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    18.06.2021 - 4 hours ago

    190921 EXO Sehun at Exploration in Bangkok Day 2 © mad tea party do not edit, crop, or remove the watermark

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    18.06.2021 - 5 hours ago
    #exo#Ask game #OH THANK YOU SO MUCH THIS IS FUN #Answered#Sehun#tumblr games#Fun #Moots! #Sinpie
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    18.06.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Oh sehun

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  • kimbapuhkidding
    17.06.2021 - 10 hours ago

    Where Heroes Exist//Oh Sehun

    Pairing: Sehun X Reader

    Themes: Fluff, superhero!au

    Summary: Training is rough. But at least Sehun is there for you

    In A World.. Part 2

    Part 1 

    Today was the day, you were starting your training with you team. It was obvious to anyone that saw you that you were nervous. Why would you not be? You went from being completely normal to being a hero in seconds. And to make it even worse you were thrust into a group of men who all seemed well aware of their powers and how to control them. But you felt like you were just there. 

    You were only bulletproof, there wasn’t much else to do with it. If you wanted to be of any use you’d have to train your body and your mind. You knew you’d have to work harder than the other members. 

    So when you walked into the training room on the top floor of the building and saw everyone in there practicing their abilities you immediately steeled your nerves. You took a deep breath and walked over to Suho. “What do you need me to do?”

    He looked at you and gave you a soft smile, your nerves were shattered. “You’re not going to like it, but we need to see to what extent you’re bulletproof. But don’t worry Lay here can heal any injury. So don’t worry it’s totally safe”. Your heart was in your stomach. 

    You nodded, but you were terrified. You had only been shot once and the bullet ricocheted off your skin, but it still hurt. You had a bruise right where the bullet hit, and it still hadn’t gone away. But you had to prove your worth. 

    Suho led you over to a training mat and stood across from you. All of the other members walked over to a cabinet and each of the grabbed a different gun, getting bigger in size. Xiumin handed Suho the first one. He immediately lifted it and shot it, hitting you square in the chest. Just as it did last time, it bounced off your skin and hit the ground. You rubbed your chest where it hit. 

    Next Kris walked up to Suho with a slightly bigger gun. He handed it to him, and he once again shot you in the chest. It once again bounced off your chest. This went on eight more times. There was only one more gun left, and it was the biggest one yet. You were already in so much pain, you couldn’t even imagine what this one would do to you. 

    Sehun walked up to Suho, yet he didn’t hand him the gun. “I think we can guess that this won’t do anything. So why don’t we give them a break. Let Lay heal them up”. Suho stared at him, slightly shocked before nodding and gesturing for Lay, who immediately walked up to you and healed your bruises. You felt so much more relieved right away, all of your bruises finally healed. 

    All of the members began to clean up all the guns they had removed, leaving you with Sehun. “Thank you”. You said to him softly. 

    “Of course. Besides I think it was too much for being your first day.” He gave you a gentle smile, and a reassuring pat on the shoulder. 

    “Sehun! Why don’t you train Y/N in hand to hand?” Suho yelled across the room. Sehun nodded and turned to, gesturing his head to a corner of the room. 

    You followed him, and immediately braced yourself for more pain. Sehun came up you and put his hands up. “Hit my hands”. You looked at him slightly confused, and then he nodded at you. You shook the indecision away and lifted your fists, throwing a few punches. “Okay not bad, but you’ll have to do better”. He gave you a smirk which you returned. You hit his hands harder, with as much strength as you could muster. 

    You continued on this way for a while. Sehun encouraging you to hit harder, and you putting more and more strength behind every hit until you grew too tired. “Can we take a break?” You placed your hands on your needs, panting. 

    Sehun’s position relaxed and he dropped his hands. “Yeah we can take a break. He walked over to the other corner where a door to a kitchenette was. He emerged shortly after with two water bottles, handing you one. “Not bad for it being your first time.” You don’t know why but his comment made you blush. 

    “Thanks. I need to catch up to the rest of you if I’m going to be of any use”. You chugged have of the water bottle, before stopping. 

    “You already have. We’re not as great as you seem to think we are. We all have things to improve on. Just because you’re new to the team doesn’t mean you’re any weaker. As far as I’m concerned you’re already the strongest member of the team.” You couldn’t stop the blush that covered your face now. “Most of us don’t even get into hand to hand combat. Our abilities allow us to avoid it, but since yours don’t you’ll have to. But I think that’s what makes you stronger and better than some of us.” 

