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    17.10.2021 - 43 minutes ago

    Even If It Takes All Day

    Thor Odinson x Plus/Mid Sized Reader

    Plus Sized Reader Masterlist
    This Months Writing

    Summary - Thor hates when his lady talks bad about herself and puts plans on hold to change her view point.

    Requested By @swaggysposts - Hello there, I love the plus size and mid size prompt.... Bcoz it totally relates with me 😍!!! How about can you make me imagine with Thor based on Number 3 ! || Character A walks past a mirror and feels unusually (or not) self-conscious, it puts a damper on their mood. Character B takes note and aims to correct this.

    All you wanted to do was punch the stupid fucking mirror, in fact you wanted to punch every mirror in this god damn house. You were meant to be getting ready for the party that Tony was throwing but here you were hiding under the duvet not wanting to face the world. That voice in your head was picking out every single flaw in your body the moment you caught a glimpse of yourself in your underwear in the mirror.

    Your tears had long dried, when you heard the front door close. You knew Thor would be up in the room shortly but you couldn’t move, you didn’t want to move.

    The moment Thor realised there wasn’t any loud music blasting, shaking the windows in the house he sighed, he knew something was wrong. Carefully he made his way upstairs, heading into the bedroom, seeing you curled up on his side of the bed.


    “I’m not going,” you sniffed, staying in your duvet cocoon.

    “My love,” he whispered, as he slowly lifted the duvet to see your tear stained faced. “Sweetheart what happened?” His voice was soft as he climbed into the bed, engulfing you in his arms. “I can’t help if you do not tell me,”

    “It’s stupid,” you whimpered, as you slipped your hand up his shirt.

    “It has upset you my Queen so it isn’t stupid,” he whispered into your hair.

    “I saw my reflection,” you mumbled, running your fingers across his solid abdomen, which kinda made you feel worse. Why was this god with someone like you. “And the voices started again, I thought I was finally getting over my body issues but I guess not, so instead of getting ready I hid under the duvet,”

    Thor listened as you spoke, his heart breaking at the thought of his Queen talking badly about herself, in a way it made him feel like he had failed if you were feeling like this.

    “Right, come on,” he said when he figured out what he was going to do, “get out of bed, because you are most beautiful women I have ever laid my eyes on,”

    “We don’t have time,” you sighed, wiggling out of his arms and following his instructions.

    “I do not care, if we are late then we are late,” Thor shrugged, climbing out of bed and positioned himself behind you, wrapping his arms around your waist, guiding you over to the mirror. “Even if it takes all day,”

    “Thor no, please” you whispered, squeezing your eyes closed “I don’t want to look at myself,”

    “Trust me baby,” he whispered, kissing the top of your head. “I want you to look on the mirror and tell me what you see and I want to to be honest,”

    Taking a deep breath, you slowly opened your eyes, seeing your reflection staring back at you. “I hate the size of my thighs, my tummy, the stretch marks, the celulite . And I see someone that is unhappy with their skin,” a few tears had rolled down your cheeks as you spoke.

    Thor’s heart hurt as he heard you list everything you saw, he didn’t see any of those things.

    “Okay, here is what I see,” he whispered, making eye contact through the mirror. “I see a beautiful, strong and confident woman, I see a body that I love and cannot get enough of. I see the mother of my children whenever the day comes, I see the most caring person” each word he spoke he ram his hands down your body.

    “Thor,” you cried.

    “Every word is the truth my love,” he whispered, placing soft kisses on your bare shoulder. “And I will spend my entire life making sure you know how beautiful you are, now how about I find you something to wear and me show our face at the party,”

    “Okay,” you hummed, as he let go of you to head to your wardrobe. As you sat on the edge of the bed you watched him intently as he pulled an outfit out for you.

    This was what you loved about him, everything he did he put a lot of thought into it. He spun around with a proud smile on his face as he held a pair of high waisted jeans and sparkly top that wasn’t too low cut or too tight.

    “This is one of the many reasons why I love you Thor Odinson,”

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  • love-is-a-dagger
    17.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Little ones


    Loki x reader

    Summary: reader finds some eggs abandoned and takes them home where Loki is not happy.

    Sorry I haven’t posted anything for a while, school’s started and it’s been bit hectic. Also not proofread, so sorry if anything is a bit off

    You had been gone for a while, making Loki worry. But he knew you could handle yourself if anything were to happen.

    When he hears the door open after two hours of your departure, he expected a quick shout to let him know your not dead.

    But all he got as silence.

    He’s heaves a sigh, deciding to be moody in that moment. He jumps off the bed, and stomps down the stairs, to be met with you fixing a lamp on something on a pillow.

    “Y/n, darling”

    “Loki, sweetheart”

    He eyes are stuck between focusing on the eggs them at your face.

    “Care to explain why you have eggs?”

    You give him a cheeky smile, his first thought was you were planning to bake or cook something, but then he remembers all the times you’ve burnt anything you’ve tried to make.

    “Y/n” he says sternly, a bit of fear in his voice.

    “Okay-okay! I found some eggs at the park and, uh, you know, the mother duck wasn’t there and I didn’t want them to die-“

    “Why are they here?” He deadpanned, sounding annoyed.

    You deflate a small bit, your smile now gone, you thought he’d want to keep them as soon as he saw them.

    “They were abandoned” you answer in a small voice, making him regret sounding stern.

    “I’m sorry, my dear” you smile reappears at his apologies.

    “It’s okay. I’m keeping them” he signed looking up at the ceiling, taking a deep breath before responding.

    “Along as they don’t bother me, I don’t care” he starts to walk away but hears you talk to the ends that he doubts at even duck eggs.

