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  • boombboi
    24.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    The fact that Odasaku said that there's an unspoken rule in the mafia not to get involve with another member's personal battles then goes on to single out Dazai, saying it's different for him, that all the difficult things in his heart should be dragged out and stepped upon mercilessly

    #Then Odasaku said no one can actually do that and in the end #he can only sit silently before Dazai and his ongoing personal battles #that makes me sad #we all know odasaku cared for dazai and he understood him like none other and he wanted to help him #but odasaku knew that he cant bc unless dazai WANTS to be helped there's absolutely nothing he can do but silently be there for him #okay bye- gonna cri #bsd #bungo stray dogs #bungou stray dogs #dazai osamu#bsd dazai#oda sakunosuke#bsd odasaku #bsd light novel #bsd dark era #dark era light novel
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  • alcoholandcakes
    24.10.2021 - 5 hours ago

    𝓞𝓭𝓪 𝓢𝓪𝓴𝓾𝓷𝓸𝓼𝓾𝓴𝓮

    <𝓸𝓭𝓪𝓼𝓪𝓴𝓾 𝓱𝓮𝓪𝓭𝓬𝓪𝓷𝓸𝓷𝓼, 𝓱𝓲𝓼 𝔀𝓸𝓶𝓪𝓷 𝓲𝓭𝓮𝓪𝓵 𝓽𝔂𝓹𝓮 𝓮𝓽𝓬>

    - Oda my beloved

    - im in love with him

    - soo according to the second official guidebook, he likes a quick-witted woman

    - a responsible and logical woman

    - You need to be caring, because of the kids

    - And speaking of kids, you need to like kids

    - if you like literature thats a plus

    - whenever he sees you read to the orphans his heart fills with a warm feeling

    - He wants you to meet Dazai

    - And if you two get along, oh he will be so happy

    - whenever the kids at your guys place, you cook and they love it

    a/n: i dont have school for a whole week, so i finally have time to write. There are sitting some works in my drafts , so yeah

    Posted: 24.10.2021 - Cali

    #bungou stray dogs #bungo stray dogs #bsd anime#bsd manga #bungou stray dogs oda #bsd odasaku #bsd oda sakunosuke #oda best man
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  • dreamkidddream
    24.10.2021 - 13 hours ago


    That is all.

    #hit send tweet #like listen I will love that man till the day I die #and even then death won’t stop me #the last fic I wrote certified that #bsd#oda sakunosuke#odasaku #dream rambles ☁️ #dream rambles about bsd 🐶🔍
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  • littlemusic-muse
    23.10.2021 - 20 hours ago

    Honestly this took longer than I expected. Planning to upload each of these as individual art pieces later, so wait for those.

    It’s the Draw a Suit Meme: Bungou Stray Dogs Addition

    Top Left: Chuuya (BEAST AU)

    Middle Left: Oda Sakunosuke (BEAST AU)

    Right Left: Atsushi Nakajima (BEAST AU)

    Bottom Left: Yosano Akiko 

    Bottom Middle: Kyoka Izumi (Normal AU)

    Bottom Right: Dazai Osamu (BEAST AU)

    Pls do not repost and let me know which is your favorite :)

    Send me an ask if you are curious about the flowers hehe >:D 

    #my art#flower language #bungou stray dogs #dazai osamu#beast au#nakahara chuuya#oda sakunosuke#atsushi nakajima#yosano akiko #Draw a Suit Meme #background could be better...well I guess it's alright #Honestly... this is pretty bad... #kyoka izumi#bsd
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  • lavandacoffee
    23.10.2021 - 22 hours ago

    Odasaku’s wish of writing the end of that novel and the author telling him: “You write it.”makes me think that could be foreshadowing about someone writing that end as in also the last chapters of the manga fulfilling that.

