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  • Aster: oh, be carful not to move around too much, my horns could poke you or, well, you could phase through me again.

    ( @ask-akasakiminato )

    #vocaloid kaito#akasaki minato#vocaloid #this turned out better than i thought #oh #the others have no idea what a hug is.... #except queen miku #this is still fun
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  • 201something - now / draw again

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    #rwby#yang #yang xiao long #my art #yay look I redrew that screencap of yours #this is your break from pathologic #on the subject of drawing cleavage #It's not a I think no one whould do it thing #it's totally fair #but I'm just sick of it #Growing up on anime really made me very tired of cleavage in general #I'll draw turtlenecks until I die #they are fun #oh#scars cw #I tried to keep it as messy as before haha
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  • i’m  making  a  countess  blog  and  i  can  only  imagine  the  headache  she  would  be  for  the  volturi  if  she  existed  in  the  same  universe  as  the  twilight  universe

    #they are like #you did WHAT #you kidnapped #HOW MANY CHILDREN #OH#OH NO
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  • once again, Cinnamon was in my dream

    #oh#my god #like lowkey let me live #Cinnamon tag #whyyyy do you still HAUNT MEEE
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  • “ i called to the river,

    her water clear, untainted.

    overflowing in life and lush greenery.

    she gives to the lands she travels alongside.


    she gives more than she takes.”

    - kaweheokalani


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  • so while scrubbing my bathroom floor today it dawned on me that nct dream isn’t just a kid/teenager concept…. it’s a freaking coming of age concept

    #which explains the rebel ish concept of go #and the sort of maturity of we go up and boom #oh#MY GOD #yes i just realized this now having 1 brain cell has been difficult for me
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  • image

    Anonymous  But do you know him better than he knows himself? Can you be certain there isn’t something lurking in the depths you do not know?


    Steady. Poised, and smile. All things he’s been trained in dealing with when it comes to people dismissing his words. ❝You poke at such thoughts you know not. There is truth in that I may not know his deepest mind, but I do know that there are things private to our souls only. I have judged him and put him through many a test that would dissway many and it has. He has even had the chance to kill me in my most vulnerable state. Yet, he still wishes to be by mine side and protect me. Irregardless of his darkness if he so wishes to change and make amends then just as I have faltered and been given redemption so too should he.

    //muse mention @masruq

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  • i have officially hit 1k!! it’s so surreal because i never, ever, in my wildest dreams, ever thought it was a number i’d reach. stydiea was originally used as a sideblog called “tetheredreeses”; i made the decision shortly after discovering teen wolf to depart because i could not send messages through this url at the time, and seeing as though it was just a sideblog, i was desperately seeking friendship,and approval i guess, for having a new, great, passion; it was a time of loneliness for me because i had no one. and i mean no one. to share this interest with me. my “friends” bashed and hated on me for being a fan of a freakin’ fictional television program. saying stuff like, “only people with brain damage watch that show, you clearly must have brain damage from being dropped on your head as a kid since you watch teen wolf.” and like ??? that’s just really kinda mean i think? because they know of a horrible head injury that i had. my skull was split wide open after an accident when i was seven, and i am still to this day baffled by how i survived, because it was one of those accidents, i think, no one should survive from. and at such a young age!! but hey, the miracles and wonders of fate and medicine, who knew? my grandfather actually passed away very suddenly, right out of the blue, shortly before this happened too. so i obviously had a guardian angel on my side. ❤

    still, i felt it was pretty extreme to say someone has brain damage for being passionate about something, especially something as little as having different tastes in film/television. even worse than that sometimes they would compare me to those who are severely mentally ill, which upset me more due to the fact that they were insulting people, who although my struggle significantly more, are people all the same. human. there is no justifiable reason to bring down others for simply living their life, and maybe having to live it a certain way. it’s cruel and dehumanizing.