    “Don’t worry about daddy, he’s always grumpy”


    Loki can practically feel your happiness, he’s happy you’re happy, don’t get him wrong. But those eggs are taking up your entire life.

    You’ve made little houses for the three little eggs, you’ve named them (one being Loki jr that he can’t help but feel giggly about) and worst of all, you’ve been ignoring Loki, the one that was here first.

    You’d be downstairs reading to them as if they were children, while he was upstairs doing his nightly routine, as you did your new one.

    It’s been like this for two weeks, you still spend time with him but he knows your sole attention is on them, you have an attachment to creates without parents.

    “Loki?” He looks up from his book to look at you, raising an brow at you being half hidden by the door frame.

    “Yes, dear?” He can’t help but grin qt the small blush that sets in your cheeks.

    “Can you watch the eggs? I need to get a few things from the shops” he frowns lightly at your small explanation, normally you’d tell him very little detail.

    Like that time you said you had to go your brothers house because you thought you caught a virus on your phone after clicking on a link on a website he doesn’t remember the name of, something to do with corn?

    “Why?” You blush, biting your lip looking down before replying, “I, uh, wanted to make us a nice dinner, something I hopefully don’t burn, because we haven’t been spending any time together” you slowly look up to meet his eyes, a grin on him face.

    “Of course, my love. But we don’t need to have a dinner, as long as I’m with you, I’m happy”

    You match his grin, practically dancing over, giving him a kiss, as his hands glaze over your sides.

    “I’m happy with you too, mr odinson” your grin as he rolls his eyes.

    “I suggest leaving soon before I change me mind” you send him a final grin before leaving the room.


    Flipping the page, Loki casts a quick glance at the eggs you had moved into the living room so he didn’t have to move.

    He’s started to warm up to the idea of the little duck, chickens- what ever they were. He doubts there is anything in them.

    He goes back to his book after checking the time in the phone you had gotten him.

    When he reaches the of the chapter, he starts to hear a little chipping noise, he thinks nothing of is as he returns to his book. He manages to read halo a page when he hears it again.

    He sighs, placing his book down. Looking around the room his sees nothing, then his eyes land on the eggs you had adopted. His eyes a quick fo move onto something else, but quicker when he realises what he saw.

    He stands up, stalking over to the eggs were there seems to be a little crack in one of them. He’s frozen as he figures out what to do, before picking up his phone and calling you.

    “Hey lo-”

    “Darling, the eggs are hatching”

    He doesn’t hear a reply, making him wonder if he muted himself, he seems to seems to accidentally do that when he’s in the with phone to his brother.


    “Yeah, yeah. I’m here, I just dropped something, I’m coming back now, as fast as I can” Loki doesn’t think he’s ever heard you speak that fast. He takes no offence when you hang up on him.

    He watches curiously as the eggs start to shuffle, wiggle and waddle. They shift lightly side to side, making him fear they may fall off the table.

    He slowly moves to the eggs, one of which have a massive crack on the side. As he approaches them, slowly and Cautiously, he begin to have a spurge of confidence.

    As he arrived at the table that was on the other side of the room he was originally sat, he adjusts the light, getting it out the way so the little creatures won’t be blinded in their first moment of life.

    He can’t help but let a small smile slip when he sees a little beak crack from the egg, it’s beak breaking away the shell, clinging for life.

    He lets out a small huff of laughter as the creature, that he now realises is a duck, break out of it shell.

    It’s sibling soon follow him, one after another. Loki grins as he stares at the three little ducklings, slowly picks the oldest up.

    “Hello there, my son” he lets out a boyish giggle as his own joke, finding comfort in this little creature in his palm.

    “I missed it?” He turns around to see you with a pout, giving him no toe he option other than to smile, hopelessly in love with you.

    “I’m sorry, my love” he apologises softly, not wanting to disturb the newborn duckling in his hands.

    You can’t help but give him a childish smile, seeing a god that almost took over the earth holding a little, harmless duckling.

    “It’s okay, my king” he returns your smile with a little grin, making you giggle, as you take steady steps to your beloved.

    “Hello there” you coo softly as the little duckling, stroking them softly.

    You choose not to tease him over the fact that he said he would never hold the creature.

    You look up to loki to see him quietly swooning over the little duckling.

    “I love you” he stops, slowly looking towards you, a small grin on his face.

    “I love you too, my queen”


    You watch with a broken heart as the three little duckling follow Loki around, the three little ducks had imprinted on Loki, meaning they saw Loki as their mother.

    You wouldn’t admit it but you were quite envious of Loki, you wanted to be see as their mother, depict that, you found it quite cute. After they were first hatched he’d be reading then get angry at them for following him.

    You have tried everything to try and get them to treat you like they do him. You’ve tried putting Loki’s aftershave in, trying to smell like him, to even trying to sound like him. Loki of course found the whole thing hilarious.

    “I’m sorry, my love” Loki said as he burst into another fit of laughter, watching your pointless attempt of trying to trick the little ducklings to thinking you were him.

    “I give up” you laugh a sigh out, finding it a little funny. Turning around to leave the room you accident hit the side of the table with your hip.

    “Oh sorry love” you mimic Loki in a final attempt to get the ducks attention. You don’t even bother looking around, knowing it was fruitless. 

    Loki watches amused as the little duckling wobble behind you, as Loki does ,after all, call you love a lot.

