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    Big mad, small lad

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    The Atlas Six review

    5/5 stars Recommended to people who like: dark academia, multiple POVs, magic, morally gray characters, competition, high stakes, mystery, LGBTQ+ characters, characters of color I wasn’t entirely sure what I was getting into with this book and I was actually pleasantly surprised by it. I was expecting something that was a bit more akin to a competition than to a scholarly fellowship, which was essentially what the Alexandrian Society is. I really liked the dark academia aspect of the book. It isn’t really a genre I’ve read much of, but I found it to be very enjoyable and I liked both the mystery of the society and the research that went on with the characters. I also liked that Blake made it obvious there were secrets, but kept most of the focus on what the characters were doing more so than the actual mystery aspect of it so that it (and some answers) slowly creep up on you as you read. There were a good number of twists in the book, some I was more easily able to figure out than others, and there was a pretty big twist at the end that I’m eager to see play out. For the characters themselves, I like pretty much all of them but Callum, but I think that might be by design. Callum is not someone anyone in the book seems to like either, so it’s not really a surprise that I didn’t like him either. At points I struggled to like Tristan as well, but overall I think he’s at least an interesting character, even if he’s somewhat lost and not always the best person. Libby is, I believe, the first POV we get in the book. I liked her from the beginning and it annoyed me what most of the other characters said and thought about her, though admittedly the more I thought about it the more I realized those traits would also annoy me, so it’s a fair characterization. Like the other characters, she’s ridiculously powerful, but she has had to fight for her place in the world a little more than some of the other characters, which has left its trace. She grows a lot over the course of the book and seems to come into herself a good deal by the end, though she’s definitely still a pretty anxious and self-conscious character. Nico is the next POV character we get and, from Libby’s eyes, he’s an obnoxious ass, but like most people, he has more going on than is initially assumed. Nico was a fun character. Despite a somewhat devil-may-care attitude, he does care about other people, particularly his roommate and best friend Gideon. In trying to protect his friend, he can sometimes be secretive and a bit mean, but he seems like a good character at heart. Nico is pretty easily able to ingratiate himself with the others, despite the older three not seeming to like him too much. Reina is the third character who works in the physical realm, but I believe she’s the character we also get the least narration from. I liked Reina and thought she had an interesting background and arc. She has a massive well of power that controls plants and lets them talk to her, but she’s not interested in growing that power or learning to do new things with it. Rather, she’s interested in the Alexandrian Society because it means she has access to rare and lost books and manuscripts. I thought Blake brought a nice balance into the story by having a character less concerned with her powers and more interested in other things the Society might be able to provide her. I’m hoping we’ll get to see more of Reina in the next book since I think she does have a pretty big role to play. These first three characters and the next three kind of come in groupings of people whose powers are physical vs. incorporeal. Likewise, they tend to stick in their groupings fairly well. Libby and Nico already knew one another from university. They have a natural rivalry, though they do decide to team up. I liked seeing the kinds of things they could do with their powers when they willingly worked together, and I enjoyed reading their budding friendship. While it was kind of annoying at first the ‘unwilling twins’ suits them. Reina and Nico also team up, and by default Reina and Libby, but they have a different relationship. While Nico and Libby focus on their powers together, Reina and Nico seem to focus on keeping in physical and mental shape, sparring and discussing philosophical or mysterious questions. This triad interests me a bit more than the other one, partially because the people in this one are more pleasant, but also because Libby, Nico, and Reina are younger and are still exploring their powers more so than I feel the other triad is. Of the group of people with incorporeal powers, Parisa is my favorite. She’s a mind-reader and extremely confident in and of herself. She’s a major schemer, which I like in a character, and I found it interesting to read how she was manipulating people and pieces on the board before her. Of the whole group of six, I think she’s the one who figures the most out about the Society and the things going on in the background. A lot of her time in this book was spent investigating what’s going on with the Society and so I’m curious to see if she’s going to continue that track in the next book or if we’ll see her playing around with her powers and researching a bit more. Tristan is the one I like second best of this second triad. He’s very apathetic about just about everything, but he has an interesting case. For one, even he isn’t entirely sure what his power is, which makes him both interesting and dangerous. While he can be needlessly cruel at times, he also is willing to experiment with his powers to cross new grounds and understand things about himself and the world around him. By the end of the book, perhaps even more so than at the beginning, Tristan is a wildcard and it’s hard to predict what he’s going to do. Callum is the final character and I like him the least. He’s a psychopathic empath, which is funny considering when I initially read the synopsis for this book I thought it said he was a sociopath, not an empath. Like Parisa, Callum is a schemer and manipulator. Unlike Parisa, he has none of the charm or subtlety. Callum is a dick to be a dick and he plays with people just to play with them. With Parisa I definitely feel like she at least has an end goal when she’s manipulating things, but with Callum I don’t get that impression at all. Sure, he wants to come out on top and not get eliminated from the Society, but I don’t think he ever truly doubts himself for more than five minutes and, thus, most of his manipulating is juts for fun. Of this triad, Tristan and Callum interact with one another the most, though not in good ways. It’s kind of hard to puzzle out their relationship with one another since Callum is definitely manipulating him. The lines are a bit blurry between what’s real and not, which does make for an interesting read. Parisa and Tristan, unlike Callum, also interact a good deal with the other triad (mostly with Libby, but also Nico to some extent). Tristan’s role in some of the other triad’s experiments was interesting and I’d like to see more of that kind of experimentation in the next book. I’m also interested to see where Parisa’s role and relationship in regards to the other triad and her own end up in the next book. The ending was definitely shocking but also not entirely unexpected. There’s not a lot that can be said about it without spoilers, but I’m absolutely dying to find out what happened and what’s going to happen. I have a sinking feeling about something, but I hope I’m wrong somehow. Overall, I really enjoyed this book and am looking forward to the next one. Even though there were a lot of POVs, I think it was necessary in order to get the full picture. Each of the characters changed in some way during their time with the Society and I’m interested to see where they all go next.