    “I still need to try my hardest. Now let’s do it again. I need to practice my punches.” You got up from your seat on the ground and put your hand out for him to grab. He smiled up at you and grabbed your hand. The two of you began practice once again. You now had a new revitalization to practice and train. You were going to be able to do this. 

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  • winterr-flower
    17.06.2021 - 16 hours ago
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    16.06.2021 - 1 day ago
    #jongin#kai#sehun#oh sehun#exo #these beautiful maknaes #posting really old gifs from my drafts #bc i don't feel like giffing new stuff #esp cause my stuff doesn't get any notes anymore #kpop#my edits
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  • sakura-uji
    16.06.2021 - 2 days ago

    Minseok and Sehun posting on IG the info for auditions at Lay's company? MY HEART WAS NOT READY 😭

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  • utz-20
    16.06.2021 - 2 days ago

    When Sehun sets out to find a cure for his sister’s illness, his ship gets attacked by a murderous dread pirate.

    A man whose thirst for money, a fresh kill, and whiskey was preceded by his infamous reputation soaked in the blood of all who came in his path. A man so merciless, and ruthless— most would even as far to say, inhumane. But if this is the case, then why has this seemingly bloodthirsty pirate captain suddenly gone soft?

    For a handsome farm boy, of all people— who simply looked him in the eye and said “please”.


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  • writemekpop
    15.06.2021 - 2 days ago

    Baby Boy | Oh Sehun

    Pairing: Oh Sehun x Reader

    Summary: Your husband Sehun is sexy. Very sexy. Sometimes, you get a bit possessive... 

    Genre: Cheeky fluff, Husband!Sehun, Parents AU

    Word count: 0.7k

    Gif: @sefuns​

    "Jason, don't hit your brother!" you yell. 

    Holding the invite letter between your teeth, you plaited your two-year-old daughter Jayla's hair, fastening it with a pink butterfly clip. 

    When you got pregnant, you and Sehun had felt perfectly ready for one baby - but not three! Still, you wouldn't take back your triplets Jayla, Jason and Jacob for the world. 

    “Jason, final warning,” you scolded, pulling your son’s chubby hands away from the smaller Jacob. Ever since your husband Sehun let him watch MMA fighting on TV, he’d been practising his boxing on his brother. Sometimes, it felt like you had four children…

    Even though this was just a toddler music group, you were super nervous. After all, this was the first time Sehun was coming along… and he didn’t cope well with meeting new people. The first time he met your parents, he got so nervous that he kissed your mother on the mouth! 

    "Come down! We're leaving!" you yelled up the stairs. You were already ten minutes late for the group - although, ever since the babies were born, ten minutes late was an achievement. 

    For some reason, Sehun had been getting ready for half an hour. What was taking him so long?

    It was time to investigate. 

    Strapping the kids into their triple wheelchair, along with lots of foot kicking and one slap on the cheek - "Jason!" - you finally made it up the stairs.

    You knocked on the bedroom door. "Sehun sweetie, we're already late!" 

    No reply. 

    "Hun baby?" you repeated.

    Still nothing.

    Inpatient, you pushed open the door...and your mouth popped open.

    As Sehun spun round to face you, his cheeks flushed red, you realised he was wearing a black short-sleeved silk shirt...with five buttons open. Five! 

    You grinned. "You can't wear that!" 

    Sehun turned to look in the mirror, sheepishly running his hand through his handsome chestnut brown hair. You sighed. You had to admit... with his tight muscle bursting through the fabric, he looked gorgeous.

    "It's a toddler group, not a nightclub!" you laughed, lovingly smoothing your hands over his chest - while redoing as many buttons as possible. 

    Sehun pouted. "I-I just want them to like me." 

    Sehun was born for this music group. I mean, he spent an hour every night singing your babies to sleep with his old guitar and caramel voice.  

    "They'll love you," you said, staring into Sehun's soft brown eyes.

    You pressed your lips to his, feeling his tense muscles relax under your touch. Sehun's hands wrapped low around your waist, and you felt a tingling that you hadn't felt in so long...

    Just that moment, Jayla pattered in on her tiny legs: her dress crumpled and her hair ruined. 

    "Jayla! When mummy puts you in the pushchair, you sit there like a good girl - or you won't get ice cream," Sehun scolded. You grinned at how seamlessly he flicked from making out to scolding. 

