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STORY: The Anomalous Objects


Accessing A.O.R.F. database....


File retrieved....


Begin file transfer....



“Suicide Diamond”

Security Level: MODERATE

Cube of crystallized carbon, 50 centimeters across.

Chemically and physically inert.

Emits constant low-level psionic radiation.

Observed to trigger suicidal tendencies in subjects exposed for greater than five minutes.

Store in soundproof room.



Security Level: MODERATE

Humanoid entity, 2.5 meters tall.

Body comprised of pure dark matter.

Fully sentient.

Claims to be over 12 billion years old.

Demonstrates limited control over electromagnetism.

House in cell containing no ferrous materials.


“Phoneoraptor sarcophagi”

Security Level: MAXIMUM

Reptilian creature, 3 meters long.

Uncontrollably agressive.

Dead-end digestive system.

Hyper-efficient metabolism.

Able to maintain high level of activity indefinitely.

Must be sedated and physically restrained at all times.


“Julia Connors”

Security Level: LOW

Human female, 13 years old.

Has unidentified medical condition.

Skin flakes off, revealing blue energy field underneath.

Condition is not contagious.

No special security measures required.

Identify condition, develop cure, and release from A.O.R.F. custody.


“Plague of Eyes”

Security Level: MAXIMUM

Viral infection, possible bioweapon.

Causes growth of large blisters across entire body.

Blisters then develop into functioning eyeballs.

Resulting sensory overload induces catatonic state in patient.

Highly contagious.

Contain at all costs.



Security Level: MODERATE

Opal-like gemstone, 10 centimeters across.

Converts raw materials into living beings.

Utilizes any matter it comes into physical contact with.

Store in vacuum chamber, suspended in magnetic field.

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