    #loki x y/n #loki laufeyson fluff #loki x you #loki x reader #loki imagine#loki fluff#loki odinson#loki fanfic
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    17.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Inktober 2021 Day 15 - Helmet

    Forgot to post this on the right day, but here's the next one! Just some good old Frostiron angst, because Marvel and the What If series keeps killing off Tony, which always makes me emotional

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    17.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    I loved and I loved and I lost you

    And it hurts like hell

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    healing is what you deserve

    Movie/Game/Show: Marvel Dynamic: Avengers/You (wanda, scott, thor, peter, nat, bucky, steve, pepper) Warnings: weird kinda au where everyone lives in the building and nat’s alive but like loki’s alluded to being dead kinda? Summary: you just being a group therapist for the avengers type beat Word Count: 1.5 K ~~~

    “I don’t know, I just felt… really alone.”

    “Do you want to dive in further to that?”

    Peter shakes his head shyly.

    “Do you feel that you want to be held?”

    He nods. Just barely. As if he’s afraid to admit it.

    You nod back and rise from your seat across the floor and move to where Peter’s sitting, holding your arms out, “Is this okay?”

    He hums quietly and you bring him into your arms, gently tucking his head below your chin.

    “It’s okay to feel lonely, it doesn’t make you anything less. The only thing would be remembering that no matter how lonely you feel, there’s always someone to come back to. Whether it’s a loved one or a spouse or someone you just happen to meet at a bus stop every once in a while. If you feel lonely, there’s nothing wrong with you. But you will always have someone,” you turn to murmur to the boy in your arms, “Peter, you’re allowed to feel lonely, but please remember that you have everyone in this room, and then some.”

    You look around the group.

    “Does anybody else feel like sharing? Everything said in this room stays in this room.”

    Thor raises his hand.

    “You never need permission to share, Thor. Please, speak as you wish.”

    He tilts his head and scratches at his beard, “I’ve been thinking a lot… about my father. And my brother,” he looks about the others to gage their reaction at the mention of Loki, “I’ve come to realize that… no matter how much I love my brother, I don’t think he was meant to come to Asgard. My father stole him from his home and… ostracized him,” his brows furrow, “I never defended Loki while he was… here and now he’s gone. I’m not even sure if he’s actually… actually dead. And my father’s gone. And I wish I’d done more.”

    “More like what?” you prod.

    He shakes his head, “I’m not sure.”

    “You don’t have to be,” he’s staring at the linoleum flooring, “You don’t have to know everything you want to. Think on it more and if you ever feel like sharing your findings, you always can. You always deserve to have someone willing to listen to you,” you make a point to connect eyes with the others, “All of you do.”

    Nobody’s head turns when the sound of the door sliding open rings through the room. Steve watches from beside Bucky as you instruct the ring of Avengers to lie on their mats.

    You move away from Peter and to your own mat, sitting up as you watch over the group, “I want to revisit a breathing technique. We’re going to breathe to our stomachs rather than our chests. We’ll want to expand our stomachs as we breathe - keeping our shoulders down - and then let it out through an ‘o’, like you’re blowing up a balloon. Just close your eyes, breathe, and think of how you feel in this moment - if you want to talk, you don’t need permission. If you need contact, you have a person on either side, and you have me.”

    Almost as soon as you’d said it, Wanda reaches out - almost as if she’d been waiting for the grant - and gently fingers at Pepper’s hand. The two women connect hands as they breathe. Wanda’s lashes begin to wet with tears as Pepper visibly struggles to keep her own at bay. You look away from the group to the door, waving Steve and Bucky inside.

    Steve shakes his head and waves his hand slightly to show that you shouldn’t concern yourself with the two of them.

    Bucky didn’t like feeling the way he did. But moving on was scary. Because what if as he was getting better he was sucked back down again? Then it was all for naught. He’d be wasting his time and Steve’s and anybody else who made the mistake of believing in him.

    He knew about you, of course, the woman Tony had hired after a particularly bad panic attack on the field to help the group process and heal from trauma. But he didn’t feel worth it. The others had hope, but he wasn’t sure he was even worth your trouble. He was busted beyond repair with decades of brainwashing and self-control stripped from the entirety of his being under his palm while the others had at least lived a life of their own. Except Steve.

    But Steve was always trying. And better.

    There’s the sound of whimpers breaking through.

    Bucky looks over and is shocked to see Natasha is the one breaking down. She holds both hands out and where Scott takes one, you grab the other. You lean down and whisper in her ear, to which she nods and you bring a hand to her hair, your fingers dancing through her hair.

    He’s never seen Natasha cry - not even his moments in the Red Room, not when he was training her to be a killer. She wasn’t a crier.

    And yet she was weeping.

    “You’ve all been through so much and you’ve all got so much more life to live,” your voice is gentle, “You’ve come here because of your loss and that’s okay. Suffering isn’t meant to be easy or short, but with people who love you and support you and listen to you - it can be something you come back from. You all deserve to come back from pain. Not one of you,” you squeeze Natasha’s hand, “Not a single one of you deserves to be lost in pain.”

    Scott’s breath grows audibly heavier, his eyes screwed shut and it’s obvious he has no trust in the words you’re saying. He and Natasha are alike in that they don’t believe it. They’re like Bucky in that they think they don’t deserve it.

    “You may not believe it and you’re allowed to feel that way, I just hope that one day you all can hear that and realize it’s true.”

    Bucky’s like glue at Steve’s side by the door while they watch.

    He watches Peter stare at the ceiling, watches while he turns his head to the doorway and perks up. Watches while he gives a small wave and mouths, ‘hi, Mr. Barnes’ before returning to staring at the ceiling. Watches while Peter rethinks his life under your guide.

    “See, Buck?” Steve leans down to mutter to his friend, “She can help.”

    “It’ll take a long time,” Bucky grumbles.

