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  • kuiinncedes
    24.07.2021 - 45 minutes ago
    #fucking love kid krow oh my god #this ranking feels so wrong lmaooo #also i feel like putting an interlude above 'actual songs' makes it seem like i don't like them but really #i just love (online love) so fucking much omg #idk how to rank this album 😂 but here's an attempt lol #asks#thomas-the-goat-of-satan #i hate this ranking but idk how to fix it aksdjgksjdgh
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  • frostfractals
    20.07.2021 - 3 days ago

    Okay so I’ve gone deep into Norse mythology and there’s arguably not a lot of information as apparently a lot of it has been lost over time, but I’ll highlight the bits that are most interesting to me


    This could explain Elsa’s magic and I’m tempted to incorporate this into my headcanons. It would make perfect sense with Elsa’s ability to connect with the spirits of the forest in the way that she does. Not just because she’s magic and a spirit herself, but that she’s practicing shamanism. If I’m also correct shamanism isn’t just a norse mythology thing-but that Sami people often practiced this themselves. Shamanism was typically something ONLY women did within norse mythology as they connected with the spirits to perform magic and specific tasks. Shamnism itself is a form of magic from what I gathered but this is sourced from only one of the books I have that briefly talks about it.


    Trolls appear in norse mythology so I won’t be changing that. But the Frozen Broadway musical replaced the trolls with Huldra or “hidden folk” Essentially the huldra functioned as the same the trolls did in the movies “explaining that fear would be Elsa’s enemy and taking away Anna’s memories”. But Huldra were a big part of Norse mythology as mysterious creatures often with “fox tails” and most often took the shape of a woman. However, this directly contradicts how the novels and broadway musical depicts them. Plus, they more often than not lured you to your demise. But it’s an interesting find that I read about

    But the trolls?


    These are trolls that tend to be lighthearted however, frossegrim are male. it’s likely disney combined the two since they share similar natures and mythos? and simply made them into one. Because.... that’s what disney does. But anyway, Fossegrim is ambivalent towards humans. Though apparently if you sacrificed a goat it would teach you to play the fiddle. But it was also a seductive spirit that lead women and children to their deaths. Clearly disney combined the two and just...excluded the “lead people to their depths” parts because it’s a disney movie. My suspicion is the the trolls were supposed to represent both the Fossegrim and Huldra and they combined the myths and made them one character, the trolls who lived in a hidden valley in the forest and liked to play music and also literally lured kristoff (an orphan) away from the humans and then just...adopted him?

    #[ooc] words whispered in the calm of the storm #disney combining parts of mythos bc thats what disney does #anyway yeah my theory is the trolls are v kid friendly watered down versions of frossegrim and huldra #and that disney just ignored the dark parts about them leading men and women to their depths #but the 'oh you can sacrifice your neighbors goat to learn the fiddle' literally sends me
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  • arcgeminga
    20.07.2021 - 3 days ago


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  • travellingwiththedead
    15.07.2021 - 1 week ago

    Magne, seeing some goats at a farmers market or something: "Mum, remember how Laurits was allowed to have a pet? Can i have one, too?"

    Turid: "Depends, is it another creepy snake or a normal pet?"

    Magne: "No... they're very cute, though."

    #ragnarok netflix #norse teenage angst #shitpost #Thor and his goats #why do all the norse gods have hilarious modes of transportation? #carts drawn by cats and goats and eight legged horses oh my
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  • mxfotia
    14.07.2021 - 1 week ago

    im still deadset on wanting to fully gene/scroll g1s and do a free giveaway of them so these are the ones ive kind of picked out to do At Some Point 

    #if theyre not like adopted before i can get around to geneing them... #i was also going to do unique art for all of them but idk if i'll have the energy to do that on top of everything else... #like its going to be a While before i can focus on geneing them so i might not have as much backlog art to do but still #mypost #also i would have enlarged these but the site i use to do that isnt working rn so oh well #can you believe.... all of these were FODDER price........ terrible! they all have so much potential #or well the goat eye baby wasnt fodder price bc i bought it pre update but im just not vibing w it anymore
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  • eerna
    13.07.2021 - 1 week ago

    ACOTAR smut overcomes me with profound sadness. It puts me in such a dark mood. It makes me feel so so so sorry but I don’t know why or for whom. There are tears behind the laughter