    these “friends” i had, i don’t speak with anymore. i went through an intense struggle dealing with my parents divorce, unloading 10+ years of pent up trauma, was in denial about my own mental health diagnosis, chose not to take my prescribed medications because of my denial, and as a result of all that i was acting out. drinking, smoking, stealing, hooking up and having sex with almost anyone on tinder; needless to say, they grew to hate me. :))

    and when i started recovering that still didn’t change. they knew i was struggling in more ways than one, despite that i am every bit as mentally ill as they are; since we all have depression, anxiety, self-loathing in common. but chose to ignore that fact and claim i am a “psycho bitch”, “cunt”, why even just last week i drove by one of my said “friends” and he totally flipped me off. couldn’t have cared less though, i just gave him a happy little dance in return.

    so, the point of this incredibly long post is…

    i love you all. i love you all sooo so so much, to the ittiest bittiest of pieces , i love you!! everyone on this site is so wonderful, and each in your own, individual ways, it just makes me want to squeal with it cause your so cute, and i love you, and i wanna bake you into a pie and savor your sweetness!!!! ugggh, i just have a lot of feelings when it comes to my followers/mutuals!! so thank you so much again for 1,000 followers. 💗💗

    #and this is icarly!! #personal#long post#rant #i would add more in the tags #but for once #i think i ran out of stuff to say #oh #except that tetheredreeses is still up and running #DON'T GO THERE #it's a blog from way back when i was 15 #*shudders*
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  • San-Dar Dining Room Smorgasbord Bellville OH by William Bird
    Via Flickr:
    10 miles south of Mansfield on State Route 13 Owned and Operated by Eugene and Dorothy Banks

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  • Not a major detail that I noticed right away but, replaying Chapter 3 for the third time I noticed that each mission you do with a gang member has its own music that sort of..fits? Like! When you hunt with Charles in Colter it’s tense and there’s drums and it’s new and exciting, and when you go house robbing with Sean the music is bouncy and daring and loud. I never paid attention to that before! I’ll soon rediscover what the fishing trip with Javiers music is like. Just thought it was cool.

    This is on my low honor route too because as much as it pains me I want to at least try it once- and I did the mission with Charles for scouting Clemens point and it’s endearing how Charles and Arthur bicker back and forth like an old couple. It hurts! Because Arthur’s being a rude bitch. But it’s also endearing 😂

    #jesse plays red dead #rdr2#oh #i love them so #and this game
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  • Pairing: Dr. Ethan Ramsey x F!MC (Dr. Lilac Allende)
    Word count: 2,400 +
    Warning: Adult language, adult situations
    Premise: When Ethan posts a daring picture, she responds just how he hoped.  Part 2 of Lovely

    Tags: @openheart12​ | @ethandaddyramsey​ | @noboundariesplease​ | @silverlitskies​ | @the-soot-sprite | @infinitiestones@emotionalswift2 | @flyawayboo@paulfwesley | @hatescapsicum​| @myusualnerdyself​ | 


    Donahue’s was far more crowded that night than its usual Friday night tally. The dance floor she had just inhabited with Bryce was brimming with twice the number of dancing couples, all drunker and louder than usual. Lilac didn’t mind, though. Everyone in general seemed to be having a good time and the high spirits were almost contagious. 

    Before she could stop herself, her eyes darted to the same spot at the bar where they had been wandering to all night. He was still there, completely disinterested in the revelry around him, his attention instead on the nearly empty glass of whiskey in his hand. He seemed to sense she was looking at him because his piercing blue eyes locked on hers for the first time that night.

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    #ethan ramsey#open heart #ethan x mc #ethan ramsey x mc #dr. ethan ramsey #playchoices #choices stories you play #OPH#OH#OHSY#My writing
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    #whats that? #a queer relationship portrayed on screen??? #set in vietnam??? #an asian country?????? #cheers to that luv 🍻 #sigi gayu guru gerai nyamai kitai #henry golding#monsoon#parker sawyers#OH#hong khaou #okay but srsly #the plot feels closer to home and ik im gonna cry #shitposting
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  • Anybody else’s automatic brain response to inconvenience, pain or illness just to want to be dead straight away?

    #no? #just me? #oh
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