    “Everyone here will take a long time,” Steve shakes his head, arms crossed, “Nat and I are both still doing private lessons with group sessions.”

    “Private lessons?”

    “Where she works with you one-on-one.”

    “I figured that, I just… I didn’t know she did that.”

    “She’d be more than happy to help, Buck. She’s patient. And kind. You’d like her. I like her.”

    “I don’t want to waste her time.”

    “You never would be.”

    When Natasha’s calmed down, you move back to your mat on the floor and sit there. You gently pat your thighs, “And that’s good, everyone. Does anybody want to share something they thought about?”

    Peter raises his hand.

    “Nobody has to wait to be called on. Everyone can share as they please.”

    He puts his hand back down and goes on, “I noticed that Mr. Stark’s AI, like FRIDAY,” he dodges the original name in hopes of keeping Wanda somewhat content, “are all sorta sarcastic, but Karen is really nice. She’s positive and encouraging and it makes me wonder if that was on purpose.”

    “I think it might’ve been,” you nod with a smile, “He knows what he’s doing and I never knew him as a man much for coincidence.”

    “I remembered what Pietro sounds like,” Wanda blurts out, tapping the floor, “I had forgotten for a while, but it came back to me. He had such a thick accent - more than I did,” she giggles faintly, “and he liked to slur his words a little when he talked. I always teased him for it but I would do anything to hear it again.”

    You reach over and hold Wanda’s hand, “I never got the honor of meeting Pietro, but I’m certain that he was an incredible man and a better brother.”

    She nods shakily, bringing her other hand around yours and nods again.

    “I gotta call my daughter,” Scott stands suddenly, he thumbs at the door, “Can I…?”

    “You don’t have to ask, Scott,” you wave him off, “You’re free to go anytime.”

    He rushes out of the room to find his phone and call Cassie. Just tell her, remind her, that he loves her.

    “Can I call my aunt?”

    “You never need to ask, Peter.”

    He follows after Scott, brushing out a “bye, Mr. Barnes” as he passes Bucky.

    “When’s uh,” Bucky clears his throat, “when’s her next session?”

    “Should be an hour or so.”

    “Should we wait?”

    “Have you eaten yet today?” at Bucky’s silence, Steve nudges him out of the doorway, “Let’s get lunch and come back.”

    He’s just glad Bucky asked - it was the doorway to him trying it out. To getting better. Bucky deserves better and that’s what you aim to give them - all of them. It’s part of the reason Steve likes you.

    #bucky x you #bucky barnes x reader #peter parker x reader #natasha romanoff x reader #thor odinson x y/n #avengers x you #avengers x y/n #avengers x reader
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    The sun will shine down on us in 201 days

    #thor love and thunder #thor 4 #thor love and thunder countdown #thor love and thunder release #thor odinson#thor#marvel#MCU
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    17.10.2021 - 4 hours ago


    Applications for Mischief: A Loki Zine will close November 5th (just under three weeks!) So if you’re a writer, artist, or cosplayer please don’t hesitate to fill out one of the apps below to participate in our truly mischievous zine!!!

    Before you apply, please see our Guidelines HERE and our Schedule HERE! (Or click HERE if you prefer Carrd format!)

    A quick summary of some important points:

    We’re looking for a maximum of 15 writers, 30 artists, and 5 cosplayers to join our zine!

    The theme is “Mischief Across Time”.

    You must be 18+ to apply for the zine.

    You can use ANY version of Loki that your heart desires! You are NOT restricted to who’s appeared in the MCU.

    This is a SFW zine; we’re rated PG-13.

    Shipping is allowed as long as it follows what is outlined in the Guidelines.

    We will judge applications on the quality of work, NOT the characters you ship.

    Apps close November 5th, and time is running fast! Response emails will be sent November 15. (Dates subject to change)





    For your applications:

    Writers will need to submit three fics, at least one must be Marvel, with a minimum word count of 500 and a maximum word count of 3,000 (with a leeway of approx. 100 words).

    Artists will need to submit three pieces of fanart, at least one must be full color, and one must be Marvel.

    Cosplayers will need to submit three photos of their cosplay, one must be Marvel.

    We eagerly welcome zine pros, first-time ziners, and anyone in-between, so please don’t hesitate to apply!


    Tagging zine accounts to please help share and reblog if possible <3

    @all-zine-apps @atozines @fandomzines @faneventshub @zineapps @zinecenter @zinefans @zinefeed @zineforall @zinesunlimited @marvelartparty​ 

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  • lokiprompts
    17.10.2021 - 5 hours ago

    The Healer & The Trickster: Chp 1

    Summary: Loki meets a healer. I'm running late so that's your summary.

    Warnings: Blood?

    Two words could perfectly describe them: fucking grotesque. These foul creatures were a twisted and deformed mixture of creature and metal - mutant cyborgs from God knows where. Metal was woven into their skin, making them almost impenetrable to most attacks. Powerful blasters were tethered to the muscles of their arms, making them just as deadly as they were hard to kill.

    They crawled up the side of the New York skyscrapers; their bodies twisting and contorting as they climbed and covered like deformed metallic cockroaches.

    “What are these things?!” Steve, America’s golden boy, yelled into his communication device to the other Avengers. Each of them lost in their own battle in different areas of the city.

    “I have no clue, but they are a bitch to kill! My blasters are barely touching them! We haven’t had a fight like this at home since Reindeer Games!” Tony, playboy philanthropist and Iron man echoed back.

    “Language!” Steve replied and the team could practically hear Tony’s eyeroll through the coms.

    “We won then, and we will win this time. Aim for their sides! They don’t have as much armor there!” Natasha, Black Widow, chimed in.

