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  • xmromalia
    24.09.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Yoichi looks a little distracted on this meeting, you know. But I don’t have even the slightest idea why... 

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  • underestimated-heroine
    24.09.2021 - 4 hours ago


    Listen as far as I'm concerned the first and second holders of One for All were in love (or at least some kind of romantic relationship).

    Think about it. What's the most likely way they found out that the first user, Shigaraki Yoichi, could pass on his Quirk through DNA? Unless there was someone around them with some sort of Quirk-identifying Quirk (which isn't impossible, but makes for an unforgivable--if unfortunately canonically likely--missed writing opportunity by Horikoshi, if you ask me) then the answer is obvious:

    A kiss.

    Spit contains DNA. As we know, the Quirk is passed on through the will of the previous user and consumption of their DNA by the next. If the first user was dying, but shared a kiss with his lover while hoping to leave something of himself to him in life, then it's perfectly conceivable he passed on the Quirk that way.

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  • gendy-endy
    23.09.2021 - 20 hours ago

    Yoichi like undertale, afo like homestuck.

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  • neala897
    23.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    Lightning does not strike twice Part 2

    When some people critique All Might one of the point they made is how other people ( Gran Torino, Endeavor ) were better at teaching Deku handle Ofa, Which is true by the way. But I wonder if those who use this fact remember the reason for this. Its because All Might had no problem in handling Ofa since he got it. Its like trying to teach a person how ride a bicycle if you yourself only rode auto. 

    So we stopped on how I think Yagi being quirkless explain his muscular form. Its just my theory though. Maybe next chapter Kohei will give another proper explanation. But as for now I believe its worth sharing. 

    Quite a poetic way to describe it but if I got it right practically Ofa is a physical power boost. It enhances power, speed and other physical characteristics. 

    So yeah One for All came from blending of two quirks. Lets stop on stockpile quirk for a moment.

    We dont know who was original user of this quirk and as things stands now thats not that needed probably. Though maybe Kohei wil surprise us latter. 

    Anyway for original stockpile user that quirk was the only quirk they had. It enhances his or her body. Practically quirkless body since it was the only quirk original user had. 

    What I am trying to say here is that this quirk was never meant for somebody with already existing quirk. It simply doesnt work right in this situation. 

    Both Banjo and En pointed out how their quirks became stronger with influence of Ofa. They both talks how its only stronger now with Deku but I suspect its not quite true, I suspect Ofa enhanced their quirks in their time too but in small amount. So small they didnt really noticed it while they were alive. 

    So once again - stockpile quirk was meant to enhance physics of practically quirkless body ( since it was a quirk itself ). It was never suppose to boost another quirk. But for person with a quirk it is integral part of their physics. So Ofa starts to boost quirks as well. In small portions I think since its main point is in enhancing body. 

    So when quirk person uses Ofa he or she cant draw its real power since it would be always shared between body and a quirk.

    All MIght had no quirk to boost.  

    He is the first Ofa user who handles it the way original stockpile user was. How its supposed to be. It fully went to his body and thats how muscular form came to be. 

    Deku is a bearer for one year and roughly three months so maybe its not enough time for Deku develop it. But I doubt thats can explain this vast difference from All Might. 

    This moment from Endeavor Agency really gives red signal now if you ask me.

    Enji has a very strong quirk that starts to hurt him if he goes overboard. Sounds familiar isnt it? Yes, its similar to Deku and how he handles Ofa. Thats probably was the main reason why internship with Endeavor was so successful. 

    So in the moment I was spoken earlier he placed himself and origin trio in one category and All Might in another. Of course he didnt know about Ofa at the time. But I think this moment was kinda 4th wall break. Endeavor placed Izuku in group of people with their own quirks opposing the quirkless born person. I think thats in very subtle way this was a hint to Deku having his own quirk. 

    However Deku is special in a row of Ofa users too. Just not in All Might way. He is the first holder thats not only manifested previous users quirks. He actually has those dead people personally teach him how to use them.

