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  • sunarctus
    17.10.2021 - 5 hours ago

    I finally finished it!! (based of a wonderful textpost by @thqtoneweirdo !!)

    No reposts thank you, I hope you all enjoy :)

    (Can you tell this was supposed to be casual drawing that I got way way way into 😅)

    Fun fact about this, I have spent too long staring at pathfinder's and rev's waists/asses (can you call them that??) trying to figure out how they work...

    no seriously i have so many terrible sketches trying to work out robot anatomy, its sad

    #look at revs weird funky lil feet #how do he climb like that #alternatively im glad i didnt have to draw paths coz id rather draw his arms 3000 times than draw his feet #apex legends #apex legends fanart #apex legends octane #apex legends pathfinder #apex legends revenant #octavio silva#kaleb cross#octane#pathfinder#revenant #octane apex legends #revenant apex legends #pathfinder apex legends #apex octane#apex pathfinder#apex revenant
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  • animecinnamonroll99
    16.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    What are some Apex Legend ships you have heard or seen??? Curious on who's being placed with who. Can be pletonic/romantic/paternal. Lwt me know who and what kind of shit it is, please and thank you.!!

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  • rieha
    15.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    Finally done!  A fun little chibi bonus doodle bellow

    he put on the bunny outfit for you and you’re just going to ignore him to clean his messy ass room??😔

    #apex legends#apex octane#octane#octavio silva #apex legends fanart #seertane #there's stuff I could still fix and stuff I would have done differently but I've been working on this so long I'm read to be done with it #riehas art
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  • featherlight-touches
    14.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    No lies.

    Hello! It’s me again :D I’m back with another one-shot. Still trying to get back into writing so please be patient with me if there are mistakes. 

    This story takes place after my last one-shot, All yours, Dah’lin, Enjoy! 


    “I’m telling ya, hermana,” Octane told Lifeline. “I have never gone out like that before!”  

    Ajay finished a sip of her beverage; she had been listening to Octane’s frantic ramblings of his latest defeat within the games for the past ten minutes.

    “I heard ya’ the first 20 times, O. I honestly don’t know what to tell ya’!”

    “Don’t you think it’s weird? I’m all for creativity when taking out the competition, but Nat tickling me like that was… was humiliating!” Octane complained, using both of his hands to grab onto his head.

    “So ya’ got beat by a little harmless fun, I wouldn’t worry too much about it.” Ajay shrugged, not really understanding why Octavio was so upset about this.  

    “But you don’t understand, I – “

    “Hey, speedy!” a familiar male voice called out from across the room, causing Octane to sink a little.

    “Oh great…” he sighed under his breath; he knew what was coming. Mirage, a trickster filled with smugness at his latest victory at the games. “What’s up amigo?”

    “Oh, nothing. Just having a drink to celebrate the latest W.” he chuckled, inviting himself to have a seat with Octane and Lifeline. “I tell ya, it’s not easy out there. But then, I suppose I don’t have to go up against someone like me.”

    “I wonder how ya’ head manages to fit through the doors sometimes, Witt.” Ajay chuckled, which even amused Octane. Mirage just brushed it off. His ego was at a high right now and he wasn’t going to let anyone bring him down.

    “You know,” Elliott brought his attention to Octavio, who had a suspicion he knew what was about to be said. “I heard you got taken out by Wattson, in a very… funny way.”

    “Real funny…” he replied, crossing his arms across his chest almost sulking. “Like you wouldn’t done the same thing!”

    “Me? Come on!” Mirage laughed, bringing his drink up for a swig.

    “So ya’ not ticklish then?” Ajay questioned. Mirage paused at the question; eyes slightly panicked but he quickly regained his composure.

    “… Of course not.”

    “You hesitated,” Octane pointed out, the suspicion clear in his tone.

    “Well, I guess there is only one way to find out if ya’ lying, isn’t there?” Ajay stood up, along with Octane who both held devilish glints in their eyes. Mirage also quickly rose from his seat.

    “W-Wait wait now guys, come on, is this really necessary? I mean, what are we? Kids?” Mirage’s tone was now a lot more nervous than before, instinctively backing up away from the approaching pair.

    “I see no harm in testing it out, right O?” Ajay turned to the speedster.