    Loki scoffed at the interaction, hearing it through his own communication device in his ear. He had joined the Avengers several months ago; seemingly redeemed (at least partially) since his heroic efforts to save his Asgardian people during Ragnarok and helping to take down Thanos. But it was never enough. He was still and always will be the villain in their eyes. The Battle of New York was still fresh in their minds and so he took on this role of Avenger as a forced atonement for his past discretions on earth.

    His thoughts distracted him until he found himself careening through the air, landing with a thud amongst the debris of the collapsed city. A large piece of shrapnel was lodged in his gut, and he hissed as his hand ghosted over the wound.

    “Well, this is just wonderful.” He was beginning to regret joining the Avengers. Actually, he definitely was regretting it.

    People scattered in the streets in a mad pursuit for safety. Their screams faded into a dull white noise, Loki only hearing his own accelerating heartbeat. He pressed hard on his abdomen, wincing, in a pathetic attempt to stop the steady stream of blood that gushed from him.

    “Rock of Ages, we could use some of that magic up here!” Loki heard Tony through the coms in his ear. He curled within himself for protection as another blast took apart another nearby building. The quick movement caused the shrapnel to slice further into the soft tissue of his belly.

    “Well, that…isn’t going to…happen.” He groaned back into the coms, his consciousness faltering.

    “Brother! Where are you?!” Thor’s panic voice boomed back through the coms.

    “I think...,” the younger prince groaned, “Somewhere between…a pile of rubble…and a slab of concrete…”

    “Brother, this is no time for jokes. Where are you?!” Thor all but yelled into the coms, the feeling of helpless bled through his voice.

    “I…this may be the one battle I don’t come back from,” Loki chuckled, but it quickly turned into sputtered coughing, blood trickling down from the corner of his mouth.

    “We have a track on you from your coms. Hang in there, Reindeer Games! We are coming for you.” Loki let his eyes close as his listened to Tony through the coms. He smiled at the thought that this man he once threw out a window apparently cared. What a twist from just a few moments ago. He took the communication device from his ear and set it down beside him. He could still faintly hear his brother’s frantic yelling through the com; likely in response to Loki going radio silent.

    Loki felt himself slowly slipping away. His body felt warm; peaceful. For a brief moment, he wondered if he had done enough to meet his mother in Valhalla. Tears started to fall down his cheeks as his years of transgressions told him, the monster, that he hadn’t, and Hel would be all that he knows soon.

    Tap. Tap. Tap. His consciousness started to slowly come back as he felt warm hands frantically tapping at his face.

    “Hey, superhero! Wake up! The world needs saving!” A faint voice called to him, pulling him from the darkness. The voice grew louder as he finally opened his eyes, now fully conscious.

    “I need you to stay awake while I do this. Keep your eyes on me, okay?” The voice belonged to a woman that hovered above him. Even amongst the chaos, the sun shone down on her hair like a halo. His breath hitched as he stared, wide eyed at the angel before him. Maybe he did make it to Valhalla after all.

    “Am I dead?” He questioned and she laughed, shaking her head.

    “Nope, Superhero, you are alive…but barely. Now, stop moving!” She took a grip of the shrapnel in his stomach and started to examine the wound.

    “Trust me,” He said with a hiss at the contact, “I am no hero.” After hearing his comment, she stopped her examination and put her hand to his cheek, his own blood now covering his cheek bone. He felt himself leaning into her touch, his eyes soft and captivated by the angel gracing him with her presence and care. She looked back at him with an unfamiliar fondness, eyes welling with tears that threatened to spill over. Shame washed over him. The monster within him is so undeserving of this sweetness.

    “Well, you are a hero to me.” Their eyes stayed locked on one another. Emotions whirling between two strangers while the world collapsed around them.

    Then, Loki screamed.

    “Norns! Woman, are you trying to kill me?!” He shouted after she unceremoniously ripped the hunk of metal from his gut. Again, she laughed while putting her hand over the wound that was now gushing even more blood.

    “Nope, I am saving you so you can keep saving others.” Her hands glowed with a bright white light and slowly, but surely his tissue started to stitch itself back up. He groaned and grimaced as his muscles threaded together and sure enough, the wound closed and was fully healed. Not even a scar was left in its wake. It was like he was never injured at all.

    Her hand lingered on his skin and his own hovered over hers for a brief moment as the initial shock of what happened passed.

    He felt amazing. Even the massive amount of blood loss was seemingly cured.

    “You’re a healer.” She removed her hand, chuckling again as if the explosions and screams that surrounded them didn’t exist.

    “Yes, that is quite the observation.” She quickly stood up as another mutant cyborg blasted another building to bits near them. “And that’s my cue to leave.” She turned to leave, and he quickly grabbed her wrist, standing up with her.

    “Wait! Who are you? What’s your name?” She glared down at his hand that still had a firm grasp on her and he quickly let her go.

    “Sorry, stranger danger you know! Keep saving people, Hero. Don’t waste this second chance.” She smiled at him once last time and took off, vanishing into the dust and debris of the city.

    For a moment, Loki stood there in shock as his hand rubbed at the newly rejuvenated skin of his stomach; his heart stuck in those fleeting moments with this angel he sure thought was a dream. Another blast brought him back to reality and he jumped back into fray, putting the communication device back in his ear and summoning his seidr to help take on the remaining mutant cyborgs.

    Lightening and thunder clapped around him when he was joined by his older brother.

    “Brother!” Thor yelled while landing next to his younger brother, simultaneously taking out another enemy with a swing of his hammer.

    “What happened? Are you alright?!” The older prince grabbed onto Loki’s shoulders, his frantic eyes searching for any sign of injury. The trauma of Loki’s recurrent deaths was plastered on his face.