    Why this is even happening? 

    The basic explanation is that Ofa started growing. The reason for that was never stated. Thats unanswered question in manga as  for now ( 327 )

    I would say its kinda implied that Ofa accumulated enough power for that change. The question then would be why its happening with Deku who only wielded that power for nine months when it first manifested and not All Might who had it for forty years.

    Theres theory that All Might somehow unconsciously used those quirks which I dont think has any real base in it. 

    Its not clear if theres a special reason for quirk manifest in the order they are manifesting.( Thought Toshinori somehow knew that second would be Nana quirk ) But I suspect Kohei purposely made black whip first. All Might never had anything like this. Its like saying “No, this is something different”

    So the question is why its happening with Deku. I have four versions. But only in one of those Deku is quirkless. In other three one way or another its because he has his own quirk factor. 

    First version  - Quirk singularity.

    One for All hit quirk singularity and even though Deku is quirkless the power is too big to control. It would most likely means it hit it during All Might turn but his body was adapted to it. But when it was passed to new person it hit him with full power. Good theory. But I doubt. 

    It kinda feels that Ofa hit singularity long time ago. Maybe even before All Might.Or more like quirk singularity of this quirk exists only for quirk persons. Or more like quirkless people use it right.

    I suspect that even if Ofa accumulate power of ten thousand nuclear reactors as long as it is quirkless person it will be fine. This power will just buff their body as much as it could take and then stop. It will inflate balloon but not blow it up.

    Practically this wouldnt probably happen to quirkless person. I mean when All Might was hurt in battle with Ofa his body just started loosing muscular form. Super unsure about this one though. 

    Second version - No quirk factor 

    Lets put quirk singularity aside for now and return to thought that at the time Ofa simply didnt have enough power to manifest those quirks. But nine months after Deku became holder it suddenly has. I say suddenly because its hard to swallow because Toshinori holded this power for forty years and nothing of that sorts happened. So maybe its already had enough power in All Might turn but he has no quik factor so it simply couldnt manifest those quirks. One cant SPEAK in six different languages if he or she is mute. As soon as it really settles in body with a quirk factor Ofa started evolve and manifested another quirks.  

    Third version  - Last accord.

    Even though All Might was holder for forty years the power saved during that time was still not enough for vestiges and other quirks manifest. Deku added his own quirk factor to the core and that what caused changes. 

    The last, fourth version is a bit more complicated. We need first to look closer at idea that Deku has his own quirk. 

    The first objection that comes with theory about Deku having his own quirk is this pinky thing. Quirk persons has one joint Deku has two hence he is quirkless. 

    The first question I have - what about heteromorphs? Does this mean Spinner has human pinky? Okay lets say this is special case. 

    Putting aside who told Deku this I think its interesting that this rule comes from EARLY research. A lot of time passed since then. Even if this is generally true theres always such thing as exception. Like certain percentage reject this rule or people with certain type of quirk are exceptions. 

     Another problem with Deku having his own quirk is how in fifteen years of his like Izuku didnt manifested anything that can be called quirk. But there was already precedent for this right?

    Yoichi had the quirk that didnt have anything that can be called manifestation. Practically it can be a quirk that wouldnt show signs of existing until very specific circumstances, 

    But I doubt Deku has that kind of quirk ( if he has one after all )

    I would say it sounds more like even though Deku has his own quirk it cant manifest for some reason. 

    Maybe Deku case is special and he should have manifested in different time of life than others. Like in X-men majority of mutant abilities manifest during puberty.  

    However I personally suspect something happened with Deku and that put something akin to block on his quirk. 

    Personally I see two possible explanation to this. 

    Theres long lived theory that dr Tsubasa is Garaki and he stole Deku quirk.

    While the two are clearly connected ( in 257 it was practically stated that Tsubasa clinic is in cooperation with Jaku hospital that Garaki founded) dr Tsubasa being a man himself sounds kinda strange to me. 

