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  • Intro Wu-Tang Clan
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  • dom’s intro below!

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  • The people below the equator are getting an eyeful, and he knows it.

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  • #game over #video game madness #video game scene #intro #end of games #game crazy #video game craze #old school video games #old school gaming #graphic images#graphics #gif for you #gifs#gif#giffy
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  • LSD Dream Emulator Intro

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  • Kalani pulled his damp locks back, and out of his face with one hand. He was gathering some items and sticking them in his backpack, taking advantage of the summer hours. He knew he would need to change once he left his cell, as he was currently only wearing a pair of shorts. The good news was, he planned to be in the water for most of the day so the dress code really didn’t bother him. As the bound seer turned, he stopped after a single step, noticing a woman in the doorway. She looked familiar, but he couldn’t recall exactly how he knew her. No collar, not a slave, he thought to himself. His brow lifted, as if to ask her what she can help her with. Of course, if he had said it, it might have come out as sarcastic. That wasn’t how Kalani was, he was genuinely concerned she was looking for someone, or something, and wanted assistance. 



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  • #wale #album about noothing #intro
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  • The poem Youth is about my personal frustration with being young and how older people perceive it. Very often “the adults” tell younger people that they should enjoy their youth while it lasts. But why does youth have to end? Who decided that you stop being a young person at one point and from that point you have become an old person. I think it’s unfair. Everyone is young at their core. No matter what your age is, you can always preserve your youth and anything that “being young” entails.

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  • My name is Nocturne. I use she/they pronouns, with a preference for they/them. I’m currently the leader of Blackbox Theatre Crew. I don’t know how active I will be here, but I felt the urge to make a more formal introduction than allow my systemmates to continue to name drop. I feel driven, and so far I feel more active during the night.

    Speaking of which: it’s time for bed. Good night, sysblr.

    (Pictured: My own interpretation of myself; using picrew and picsart.)

    Nocturne 🌒

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  • “Wouldn’t you agree?”

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  • image

    hi friends i’m lia, my only personality trait is my obsession w the horror genre, and i’m bringing u this soft sarcastic boy ren about whom u can find some info below the cut aside from the basics + some random hcs below the bio and a few wcs ♡


    • name: Soren “Ren” Morrison
    • fc: Matty Healy
    • dob: July 17 (cancer)
    • age: 30 (31 in July)
    • job: Tattoo Artist
    • gender: Cismale
    • prounouns: He/Him
    • quote: “I had nothing to offer anybody except my own confusion” - Jack Kerouac
    • time in chicago: 6 months

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    #intro #have this mess :)
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  • intro because you can pin posts now!!!!


    heyo!! im sterling, people call me ster or star, im 18 and live in the bay area! im a bisexual nb/transmasc dude and my pronouns are they/he/them/him :D

    im studying marine bio and love all things life sciences. my focus is on marine predators at the moment but im all over the place lol. i love frogs, kaiju, plants, and the twilight zone, im also a big pacific rim and star trek fan lol

    im a type one diabetic with mobility impairment, i have bpd, bipolar, ptsd, and adhd, and i love talking disability activism and cpunk stuff!! my service dog is named penny and she’s really cute :3

    my blog is a mix of everything, some movies/tv shows/music stuff, some rpg stuff, some biology stuff, some activism stuff yknow. general tumblr blog things. cringe is dead and i ramble about my hyperfixations so my inbox is open if you want to ramble too!!!

    what else is relevant about me… im generally p chill and will talk to anyone about anything, i tell terrible jokes and love to hear them, i have a bunch of cool friends on here (‘friends tag’ if you wanna find them!!) and my original content is tagged ‘ster makes stuff sometimes.’ happy scrolling through the chaotic pile that is my blog!!


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    Bullet Horasa, that’s what they call you now. Bullet, god, such a stupid nickname that caught on. “Fast and deadly” you claimed, thinking yourself the smart one, “Only takes one to kill a highblood”. That much was true, but after years of the same thing, they were getting better while you were stuck in the past. No more smart tactics from you, just pure, unfiltered rage. It’s going to get you killed.

    Krenan thinks he can stop your death, of course he does, he’s the emperor! He thinks he can do anything, but he needs to open his eyes and realise that he can’t control death, and he sure as hell can’t control what you do. If you die on the battlefield, then you die on the battlefield, no matter what he may or may not want. You grew up fighting for this cause, you’re going to die doing the same.

    You’re getting old, anyway, might as well let someone else step up.

    You’re outdated.

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  • You find yourself in the rainy alleyways of a nearby shopping plaza. Your own footsteps pattering against the bricked pavement below, the murmur of puddles pooling with more droplets filled the air..

    Where there had been lots of people in the square, your eyes now only fall to one..


    A rather large and intimidating man - leaning himself against a wall with his arms folded, and a cigarette placed between his lips. Silent, both tense and relaxed. But slowly his gaze falls upon you. “Do you need something from the TAA?”

    The TAA? Why that’s a mafia. You at least know that.

    #loon#intro#boss #please promo!
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  • Hello everyone! I am a new mod of this blog. I am Mod Puppeteer. I go by they/he pronouns, and am 20 years old. I love OFF and its community, however small, and want to make contributions. I will be making aesthetics, stim boards, and pride icons! :)

    #mod puppeteer #Not a request #intro
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  • New New Intro , Ugh 😩 Instagram loves putting me out of Frame . Subscribe In Bio ! #aaronfantazii #dreambig #fantasy #intro #motivation #imagination

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  • Hey, isn’t that {EVAN ROSIER}? {HE} is a {SEVENTH YEAR SLYTHERIN} and I’ve heard that they are {BRAVE TO A FAULT AND TENACIOUS } but can also be {VICIOUS AND ELITIST}. there’s also rumours that they are part of the {REBELS (DEATH EATERS)}, and maybe that’s because they are {PUREBLOOD}? but who knows if that is true. they also look really similar to {GABRIEL DARKU}, but I don’t see it myself.

    • Name: Evan Rosier
    • Nickname: Rosier
    • FC: Gabriel Darku
    • Age: Seventeen
    • Gender: Male
    • Sexuality: Gay, but not out.
    • House: Slytherin
    • Year: Seventh
    • Patronus: An eel
    • Side: Rebels/Death Eaters
    • Wand: 9" Vine Wood with Thestral Tail Hair
    • Blood status: Pureblood

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