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    November 2021 Fall Recipe Marathon

    Bowie Zeppelin - Recipe entries - 30 - points earned 300x

    Finn Wyatt - Recipe entries - 30 - points earned 300x

    Maverick Evans - Recipe entries - 30 - points earned 300x

    McKayla Winters - Recipe entries - 30 - points earned 300x

    October James - Recipe entries - 30 - points earned 300x

    Ryker Anders - Recipe entries - 30 - points earned 300x

    Avery Davis - Recipe entries - 29 - points earned 290x

    Maia Collins - Recipe entries -19 - points earned 190x

    Silas Montgomery - Recipe entries - 12 - points earned 120x

    Natalya Ramon - Recipe entries - 10 - points earned 100x

    Hank Jones - Recipe entries - 4 - points earned 40x

    Anabel Scavo - Recipe entries - 3 - points earned 30x

    Luca Micelli - Recipe entries - 3 - points earned 30x

    Carter Ford - Recipe entries - 2 - points earned 20x

    Jade Barlowe - Recipe entries - 2 - points earned 20x

    Raleigh Byrne - Recipe entries - 2 - points earned 

    Hanna Hamilton - Recipe entries - 1 - points earned 10x

    Melanie Buchanan - Recipe entries - 1 - points earned 10x

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    Highest Point Achievers

    For the month of November 2021

    Bowie Zeppelin - 1,744

    Hanna Hamilton - 1,188

    McKayla Winters - 1,156

    Finn Wyatt - 934

    Maia Collins - 869

    Maverick Evans - 776

    October James - 749

    Ryker Anders - 635

    Avery Davis - 526

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    The feels ❤

    Photo credit; La_Shark on Reddit.

