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  • How stupid am I for not being allergic to fish in any way shape or form, but the one time I eat fish eggs I nearly die of anaphylactic shock

    #To this day i've never been allergic to anything else #Just fish eggs #oddly specific#rambles
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  • *the feeling of entering a room expecting people because you heard voices, but then backing out because nobody was actually there and the lights were off*

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  • you never really know the terror of being known until you have used tinder for 1 and 1/8 days and that length exactly 

    #tinder#oddly specific#:| #shout out to everyone who matched with me #all 5 of you
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  • is it just me or does 400 lux make anyone else want to write a note and run away with the love of their life to some small desert town in the middle of nowhere and start their life all over again

    #oddly specific #but yeah that’s the vibe folks #also i’m still posting lorde content and i’ll never stop #lorde#pure heroine#400 lux#melodrama
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  • Oddly Specific Feelings

    • Drinking coffee on an empty stomach. It’s not the way that you like it, but you used what was available. It tastes hollow, and your stomach still growls. You continue to drink it anyway
    • Your teeth feel tight, like you’ve been eating popcorn, and gotten a single bit of kernel-shell in between each tooth. But you know that if you went to try and get it out there would be nothing there.
    • Your shoes feel tight, and your feet are tired. These used to be your favorite shoes. You didn’t know how hard they’d be to walk in after a few hours.
    • Your hair is wrong. It’s not that you think it’s ugly, in fact it looks quite nice. But it isn’t your hair. Your hair looks… different. You get a sudden urge to slice at it until you can find where this strange hair ends and your hair begins. Did you ever even have your hair?
    • You’re taking a vitamin, and the gelatin casing dissolves in your throat. You cough and powdered Magnesium, Iron, and Zinc puff out of your throat. If anyone saw you, perhaps they would think you a dragon in human form, trying to expel the metallic smoke.
    • You are small. The whole world is massive and expansive and awe-inspiring, and you are tiny. You cannot tell if this makes you feel good or bad, but it does make you feel, and you feel it so much.
    #tw: anxiety #tw: body horror #(I think?) #tw: body dysmorphia #tw: body negativity #tw: body dysphoria #tw: body talk #tw: dysphoria #I don't know what else to tag on this one as a tw. #oops#writing#list#oddly specific
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  • #this just sounds like a combination #of some of the worst ideas ever #oddly specific#tho
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  • Do you ever get a sudden urge to make an OC with an EXTREMELY specific personality?

    Cuz I have, with the most oddly specific feeling.

    Basically I want their personality to be like the feeling of waking up in the middle of the night at someone else’s house, wondering what century it is and drinking the 1/3 cup of flat, room temperature, off-brand soda you left there before going to sleep without brushing your teeth because you were just too tired, and the last thing you remember is a hazy memory of sitting there far longer than what you usually do, doing whatever for no discernable reason.

    #Oc#original character#oddly specific #That one feeling #i have a problem #Ideas#but srsly #Am I the only one who has experienced that feeling? #And kinda more than once
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  • Some of you have never dealt with parents who have absolutely no respect for your privacy so you wrote in code in your personal journals and it shows.

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  • I might have some problems. And by that I mean ‘I can’t stand people making fun of my fictional faves even when all the bad things are said in a loving manner’ problems..

    #oddly specific #there’s a thread growing on twitter about Khun’s contribution to Rachel’s growing nastiness and #though I see the points people are making it really rubs me the wrong way #a feeling that there’s an argument missing #ehhh#d0 stuff#personal #don’t reblog huh
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    you will never escape jay gilstrap

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  • Wanna know what is annoying?

    When you are doing an essay with your friend and he deletes half of it because it is “too wordy” and “the essay is bad” but the essay is “bad” because it is “too wordy, and I am just thinkg “that is the point”

    #not to make the essay bad but to make it big #oddly specific
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  • image

    helping my dad make space for a yard pool he bought impulsively and i thought it was very butch of me to be digging around and getting all muddy so i had to take a pic lmao

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