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  • Salvador: Ok, I’m going to the store. Want anything?

    Griffin, sick, in bed: Gummy worms,, and those fizzy candies,,

    Salvador: Absolutely not. I’m getting you instant soup.

    Griffin: And gummy worms??

    -30 minutes later-

    Salvador, who got him soup and gummy worms: Anything else?

    Griffin, woozy from cold medicine, tearing up a bit: A headpat,,

    #actually i needed to post this bc its the script of the comic im working on #farmers market#ocs
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  • a quality baby

    (I’m so proud of this)

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  • Playlist cover for my poor boy J-4K ):
    Its based off his short time in a campaign, but some of the beginning can be used for his out of campaign self as well
    You can listen to the playlist if you want here!

    #art#digital painting #artists on tumblr #ocs#my ocs#J-4k#my art #Poor guy got real fucked up #OH I SHOULD SHOW THE ART I DID OF WHAT HAPPENED TO HIM!
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  • Platinum BiBi by Robert McClaflin!

    Page 14!

    Episode 1 BiBi at The JIM!

    Featuring BiBi and Manchester Baby!

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  • image

    Morning drawings, featuring a trench coat-less Bloodhurst and some good old crack

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  • #phew #that took a bit lol #i honestly like the HCs i came up with #i think it suits them well #hope is varied enough lol #asks#answers#OCs#original characters #dakota x soap #laura x price #thank you for the ask 😭😭 #simonxriley
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    (I really can’t wait for the photo mode)

    Anyway her name is Mitzi ‘Mittens’ Dayne. Codename ‘Corrupted’. Her cat eyes aren’t there for show, they could see in the dark like a cat however one of her eyes were weaker than the other. She has a practical mindset and a borderline crazy persona, (the kind of person who get ping pong by those rolling urchin balls just for the heck of it) it contradicts with the logical reasonings she likes to spat around on random occasions.


    Oliver: Please don’t fall.

    Mitzi: Oli, I’m not that dumb to dive into the hole of despair just cause she thought *puts down her weapon* there’s a treasure *tooks off her blood veil* down there.

    Oliver: What are you-?

    Mitzi: I mean *walks towards the hole* that could have been just crazy. *jumps*

    Oliver: ….


    Mitzi: I think I discover the trick on how to not get tackle by those rolling urchins.

    Yakumo: Well, lay it on us, oh wise one.

    Mitzi: It’s a simple trick; you guard with your weapon *took a stance*, feet perfectly rooted on the spot *grounds her heel on the ground* and stay still.

    Also Mitzi spotting the Lost: Oh what the h*ll. *spreads her arms wide open* C’mere life! *gets tackled by the rolling urchin lost* (or whatever they were called)

    Yakumo: *wheezes in laughter and concern* (he can’t pick so he’ll do both) (probably gets tackled too)


    She won’t do anything crazy if she’s with Louis because… reasons.

    Like all my other girls she get attach to kind souls easily, so much so that when she met up with Lost Oliver she almost snapped into a frenzy of her own. Louis manage to calm her down enough to deliver the killing blow. After she unlock Oli’s memory echoes, she finally snapped. She got treatment immediately but the veins, the glowing veins, and dark sclera stuck around. A cruel reminder of her failure.

    Her ending is what I like to call ‘The Raven who finally rests her wary wings’

    (There’s more to her character that I can’t describe to words. And I might sound too narcissistic flaunting my babies but heh. I wanna write a fanfic of her soo bad but I have incoming exams😢 WHY WASNT I BORN A GENIUS SO I COULD SKIP GRADES AND STUFF!!!)



    I am speechless with this character. You’re so good at giving me just the right amount to give me the feelies 😩

    #ocs#submission #sorey im mot able to right more #im working on getting the askbox clear
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  • It was a cold winter day. Katherine has just waken up. She prepares herself for the day, getting a cup of coffee to wake herself up.

    While drinking her coffee, Katherine relaxes and thinks about what to do for the day. She is considering going to the library to look for books on biology, psychology, or philosophy. These topics have always interested her since her childhood. She is still interested in them today, and wants to learn more about these fields.

    She then warms up some potatoes and chicken for her to eat. She then eats it and finishes her coffee, ready to start her day. Katherine than puts on her shoes and begins to walk to the library, wearing a thick jacket to keep her warm. While walking there, she feels relaxed as she gets fresh air. She also looks around, enjoying the view of the snow on the ground and trees.

    As she gets closer to the library, she receives a phone call from her friend Carla. “Did you hear about that new tv show? It’s science fiction, you might like it! There is a species in there which you might find interesting. They are sort of antish”

    Katherine replied to her. “I haven’t watched it yet, but I will read about and watch it when I get home.”

    Katherine then walks inside the library and sits down at a table. She plans to look around for books that may interest her and maybe borrow them. If she likes the book, she may even consider buying them.

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  • Tourmaline And Rutile

    Here is a set of Lisa’s Gem OCs. Unfortunately due to time constraint I can’t color them like Mint Pearl. I hope you understand Lisa.

    Tourmaline/Rutile © Lisa44412
    Steven Universe © Rebecca Sugar

    #steven universe#SU#su oc#gem oc #t.v. show #gift#my art#ocs #steven universe ocs
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  • Also the fact that over the course of the AWFUL events of AOItBBF Persedau and Puck both start greying ajdjskdhdkdh

    #jay jeers#ocs#persedau#puck #pucks a bit young but hes Stressed TM #puck is 39 and pers is in his early-mid 40s #reading acacia be like 'rich red hair' and birch be like 'ginger wrought with creeping silver'
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  • I cannot stop thinking about Cav’s teeth. From how Lennox talks about them they’re like dog’s teeth. I know they arent but they’re big and sharp and crooked and yellow and I think those were very good choices on my part

    #i need to give one of my ocs a gap between the front teeth tho #besides nicole bc she never even APPEARS #i have one and i hate it so i should project it onto a character i like #hmm. #im blanking#jay jeers#ocs#cav
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  • #Im sorry to be the bearer of bad news but she is the worst #I have way more info about her but I dont want to give everything away at once #sugspeaks#mediocre malefactors#andrea decuir#ocs
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  • I already submitted my twins but I can’t help it.


    This is another one of my sweet girls. Her name is Macaria Evans. She’s the bad ending child 😔. If we have the height parameter earlier she’ll be as tiny as Mia. She’s young too, just a child of 15 years old.

    Full of insecurities and doubts but she tries and do what she thought was right. Because of her mutated eyes she can see through the dark but she hates how freakish they look so she always have her sunglasses on her person. She became more open to the people at the base and eventually gather enough courage to ditch the glasses. She gets attached easily (she keeps Oliver’s necklace and always cleans his weapon. It’s a shame that she’s not very skilled with hammers.) cries herself to sleep every time she ‘saves’ a Successor. She never feels like she saves them, it felt the opposite. And knowing that her feelings was right, hurts more.

    She’s sorry she’s not strong enough. She’s sorry that she fails her new family. She’s sorry for everything.



    No, tell her that her eyes are pretty…..they make her look cool and unique….I’m glad she learned to at least accept her eyes 😭 shes so sweet,,her and Oliver would have been pals.

    No…babye….dont cry..I will give her a snuggle…LET HER KNOW LOVE!! SHES A BABY!!

    #ocs#submission #u did really good on writing this btw
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