    “Stop fretting, brother!” Loki said, shooing his brother’s hands away from him, “Clearly, I’m fine.”

    “Okay, I am thrilled about all of this brotherly love, but a little help from the gods please?!” Tony interrupted, his voice echoing in both princes’ ears.

    The fight continued for God knows how long, but eventually the battle was won. Most of Manhattan was laid to waste and bodies and buildings was left in the wake of the chaos. The group debriefed back at the Avenger’s Tower. Even days later, there still wasn’t a clear answer as to where these grotesque hodgepodge of metal and flesh came from. Steve had suggested Hydra, citing that they were known for this type of experiments in the name of their twisted version of science and progress.

    As the days went on, Loki could not forget the angel that spared his life. She was a shinning beacon of hope and calm amongst the destruction and chaos. He found himself consumed by thoughts of her. Who was she? Why did she save him? Sitting in the common area of the Tower, his hands continued to rub at his stomach where the shrapnel once was while he let himself get lost in his thoughts.

    Then he heard it. It was her voice.

    His head snapped to the television that was on and he saw her face. She was being interviewed by a news reporter at the local hospital. Clearly, she looked uncomfortable and wanted to get off camera immediately.

    “Yes, we are running a blood drive here at the hospital. There are a lot of injured people who are in desperate need of blood so please – if you can donate, please come down. I’m sorry, but I really must get back to work.” She gave a pained smiled and quickly walked away from the camera. The reporter looked shock for a moment, then quickly recovered.

    “As you can see, the city is truly coming together during this time of need. We are reporting Live from New York Presbyterian Hospital….” The reports voice faded out as Loki heard that crucial word.

    Live. She is there right now. She wasn’t a dream, and he couldn’t waste another moment.

    He had to see her.

    #loki fanfic#loki fic#loki fluff#loki odinson #loki odinson x reader #loki x reader fluff #loki laufeyson imagine #loki drabble #loki x female reader #loki x you #loki x reader
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  • ashdreams2023
    17.10.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Loki’s dirty thoughts about his s/o includes:

    Lets get something straight, Loki might be a sex symbol but sex isn’t always on his mind, he’s not a hormonal mess like he used to be back when he was younger and discovering his desires

    Now when Loki started dating you that’s another story

    The first few times you two had sex he was romantic, a little rougher than most people would be with you

    But as time goes his mind would slip

    He wasn’t a pervert, you were his he was allowed to think such things about you

    The thoughts would start building up in his brain the second you’re not around

    When he lays on his back with his hand resting behind his head

    The smell of your perfume would be something he got addicted to, your pillow carried the smell of your hair as well

    His fingers would stretch at the thought of pulling your hair

    The sounds you make when does are like music to his ears

    He loves how he can easily flip you around from position to another

    How you look so defenseless under him

    But what he loves even more than that, is when you try to take control and he let’s you

    Those drunken eyes desperately wanting to eat him whole

    He’ll roll his eyes back when you take him and his breath would get hitched

    When you mark him and kiss his beauty mark on his body is when he melts

    He had yet to try many things with you but he couldn’t wait

    Tying you up or even the other way around

    He lost count of the amount of times he wanted to bend you over a hard surface in a main gathering area

    When your sitting with your legs crossed minding your business, fuck he’ll want to rip those bottoms off

    When you first wake up from sleep and your face, especially your lips are puffy

    That sight alone makes his leak

    When you approach him first, the way his body reacts is insane

    Sit on his lap and ride him until you collapse on him

    He wants you to hear you call him "my god" or "my king"

    Your lips sucking on his fingers has the same affect it has on his dick

    Sometimes he wants to pin you down to the matters and fuck you until you cry when you sass or piss him off

    He wants to try mirror sex

    Once you told him to call you mommy/daddy as a joke and now he can’t stop thinking about it

    If you ever try to degrade him in bed, game over he will come within the next five minutes

    All those thoughts and memories usually ends up with him either jerking off a load or to edging himself up until you would come back

    "Hey lok-"

    "Get naked."

    "O-oh ok!"

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  • thor-virtual-photography
    17.10.2021 - 6 hours ago

    For ValhallaTober day 18 : Strom

    The Mighty Thor. Lord of Thunder ⚡

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  • darkacademicfrom2021
    17.10.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Flufftober - Day 17

    17 - Domestic Fluff

     Pairing: Loki x gn!reader

    Written for @flufftober2021 's event.

    Word count: 1K

    A/N: I wrote half of this in school, until the fire alarm set off and we all had to evacuate. Argentinian schools everybody.


    Trigger warning: I hate matcha.


    Loki looked over his cup of coffee with a carefully controlled gaze. He observed the steam roaming around his face, the foam of the milk drawn into what he presumed was the attempt of a snake.

    He didn't dare sipping it yet.

    The common room was empty, he was the first one to get up —or the second one, apparently. The coffee was still hot, and it was placed exactly on his seat. There was a cup on each seat. Whoever did it must have been near.

    He heard footsteps, and soon James Barnes and his brother walked in, finding their own cups of coffee in their respective seats.

    "Mornin' Lokes", greeted Barnes. His eyebags screamed in need of caffeine, and he smiled tenderly at the cup of coffee with a drawn hand on it. "That bitch. A hand? Really?", he chuckled.

    "Oh, it appears I have my hammer!", chanted Thor, admiring the Mjölnir on his cup, right before downing it in a few gulps.

    "Do you two know where this is coming from?", asked Loki, frowning his eyebrows.

    "It's another one of your sweetheart's new interests", said Barnes, sipping the coffee and almost moaning out of pleasure "and Lord, this is heavenly".

