger years, Sirius would've made a show of how affectionate they were to be disgusting but he'd be lying if he said that he didn't envy them a bit.

    "Well, I've never met her.  All I've heard are stories and the stories are kind of..."

    "Like every story ever told about you?" she teased and he rolled his stormy eyes.

    "What are you drawing, punk?" Sirius asked Teddy who was hunkered down over his piece of paper.

    "This is Jessie's dog." Teddy said matter of factly.  "He's a Dalation."

    "Dalmatian." Lily corrected and Sirius nodded.

    "Yeah." Teddy said. "Dalation. That's what I said."

    The three of them smiled at the little boy.

    "His name is Keanu." Teddy said. "And he's the best puppy who ever lived."

    Sirius placed a hand to his heart dramatically, "Oh, the betrayal."

    "Oh, I'm sorry, Padfoot." Teddy said reaching out to pat his hand. "But you're only kind of a dog.  Keanu is a real dog.  It's not the same."

    Lily and James laughed at the little boy trying to console Sirius.

    "What kind of name is Keanu?" Sirius asked.

    "The name of a treasure if you ask Jess."

    The four of them looked to the door to see Harry and Ginny stepping inside.

    "Harry!" Teddy cheered and tackled his godfather in an excited hug. "Did you know Jessie is coming?!"

    "Yeah, buddy, she should be here later." Harry asked, lifting the little boy into his arms as Ginny passed out some hugs before offering to help James with the cooking only to be refused with the reminder that she'd burnt the eggs last time.

    "It was one time." Ginny said taking a seat beside Lily.

    "One was enough, Ginevra." he said with a dramatic shudder.

    She rolled her eyes in response but a smile tugged at her lips nevertheless as she remembered about a year into their marriage when she tried to surprise Harry with breakfast in bed and almost burnt the flat down in the process.

    Ginny Potter was many wonderful things but a decent cook was not one of them.

    Fortunately, Harry was and so he handled most of that anyway.

    "Don't feel bad, Gin.  I'm rubbish at cooking too. Lucky for me, Remus makes delightful pancakes."

    The group looked at the couple descending the stairs.

    Tonks aimed a wink at her husband before taking her son from Harry.

    "You need a bath." she said pointedly. "I let you off last night because you were tired but I know you were in the garden yesterday and I don't think Aunt Lily wants you mucking up her house any further."

    Teddy whined, "Aww, mummy! But Jessie is coming! What if I'm in the bath when she gets here?"

    "You'll live." she laughed as she took him upstairs while he fussed the entire time.

    "So does everyone know this person besides me?" Sirius asked.

    "Well, you've been away for a while, Pads." James said as he placed another dish into the oven.

    "I was working." Sirius laughed.

    "Yeah, sure, 'working'." Remus rolled his eyes.

    "I was!" Sirius laughed again.  

    "And 'socializing'." Lily said teasingly.

    "A man can't date?" Sirius asked and everyone rolled their eyes at him.

    "Well, anyway." he said to Harry.  "I look forward to meeting her. I only really remember the stories from when you were in Hogwarts and the obscene amount of letters Minnie wrote your parents ratting you out."

    "And the two of you were no help!" Lily said with a glare at James.  "A responsibly father would've been disappointed, not proud."

    "Chip off the old block." James said giving Harry a hug around the shoulder making the young man laugh.

    "Well, to be fair, most of it wasn't intentional on my part." Harry admitted. "I just seem to have a habit of finding trouble and she always seems to attract it."

    "That's seemingly eerily familiar." Remus said.  "And partially true.  I seem to remember her encouraging the Weasley twins quite a bit."

    "A bit?!" Ginny laughed. "They worshipped the ground she walked on. I'm honestly surprised she hasn't married one of them."

    Harry shrugged, "They're not really her type, Gin.  They're not nearly as moody and problematic. She'll probably end up with an asshole.  Like a Scorpio."

    "Oi!" Sirius cut in. "I'm a Scorpio!"

    "My point exactly." Harry teased his godfather. "Moody and problematic."

    "What a little shit." Sirius laughed shoving Harry's shoulder when he took a seat beside him.

    "You'll like her though." Harry assured.  "You've got a few things in common and she's brilliant."

    "I'm sure I will." Sirius nodded.

    Even if he didn't, he'd play nice for the sake of his godson.

