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  • crimeronan
    18.09.2021 - 28 minutes ago

    alright this is a post Actually asking for help bc we're temporarily in a tight spot. hi i'm kitkat crimeronan, i am a silly blogger here on tumbler dot gov who lives with my partners rafi and vi.

    normally our combined household income is enough to cover all our expenses. the past few weeks there have been some unexpected setbacks; i had to pay for my medication uninsured, a hip injury is preventing me from delivery driving, my freelancing content writer clients are mostly between projects so there's little paying work. i've taken on a couple promising new clients these past few days but the projects are still relatively small in scope. i don't get paid again until next week & rafi doesn't get paid until the end of the month. we wiped out the last of our combined funds to buy groceries tonight, we have like $32 to our name. i'm going to be doing a ton of work this weekend for my new clients to hopefully stabilize us a little, but things are a bit touch-and-go while my own income recovers. any help will go toward gas and food and general bills so we can feel a little less like we're drowning

    i know we're all basically passing the same $10 back and forth & i don't want anyone to strain themselves financially. it's okay if you're not able to help. thanks for reading this & thanks 2 my followers for all the kindness and support these past couple months 💕


    (for reference: posted on september 17, 2021)

    #donations #there is still light at the end of the tunnel! insurance in october and my hip is healing #the tunnel is just VERY LONG and VERY DARK #the help some of u offered like two weeks ago was so unbelievably kind and helpful #capitalism is just. hell. as we all know #ok to rb but like. no pressure
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  • heeseunq
    18.09.2021 - 34 minutes ago

    the goal is to get all my mutuals into enhypen before their comeback 😇

    #which is on october 12 😇 #which is the day i’ll go absolutely insane #but if you haven’t already…….go listen to drunk dazed 🤩
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  • autumnalsaffron
    18.09.2021 - 43 minutes ago

    How are we less than a month away from the Festival being a year ago?

    #October 16th 2020 feels like yesterday and last decade. #mcyt#mcytblr#dream smp#dreamsmp#thoughts#dsmpblr#dsmp#tubbo
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  • jonathanssweatercollection
    18.09.2021 - 50 minutes ago

    yes it’s only mid-september yes i’ve made my layout halloween themed yes i KNOW im jumping the gun shhh

    #like. why can’t it just be october :( why is september even a thing #like i get it passage of time etcetera but also. i’ll blame julius caesar anyways. stupid twink #m sorry it’s fucken. 5 am i have Not slept #mine #shut up jonathan
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  • theclassymike
    18.09.2021 - 55 minutes ago

    Ethan Cutkosky in photoshoot taken by Emily Sandifer.

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  • seyaryminamoto
    18.09.2021 - 57 minutes ago
    #Anon-Nemesis#gladiator #bet y'all will have a pretty solid guess #as to who that character would be #sooner or later #:'DDDDD #I'm not even good at playing mystery here am I? #okay simply put if you really are up for reading ALL my content you're bound to figure out my big secret by ummm... #october 2nd??? :'D #*innocent whistling*
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  • headbanger-deluxe
    18.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    current mood

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  • blephars
    18.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Getting excited for spooky season 👀 wanted to draw something pumpkin related 🎃 

    available on my redbubble, will be linked in replies so tumblr doesn’t shadowban my post 💜 

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  • lovevalley45
    18.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    i nearly complained like. wow i can write so much faster writing for myself than when trying to write a story for someone else like

    gee wonder why that is huh

    #alli says shit #like honesty sometimes writing smth self indulgent with no plans on posting it is so nice #sometimes u just gotta write things for ur own opinion #n like. hopefully in october you’ll see fics from me every stinkin day so i’m writing for me just this once #(i say like i don’t write self indulgent stuff n actually post it all the time)
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  • beeshopway
    18.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Fall For Jesus He Never Leaves Essential T-Shirt

    Fall For Jesus He Never Leaves Essential T-Shirt. To order, please visit our Redbubble store

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  • boyapologist
    18.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

    I'm not going to start working at my new job until october 1st, and I'm only getting like, 200 reais from my september paycheck since I quit it on the 15th.....in conclusion, I have no idea how I'm going to pay for my school tuition AND my credit card at the end of this month. well, shit. dm if yall can help

    #yall know my ko-fi is in the description #or you can just dm me for my p**p** #but yeah I'm getting worried lmao #I thought I was going to start next monday but then they changed it to october #I also need to buy a bunch of stuff to start presential work and stuff like?? I don't even have a lunch box or a umbrella #I'm kinda screwed #rambles*
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  • averyqueerhalloween
    18.09.2021 - 3 hours ago

    43 Days Until Halloween!


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  • kristenlilmonster
    18.09.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Tony Bennett, Lady Gaga - Love For Sale (Official Music Video)

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  • yuniesan
    18.09.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Should I participate in Kinktober or Whumptober?