    "My coffee is… green", pointed out Loki, even more confused.

    "That's not coffee, it's actually matcha", you sang from the kitchen. "Wasn't sure if you'd like the taste, but I felt like it had to be green for you, you know".

    "Oh. Morning, darling", he said, now getting the cup near his lips and taking a sip. He frowned in disgust, the bitter taste getting a little bit too similar to grass, and quickly forced a smile, just in case you were looking. "It's very good. Thank you, love".

    "Aw, I'm glad you liked it!", you walked in with another two cups and kissed his cheek. Bucky and Thor chuckled knowingly, and Loki threw at them a murderous look. You placed the cups on Tony and Pepper's seats and sat on your own. "How did you sleep?".

    "Very well. Although, I woke up before sunrise and you weren't there. Since when were you gone?", he asked. You sipped your own cup and it didn't reveal in your face whether you liked it or not.

    "I wanted to make sure I had everything ready before anyone woke up. I had to be there before Tony. Do you know how early this man wakes up for the lab?", you sighed, and Loki chuckled. "Besides, I wanted to design each beverage individually".

    "The care you took for this astonishes me", he smiled, kissed your cheek, and pecked softly at your lips.

    This went on for another week. Loki was glad you decided to change his beverage to coffee with a pump of mint, and everyone was just grateful your changing interests in quarantine ended up benefiting them at some point.

    At the beginning you engaged in longer activities. You started knitting, and dedicated some time to embroidery, too. It was funny to see Tony Stark's most professional gala suits with the iron man face in shiny colors embroidered, to say the least, but he loved it.

    You knitted Bucky a pair of gloves, to Thor a handle for his hammer, to Loki a pair of knee-tall cozy socks and a scarf with pockets in the ends for his daggers, and to everyone else different hats and beanies in their preferred colors.

    After that, you started painting. Loki would spend all day long in the library and you'd paint him reading in various positions. He was more than flattered to be portrayed in ways he didn't consider to be so flattering in real life, but you insisted you only painted what you saw, and he had all the charm on him already.

    Now you hadn't much more time to do all of those things, so you started changing to smaller things, like the coffee in the morning, and baking in the late night.

    The first one to notice was, of course, Loki. Because you've been away for too long in bed, and he wondered what on the Nine could you be doing rather than sleeping soundly in his arms —and honestly, true—, so he followed his instincts and walked to the kitchen. There you were, carefully placing batter in each cupcake holder, with a concentration that he couldn't break by walking in, even if he tried to.


    You jumped in place and some batter went straight to your face and hair. He chuckled and apologized, walking slowly towards you.

    "Sorry, I didn't want to wake you up. I've been wanting to…", you began explaining, but the heat in your cheeks had you pausing in your words. He passed a finger through your cheek, collecting batter, and licked it off.

    "It's really good. Even raw", he smiled, and you chuckled, still blushing.

    "You'll kill me someday".

    "If I keep eating raw cupcakes, yes. Does it have egg?".



    "But I doubt a little bit of salmonella could kill a godly God like you", you teased, and he pulled you in for another kiss.

    "What other choice do I have? You're covered on it, I'll have to help you clean up, darling", he said, jokingly passing his tongue through your cheek.

    "Eugh!! Gross!!" you laughed, trying to break off his grip.

    "Mmmh, delicious!", he laughed too.

    "Could you two lower it down?", said Steve from the door. Bucky was behind him, and walked in enthusiastically.

    "Oh God, are you baking? Can we have some?".

    Bucky was the biggest enthusiast at the face of every single habit you've ever had. He always was ready to try everything, no matter how awful it was. But, how much could you mess up cupcakes?

    Soon, the smell got to the whole floor, and instead of just Loki, Steve and Bucky, you had almost every single Avenger on the kitchen floor, waiting for the batches of cupcakes to be ready.

    Quarantine was crazy, but these things… these tiny things made you understand where you belonged to.

    (Taglist: @lucywrites02 , @louieboo87 @the-departed-potato , @jesuswasnotawhiteman , @idontknow296 , @beksib , @spythoschei , @geekwritersworld , @whatafuckingdumbass , @mysticunicorn7 @shadowolf993 , @joscelyn02 , @t00-pi , @selfship-mishaps , @sallymagnoliaposts , @deadgirl88 , @theonewiththenerds , @vicmc624 , @spiderlaufeyson @theaudacitytowrite @bi-andready-tocry @alorev @justasmisunderstoodasloki @i-beg-your-pardon-laufeyson @theetoastyghosty @lokiprompts )sleepy loki

    #loki #loki x reader #loki laufeyson#loki fanfic#loki odinson#loki fic #loki x y/n #loki x gender neutral reader #loki x you #loki x gn reader #loki friggason#loki fluff#domestic loki#domestic fluff #loki domestic fluff #flufftober2021
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  • simpforfanfic
    17.10.2021 - 9 hours ago


    Part 9 of the Loki series

    Find the series here

    Pairing: Loki x Reader

    Warning: Bad words, spelling errors, talk about intimacy.

    Summary: The day takes a sour turn.

    Italics = Loki talking

    A/n: sorry it took so long, school has been kicking my ass.

    “No, you can’t kill him Wanda!” You almost yell

    “Why not? He threaten me first!” Wanda response with glowing eyes and hands

    “You can try you little witch” Loki says with a smug face

    “No! Both you stop it, if anyone is going to kill anyone it’s going to be me and I’ll start with the both of you!”