    #anti sjm#eernatalk #idk how you can get WORSE at your job but oh ym god the emotions i felt while watching that acosaf video. #im just like...... damn...... is that how it's gonna be then...... god........ let me reevaluate my entire existence brb #the way it's the exact OPPOSITE of a turn on and i just wanna burn my ID papers and run to the mountains to become a nameless goat herd #but after i process it it loses its edge and i can laugh merrily again. thank the lord. gosh
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  • rododaktvlos
    13.07.2021 - 1 week ago

    what the fuck do you mean wuthering heights and running up that hill (a deal with God) are two different songs

    #i was like oh im going to listen to the tumblr famous song like i did with the mountain goats (which i came to regret) #and now there's two i have to listen to???
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  • dumb-n-rad
    13.07.2021 - 1 week ago


    #trans old men on a porch #garden to the left #goats to the right #here i am #stuck in the middle with you #oh no
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  • fischmonger
    13.07.2021 - 1 week ago

    Its only me n my mutuals n photos of baroque architecture. Were all under a gold n paint covered dome eating our favorite foods VvV

    #fish.txt #mutuals.... tell me ur favorite foods 🗡 #ill go first i love cottage pie (i call it sheperds pie but its got beef so its not but oh well #buuut. i also love burgers. goat curry. buffalo chicken wings n tenders. n tilapia #i could eat burgers n chicken tenders every day forever but i get more joy from sheperds pie
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  • sailurmars
    12.07.2021 - 1 week ago
    #riches and wonders #eliza rickman #the mountain goats #come vibe with me #my oc playlists are starting to leak onto tumblr oh god
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  • perkamentus
    12.07.2021 - 1 week ago

    Drawing fabric is no fun, when will I ever learn?

    #never #the answer is never #merel draws #shadow and bone #fan art #shadow and bone art #jesper fahey#inej ghafa #milo the goat #kit young#amita suman #artists on tumblr #this is going to take forever oh my god #sorry kaz you're going to stay an alien for a little while longer not going to start your face until after i've moved
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  • labralite
    11.07.2021 - 1 week ago

    Concepts of my warlock's unusual patron 🦄

    #his names ainsel #did lot of research when i could for this and turns out unicorns were originally more goatlike w lion esque manes #so did a basically impercibly more horse like one and one more goat like #when we pick up again hes prob gonna have my ass since my warlock hasnt been doing fuck all abt anything for literally a hundred years 😭 #barely understand how unicorns even work so i had bought 50 sugarcubes and stole a shit load of hay and laid that around a house plant #yknow as an offering pgdbsbs #cant remember if he even responded to it or not. oh well ill find out eventually. one day #labra's doodles#my art#unicorn#unicorn oc#dnd unicorn#dnd oc #dnd oc ref #patron oc#patron#warlock oc#celestial warlock #celestial warlock oc
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  • randombubblegum
    11.07.2021 - 1 week ago
    #TAG UR SHIT!!!! OH MY GOD #IM NOT TRYING TO READ A GORE FIC #one time i did read a very good mcr fic on lj and i forget what the whole thing was i think it was frerard #but i remember the notes being like WARNING A CHARACTER HAS A GOAT COCK and i was like ......... #i still read it tho it was really good. ray had the goat cock bc he was a satyr it was urban fantasy #and i think it was rikey side pairing? anyway #mail time!
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  • allergyalien
    11.07.2021 - 1 week ago

    Here's my appearance because I never

    #dear god my hair oh no #okay also look at my shoulder you literally can barely tell where my shoulder ends and the wall begins i need to fucking go outside more #the fucking sun is so goddamn harsh fuck kansas summers 😤 #they them#me #i actually feel rlly hot and i havent in a minute and a half #these selfies are me respectful kissing all my mutuals on the cheek if ur okay with it #if not u get a high five or finger guns or whatever floats ur goat #adding ANOTHER because goddamn my picrew icon looks nothing like me sjfjvshdiejwjksndues idk it's all in the angles maybe? hhhhhhhh #my head looks huge in the first pic and fucking TINY in the second oh my god people like look at me and see me and think things about me why
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  • kitsamii
    10.07.2021 - 1 week ago

    The Lonely Goat Herd

    “There she is!”

    A herd of what looked to be goats all turn simultaneously at the weary pair of travelers standing further down the hill. In the twilight, their eyes seemed to glow a piercing gold and sitting amongst them was the form of a woman wearing all black.