    “Yeah, I mean, you’re not ticklish remember? So why are you so scared, amigo?” their questions had managed to back Mirage into the corner, quite literally. He had no where to run.

    “R-Right. I’m not.” Mirage stubbornly said once more. “This is so dumb. Let’s just get the pokes over with.”

    Elliott had to admit, he wasn’t sure how ticklish he was; however, he knew last time he was tickled he was a laughing mess. But that was years ago, surely, he would have gotten over that by now, right? A few pokes wouldn’t break him.

    Ajay and Octavio immediately went to work, each using their index fingers to poke and prod each side. “OK, this isn’t so bad, you can keep it together. You got this!” Mirage thought, his smug smirk returning as he felt he managed to prove his point. “See! Told ya.”

    “Oh, you think we’re done?” Ajay grinned. Mirage raised his brows, unsure how long she was planning to poke him for, until suddenly, he felt both Octane’s and Lifeline’s fingers dig into his side with both hands.

    “What the- pfft hey!” Mirage immediately broke out into chuckles and his arms shot down to protect his sides. “I thought you said you were just gonna poke!”

    “You decided that, amigo. We want to prove you’re lying!” Octane laughed, switching his hands from Elliott’s now protected sides to his stomach, which proved immediately effective as the trickster gave off a very high squeal. “Hoho! Jackpot!” he cheered, focusing primarily on that spot.

    With Mirage trying to protect his tummy, Lifeline went for his sides and ribs. He could barely keep up with trying to defend himself. “Ahahaha, guys stahahahap it!”

    “That sounds pretty ticklish to me!” Ajay said, using her long nails to dance up his sides which drove out some pretty wild giggles from Mirage, however they were mixed with high squeals and laughter as Octane dug into his tummy.

    Mirage snorted. “Alright hahaha! Alright! You win!” However, the tickling didn’t stop, they just kept tickling which puzzled the trickster through his hysterical laughter. “Why aren’t you- AHAHA, - stopping!?”

    “Ya’ lied to us, Witt. We’re making sure you don’t pull that shit again,” Lifeline smirked.

    “Cohohohome on!” Mirage was trapped, he could only try and feebly defend off their tickling hands while laughing himself silly. Some things really don’t change.

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  • incorrect-apex-quotes
    14.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    Lifeline: What did you do?

    Octane: Alright, but you can’t get mad at me.

    Lifeline: What did you do?

    Octane: Okay, first, I was minding my own business-

    Lifeline: *slams hand on the table* BULLSHIT!

    Octane: I WAS!

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  • azreal-angel
    13.10.2021 - 4 days ago

    I made a CrypTane Playlist on Spotify because i only found one, here's the lovely link

    And I also made a MirageHound one :D, since they're also a very cute ship

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  • idk-bigslappy
    13.10.2021 - 4 days ago

    M-my God 🦐


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  • incorrect-apex-quotes
    12.10.2021 - 4 days ago

    Octane: I could strangle you.

    Caustic: You aren’t tall enough.

    Octane: You’ve sunk low enough for me to reach.

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  • rhaaclaws
    11.10.2021 - 5 days ago
    They stare down at Octavio, suddenly very aware that his goggles had been knocked off.
    And it almost makes something in their chest stutter.
    Oh, Freyja, you are so cruel.

    -River of Denial, Freyja-Sent by riomios

    [links will be in reblog]

    #HI. ITS HEREEE #I <3 THEM SOSO MUCH GO READ IT RN #THE LINKS WILL BE IN REBLOG #octhound#bloodtane#rhaast art#apex legends #im gonna be annoying as hell abt this btw #octane#bloodhound#octavio silva
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  • animecinnamonroll99
    11.10.2021 - 5 days ago

    OctaneXFEM!Reader part 13

    Master list

    If you don't like the dress that is being used then go to the list of dresses and pick one or come up with one you like.