    We know there is a book that you can write anything in it and it becomes real but I’don’t know maybe it isn’t even actually a book? And just someone with the ability, some had said that it could be atsushi somehow. Also I haven’t finished the current arc chapters of the manga so maybe some fact about this has already been implied. But we know that Dazai wanted to meet Oda’s last will with saving people etc and technically he could have never know about that ‘ending the novel’ thing.

    But that could be used in the manga as parallel with one of the characters(maybe dazai) writing that ending then whatever that may be.

    Also there is mentioned: ‘writing how that person should live and die’ so…

    #if this has already been proven otherwise I didn’t post this haha #bungo stray dogs #bsd#dazai osamu#bsd dazai#oda sakunosuke#bsd odasaku#bsd thoughts#bsd theories #bsd nakajima atsushi #nakajima atsushi#bsd atsushi
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  • animeyanderelover
    23.10.2021 - 22 hours ago
    #yandere hunter x hunter #yandere hxh#yandere kurapika #yandere kurapika kurta #yandere leorio #yandere leorio paradinight #yandere bungo stray dogs #yandere bungou stray dogs #yandere bsd#yandere dazai #yandere dazai osamu #yandere yosano #yandere yosano akiko #yandere oda#yandere odasaku #yandere sakunosuke oda
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  • yarrayora
    23.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    if beast au is titled like any other modern day light novel it’ll literally be "my homoerotic affection towards my dead best friend resulted in many ruined alternate timelines?! who cares! live your best life, odasaku!"

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  • kunikinnie
    23.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    (some) Port Mafia as cats

    a/n: because I already made the ADA and Guild versions, might as well finish it off with the PM

    Akutagawa Ryuunosuke

    "will fight u™" cat

    It's hard to get any affection from him because it's a guaranteed scratch or bite whenever you touch him

    You can only admire him from afar as a result - which is not that bad because he does embarrassing cat things only when he thinks no one is around

    Has a favorite plushie: Rashomon. Bites it and sleeps with it all. the. time.

    May or may not scratch/destroy your furniture. He'll only do it when he's in the mood for destruction (aka when he'd mad at you)

    Has a lung condition so you often hear him wheezing. Take good care of him please

    Higuchi Ichiyo

    stalker cat

    Doesn't even try to hide the fact that she's following you (or Akutagawa cat) around at all. Not subtle in the slightest

    Sometimes she's just hungry. Sometimes she's just curious. Sometimes you have no idea, but she does it all the time

    As I mentioned she loves being around Akutagawa cat (not that the other feels the same way) and even the other Akutagawa cat

    A Tachihara bully. Smacks him in the face whenever he's around

    She gets curious with a lot of things, so this cat never ever gets bored. Likes to play around sometimes, but usually gets hissed at by her senpai cat

    Mori Ougai

    boss cat

    He's pretty chill most of the time. Sleeping or lounging about wherever he feels comfy

    Secretly plotting all the time. Of course you never know tht - you always assume your cats are up to something anyway. He's the mastermind behind all the premium catfood "disappearing" so quickly.

    Prefers the company of kittens. Female kittens. You'd rather not think about it

    Favorite toy: Elise doll

    There's a man by the name of Fukuzawa who you know loves cats and feeds/pets all the neighborhood cats. The only one he doesn't like is this one. He doesn't even approach it lol

    Motojiro Kajii

    constantly high cat

    Likes exploring and playing with anything he sees. Chews on the faucet head, chews on your lamp shade, chews on toilet drain cleaner

    Is the noisiest out of all of them. His meow is very loud and very shrill

    Favorite toy: lemon-shaped things, not actual lemons. He bit into one once and it left his tongue scarred for life

    Sleeps only for minutes at a time. He always wakes up with some new idea in his head and will stop at nothing to satisfy it

    Is the one who executes Mori's plan for other cats to steal (cat) food

    Nakahara Chuuya

    fancy cat

    Only eats the finest of wet cat food or actual premium cut fish that humans can eat. That's probably why his fur is the softest, most velvety thing you've ever touched