    The things I think about while sitting at my desk.

    #stevetony #Or should i make a October Fics series and do both
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  • hopetodieclub
    18.09.2021 - 3 hours ago

    October preview for the Etsy shop. 10/01/21!


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  • secretsolarsystem
    18.09.2021 - 3 hours ago

    the morning after

    a couple people were interested in seeing the morning after True Facts of Truth, so...here she is! enjoy <3

    (1.2k words)

    It was grueling, but Obi-Wan had gotten himself out of bed, had taken a shower and gotten himself dressed. It was incredibly taxing, but he sat himself at the dining table, sipping coffee - coffee, for crying out loud - while Anakin prepared their breakfast.

    Spending time with his husband was never - well, maybe not never, but it was rarely taxing in itself. He loved his husband, he really did. But he was not very fond of the way the light coming in through the windows and the sounds of Anakin making food made his brain wince in agony, nor the way his stomach rolled at every movement.

    He heard a small laugh from his left, but couldn’t bring himself to lift his head out of his hands. It was the only pleasant thing he could experience in that moment: the darkness from pressing his eyes into his palms.

    “Breakfast is ready,” Anakin said softly, sweetly.

    “Mpf,” Obi-Wan groaned, trying not to gag at the smell of the food placed before him. He didn’t want to hurt Anakin’s feelings; Anakin was a wonderful cook, especially compared to Obi-Wan. It was just that his stomach threatened mutiny if he so much as thought about bombarding it with food.

    “Come on, babe, you really should eat,” Anakin tried, his amusement palpable. Obi-Wan didn’t see what was so amusing about his misery, but it wasn’t like he was going to do anything about it right now.

    “I know, I will,” he lied. He did manage, however, to force his head out of his hands when he heard Anakin place a glass of water in front of him. He was so thirsty…

    “Thank you,” he murmured, taking long sips and closing his eyes against the onslaught of minimal, natural light. I’m never drinking again… he thought to himself.

    “Of course,” Anakin responded, turning to clean up the few dishes he used to make breakfast. “But you do really need to eat - your butthole bread is going to get cold.”

    A searing pain pierced Obi-Wan’s head as he sit water out and snapped his eyes open, sputtering and sitting up to dab at his shirt. “My what?” he asked in absolute horror, looking down at the plate; all he saw was a bagel with cream cheese on it, plus a side of fruit.

    He could hear the smirk in Anakin’s voice. “Oh, are you not familiar with Old English?” Obi-Wan was about to ask ‘What, are you?’ when his husband added, “And, I mean, it’s not like you’ve never eaten-”

    “What,” he promptly cut him off, despite how much it physically hurt him, “are you talking about?”

    Anakin turned around and shrugged before pressing a light kiss to Obi-Wan’s temple, still smiling as he ominously said, “Nothing you don’t already know.”

    Obi-Wan was trying, he truly was, to grade his students’ responses to the week’s readings, but the room was spinning and his mind was wandering to thoughts of sleep and it made it impossible to retain anything he was reading. He honestly was just looking at words on paper.

    He set the papers down and sighed, giving up on the prospect entirely and accepting the annoyed groans he’d get from his students on Monday, but he decided it was worth it if it meant he could get back in his pajamas and go back to bed.

    As he organized his desk with a lack of care, Anakin poked his head into his office. “How’s it going?” he asked.

    “Swimmingly,” Obi-Wan sighed. “I’m calling it a day.”

    “Oh! You know what swims? Sharks,” Anakin said with a smile, moving to stand completely in the doorway. Obi-Wan halted his movements, looking up slowly at Anakin with a cocked eyebrow.

    “Yes…indeed they do,” he said slowly, suspiciously.

    “Never high up, though,” Anakin said, smile falling so he could shake his head seriously. Obi-Wan could tell he was being funny, mocking even, but he was clearly missing the punchline.