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    XXI Century Castle, 

    Sernancelhe, October 2021

    Pentax P30

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    #music#playlist #los angeles music #spotify playlist #october 2021 spotify playlist #wavedash
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    what i read this month - oct. & nov. ‘21

    note: i only read like two blurbs in october so i’m combining october and november


    jj blurb -@vintageobx

    summary: jj takes you to a haunted house
    pairing: jj maybank x reader, genre: fluff

    tom blurb -@celestialholland

    summary: cuddly cuteness overload with tom
    pairing: tom holland x reader, genre: fluff

    looking for love -@starryevermore

    summary: you can spot natasha in any crowd
    pairing: natasha romanoff x reader, genre: fluff

    john b blurb -@poguesarah

    summary: john b agrees to getting a puppy
    pairing: john b routledge x reader, genre: fluff

    what he wanted -@starryevermore

    summary: steve realizes he's been in love with peggy while he's been with you
    pairing: steve rogers x reader, genre: angst

    overheard conversations -@starryevermore

    summary: you overhear chris tell his brother on the phone that he is suffocating in his relationship with you
    pairing: chris evans x reader, genre: angst

    next mistake -@starryevermore

    summary: you knew bucky was bad news but you let him into your heart anyway, just for him to break it
    pairing: bucky barnes x reader, genre: angst


    into the multiverse... -@waitimcomingtoo

    summary: you accidentally get sent to different dimensions and need the help of a peter variant to get back
    pairing: peter parker x reader, genre: fluff/angst

    with trembling hands -@itsapeterthing

    summary: when you accidentally stumble into the room druig is having an important conversation with his fellow eternals in, you can’t help but wish you could escape the spotlight
    pairing: druig x shy!reader, genre: fluff

    two slow dancers -@achaoticeternal

    summary: as y/n and the eternals go to find druig, memories of their lives before the eternals went their separate ways
    pairing: druig x eternal!reader, genre: fluff/angst
    #what i read this month #october 2021#november 2021
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    What I've Been Reading | Autumn Wrap-Up

    HomeTemplate GalleryBook ReviewsReading JournalBook Tags Hello, dear friends. As a distinct chill enters the air we say goodbye to Autumn and hello to Winter. November is just over and I have a definite itch to put up the Christmas decorations. I was half tempted to start bringing some small bits down from the attic last week but I held off. My excuse was that I was going to take some Christmas…

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    #2021 wrap up #autumn#book blog#fall #flowers in the attic #laura thalassa #november wrap up #October Wrap Up #rachel caine#recent reads #september wrap up #what I&039;ve been reading #wrap-up
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    Post 2 of my wildlife/photography highlights of 2021 blogs: Another amazing year of birds

    Standout species, new species, spring time birds, my year list, some bird photos and more

    This year so far I have seen 194 bird species making my year list my third highest ever year list. As I said in the first of my old style highlights posts this year I saw my highest ever amount of bird species on New Year’s Day to begin building my new bird year list making it one of my greatest ever starts to the year. And all through that week off work until 10th January the numbers of birds I’d seen was right up there with the amounts I had seen on those dates in 2020 my previous fastest starting year list and ahead of where I was at that stage of a lot of my past years including 2019 and 2018 my two highest ever year lists. I had an amazing first month of birdwatching for my year list with a nice trickle of year ticks seen when I returned to work, with so many top species seen, and I also managed to for sixth year list running reach 100 bird species by the end of January. I was pleased with this being in lockdown seeing so much on daily exercise walks. I ended January on 103 birds seen, one higher than my January ending figure in 2016 the first year I made to 100 birds inside a month making it my fifth highest ever year list after one month which I was absolutely thrilled with. My year list was the joint fourth highest one of mine had ever been on those dates come mid-March at a random point and despite a predicted slow down with us in locked down times it competed well with some of my year lists that had high totals a bit further back as the amount of birds I saw in years in total went up and up in the last decade such as 2014 and 2015 so really respectable personal year lists of mine as there was a nice trickle of year ticks as 2021 went on as I really appreciated being able to see birds on walks much needed in quite dark and for me very busy times, where also doing things on social media such as my past photo a day tweets on different themes some of them bird related such as a raptor and a seabird a day really kept my spirits up.