    The group continued to laugh and chat for a while as James cooked away, threatening anyone who got near his precious tart the entire time.

    Tonks returned after having put Teddy down for a name and eventually Ron and Hermione joined the group.

    Remus was having his ass handed to him by Ron at Wizard's Chess when an unmistakable roar was heard from outside.

    If Sirius didn't know any better he'd have thought it was his own motorbike.

    Harry's grin was radiant as he jumped off from the armchair.

    "She's here!" he said and took off towards the door, his parents laughing at him as he did.

    "Oh no, Gin." James said elbowing Ginny in the side. "It's the other woman."

    "Bout time." she scoffed.  "It's her turn to deal with him now."

    Harry had blasted out the doorway, the others following suit as the large pink motorbike finally landed on a patch of grass near the garden.

    The woman had barely gotten off the bike when Harry took off running.

    She pulled the helmet from her head revealing a beautifully brown face.

    Her hair was long and dark that fell out in waves somewhere between curly and wavy.  

    At first glance it appeared a rich black but as the sunlight hit it there were tones of warm browns and even hints of rusty red.

    Not unlike the affect the sunlight had on the fur of a black cat.

    The thick, full lips of her mouth pulled into a wide grin over her bright smile as she took off as well.

    She and Harry met each other in the middle with a crashing hug, sending them both to the ground in a fit of laughter.

    After few moments of them rolling around the dirt, partially wrestling each other and partially trying to hug one another they finally stood up and dusted themselves off.

    "Howzit, Harry?" she asked with a beaming smile and an accent that informed Sirius that she was not English at all, but rather American.

    Had Harry told him this in the past?

    He didn't seem to remember it.

    "Better now that you finally decided to show up." Harry responded and a sock to her shoulder to which she definitely returned.

    Harry chucked an arm around her neck to drag her forward, a brilliant smile on both their faces.

    Her cheekbones were quite prominent while her nose was wider and more flattened to her face.

    All of which seemed to set off her incredibly dark and romantic eyes.

    "Aloha, Jessie!" James said enveloping her into a hug.

    "Aloha, James." she chuckled returning the gesture.

    James and Lily had met Jessie and her father at King's Cross Station when they'd picked Harry up after his first year.

    She'd introduced them all to her father who'd greeted them with a warm welcome and the greeting.

    James had been obsessed with it since and used it every chance he got. "There's a feast inside so I hope you're hungry." James grinned.

    Jessie patted her stomach, "I'm an islander, bro.  I can always eat."

    "Brilliant!" he said.  "Come inside and let's tuck in!"

    "Alright, just let me get a couple things and move my bike out of the way." she said.

    "Sure, love." said Lily.  "You can put it out in the shed with Sirius'.  Harry, help her with her things."

    "Sure, mum." Harry said having no intentions of leaving his best friend's side any time soon.  

    Everyone else filtered into the house while Sirius chose to hang around the two of them.

    She pulled her bike into the shed behind Sirius' and

    "So you must be this infamous Jessie I keep hearing about?" Sirius spoke as pulled her bag off the back of the bike.

    "That's me, I guess." she smiled. "And I'm taking it that you're Sirius?"

    "The one and only." he shrugged.

    She smiled and reached out to hug him.

    Sirius was a little surprised but not displeased when she did.

    Some people didn't like physical affection but it would seem that she had no problem with it.

    "Where's Keanu?" Harry asked looking for the massive dog.

    "Ah, I left him with Papa for a bit." she said.  "He keeps him company and I don't worry so much."

    "Little Teddy is going to be heartbroken." Sirius said. "He was looking forward to the dog."

    She chuckled, "Yeah, he got kind of attached the last time I came around with him.  Maybe I could pop in and get the pooch for a couple of days over the summer."

    "I'm sure he'd like that." Sirius said before sweeping his eyes over her bike.  "That's a nice bike you've got there."

    "Thanks." she said. "Built it with my Papa."

    "Really?" he asked.

    "Yeah, he's a mechanic.  Taught me everything I know.  We started with an engine several years ago.   He was helping our neighbor build a neck deck for their porch.  And when they were done, he told him to get whatever he wanted from the junkyard.  Papa found the engine and brought it home and we worked on it a little every time I was home from school.  She runs like a dream."