    “Wanda? Darling what are you doing out here? I’ve been looking for you” Vision pokes his head into the balcony 

    “Vision!” Both Wanda & you say in surprise

    “Yeah sorry darling, I was just having a girl talk with Y/N” Wanda quickly covers up what you guys were actually doing

    “But you said guys weren’t allowed into these girl talks, then why is Loki here?”

    “Well uhh because darling-“ you quickly cut Wanda off by saying

    “Well Vision someone has to make sure he doesn’t try to escape” you say with a nervous laugh to which Vision says nothing to but gives a small smile & nod.

    Wanda & Vision leave and you let out a sigh “well that was fun” you say sarcastically with a laugh at the end

    “Yeah, now she’ll go tell everybody about what she saw” Loki said in a frustrated tone

    “She wouldn’t do that, we’re friends” you say

    “She could betray you and then all of these mortals will know, that I a God have-“ he stops mid-sentence and looks at you

    “Have what?” you say

    Loki shakes his head & says “I- forget it pet”

    “No, what were you going to say huh?” You started to to get annoyed with him

    “Forget pet, let’s just go back inside” Loki says as he goes to hold your hand but you pull away

    “People will know that you slept with me? Is that you meant?” You barely whisper hoping that if you don’t say it loud enough, he’ll say that’s not what he meant

    “Not you specifically but you know that your a-“ he stops and just looks at you

    “A what, a moral? Is that what this is about? Because if that’s the problem, let me tell you that you didn’t seem to mind that I was a moral when you were fucking me last or this morning” you say angrily,

    “You-, I-, Y/n I thought that you being a moral would bother me but it doesn’t as much-“

    “So it does it bothers you then, really Loki?!?”

    Loki doesn’t say anything instead he just looks at you.

    “If your so ashamed of being with me, don’t worry because we are totally done!” You half way yell and turn to leave but he grabs your hand to stop you

    “I didn’t mean it that way pet” Loki almost whispers

    “A part of you did otherwise you wouldn’t have even said it!” you pulled your hand back and walked away.


    You kept making water balls and throwing them at the wall, you had gone to gym after the Loki situation you couldn’t sit alone in your room remembering how you were cuddling with him just this morning. You probably stayed there for about two hours just staring at the wall thinking if you hadn’t kept asking about what he meant you could’ve been cuddling up to him at this moment but instead you were in the training room all alone.

    “I’ve been looking for you” a voice says from behind you

    “Well I’ve been here” you whisper while picking at the fusses in your worn out jeans. Bucky comes to sit next to you and wraps his arm around you

    “What’s wrong?” Bucky’s voice full of concern, you let out a big sigh and say

    “Boy problems” you say while rolling your eyes

    “Who’s the boy and do I need to kick his ass” Bucky says with a small laugh and give you a small push which causes you to laugh as well

    “Maybe later but not at the moment” you turn your head to the right and give him a smile

    “Let me know when then doll”

    “Thanks Bucky” you snuggle up to him and he wraps his arms around you

    “You sure you don’t want to talk about it doll?”

    You shake your head and let out a small no. You and Bucky stay that way for a while until sleep finally takes over you.


    You wake in a panic thinking your still in the training room but no your laying down on your bed. You’ll have to thank Bucky in the morning for bringing you to bed.

    You tried to go back to sleep but like always you felt like someone was watching you.

    Tag list



    #loki x reader #loki x y/n #loki x you #loki layfeyson x reader #loki layfeyson imagine #loki laufeyjarson #loki god of mischief #loki odison x reader #loki odinson#loki imagine#loki story#loki fanfic#loki fandom #loki the god of mischief #loki of jotunheim #loki of asgard #loki#loki marvel#marvel#avangers#loki series
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    Chapter Notes: Those Who Hunt Monsters #4: Runes

    Chapter Notes: Those Who Hunt Monsters #4: Runes

    Oh boy, I’m back with this.  I actually never left, but it kind of looked that way for some of you.  For newsletter subscribers, this is like, 98% identical to what you already read ages back, and that will continue to be the trend.  Mostly the same, but better (I think.  I hope). Anyway, chapter notes.  There’s a lot going on here, so let’s talk about that.  The vault scene toward the beginning…

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    #fic notes: god of outcasts #loki#loki laufeyson#loki odinson
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  • aussie-tea
    17.10.2021 - 12 hours ago
    "I guess I'll just have to go it alone, like I've always done." ~ Thor: Ragnarok (2017)
    "Nobody's on nobody's side." ~ Nobody's Side: Chess the Musical (1984)

    Asgard/Chess the Musical GIF Series

    Asgard's Destruction/Anthem

    Loki/Nobody's Side

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  • rafoole
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    boundaries // a thorquill one shot by me

    Surfing the aftershocks of the Battle of Earth, a mourning Peter Quill sits alone in the Benatar bridge, listening to music. His peace is disturbed when the beat-up God of Thunder himself 'storms' (ha-ha) into the room, looking for company.

    "'Can't sleep, either?' asks Thor. 'Why do you care?' Peter shoots back. Thor doesn't answer. Tiredness all around his face. They're both tired."
    #thor odinson#marvel#mcu#peter quill#star lord #guardians of the galaxy #marvel cinematic universe #thor movies#fanfiction#one shot#thorquill#thunderlord #archive of our own #fluff#angst #angst with a happy ending #screenplay#mlm#mlm fanfic
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  • magical-benefits
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    thor and loki’s costume and style in dark world is supreme, thank you designers

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  • hermyohkneegranger
    17.10.2021 - 15 hours ago

    Don’t mind me. I’m just imagining Loki, Bucky, and Thor letting Morgan and Cassie play with their long hair.

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  • mimsylovesloki
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    Why didn’t Loki use the Tesseract to escape Lamentis-1?

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