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  • Haven’t dreamt of you in forever. But somehow today I did, I knew what it was like to feel you again, to feel your presence and your warmth. To feel your soft hands and your tender lips. Today I felt you again, that’s the issue you will forever haunt me even when I’m not expecting it.

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  • || Get to know VIOLET PARR who’s TWENTY-FOUR years old and works as a JOB UP TO PLAYER in town. She is from CORONA and is often times mistaken for MARGARET QUALLEY while others say she reminds them of VIOLET from THE INCREDIBLES. ||

    Take a peek at her story:

    All throughout high school, Violet struggled with self-esteem issues. She didn’t have very many friends and wanted nothing more than to just disappear half of the time, both literally and metaphorically. It took a lot to get her out of her shell and it wasn’t until she was out on her own for college that she started to get a better understanding of who she really was. She was awesome. And it was time people saw that. College brought out the best in Violet. She gained a steady social circle and learned how to show her trues self to the world - or well, most of her true self. She was always cautious to follow her parents’ orders and hide her super abilities from anyone.

    But now it’s over. And she’s left “in the real world” as people like to say. Everyone is going their separate ways and Violet is starting to feel like her old self again. It’s not as bad as back in high school, but thoughts of self-doubt are starting to creep their way back into her mind every now and then. Her desire to just hide away from the rest of the world is spiking and she knows its time to figure out how to get her old confidence back in the new life she’s starting.

    POWERS UPDATE: She was born with the ability to disappear and create protective force fields.

    Face claim change?

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    || Interested in VIOLET? Fortunately, she’s OPEN. ||

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  • || Get to know HELEN PARR who’s FORTY-THREE years old and works as a GYMNASTICS COACH in town. She is from CORONA and is often times mistaken for CHRISTINA HENDRICKS while others say she reminds them of ELSTA GIRL from THE INCREDIBLES. ||

    Take a peek at her story:

    As a young girl, Helen was obsessed with gymnastics. She was one of the most flexible girls on the team and always dreamed of making it big. But like with most everyone else with those type of dreams, it never happened. Because taking her talents anywhere other than the island would be too dangerous. She couldn’t risk anyone finding out about what she could actually do. So when her long-time sweetheart proposed to her, she decided it was time to settle down and focus on the other dream she’s always had: having a family.

    Now, her two oldest kids are out of the house and after having been a full time mom for the last twenty-some years, Helen realized it was time to figure out something new for her life. And what better way to do that than by bringing her first love back into her life? Gymnastics was her life for so long that it just felt natural picking it back up and becoming a coach for the local gym.

    POWERS UPDATE: She was born with the ability to stretch out her body as if it were made of elastic. 

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    || Interested in HELEN? Fortunately, she’s OPEN. ||

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  • The popular City of Tears is done!
    Had a lot of fun with this one~ thanks to @karmalizedpixie for suggesting me to tackle this one <V<

    I had to focus on the statue for this one, just made sense! And the statue itself was my fave part to do!

    Not much else to say! Hope you like it!

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  • #water #environment #road #ancien #bridge #fontsdelestries #corner #tranquility #water #is #life #authentic #natural #colors #of #afternoon #nature #nice #day #late #tranquility # #respiranatura #nofilters (en Piscina Les Tries)

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  • She finds herself curled up within her blankets and facing into the back of the couch. She’d slept in the living room since she’d moved there as she had for most places she’d lived alone. She slept where she could guard and hear the front door. Nothing had changed for a long while.

    She’s starting to fade off into sleep and when she feels him gently push the hair off her forehead. She smiles and lifts her chin slightly. 

    “You calling it a night, kitten?” His voice secures her feeling calm, safe, and relaxed.

    She makes an indignant sound, which is quickly followed by a soft exhale and her eyes close fully. No matter how much she wanted to argue, she couldn’t keep her eyes open any longer. She reaches up and wiggles her fingers at him.