    Garaki is a careful one which makes sense. He is in legal field. Would he risque his years build public persona just so he could be a doctor somewhere in suburbs? Or more precisely would he risque it looking exactly like his public persona? I have my doubts so I will wait for Kohei explain this situation. 

    So returning to theory about Deku quirk being stolen. Ironic but if this was a truth we wouldnt have so much problems. Probably. It would made him quirkless and thus the same as All MIght. Probably.

    The thing is if I got it right Garaki doesnt steal quirks. He replicates them,

    It makes sense  - if he stole all those quirks it would raise numbers of quirkless people and inevitably caught the eye of police and heroes.

    The only existence in this manga ( if I remember right ) that can steal ( not erase ) others quirks is a quirk called All for One which belongs to Afo. 

    Afo can steal and give quirks but cant replicate them. Garaki can replicate them but cant steal them and only can give through long painful operation. It was a match made in hell.

    If this is right the chances of Deku quirk ( assuming he had one ) being stolen is quite low.  Unless Tsubasa decided experimented on him. Which I would say kinda far fetched. Thats to say there is clear connection between him and Garaki so it wouldnt surprise me if one of remaining Nomu will start make explosion with its hands.

    I suspect the real problem may lies in Inko

    I have already made a post  about how I believe Kohei hints that Inko isnt as wholesome as some believe and she might did something with Deku quirk. It would explain her clearly feeling guilty about something. Her guilt was stated in her profile but a reason for this was never told. 

    The question how could she actually do something to his quirk is complicated but if this is really what Kohei hints I am pretty sure he has explanation for this. 

    I think this version has more chance of happening because it would explain why its kinda feels like something eats her from inside. I mean lets be honest. She can support Izuku when times are relatively fine. But when it get tough he is the one that ends up supporting her. It was clearly shown in aftermath of him meeting Shigaraki at the mall.

    So yeah if Deku has his own quirk after all I would say somehow it cant manifest. And here comes last version why Deku manifested quirks of predecessors.

    Fourth version - Obstacle.

     In its history power called One for All only had two kind of holders - those with quirks and strictly speaking those without it. However in Deku it found something new. It encountered body with quirk factor but strictly speaking no quirk. Body that cant manifest quirk because it has some kind of obstacle, What does flowing river do when it encounters impediment on its way? It bulges until it manages break through. And this is a real reason why Ofa started to grow. It tries to make Deku manifest his own quirk. To fix him.


    In Ofa realm All Might vestige looks different then other users. One of the explanations its because he is still alive. Might be. But in 304 chapter its quite strongly implied its because Yagi has no quirk factor. 

    He literally looks like Ofa flames. Deku doesnt look like that. 

    For justice neither do Deku looks completely like other vestiges. Though I would say he looks more like them than All Might. 

    Yagi vestige cant speak in that world and neither could Deku at first. But latter he managed to form sounds so I would say eventually he will manifest mouth, Actually he takes more and more concrete form in this dImension. Its implied to be because he gets better at handling Ofa but I wonder... maybe its because we are getting closer and closer to his own quirk manifestation?

    There has been a lot of stars\lights in the story recently. But I suspect it has two different meanings. On these two panel its to symbolise Ofa users. On the first one theres eight stars and ninth is Deku in flesh. On the second just nine stars.Its pretty simple. 

    And here we have something more complicated. I think. It was said that core of Ofa contains previous users quirk factors. I think here stars symbolise those. Yoichi says that core should contain quirks from 2d to 7th users. He doesnt count himself and All Might. So strictly speaking there should be six stars at the core but as you can see on the first picture theres seven. 

    And here we have a moment from 287 chapter where you can observe six stars. I have two explanation for this. 1) They symbolise Ofa users minus Deku, minus 2d and 3d who at the time didnt acknowledge him. 2) Its lowkey confirms Deku has his own quirk since he is the seventh star at the core. Personally I suspect its second option.