    Noticing that the goats had turned their heads, she slowly stood up to reveal her long, spindly limbs that were barely covered by her clothes. Pale, skinny legs could be seen extending from the knee length fabric and her matching arms with fingers that resembled tree branches hung low enough to touch the floor even with her towering height.

    The travelers could feel their hearts pounding. A dull ringing echoing in their ears the longer they stared at the creature and it’s goat herd.

    This was not something meant for human eyes.

    The shorter of the pair turned up to their partner. How had neither of them not noticed how quickly the sun disappeared? They opened their mouth to speak but was interrupted by a horrid shriek. By the time the two had turned back to the top of the hill, the only thing they could see was a hellish red.

    #the lonely goat herd #short horror story #short story#horror#goats #goats are fucking demons #oh shit they have a hell lady too #y’all be fucked
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  • cryptidmax
    06.07.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    getting emotional over goats right now. and rams. Like those are just animals that exist. You don’t blink an eye at them but then you really think about it and you’re like wow. That’s a living creature huh. Nice.

    #I JUST THINK THEYRE NEAT #HORNS AND HOOVES AND WEIRD LITTLE EYES AND GOATEES??? who made these. I love them. #all their horns are so different!!! love that some of them look majestic af and others look like some guy you would find in a gas station #and the babies😭 #with their itty bitty horns sticking out oh my god I’m going to a farm a kidnapping some goats #all this because I needed a ref for my dnd character
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  • natalianovna2
    06.07.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    If anyone spoil me Any Way the Wind Blow I'd die. So, please, don't.

    #simon snow#rainbow rowell#snowbaz #the goats oh GOD THE GOATS #please dont spoil me
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  • whyarewecalledtheshipname
    06.07.2021 - 2 weeks ago


    here we go—

    as y’all can imagine i don’t even process the english “her” when i watch this scene, head empty, only aitsu

    like, WHY IS IT GENDER NEUTRAL? wh—like, objectively, if they intended to make this about kairi in the end (bc rn we’d be thinking of naminé), wHY not just MAKE it say “her”??? like? i get that pronouns in jpn aren’t exactly equivalent to eng but like? i also understand that there are other pronouns that would have been more appropriate for a GIRL?

    but this fucking—this pixely ass 2004 gameboy game just, decides NOT to. like. aight. 👀

    i also like how sora’s sprite changed stances like, he went from the arms-behind-his-head confident pose to the arms-up-in-surprise pose lmao


    he really doesn’t get it, poor kid. i mean, fair.

    sora’s heart is really just here, telling him “it’s okay” like, he likes riku and that’s okay. at least that’s how i’m partially choosing to interpret this bc i think it’d be important that sora HEARS that at least once. (riku could def stand to hear it)


    bye i love y’all thx for wrecking my brain like it’s nbd



    #com spoilers#kh spoilers#soriku#THAT PERSON #i’m assuming anyone seeing this knows wtf i’m talking about without context #bc aitsu is some basic soriku curriculum #selphie a real one #selphie being a goat #all the destiny islands kids just casually wrecking me like it’s any other tuesday #oh shit today IS tuesday lmao #sora #me and my com obsession #com screenshots #my com playthrough #image#text #my ramblings put to paper #also can i just say same bc i too am a zombie when i think of riku #and soriku
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  • nearlycassidy
    06.07.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    it is my sunshine’s birthday once again!!

    #i made 3 pieces sdkjfk ill post them tomorrow and the day after #Kusakabe Hikaru#doukyuusei#doukyusei movie#kusakabe#doukyuusei fanart#art #this year i was actually gonna get a tattoo of him in celebration but two factors to consider #a) im broke #b) getting a tat in the summer is a terrible idea bc sun and not being able to submerge it and shit #but primarily the first thing #oh i forgot to tag everyone else #well i suppose it doesnt matter #tani is like the absolute goat of secondary characters #i love tani
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  • cciarants
    06.07.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Every day I skirt closer to the edge of buying a record player I don't need and don't have space for just so I have an excuse to cover my space in Mountain Goats Album Art.

    #Oh these records? #I have to have them for my record player #See? #It's not just because I'm problematically obsessed with just one band #And there are only so many t shirts you can buy before people start to act wierd about it #I'm definitely the type of guy who cares about the meaningful difference between digital and analog music consumption #And not just someone trying to fill the void with merch #I am very normal and cool #Not Da#Personal#Personal bullshit #the mountain goats
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