    He intertwines his fingers with hers and she sighs happily.

    He squeezes gently, as he caresses the back of her hand with his thumb, and she falls asleep holding his hand.

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  • Another honor to our excellence and our efforts to continuously improve our standards.https://www.ameenji.net/

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  • i can’t wait to see this movie in theaters ;) ox

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  •  “Looking sharp, Asp!” exclaimed Four as he looked around at all of us, causing Aspy to grin broadly.  Aspy was wearing all of his birthday presents for this battle, since none were banned yet.  Four then continued with the normal speech, making sure everyone was comfortably protected from the cold and listing the bans on Crazy.  Finishing up, Four said, “Then I’ll turn you over to your captains, Deo and Luce.”

     I took a deep breath as I stepped forward, wearing a snow camouflage uniform that I didn’t really plan on using.  The others saw me as a dark-haired girl with long hair and gray eyes, but this form wouldn’t last long.  I had a plan.

      Being first captain, I’d get first choice of my allies, but I’d be forced to use Auntie Raine’s fortress, which was fine by me.  The fortress’ stone was reinforced, redesigned how I wanted, and resistant to some spells.  Normally, I’d choose Four immediately to keep all of the Somersets from being on a team together, but I had different plans for today.  “Messy!” I called out.

     She smiled as her golden gaze met my own.

     “Four!” exclaimed Luce, grinning at her brother.

     “Crazy!” I picked next, though Messy looked a little uncomfortable.  I understood the feeling perfectly well, but Crazy did win battles.

     “Aid!” announced Luce, though no one would be surprised.

     The picking continued with me getting Ella, Aika, Aiko, and Maiko.  Luce chose Doc, Aspy, Stormcrow, and Maimo.  I was a little worried about Aspy’s new toys, since they weren’t around when I was doing my planning, but I didn’t think they’d cause too much trouble.  Aspy wasn’t used to them yet.

     Once divided, Auntie Raine created a large pool of water, which Luce quickly shaped into a fortress and froze in place.  I remembered how intimidating the sight had been the first time, though Aid’s fortresses tended to be even more fearsome.  The Somersets could all control vast quantities of energy, but they weren’t invincible.  This time, I looked upon Luce’s fortress and smiled as I led my team into our domain.

     “I have a somewhat straightforward plan of attack.” I told them once we were gathered.

     Ella nodded, obviously concentrating hard to remember where she was.  The rest just waited.

     “I’m going on defense.” I stated, watching their reaction, but no one really thought much of it.  “As Messy.”

     She blinked, stared at me, and blinked again.  “But I…”

     “I know, I know.  Hear me out!” I insisted, interrupting her.  “You’re going to disguise yourself as me pretending to be Four.”

     “Huh?” she replied, looking at me as if I had a screw loose.

     “So my plan is one of deception.  Aika, Aiko, Maiko, and Ella are going to need illusions as well, covering them as best as you can.  They’re going to be guarding me and trying to keep me from being eliminated while hiding around the base, which will probably be the safest place when you hear my plan of attack.” I explained, really having everyone’s attention now.

     Continuing, I said, “Crazy is going to be our other offensive player.  First, I want you to try sucking all of the water away from Luce’s palace with your army of plants.  She’ll panic.  Everyone does when you attack them.  With her panicked, her team will probably abandon the plan to go fully on defense until they feel they’re holding you off.  By that time, Messy will hopefully have had time to very slowly sneak around.  Aid will probably have sensed you coming even when he’s distracted, but I bet they’ll send Aspy and Doc to deal with you, since they’ll think you’re me.  You can do the heat thing, right?”

     Messy considered and shrugged.  “Probably close enough to fool him when he’s busy, but Crazy will need to keep him very busy.”

     “Yeah… sure… take them all on.  Thanks, guys.” replied Crazy with a grin that was… well, crazy.