    So heres my thoughts on why I suspect Deku has his own quirk. I dont insist on it. Just think its worth sharing.


    If Deku really has his own quirk I suspect it to be water type quirk. Aside from small moments during manga that might foreshadows it Kohei hints quirks of the characters in their names. Midoriya Izuku. Mi and izu roughly can be read as mizu which is japanese for water. 

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  • neala897
    23.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    Lightning does not strike twice

    I didnt really feel surprised when this revelation came. Somehow at the corner of my mind already was a thought that since Ofa is such great power by itself maybe people without quirks would be better at handling it. But I didnt expect it would come down to non quirkless bearers practically having countdown on their backs. Probably because I have always suspected that Deku does in fact have his own quirk. And at current moment ( 327 chapters)  Kohei didnt do anything that really proves this hunch is wrong. More like opposite. 

    After revelation that only quirkless people can handle Ofa safely for them, the plot situation started to remind jenga to me. Its all based on axiom that Deku is quirkless. Practically its like this:

    Deku is quirkless

    Everything - relatively fine

    Deku turns out to be not quirkless after all.

    Everything - goes to hell.

    I cant help but wonder  - if an author creates situation where strictly speaking everything lays on single point... isnt it for breaking it latter?  

    My personal impression is that the plot at this point (327)  almost silently screams that Deku has his own quirk. 

    But overall its just me pouring my thoughts. I dont insist on it.

    The problems mainly start from doing two things

    a) Comparing previous wielders and All Might

    b) Comparing Deku and All Might

    It both cases I meant physical aspect. 

    Speaking of which let me address a bit elefant in the room.

    Shinomori Hikage was 4th user of Ofa and second longest after All Might. Its not clear when this panel takes place but I would say quite some time after he recieved Ofa. Does he look like All MIght to you? I would say no. He looks like muscular middle-aged man. Not All Might level muscular. And it looks like neither Banjo, En or Nana had muscular form.( Yes, Nana was muscular but not at All Might level) As things stand now ( 327 chapters) its implied that only Toshinori had muscular form. 

    Have you noticed how in fact careful Kohei with depicting previous holders? Theres no single panel where it can be said for sure that they are using Ofa. Even in “All Might Rising” special its not clear if Nana using embers of Ofa. We are only shown part where she lets Gran Torino escape with young Toshinori. It looks like she is just using her own quirk “Float”( Which is super interesting too since now we know that core of Ofa contains previous holders quirk factors. So it raise the question about what would happen  if Ofa user with their own quirk would pass down Ofa and continue to live after this. Looks like its implied they still would have their own quirk.)

    So yeah, it feels like Kohei is careful with this. Why? My suspicion thats because the way they handled Ofa was similar to Deku not All Might.

    When Izuku uses full cowl ( which for him equals using Ofa ) sparks of energy circles around him. All Might didnt have those. There was a lot of smoke when he transformed but not sparks. There was only one time whe he had something similar as far as I remember. 

    During last part of his battle with Afo All Might started showing those sparks while trying to make his arm assume muscular form. But when his arm took that form sparking stopped.

    Even when Deku uses Ofa 100% sparking doesnt stop and he cant assume muscular form. Comparing it to that All Might moment from Kamino battle it feels like Deku body tries to assume muscular form but ultimately simply cant. Why? 

    Before I give my personal option about this lets look a bit closer at 8th user of One For All. 

    I think theres no need to stop to make overview of Toshinori life since if you read manga you already know it. But let me point a few important moments about the man. 

    Even if you take supplement data with grain of salt Gran Torino practically confirmed that Yagi could use Ofa at 100% from the start. 

    Unless there some twist it should put theory that Deku cant control Ofa fully because All Might still lives into coffin. Nana was alive for at least two years and three month after passing torch. Where this number comes from? From the story if you think about it.  

    Nana died at early July when All Might was at third year at Ua. But he said it himself - its not possible to enter that school without a quirk. So he was already a bearer by the time he entered Ua hero course. Most likely Toshinori and Deku were passed down Ofa roughly at the same time. 