    Small for his age, but that's okay. He's a really good fighter. Really good

    He fits and sleeps in a lot of oddly shaped places - tho ofc his favorite place to stay is his expensive cat bed (thank God he loves it)

    You once tried to put a small hat on him just for fun. Ever since then, he adores it and rarely parts with it

    If he's more fussy than usual, you know Dazai cat came recently just to make fun of him

    Oda Sakunosuke

    mysterious cat

    He's usually alone. Used to hang out/play with Dazai cat when he was still a kitten and Ango cat when he was still in your house

    From the time you picked him up right up to his death, you've never heard him meow. He just stares at you whenever he wants something

    Favorite place is by the windowsill. He likes watching the birds and whatever is moving outside

    You used to wonder where he'd be sometimes. Turns out he's trying to find food for some small stray kittens near your place. Bless his soul he's so cute

    You also had to be extra careful whenever you cooked/ate curry. He always managed steal your food, somehow.

    Ozaki Kouyou

    fancy mom cat

    Well-respected by the other cats. She likes staying alone or somewhere near Mori cat

    Is also a fancy cat, but she's not as picky as Chuuya cat when it comes to food


    Lowkey prima donna cat. She's so elegant looking you could take pictures of her then upload them on social media = boom large following

    Sometimes stares out the window, looking at nothing in particular. It's during those times you know she misses Kyouka cat

    Tachihara Michizou

    hyperactive cat

    Runs around your house like it's some playground. May or may not be doing the same thing at 3 am

    Favorite toy: pencils. Wooden kind. Chews on them more than he chews his food

    If you have a garden, especially one with flowers, he'll be laying there for a looooong period. He especially likes hyancinths

    Wrestles with Gin cat often. Sometimes he wins, sometimes he doesn't. Either way Hirotsu cat always stops the two from actually fighting lol

    May or may not have a secret group of cat friends and/or house aside from yours

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  • shizukais
    23.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Finally have in hands the first volume of BSD Beast!! The cover art is so beautiful!!! 🥺♥️ I dare to say I like it more than the original universe, because Oda and Akutagawa are my favorite characters. Also, Beast is so more darker and violent, I love it!

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  • kirawibu
    23.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    2 besties

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  • dreamkidddream
    23.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Trick or Treat! || Odasaku

    Not a day goes by when I don’t simp for this man and he forever has my heart 😔 (Oda and Kunikida Deserves more love club still going strong 😤💚💙) so take this fluff at 2 in the morning! reader is gender neutral!

    Dream’s Spooktober 2021

    “Is everyone ready?”

    A chorus of cheers echoed in the room from the excited kids. Your heart just melted at the sight of them donned in their costumes and their bright expressions. Ugh, they’re just too cute!

    “What about you, Oda? Or should I say Mr. Big Bad Wolf?”

    Adjusting the fake ears on his head, he nodded. “I’m ready.”

    You had to hide your giggles every time you looked at Oda. His stoic face combined with the softest fake furry ears has you laughing every time.

    “Don’t worry (Y/N), we’ll make sure this wolf won’t get a taste of you. I’ll protect you!” Kosuke stood proudly, pointing the tip of his fake sword right at Oda’s chest. “Says the one who didn’t want to go trick or treating to begin with.”

    “Hey! I still think I’m too old for it, but I can’t just let you guys go without me! And besides, who’s gonna be dumb enough to pass up free candy?”

    “You just don’t wanna admit that you’re excited too!” Katsumi shouted, twirling his baseball bat around. Yu stood behind him and agreed, him and Shinji laughing at the scene unfolding.

    “Alright, alright. Let’s save the energy for when we can actually go get the candy”, you stated, fixing the bow on Sakura’s dress. She can be so quiet, but you could tell with how much she’s fidgeting how ecstatic she is going trick or treating for the first time. She even asked you if you could help her be the perfect Cinderella (like she wasn’t already perfect; these kids are gonna cause you to go to cardiac arrest because of how adorable they are!).