    chica- girl

    mi amor- my love

    mi novia- my girlfriend

    sorprendente- amazing

    A chorus of ‘awes’ pulls me closer to the edge of sleep. The voices overlap as they whisper about something then there’s a clicking noise. Something tightens around my waist and I snuggle into the heat it produces. More ‘awes’ were made at the movement followed by quite a few ‘how cute’. A deep groan came from my shoulder and my eyes fluttered open in realization and widened at the green hair on my shoulder and beyond it I saw Aja, and Anita. Looking around I see that the rest of the legends surrounded us and were chuckling and saying how cute the sight was. I tried to sit up but was pulled back down by Tavi who muttered “Five more minutes” before settling back to sleep. I smiled and started playing with his hair. “Come on Tav the others are here. Like literally here.” This seems to catch his attention as he bolts upright to see everyone surrounding us. One look at Elliot showed he had a camera in his hands and Ramya Looking over his shoulder. Ranee looked like she was ready to roll her eyes at their antics. When Tavi’s eyes finally settled on the duo, he jumped off the bed and towards them. They took a few seconds to register what was happening, but when they did they started running and begging for forgiveness. The guys and Bloodhound left the room leaving just us girls. “Come on, let's get you ready for the gala.” Loba seemed a little too happy to get everyone ready and in her joy pulled me off the bed and into the bathroom.

    Once the door was shut and locked behind us Loba turned to me and I felt like prey trapped with a predator. “Shower and quickly, I need your hair cleaned for the process.” Undressing and hopping in the shower I quickly went through the process and was out in less than 5 minutes. Once out Loba dried my hair part way and applied mousse. Sitting there I let Loba work her magic. She started by parting my hair down the center and french braiding half my hair back and curling the hair that was left hanging. When she moved onto the make up she told me that she was going to go for a green and silver look to match Octane’s colors and the dress I will be wearing. Closing my eyes I let her do as she needed only opening my eyes for the mascara and under eye eyeliner. There was a knock at the door and Loba stopped for a moment to open it. After a rustle of plastic the door was again closed and locked. “Makeup is done now to get you into the dress and put the finishing touches on.

    Loba pulls a beautiful dark green lace dress out of the bag. Slipping it on and letting her button it up I admire myself in the full body mirror for a few moments. The top of the dress was a v-neck that came halfway down my cleavage and rested on the very edge of my shoulders. The sleeves ended at my wrists and the dress draped on my curves. There was an under skirt that ended about mid thigh. The rest of my legs were shown through the lace as it lightly laid on the ground. Loba helped me into a pair of white lace heels and placed a teardrop necklace and matching earrings on my body before attaching a flower clip to my hair. Looking me over she smiled and started to get ready herself. When she finished the red dress looked stunning on her.

    Walking out of the bathroom to join the others in Tavi’s bedroom, I looked around confused that no one was here. “Loba?” I turn a questioning stare at the other woman I see her heading to the door. “Where is everyone?” I question. “We are going to see you two at the gala, but we wanted to give you guys some time alone. We know what’s going on with his dad and the wife so the rest of us are going over the plan for the night and figured you two would like some uninterrupted ogling time.`` Before I could question her further she opened the door and walked out a few seconds before Tavi was standing in the doorway looking like he got gut punched.

    Looking him over I saw that he was wearing a matching green suit with a white button down and a green and silver tie. The prosthetics he had on were also green and silver. His hair was slicked down covering the left side of his head with it’s length. His signature mask and goggles were gone and his green eyes crinkled at the edges with the smile he gave me. “Damn chica, I didn’t know you could look this good.” He walks closer to me taking his time and eyeing me up and down as if to commit every detail to memory. Once he was in arms reach he held out his hand to me and I took it.

    Pulling me into him he gives me a sweet chaste kiss. My cheeks warm and I place a hand on his chest as I lean in to give him another kiss. The sweet serene moment was broken by the door opening and a feminine voice I have come to hate in less than twenty four hours called out. “Tavi~ mi amor why did you leave me alone~?” Octane groaned in annoyance and turned to his dad’s wife. “I don’t know why are you being creepy towards your son-in-law? I thought the only creep I was going to have to deal with was Papa trying to take mi novia.”

    The look on her face was priceless as Octavio led me past her. “She’s been doing nothing but flirting with me since I left to chase after Ramya and Elliot. I swear those two are going to get what’s coming to them.” he grumbled and led me to where the rest of the group was. Everyone was dressed to the nines and were matching someone else. Even Bloodhound was wearing a loose fitting tux. Poor Elliot was so red in the face looking at Ranee in the dark blue backless dress she was wearing.