    Usually when I start wondering how come All Might could use Ofa fully from the start and Deku could barely handle 5% by SF arc people try explain it with two reasons

    1) Toshinori was strong guy even before receiving Ofa. It helped him bring out Ofa potential.

    2) Thats because after All Might holding this power for 40 years its became crazy strong,

    Lets start with second reason. Its in fact absolutely valid. Ofa prior Toshinori Yagi and after him is two quite different things. I think.  However is it enough to explain why even though they both quirkless Deku and All Might handle this power with such a difference? I dont think so. Its still too different. Maybe latter Kohei will explain how this is in fact key factor but for now its not enough.

    Now about first reason. If I got it right its simply invalid for more reasons than one. 

    Firstly AM made Deku go through training before passing Ofa to him. He himself decided that Izuku physical condition at the time was fit for it. Most likely he judged by his own merit at his time of receiving it. 

    Another point is that it feels like people are confused about this. When they say that Yagi was  strong even before receiving Ofa they think about Ua All Might. But by the time he entered Ua Toshinori already was a holder. 

    This is Toshinori prior receiving Ofa. Do this looks special to you? To me no. Just a normal teenage boy. Nothing really special here. Maybe just a bit over height. However in roughly three year this become this

    I get that Nana and Gran Torino probably put him through harsh training. I get about puberty. But isnt it too much? It feels more like his body become that way due him being perfect vessel to Ofa. Like the start of his muscular form.

    All Might started to loose his muscular form after first battle with Afo where he was badly hurt and even had his stomach removed. Practically his body couldnt manage his muscular form for long anymore. However prior this he was always in that form. Deku can turn Ofa on and off but  All Might prior his battle with Afo was practically always on. 

    Maybe its just a matter of time and Deku will assume it latter? MIght be but then again as things stand now ( 327 ) it really looks like of all holders only All Might has that form. All Might handling of Ofa is on different level than others weilders.

    So whats so special about Toshinori Yagi? I mean except a spirit of true hero? What makes him to stand out from other Ofa holders? If I had to pick an answer it would be the fact we have known all along

    This is how in 304 was explained that Toshinori didnt become second Shinomori and didnt die from bearing Ofa. But how it can explain his muscular form? Pretty logically if you think about it. Its just my theory though. But lets continue this in part 2. 

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    23.09.2021 - 1 day ago


    Acceptance by vestiges from within

    It's ironic how Izuku ended up where it all started.

    Except this time… he finds acceptance.

    Words: 1681, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

    Series: Part 2 of Izuku plus seven ghosts equals-

    Fandoms: 僕のヒーローアカデミア | Boku no Hero Academia | My Hero Academia

    Rating: General Audiences

    Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply

    Categories: Gen

    Characters: Midoriya Izuku, Third One For All User

    Relationships: Midoriya Izuku & Third One For All User

    Additional Tags: Mild Hurt/Comfort, Boku no Hero Academia | My Hero Academia Manga Spoilers, Fa Jin Quirk, Midoriya Izuku Has One for All Quirk, Vigilante Midoriya Izuku, Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence, that's barely noticable and not very important, Acceptance, no beta we die like shimura nana

    Read Here: https://archiveofourown.org/works/34037743

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    22.09.2021 - 2 days ago

    kinda crazy that after str nerf art of war droped bellow 5m and now its like over 10

    #yay inflation #that price drop was nice cause i was enchanting a vorpal katana #tho i did overpay a shit ton on a ofa book so it kinda balences out #hypixel skyblock
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  • fantasydaydreamers
    21.09.2021 - 2 days ago
    #if i missed any lmk but woooo im riled up now #this is just MY OPINION #you can like deku all you want #i have a theory... #Baku Todo and deku are some how gonna end up fighting OFA or Shiggy #Baku and/or Todo are going to do most of the damage and Deku is gonna do the 'final blow' #and somehow getting all the credit #idk why that's just what I feel #ask miss fantasy
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  • fir-green
    20.09.2021 - 3 days ago