    There was a brilliant resurgence in my year list as we went into spring and we got so many year ticks in quick succession in March and into April really boosting my year list numbers to put it well into the 100s then soon after 120s and competing well still with what I had seen on those dates in years gone by, as I thought would happen as lockdown started to ease a little it was brilliant to go through and this hit at around the time the spring migration was really getting started so I had some days with astonishing amounts of birds seen for the first time in the year that day more indicative of the first days of years where everything is a year tick as such. I think going into the year in lockdown as such I knew my start could not be as fast as the last few years but I obviously with the amount still as detailed above and absolutely very much the calibre of species seen was proud and felt very successful the first few months for seeing birds during walks and at home, but with this surge I also felt so proud to have had joyful moments when I was really competing with the past year lists of mine and had caught up with them so much. By the end of our wonderful Easter weekend I had seen the fourth highest amount of birds I had seen on that date behind the last three years which symbolised the resurgence so well as I entered the 130s on my year list. In mid-April a month I was so lucky to get an incredible amount of year ticks my most ever in an April, my year list did draw level with how many birds I had seen at that stage in 2020 and overtook it and began to really compete with it being on the same kind of numbers at times after being so far behind after the initial New Year haul and was only 1-4 birds behind what my two highest ever total year lists 2019 and 2018 had been on at that stage a real testament to the resurgence. I reached 150 on the third earliest date I ever had this year on 3rd May which spoke volumes too, getting through my target zone of 130-150 birds in a year and barely even blinking about it as we seemed to go through those numbers so fast. It was much the same with 160 birds seen this year on my third earliest ever date in a year for that too.

    By the end of June another month I got my highest ever number of year ticks in this year my year list was that bit ahead of last year on the dates and competing with my two highest ever year lists. I reflected at that point how there were a notable amount of days and groups of days where I got lots of year ticks thrillingly together over a short space of time. Something akin to the start of the year, which with me playing catchup playing a part in this was happening as the months went on too. On 10th July for the first time since New Year’s Day my year list was in pole position as I’d seen more birds on this date this year than ever before with a slender lead over my highest ever 2019. Coming out of summer into autumn my year list was still competing well with my highest ever two 2018 and 2019 for how many birds I had seen on given dates and it was neck and neck between it and last year at that stage as it was until towards the end of the year. A late surge in year ticks took my year list beyond the amount I had seen in total in 2020 and 2017 and was competing with my two highest ever year lists 2019 and 2018 on the days.

    I saw a fantastic and stunning stock of rarer and more sought after/notable species again this year, I saw so many quality birds in 2021 for sure which I adored. Some of the key bird species I saw this year included; Siskin, Brambling, Linnet, Crossbill, Ring-necked Parakeet, Rock Pipit, Snow Bunting, Skylark, Dipper, Yellow Wagtail, Lesser Whitethroat, Lesser Spotted Woodpecker, Ring Ouzel, Goshawk, Sparrowhawk, Little Owl one I did see a few times, Tawny Owl, Barn Owl, Short-eared Owl in my big year of owls, Turtle Dove, Cuckoo, Chough, Grey Plover, Golden Plover, Little Ringed Plover, Sanderling, Purple Sandpiper, Common Sandpiper, Green Sandpipers, Curlew Sandpiper, Knot (as shown in the first picture I took in this photoset with Redshanks on fishtail lagoon, Pennington), Ruff, Spotted Redshank, Water Rail, Spoonbill, Glossy Ibis, Bittern, White Stork, Common Crane, Great White Egret, Arctic Tern, Roseate Tern, Kittiwake, Yellow-legged Gull, Shag, Manx Shearwater, Guillemot, Black Guillemot, Razorbill, Puffin, Fulmar, Gannet, Bewick’s Swan, Red-breasted Goose, Bar-headed Goose, Red-necked Grebe, Red-breasted Merganser, Red-crested Pochard, Mandarin Duck, Goldeneye, Common Scoter and Velvet Scoter and an amazing view of a smashing Long-tailed Duck one of my best ever views of this beautiful and phenomenal species on two in a run of wonderful winter Sundays of excellent birding at Weston Shore in Hampshire with so much else seen and photographed on those days too. It was a case of WWW at Farlington Marshes on 9th May one of my best days of the year with a hat trick of year ticks during a time I ticked so much in a relentless run all beginning with the letter W. A sensational view of a very smart and colourful Wood Sandpiper, a Russian White-fronted Goose a nice dinky bird with its great plumage and white of its bill fusing into the pink sweetly and a slick looking Whimbrel three of my most special and rare birds this year especially for Hampshire. I also loved hearing the reverberating purr of the Turtle Dove at Martin Down in late May before seeing one at Knepp in July.