    A butler walks up to us, Just to confirm the list of who’s walking with who; we have Octavio Silva with (Y/N), Ranee Blasey with Elliot Witt, Anita Williams with Ramya Parekh, Loba Andrade with Kiara Imahara, Walter Fitzroy with Bloodhound, Hyeon Kim with Natalie Paquette, Alexander Nox and Revenant, Ajay Che and Makoa Gibraltar, Dr. Mary Somers and Obi Edolasim, and the final group is Pathfinder and DOC?” I give a chuckle at the fact that Pathy is going with Ajay’s health robot. We all confirm the list and get ready to be introduced. Octavio and I go right before his dad and the wife.

    Standing in front of Mr. Silva was starting to make me nervous. With how his wife has been treating me I quickly figured that Tavi either sent him the specifications for the dress or he chose it himself hoping that I looked pretty and could use it to get Octavio and I to break up. Sensing my discomfort Tavi pulled me in front of him and wrapped his arms around my waist with his head resting on my shoulder. Swaying us slightly I feel the tension in Tavi’s body start to dissipate. “You really do look sorprendente. I’m glad I chose what the dress looked like.” He mutters near my ear. Humming my appreciation for his compliment and relief that he was the one who chose the dress.

    Hearing the introduction of the first group I straighten up and start inching forwards. Once it was our turn Tavi moved to my side to help me down the steps and to the walkway for photos to be taken. Loba and Kaira wave us down to them so that we could all take a few photos together, putting distance between us and Tavi’s parents. When the photos were done and we got to the end of the line Elliot and Ranee approached us and the four of us went to the bar letting the crowd consume us.

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  • caatnip
    11.10.2021 - 6 days ago

    No Time For Talking

    Octane just wants to talk, but Wattson has other plans in mind.

    Octane had lead Wattson down a more secluded hallway, a place where they could talk without being interrupted. He turned to face her once they walked a ways down the corridor and took off his mask and goggles, ruffling his green hair while he tried to figure out what to say. 

    Octavio eventually took her hands in his and smiled sweetly at her, “Nat, can I ask you something?” She didn’t say anything, she just smiled rather creepily at him, he took her silence as the go-ahead to continue, “Did you attack Che in the med-bay? I...” He hesitated, letting go of her hands so he could rub the back of his neck, “I care about you still, but you can’t go and attack random people, Nat.”

    The daredevil expected her to say something, or at least apologize for her actions, instead, she pushed him up against the wall -- that same hungry look in her eyes. However, instead of risqué thoughts racing through his head, everything in his being was telling him to run. Yet, he allowed her to grip his wrists and guide his arms above his head. He was kind of curious to see what she’d do -- his love for anything scary far outweighing his urge to escape. 

    However, that feeling dissipated like a puff of smoke on a windy day when she released him, but he found he couldn’t move his arms. He glanced up to see... nothing. There was no rope, no tape, no nothing -- he had no idea what was holding his arms in place. Either way, he was both baffled, and scared out of his mind, “H-how are you doing this?” 

    Wattson’s smirk only grew, she raised her hands and wiggled her fingers at Octane, now he knew what Ajay meant by she was attacked. She was tickle attacked, and now he was next. He squirmed in place, shaking his head, his mind still reeling from the fact something invisible was pinning him against the wall. Natalie snuck her hand underneath the hem of his shirt, and started with light scratching against his sides, gently spidering her nails against his skin. He choked back a snicker and shook his head, pinching his eyes close to try and chase away the sensations. 

    “Nahahahat, why are you dohohohoing this?” She answered by switching to digging into his hip bones, making him bark out a laugh, “CHIHIHIHCAHAHAHA! Stahahahahap! Why ahahaharen’t you ahahahanswering mehehehe!” 

    Again, no response, just more tickling. Wattson dipped a finger into his navel, officially breaking the damn. Full-on cackles poured out of Octane, and he flung his torso around, making it difficult for Wattson to get his bellybutton. Well, that was until that mysterious force pushed against him, stopping him from moving. He was now fully and utterly boned -- he couldn’t move, and he was now at Wattson’s mercy. 

    “Natalie, how are you doing this? What happened to you?” He desperately tried to get through to her. He assumed she may have been in some kind of trance, or maybe she was body-snatched -- someone had somehow transferred her conscience into another body, and a stranger had possessed her own. 