    @mysteriouslylazytale I did it!

    it may not be very good because it is one of my first digital jobs👉👈

    but I tried very hard(◍•ᴗ•◍)

    #first ofa holder #one for all holders #mha yoichi #first ofa user #yoichi shigaraki #howl jenkins pendragon
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  • shih-coulda-had-it
    20.09.2021 - 3 days ago

    44. cheap | Banjo Daigoro & Shimura* En, background SixthTorino

    “What’s that,” says Daigoro, swinging into En’s space without warning, peering down at the small object clutched in his kouhai’s fine-boned hands. En hunches over it protectively. It’s the wrong move to make—Daigoro’s curiosity is further piqued. They’re taking a small break from making the rounds; while Daigoro windmilled his aching arms and relished the breather, En had found a space to sit and, apparently, wallow.

    “It’s nothing.”

    “Is that velvet?” he asks, gleeful. “That can’t have been cheap, soot sprite.”

    En shoots a glare at him but Daigoro is hardly dissuaded. There’s only one person in En’s life that could warrant some fancy jewelry (the box is just the right size for a ring) and a brooding session, and Daigoro enjoys teasing En about his boring civilian boyfriend.

    “Does Seventh Wonder already know, or am I the first to find out—ow!”

    #bnha#banjo daigoro #sixth OFA user #shih.txt #banjo is referring to the soot sprites that studio ghibli uses #tiny. smoky. and typically emoting through their eyes.
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  • ao3feed-izuku-midoriya
    20.09.2021 - 4 days ago

    My Mentor is a Time Traveller?!

    My Mentor Is A Time Traveller?! by Shinsomniaa

    Yoichi gets send back to the past

    Words: 2466, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

    Fandoms: 僕のヒーローアカデミア | Boku no Hero Academia | My Hero Academia

    Rating: Not Rated

    Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings

    Characters: Midoriya Izuku, First One For All User

    Relationships: First One For All User & Midoriya Izuku, Midoriya Izuku & Past One For All Users

    Additional Tags: First One For All User Lives, Time Travel, Sensei | All For One is Midoriya Hisashi, Midoriya Izuku Has One for All Quirk, Uncle First One For All User, (He doesn't know it tho), First one for all user is a gen z, Other Additional Tags to Be Added

    Read Here: https://archiveofourown.org/works/33991489

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  • mysteriouslylazytale
    20.09.2021 - 4 days ago

    Did you admire and worship En today ?

    Well now you have :D

    You are welcome

    #bnha en#mha en #sixth ofa user #sixth one for all user #6th ofa user #6th user of ofa #ofa 6th #i tag alot lol #damn he got some fine ass eyeliner #i love this man #kageyama and best jeanest's secret love child #TODOROKI INTEFENSE
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  • xmromalia
    20.09.2021 - 4 days ago
    «God knows where I would be if you hadn't found me sitting all alone in the dark...»

    Their relationship was short-lived, even doomed to some extent, but is it really that important? In the end, life and love is valuable not for its duration, but for its significance and beauty.

    And Yoichi was truly loved by the Second - not as a toy or an idea, but as... Yoichi. Just Yoichi.

    #duo holders#1x2#ichini#bnha#bnha yoichi#yoichi shigaraki #first ofa user #first ofa holder #second user #second ofa user #second ofa holder #my hero academia #fanart #commissions are open #commissions open
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  • bnhatxtpostz
    20.09.2021 - 4 days ago

    Do you ever think Deku's like "ohhh the people in my head did not like that!"

    And all of his classmates are like:

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  • anguyy
    19.09.2021 - 5 days ago
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  • mysteriouslylazytale
    19.09.2021 - 5 days ago

    Yoichi Shigaraki headcanon

    I bet all my belongings, my family, my friends, my lounges and everything i have that Yoichi have a Claustrophobia. There is just no way that he doesn't after being locked in that vault for god knows how long and as result second never got the chance to smash ahem ahem.