    A key theme of my year also was seeing some of the rarer or more notable birds and then going on to see them again and see them multiple times for many of the species a real quirk of my year from the off. Below is a list of species I loved seeing on multiple occasions this year and stuck in my mind for this however it is not excusive as some in the list above are species I went onto see more than once in a year too. A lot of these I had one of my best years ever for and they included, Great Northern Diver, Eider Ducks the first of which on the third of those wonderful winter Sundays at Weston Shore, Sandwich Tern, Little Tern, Common Gull, Mediterranean Gull with some special views of these in winter and spring at different locations, Greenshank, Bar-tailed Godwit (as shown in the second picture I took in this photoset), Avocet, Pintail, Goosander, Jack Snipe, Wood Sandpiper, Little Stint, Cattle Egret, Marsh Harrier, Peregrine Falcon, Hobby, Kingfisher, Green Woodpecker, Great Spotted Woodpecker, Stock Dove, Red Kite, Raven, Fieldfare, Redwing, Dartford Warbler, Whinchat, Spotted Flycatcher, Corn Bunting, Yellowhammer, Red-legged Partridge, a quintessentially rural Grey Partridge at Martin Down the first time I ever saw them in back to back years seeing another there the following week, Wheatear, Woodlark on an astonishing amount of occasions, Treecreeper, Marsh Tit, Hawfinch (as shown in the third picture I took in this photoset) and Bullfinch.

    I loved it when I saw the spring time birds once again this year one of my favourite times of the year and the birds arriving back on migration are a massive part of that, this included brilliant moments seeing wonderful warblers Chiffchaff, Blackcap, Cetti’s Warbler, Willow Warbler, Reed Warbler, Sedge Warbler and Whitethroat seen and heard so well they are beautiful to see and hear always I also saw the darker greyer plumaged very sweet looking and quite rare Lesser Whitethroat at Martin Down for a third year running which was an honour this was so valuable to see with Common Whitethroats on hand that day for great comparison and Sand Martin, Swallow and House Martin for the hirundines all seen for the first time by me this year over the incredible Easter weekend I had which is one of the part subjects of another old style highlights blog I did in this thread and of course the Swifts. The terns Common Tern, Little Tern and Sandwich Tern were brilliant to see so well in spring as well. On the way back from Bentley Wood on the first May bank holiday Sunday we saw two splendid Swallows sat famously on a wire at West Dean right on the Hampshire/Wiltshire border which we saw for a great prolonged period getting to make out the birds so well and some top photo opportunities which I loved I took the fourth picture in this photoset of one.  

    In this part of this annual highlights post which this one will be the concluding one of as I know it if I can I always like to then describe the completely new birds I have seen in a year as some of my highest and most defining birding moments of the 12 months. This year I had my longest wait ever in a year to see a new bird five whole months and eleven days without a life tick this year and eight months and one day since I saw my last new bird all together Pennington’s Wilson’s phalarope in October 2020. That is no reflection on the quality of the year though and what I’m seeing as there are other measures of how great a year I had for seeing birds after that resurgence in year list numbers leaving it as the third highest amount of bird species I’d seen on those dates compared to my previous year lists and of course just how many high calibre birds I have seen this year lots before that point that weren’t new. The wait for a life tick was probably due a lot to the mostly locked down winter and the health of the nation had to come first. My first new bird of 2021 was a Rose-coloured Starling also known as Rosy Starling which was saw at my beloved Martin Down. Whilst seen that day it was not showing for a while after we arrived and we discussed this with a fellow birder who had been here about the amount of time since it was last seen and had a good conversation as we expected to have to wait it out to see if we could see it I did enjoy speaking to some great people that day. Then all of a sudden the Rose-coloured Starling flew into a nearby tree! I knew exactly what it was the minute I saw it. Yes the colours resemble Magpies and yes it is obviously Starling size but this bird looked like absolutely nothing else to me. It was so distinctive. And I was over the moon to get to watch this bird shuffle into thick vegetation, fly out and over to another tree where it did very much the same then fly off again and go into thick bushes. It looked stunning with a really sweet, delicious, milky and nicely colourful plumage. It was an incredible bird to see, and one I have been wanting to see for a while. What a moment. It was great to then point it out to another birder a bit further along as we all reflected on how great it is to share information and birds and the great social side of the hobby. I felt so lucky to have seen something new again and it was always going to be so sweet if I was going to see a new bird this year. It’s a species I am so thankful that did end this drought. It was my 273rd bird in my life. That day there was a selection of other fantastic birds about seen in numbers and/or very well with intimate views at Martin Down making it one of my days of the year again explained a lot in my favourite birds highlights post from past visits including; Corn Bunting singing delightfully and looking beautiful and at one point in dramatic lighting with the sun and a shadow too I have had such a good year for them this year, Skylark with its compelling and very beautiful song being so close I heard the whoosh of its wings as it flew off at one point too , bright red Linnet and bright yellow Yellowhammer were amazing to see that day too as was Stonechat.