    Seemingly unaware she was being told off, Jayla ran into Sehun's arms, screaming, "Daddy sholer! Daddy sholer!" 

    Chuckling, Sehun groaned and lifted her onto his shoulders. On her throne, her legs swinging around Sehun's neck, your daughter beamed and proceeded to mess up his carefully styled hair. 

    "You know, Jay-jay, your mummy is jealous…" Sehun said. "She knows that if daddy comes to music group looking this sexy, all the single mothers will steal him away from her." 

    Jayla giggled, "What sexy?" 

    You shook your head, grinning. "Ignore your father…”

    "Is that so, mummy?" Sehun said, his evil smirk growing. "Then, maybe I should get rid of this shirt..."

    "No!" You cried out, then cleared your throat. Toying with the sleeve of Sehun's shirt, you whispered, "Maybe mummy wants you to keep the shirt... at least until later tonight."

    Sehun squeezed your arm, giving you a knowing smirk. “See, Jay-Jay? Mummy just can’t keep her hands off me.” 

    You blushed a deep brown. “Jay-jay, why did I fall in love with this idiot?” you chuckled. 

    She frowned, her chubby face twisting in concentration. After a moment, she finally had the answer. 

    “Because he’s sexy!” 



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  • breakyeol
    15.06.2021 - 2 days ago

    Oh… Hunnie…

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  • sichengaf
    15.06.2021 - 2 days ago
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    15.06.2021 - 2 days ago

    ꒰ Color Rush ꒱

    — capa para doação

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  • fy-sehunoh
    15.06.2021 - 2 days ago

    210615 | EXO XR Gallery – Sehun’s Message

    “If I’m together with EXO-L, wherever we go will be heaven!”

    #exo sehun#sehun exo#oh sehun#sehun oh#exo#sehun #exo sehun italia #210615#210615 sehun #don't fight the feeling #exo don't fight the feeling #exo xr gallery #sehunnie#sehunie#exol#exo-l #we are one #엑소세훈#엑소#세훈
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  • fy-sehunoh
    15.06.2021 - 2 days ago

    210615 | Sehun – EXO XR Gallery


    cr: seahunvely

    #exo sehun#sehun exo#oh sehun#sehun oh#exo#sehun #exo sehun italia #210615#210615 exo#210615 sehun #don't fight the feeling #exo don't fight the feeling #exo xr gallery #exol#exo-l #we are one #엑소세훈#엑소#세훈
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  • fy-sehunoh
    15.06.2021 - 2 days ago

    210615 | Sehun – EXO XR Gallery


    cr: seahunvely

    #exo sehun#sehun exo#oh sehun#sehun oh#exo#sehun #exo sehun italia #210615#210615 exo#210615 sehun #don't fight the feeling #exo don't fight the feeling #exo xr gallery #exol#exo-l #we are one #엑소세훈#엑소#세훈
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  • fy-sehunoh
    15.06.2021 - 2 days ago

    210615 | Sehun – EXO XR Gallery


    cr: seahunvely

    #exo sehun#sehun exo#oh sehun#sehun oh#exo#sehun #exo sehun italia #210615#210615 sehun#210615 exo #don't fight the feeling #exo don't fight the feeling #exo xr gallery #exol#exo-l #we are one #엑소#세훈#엑소세훈
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  • taemin-jaemin
    15.06.2021 - 3 days ago


    sehun kicked the stone, sending it skittling away.

    he hated this feeling.

    the feeling of loneliness. the feeling of sadness.

    but he hated the feeling of not being enough the most.

    he had always been alone. no one loved him. no one wanted him.

    but he thought you would be different.

    he felt loved by you. and so he cherished you.

    but he cherished you too much and you left him.

    just like everyone else.

    and so he sat on the park bench all alone and watched your faraway silhouette sit with your new lover.

    A/N:It would be great if you guys could say what you think of this story as it would help me improve my writing. It can be either in the comments section or in the reblog tags. Thank you!

    Pairing: Sehun x female reader

    Genres: angst

    WC: 87

    Tagging: @midnightmoi​ @fifty-shades-of-mischeif​ @lazycursedchild​ @whatudoing​ @spacebyuns​ @aquamarinenymph​  @xavi-in-kpopland​​

    Networks: @kpopscape​ @kwritersworld​ @supermwritersnet​ @k-dinernet​ @multifandomnet​ @whipped-kpop-creators​  @prism-nw​ @knet-bakery @exosnet​​​ @exo-writers-net​

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