    "Interesting color choice." Sirius commented looking over the pearlescent bubblegum pink paint job.

    "Not really." she shrugged. "I like pink so I figured why not.  My cousin, Johnny, details cars so I got lucky."

    She took a second to take in Sirius' own sleek black bike and let out a whistle, "Though I will admit, there is something about a glossy black bike that just does it for me. I'm guessing this is yours?"

    Sirius reached out to pat the seat, "Yeah, she's mine. Bit older than yours, I think, she runs like a dream as well."

    "I bet." she said. "Maybe we can swap one day for a ride. Unless you have some toxic masculinity complex about riding a pink bike."

    Sirius lifted an eyebrow at her and then at Harry who had shoved his fist in his mouth to stop from laughing.

    "It's a date." he said and she just nodded.

    She ran her finger down the seat of Sirius' bike teasingly, "Sssshhh, Big Mama, I'm coming for you.  Just you wait."

    The two males laughed at her flirting with the bike.

    "Careful." Harry said. "Wouldn't want Veronica getting jealous."

    Jessie laid herself over her bike, "Veronica and I have an open relationship, Harry.  We're very modern and don't try to put labels on ourselves."

    She trailed her finger over the gas tank, "Ssshh, baby, don't listen to Harry.  He doesn't understand our love."

    Sirius couldn't help but laugh at the eccentric woman.

    She went to pick her bag up from where she'd dropped it on the ground but Sirius swooped in to get.

    He furrowed his brows at the shockingly heavy pack.

    "Merlin, what do you have in this thing?" he asked.

    "Something that will make your bestie very happy." she said mischievously.

    "Oh god, please tell me it's not more muggle junk." Harry said.

    "Hey!" Jessie said shoving his shoulder. "I'm muggleborn, you dick. As is your mother."

    "Yeah and because of that, I have to listen to her complain when Dad obsesses over a toaster." Harry pointed out.

    "And that's why I like your father." she shrugged. "He is an easy man to please. But it's not 'junk'.  It's food."

    "Oh, I don't think you'll need it, love." Sirius said slinging her pack over his shoulder as the three of them excited the shed and headed for the cottage.  "He's prepared enough for an an army."

    Harry snorted, "You've never seen her eat. Hey!"

    Jessie chuckled at his outcry when she punched his arm again.

    "And it's not for that." she said. "It's fruit.  I know how he is.  Figured I'd bring him some stuff from the island."

    "He'll be quite chuffed with that." Sirius agreed.  "The man loves to eat."

    "Who doesn't?" she laughed. "Speaking of... last one inside has to tell James his tart is bland."

    She shoved Harry to the ground and took off running.

    "Oi! You cheat!" he bellowed running after her.

    Sirius shrugged not in any hurry to run after them.

    He'd known James for years.

    They were basically like a married couple anyway.

    He'd tell him it sucked just see him fuss anyway.


    Part Two Coming Soon

    ------ Hello my loves! I hope you enjoyed this little moment with an older Sirius and a younger lady! I don't get enough of this dynamic but it is one that I love!  I would love to hear your thoughts and I hope you're all having a lovely day!

    Love, Kenny

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    ——- Also, just a reminder that I am open for commissions! Additionally, the only tag list I have is my permanent tag list but if you ever want to be added all you have to do is just go to the ask box and request to be added! It’s that simple and you’re in!I love you all!

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    haha hi its been a while since weve done vent art~ ~ ~

    #oc#self insert#original character #solomon obey me #obey me solomon #🔪#oc insert#oc orion #(( maybe! i just want to be held! ugh! )) #(( also not putting this in the main obm tag bc- hng- )) #(( however the sol tag is okay fhjskhfka )) #oc obm #(( okay now i cant draw more today my wrist still aches from yesterday )) #(( if we post another drawing today bonk us pls ty mwah ))
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    Some doodles of eldrich beans.

    Plus figuring out leviathans eldrich eyes thing

    Defcon species belongs to @/TWISTEDKEY on Twitter

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    #oc: alexsandra king #she doesn’t get paid enough for half of the shit i put her through #also srry it took me so long to answer!! #orion tag#dumbnojutsu
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    All of my mlm characters!

    going to do all of the other flags with my characters too hehe

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    Just a boy enjoying a magical swim

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    From the Stars Pride Chibis!!

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