     “You know you enjoy it.” I told her.  “So if Messy gets her hands on their flag, they’ll probably realize who she is.  Rather than trying to stop her, I’m betting one or more of them will try charging our fort to steal our flag.  That’s when the rest of us will have to bring our best game.  They’ll know I’m not Messy when they get here, but we’ll do our best to try to cast doubt in their minds.  Aika, Aiko, and Maiko need to learn some hand signals from me, so we can coordinate as if I’m casting your magic.  Ella, you’ll hopefully be invisible enough to slip in front of them and get them while they’re distracted.”

     “Get them?” she asked.  “Wait.  I know we’re doing a battle discussion, but… I think they have to see my eyes.”  She was doing amazing to have remembered this far along, so I hugged her.

     “I’m counting on Messy’s skill to make that possible.” I assured her.

     “You know Four’s actually better at illusions than I am, right?” questioned Messy.

     “Not by that much.” I argued.

     She shrugged, but looked uncertain.

     “I think this might actually work!” exclaimed Crazy excitedly.  “Good plan, Deo.”

     I smiled and nodded, really hoping this would catch the Somersets off guard.  Those three worked very, very well together.

     “I think I should warn everyone that I’m not at my best at the moment.  I’m umm… going to be off my game until I grow accustomed to some… changes.  My magic might be a little off for a while.” she stated.

     “She hit puberty.” asserted Crazy, smirking at Messy.

     Shockingly, Messy made a fist and pulled back her arm, like she was about to attack.  She never got angry over anything, but she looked like she was going to cry when Crazy just hugged her.

     “Don’t worry, Messy.  Momma Emma’s already said she might lock me up when I get there.” claimed Crazy, bouncing in place with a wild grin as she continued hugging Messy.

     I was going to need to ask my parents about some things later.  Well, maybe just Mom.  I had a vague idea of what puberty was, but… I didn’t know it affected magic.  Plus, with my body having an inconsistent shape, what changes could happen?  Would I become some sort of blob monster, unable to take a shape?  Maybe I needed to ask Auntie Brenna about Dad?  Sighing, I decided that was a worry for later, maybe tonight.

     With our plan in place, I asked Messy to do her best with the illusions.  She didn’t seem to be having any trouble controlling her magic, but maybe there were things I just couldn’t catch.  As I started our end of the timer, I considered that I might have to stay at home for a while if I had trouble maintaining a form.

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  • image

    you fixed everything of me that others ruined.

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  • O btw guys i made a post about the lastest episode of qtuam and the conclusion is : i still do not know the gender™️ but maybe thats ok*fingerguns*

    Tumblr dissapeared it

    #episode smthn#of #questioning the universe at midnight #gender edition#update #we still dont know #and now#the weather#just me
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  • ცოტა ხნის წინ იწყეს ჩემმა თვალებმა იმ ფერების აღქმა, რომელსაც სამყარო გვჩუქნის და ეს ესაა მათი ტონალობები გავარჩიე.

    სულ რამდენიმე კვირაა მიწაზე მყარად დავდგი ფეხი და მშვიდი ნაბიჯით, დინჯად შევძელი ხალხს შევრეოდი ქუჩაში.

    ახლახანს დამიბრუნდა გემოს და ყნოსვის რეცეპტორებში შეგრძნება. ასე მგონია, არომატები და საჭმელი ცალკე ხელოვნებაა, რომელსაც აქამდე ვერ ვაფასებდი.

    ისევ ჩამესმა ყურში ადამიანის ტკბილი ხმა და ჩემი ფილტვები მეორედ გაიხსნა.

    ამას წინათ ჩემი კიდურებიც გათბა და მივხვდი, ჩემში გაზაფხულის სითბო ჩაიღვარა.

    მე ხელახლა შევიყვარე ღმერთი და სიყვარული.

    (არ ვარ დარწმუნებული, რომელი უფრო მართებული იქნებოდა ამ უკანასკნელთ შორის “და” თუ “ანუ” კავშირი რომ ეწეროს).

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