    His train of thought was interrupted by her fingers once again finding his navel. She scratched at the crevices inside making him absolutely howl with laughter -- it felt so much more worse since he couldn’t move. Her free hand travelled up his side, squeezing and scritching at each individual rib and lingering on the spaces in-between the bone -- which seemed to be a good spot. Eventually, she stopped a hair short of his underarm and he shouted, his entire body going rigid. Her other limb soon joined the fray, repeating what she did before—squeezing and poking at his ribs before pausing where his armpit began. 

    Wattson gently fluttered her nails in place, smirking at how hard the daredevil was trying to suppress his giggling, “Nat... plehehehease dohohohohon’t,” He pleaded, the walls he put in place were slowly breaking the longer she remained there.

    It wasn’t horrendously ticklish, but it was enough to drive him insane. Just like what she did was Elliot, she wanted to savor the moment, she knew by the way he reacted that underneath his arms was the spot. But she was enjoying herself, what better way to have more fun than prolonging the torture? Wattson ceased her torture and jumped up to his neck, experimentally running a finger along his skin to gage what spot was the worst. Aside from a few stray giggles, he wasn’t reacting too much. Growing bored of what she was currently doing, she jumped back down to his waist, drilling her thumbs into his hips. Octavio yelped and snickered, again, attempting to conceal his giggles -- it didn’t last very long, however. Wattson scratched along his waist line and poked the sides of his stomach, grinning at the squeal that left him. 

    “STAHAHAP!” He shouted, shaking his body to alleviate the ticklish sensation currently nipping his nerve endings. 

    A single finger found it’s way back into his bellybutton, making him bark out a laugh. Natalie knelt and blew a raspberry on the side of his stomach, noting how he arched his back and cackled loudly. She blew another, his boisterous laughter went up an octave, then another, he was officially flirting with hysterics, then one more for good measure—all the laughter, the squealing, the begging, it fell silent. Finally, she stood back up and focused her attention back over to his ribs. His hysterical laughter died back down to snickering and the odd yelp when she got a sensitive spot. Wattson was impressed by how energetic he still was, her usual victims would be at least tired by now, or winded -- Octane was unfazed. 

    Wattson pulled her hands away, inspecting him. He panted for a few seconds but recovered quickly, “H-how are you doing this?” He motioned to his arms that were still pinned against the wall.

    Natalie grinned and made an upward motion with her hands. Octavio could feel his arms slowly being raised, and he panicked, something was very wrong with Wattson. He tried to fight against his invisible bonds, pulling down as hard as he could, but it proved futile. She finally dropped her hands to her sides once his arms were high above his head, he could barely touch the ground. The engineer walked right up to him so their faces were only inches apart. Octane noticed how her eyes seemed devoid of emotion, not to mention, that fire that drew him to her in the first place wasn’t there. 

    “...who are you?” He asked, not really recognizing the woman before him. She had Wattson’s face, but there was no way that she was Natalie

    She didn’t answer, she moved her hands to his underarms and started scratching at his skin, her unnerving smile growing when he erupted into a giggling fit. He tried to protest, but she sped up her torture, drawing out a scream and desperate laughter from the poor man. Wattson moved her face away from his and kept up a steady pace, not letting up whatsoever. Octane’s laughter grew more desperate, it tickled so damn much -- that fact he couldn’t move seemed to make the torture worse. He kicked his legs against the wall, letting his body dangle from the invisible force, hoping his weight would be too much, unfortunately, that proved not to be the case. The… whatever is was, maintained its hold on him, keeping the speedster glued to the wall, and at Natalie’s mercy.

    “PLEASEPLEASEPLEASE!” Octane screamed, thumping his head against the wall—the sensations were unbearable, it tickled so badly and all he wanted to do was bring his arms down.

    She refused to listen, she just maintained her pace, that damn still on her face. Then the strangest thing happened, colour slowly returned to her pale skin -- Octavio thought she was wearing a costume, but it was her actual skin. Octane shook his head, chalking the sight up to the lack of oxygen, even though he could still somewhat breathe, well, that was until she somehow sped up her torture even more. That’s when he felt it, the energy draining from his very body. It was subtle at first, since he could regenerate stamina pretty quickly -- curtesy of running everywhere. However, the more she tickled him, the more tired he felt. It was the strangest sensation, he wasn’t used to feeling exhausted.

    “WHAHAHAHAT ARE YOU DOHOHOHOING TO MEHEHEHE?” He cried out, using what little strength he had left to free himself, but no amount of tugging nor pulling freed him.