    You count yourself very lucky that you were able to convince Oda to take them trick or treating. After you found out they’ve never been because Oda never had the chance to take them, you just had to change that! Granted you understood the arguments of why: he may be a low-ranking member of the Port Mafia, but he still works for an organization that has made a lot of enemies and who wouldn’t hesitate to retaliate in any way they can; even if it meant attacking innocent people like you and the kids. He did shoot down the idea at first (even if he was close to giving in to your puppy eyes despite him staying blank faced the whole time), but you guys were able to come to a happy compromise: you would only take them to your neighborhood and that you wouldn’t keep them out late (of course), but he would have to come with you to make sure nothing happens.

    You even managed to get him to dress up in matching costumes so that he wouldn’t be that recognized easily (which was a half-truth, you just wanted an excuse to get matching couple costumes). You knew that he wasn’t going to let you take care of the kids by yourself, but it was still a nice gesture regardless. It was just nice in general: being able to choose costumes with the kids, having them experience something new and seeing the smiles on their face, spending time with Oda.

    It just felt like you were all one big family.

    And Oda felt that too, a small smile gracing his own face.


    You snapped out of your sentimental moment, and gazed at Oda. “We should get going; I think they’re starting to get restless.”

    “Oh yeah, sorry. Shall we then, Mr. Wolf?” You held out your hand. “Of course, Little Red.” He responded, not wasting a moment to lace his hand with yours.

    You couldn’t help but chuckle at the gagging sounds the kids were making.

    “Alright, let’s get this night started!”

    You and Oda finished tucking in Shinji, the rest of the kids sound asleep. You figured that they would burn out eventually, the combination of being so full of energy from trick or treating and eating all the candy they got (after extensive checking from you both) causing them to no doubt sugar crash.

    “Thanks for tonight Oda, honestly.”

    “It was your idea, I should be the one thanking you”, he held open the door and led you down the stairs. “The kids seemed to really enjoy themselves and they’re tired out thanks to you.”

    “Yeah yeah, whatever you say- let’s call it a team effort then”, your hand shot up waiting for a high five and he delivered. But then, he held onto your hand, gently rubbing circles on top of it.


    “Hm?” He always looks so calm, so composed, which is the complete opposite of what you’re feeling now. How he manages to get your heart racing so fast and by doing just the smallest things is a mystery (spoiler alert: it’s not. You just love this man too much that anything he does just makes you fall deeper for him).

    “You should spend the night with me- only if you want to though.”

    The warmth that spread through your body made your heart beat a thousand times faster and almost caused you to choke if you hadn’t caught yourself, “Are you saying that you don’t want me to leave, Oda?” The teasing tone that you took on was just a mere distraction to your genuine question.

    Oda didn’t want to leave him at all- he hates to see you go every time, but but he’ll wait to tell you that part.


    Leave it to Oda to be ever so blunt. He’s gonna be responsible if you pass out on the concrete.

    You pretended to think about it, but already had your mind made up. “Wellllll since you were already taking me home, I would feel bad if you had to make an extra stop, so I guess it’s fine.”

    “Good. I think you still have some clothes left over from last time, or you could sleep in one of my shirts again if you want.”

    You hummed again, not letting go of his hand. “Just promise not to gobble me up this time, Mr. Wolf.”

    You felt his hand give yours a playful squeeze, “No promises Little Red.”

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  • chuuy-a
    22.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    look at aku and his rashoumon plushie oh my god

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  • heartcorrupted
    20.10.2021 - 3 days ago

    What Poisonous Flowering Plant Are You?

