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  • Yes I do entirely believe that there should be more gay teenagers doing gay dances at gay proms. You can’t stop them they have gay magic. That they use to fight their fears and responsibilities.

    For that is the power of Gay Prom. Which is shortened to Grom for convienence and to hide it from Disney.

    #the owl house #the owl house grom #lamity#lgbtq#oddly specific #see you can't stop the gays we have magic now you homophobic disney bastards #read the tags
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  • “if it looks like I’m laughing then I’m really just asking to leave"— is probably the most relatable mcr lyric for me. like yes susan your barbeque tale is hilarious but please I would appreciate if you walk out that door right now. face muscles hurt at fake laughing y'know

    #mcr#oddly specific #my chemical romance
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  • i wanna get ready for a formal event with my partner and have them take one look at me and let out a laugh, stepping close and fixing my tie for me. i’m holding my breath, looking at them, transfixed. we smile at each other

    #oddly specific#maybe #also can you tell i'm reading to much fanfiction #char chat#mlm#nblm#mlnb#nblnb#trans mlm#mlm yearning
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  • the vibes of sitting on the floor of a loft bedroom in an airbnb in georgia wrapped in an orange blanket and eating somewhat warm ready pasta out of a paris themed mug on the day of your sister’s wedding listening to “Monsters (feat. blackbear)” by American rock band All Time Low on the 2020 album “Wake Up, Sunshine” at 9:16 PM are unmatched.

    #cryptidcore #all time low #oddly specific#suspiciously specific #bro im tired #bro i #im sad guys #please send help #sadly specific#pasta#blackbear
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  • Yah know hiding stuff in the tags is fun.

    #relatable#wierd thoughts#oddly specific #If you really wanna see weird shit go like at my other posts #I tend to have existential crisis in them
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  • People need to make more fucked up threat ya know like “Say that again and I’ll add your organs to my studio drumset.” Or “Fuck off before I repurpose your nervous system into a grand piano”

    #music#threats#oddly specific#wierd thoughts #I might be going into a down spiral #I mean I've been rambling and monolouging to myself like an insane shakespian actor #I'll probably post about that #maybe at some point #sure totally #read the tags
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  • Reading jwqs is all fun and games until pdl hits u with that “starting the angst now!!” at chapter 100 and u have to stop reading for an unspecified amount of time after chapter 120 bcs shit is about to go down and u only barely got through the last 120 chapters in the first place.

    #Oddly specific#Probs#jwqs #clear and muddy loss of love #Jing Wei Qing Shang #泾渭情殇 #Please don't laugh #I KNEW IT WAS GONNA BE HEAVY BUT LIKE.... I'VE BEEN SEVERLY UNPREPARED THIS WHOLE TIME
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  • image

    when you’re healing a tank who keeps running into next rooms with a constant 35% health bar

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  • Do you ever feel lowkey unsure if you should be attracted to someone or not and maybe you just think they’re pretty because you want to be special but then you see a picture or fan art and you’re like haha nvm they’re gorgeous

    #oddly specific#i know #but bonis points if you can geuss who this is about
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  • Sometimes your friend just swallow a cactus whole and who are you to tell them not to.

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  • Don’t you hate when someone in your dnd group challenges you to a dual but you’re too busy eating rice and playing Mario Kart.

    So you throw the fight so you can get back to your rice, but they just have to passive aggressively make homophobic comments to you the Asexual.

    Your not angry but you still decided to plot out several ways to meticulously kill them in game to teach them a lesson in what happens to prideful homophobes.

    Again not because your angry but because Pride is a deadly sin. And cause homophobes are fucking assholes.

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  • image

    When I see these glasses, I feel like I’m in a room lit almost solely by sunlight. Ivy and wooden accents EVERYWHERE. Mirrors stained like this. White flowers. Maybe a natural looking water fixture. Off rooms that have green felt floors but don’t get the sunlight from the main room so are lit by lanterns on the walls and ceiling. Maybe a victorian style pub.

    #this is an oddly specific thing to feel please tell me im not the only one #coca cola#oddly specific #i once dreamt there was also a huge sign for sub sandwiches with that italian sub vinaigrette #aesthetic #relatable?
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  • A lot of people change a letter or two of a bad word to make to less bad like “Fuck” to “Frick”.

    We should do this the other way making bad words worse like “Slut” to “Slot” or “Bitch” to “Mitch”

    Any other possible changes

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  • image

    Found this bath and body works slander t shirt. Yes, I bought it

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  • Sometimes you see something that’s marked NSFW that’s really just cursed and wonder why mark it NSFW

    And it’s mostly for if your boss saw any of those you’d be instantly fired

    So you take him to court your contract clearly states you need two weeks notice

    Your boss presents the images as evidence

    You are unanimously sentence to death

    You have cheese doodles stabed into fried mint ice as your last meal

    And oh what a meal it is

    You are taken to the gallows your friends and family cheering for your death for how dare you do such a thing

    You’re dropped and everything goes dark

    You return to life still hanging not but moments later you can’t breath

    Niether Hell nor Heaven will accept you for your sins

    They try to execute you over and over but it doesn’t work

    After years and years of what should have been death they’ve had enough

    You must be punish for your crimes so they lock you in an iron maiden and drop you into the depths

    It’s cold yet peaceful you eventually acclimate to the pain it’s nice

    You can’t see shit but it’s calming

    You have time to think about your sins so you do

    You ponder for eternity

    Eventually the earth is destroyed at least you can see once more

    As you tumble through space wondering if seeing those cursed images were truly worth it

    You think “Yes” as you float into a black hole and the pain begins again

    And it’s because of that damn Bird

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  • made a playlist for manifesting a cute seaside cottage to make soup in while your s/o picks strawberries and feeds the goats!


    if you guys have any relevant songs pls send them my way!

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  • does anyone know of any fanfics where the pastas meet jay and he and tim reunite???

    I found one on a03

    #red.txt #oddly specific #but i have been curious
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  • It’s not a good idea to dye your hair on your own if you’ve never done it alone with dye of which you know is not enough at 2:30am

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