    “Ah, yes, never…never high up,” he agreed, “because…oceans are down at…sea level…” he tried.

    Anakin snickered and shook his head. “Good one, honey,” he said, continuing to laugh as he left Obi-Wan in his office.

    What, Obi-Wan asked himself, just happened?

    Obi-Wan felt like he was losing his poor, aching mind as the day went on. His husband kept saying utter nonsense as if it was common knowledge between the two of them.

    They had been on the couch, Obi-Wan resting his head on Anakin’s lap so his husband could soothingly run his fingers through Obi-Wan’s hair. They were watching some show about the manufacturing of cars, though Obi-Wan wasn’t watching, seeing as his eyes were shut as he went in and out of sleep. 

    He awoke, however, when Anakin muttered, “It’s a good thing he narrowed it down to four wheels. Six hundred is ridiculous.” Obi-Wan thought that statement was ridiculous, but he decided sleep was more appealing than asking Anakin what the fuck it had meant.

    Then, when Anakin was making him a sandwich and forcing him to eat said sandwich, he cocked his head and said, “I wonder what the percentage of men who are aware they’ve enjoyed a sandwich is.” Obi-Wan paused mid-bite to stare quizzically and his husband, but Anakin simply shrugged and went about doing the dishes. 

    Probably a hundred percent of men who have enjoyed a sandwich knew they did, right? But maybe not consciously… Obi-Wan shook his head to stop the absurd line of thought and managed another bite.

    And then when Obi-Wan was back to laying down on the couch, and Anakin was at their coffee table working on his computer, he hummed thoughtfully. “You were right, Obi-Wan,” he said.

    “Of course I was,” Obi-Wan murmured, cracking one eye open. “About what?”

    “Benjamin Franklin,” Anakin stated, eyes still on his computer. Obi-Wan couldn’t see the screen, but he could see Anakin, who looked like he was sorry for whatever - or whoever, Obi-Wan supposed - he was looking at.

    Obi-Wan frowned. He probably had mentioned Benjamin Franklin at some point, being a History professor and all, but he couldn’t pinpoint anything recent or anything that would’ve been memorable to Anakin. “What about him?”

    “That he’s ugly,” Anakin said, shaking his head with pity.

    Obi-Wan opened both of his eyes and frowned, lifting himself onto his elbow. It was less painful now, what with the water and pain medicine that was in his system, but it still wasn’t easy or pleasurable. “When would I have ever said that Benjamin Franklin is ugly?” To Obi-Wan, he was rather unattractive, but he couldn’t remember any time it came up in conversation.

    Anakin looked up, now looking at Obi-Wan with pity and Obi-Wan didn’t like it one bit. “Oh, babe, I’m really glad you had a fun time with your coworkers last night.”

    For a moment, Obi-Wan simply blinked at Anakin, and then gracelessly fell back onto the couch, pressing his face into his hands. “Fucking hell,” he groaned. “All the crazy shit you’ve been saying today was crazy shit I said last night?”

    He could hear Anakin’s smile, his unbridled joy. His terrible, terrible husband. “Don’t be embarrassed, Obi-Wan,” Anakin cooed, moving to sit on the floor right next to Obi-Wan. “I’m sure it all really did come from studies - maybe ones written up on a typewriter by fun little cats.”

    “I’m never drinking again,” Obi-Wan swore into his palms. Although, if his drunken lunacy made his husband laugh and smile as much as he did today, as much as he was right now…maybe he was being a bit rash in his renunciation.

    #only men who genuinely love and adore their husbands torture and ridicule them while they're vulnerable <3 #did i write this instead of the october fic AND instead of doing hwk? perhaps. #obikin#obikin fic#obikin fanfiction
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  • thisbetternotawakenanything
    18.09.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Succession Season 3 Trailer Costume Observations PICK YOUR TEAM

    Team Bomb Drop:

    Team Red Shirts (Hope it’s not like Star Trek):

    Team Paternal Emotional Abuse:

    Team Get High and Hug Your Kids:

    Team Hot Investment Sandwich:

    Team Beige Blazers Are Having A Moment?:

    Team Stripes and Cyanide:

    Team Wives:

    (Didn’t get a shot of ASkars)

    Additional: Oh no why is this so hot

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