    Sakunosuke Oda

    This is the poison of stagnation. You grow drowsy. Your heart rate slows, & when you do move you can't seem to stop shaking. It may seem to others that you're lazy, or reticent. Like you avoid hard work on purpose, like you always take the easy way out. But you know deep down that it wouldn't be like this if you weren't so tired, so deeply tired. If you weren't crushed under the weight of sorrow like a mile of water over your head. Nothing brings you peace, except rest & — though you can hardly dare to ask —  having someone tend to you gently & sweetly. A good gardener speaks to their plants, sings to them, waters them, fertilizes their soil, prunes the dead parts, nurtures the new growth. You yearn to be cared for like that, even though you feel you don't deserve it. The secret is that you do. You always have, & someday, you'll learn that, and receive that care, & the exhaustion won't keep you from growing strong & lovely anymore. You were never the problem. These are simply poor growing conditions for you.

    Kisara Kiyomizu

    Lily Of The Valley.
    This is the poison of giving too much. You feel yourself emptying out, dizzying, discoloring — until you fear you will fade entirely & wither away. You have always had to give. You never had a choice before. They pluck your flowers for their beauty, they trample your leaves carelessly, they pull out your roots by the fistful & berate you for daring to grow; & now that you have a grove to spread out in, your rhizomes tangle & curl in on themselves. When cruelty is all you've ever known, thriving seems impossible. But the answer is not to make yourself small & offer every lovely thing you are to the world in the hopes it will have mercy on you. The answer is to let yourself dare to thrive for thriving's sake, to grow in the wild ways you wish to — & to do that for yourself for once.

    Chuuya Nakahara

    This is the poison of intense fear. Your body trembles, your flesh burns. Your limbs won't respond to you. You convulse. You can't seem to control the fear. It seems that it has always lived within you. You hesitate, you agonize, & that breeds regret. Sometimes it threatens to overwhelm you, & that frightens you more than anything. But panic is survival mode in overdrive, and something within you knows you must live. Creation seems to be the only balm for you. Perhaps you survive so stubbornly because you have stories that must be told, songs that must be sung. Soothe your stage fright. The path from surviving to thriving is having a good garden to grow in. And you can't do that completely alone.

    Arahabaki / Arashi

    Doll's Eyes.
    This is the poison of unchecked vices. You slip into hallucinations. You are wracked with convulsions. The delirium threatens to overwhelm you. What are you running from? You look in every direction, wild-eyed at every turn, seeking some reprieve from what torments you. Each vice brings new consequences, & the price of escape seems too great, & yet you cannot seem to face things head on. If you aren't running from yourself, I hope you find a true way to freedom soon, & if you are running from yourself, perhaps you would do well to realize your pain is not something you can simply escape by avoidance. You deserve healing just as much as the ones you love. Someday, soon I hope, you will know this & feel it & reach inward to grant yourself all the kindnesses you offer others. That is the only true way to peace for ones like us. Oh, & if the pain of it seems too great? I hope that you realize you don't have to do it alone.

    Noé Archiviste

    This is the poison of falling in love. You taste it & your heart beats fast. Your eyes dilate, you fall into deep delirium. You may be a bit dramatic & impulsive, & it gets you into trouble sometimes, but you just can't help yourself. It's in your blood. You love because it is the truest beauty you've found in this harsh world. Even when it's hurt you before, when it's poisoned you, you still find a way. They may call you naïve for still believing in it, or vain for making yourself & your surroundings so meticulously lovely. But to love like this is brave & noble, and I hope you find the beauty you seek. Chances are, it's within & all around you already, if you know where to look.

