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    The Princess and the Frog: is released in 2009

    me: omg yay it’s Disney’s first black princess!!!

    me [after watching the movie]: okay she gets turned into a frog for the whole movie but that’s okay I guess, there’s still some rep???

    Soul trailer: is released

    me [during the first few minutes of the trailer]: omg wait this actually looks really good. It’s about a black musician and the style is so—

    Soul trailer: so… the guy dies

    me: wait no

    Soul trailer: oh yeah he’s also not black anymore since he’s dead he’s a blue booger now whoops!

    me [disappointed]: this has happened before


    You CANNOT represent a race correctly by turning them into something that’s not human. They literally aren’t human anymore.

    Representing a race is so much more than just making a character a certain race. By taking away the visual aspect of diversity, you take away the diversity entirely.

    Because let’s be honest, a frog is a frog. And a frog isn’t representation and neither is a blue booger.

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  •  When in the mood for food that could compete with Marco’s cooking, the Intergalactic House of Awesome Sauce was the most reliable choice, always providing something specifically selected to delight your palate.  Auntie Aaliyah could easily compete, but she might well serve you something disgusting just for a laugh.  I’d love to say that depended on her mood, but I was aware that wasn’t accurate.  Whatever she was doing probably served a dozen or more purposes of such complexity that I’d need days to understand the basics of one purpose.

     Today’s selection surprised me.  I couldn’t quite remember the name of the fish being served to me, but I recognized the scent from a forest many galaxies away.  There was a small cabin there that my parents occasionally visited.  Dani had spent a whole summer with them there in her youth.  I wasn’t quite two yet the last time I smelled this.

     Each of the others were served something different, of course.  Father’s soup was neon and possibly toxic to average humans.  Mother was eating what looked to be a dessert already, hosting an active fountain of a creamy substance running a course over a bread-like mound.  There was probably some trick to eating it.  Aid had a chunk of meat larger than his head served still on the bone.  Luce… I blinked and then stared.  With food from all of time and space served here, she was eating Marco’s thirteenth variation on a fruit salad.  I supposed that best fit her at the moment.  Dani and Leilani were sharing a pudding I recognized from just two galaxies over, so that was at least not from our backyard.

     I smiled ruefully to myself, thinking my fish was more or less from a lake not too far from one of my parents’ houses.  Perhaps this wasn’t really all that different from Luce’s meal in how the restaurant chose it for me.  Hoping the other courses might be more telling, I lazily devoured my fish.  Seeing the spicy mix of grains, meat, and vegetables from the Northern shores of Menz Maharn’s—roughly translated—Placid Sea, I felt the restaurant was telling me that I was being nostalgic.  I knew Vito, Papak, and maybe even Zachary would claim that I am far too young to even understand nostalgia, but I was fairly certain that having not been my age in over thirteen thousand years left them a little forgetful of what life was like at twelve.  They certainly hadn’t seen as much by my age as I have, since they had been a part of a nomadic tribe on Earth at the time.

     My meal seemed to be gone in no time at all as my thoughts roamed through the numerous planets I had seen.  We had eaten out because Marco was taking a day off, but we were making time to visit my grandmother on my mother’s side because we hadn’t visited for nearly two weeks.  She’d be annoyed, claiming we were growing up in the blink of an eye.  Of course, she had many thousands of years ahead of her, being a dragon, so my entire life might seem like the blink of an eye to her.  At least, I doubted that I’d live more than a couple hundred years.  Though my parents were immortal, my siblings and I were not, but no one would tell us how long we had.  Father didn’t want to know, Mother wouldn’t say even if she did, and Auntie Aaliyah… well, she knew, but getting the answer might be costly.

     The restaurant conveniently let us exit directly onto our ship.  Aid, Luce, and I were quick to buckle down, since Dani was taking her turn as a pilot.  None of us were likely to be injured even if the ship blew up around us, not with our parents here, but there was something about how Dani flew that made the rest of us nervous.

     Our ship was far more technologically advanced than anything the military’s of Earth possessed, but we were taking off from the Slayer wing of the local airport.  Our official flight plan had us landing on the family island, but Dani would turn on the ship’s defenses at that point and take us up, probably very quickly.  If not for my parents being here, Leilani probably couldn’t handle the g-force.  Mother and Father knew spells for practically everything.

     Aid jokingly referred to this ship as a “rust bucket’ from time-to-time, since the poor thing had been through at least a few hundred years of use by my parents.  Besides, we were well aware that the family could afford a vastly more advanced model.  They kept this one out of sentiment, having received it as a gift after saving a planet.  There were numerous upgrades applied to it since then, but never enough for Aid to stop drooling over the more impressive-looking ships out there.  He’d have us roaming the galaxy in one of the company Toys if my parents would let him, and those things could obliterate a planet.  Given that Father could single-handedly obliterate the entire fleet, wherever he stood was fine by me.

     After hours of Dani goofing around at the helm, we were eventually descending onto an enormous planet inhabited by dragons and their food.  Grandmother and Great Grandfather Arthur were probably competing to spot us again, so I needed to be on guard in case either came tumbling toward me.  Though my parents would stop a blow that might kill me or my siblings, they expected us to fend for ourselves against more minor attacks from relatives.  Grandmother would be furious if she thought we were being coddled.

     Barely two steps off the ship, I was putting everything I could into a telekinetic spell as Grandmother was plummeting toward me.

     :Good.: she stated in my mind after her claws bounced off the spell.

     I had the impression that she wanted to say more, but Great Grandfather Arthur had snatched her up in his much larger claws, flying past so quickly that I only recognized him when he was far in the distance again.  Between their spells and magically-fueled bodies, the dragons were always impressive to behold.

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    Been meaning to post this for months.

    This sounds like something Hank Hill would say.

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