    He finally succumbed to the torture, and went limb, almost too tired to even laugh. He was certain that he was going to pass out, for the first time in his life, he was going to faint from pure exhaustion. That was until an unsuspecting individual stumbled upon the duo. Wattson ceased what she was doing and pulled away from Octavio -- his invisible binds suddenly releasing their hold on him. The daredevil dropped to the ground and panted, convinced he was dying. He slumped against the floor and glanced up to see who his savior was, to both his relief and dismay -- it was Seer. 

    “Hijo de...” He knew he would never live this down, “Obi...” He groaned. 

    “Silva... Ms. Paquette, I apologize for interrupting. I didn’t think anyone would be in these hallways, they’re not very travelled...” He noticed how his fellow Legend was eyeing him, and how exhausted Octavio was -- which was something he never thought he’d see. His gut screamed at him to leave as fast as humanly possible, he happily obliged, “Please, excuse me,” He went to skirt around Wattson but she grabbed his arm and pulled him towards her.

    Obi yelped and went to fight her off, but her hand snuck underneath his outstretched limb and got him under his arm. She wiggled her fingers around and paused at the screech that left Seer’s lips -- even Octane stiffened. The older man crumbled to the ground, giggles pouring out of him as he struggled to free himself from Wattson’s surprisingly strong hold. Thankfully, he freed himself before she could pin him down, and scrambled to his feet. Residual snickers plaguing him as he held up his hand to fend her off.

    “Please, I beg of you... don’t...” He backed away from her, gasping when his back hit the wall.

    Natalie ignored his pleas and lunged at him, more than a little gleeful to find such a ticklish victim. He skillfully evaded her, literally twirling around her like a ballerina and sprinting down the way he came. The engineer chased after him, leaving Octane to recover on the floor. He’d usually be back on his feet in no time, but he just couldn’t regenerate his stamina that quickly. So he opted to lay on the ground and just fall asleep, he figured he’d feel better when he was awake. At least he hoped he would. 

    Next fic coming October 13th at 7pm PST!
    #apex legends#wattson #wattson apex legends #natalie paquette#octane #octane apex legends #octavio silva#seer #seer apex legends #obi edolasim #ticklish!octane #ticklish!octaviosilva #ticklish!octavio #ticklish!silva #ticklish!seer #ticklish!obiedolasim #ticklish!obi #ticklish!edolasim #ticklish apex legends #apex legends tickling #apex legends tickle fic
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  • incorrect-apex-quotes
    10.10.2021 - 6 days ago

    Bloodhound: So, you two got kicked out? What did you do?

    Lifeline: Silva yelled diving scores during Titanic as people jumped off the boat.

    Octane: That last guy was a solid 8 let me tell you.

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  • just-mint-to-be
    09.10.2021 - 1 week ago


    Finally updated Dedication. Just dropping some ✨ drama ✨ in because hey, you can never have enough right?

    #minty’s writing #yandere x reader #minty’s apex legends #yandere apex legends #yandere octavio silva x reader #yandere octane x reader #dedication yanfic
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  • incorrect-apex-quotes
    08.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    Octane: When Freud said bisexuality is what happens when you dont fully develop a brain, he was right and I’m proof.

    Bloodhound: Freud is a little bitch, my idiocy doesn’t have anything to do with bisexuality and all to do with my own hubris.

    Loba: I’m a fucking bisexual genius, just to flex on Freud. 

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  • hazardlevei
    08.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    today in ‘art for an audience of like 3 people’: the birthday art me and lia (@tajador on twitter) did for my bestie elle’s bday. a castlevania/apex crossover ft his two favs/mains

    #apex legends #apex legends fanart #alexander nox#octavio silva #literally an insane concept and just like drawing in general but i hope u guys appreciate it we worked really hard on it ;-; #we had to email the psd back and forth a bunch it was so funny . #also you can prob tell from the style but i did caustics lines and lia did octanes
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  • incorrect-apex-quotes
    07.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    Bloodhound: When will Ted himself.. finally show up to the Talk ?

    Octane: He’s the final boss.

    Lifeline: You guys know TEDtalks stands for technology, entertainment and design talks right?

    Bloodhound: I will not let Ted hide behind these lies any longer.

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