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    Tagging: @vampdoctored @dairata @guildsniper @mckiingbiird @recalcytrant @theircurse @circuscoated​ @fearedgod & whoever else wants to participate! <3

    #Spilled Ink {Headcanon} #Muse: Sakunosuke Oda #Muse: Kisara Kiyomizu #Muse: Chuuya Nakahara #Muse: Arahabaki#Muse: Noé Archiviste #Character Study {Meta} #Dash Games;;
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  • the-portrait-of-jh-lee
    20.10.2021 - 4 days ago

    Abt Authors

    Here are the authors I’ve covered in posts so far! (Surnames in alphabetical order)

    Christie, Agatha

    Dazai Osamu

    Oda Sakunosuke (preparing)

    Rimbaud, Arthur 

    Sakaguchi Ango 

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  • celestialkins
    20.10.2021 - 4 days ago

    comfort edit set for nao, do not use unless you are her !!

    nao, i hope this helps make your night a little brighter, ily with my whole heart and soul <33

    – mod cele 🌌

    #🌌 | mod cele edits #🌌 | nao <33 #🌌 | gifts #doki doki literature club kin #doki doki literature club #sayori kin#sayori ddlc#yuri ddlc#yuri kin #bungo stray dogs kin #bungo stray dogs #osamu dazai kin #osamu dazai #sakunosuke oda kin #sakunosuke oda #death note kin #death note #l lawliet kin #l lawliet #light yagami kin #light yagami#danganronpa kin#danganronpa #mondo owada kin #mondo owada #peko pekoyama kin #peko pekoyama#naofumi iwatani#raphtalia
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  • rosiesbsdtwitterau
    20.10.2021 - 4 days ago

    October birthdays, so close with another.

    #rosies twitter au #bsd twitter au #twitter au #bungo stray dogs #bungou stray dogs #ria trandafir#atsushi nakajima#chuuya nakahara #edgar allan poe #osamu dazai#arthur rimbaud#ranpo edogawa#sakunosuke oda#ango sakaguchi#birthdays#yes #I saw it was ango and rimbauds birthday so I did a little something #that cat picture I got from google becuse I don’t have any ideas rn #i love every single one of these birthday boys help #as for Dazais gift #idk something that’ll prank them idk #i linda rushes this soooo yeah #happy birthday
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  • the-portrait-of-jh-lee
    19.10.2021 - 4 days ago

    Arthur Rimbaud and Sakaguchi Ango bday post!

          Happy birthday to these two literary figures! I love both of them so much and their works are so lovely to me.

         Born on Oct. 20th, 1854, Jean Nicholas Arthur Rimbaud was born and grew to become one of my favorite poets. He's lived a pretty complicated life with many trials and tribulations, but is also known for his sometimes violent, yet romantic relationship with fellow poet Paul Verlaine. He embodies an essence similar to that of Baudelaire, but I suppose that's because he used conventional forms and used poetry as a way to experment with unconventional patterns of behavoir and thought. His work influenced and made an opening for the Surrealist and Dadaist movements. If you have watched Bungou Stray Dogs, you will know that Rimbaud's character possesses an ability known as Illuminations, which is a collection of poems written before his death in 1891. I highly recommend this along with some others that I will mention in the end.

        Also born on Oct. 20th, but in 1906, we have Sakaguchi Ango! Known for his affliation with the Buraiah school of writers and fellow Japanese literary giants Dazai Osamu and Oda Sakunosuke, he wrote about post WWII Japan and its people. One prime example would be his short story One Woman and the War. His characters don't have a specific goal or motive to act upon, they're just living for the sake of the reader's entertainment. He is also known for his most famous essay Darakuron, an essay on the bushido code in Japan's time of war. (Has nothing to do with the idea of decadence, I felt lied to while reading this lol.)

    Recommended works



    Sensation and Teardrop from Selected Works in Translation by A.S Kline



    Darakuron: A Discourse on Decadence

    Zokudarakuron: A Discourse on Decadence II


    One Woman and the War

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  • boombboi
    19.10.2021 - 5 days ago

    Sometimes I just think about the fact that Dazai, Akutagawa, Yosano, and Kyouka having similar pasts and I just unintentionally make myself sad

    They all had a point in their lives where they saw no value in their lives and would rather die than continue living, until they each met someone, joined an organization, and then, they no longer yearned for death.

    Odasaku to Dazai

    Dazai to Akutagawa

    Ranpo to Yosano

    Atsushi to Kyouka

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