    #second: but... we have been together for 3 years #first: i do not give a single fuck IF YOU LOCK THAT DOOR IM GOING BACK TO MY BROTHER'S VAULT #second: OH CMON YOICHI WE CANNOT FUCK WITH THE DOOR OPEN LIKE THAT #first one for all holder #first ofa user #first ofa holder #bnha first ofa holder #the first wielder #first one for all user #first user x second user #duo holders #the duo holders #bnha ichini#ichini#ichinii#mha ichini #one for all second holder #second ofa holder #second ofa user #second one for all holder #second one for all user #second user #1st x 2nd #2nd ofa holder #2nd ofa user #2nd user #ofa 2nd user #yoichi x 2nd #yoichi shigaraki#shigaraki yoichi
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  • ao3feed-izuku-midoriya
    18.09.2021 - 5 days ago

    All for Nothing

    All For Nothing by Arellise

    Inspired by Grimor's “Memoirs of a Brother”

    Izuku was born at the dawn of quirks with his two brothers Tomura and Katsumi. He helped One For All build his empire, and now he's back to tear it all down.

    Tags will be updated as I go.

    Words: 1794, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

    Fandoms: 僕のヒーローアカデミア | Boku no Hero Academia | My Hero Academia

    Rating: Not Rated

    Warnings: Graphic Depictions Of Violence

    Characters: First One For All User, Sensei | All For One, Midoriya Izuku, Midoriya Hisashi, Shigaraki Tomura | Shimura Tenko, Yagi Toshinori | All Might

    Relationships: Midoriya Izuku & Sensei | All For One, First One For All User & Midoriya Izuku

    Additional Tags: Working tags

    Read Here: https://archiveofourown.org/works/33957382

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  • ao3feed-izuku-midoriya
    18.09.2021 - 5 days ago

    Star Light, Star Bright, Last Star to Be Seen Tonight

    Star Light, Star Bright, Last Star To Be Seen Tonight by Sofjoy82

    Izuku always had a connection to the stars. They would listen to her every night when she spoke to them, trusting them with her very being. What she didn't know was that all this time there was an entity who listened to her each night, endeared by her. All For One misses having a star to light up his empty home.

    He may have found a replacement for his last one-

    Words: 1732, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

    Fandoms: 僕のヒーローアカデミア | Boku no Hero Academia | My Hero Academia

    Rating: General Audiences

    Warnings: Graphic Depictions Of Violence

    Characters: Midoriya Inko, Sensei | All For One, Midoriya Izuku, First One For All User

    Relationships: Midoriya Izuku & Sensei | All For One

    Additional Tags: Midoriya Izuku is a Ray of Sunshine, Possessive Sensei | All for One, Sensei | All For One is Midoriya Izuku's Parent, Alternate Universe - Fantasy, Good Parent Midoriya Inko, Alternate Universe - Parent Sensei | All For One Keeps Midoriya Izuku Isolated | Vault Time, Kidnapped Midoriya Izuku, Female Midoriya Izuku, Bad Ending

    Read Here: https://archiveofourown.org/works/33954505

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  • plugnuts
    18.09.2021 - 5 days ago

    I love watching the same scenes over and over to try and figure out how to write them

    #bits of banter #skyy's fic adventure #am i still on chapter one? yes #am i close to being done? almost #i just have TWO more scenes to write!! one of them from the anime and the other will be completely new #i estimate the chapter to be 4000~ words or so give or take #will midoriya get ofa during the fic? who knows! i don't! #will tddk be added? who knows! maybe! #am i slowly going insane whilst my draft deadline catches up to me? yes #i don't even know if my other chapters will be this long i just Needed to get to a specific part #i need to plan some more as well #i also should probably not be thinking of writing a different fic alongside this too huh
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