    It turned into an incredible weekend as the next day we saw another new bird at Fishlake Meadows, two new birds in two days as we saw the exotic, colourful and very beautiful bird the Purple Heron. Some kind people we were next to at a safe social distance also watching for the bird exclaimed it was up and flying right and we took such joy and aw in watching this bird as it sat on a low branch in the reeds the other side of the water for a few minutes. It did look a bit dinosaur like and prehistoric like the Glossy Ibis at Stanpit Marsh in April and it really was such a joyful few minutes watching this stunning bird which I got the fifth picture in this photoset of. It was an exceptional few moments with a very high calibre and smashing bird that I had wanted to see for years in a massive few days for us so such lovely memories. A key day which I talk about in my favourite birds and butterflies further afield highlights blogs this year too with a plethora of species seen at this brilliant nature reserve with so much precious habitat attracting sensational wildlife it’s one of the best reserves in the county and country for me. There were two other year ticks that day, two birds I associate with each other after first seeing them among others on our first ever trip to Rutland Water for the Bird Fair in 2008 one of my favourite birds the Osprey and a sweet sighting of my bogey bird this year the one I usually see easily in a year but don’t for a few months Egyptian Geese which helped make it a very memorable day too. That day we also especially memorably got talking well to a small bunch of really nice people who were also watching which stood long in my mind with one sharing the dinosaur sentiment and this was special for the human side of our hobby. That day with things I speak about in the favourite birds post too evoked much birdwatching nostalgia for me which was nice. Lesser Black-backed Gull and House Sparrow were stars that day too as they were on prior Fishlake Meadows visits in the week before. After seeing my first Egyptian Geese of the year at Fishlake Meadows two weeks later Petersfield Heath Pond was teeming with these charming exotic looking birds the most Egyptian Geese I’ve ever seen at once before which was extraordinary with some young seen too, and there were top moments with extremely close looks at a beige and bright coloured Ruddy Shelduck we saw that day that had been around here precious time with a gem of a bird a beautiful one to see and a standout time this year. As can happen with the bogey birds we saw Egyptian Geese a lot more times after that this year.

    Back to the day of the Purple Heron and timing was perfect as on the following Tuesday we went on a Natutetrek tour with head of the Hampshire Ornithological Society and Hampshire County recorder Keith Betton geared towards seeing Stone Curlews, some nesting there which were shown on BBC Springwatch this year. And we saw them, our third new bird in four days incredibly one of our best patches of birdwatching ever to take my life list to a milestone 275. We saw a Stone Curlew briefly early on in the walk which was so glorious to see and them from a hill area overlooking the field where the Stone Curlews had a nest. With some expert guidance from Keith teeing them up in his telescope and ours we got some sensational views of one Stone Curlew sat on a nest and another out walking a little bit. It was incredible to see their strong camouflage markings and mesmerising piercing eyes shining out over the landscape. We got to make out the bird so well to its full extent. It was fascinating to see the one hunkered down on the nest and so exciting to see the one stood up and walking around too. They are unique and charming birds of these types of quite dry habitats. They really are one of the finest bird species we have, it was an honour to be in their company that day and was one of my greatest moments of 2021. I took the sixth picture in this photoset of one of the Stone Curlews a record shot I was pleased with from so far away.

    That day I also loved seeing many Rooks, Skylark, Kestrel, Swallow, Lapwings mobbing some of the many Red Kites which I wrote about in my favourite birds highlights post something I’d not seen before, Red-legged Partridge, Willow Warbler, some ducks which it was entertaining to see by the fishing hut and they got fed too and were really friendly, hear a lovely Lesser Whitethroat and we got the divine and captivating sight of a group of beautiful bright Yellowhammers peacefully bathing in the pond which was smashing to see. There were so many bright brown hares around which was stunning to see in this rural landscape my best ever views of them in Hampshire for sure. I left that day feeling so happy with how we got to spend the day. We really did see amazing and iconic wildlife in a brilliant and beautiful estate undergoing a promising and exciting rewilding project but also steeped in regal history with King Henry II and King John hosting hunting parties here which made it special to be here. The tour was organised so well and was very friendly, welcoming and easy to be involved with. Keith’s expert knowledge and the hospitality was brilliant and he so ably and patiently guided us all to see the Stone Curlews very well and as much flora and fauna as possible. With the sitting by the pond too having tea and biscuits at the start for a comprehensive and fascinating introductory talk and lunch in an ideal setting on a scorching and sunny day at a beautiful fishing hut by a lovely pond which was great it was just such an enjoyable day one of my best of the year I was so impressed with it. We met some varied, fascinating and lovely people all together that day having so many great chats about wildlife topics and others. What a brilliant thing to do any time but especially after the weekend we had just had and just before our Anglesey holiday which I do another old style highlights post on.

    I went onto to see another new bird in 2021 the Western Sandpiper at Lymington-Keyhaven nature reserve and that shall be featured in my new style highlights post about my birdwatching August-November, and did see something I’d not seen before a Ross’s Goose at WWT Slimbridge in November which shall be mentioned in my day trips and time away August-November new style highlights post.

    Other bird photographs which I always enjoy taking so much I took this year in this photoset are of, Feral Pigeon at Weston Shore on one of those three key visits, one of many Pied Wagtail photos I took in the garden in winter 2020-21, a lovely Avocet at Lymington on the first May bank holiday Saturday and a Carrion Crow at Portland in April.

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    October & November 2021 - Love Notes

    October & November 2021 – Love Notes

    In October I participated in the Love Notes Project in two ways.  At the beginning of the month I was a Love Notes Fairy.  Then I exchanged three weekly postcards* with my assigned penpals. Along the way I also sent a variety of Happy Mail and cards for other occasions. My “notes” went across town, across the country, into jail & over the border. Whew, it was a busy month. Then came November and…

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    📸 Credit : Les’Ven

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  • omtimes
    30.11.2021 - 1 day ago
    #astrology #Tarot Astrology Forecast October 2021 #Liane Buck#tarot
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  • boxthoughtsblog
    30.11.2021 - 1 day ago

    My Sky Today - October 31, 2021 5:39-5:40pm Hawaii Join the MY SKY TODAY project!

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  • rainbowglitterandpixiedust
    30.11.2021 - 1 day ago

    it's safe to say i had the best october

    thank you for every time we spent together

    for every movie, every treat, the halloween decorations

    every song, hot chocolate and every bus ride,

    thank you for the best soup i ever had in my life

    for all the aesthetic playlists and ambience

    thank you for giving me motivation, for believing in me

    thank you for being creative with me

    and for listening to me venting past midnight.

    i had the best october in a very while 🍁

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  • boxthoughtsblog
    30.11.2021 - 1 day ago

    My Sky Today - October 31, 2021 7:39-7:41am Hawaii Join the MY SKY TODAY project!

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  • coollovebibliophilethings
    29.11.2021 - 1 day ago

    October 2021 Reading List

    October 2021 Reading List

    October was a good month, but I’m getting fatter. So I just don’t have the energy to read as much lately. Or write as much. Or just generally do much of anything other than nap and eat. Non-fiction Up the Duff by Kaz CookeHow to Grow a Baby by Clemmie Hooper Series Queene of Light by Jennifer L. Armintrout (LIghtworld / Darkworld #1)Hope Smolders by Jaci Burton (Hope #0.5)My Kind of Christmas…

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    29.11.2021 - 1 day ago

    October 2021 lostinfeathers

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